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PhpStorm EAP 136.1255 Release Notes

PHP Formatter


WI-12364 (Feature)

Code Formatting - alignment consecutive class constants

WI-20850 (Bug)

A mismatch with PHPCS PEAR coding style validation: extra indent of a multiline function used as value in key=>value combination

WI-20881 (Bug)

Wrong indentation level in associative array when value is closure definition

WI-22441 (Bug)

Line comment at first column option is not preserved upon restart of PhpStorm

PHP lang


WI-22445 (Bug)

@todo is not highlighted in PHPDoc

PHP lib stubs


WI-22421 (Bug)

php: wrong signature for gzgets

WI-21717 (Bug)

Memcache:: getAllKeys() stub is incorrect

PHP project configuration


WI-22450 (Bug)

Can't create project from existing files

PHP test


WI-22448 (Feature)

Add annotation from PHPUnit 4

Plugin: Command line


WI-22550 (Exception)

Command line tools autocomplete suggestions fail when *.txt not assigned as "Text file"

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-22388 (Usability Problem)

All remote hosts have a "web path on server", so they are all in the "upload files to" list

WI-22362 (Bug)

Sorted deployment excluded paths list. Alt+V deleted item that is not selected.

Plugin: WordPress


WI-22541 (Usability Problem)

WordPress: Notification in Event Log "WordPress installation is not added to PHP | Include paths" has usability issues

WI-22301 (Usability Problem)

Don't add wordpress directory to include path if it's a child directory of opened directory

WI-22205 (Bug)

In balloon "WordPress containing plugins inside it's better to add whole WordPress to project" ignore button is not clickable

No subsystem


WEB-11303 (Feature)

Grunt: support force and verbose options

WEB-11343 (Feature)

Grunt: run all tasks selected in the tree together

WEB-11342 (Usability Problem)

Grunt: notify when no tasks found for valid file

IDEA-122091 (Usability Problem)

Scratch editor > Save as: provide default directory

WEB-10928 (Usability Problem)

Bower: update bower.json on package installation

WEB-11260 (Usability Problem)

Grunt: inform user about selected invalid/inappropriate file

WEB-11322 (Usability Problem)

Grunt: provide Help button

WEB-11321 (Usability Problem)

Grunt: provide Close button on toolbar

IDEA-122255 (Bug)

[regression] mouse middle button on a line breakpoint should work as enable/disable

IDEA-122331 (Bug)

Cannot set breakpoints on multiple selections

IDEA-122467 (Bug)

Exception in creating syntax highlighter shouldn't prevent opening a file

IDEA-109467 (Bug)

Too big tooltip for Close Icon (Debug Window)

IDEA-88443 (Bug)

Run Inspection by Name: Inspections with same name are only shown once

IDEA-122283 (Bug)

Notification.expire() doesn't work if Event Log toolwindow hasn't been activated yet

WEB-11416 (Exception)

Grunt: Search Everywhere works incorrectly for "grunt" word



IDEA-120027 (Feature)

Import Git-cloud apps from sources

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-116058 (Bug)

reformat code over selected text forces optimizes imports option



WEB-11365 (Bug)

Litcoffee: incorrect parsing with text between statements

WEB-11378 (Bug)

Litcoffee: text without indent should be shown as comment by default



WEB-7303 (Feature)

Add support for debugging with node-webkit

WEB-11240 (Feature)

Live Console: implement multiple line input

IDEA-121301 (Usability Problem)

Setting a breakpoint after navigation to a folded method

WEB-11362 (Bug)

Live Console: can't evaluate variables in scope

IDEA-121738 (Bug)

Shift-click in gutter doesn't create 'no suspend' breakpoint anymore

WEB-11379 (Bug)

Console attached to the right text intent

IDEA-121964 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.javascript.debugger.nashorn.NashornObject.loadVariables



IDEA-99129 (Bug)

External merge tool settings are lost after IDE restart

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-80056 (Feature)

Column selection mode improvement

IDEA-122192 (Usability Problem)

highlight usages should have highest priority

IDEA-121995 (Usability Problem)

Code selection is reseted on last line with space if Allow placement of caret inside tabs is enabled

IDEA-121067 (Bug)

Uncertain editor bug

IDEA-121896 (Bug)

Delete key doesn't delete CRLF while using multiple carets

IDEA-121966 (Bug)

Multiple-Cursor Jumpy

IDEA-122505 (Bug)

Incorrect cursor position in "Expression Evaluation" window

IDEA-122068 (Bug)

Unknown plugin error

IDEA-121042 (Bug)

Disable certain types of documentation dialogs (Documentation for proguard.txt)

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-121444 (Performance Problem)

Find in path is slow



WEB-6710 (Feature)

Autocomplete accept attribute for input type=file

WEB-8194 (Usability Problem)

HTML injection is too sensitive

WEB-11280 (Bug)

Extra tag is highlighted in the Tag tree

WEB-8630 (Bug)

Autocomplete of link rel should include 'import'



IDEA-118211 (Performance Problem)

Performance problem when closing project



IDEA-122428 (Bug)

Change make a new line in a jsp file

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-120869 (Usability Problem)

Unwrap allows to select multiple items but applies just one



WEB-7714 (Feature)

Support Harmony Modules

WEB-9055 (Bug)

Invalid inline suggestion.

WEB-11359 (Bug)

Relative paths in define() not correctly resolved

WEB-11257 (Bug)

Partial string of JavaScript injection raises false warning

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-11339 (Bug)

javascript : inconsistent array items indentation when item is an expression

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-11407 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: provide possibility to define executable via UI

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-11297 (Bug)

add support for jshint noyield

Language Injection


IDEA-119475 (Bug)

Can't remove file reference

Project Configuration


IDEA-121272 (Bug)

Adding library sources fires no events



IDEA-120945 (Bug)

Safe delete finds occurrences in files that are going to be deleted



WEB-11360 (Bug)

IDEA Sass parser won't allow to use parens after a pseudoclass if pseudoclass name is interpolated: `.foo:#{$bar}(1)` produces "End of line expected"

WEB-11364 (Bug)

Double-clicking a filename in the @import statement selects text weirdly



IDEA-121965 (Bug)


IDEA-122350 (Bug)

PostgreSQL False Positives Using "FOR...IN DELETE/UPDATE...RETURNING" Statements

Task Management


IDEA-120595 (Bug)

Restore compatibility with JIRA < 4.2

IDEA-122125 (Bug)

"Close Active Task" fail on commit



WEB-11180 (Bug)

Typescript file watcher existence disables syntax highlighting

WEB-11385 (Bug)

TypeScript: methods of required module type not resolved

WEB-10856 (Bug)

TypeScript: module alias definitions not supported (declare module "aliasModuleName" {...}

WEB-11316 (Bug)

Typescript: Incorrect "Initializer type X is not assignable to to variable type number" error

WEB-11327 (Bug)

#TypeScript exception thrown in resolving + bad code shown good

User Interface


IDEA-94140 (Cosmetics)

Run Configurations: first configurations of every type is shown below Defaults on creation

IDEA-122049 (Bug)

Mac messages: in some cases parent window is incorrectly detected

IDEA-122377 (Bug)

Don't show 'Plugin xxx failed to initialize and will be disabled' dialog in test mode

Version Control


IDEA-117753 (Usability Problem)

Git Log: filter should trim leading spaces

IDEA-117920 (Usability Problem)

New VCS Log should remember long edges settings

IDEA-115902 (Cosmetics)

VCS-log: visual artifact on multi-repo root indicator

IDEA-121969 (Task)

Don't load changes details on start

IDEA-121990 (Bug)

Filter by old branch fails with exception if full graph is not loaded

Version Control. Git


IDEA-121875 (Task)

Git log: Manually sort loaded commits by date

IDEA-122086 (Bug)

The log is not refreshed after cherry-pick with auto-commit

IDEA-119453 (Bug)

After conflicting merge 'git commit' should be called without "--only"

IDEA-120142 (Bug)

Git commit hook error messages no longer display

IDEA-121992 (Bug)

Git Log: after amend commit filtered log is not updated

IDEA-118328 (Exception)

Git Log: AE: Already disposed at com.intellij.openapi.components.impl.ComponentManagerImpl.getPicoContainer

IDEA-122051 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.vcs.log.ui.filter.UserFilterPopupComponent$VcsLogUserFilterImpl$

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-122310 (Usability Problem)

Hg: "push as new remote branch" should not require me to check "Branch"

IDEA-122035 (Bug)

Hg Log: on selecting branch filter == tip the empty log is shown

IDEA-122148 (Bug)

Mercurial: Log: Highlight Not-Picked Commits button is useless

IDEA-122358 (Bug)

Push should use 'default' path by default

IDEA-122032 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.vcs.log.graph.GraphColorManagerImpl.a

IDEA-122034 (Exception)

Throwable at org.zmlx.hg4idea.command.HgStatusCommand.parseChangesFromResult

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