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WORK IN PROGRESS - version 2016.2+

Factory methods

As discussed at WI-6027 Generic support for factory design pattern in PHP chaining (e.g. Magento, Doctrine, Kohana, ZF2, etc..)

Imagine you have something like these "service" or "helper" provider interfaces/objects


You can make the following cases to work:


By using example metadata below It can reside anywhere, but we recommend using .phpstorm.meta.php file in project root.

2016.2 + -> you can have multiple separate files in FOLDER named `.phpstorm.meta.php`


We use PHP code as a config - so we can use existing API to analyse it. The specific format is chosen also to facilitate existing editor features to help as much as possible - completion works, references are resolved, usage search and refactoring will work too.

More dynamic return type possibilities

more metadata

Packaging metadata/stub files into plugin

you can now EASILY package these into public plugins by adding XML descriptor and uploading .zip to our plugin site, see example at

Deprecated: Legacy metadata format (2016.1 and earlier)


How this is implemented

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