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PhpStorm 9.0 Release Notes

Injections in PHP


WI-539 (Feature)

Add support for persistent language injection into PHP

WI-26867 (Bug)

Impossible to disable injection/provide persistent one for method argument and expression part

PHP Completion


WI-22350 (Feature)

Postfix Code Completion

WI-27250 (Feature)

Postfix completion: provide alternative postfix names / aliases

WI-27225 (Usability Problem)

Postfix completion: disable all templates except par and not for parameter default value

WI-27226 (Usability Problem)

Postfix completion: disable all templates except par and not for constant/field default value

WI-8977 (Usability Problem)

Autocomplete popup variables in curly braces inside string

WI-20711 (Usability Problem)

Completion should list all classes/interfaces regardless of static members (support for ::class)

WI-27224 (Bug)

Postfix completion: notnull, null, return, var_dump don't work for single expression inside php tags

WI-26958 (Bug)

$this is inserted without dollar sign ($)

WI-27245 (Bug)

Description and examples for postfix templates should be updated

WI-27746 (Bug)

Postfix completion: foreach $collection as $it

WI-27220 (Exception)

Postfix completion:ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown if dot is placed after not valid expression

PHP Formatter


WI-9978 (Feature)

PHP Code Formatting, Wrapping and Braces / Array Initializer: Please put a comma behind last assignment

WI-15492 (Feature)

Convert True/False/Null constants at completion time according to settings

WI-26896 (Feature)

PHP Code Formatting put a comma behind last assignment option to only affect multiline arrays

WI-27628 (Usability Problem)

Do not always show "Imports optimized" for PHP and Blade files

WI-27123 (Usability Problem)

PHP Opening tag <?php is automatically added after closing tag ?>

WI-27411 (Bug)

Blank lines are not removed for alternative syntax

WI-25799 (Bug)

Single line comments: line break in middle changes comment style in next line

WI-27793 (Bug)

Wrong indentation when copying / pasting PHP code

WI-18755 (Bug)

Wrong indentation in spaghetti code

WI-18037 (Bug)

Place braces on next line option doesn't work for namespaces

WI-26286 (Bug)

Indentation of @method directive in PHPDoc is not necessary

WI-27009 (Bug)

"Force short declaration style" does not respect scope

WI-27769 (Bug)

PSR-2 Predefined Style: (4.3) MUST NOT be a space after the opening parenthesis, MUST NOT be a space before the closing parenthesis.

WI-17989 (Bug)

Reformatting according to style doesn't work for file templates

WI-27589 (Bug)

Blank Lines are not being removed on formatting PHP/HTML mix

WI-26939 (Bug)

Reformat Code with "Add a comma after last element" selected does not respect scope.

WI-23754 (Bug)

Add a possibility to ensure blank lines between members (properties, methods, etc.), instead of around

WI-26114 (Bug)

"Place ';' on new line" is applied not only to chained method calls

WI-27370 (Bug)

Blank Lines are not being removed on formatting PHP/HTML mix

WI-27421 (Bug)

End of line brace placement in namespace is overridden by Next line setting for Other

PHP Inspections


WI-6517 (Feature)

New inspection: function or class called not-case-sensitive

WI-6148 (Feature)

Undefined class: New quick fix: Provide "Create Class" Quickfix for "Unknown Class" inspection

WI-26949 (Feature)

Support batch inspection using remote PHPCS (Code Sniffer)

WI-5113 (Feature)

Add access validation support for @property-read and @property-write

WI-22674 (Feature)

Add support for running Code Sniffer using remote interpreters

WI-22675 (Feature)

Add support for running Mess Detector using remote interpreters

WI-4414 (Feature)

New inspection: missing parent:: call in overridden method

WI-27158 (Feature)

Add inspection for namespace case-insensitive usage

WI-11682 (Feature)

New inspection: missing parent::__construct() call

WI-15145 (Feature)

Call Declaration mismatch: add checkbox to ignore functions with "func_get_arg", "func_get_args", "func_num_args"

WI-26649 (Bug)

Parameter inspection false positive introduced with optional parameters in 9.0 EAP

WI-26334 (Bug)

Anonymous function has type callable instead of Closure

WI-26045 (Bug)

Call Declaration parameter mismatch: doesn't handle variadic correctly

WI-27454 (Bug)

Highlighting of PHPCS and PHPMD is reversed

WI-26810 (Bug)

Parameters mismatch: Impossible to disable "Disable for functions/methods with func_get_arg call inside and other" option

WI-16339 (Bug)

Annotator: Inspection produces seemingly invalid warning for protected constructor

WI-26686 (Bug)

Some operations are not properly recognized as read or write operations

WI-26953 (Bug)

PHPCS Remote: impossible to set custom remote coding standard

WI-27295 (Bug)

Wrong Missing parent constructor cal warning if same class present more than once

WI-19986 (Bug)

Parameter Type: Closure is not treated as object

WI-16785 (Bug)

Closure $fn->bindTo() not supported by PHP inspector

WI-26963 (Bug)

Missing parent call doesn't handle extends over another class

WI-27154 (Bug)

Nested array PHPDoc results in unused use statement warning

WI-26959 (Bug)

Missing parent call doesn't handle empty functions as well as abstract classes, PHPDoc methods

WI-26650 (Bug)

Create parameter: doesn't handle variadic

WI-27487 (Bug)

Mess Detector Remote: impossible to set custom rules

WI-20501 (Bug)

Add method stubs: doesn't handle situation when more then 2 abstract methods with the same name need to be implemented

WI-26812 (Exception)

Parameter mismatch: Operation not supported exception is thrown if there is a @method in PHPDoc

PHP Profiler


WI-26466 (Feature)

Add support for cachegrind's file name and function name compression (XDebug 2.3.1)

WI-27013 (Exception)

Exception is thrown for snapshot analysis: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'fileName' (XDebug < 2.3)

WI-27012 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on analysis of snapshot

PHP Refactoring


WI-20637 (Feature)

Warn if parameter new name collides with local variable

WI-26726 (Feature)

Introduce parameter: allow to extract global function

WI-9257 (Feature)

New refactoring: Introduce Parameter...

WI-26692 (Usability Problem)

Filter expressions for Introduce constant/parameter

WI-22666 (Cosmetics)

"Convert to short sysntax" intention title may be confusing at a glance

WI-26648 (Bug)

Introduce parameter: doesn't propagate parameter value into calls

WI-26647 (Bug)

Introduce parameter: doesn't update PHPDoc

WI-20335 (Bug)

Move static member: no warning is issued if abstract moved method overrides "usual" method

WI-26783 (Bug)

Extract method: should be disabled for 'a'=>'b' expression

WI-26691 (Bug)

Introduce parameter: should not allow to refactor single key=>value in array

WI-27893 (Bug)

Impossible to create a class from import and from FQN name statement

WI-26729 (Bug)

Introduce parameter: doesn't handle imported constants

WI-27894 (Exception)

NullPointerException is thrown on attempt to create a class from PHPDoc

PHP Run configuration


WI-27202 (Bug)

Incorrect url used for the info "i" button

WI-26862 (Bug)

Warning "Path mappings are not configured for selected interpreter" is mistakenly shown

PHP debug


WI-27148 (Feature)

Import deployment path mappings into PHP|Servers

WI-20951 (Feature)

Allow to rewrite default options for interpreter in PHP Script debug configuration

WI-27557 (Feature)

Allow to import deployment server during a new connection

WI-26880 (Feature)

PhpStorm should show exception message and exception code (2.3.x only) when breaking on an Exception breakpoint.

WI-27431 (Feature)

Validation: detect if hhvm is used in "Web Server Debug Validation"

WI-27433 (Feature)

Navigate to php.ini from interpreter settings for remote interpreter

WI-5693 (Feature)

Provide 'Copy var_export/print_r' action for variables view

WI-27015 (Feature)

Run/debug scratch files in current php interpreter

WI-27188 (Feature)

Automatically detect existing deployment configuration with relevant path mappings

WI-23073 (Usability Problem)

Add option to share PHP|Server configuration inside the project

WI-26629 (Usability Problem)

Can not detect debug extension - requires remove/add of interpreters (after settings import from version 8)

WI-26356 (Usability Problem)

Inline debugger: show fields value without expanding $this node in Variables (XDebug)

WI-26500 (Usability Problem)

Remote interpreter: allow user to check path mappings inside configuration form

WI-26553 (Usability Problem)

Inline debugger: value of filed with instance inside a class is shown as array

WI-26552 (Usability Problem)

Inline debugger: class and string are indistinguishable

WI-27019 (Bug)

Copied server shares "Shared" checkbox state

WI-27901 (Bug)

PHP version: Not installed

WI-26875 (Bug)

Changing name of interpreter requires double application of settings in Interpreters page and in Settings main page

WI-27168 (Bug)

Import deployment path doesn't copy the whole host for IPv6

PHP frameworks


WI-4478 (Feature)

Framework support: Add dynamic type hinting functionality

PHP lang


WI-26268 (Feature)

Add color settings for brackets, parenthesis, and braces

WI-2233 (Feature)

Run configurations: update the file name on Refactor / Rename file in IDE

WI-23701 (Feature)

Add support for PHP 7 return type hints.

WI-18075 (Feature)

Code Completion for non-static factory design pattern in PHP

WI-24464 (Feature)

Allow to use PHP surrounds from HTML in PHP files

WI-16547 (Feature)

Automatically add {@inheritDoc} to overriden method

WI-22663 (Feature)

Structure view totally misses visibility filters

WI-20788 (Feature)

Add option to create fluent setter instead of usual one

WI-3557 (Feature)

Wrapping a statement in () by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter on a completion option

WI-17116 (Feature)

Support Array Access for Factory Code Completion

WI-27867 (Usability Problem)

"Create PHPDoc with @inheritDoc" and "Copy PHPDoc from base" options shouldn't be checkboxes

WI-27865 (Usability Problem)

Save options "Create PHPDoc with @inheritdoc" or "Copy PHPDoc from base" between dialog invocations

WI-26653 (Usability Problem)

Add mnemonic to "Fluent setters" checkbox

WI-26655 (Usability Problem)

Fluent setters checkbox reset field selection

WI-27868 (Usability Problem)

Mnemonic for "Copy PHPDoc from base" collides with action "Show Classes" in "Implement dialog"

WI-23021 (Usability Problem)

Wrong target html for @link and @see tags in quick documentation popup

WI-27391 (Usability Problem)

Generate PHPDoc for argument with type and NULL default value miss null from @param type

WI-22842 (Usability Problem)

Inline backticks not rendered in markdown docblocks

WI-26578 (Usability Problem)

Constructor generator: Callable type can be provided

WI-27067 (Usability Problem)

Wrapping a statement in () doesn't work for class constructor

WI-26891 (Usability Problem)

Surround with for php expression surrounds top elements instead of nearest one

WI-26892 (Bug)

Surround with <? if() ?> should be disabled for pure PHP code

WI-26868 (Bug)

PHPDoc before constant value causes "expression is not allowed as constant value"

WI-27712 (Bug)

Non-static factory completion doesn't work without parent

WI-27448 (Bug)

PHP 7: return type in class method declaration is not supported

WI-12575 (Bug)

Method Closure::bind() is marked undefined ("Method 'bind' not found in class callable")

WI-15291 (Bug)

Shortcut Command+Shift+Enter add braces to the end of code block

WI-26712 (Bug)

__debugInfo missing from override window

WI-26539 (Bug)

Information is lost when using "Update PHPDoc Comment"

WI-26285 (Bug)

Constructor params from trait are not shown

WI-23395 (Bug)

PhpStorm PhpDoc inheritance mechanics is incorrect

WI-26844 (Bug)

Surround with (expr) and !(expr) should be disabled for 1=>2 expressions

WI-26924 (Bug)

Surround with: impossible to surround selected element (more than 1) inside a html block

WI-26887 (Bug)

Surround with PHP insert additional lines for multiple JS statement

WI-17967 (Bug)

Bug with private field in traits

WI-26784 (Bug)

PHPDoc block generator not detecting that doc block already exists for function

WI-24525 (Bug)

PhpDoc @see behaviour

WI-27864 (Bug)

Insert @inheritDoc instead of {@inheritdoc}

WI-27783 (Bug)

Factory Metadata: method calls with string parameters return empty type

WI-25521 (Bug)

Complete current statement: alternative syntax: braces are inserted after else/elseif

WI-26333 (Bug)

Convert binary nowdoc to string produces double quoted string

WI-27447 (Bug)

PHP 7: return type array is not supported

WI-27449 (Bug)

Quick fix for PHP 7 features is named "switch to 5.6 language level" and do nothing

WI-22983 (Bug)

Checking instance of an object against a dynamic class name breaks type inference

WI-26890 (Bug)

NPE is thrown on attempt to surround html + php mix

PHP lib stubs


WI-26778 (Bug)

DateTime::__set_state type is wrongly void

WI-26704 (Bug)

Third parameter in array_filter function

WI-26706 (Bug)

Missing MognoDB driver exceptions

WI-26713 (Bug)

Incorrect warning when using max with more than two paramters.

WI-26016 (Bug)

Missing PHP SSLVERSION CURL constants

WI-27907 (Bug)

class_uses() PHPDoc typo

WI-26811 (Bug)

Update stub for min function

PHP templates


WI-24950 (Feature)

Blade: Support {!! !!} as content tags

WI-17828 (Feature)

Collapse/expand twig comment block

WI-27241 (Usability Problem)

Enable HTML and other injections in Twig "verbatim" block

WI-27527 (Cosmetics)

Blade: parser error messages about closing tags should depend on project settings

WI-26737 (Bug)

Twig: Support shortcut "blocks"

WI-27045 (Bug)

Blade-Support: Preferences dialog doesn't show up after update to plugin version 141.582

WI-11980 (Bug)

twig comment tag bug

WI-27535 (Bug)

Blade: completion of Laravel 4 content tags doesn't insert one space

WI-27537 (Bug)

Blade: wrong formatting of consequent php tags

WI-27524 (Bug)

Blade: improper quote escape handling

WI-27004 (Bug)

Blade does not save custom directive setting

WI-19635 (Bug)

Twig: missing indent for sandbox, set and verbatim tags

PHP test


WI-27003 (Feature)

PHPUnit: support phpunit 4.6 by phar

WI-23273 (Usability Problem)

Unavailable remote interpreter configuration can't be canceled

WI-26678 (Usability Problem)

Behat: doesn't force to press "Reload" after changing path to behat

WI-27435 (Usability Problem)

New remote interpreter is not propagated into PHPUnit by Remote Interpreter dialog

WI-25983 (Usability Problem)

PHPUnit on Server: rename run-configuration

WI-26850 (Bug)

ide-behat.php is not compatible with latest Behat master changes

WI-26441 (Bug)

Changing the remote interpreter name prevent PHPUnit from running

WI-26938 (Bug)

PHP plugin causes IDE with Java project to freeze every minute

Plugin: Command line


WI-26988 (Bug)

Command Line Tools support plugin is not compatible with 141.*, ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.ultimate.PluginVerifier

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-7231 (Feature)

Provide 'Create file' action for 'Remote Host' view

WI-1398 (Feature)

Opening single file, or download selected directories from FTP.

WI-27773 (Usability Problem)

Error message for project-level deployment server in Remote PHP Interpreter dialog is incorrect

WI-27228 (Usability Problem)

"Edit Remote file" has the same mnemonic as "Rename"

WI-27229 (Usability Problem)

Remote Edit: allow to open remote file using double click

WI-27786 (Usability Problem)

Panel for project level deployment server is shown for interpreter by SSH

WI-16328 (Usability Problem)

Add option to create global or project FTP servers

WI-27230 (Usability Problem)

Remote Edit: attempt to open *.phar file shifts focus to Navigation bar

WI-27566 (Usability Problem)

Allow to assign shortcut for action ''New'' in Remote Host tab

WI-27569 (Usability Problem)

Make remote edited files navigatable to Remote Host with Alt+F1 (Select in... action)

WI-26991 (Cosmetics)

Add space between "Project URL" and the URL of the project in Deployment settings

WI-27252 (Cosmetics)

Remote Edit: upload current remote file action should not be shown in context menu

WI-27639 (Cosmetics)

Remote Edit: cannot undo dialog shows internal id of the server

WI-27841 (Cosmetics)

Minor grammar correction on Remote Editing

WI-21962 (Bug)

Upload changed when document save

WI-27246 (Bug)

Remote Edit: it's impossible to open a file without known file type

WI-27775 (Bug)

"Create application level copy of this server" copy server without mappings and excluded paths

WI-27264 (Bug)

Remote Edit: assert error on multiple openings of a large file

WI-25360 (Bug)

PhpStorm 7.1.3 and 8.x.x - Deployment feature (SFTP) - Algorithm negotiation fail

WI-27677 (Bug)

SSH Console doesn't see "Visible only for the project" deployment servers

WI-27674 (Bug)

Servers disappears if their names collides due to setting change visible for project

WI-27239 (Bug)

Remote edit: doesn't check on upload whether remote file was changed

WI-27233 (Bug)

Remote edit: Hide file extension in editor tabs doesn't work

WI-27232 (Bug)

Remote Edit: tabs names are not updated on deployment server name change

WI-27231 (Bug)

Remote Edit: Symlinked files are truncated

WI-27908 (Bug)

On git revert newly created project-level server misses mappings and excluded paths

WI-27321 (Exception)

Exception on export settings

WI-27795 (Exception)

NPE is thrown on attempt to remove a copy of project-level server after git revert

WI-27688 (Exception)

Exception on adding new server

WI-27673 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on attempt to create a server without an opened project

Plugin: Drupal support


WI-22998 (Feature)

Drupal hooks suggestion doesn't work in included file

WI-19981 (Feature)

Drupal hooks in other files

Plugin: GAE support


WI-27516 (Usability Problem)

Make oAuth default type of authentication

WI-27514 (Cosmetics)

Proper alignment in run configuration

WI-27515 (Bug)

Set php55 runtime in default app.yaml

WI-26613 (Bug)

Allow setting php55 runtime when deploying



WI-21812 (Usability Problem)

"Inno" is highlighted in MySQL table Text tab

No subsystem


WEB-16843 (Usability Problem)

Bower: notify users when searching for packages fails because of time out

WEB-16386 (Performance Problem)

WebStorm 10.0.2 hangs and does not respond

WEB-16446 (Bug)

JSCS package path is configured globally rather then per project

PY-15807 (Bug)

Resource roots: renaming the root clears root type

IDEA-141728 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA does not start after license server URL change

WEB-16884 (Bug)

Add support for JSHint 2.8.0

WI-26921 (Bug)

PSR-2 in IDEA 14.1 is not fully correct: blank line before return statement is enforced

Build tools


WEB-15547 (Usability Problem)

gulp button won't save its position on bottom left tool button

WEB-16109 (Cosmetics)

Icon by Gulp settings is for Grunt, not Gulp

WEB-15652 (Bug)

Grunt: "Jump to Source" action is not available for some tasks or targets

WEB-15722 (Bug)

Need to specify grunt-cli package on every startup

WEB-16366 (Bug)

cannot parse Grunt tasks

WEB-16000 (Bug)

Gulp integration creates invalid run/debug tasks

WEB-16290 (Bug)

Gulp task runner does not set environment variables from default Gulp run configuration before parsing tasks in gulpfile

WEB-16649 (Bug)

Gulp: new Gulp configuration is created each time you choose 'Edit '<task name>' settings' in Gulp toolwindow

WEB-15672 (Bug)

Grunt environment in IDEA 14.1 differs from command line and IDEA 14.0

WEB-16502 (Bug)

Grunt: support navigable links in the output from the grunt-tslint package

WEB-15864 (Bug)

Gulp and Grunt in the same project: popUp is opened only for one of the build tools

WEB-16035 (Bug)

Impossible to open build tool popup (alt+f11 )if no one gulp\grunt file is chosen.

WEB-16033 (Bug)

Change text for 'Add Gulp\Grunt file with...'



WEB-15649 (Bug)

CSS3: background-position highlighted incorrectly

WEB-16632 (Bug)

target media not detected when using 'media' attribute in HTML

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-138967 (Bug)

\unnnn notation doesn't work in quick docs



WEB-15891 (Bug)

coffeescript highlighting broken for anonymous function parameters

WEB-15668 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: complex interpolations

WEB-16050 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: 'unexpected token' error when using 'do' statement with chained call

WEB-15565 (Bug)

throwing false coffeescript errors

WEB-10857 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: deep and chained destructuring assignments

WEB-8240 (Bug)

coffescript inspection 'unused local symbols' occurs when parameter used for extending a class

WEB-8125 (Bug)

CoffeeScript/JS Inspection: unresolved variable, unused local variable are reported wrong

WEB-11126 (Bug)

variable incorrectly marked as unused

WEB-14716 (Exception)

CoffeeScript: Assertion error is thrown on attempt to Preview Compiled CoffeeScript File for the trace file



DBE-1159 (Usability Problem)

Console: database result sets have same name for different consoles

DBE-1151 (Bug)

Progress indication for activities initiated from console's table result tab

DBE-1164 (Bug)

Consoles: folders with consoles have internal names when opened at other project



DBE-140 (Usability Problem)

Table Editor: add "Value Editor" popup for BLOB data

DBE-1282 (Bug)

Wrong values when copying big numbers to DB



IDEA-137234 (Bug)

MySQL SSL Tunnel always auth failure with OpenSSH 6.7



WEB-16142 (Bug)

Getting "Argument for @NotNull parameter 'name' of org/jetbrains/debugger/VariableImpl. must not be null" error while exploring a javascript variable of type Float32Array

WEB-16256 (Bug)

Debugger emits errors for io.js > 1.6.3

WEB-15053 (Bug)

Firefox debugger: Remove 'Firefox' from 'JavaScript Debug' run configuration

WEB-16172 (Bug)

Javascript debugging - breakpoints dont match display when using <script> template blocks (and not <template>)

pect values|

WEB-14539 (Bug)

Node.js debugging step buttons (over, into, etc) don't work

WEB-15880 (Bug)

Cant start debugging with chrome canary Error: "Dartium Browser not specified"

WEB-15738 (Exception)

Debugger: Dart: IAE on clicking Update button

WEB-15739 (Exception)

Debugger: SIOOBE is thrown on each stop on breakpoint

WEB-15737 (Exception)

InterruptedException when debug Meteor project



IDEA-138143 (Bug)

assertEquals difference view: support showing line ending differences



IDEA-138053 (Bug)

Docker: Unable to save Docker run configuration for a module outside of project root

IDEA-137824 (Bug)

Docker: certificates folder on linux

IDEA-139370 (Bug)

Docker: provide user readable hints on connection error

IDEA-137904 (Bug)

Docker: Need to refresh explicitly to see container configuration file

IDEA-141416 (Bug)

Docker: unable to build list of containers due null as a container name

IDEA-140777 (Bug)

Docker: attach to container

IDEA-138202 (Bug)

Container starts on multiple Docker instances

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-137473 (Usability Problem)

Using 'End' Key to indent adds too many tabs on partially tabbed line

IDEA-137257 (Bug)

Enter action after block comment

File Watchers


WEB-15650 (Feature)

Change default Traceur file watcher template

WEB-12196 (Bug)

File Watcher: Output Filter: output not parsed when filename contains spaces/brackets. Unusable with Dropbox

WEB-16470 (Bug)

File watcher: spaces in paths prevent to run program



WEB-14031 (Feature)

Allow HTML warning supressing comments to be followed by newline

WEB-15887 (Bug)

Meteor+ polymer: don't inject meteor templates into Polymer template bindings inside <polymer-element>

IDE Configuration


IDEA-137104 (Bug)

Code templates don't save their state

IDE.User Interface


DBE-1148 (Cosmetics)

PostgreSQL, MS SQL: tab name for result of SELECT statement is incorrect

DBE-1160 (Bug)

Database View: incorrect shortcut for console

DBE-1146 (Bug)

Console: no available schemas shown for Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase data sources



IDEA-138166 (Bug)

jsp:attribute validation errors for JSP tags with body-content="empty"



WEB-14185 (Usability Problem)

Jade: do not invoke completion while typing dot after script/style tags



WEB-15557 (Feature)

ES6: Provide support of the export\import with rename

WEB-11760 (Feature)

JSDoc validate properties when possible

WEB-12384 (Feature)

ES6: Ctrl+click on imported module should navigate to module definition

WEB-16410 (Usability Problem)

Download libraries: when searching for typescript stub, navigate to library with name that starts with entered substring first

WEB-16125 (Usability Problem)

Navigate symbol freezes application

WEB-16277 (Performance Problem)

infinite js parsing

WEB-16057 (Cosmetics)

Typo in project settings

WEB-15539 (Bug)

Object literal inside a template literal parsed incorrectly

WEB-16340 (Bug)

IllegalStateException: No match found at JSDocumentationUtils.handleCommentLine() on indexing

WEB-15742 (Bug)

"Element need to be exported" extra warning when make import

WEB-11699 (Bug)

EcmaScript6 redcode: no return out of constructor

WEB-15996 (Bug)

"@this {type}" is not honored for all functions in WebStorm 10

WEB-15843 (Bug)

ES6: NPE on completion invocation inside import statement

WEB-15846 (Bug)

ES6: Completion does not suggest imported data (export with rename plus batch import)

WEB-15847 (Bug)

ES6: No completion in 'export' statement

WEB-12838 (Bug)

ES6: Webstorm does not understand class expressions

WEB-16620 (Bug)

ES6 Modules: defaultVal, * as all — caused errors

WEB-15744 (Bug)

Impossible to call completion for imported variables and functions

WEB-15455 (Bug)

"private member not accessible" reported for members of type wrapped in anonymous closure if they are annotated with @memberOf

WEB-15625 (Bug)

Missing completion and inspection for imported variables exported as default

WEB-15938 (Bug)

Invalid code analysis

WEB-15202 (Bug)

ES6 generator symbol methods should not be flagged as a syntax error

IDEA-139450 (Bug)

Nashorn: java class fields are reported as not used though they are referenced from js

WEB-14793 (Bug)

Incorrect arrow function parsing in JavaScript

WEB-16198 (Bug)

Javascript : unresolved function or method from super class where there is also a "static" method

WEB-15157 (Bug)

ES6: missing completion for imported variables

WEB-15884 (Bug)

ES6 'export * from' declarations

WEB-16011 (Bug)

Inferred type is not detected when (this.externalFunction = localFunction)

WEB-16158 (Bug)

Duplicate declaration error

WEB-16269 (Bug)

ES6: Shorthand methods with generator

WEB-16262 (Bug)

Incorrect suggestions

WEB-16260 (Bug)

Failing type inference with an object conforming to a typedef

WEB-16304 (Bug)

Problems with highlighting long chained calls (e.g. promises)

WEB-15903 (Bug)

Closing curly brace is duplicated in ES6 template strings

WEB-15606 (Bug)

unresolved variable or type await inside methods

WEB-14921 (Bug)

Better Structure View for ExtJS Files

WEB-15469 (Bug)

Sequence expression is not correctly parsed under ES6 language version setting

WEB-16111 (Bug)

Code completion is not working for nested objects defined outside

WEB-16594 (Bug)

Good code marked red. Javascript getter shown as error if version set to ECMAScript 6 or JSX Harmony.

WEB-16024 (Bug)

Hyphen in JSDoc @param is duplicated

WEB-16336 (Bug)

Webstorm can't autocompletes alias imports

WEB-15523 (Bug)

JSDoc: nested properties documented with @property tag not available in completion

WEB-1523 (Bug)

JSDoc: don't use HTML syntax highlighting for JSDoc comments in javascript

WEB-16476 (Bug)

False positive "Unresolved function or method" with valid javascript forward references

WEB-15459 (Bug)

correct JS code is highlighted as syntactically incorrect

WEB-16127 (Bug)

Cannot find declaration when using namespace

WEB-15967 (Bug)

jsdoc no longer recognizes @class 14.1

WEB-15858 (Bug)

ES6: Provide support of the multiple export and import

WEB-16078 (Bug)

ES6: Autocomplete confusion

WEB-15918 (Bug)

IDEA 14.1 Hangs on "indexing"

WEB-16110 (Bug)

Unclear meaning of decorators in JavaScript files

WEB-15882 (Bug)

Unable to save plugin settings

WEB-11845 (Bug)

function param: incorrect "select word"

WEB-14049 (Bug)

JSDoc reference to this is wrong when @name is used

WEB-12340 (Bug)

`as` is forbidden to be a variable

WEB-13911 (Bug)

Bug: JSDocs/NgDocs is declared once, but WebStorm thinks there are two implementations

WEB-15927 (Bug)

Out of Memory error in WebStorm 10

WEB-13914 (Bug)

JSDocs/NgDocs Can't add property to method

WEB-16072 (Exception)

Exception when convert comments to C-style

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-15595 (Bug)

angular equal sign alignment issue

WEB-16051 (Bug)

Wrong continuation indent for return statement in parentheses

WEB-15656 (Bug)

ES6: Formatting: do not put class keyword on the next line

WEB-16646 (Bug)

Reformat code renames variables start which "РІ" char (maybe other)

WEB-7549 (Bug)

JS: 'Wrap when typing reaches right margin' option doesn't work

WEB-13918 (Bug)

Bad continuation indent inside JS function call

WEB-14395 (Bug)

On splitting string literal by pressing Enter, wrapped line is not indented

WEB-14259 (Bug)

Bad JS-Formatter within conditions

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-16335 (Feature)

Provide completion for templates in Meteor

WEB-15951 (Bug)

Completion for Spacebars namespace doesn't work

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16840 (Feature)

Add support for eslintConfig field in package.json

WEB-16403 (Feature)

Code Quality Tools - JSHint Search for configs(s) Correction

WEB-16106 (Usability Problem)

JSCS integration, plugin not found

WEB-16001 (Cosmetics)

ESLint .eslintrc as YAML causes spurious error

WEB-16816 (Bug)

ESLint does not work on *.es6 files

WEB-16621 (Bug)

Extra inspection about reserved word 'default' in 'export defaul'

WEB-16550 (Bug)

jscs should use esnext flag for es6 languages, not just jsx harmony

WEB-16314 (Bug)

Add support for .eslintignore

WEB-1381 (Bug)

JQuery selector inspection should be suppressed when selector contains outer language elements

WEB-16544 (Bug)

JSCS: add verbose option and correct "validateQuoteMarks" rule type

WEB-16162 (Bug)

jshint 2.7.0

WEB-16163 (Bug)

jscs unknown options

WEB-16860 (Bug)

ESLint Plugin needs to support the --reset option

WEB-16347 (Bug)

JavaScript object inspections is broken

WEB-16189 (Bug)

Select path to Node.js and JSCS automatically

WEB-16652 (Bug)

Code Quality Tools: inspections settings should be taken from profile chosen when running Code/Inspect Code

WEB-16924 (Bug)

eslint validation context.getFilename incomplete

WEB-16406 (Bug)

JSCS: use correct list of operators for rules type completion

WEB-16405 (Bug)

JSCS: correctly recognize type for each rule

WEB-16031 (Bug)

unresolved variable warning

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-11478 (Bug)

Add support for ECMAScript 5/6 objects

WEB-14761 (Bug)

The Object.freeze definition in EcmaScript5.js (EcmaScript 5 library) is wrong

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-15848 (Bug)

Support rename of the imported\exported variable

WEB-15287 (Bug)

Can not rename es6 import.

WEB-15503 (Bug)

Refactor>Rename does not work for ES6-style methods.

WEB-15091 (Exception)

AssertionError when try to change signature of the function

JavaScript. Templates


WEB-15965 (Usability Problem)

Templates: Settings: map help ID



WEB-16701 (Bug)

Parser throws error on valid LESS variable names beginning with numbers

WEB-15651 (Bug)

Support optional imports for .less files

WEB-14862 (Bug)

error when expand properties "-webkit-border-radius"

Live Edit


WEB-14628 (Bug)

Live Completion does not work on IntelliJ IDEA 14



WEB-14930 (Feature)

Support io.js in Languages & Frameworks

WEB-8392 (Feature)

node.js: make urls in console clickable

WEB-16134 (Usability Problem)

Inspections: "Insert require()" quick fix: use single quotes

WEB-16715 (Bug)

Node: detect npm location for nodist on Windows

WEB-16133 (Bug)

Inspections: "Insert require()" quick fix: suggest module name and show it first in the list

WEB-16131 (Bug)

Inspections: "Insert require()" quick fix: "Fix all" action duplicates require statements

WEB-15861 (Bug)

The order of environment variables unexpectedly changed in exists Nodeunit run configurations

WEB-14841 (Bug)

MacOS: Impossible to download iojs without setting up proxy

WEB-15971 (Bug)

Webstorm doesn't cleanly kill node process when debugging

WEB-16190 (Bug)

Select path to Node.js automatically

WEB-15970 (Bug)

WebStorm 10: running a project with node.js version 0.10.x is no longer one click (due to V8 profiling)

WEB-15851 (Bug)

Scrollbar at bottom when adding first run configuration

WEB-16371 (Bug)

After Renaming Project Root Directory Name from within webstorm Directory Name in Run/Debug Configuration [working directory] is showing old name

WEB-16242 (Bug)

Node js auto import: correctly calculate main module

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-137342 (Task)

PyCharm build with customized Java 1.8

IDEA-138199 (Task)

Build sources artifact with IDEA Community sources and flat structure (without modules)

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-141111 (Bug)

CustomUncommenter#findMaximumCommentedRange is broken

Product Documentation


WEB-15963 (Usability Problem)

Emmet: Settings: map help IDs



WEB-14906 (Feature)

Profiling: Heap: highlight detached nodes

WEB-15966 (Usability Problem)

V8 Profiling: CPU/Heap: F1 does nothing

WEB-15748 (Bug)

Profiling: Call names are not readable when selected

WEB-15747 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: no horizontal scrolling for Calls

WEB-15483 (Bug)

Profiling: RC: Heap: validate v8-prolier package field

WEB-15636 (Bug)

Profiling settings are constantly added to my run configurations

WEB-15865 (Exception)

Profiling: Heap: NPE on closing "Take Heap Snapshot" dialog for stopped process

Project Configuration


IDEA-137352 (Bug)

Gradle: New Module Wizard: the first page of the wizard is empty

IDEA-137215 (Bug)

Save Settings error - Can save scheme 'External Tools: The data "null" is not legal for a JDOM attribute: A null is not a legal XML value.



WEB-16633 (Bug)

Red code in scss file: 'from' and 'to' are not recognized

WEB-16088 (Bug)

Sass parser incorrect error message

WEB-15799 (Bug)

No titles after ampersand (&) in file structure (Ctrl + F12)



IDEA-137187 (Bug)

the PostgreSQL dialect misses support for data-modifying queries in common table expressions



DBE-1161 (Bug)

MySQL: declare continue/exit handler for (number) shows as error - but it's not



WEB-13406 (Bug)

Stylus nested media query duplicate rule flag invalid

WEB-13162 (Bug)

Stylus: Structure view: correctly recognize several @media queries

WEB-15939 (Bug)

Change comments in stylus files to //



WEB-11751 (Feature)

TypeScript: provide 'create field' intention

WEB-16146 (Feature)

TypeScript: Add type-related intentions

WEB-15572 (Feature)

Automatically double ` when inputing ES6/TypeScript template strings

WEB-16431 (Bug)

TypeScript: String arrays from lib.es6.d.ts; "Unresolved function or method map"

WEB-16148 (Bug)

TypeScript: exported enum does not satisfy its own interface

WEB-16282 (Bug)

TypeScript: 'Unresolved type' issues with ES6 Modules (export default)

WEB-16287 (Bug)

Unable to use lib.es6.d.ts over lib.d.ts

WEB-14009 (Bug)

Rename TypeScript import statement does not also rename references to imported module

WEB-15541 (Bug)

Typescript type inference error within a closure

WEB-15540 (Bug)

With typescript compiler enabled, files with names matching ts files names are not shown in the Project view

WEB-15549 (Bug)

Bogus error with typescript declarations file and constructors with arguments (good code shown red)

WEB-13979 (Bug)

TypeScript return type inference is broken

WEB-16528 (Bug)

Typescript 1.5 Es6 style import statement and intellisense not working

WEB-16311 (Bug)

"type" incorrectly treated as keyword when used as property or variable name

WEB-15504 (Bug)

TypeScript: Red code: incorrect parsing of curly brackets

WEB-15294 (Bug)

unresolved function or method hasOwnProperty()

WEB-15878 (Bug)

Typescript inspections very slow, hogs up the CPU

WEB-15741 (Bug)

IDE Freezes on large/complex TypeScript project

WEB-16227 (Bug)

TypeScript: "Align var statements and assignments" options should work

WEB-16222 (Bug)

TypeScript: module not resolved

WEB-15553 (Bug)

Type inference error between modules

WEB-16082 (Bug)

sometimes compiler output TS2345: [object Object]

WEB-14638 (Bug)

Interface fieldname collides with module name in TypeScript

WEB-15889 (Bug)

Interface Type Check with Enum Produces False Error

WEB-11869 (Bug)

Typescript: var a = null type is not inferred correctly

WEB-16300 (Bug)

TypeScript 1.5 ES6 style module format not recognized

WEB-16066 (Bug)

Typescript: align object properties broken in 10

WEB-16258 (Bug)

Generic override incorrectly flagged as error (since build #WS-141.614)

WEB-14098 (Bug)

Built-in typescript compiler reports false positives

WEB-15810 (Bug)

No members suggestions when creating aliases with the import keyword

WEB-15730 (Bug)

TypeScript: "Create field" intention should be available with enabled Compiler

WEB-13281 (Bug)

Typescript dictionary interface not work for intellisense

WEB-15638 (Bug)

"Method can be static" is wrongly reported in TypeScript when member is referenced from arrow function

WEB-15917 (Bug)

Typescript: wrong declare class and declare var constructs formatting

WEB-16075 (Bug)

warning: variable might not have been initialized for destructuring variables

WEB-15770 (Bug)

Intellisence doesn't autocomplete the deeper inside of function-parameters that's described in TypeScript

WEB-16100 (Bug)

TypeScript compiler: when using 'Compile All', run the compiler once when 'Compile Main File only' is enabled

WEB-14317 (Bug)

TypeScript: support external module declaration merging

WEB-15912 (Bug)

Typescript: create field quick fix generates incorrect code

WEB-15694 (Exception)

TypeScript Compiler: Throwable on "Compile Current File" invocation via keyboard shortcut

WEB-16219 (Exception)

TypeScript: Element: class com.intellij.lang.javascript.psi.ecma6.impl.TypeScriptVariableImpl because: parent is null; stub=null exception

WEB-15876 (Exception)

TypeScript: SOE while processing import statements

Unit Tests


WEB-15629 (Bug)

Allow custom mocha runner interface to be specified

WEB-15866 (Bug)

uncomfortable multiline diff for nodeunit tests

WEB-15584 (Bug)

JShint 2.6.1-3 are available

WEB-16576 (Bug)

Jasmine test generate menu is disabled for fdescribe

User Interface


IDEA-82135 (Bug)

Missing "extended by" image in Quick Documentation Java Doc

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-140214 (Bug)

"Unexpected subelement InheritLevel" while adding TFS Server in "Manage TFS Servers and Workspaces" dialog



IDEA-129370 (Feature)

Support XML Schema (XSD) 1.1

IDEA-138438 (Bug)

File filter not working



WEB-15505 (Feature)

spy-js timeline labels

WEB-15515 (Bug)

spy-js autocomplete

WEB-15509 (Bug)

spy-js first run focus issue

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