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PhpStorm 8.0 Release Notes

Distribution packages


WI-17783 (Bug)

PhpStorm.bat uses unexistent file PhpStorm64.vmoptions if JVM has lib\amd64 directory

Injections in PHP


WI-534 (Feature)

Add support for Language Injection into PHP concatenated strings ('injected_language'.foo().'injected_language')

WI-23723 (Bug)

Copy code from fragment editor gets EXTERNAL_FRAGMENT instead of visible code with multihost injections

WI-15837 (Bug)

Choose Color dialog replaces heredoc with embedded array variable key

WI-23628 (Bug)

NPE is thrown on typing concatenation operator after injected string

WI-7967 (Bug)

Language injection for concatenated strings with functions

WI-23722 (Bug)

"Run Query in console" sends EXTERNAL_FRAGMENT to console in multiihost injections

WI-19474 (Bug)

Member Completion doesn't work in injections

WI-23782 (Bug)

Copy code from fragment editor gets EXTERNAL_FRAGMENT instead of visible code when there is string concatenation

WI-23707 (Exception)

New multihost injections break and throw exceptions on literal fragment of 1 quote char

WI-23634 (Exception)

NPE is thrown on insertion of one pattern matched injected language into concatenated string with another injection language

WI-22725 (Exception)

surround heredoc block with try catch causes parse error

IntelliJ Platform


WI-22627 (Usability Problem)

Project setup wizard doesn't accept PHP interpreter path

WI-17474 (Bug)

Custom Folding: defaultstate="collapsed" does not seem to have any effect



WI-22953 (Exception)

Please change caller according to com.intellij.openapi.project.IndexNotReadyException documentation

PHP Completion


WI-24233 (Feature)

Add stubs for inotify extension constants and functions

WI-9282 (Feature)

PHPDoc generation - namespace style

WI-21563 (Feature)

Possibility to extend Array Index completion

WI-19037 (Feature)

Completion for class name resolution via "class" keyword doesn't work

WI-20096 (Feature)

Support global factory functions (similar to static factory methods)

WI-8039 (Feature)

Type inference: Support for "foreach" of classes that implements ArrayAccess interface.

WI-19911 (Feature)

Type inference instanceof with OR

WI-12494 (Feature)

PHP: infer variable type if "instanceof" is used in switch block

WI-15514 (Usability Problem)

Completion for use add "\" at the end if namespace isn't closed

WI-19362 (Bug)

Auto-import: Class name completion fails when there is a use namespace matching a substring of the namespace

WI-21806 (Bug)

Namespaces are shown in completion inside string literal

WI-16026 (Bug)

Trait: Autocompletion doesn't recognize protected methods

WI-17395 (Bug)

Type inference should not override explicitly @var typed field type

PHP Composer


WI-18369 (Feature)

Composer - add dependencies only supports 'require' section

WI-22581 (Feature)

Composer CLT: allow to work with pure executable

WI-20483 (Usability Problem)

Allow to select PHP executable during creation of new project

WI-22708 (Bug)

Forbid use of remote interpreter

WI-24438 (Bug)

Default project interpreter is not propogated to Add dependency dialog

PHP Formatter


WI-12364 (Feature)

Code Formatting - alignment consecutive class constants

WI-9976 (Feature)

PHP Code Formatting, Wrapping and Braces / Chained Method Calls: when wrapping, position semicolon on new line

WI-10157 (Feature)

reformat code:align class fields

WI-14262 (Feature)

PHP: Line comments should keep indentation

WI-2856 (Feature)

control space before / after unary not (exclamation)

WI-24394 (Feature)

Complete statement does nothing on `class X`

WI-21914 (Feature)

Colon is not inserted on complete statement for "default"

WI-21913 (Feature)

Colon is not inserted on complete statement for "case"

WI-24051 (Feature)

Preserve comment at the end of block

WI-21815 (Feature)

Improve formatting of chained calls

WI-12831 (Feature)

Convert long to short array stax

WI-12039 (Feature)

Distinguish content of square brackets in PHP code style

WI-23688 (Usability Problem)

space around pre increment/decrement operators

WI-24317 (Usability Problem)

Complete statement: autoindent completed statement

WI-23752 (Usability Problem)

Useless wrapping of use statement

WI-21949 (Usability Problem)

Group alignment of consecutive assignments and alignment of fields to the same tab in Code Style settings

WI-23187 (Usability Problem)

Phpstorm 8 EAP doesn't remove space before object operator in PHP when reformating

WI-21328 (Usability Problem)

Missing indent for method call after variable name

WI-23895 (Performance Problem)

Force braces in If statement is extremely slow

WI-5739 (Bug)

PHP formatter: "Brace placement at the end of line" option doesn't affect case blocks in switch statements

WI-20850 (Bug)

A mismatch with PHPCS PEAR coding style validation: extra indent of a multiline function used as value in key=>value combination

WI-22207 (Bug)

Disable "Spaces around variable/expression in brackets" for all Predefined schemes (except WordPress)

WI-12562 (Bug)

Indentation inside isset()

WI-22628 (Bug)

No indent for PHP array new line

WI-23216 (Bug)

Reformat Code with '&' operator

WI-22432 (Bug)

Reformat Code corrupts text in string literals when Function call arguments->New line after '(' ' is enabled

WI-24110 (Bug)

Force Braces on Alternative Syntax Adds Braces

WI-18809 (Bug)

Continuation indent is doubled for chained methods

WI-20999 (Bug)

Code style for constructor call arguments

WI-22383 (Bug)

Incorrect positioning of the cursor on new line

WI-17096 (Bug)

<?= spacing ?>

WI-22157 (Bug)

If parameter is anonymous function enter key will not preserve indent

WI-23714 (Bug)

Reformat breaks heredocs

WI-20881 (Bug)

Wrong indentation level in associative array when value is closure definition

WI-22307 (Bug)

Nested indentation is broken for PHP (hash value)

WI-23361 (Bug)

Missing line break after phpDoc auto-comment for a function

WI-22136 (Bug)

Indentation in declare ticks block

WI-20387 (Bug)

Code Format on Method-Calls has odd behaviour of the last closing brace if Alignment of Chained methods is on

WI-23086 (Bug)

unset() doesn't follow rules for functions

WI-12257 (Bug)

Chained method auto indentationion issue

WI-23894 (Bug)

Force short declaration style destroys code if there is array inside array

WI-21255 (Bug)

"Convert true/false constants to lowercase" and "Convert null constant to lowercase" does not work for <?php ?> style statements when nested inside tags or indented

WI-22441 (Bug)

Line comment at first column option is not preserved upon restart of PhpStorm

WI-14566 (Bug)

"Chop down if long" behaves the same as "Wrap if long" for chained method calls

WI-24441 (Bug)

PHPDoc generator always uses fully-qualified name for @throws

WI-24440 (Bug)

PHPDoc generator for field always uses fully-qualified name

WI-20538 (Bug)

Properly support PSR2 code formatting of multi-line arguments

WI-20319 (Bug)

No indent for array initialization and binary expression

WI-23125 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on attempt to surround alternative syntax with { }

WI-22433 (Exception)

Insertion of code with trait and method reassignment leads to exception

WI-22971 (Exception)

The specified node is not within PhpDoc

WI-23126 (Exception)

Surround with for case in switch throws exception

WI-22357 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on invoking line commenting inside div

PHP Inspections


WI-20051 (Feature)

New inspection: PSR-0: class path does not match namespace/name

WI-22763 (Feature)

Do not report missing @throws annotations for unchecked exceptions

WI-24057 (Feature)

Provide quick fix "Undefined const" and "Undefined function"

WI-23403 (Cosmetics)

PHPDoc naming is inconsistent for "Argument PHPDOC missing" and " PHPDOC non-existing argument" messages

WI-12501 (Bug)

error indicating "Expected: heredoc end" when using PHP's alternative syntax

WI-24234 (Bug)

use of date_add function leads to void result use warning

WI-24018 (Bug)

Casting array to object should satisfy \stdClass type

WI-6604 (Bug)

Unresolved include: Include resolution & inspection: Path '..' not found if External Libraries are in use

WI-17588 (Bug)

Protected property falsely marked when accessed in constructor

WI-2542 (Bug)

Undefined variable: Variables in MySQLi_STMT::bind_result Undefined

WI-22402 (Bug)

Unused trait imports are not recognised

WI-23577 (Bug)

'static' and '$this' are not correctly resolved

WI-23215 (Bug)

Add method stubs place interface PHPDoc instead of method stubs if @method in interface is used

WI-23561 (Bug)

"Update PHPDoc comment" inspection for empty PHPDoc

WI-22948 (Bug)

Package prefix behavior depends on kind of slash

WI-22946 (Bug)

Suppress for statement inside PHPDoc that was invoked on variable lead to broken PHPDoc

WI-22945 (Bug)

Missing @throws tag: suppress for statement: annotation inserted in the wrong place

WI-15104 (Bug)

multiple return types result with "__toString method implementation was not found" inspection warning

WI-17257 (Bug)

False positive "Unused local variable", variable is used as parameter for eval()

WI-23867 (Bug)

"Unused local variable" when it is used in the `finally` block

WI-21354 (Bug)

Unnecessary fully qualified name: provide option "don't report even if import is possible"

WI-22735 (Bug)

False-positive "Unused private method" notice for private method in trait that is used by another trait

WI-23512 (Bug)

Method __toString is not implemente: False Positive: doesn't find declaration of __toString in interface

WI-21904 (Bug)

Unnecessary fully qualified name: is not issued if conflict is resolved by aliasing

WI-21902 (Bug)

Unused variable: is not detected for last element in the list inside foreach

WI-22831 (Bug)

Parameter type: new static is not resolved as correct parameter type

WI-20400 (Bug)

Invalid Inspection Warning - foreach Using list

WI-20197 (Bug)

"Method __toString return type" inspection doesn't work for static and $this type

WI-17561 (Bug)

False-positive "Unused private method" notice for private method in trait

WI-24665 (Exception)

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1 in PHP plugin

WI-23404 (Exception)

NPE is thrown on Update PHPDoc quick fix for file with multiple PHPDoc mismatches

PHP Profiler


WI-23995 (Usability Problem)

Change percentage precision when analyzing Xdebug profiler snapshots

PHP Refactoring


WI-20964 (Feature)

New intention: simplify ifs

WI-20228 (Feature)

Add fix function signature intention for unused function parameter

WI-24056 (Feature)

Provide "Simplify FQN" and "Import" intentions for constants/functions

WI-22275 (Feature)

Replace If/ternary: change Support short ternary operator

WI-6140 (Usability Problem)

Rename: User friendly class rename refactoring: Renaming namespace "Namespace" to "OtherNamespace\Sub" renames it to "Sub" only.

WI-23104 (Usability Problem)

Convert NOWDOC/HEREDOC: allow to apply intention on any string

WI-21703 (Usability Problem)

Overriding method adds unnecessary imports

WI-21759 (Usability Problem)

PSR-0 Namespace Roots: Give highest priority to a namespace from Source root

WI-20521 (Usability Problem)

Add getter/setter doesn't scroll to created methods

WI-24302 (Bug)

Move namespace refactoring creates invalid use’s for core types

WI-20487 (Bug)

Move statement: case with comment doesn't honor usual rules of case movements

WI-19449 (Bug)

Renaming class member does not update docblock

WI-22407 (Bug)

Optimize import constantly rearrange use statements

WI-23963 (Bug)

Change signature: doesn't support variadics

WI-21363 (Bug)

Add property: generates remove the last part of namespace

WI-22280 (Bug)

Simplify if: doesn't handle situation when there is elseif

WI-22283 (Bug)

Simplify if: may remove not php code from if/else statement

WI-22286 (Bug)

Simplify If: doesn't handle combined assignment

WI-21550 (Bug)

Move Namespace: does allow to enter different destination folders for one file but doesn't divide file to two

WI-21849 (Bug)

"Add method" quick fix adds the wrong function arguments

WI-20934 (Bug)

Change signature refactoring handles @inheritdoc incorrectly

WI-23713 (Bug)

Convert heredoc to string breaks embedded variables and string itself.

WI-23141 (Bug)

Convert NOWDOC/HEREDOC: doesn't escape "\" properly

WI-23143 (Bug)

Convert to HEREDOC/NOWDOC: remove code if there is a complex variable access inside

WI-21243 (Bug)

Incoherent generation of getters and setters

WI-21824 (Bug)

Issue with global and using Import Class

WI-20488 (Bug)

Move statement: doesn't handle multiline field declarations

WI-24418 (Bug)

Move class: doesn't update target directory if a new namespace is an old namespace + some text

WI-23468 (Bug)

Implement method: doesn't import classes from PHPDoc of interface

WI-23467 (Bug)

Add method stubs: creates redundant use statements (or use redundant FQN)

WI-21756 (Bug)

PSR-0 Namespace Roots: Don't suggest Excluded directory and its subdirectories that are marked as Source Roots

WI-21937 (Bug)

Add method: doesn't resolve $this and static

WI-22045 (Bug)

Override method - Incorrect placement of method stub

WI-22850 (Bug)

"self" reference broken when moving class into namespace, and more than one class in file

WI-24533 (Bug)

Inlining variable with two uses in the same string only inlines the first

WI-11890 (Bug)

Introduce variable: extra semicolon making "extract variable" refactoring fail

WI-23585 (Exception)

Move a class to its own file in the same namespace

WI-22281 (Exception)

Simplify If: Exception is thrown on typing

PHP Run configuration


WI-23045 (Bug)

PHP Interpreter: PHP Not installed

PHP debug


WI-24304 (Feature)

Support Zend Server Z-ray

WI-4722 (Feature)

Debugger: Ability to skip certain functions with step into.

WI-10602 (Feature)

Add "Copy array/object value path" in variable context menu in PHP debug

WI-24183 (Feature)

Validation option for PHPUnit path

WI-23924 (Feature)

Validate remote environment: add debugger protocol validation

WI-21331 (Usability Problem)

Validate Remote Environment: improve xdebug.remote_port validation message

WI-22656 (Usability Problem)

Make error notification about not-installed debug extension more clear

WI-19458 (Cosmetics)

Smart Step Into: unnecessary spaces in method chooser

WI-22527 (Bug)

Remote Interpreter: deadlock on startup a project with remote interpreter and PHPUnit

WI-23702 (Bug)

Freeze on startup when remote interpreter is not available

WI-22518 (Bug)

Remote Interpreters: doesn't detect existence of PHP on linux from windows

WI-24630 (Bug)

Debugger tries to accept connection from Z-Ray

WI-22353 (Bug)

Disable Copy Path for Watcher and Evaluate Expression panes

WI-22654 (Bug)

Remote Interpreters: Copy PHP interpreter creates clone but not a copy

WI-22521 (Exception)

Remote Interpreters: Validate installation throws exception

PHP frameworks


WI-13054 (Feature)

Provide run configuration for Behat

WI-20691 (Bug)


is missing

PHP lang


WI-8736 (Feature)

bundle "Structural Search & Replace" plugin to PhpStorm

WI-3169 (Feature)

"Unwrap/Remove" action for PHP control structures

WI-17630 (Feature)

Local history for Code block/element

WI-2819 (Feature)

New intention: replace quotes with NOWDOC/HEREDOC

WI-24566 (Feature)

referenceContributor for DOC_IDENTIFIER

WI-1280 (Feature)

New intention: convert "$foo = $a ? $b : $c" to if($a) {$foo = $b;} else {$foo = $c;}

WI-23177 (Feature)

Allow @uses and @used-by tags to indicate usage

WI-12303 (Feature)

Understanding uniform multi-level arrays such as Object[][]

WI-20707 (Feature)

Intention to create a Docblock

WI-16112 (Feature)

New PHP Class: Suggest namespace by rules defined in PSR-0

WI-7226 (Feature)

Rename: PSR-0 support for "new" and "refactor"

WI-22553 (Feature)

Allow special boolean getters with name "is*"

WI-23734 (Feature)

"Add PHPDoc comment" intention should allow to use @type, not @var

WI-23501 (Feature)

Allow to invoke intention "Surround With" on the field

WI-22072 (Feature)

Ctrl+click does resolve callable method names when using Class_Name::class

WI-9535 (Feature)

Offer to create @var declaration for unknown variable in foreach statement

WI-5976 (Feature)

Complete Current Statement should add commas in multiline array()

WI-4808 (Feature)

Add more PHP scopes/contexts to live templates - code, literal, comment

WI-12723 (Feature)

Make Intention "Add field" available for field assignments in constructor

WI-22263 (Feature)

Support for PHP 5.6 language features

WI-22261 (Feature)

Support variadic function arguments and argument unpacking from PHP 5.6

WI-2176 (Usability Problem)

Folding: There is no way to fold only if or only else

WI-23140 (Usability Problem)

PHPDoc for foreach with multiple declaration doesn't place new line after /**

WI-22023 (Usability Problem)

Local History For Function is not available

WI-17605 (Usability Problem)

Quickfix Add PHPDoc comment has wrong argument order

WI-22111 (Usability Problem)

Unwrap: support do/while construction

WI-22113 (Usability Problem)

Unwrap: allow to unwrap if in case caret is located inside condition or keyword

WI-22112 (Usability Problem)

Unwrap: finally together with try

WI-6439 (Usability Problem)

Code Style -> Spaces, needs special option for new empty ternary function ($var ?: false) - PHP 5.3

WI-18556 (Cosmetics)

Find usage should classify usage in use statement

WI-17558 (Bug)

"Mix braced namespace declarations with braceless namespace declarations" is not highlighted

WI-23900 (Bug)

Expression is not allowed as constant value: false positive: parenthesis cause error although they are valid

WI-23903 (Bug)

Cannot use positional argument after argument unpacking is not detected

WI-23905 (Bug)

False positive: Expressions are not allowed in static variable declaration

WI-12552 (Bug)

Cannot modify PHP setter template to generate multiple methods.

WI-22295 (Bug)

static factory method autocomplete doesn't work with keys which contains dots

WI-23961 (Bug)

Disable intention "Replace ?: with if" for default values in function parameter, fields, static variables and constants declaration

WI-23362 (Bug)

Empty PHPDOC/NOWDOC isn't parsed correctly as default values for parameter

WI-17666 (Bug)

PHPStorm does not recognize 'new static' and loses type

WI-23958 (Bug)

Multiple import of constants and functions are not supported

WI-23952 (Bug)

Only last parameter can be variadic

WI-23951 (Bug)

Variadic parameter cannot have a default value

WI-16330 (Bug)

Autocompletion on object created using "static" keyword is broken within class

WI-23536 (Bug)

PHPDoc for closure in return statement doesn't work

WI-23033 (Bug)

Heredoc/Nowdoc isn't parsed correctly as default value for parameter

WI-18439 (Bug)

Invalid syntax warning, Only simple expresssions are allowed.

WI-15297 (Bug)

Complete statement doesn't work for "switch" construction

WI-3925 (Bug)

PHP: good code is red: static variable initialized using the Heredoc syntax

WI-23518 (Bug)

Generate PHPDoc for function: adds PHPDoc for closure after = and not before statement

WI-23519 (Bug)

Generate PHPDoc for function: disable for function declaration in PHPDoc

WI-18250 (Bug)

Navigate to implementation does not work with namespaces

WI-23896 (Bug)

Only variables can be passed by reference: false positive: when there is variadic and array

WI-13383 (Bug)

Array expanding/collapsing broken after 5+ levels deep.

WI-22110 (Bug)

Unwrap: doesn't work for if/elseif statements with alternative syntax

WI-21131 (Bug)

${TYPE_HINT} generating unnecessary FQCN

WI-22445 (Bug)

@todo is not highlighted in PHPDoc

WI-23643 (Bug)

PHPDoc: respect imported namespace for properties

WI-23421 (Bug)

Description is not separated correctly for @see and @uses tags for elements without parenthesis ()

WI-17801 (Bug)

Fluent-style chaining type loss with return this/static

WI-22313 (Exception)

PHP Structure view can't be opened

WI-21234 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on goto declaration

PHP lib stubs


WI-22311 (Feature)

Add stubs for PHP 5.6

WI-23595 (Feature)

php-redis stub needs to be updated

WI-24128 (Cosmetics)

Minor mistake in PharData::__construct() stub

WI-12733 (Cosmetics)

Imagick method names are not camelcased

WI-24308 (Bug)

Missing exception documentation for Phar constructor.

WI-24239 (Bug)

Wrong date function params description

WI-23341 (Bug)

Wrong stub for gmp_div()

WI-21044 (Bug)

php function assert() has second parameter as of php 5.4.8

WI-22503 (Bug)

dns_check_record has wrong docblock

WI-22421 (Bug)

php: wrong signature for gzgets

WI-23553 (Bug)

Update openssl headers

WI-21717 (Bug)

Memcache:: getAllKeys() stub is incorrect

WI-22171 (Bug)

Included phpdoc for array_filter out of date/incomplete

WI-23148 (Bug)

Function stub for is_a() incorrectly limits first parameter to an object.

WI-10748 (Bug)

Memcache Stubs missing all PHPDOC metadata...

WI-22237 (Bug)

trim(), ltrim(), rtrim() documentation bug

WI-23983 (Bug)

SOAP PHPDoc (Stub) Missing __construct() method

WI-23872 (Bug)

SplDoublyLinkedList::add() is not defined

WI-17162 (Bug)

preg_match function third argument should not have type restriction (array)

WI-24659 (Bug)

MySQLi_STMT::bind_result shouldn't accept zero parameters

WI-23098 (Bug)

SQLSRV_SQLTYPE_VARCHAR in not recognized

WI-23097 (Bug)

Incorrect documentation for iterator_to_array

WI-23939 (Bug)

Documentation Missing: DateTimeImmutable::createFromMutable

WI-23332 (Bug)

Wrong documentation link for "SplFileObject::fputcsv"

PHP project configuration


WI-22890 (Bug)

I can not create an empty PHP-project

PHP templates


WI-24088 (Feature)

Blade: provide Structure View

WI-24096 (Usability Problem)

Blade: Allow to configure custom directive such that there will be no parenthesis after completion

WI-24094 (Usability Problem)

Blade: move focus to new entry after pressing + in PHP->Blade

WI-24098 (Usability Problem)

Blade: add @each and @append tags to predefined

WI-24075 (Usability Problem)

Blade: Place caret in the middle of double curly braces on pressing space

WI-24405 (Usability Problem)

Blade: provide shortcuts for addition/removing directives

WI-24404 (Usability Problem)

Blade: remove closing parenthesis on removing opening

WI-24082 (Usability Problem)

Blade: place closing quoute inside directives

WI-24487 (Bug)

Blade: Ignore CSS rules (ex. warning error with @import)

WI-23822 (Bug)

Smarty highlighting doesn't allow closing bracket on its own line

WI-24388 (Bug)

Blade: forelse missing

WI-24654 (Bug)

Blade templates: @extends shows warning "expected semicolon" when the second parameter is used

WI-24079 (Bug)

Blade: just move caret on closing parenthesis instead of inserting new one

WI-24403 (Bug)

Blade: closing parenthesis do nothing if there is something inside derictive

WI-24087 (Bug)

Blade: disable rename refactoring for directives

WI-21327 (Bug)

Smarty: tags and attributes are missing in completion list

WI-23243 (Bug)

Smarty: forelse has incorrect indent

WI-24452 (Bug)

Blade: variable introduction doesn't work during typing

WI-24089 (Exception)

Blade: attempt to comment code leads to exception

WI-24454 (Exception)

Blade: exception is thrown on completion

PHP test


WI-23233 (Feature)

Add support of Behat 3.0 Turnip regex

WI-19790 (Feature)

PHPUnit on Server: allow to run tests using Phar and Composer version of PHPUnit

WI-19485 (Feature)

PHPUnit on Server: Allow to run via SSH instead of via web server

WI-23629 (Feature)

Add debugging support for Behat

WI-23315 (Feature)

Behat: Search for all classes in project that extends BehatContext (for 2.) or implements Context (for 3.) to find step definitions

WI-22680 (Feature)

Remote Interpreters: Add support of PHPUnit Coverage

WI-22448 (Feature)

Add annotation from PHPUnit 4

WI-24023 (Feature)

Behat: provide opportunity to run (or create run configuration) for single *.feature files from context menu in Project Tool Window

WI-16529 (Feature)

Behat intellisense

WI-17559 (Usability Problem)

The IDE_PHPUnit_Framework_TestListener does not print "previous" exception stack trace

WI-23231 (Usability Problem)

Behat: If scenario doesn't has name Choose Scenario dialog is confusing

WI-10556 (Usability Problem)

Coverage: PHP: Coverage tool window shows .idea directory

WI-22703 (Usability Problem)

Filter non-remote interpreters in selection of Interpreter in PHPUnit configuration

WI-18680 (Usability Problem)

PHPUnit shows weird output when there are skipped or incomplete tests

WI-23731 (Usability Problem)

UI shouldn't freeze due to slow behat response

WI-24021 (Usability Problem)

Behat: validate path to Behat and show it version

WI-18388 (Usability Problem)

PHPUnit Settings: consider renaming "Use custom loader" option to "Use custom autoloader"

WI-22315 (Performance Problem)

Performance problem in PhpUnitFilter with lots of logging with filename:line pattern match

WI-19876 (Cosmetics)

PHPUnit On Server: special characters are not transformed

WI-22640 (Bug)

Remote Interpreter: doesn't use the right path separators

WI-23236 (Bug)

Behat: Time elapsed may have only 2 values 0s and UNKNOWN

WI-22749 (Bug)

Disable ability to change Deployment Servers or make the change synchronizable

WI-24281 (Bug)

PHPStorm does not load phpunit.phar from remote interpreter

WI-10557 (Bug)

Coverage: PHP: Coverage tool window shows "Coverage Summary: null" for empty coverage

WI-22835 (Bug)

File separators changed during restart of PhpStorm

WI-15913 (Bug)

PHPUnit Runner: does not respect the PHPUnit_Framework_ComparisonFailure interface

WI-23475 (Bug)

Behat: more then one pattern is not recognized

WI-23271 (Bug)

Can't see difference when asserting failed in PHPUnit 4.1

WI-22456 (Bug)

Add support of PHPUnit 4.0 on server

WI-20787 (Bug)

Behat step navigation does not always match regular expressions of available steps correctly

WI-24338 (Bug)

Download phpunit.phar from Settings dialog does not work

WI-21666 (Bug)

PHPUnit Runner: Class IDE_PHPUnit_Framework_TestListener contains 1 abstract method... when using PHPUnit 3.8

WI-23970 (Bug)

Download behat.phar in Settings | PHP | Behat - connection failed (HTTP 301 response)

WI-24497 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on attempt to create/edit local PHPUnit configuration

WI-23235 (Exception)

Behat: Attempt to add a remote interpreter leads to exception due Behat plugin

WI-23232 (Exception)

Behat: if scenario is missing exception will be thrown

WI-22704 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on attempt to add PHPUnit by Remote Interpreter

PS specific


WI-22188 (Bug)

Plugin is not a production of jetbrains

WI-10554 (Bug)

Ctrl+/ works incorrect for javascript code

WI-21838 (Bug)

About window has 2013 year

Plugin: Command line


WI-22791 (Bug)

CLT plugin 136.1382 is not compatible with PhpStorm 7.1.3 and doesn't have correct since version

WI-23555 (Bug)

Command Line tools are not consistent with connection

WI-22638 (Bug)

CLT shouldn't use Remote Interpreter

WI-24575 (Bug)

Focus is not on the text input when opening the Command Line Tools Console

WI-24389 (Bug)

Cannot add wp-cli command

WI-20949 (Bug)

Consider non-php script for Symfony based tools ( ex. Command line tool support: problems with Composer vendor binaries on Windows)

WI-22192 (Exception)

WP-CLI: Exception is thrown on invocation of CLT after removing tool

WI-22550 (Exception)

Command line tools autocomplete suggestions fail when *.txt not assigned as "Text file"

WI-22699 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on closing project while CLT is opened

WI-22676 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on closing project while CLT is opened

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-20127 (Feature)

Performing "Upload" action on the fragment editor should trigger on the parent document

WI-1106 (Feature)

SFTP plugin should accept private keys generated by Putty (Windows)

WI-22388 (Usability Problem)

All remote hosts have a "web path on server", so they are all in the "upload files to" list

WI-24628 (Usability Problem)

Auto upload to FTP on multiple projects

WI-22720 (Usability Problem)

Suppress SSH Banner

WI-24407 (Usability Problem)

Move focus to previous element instead of removing it

WI-23871 (Usability Problem)

"Notification group Web Deployment is already registered" messages in idea.log

WI-24244 (Usability Problem)

Settings / Deployment: Add Server dialog: Up/Down keys in Name could change value in Kind

WI-24600 (Cosmetics)

SSH port edit box is too short

WI-1220 (Cosmetics)

Review mnemonics on new project wizard server config page

WI-21200 (Bug)

Deployment configuration "Opperations logging: detail" is being lost

WI-23584 (Bug)

Fail with "Invalid descendent file name "/"" if FTP server supports MLSD and returns cdir

WI-22362 (Bug)

Sorted deployment excluded paths list. Alt+V deleted item that is not selected.

WI-22483 (Bug)

Sorted deployment excluded paths list. Alt+V deletes two items and throws exception on empty list

WI-22488 (Bug)

Sorted deployment excluded paths list. Insert navigates to strange places

WI-24670 (Bug)

Too large files are always unequal in diff when compared by content

WI-22450 (Bug)

Can't create project from existing files

WI-21262 (Bug)

Can't go further on Project Creation process.

WI-24330 (Bug)

Icons lost in Settings | Deployment | Servers | Excluded paths

WI-22731 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on attempt to view all deployment servers while new one is not applied

Plugin: Drupal support


WI-19183 (Feature)

Auto complete comments

WI-21025 (Feature)

Hook support for Drupal 8

WI-22342 (Usability Problem)

Add /libraries to default include path

WI-23765 (Usability Problem)

Do not add drupal folders to Include paths if these folders inside the project

WI-22341 (Cosmetics)

New Drupal module dialog has wrong layout if error message exists

WI-22358 (Cosmetics)

Enable Drupal Integration dialog has wrong layout

WI-21034 (Task)

Update new project skeleton for Drupal 8

WI-22344 (Bug)

Drupal 8 modules are not recognized

WI-23739 (Bug)

Drupal installation is not detected

Plugin: GAE support


WI-24694 (Feature)

Provide option to use OAuth2 authentication

WI-22745 (Bug)

Unexpected use of comma in port parameter

Plugin: Phing


WI-21477 (Bug)

Relax constrains on tags that accept references

WI-21479 (Bug)

Validation of enums doesn't work

Plugin: WordPress


WI-23815 (Feature)

Change "Search on" context menu action to a new search engine

WI-22216 (Feature)

Extend list of functions that supports action/filter as parameter

WI-12040 (Feature)

WordPress coding style support

WI-22028 (Feature)

WordPress: make hooks searcheable in Goto Symbol

WI-21369 (Feature)

WordPress: Auto-Complete Actions and Filters

WI-22190 (Usability Problem)

Allow to choose interpreter from project interpreters list

WI-22541 (Usability Problem)

WordPress: Notification in Event Log "WordPress installation is not added to PHP | Include paths" has usability issues

WI-22215 (Usability Problem)

First invocation of completion for hooks leads to no result

WI-22203 (Usability Problem)

Perform check of WP plugin in the child directory

WI-22202 (Usability Problem)

Provide default values for full installation of WordPress

WI-22206 (Usability Problem)

Don't show "Looks like it's WordPress module. Enable WordPress support? Or do not ask again?" balloon if the WP new plugin is created

WI-22301 (Usability Problem)

Don't add wordpress directory to include path if it's a child directory of opened directory

WI-22205 (Bug)

In balloon "WordPress containing plugins inside it's better to add whole WordPress to project" ignore button is not clickable

WI-22332 (Bug)

Indexing for hooks is not started after addition of WP to include path

WI-22126 (Bug)

WordPress: bug in methods completion in hook callback

WI-22995 (Bug)

Completion list may contain the next line if string is not closed

WI-22837 (Bug)

Wordpress Plugin: Maybe cross-project completion

WI-22125 (Bug)

WordPress code style is always modified in code style settings

WI-22127 (Bug)

WordPress: GoTo Symbol | Show all in view does not contain hooks

Plugin: ini4idea


WI-22438 (Usability Problem)

INI file syntax highlight inheritance - property key

No subsystem


IDEA-122247 (Feature)

CDI stereotype alternative producers

WEB-12221 (Feature)

Enable Yandex browser support out of box

IDEA-81277 (Feature)

Show Constraints for Data Sources

WEB-12438 (Feature)

The documentation popup should show types as hyperlinks if possible

RUBY-14437 (Feature)

Add quickfix for unresolved compass import

WEB-6401 (Feature)

Twitter Bower support

IDEA-98912 (Usability Problem)

An Enter license button should be added to the welcome screen

WEB-10928 (Usability Problem)

Bower: update bower.json on package installation

IDEA-77640 (Usability Problem)

Warn if the current subscription license will not work with the new version in the Update Info dialog

WEB-10158 (Usability Problem)

Difference using "Open in browser" vs browser icon

WEB-12498 (Usability Problem)

Inspect in WebStorm missing from Chromium context menu

IDEA-126772 (Performance Problem)

Constantly high CPU usage in Play routes analysis

IDEA-119065 (Cosmetics)

Inconsistent ordering of Expand All and Collapse All in IntelliJ Ultimate

IDEA-124913 (Cosmetics)

Remove 'support' from compass support configurable

WEB-10821 (Cosmetics)

Weird character in Alt+F1 menu before "Open in browser..."

IDEA-122798 (Task)

Update YourKit agent

IDEA-121306 (Bug)

License: start with expired evaluation: Enter License shows Evaluate option the first time

IDEA-85296 (Bug)

Runtime error closing one of multiple open projects

WI-10478 (Bug)

Feature request: Language injection in Smarty templates

WEB-11273 (Bug)

PhpStorm hanged on enabling JS|Other|"Align multiline variable declaration" code style checkbox

WEB-9865 (Bug)

Autocomplete ignores JSDoc class hinting, doesn't prioritize method in pop-up

IDEA-124302 (Bug)

@Resource injection fails inspection but compiles & works just fine

PY-12810 (Bug)

"imported" urls are not supported by {% url %} tag

WEB-11468 (Bug)

TODO patterns don't match correctly in jsdoc comments

WI-22335 (Bug)

PhpStorm does not remember having no text/scope configuration with find usages

IDEA-117747 (Bug)

UI : spelling error

IDEA-121309 (Bug)

License: on entering different license key agreement for old key is shown

WEB-12810 (Bug)

Inline comments in Javascript break indentation

RUBY-15196 (Bug)

Hung up Rubymine

IDEA-121685 (Bug)

New module->Ruby has confusing UI

IDEA-121687 (Bug)

New module->Ruby on Rails doesn't allow to specify sdk

WI-22385 (Bug)

Copy Path action doesn't work for Zend debugger

WEB-10931 (Bug)

Bower: synchronize changes on package Update

WEB-11405 (Bug)

Bower: Available Packages: remove first empty line

WEB-11346 (Bug)

Bower version detection always fails

IDEA-78206 (Bug)

Constructing 'mailto' link -> cannot resolve file 'mailto'

WEB-10926 (Bug)

Bower: disable Install with empty config field

WI-16926 (Bug)

Reformat code breaks uncommented JS code when it includes a PHP tag snippet.

WI-24285 (Bug)

Some junk is shown in method signature popup return type

IDEA-121008 (Bug)

Enter License dialog: Problem entering key? seems to do nothing

WEB-11422 (Bug)

No highlighting in Debug files of external JavaScript Library.

WEB-11434 (Bug)

Can not download TypeScript community stubs

WEB-12437 (Bug)

Unexpected code completion in comment blocks w/ Node.js plugin

RUBY-15160 (Bug)

Add possibility to specify compass config.rb

WEB-11293 (Bug)

XML configuration files inconsistent element ordering

PY-12846 (Bug)

Cannot select Python SDK path from hidden directories when modifying path

IDEA-125262 (Bug)

Can't create Django, AppEngine and other specific Python projects

IDEA-119566 (Bug)

"Delegate Methods" doesn't work with fields of a generic type

IDEA-117835 (Bug)

Some IntelliJ IDEA icons are fuzzy on MacBook Pro with Retina

IDEA-121826 (Bug)

Link to IDE in 'License Upgrade Needed' popup doesn't work

IDEA-120154 (Bug)

'Run' action from the context menu on a JUnit test method creates Node JS run configuration

IDEA-119972 (Bug)

CDI: 'ambigous dependency' error is shown for @Inject Instance<T>

WEB-11973 (Bug)

Good code red - es6 generator syntax

WEB-11971 (Bug)

htaccess rules are cached permanently by local server

WEB-12179 (Bug)

Freezing when switch windows

WEB-11701 (Bug)

JSLint Assignment Option Showing as Error

WEB-11231 (Bug)

Issues with @typedef in WebStorm 8 EAP

IDEA-117911 (Bug)

Delegate methods duplicate @Override

IDEA-127478 (Bug)

Tip Of The Day dialog could be shown on incorrect monitor

WEB-11002 (Bug)

require("") breaks JavaScript Libraries

WEB-12024 (Bug)

Can't create Express project with Hogan.js and session support

PY-13018 (Bug)

ForeignKey to model in different file brakes backward references if referenced as APP_NAME.Model

WEB-10773 (Bug)

More than one Dart module per Project confuses the Chromium/Dartium launcher

IDEA-117737 (Bug)

Can't report exception in Google App Engine Integration to exception analyzer: not a production of JetBrains

WEB-11581 (Bug)

Nashorn: don't detect syntax errors for short form of java type instantiating

IDEA-127675 (Bug)

Text correction in the Settings | Plugins page

IDEA-125504 (Bug)

FavoritesTreeViewPanel exception

IDEA-120906 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.ide.util.projectWizard.SdkSettingsStep.<init>

WEB-12013 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.dialects.JSLanguageLevel.ofId

PY-13365 (Exception)

CNFE Exception

IDEA-128742 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.psi.css.impl.util.CssDocumentationProvider.createNavigationElement

WEB-10389 (Exception)

Visualizer: NPE on opening empty map file

..(please choose one)..


DBE-460 (Bug)

postgres LIMIT syntax error checker

DBE-232 (Bug)

Reformat of 'identity' is incosistent with 'default'

Build tools


WEB-11303 (Feature)

Grunt: support force and verbose options

WEB-11264 (Feature)

Grunt: support task targets for multi-tasks

WEB-11343 (Feature)

Grunt: run all tasks selected in the tree together

WEB-13114 (Feature)

Gulp: make valid path links in console clickable

WEB-11713 (Feature)

Grunt feedback

WEB-11936 (Feature)

Grunt: add Restart button to Grunt console

WEB-11265 (Usability Problem)

Grunt: provide icons for Tasks tree

WEB-11260 (Usability Problem)

Grunt: inform user about selected invalid/inappropriate file

WEB-11322 (Usability Problem)

Grunt: provide Help button

WEB-11321 (Usability Problem)

Grunt: provide Close button on toolbar

WEB-11342 (Usability Problem)

Grunt: notify when no tasks found for valid file

WEB-13118 (Usability Problem)

Gulp: improve Add gulpfile action inside Run Gulp Task popup

WEB-13119 (Usability Problem)

Gulp: define RC name for the same named tasks from different gulpfiles

WEB-12330 (Bug)

Grunt tool window fails to load Gruntfile tasks, when an " " is in the path

WEB-11795 (Bug)

Grunt: verbose and force options are disabled while indexing

WEB-11248 (Bug)

Grunt: provide message if Grunt Console cannot be opened

WEB-11247 (Bug)

Grunt: invalid symbols in console

WEB-13001 (Bug)

Reload Gulp task list on tool window open if failed

WEB-13102 (Bug)

Gulp: reload tasks on gulp package update without project reopening

WEB-13116 (Bug)

Gulp: preserve expand/collapse tasks state on Reload tasks action

WEB-11266 (Bug)

Grunt: open Console on first opening

WEB-11707 (Bug)

Grunt: tasks targets should be shown in Search Everywhere

WEB-11955 (Bug)

Grunt task grunt-contrib-clean does not show sub-tasks

WEB-11956 (Bug)

The grunt plugin is not using the NODE_PATH environment variable

WEB-11416 (Exception)

Grunt: Search Everywhere works incorrectly for "grunt" word



WEB-262 (Feature)

CSS Code Formatting: Keep blank lines option

WEB-12416 (Feature)

autopopup completion for property value

WEB-4713 (Feature)

CSS: provide completion for media features in media queries

WEB-10238 (Usability Problem)

CSS, Navigate->Symbol: allow using '#' prefix when searching for id

WEB-12534 (Usability Problem)

Code completion overriding emmet

WEB-12605 (Usability Problem)

CSS/SASS: don't invoke auto-completion on Enter

WEB-10820 (Usability Problem)

Break CSS "Missing/Redundant" into two separate inspections

WEB-11278 (Performance Problem)

Bad performance expanding emmet

WEB-209 (Cosmetics)

CSS code highlighting is poor

WEB-10772 (Cosmetics)

CSS: Colors & Fonts: some symbols cannot be colored

WEB-10253 (Bug)

'cannot resolve symbol' inside CSS selector

WEB-11312 (Bug)

noinspection CssInvalidHtmlTagReference not working on style tag

WEB-11910 (Bug)

Autoformatting on @import statement can break media query

WEB-10794 (Bug)

CSS: recognize negative number as first argument in calc() function

WEB-10597 (Bug)

Prefixed CSS rules are incorrectly marked as duplicating each other

WEB-12738 (Bug)

"Unresolved reference" on CSS pseudo-selectors

WEB-7143 (Bug)

Line(s) of minified CSS result(s) in CSS color previews disabled for entire file

WEB-10015 (Bug)

SCSS/SASS "Unknown CSS property" false positive on computed property names

WEB-10578 (Bug)

CSS3 reformat error

WEB-6381 (Bug)

Attribute selectors with namespace in property values

WEB-12159 (Bug)

"Missing semicolon" warning in CSS media queries

WEB-10811 (Bug)

CSS optimizations break code with !important

WEB-12542 (Bug)

CSS code completion inside @media

WEB-12761 (Bug)

False positive: CSS properties marked as invalid in jQuery selector

WEB-8342 (Bug)

incorrect css inspection: invalid value: should be integer

WEB-11202 (Bug)

CSS: Parse @charset declaration

WEB-12743 (Bug)

CSS selector parsing interferes with typing (EAP 1161)

WEB-10469 (Bug)

CSS Error Highlighting - Marking valid custom HTML tag as error

Code Analysis. Dependencies


IDEA-97292 (Cosmetics)

Dependency Matrix looks bad with darcula

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-117051 (Usability Problem)

JSON Standard inspection

IDEA-121908 (Bug)

Unused symbol warning ignores

IDEA-124124 (Bug)

CDI inspection throws exception for regex

IDEA-117728 (Bug)

Inspection: 'Unsatisfied dependency' on many injection points

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-59662 (Feature)

Provide ability to specify right margin (columns) for each file type separately

IDEA-124191 (Bug)

Code style preference : space within empty method call/declaration parentheses are not saved

IDEA-119589 (Bug)

Wrap when typing reaches right margin wraps one symbol before needed

Code Navigation


IDEA-126973 (Bug)

IDE does not see the use of string resources in libraries



WEB-5245 (Feature)

Support unicode identifiers

WEB-13066 (Cosmetics)

Correct a dialog title

WEB-10881 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code if class extends expression

WEB-12126 (Bug)

auto-quotes broken in coffeescript

WEB-10893 (Bug)

Coffeescript inspection fails with regex

WEB-11861 (Bug)

Wrong "expected end of line" inspection for CoffeeScript

WEB-10660 (Bug)

CoffeeScript syntax highlighting gives signature mismatch with default params

WEB-11794 (Bug)

Litcoffee: quotes are not closed automatically

WEB-10438 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: "Expected end of line" but it should not

WEB-9899 (Bug)

CoffeeScript parser incorrectly determines function parameter count

WEB-10876 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: empty string interpolation

WEB-12517 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Refactor: Extract method: invalid result for expression with if

WEB-10878 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: RegExp inside interpolation

WEB-11430 (Bug)

Litcoffee: wrong injection recognition

WEB-10349 (Bug)

Unreserved words in CoffeeScript are marked as syntax error incorrectly

WEB-6497 (Bug)

Extract method results in bad JS code

WEB-11365 (Bug)

Litcoffee: incorrect parsing with text between statements

WEB-11378 (Bug)

Litcoffee: text without indent should be shown as comment by default

WEB-11819 (Bug)

Coffeescript escaped character showing as "unexpected element"

WEB-10817 (Bug)

coffeescript parser finds error in valid syntax

WEB-12387 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: formatting breaks object declaration

WEB-9881 (Bug)

False positive CoffeeScript’s syntax parser on constructor

WEB-5714 (Bug)

Incorrect parsing

WEB-12375 (Bug)

CoffeeScript preview fails if file contains '//' (v3.4)

WEB-11483 (Bug)

coffeescript syntax highlighting breaks when using #{ <expr> } in strings

WEB-11459 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: 'Unexpected token' when using existential operator in array initialization

WEB-11203 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: leading point in chained calls is not recognized

WEB-11204 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: expansion inside array

WEB-8867 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Unused warnings

WEB-12518 (Exception)

CoffeeScript: SIOOBE on Extract Method



PY-12907 (Cosmetics)

Django Console: strange settings name for tasks



DBE-60 (Feature)

Need to support Windows Authentication for SQL Server

DBE-609 (Cosmetics)

Data Sources and Drivers: SSH/SSL: when nothing to copy, "Copy from" could show it explicitly

DBE-50 (Bug)

Error in "Data Sources and Drivers"

DBE-124 (Bug)

Add support for DB2 on As400

DBE-580 (Bug)

Data sources: Schemas and Tables setting is ignored

DBE-606 (Bug)

Database drivers properties: custom auto commit and auto sync settings are not saved

DBE-615 (Exception)

Data sources: PostgreSQL: NPE on switching to Advanced



DBE-138 (Usability Problem)

PRINT results not displayed

DBE-686 (Cosmetics)

Database console: reject to enter credentials: error notification bar has no message

DBE-660 (Bug)

Rename result tab

DBE-719 (Bug)

Database console: MySQL version comments are truncated on execution

DBE-28 (Bug)

Inpsections: no inspections at data sources' consoles

DBE-30 (Bug)

HSQLDB: database console is not opened if first executed statement does not retrieve data



DBE-517 (Cosmetics)

Data source: Quick Documentation (Show DDL): string values with quotes are rendered incorrectly

DBE-677 (Bug)

sql server incorrect drop statement

DBE-120 (Bug)

MSSQL - can't exec stored procedure

DBE-362 (Bug)

Procedure Editor - Nothing to DROP. DROP IF EXISTS.

DBE-202 (Bug)

Initial schema indexing is not restricted to selected database schemas



DBE-602 (Feature)

Table editor: possibility to clone table rows

DBE-668 (Usability Problem)

Table Editor: when editing nullable boolean column editor leaves editing mode after pressing space

DBE-463 (Usability Problem)

Database: table editor: row number could be always kept in view

DBE-506 (Usability Problem)

Table Editor: some visual indicator that a row cannot be added

DBE-504 (Usability Problem)

Turn off automatic search

DBE-26 (Usability Problem)

'Tab' press should make the next field editable in database editor

DBE-727 (Usability Problem)

Database console Result is clipping wide columns

DBE-518 (Cosmetics)

Aliased line numbers in database query result window

DBE-228 (Bug)

results view/edit UI sucks

DBE-308 (Bug)

MySQL year displayed as a date in Table Editor

DBE-111 (Bug)

Table Editor - limits on dragging columns

DBE-227 (Bug)

Loss of precision on output screens

DBE-740 (Bug)

Table Editor: "Jump to Data View" does nothing after switching to Card View

DBE-599 (Bug)

Database Table Editor - Unable to right-click multiple row

DBE-574 (Bug)

Column widths are reset upon update of cell values

DBE-152 (Bug)

Croatian symbols

DBE-495 (Bug)

Unable to view full cell value

DBE-497 (Bug)

Hiding a column resets column ordering

DBE-381 (Bug)

NumberFormatException : table view not displayed

DBE-701 (Bug)

SQL Update extractor generates bad SQL

DBE-731 (Bug)

Table Editor: the size of column is changed if other column was hidden and then made visible again

DBE-739 (Bug)

Table Editor: "Sort via Order By" gives wrong sorting

DBE-713 (Bug)

Table editor does not get focus on opening

DBE-619 (Bug)

Database console: result view: the set of columns is not updated on running next query

DBE-600 (Bug)

Database filters history not working



IDEA-125414 (Feature)

database structure: provide navigation from foreign keys

IDEA-64595 (Feature)

data source tab text : use the table names, when the sql is "SELECT * FROM <table>"

IDEA-114257 (Usability Problem)

Database console: keyboard shortcut for Close does Hide in the output

IDEA-116870 (Usability Problem)

Database View: some buttons are disabled at toolbar

IDEA-122770 (Usability Problem)

Rework "Data Source Detector" background task presentation at startup

IDEA-43873 (Usability Problem)

Database tool window: save the data sources expanded tree state on reopening project

IDEA-123900 (Usability Problem)

Can't add data source while indexing

IDEA-127924 (Performance Problem)

UI us hung during opening the project

IDEA-120058 (Bug)

Copy-as-update-statements sometimes works incorrectly

IDEA-123013 (Bug)

PostgreSQL:adding new data source via Duplicate action

IDEA-119900 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: RETURNS TABLE functions cannot be dropped

IDEA-124598 (Bug)

Database table editor: keyboard shortcut for Add New Row is not applied

IDEA-128125 (Bug)

SQL Update extractor does not generate SQL

IDEA-120049 (Bug)

Can't list SQL Server database with space in its name

IDEA-104501 (Bug)

Database editor does not support edit table value with UUID as primary key in Postgresql

IDEA-124770 (Bug)

Table editor does not work with tables starting with a digit

IDEA-126055 (Bug)

Change of column type from database tool does not set the correct sql

IDEA-120886 (Bug)

Modifying length for MySQL column performs refactoring preview

IDEA-100768 (Bug)

Database Table Editor, Database Table Editor Wrapper and Execute SQL show same tip in productivity guide

IDEA-125590 (Bug)

Database: error while saving first IDE data source if application config is empty

IDEA-116315 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: DataSource does not resolve table name with $ in name

IDEA-118918 (Bug)

Database editor inserts NULL value for column instead of default

IDEA-125074 (Bug)

Database table edit doesn't keep the result page

IDEA-106745 (Bug)

HTML double escape

IDEA-119982 (Bug)

MySQL: rename column double(M, D) via UI leads to losing fractions

IDEA-117956 (Bug)

Discrepancy forms database connection

IDEA-125008 (Bug)

Database Explorer Bug when delete a foreign key

IDEA-125716 (Bug)

Database view: index coloring missing on a column

IDEA-126015 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: Functions with 10 args or more generate invalid SQL

IDEA-124479 (Bug)

MS SQL. SQL Insert Statements data extractor does not wrap text values with quotes.

IDEA-122434 (Bug)

Table editor does not show table content on DB2 z/OS (reopened)

IDEA-123235 (Bug)

XML-type gives NPE in Database-view

IDEA-121637 (Bug)

DB GoToSymbol: allow qualified patterns with DataSource name in it

IDEA-124260 (Bug)

Data Sources and Drivers: can't apply changes to schemas that are shown and used to resolve

IDEA-122604 (Bug)

Table Editor Background Is White On Ubuntu

IDEA-120439 (Bug)

Table editor fails on SQL Server database with case sensitive collation

IDEA-126384 (Bug)

"Run query in console" broken after multihost injection implementation

IDEA-121439 (Bug)

Better defaults for PostgreSQL schemas

IDEA-123751 (Bug)

Database: delete table: wrong reference in constraint error message

IDEA-128574 (Bug)

Create table: syntax error in generated SQL for constraint

IDEA-124835 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: exception instead of data at columns of type 'box[]'

IDEA-123963 (Bug)

No nice way to see DDL in database view

IDEA-126139 (Bug)

Database Tool Window: add foreign key to column via context menu works incorrectly

IDEA-110463 (Bug)

INSERT exporter does not honour MySQL backslash escapes

IDEA-125172 (Bug)

Cannot execute statement 'EXPLAIN PLAN FOR <statement with parameters>'

IDEA-123904 (Bug)

No Query Found

IDEA-125295 (Bug)

SQLServer/jTDS shows same schemas for each catalog

IDEA-91160 (Exception)

Database console: AE at TextEditorHighlightingPassRegistrarImpl.instantiatePasses() on using same data source in different projects



WEB-11240 (Feature)

Live Console: implement multiple line input

WEB-7303 (Feature)

Add support for debugging with node-webkit

WEB-6779 (Feature)

JS Debugger / Variables: Automatically show used variables

WEB-10567 (Feature)

Debugger: do not start Debug if Tracer is running

WEB-1171 (Feature)

javascript live console

WEB-11968 (Feature)

Support debugging with embedded Chromium using projects such as CEF3

WEB-10187 (Feature)

Add JSON console inspection in JS debugger.

WEB-2093 (Feature)

adding user web browsers

IDEA-107287 (Usability Problem)

"Quick Evaluate Expression" can't eval operator expression if expression itself is not selected

WEB-9761 (Usability Problem)

When debugging JS/Html and using PushStates, do not open new tabs

IDEA-121301 (Usability Problem)

Setting a breakpoint after navigation to a folded method

WEB-9834 (Performance Problem)

Node.js debugging: variable value calculation takes a while

WEB-11049 (Task)

Chrome insists to download javascript source map files, despite disabled setting, when started from IntelliJ IDEA

WEB-7945 (Task)

clustered view of Buffer class

WEB-6413 (Task)

sourcemap backed breakpoints do not work until page is loaded

IDEA-123931 (Bug)

Nashorn debugger doesn't stop on breakpoints in some js files

IDEA-122536 (Bug)

Debug: App Freezes on launch after update to 13.1

IDEA-88390 (Bug)

Object variables could be casted to any class in Evaluation window

WEB-11678 (Bug)

JavaScript debug: step into and step over do not change the line

WEB-11784 (Bug)

slow nodejs debug: huge array cause 100 cpu debug

IDEA-91376 (Bug)

Debugger links incorrectly to codeline in a class which name contains a dollar sign

WEB-6069 (Bug)

CoffeeScript Debugger doesn't show value of the variables

WEB-4379 (Bug)

Smart step into does not give me all the methods

WEB-9965 (Bug)

Loading an external JavaScript file via XHR failes when using the debugger

WEB-11362 (Bug)

Live Console: can't evaluate variables in scope

IDEA-122662 (Bug)

Breakpoints dialog: on new breakpoint adding it should get focus

IDEA-122665 (Bug)

Breakpoints dialog: incorrect representation of grouped javascript line breakpoints in nashorn projects

WEB-11287 (Bug)

debugging stack/variable/watch views do not appear in Webstorm 134.1361

WEB-11379 (Bug)

Console attached to the right text intent

WEB-11172 (Bug)

Page is not loaded when running in debugger (Chrome)

WEB-10560 (Bug)

Debugger: second Mute Breakpoints invocation doesn't work

WEB-10028 (Bug)

Chrome JetBrains IDE plugin overwrites 'Pocket' tab

WEB-10360 (Bug)

Javascript debugger with non unique file names

WEB-10145 (Bug)

Polymer: cannot debug imported script

WEB-1892 (Bug)

NodeJS, Debugger: deadlock after stack frames has emptied

WEB-2100 (Bug)

Node.js debug: value is truncated, but IDE does not suggest to see full value

WEB-11392 (Bug)

Node.js debugging: Copy Value doesn't copy the entire string

WEB-10822 (Bug)

Debugger: Chrome: Elements tab is empty after "Inspect in WebStorm" action invocation

WEB-10829 (Bug)

nodejs debugger pausing on regular expression line in file "unknown"

WEB-9103 (Bug)

nodejs: Debugger not showing value of getter

WEB-12371 (Bug)

Node-webkit: Debug doesn't work

WEB-11133 (Bug)

JS Debugger: Variables view is not properly updated after setting value

WEB-11810 (Bug)

Step over doesn't work when debugging files outside the project content root

IDEA-107925 (Bug)

Failed to evaluate varargs method in debugger

IDEA-121675 (Bug)

Nashorn: Debug: RunToCursor is always disabled when js file is active

WEB-10182 (Bug)

NodeJS debugger can't step into

IDEA-129143 (Bug)

Type inference incorrect for Evaluate Expression

WEB-12106 (Bug)

node-webkit crashes when opening developer tools

WEB-12641 (Bug)

Typo in IDEA internal Web Server 404 page

WEB-9842 (Bug)

Node debugging: Hitting a breakpoint with a local variable in scope that is a large buffer will cause the debugger to hang for a long time

WEB-8174 (Bug)

Node.js debugging problem

WEB-10367 (Bug)

JavaScript Debugging in Firefox hangs PhpStorm

IDEA-123930 (Exception)

AIOOBE at com.intellij.javascript.debugger.nashorn.NashornObject.createValue

WEB-10175 (Exception)

Exception is thrown while debugging JS: can't debug

IDEA-121970 (Exception)

CCE at com.jetbrains.php.debug.xdebug.actions.XdebugPhpCopyNameAction.perform

IDEA-121964 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.javascript.debugger.nashorn.NashornObject.loadVariables

RUBY-14890 (Exception)

NPE if select another thread while debugging



IDEA-95430 (Bug)

Colored bar for changes in the editor is sometimes wrong

IDEA-97563 (Bug)

Diff for Range missing last character in "Current" panel

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-120066 (Feature)

Auto indent on closing curly brace

IDEA-70465 (Feature)

Multi selection + making it working with live templates

IDEA-80056 (Feature)

Column selection mode improvement

IDEA-39879 (Feature)

Background color and gutter stripe color for bookmarks should be configurable

IDEA-93452 (Feature)

Implement "section" support in rearrange menu.

IDEA-100294 (Bug)

Cannot edit a file - text jumps all over the screen

IDEA-121896 (Bug)

Delete key doesn't delete CRLF while using multiple carets

IDEA-112730 (Bug)

PhpStorm goes crazy with collapsed comments and soft wraps until crash

IDEA-58977 (Bug)

Regression in Copy Line behavior

IDEA-123704 (Bug)

Multiple carets fail through injections in some scenarios

IDEA-121060 (Bug)

Multiple carets: comment/uncomment works incorrectly

IDEA-103112 (Bug)

Java: 'Join lines' for if-statement inserts unexpected braces

IDEA-121182 (Bug)

Plain text autodetection isn't rerun on file content change

IDEA-128025 (Bug)

Expand selection in multiple carets through injections still failing

IDEA-117127 (Exception)

Editor: Throwable on Select word at caret inside plain text

File Watchers


WEB-7909 (Feature)

TypeScript: "Mark as compile target"

WEB-12180 (Usability Problem)

Improve usability of 'File watcher available' inspection

WEB-13067 (Cosmetics)

Info block in right-up edge scrolling with content while in split mode

WEB-8484 (Bug)

Project View of Typescript Project fails to Hide .js and files

WEB-10915 (Bug)

Limit on command for File Watchers?

WEB-11517 (Bug)

Custom file watcher doesn't watch changes in SASS partials

WEB-11638 (Bug)

Less File Watcher dependency tracking does not work as expected

WEB-9789 (Bug)

'included' jade files dont trigger includee recompilation

WEB-12541 (Bug)

File watchers, SASS: main file not compiled when editing indirectly imported partials

WEB-12598 (Bug)

File Watchers: Immediate synchronization doesn't work in case of syntax errors even if 'trigger watcher regardless of syntax errors' is enabled

WEB-11689 (Bug)

SASS/SCSS partials ignored by file watcher

WEB-11486 (Bug)

When 2 projects are open (in separate windows), FileWatcher executes in both projects when a file changes in one, but only when watcher is configured with custom Scopes

WEB-10847 (Bug)

SASS. Unnecessary file generation.

WEB-10858 (Bug)

File Watchers plugin doesn't work

WEB-10852 (Bug)

coffeescript filewatcher: generate sourcemaps by default

WEB-9846 (Bug)

File Watchers: dismissing the watcher doesn't work from the first attempt

WEB-10884 (Exception)

PhpStorm crashes on copying folder in project tree

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-119615 (Cosmetics)

Find in path mixes "occurrences" and "usages" terminology

IDEA-66430 (Bug)

"Find In Path" doesn't show up in "Recent Find Usages"



RUBY-15068 (Bug)

Wrong indentation is not highlighted in the Editor

RUBY-12007 (Bug)

haml: cant go to class declaration if node have 2+ classes

RUBY-14877 (Bug)

haml: error shown with trailing space inside block parameters definitions



WEB-12316 (Performance Problem)

PhpStorm performing awful when typing in HTML zones in PHP files

WEB-10916 (Performance Problem)

Heavy memory usage to the point of crashing

WEB-12677 (Task)

Emmet: do not expand too long abbreviations

WEB-9670 (Bug)

'Surround with Emmet' doesn't work with block selection

WEB-11877 (Bug)

Emmet transforms escaped $ to 0 (zero)

WEB-12256 (Bug)

No surround with emmet if fragment ends with dot

WEB-9722 (Bug)

Emmet: choosing lookup item with Emmet preview just insert lookup text without formating

WEB-8262 (Bug)

Comment with line/block comment STILL doesn't work on HTML in ASP file

WEB-12646 (Bug)

Two consecutive tags break emmet

IDE Configuration


IDEA-84705 (Usability Problem)

Live Template: should be possible to reset the changes made in default templates

IDEA-127082 (Usability Problem)

IDEA shows me configuration dialog at first startup even though I asked to import my previous settings.



IDEA-101170 (Feature)

Add support for Java Unified Expression Language 3.0

IDEA-120431 (Cosmetics)

"Generate->Create JSP/JSPX" can simply be "Generate->JSP/JSPX"

IDEA-126465 (Bug)

Jsp TLD 'tag' 'variable' children 'name-give' | 'name-from-attribute'

IDEA-124021 (Bug)

Cannot resolve method 'print(int)' with JSP custom tags

IDEA-128582 (Bug)

jstl functions taglib alt+enter import

IDEA-117698 (Bug)

Auto closing of tags in jsp seems to incorrectly prioritize html tags

IDEA-128451 (Bug)

IDEA can't resolve namespace in EL

IDEA-115227 (Bug)

No auto completion for non getter jsp expression language methods

IDEA-125129 (Bug)

I would like to reopen IDEA-117698

IDEA-116792 (Bug)

Valid JSP/JSPX expression marked as invalid

IDEA-118173 (Bug)

Unescaped EL expression quick fix does nothing

IDEA-74686 (Bug)

Suggestions in EL failed for generics with wildcards

IDEA-90839 (Bug)

JSP include directives not handled correctly when mixing XML and traditional JSP syntax

IDEA-116572 (Bug)

EL 3.0 support includes wrong string concatenation syntax

IDEA-122428 (Bug)

Change make a new line in a jsp file

IDEA-117929 (Bug)

Braces in string confuses inline if in JSF/EL

IDEA-120209 (Bug)

Resolve in jsp links to web resources from external .war file

IDEA-107082 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.SharedPsiElementImplUtil.a



WEB-12919 (Feature)

Jade: recognize script type

WEB-2253 (Usability Problem)

Jade: provide Darcula friendly color scheme

WEB-10761 (Bug)

"Unknown encoding" warning in pre-commit code analysis of Jade (/HTML?)

WEB-10031 (Bug)

Jade: support javascript injection inside script tag followed with dot

WEB-12957 (Bug)

Jade: avoid errors when using ternary conditional operator in attribute value

WEB-10953 (Bug)

In Jade when starting a class selector with a dash syntax highlighting for the rest of the line is lost.



WEB-8139 (Feature)

Please add JSDoc 3 @callback support

WEB-12279 (Feature)

JSDoc: support for type aliases

WEB-10214 (Feature)

Support referencing a type in JSDoc comments

WEB-3421 (Feature)

Support RequireJS aliases

WEB-1383 (Feature)

Destructuring assignment support

WEB-12618 (Feature)

No file extension in autocompletion when require file

WEB-7522 (Feature)

Support JSDoc's @template mechanism on a class level

WEB-7714 (Feature)

Support Harmony Modules

WEB-12274 (Usability Problem)

"Quick-Documentation" Action should include type information

WEB-11423 (Usability Problem)

'goog.provide' should not be a target for Goto Declaration

WEB-10612 (Usability Problem)

Tag in jslint config is marked as TODO

IDEA-123467 (Performance Problem)

100% CPU when working with PHP and/or Node.js dependencies

WEB-10124 (Performance Problem)

Performance Issue - still

WEB-10327 (Performance Problem)

Inspection of js code causes phpstorm to use 100% cpu and lock up

WEB-11050 (Bug)

Project-level javascript libraries in IDEA

WEB-11691 (Bug)

Regex highlighting bug

WEB-11695 (Bug)

Insert handler doesn't work for function with multiple definition

WEB-11272 (Bug)

"Unresolved function or method" inspection false positive when multiple left-hand assignment is used to assign module.exports

WEB-11472 (Bug)

Invalid "this" support in arrow function

WEB-11471 (Bug)

Invalid jsdoc support for nullable boolean type

WEB-10898 (Bug)

properties merged into object using $.extend() not suggested by completion when object instance is used as second argument

WEB-11683 (Bug)

JSDoc: Generic type attributes are not correctly propagated to base classes

WEB-11863 (Bug)

More than one @augments breaks code completion for generic types

WEB-10932 (Bug)

Create a predefined library for ES6 types

WEB-12491 (Bug)

OOM on indexing of project

WEB-11073 (Bug)

Resolve window properties from reference with qualifier of unknown type

WEB-11789 (Bug)

Bug in JSDoc @constructor support

WEB-10304 (Bug)

Warning when using string enum variable as string value

WEB-9055 (Bug)

Invalid inline suggestion.

WEB-11892 (Bug)

es6 Array comprehensions - Good code red

WEB-11241 (Bug)

JavaScript - Typo notice on object key when given an anonymous function

WEB-8170 (Bug)

Code completion issue with NodeJS and module.exports

WEB-12276 (Bug)

Order of generic type parameters is not honored

WEB-11652 (Bug)

Nashorn: For Each statement not recognized

WEB-10432 (Bug)

jsHint: support extends

WEB-10108 (Bug)

WebStorm hangs on Replace All in javascript file

WEB-12054 (Bug)

Good code red - es6 Multiline String Templates

WEB-12056 (Bug)

Find usages for global symbols in files with AMD modules

WEB-11504 (Bug)

Auto completion doesn't get all subtypes when adding function parameter

WEB-7157 (Bug)

Variable to which the result of 'require' call is assigned is not highlighted as unused

WEB-10171 (Bug)

Usage of unintialized variable not reported

WEB-10933 (Bug)

jQuery wildcard inside :not() reported as error ("unexpected token")

WEB-10917 (Bug)

Module property not resolved when using relative path in require()

WEB-10336 (Bug)

Parameters shown as optional in completion if they are used in method body

WEB-11634 (Bug)

Color highlighting bug of multi-var statement with yield

WEB-11189 (Bug)

JSDoc: Non-nullable @typedef properties not resolved

WEB-11188 (Bug)

PyCharm 3.1.1 no longer errors on an invalid require path

WEB-10714 (Bug)

Empty block comment incorrectly displays as doc comment

WEB-10895 (Bug)

File watcher template for Traceur compiler

WEB-10016 (Bug)

JSDoc: Missing argument warning even though everything is allright

WEB-11980 (Bug)

Good code red - es6 double for

WEB-825 (Bug)

Paths relative to the 'main' script aren't supported for RequireJS projects.

WEB-12538 (Bug)

jsDoc - @returns

WEB-11755 (Bug)

properties of the object returned by imported module not resolved

WEB-11170 (Bug)

module.exports gives "identifier expected" error in ES6 mode in node.js project

WEB-10718 (Bug)

Typescript base interface members not available when using child interface as a type in JSDoc

WEB-10314 (Bug)

JavaScript autocomplete problem: clicking space immediately inserts autocompleted value

WEB-10624 (Bug)


as external documentation provider

WEB-10569 (Bug)

Don't normally work JSDoc for function arguments

WEB-10493 (Bug)

Reports Javascript error in a string

WEB-10144 (Bug)

Autocomplete confusion

WEB-10035 (Bug)

Module function is not resolved

WEB-11813 (Bug)

Add editor support for Nashorn -scripting

WEB-10140 (Bug)

Wrong invalid number of parameters

WEB-10709 (Bug)

Misplaced error "referencing 'arguments' of other functions are not allowed"

WEB-849 (Bug)

"Comment with line comment" on empty line in <script> block generates HTML instead of JS comment

WEB-11979 (Bug)

Predefined members missed in JS completion when mixed TS class exists

WEB-10543 (Bug)

jsdoc for class with string id

WEB-6616 (Bug)

JS DocBlock comment background color no longer constant

WEB-1489 (Bug)

JSDoc: correctly show params of object type in completion

WEB-11239 (Bug)

Json highlighting absent in 134.1445

WEB-9743 (Bug)

Javascript file with compressed code at the top recognized as minified

WEB-10053 (Bug)

Invalid 'Potentially invalid usage of this' detection with function bind

WEB-11656 (Bug)

Check type of object literal property

WEB-11941 (Bug)

WebStorm 8 locks the JS file if it see ES6 Types

WEB-10532 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA 13 Freezes editing JavaScript

WEB-10282 (Bug)

Quick documentation: External doc is not available for javascript function with several implementations inside HTML

WEB-10062 (Bug)

JavaScript: doubled backslashes after editing RegExp fragment

WEB-11957 (Bug)

Valid JavaScript regular expression (RegExp) marked as red

WEB-11484 (Bug)

Javascript: Adding module.exports = classname breaks structure view

WEB-9481 (Bug)

No type information from JSDoc in autocompletion

WEB-10841 (Bug)

JSDoc: variable used as @typedef marked as unused inside immediately-invoked function expression

WEB-11727 (Bug)

JSDoc: generic types are incorrectly reported as not assignable

WEB-6700 (Bug)

TODOs not recognized on multiple level language template

WEB-10273 (Bug)

Quick Documentation: impossible to navigate via links

WEB-11527 (Bug)

Wrong completion of AMD module elements

WEB-11859 (Bug)

Custom reference providers for JSON language are broken

WEB-9448 (Bug)

JSDoc: object properties not resolved/completed when using parameters with properties

WEB-12033 (Bug)

'Update JSDoc Comment' intention adds JSDoc parameter ignoring order

WEB-10103 (Bug)

"Unresolved function or method"

WEB-9447 (Bug)

JSDoc: 'Argument type not assignable to param type' when using parameters with properties

WEB-12007 (Bug)

Spread support

WEB-11906 (Exception)

Nashorn: avoid CCE for the valid ES6 code

WEB-13082 (Exception)

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Attempt to modify PSI for non-committed Document!

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-9815 (Feature)

JS/JSON code style: spacing within object literal braces

WEB-884 (Feature)

Javascript Code Style Request: multi-line var declaration alignment

WEB-12242 (Bug)

incorrect JS formatting of function arguments when each is in the new line

WEB-2189 (Bug)

JavaScript: Not generating line comment at first column

WEB-11899 (Bug)

JS: Wrong indentation for last line in an expression

WEB-11339 (Bug)

javascript : inconsistent array items indentation when item is an expression

WEB-820 (Bug)

JS formatting problem after return statement

WEB-3830 (Bug)

Incorrect JSON formatting

WEB-1411 (Bug)

Exra continuation indent on multiline javascript statement

WEB-7208 (Bug)

Keep line breaks option doesn't work properly for function parameters

WEB-6149 (Bug)

"Chop down if long" on Binary Operations doesn't work for JavaScript

WEB-2319 (Bug)

Wrong indentation for chained calls with callbacks

WEB-6375 (Bug)

Reformat JSON/JavaScript: Line breaks for properties in an object literal

WEB-10496 (Bug)

Smart indent should work inside empty array initializer

WEB-11600 (Bug)

Indention in JSON broken

WEB-8558 (Bug)

JavaScript Code Style: "Chop down if long" doesn't work as expected

WEB-13043 (Bug)

JavaScript styling - do not add space inside empty array/object literal

WEB-8167 (Bug)

Javascript Code style: "Chop down if long" array intializer option should put one item per line

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-10699 (Bug)

Intellij doesn't support some Ext JS xtype syntaxes

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-8471 (Feature)

Support .jshintignore with newer jsHint versions

WEB-10100 (Feature)

"Signature mismatch problem" inspection should probably only work when target function is JSDoc annotated

WEB-12307 (Usability Problem)

JSHint: Settings: provide warning for invalid path defined for config file

WEB-7597 (Usability Problem)

JSHINT: expose warning numbers

WEB-10872 (Bug)

Webstorm 8 EAP: allow back comments in .jshintrc

WEB-10879 (Bug)

Closure Linter: support '--disable' flag

WEB-1185 (Bug)

Top-level this expression is fine in module file

WEB-11077 (Bug)

Javascript function metrics don't work for function expressions

WEB-12267 (Bug)

jshintrc location configuration vanished in 8.0.3

WEB-10529 (Bug)

Inspection wrongly reports that variable is redundant if assigned variable from parent closure

WEB-11335 (Bug)

Intention "Simplify if" changes semantics

WEB-10111 (Bug)

Inspections: remove ActionScript specific section

WEB-9267 (Bug)

use of 'this' inspection is broken in certain case

WEB-12306 (Bug)

JSHint: update config path if file was moved/deleted

WEB-10757 (Bug)

Code Quality Tools: error highlighting doesn't work if the severity level is not 'error' or 'warning'

WEB-8458 (Bug)

Wrong inspection error on implemented interface methods

WEB-10185 (Bug)

"Expression statement is not assignment or call" is wrongly reported for js getter invocation

WEB-10186 (Bug)

allow reserved word to be used as getter name

WEB-10275 (Bug)

"private member not accessible" warning on Object.prototype when lodash library is in a project

WEB-11181 (Bug)

TypeScript functions are reported as unused

WEB-8892 (Bug)

Wrong 'unfiltered for in loop' detection

WEB-11297 (Bug)

add support for jshint noyield

WEB-908 (Bug)

"Invalid number of parameters" inspection should be suppressed when parameter list contains outer language elements

WEB-10204 (Bug)

JSDoc: notify about unresolved parameter type instead of absent parameter

WEB-12718 (Bug)

JSHint / JSLint inspection doesn't correctly recognize whitespace

WEB-12412 (Bug)

Inspections: Code quality tools quick fix opens Settings dialog for each item

WEB-10386 (Bug)

Place caret after unterminated statement when navigating to inspection result

WEB-9233 (Bug)

Improve .jshintrc options

WEB-10607 (Bug)

Wrong Javascript inspection warning: "Variable might not have been initialized"

WEB-1484 (Bug)

Local variable is redundant - false positive if variable is used in the same var statement

WEB-10284 (Bug)

no warnings when incompatible types are compared

WEB-10601 (Bug)

Testing response value in hasOwnProperty causes inspection warning in loops

WEB-12296 (Bug)

jshintignore: wrong exclusion for "test/*/.defs.js" pattern

WEB-12585 (Bug)

curly brace insertion for if statements

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-6449 (Bug)

Invalid Inspection - Binary Conversion Error - Incorrect Stub -

WEB-11764 (Bug)

JSDoc: Array template type vs push()

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-9774 (Feature)

Refactor extract JS variable suggest unreadable name

WEB-12601 (Feature)

Configurable default for declare functional expression

WEB-11085 (Bug)

refactor/rename dialog does not remember check box settings from one invocation to the other

WEB-10552 (Bug)

Simplification of JavaScript if statement alters logic

WEB-10618 (Bug)

JavaScript: Terminate statement quick fix should close all nested functions

WEB-11984 (Exception)

Exception after supressing inspection for statement



WEB-10589 (Feature)

Support for LESS 1.6 features

WEB-8700 (Feature)

Support for :extend() in LESS 1.4.0

WEB-12763 (Cosmetics)

LESS: wrong coloring on nested CSS attribute selectors

WEB-12251 (Bug)

Less: highlighting property names inside detached rulesets

WEB-10422 (Bug)

LESS: make 'select whole CSS selector suffix' option affect LESS mixins and variables

WEB-12689 (Bug)

Failure to find LESS mixin

WEB-10334 (Bug)

Wrong parse of 'border-color' property with 'transparent' values

WEB-12735 (Bug)

Less mixins and variables not found (138.1161)

WEB-11187 (Bug)

LESS interpreter still marks ~ character as an error

WEB-10762 (Bug)

LESS: ignore unresolved URLs with interpolation

WEB-12406 (Bug)

LESS: error parsing selector names with variable interpolation and digits

WEB-11550 (Bug)

LESS code reformat produces invalid LESS file

WEB-10758 (Bug)

LESS: correctly recognize !important after mixin invocation

WEB-10530 (Bug)

Support for LESS @import (multiple)

WEB-12647 (Bug)

LESS: good code is red: simple mixin with braces

WEB-10084 (Bug)

LESS braces color ignores Braces in Language Defaults setting

Live Edit


WEB-12711 (Feature)

livedit: support JSX (at least "reload in browser")

WEB-1828 (Feature)

It would be really cool if IDEA will have an option to automatically restart the Node.js server upon source files changes

WEB-9954 (Usability Problem)

move and rename confusing "Live Edit menu item

WEB-12312 (Bug)

"Live Edit" JavaScript doesn't works

WEB-10631 (Bug)

liveedit not working on extended scripts - router - in phpstorm

WEB-11393 (Bug)

Live edit doesn't work for linked css

WEB-1816 (Bug)

clear element highlighting on CSS edit

WEB-7390 (Bug)

js hotswap in case of file-level variable



WEB-7608 (Usability Problem)

Module reference in 'require' should resolve to index.js instead of directory

WEB-10955 (Cosmetics)

provide icon for 'Node.js and NPM' action

WEB-10507 (Bug)

Can't create Express app

WEB-12794 (Bug)

"Evaluate Expression" doesn't show array content

WEB-11993 (Bug)

Node.js Plugin: relative module path can't be resolved in `require` call

WEB-12202 (Bug)

Generated Express Application has wrong name in DEBUG env

WEB-13070 (Bug)

Terminal not allowing node commands despite Node interpreter being set to Node

WEB-11566 (Bug)

Multi-instance run configuration of Node.js

WEB-12230 (Bug)

Node.js on Windows: normalize drive letter to lower case

WEB-11147 (Bug)

NPM: Upgrade is disabled for package that was selected before it's version was fetched

WEB-9517 (Bug)

Npm: Error loading package list

WEB-11605 (Bug)

Have a way to exclude node_modules from js libraries

WEB-10220 (Bug)

Node.js debugging console does not support com.intellij.execution.filters.ConsoleFilterProvider extension

WEB-10727 (Bug)

Node Debugging limited to 10 frames in the backtrace

WEB-11823 (Bug)

Trying to create a new Node.js Express App - Error: Wrong Express Generator

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-116129 (Feature)

add new option

IDEA-126338 (Cosmetics)

Retina images for installation DMG background

IDEA-128247 (Task)

Make sure OS X Developer ID signature is made on OS X 10.9

IDEA-122476 (Task)

Pack JPS distribution into one zip file

IDEA-120912 (Bug)

auto update fails on Windows

IDEA-114979 (Bug)

Patch update should leave a log of its application

IDEA-121418 (Bug)

Update to EAP 134.1342 fails with access denied

IDEA-126528 (Bug)

Mac OS: IDEA Ultimate #135.1138 with bundled JDK doesn't start

IDEA-121383 (Bug)

Intellij EAP 1342 Does not start on Mac

IDEA-121268 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA doesn't start with JDK 7 on OS X

IDEA-126270 (Bug)

Incorrect folder for resources

IDEA-95949 (Security Problem)

OS X: code signature doesn't include jar files, leading to potential malicious code distribution with JetBrains signature

Project Configuration


IDEA-120771 (Usability Problem)

New Project dialog: Spring + Web: it is impossible to select application server

IDEA-120591 (Task)

Simplify new Flash module creation in 13.1

IDEA-115110 (Bug)

New Project Wizard: height of the panel with technologies decreases on selecting some technologies

IDEA-123863 (Bug)

'Save Project as Template' action leads to deadlock

IDEA-120518 (Bug)

Cannot create new Ruby on Rails application

IDEA-127268 (Bug)

It's impossible to create "WebService client" in Idea 14



WEB-5997 (Feature)

Add "optimize CSS shorthand property" intention

WEB-13075 (Feature)

Sass 3.4 support

WEB-10710 (Feature)

Reformat Code: support Sass List (and Map)

WEB-12909 (Usability Problem)

Add color preview box in the left gutter for variable resolved only by name

WEB-8673 (Usability Problem)

'declaration block expected' error and inheritance css code styles in .sass files

WEB-10485 (Usability Problem)

Create info note in compass configurable for ruby-modules

WEB-11270 (Bug)

Compass: support wildcard imports

WEB-12323 (Bug)

Invalid error for nested @supports query in scss.

WEB-11783 (Bug)

Compass' image-url helper highlighted by inspector

WEB-12079 (Bug)

Compass: allow choosing config.rb from additional content roots in config path chooser

WEB-11417 (Bug)

Support suffix after parent selector & (relates to 3.3)

WEB-10205 (Bug)

Do not show autopopup on '%' inside property value

WEB-10687 (Bug)

Compass: local imports not resolved

WEB-10688 (Bug)

Compass: compass functions not resolved if Ruby plugin is enabled

WEB-12845 (Bug)

SASS: text nested beneath block comment not treated as comment if it's separated by empty line

WEB-11630 (Bug)

File Structure (Ctrl+F12) & Sass at-root: no title

WEB-11632 (Bug)

Incorrect SCSS syntax highlighting for placeholder selector with pseudo-class

WEB-11360 (Bug)

IDEA Sass parser won't allow to use parens after a pseudoclass if pseudoclass name is interpolated: `.foo:#{$bar}(1)` produces "End of line expected"

WEB-11364 (Bug)

Double-clicking a filename in the @import statement selects text weirdly

WEB-13109 (Bug)

SCSS "Misplaced CSS @import"

WEB-10164 (Bug)

SASS: Escaped colon triggers "Unexpected token" error

WEB-11042 (Bug)

Incorrect syntax error in SCSS when using interpolation, dashes, and numbers inside a mixin

WEB-12881 (Bug)

s syntax highlighting error when using @keyframes

WEB-9139 (Bug)

Compass support: Win: wrong executable path is defined automatically

WEB-12526 (Bug)

Sass: "a term expected" error on empty list in a map

WEB-10555 (Bug)

scss mixins should be valid when included nested in css property

WEB-12382 (Bug)

Sass/Refactor: cannot rename identifiers including back-slash.

WEB-7061 (Bug)

Support interchangeability of dash and underscore in SASS/SCSS identifiers

WEB-11929 (Bug)

SCSS: ''(' expected' error reported for interpolation in @media query

WEB-10791 (Exception)

Compass: config.rb: exception if import path does not exist



IDEA-126191 (Feature)

SQL formatter: allow keeping SELECT and single field in single line

IDEA-25689 (Feature)

sql: provide inspection to detect "= null" clauses that should be "is null"

IDEA-125444 (Feature)

SQL: rework grammars for better completion

IDEA-126017 (Feature)

SQL: completion for varchar2

IDEA-112392 (Feature)

SQL Code Completion: no "smart" completion when comma is used as join

IDEA-127049 (Feature)

Do not consider parameters such as ":from" in SQL as reserved words

IDEA-123749 (Feature)

Database console syntax checking falls over for JDBC function references

IDEA-94887 (Usability Problem)

SQL: Oracle: code completion suggests nothing for (NOT) MEMBER and (NOT) SUBMULTISET conditions

IDEA-115558 (Usability Problem)

PostgreSQL: Incorrect "condition always true" with record type

IDEA-116203 (Usability Problem)

Case code styles are not applied for code completion without prefix

IDEA-104968 (Usability Problem)

SQL inspections: using dialect names could be unified

IDEA-126335 (Task)

Oracle: Join (plus) support for xmltable

IDEA-120907 (Bug)

Unresolved reference false positive on some MySQL table keys

IDEA-124022 (Bug)

SQL Sybase dialect doesn't understand convert function

IDEA-113186 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: aggregate function with distinct and order by at the same time is red

IDEA-120901 (Bug)

SQL editor doesn't recognize row references in WHEN clauses in triggers

IDEA-120308 (Bug)

SQL code style: wrapping for definitions inside create table statement

IDEA-125378 (Bug)

SQL: Implement keyword-based operators completion

IDEA-126072 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: user defined types are not resolved

IDEA-126071 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: member of should support expressions

IDEA-122350 (Bug)

PostgreSQL False Positives Using "FOR...IN DELETE/UPDATE...RETURNING" Statements

IDEA-108891 (Bug)

View -> Error description (Ctrl-F1) does not work for Unresolved reference inspection (SQL files and console)

IDEA-120314 (Bug)

Mysql modify column does not auto-complete column name

IDEA-125363 (Bug)

Getting exception from "SQL support" plugin when using "Go to symbol"

IDEA-126066 (Bug)

H2: rename table not parsed correctly

IDEA-112797 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: using code points for Unicode characters is red

IDEA-126848 (Bug)

sql server keyword "contains" can't use

IDEA-126533 (Bug)

SQL: Code Style: "Word Case / Keyword = Do not change" is ignored by completion

IDEA-74882 (Bug)

SQL: Derby: nested multiline comments are red

IDEA-119108 (Bug)

MySQL: ambiguous column inside group by clause

IDEA-123044 (Bug)

MSSQL: good code with xml is red

IDEA-44224 (Bug)

SQL: Tab in completion list does not replace existing token, if it is quoted

IDEA-76839 (Bug)

SQL: SQLServer, Sybase: nested multiline comments are interpreted incorrectly

IDEA-121753 (Bug)

H2 SQL "create index" marked as invalid

IDEA-124143 (Bug)

Sybase: some datatypes are incorrectly marked red

IDEA-124142 (Bug)

Sybase: some datatypes marked unresolved

IDEA-117850 (Bug)

Code Style > SQL > New Line before - Join Condition does not work when unchecked

IDEA-128663 (Bug)

SQL highlighting doesn't work

IDEA-122493 (Bug)

SQL Sybase dialect datepart function missing arguments

IDEA-116816 (Bug)

Language Injection: Parameter Info: the popup is shown at the wrong place if 'Use tabs' is on

IDEA-123058 (Bug)

Amazon Redshift (Postgres) "ignore nulls" highlighted incorrectly

IDEA-120509 (Bug)

Unrecognized SQL expression (pgTAP test)

IDEA-46068 (Bug)

SQLite: REINDEX with collation name is yellow

IDEA-125336 (Bug)

Database plugin fails to parse ::type casts in PostgresSQL

IDEA-108136 (Bug)

SQL Server .value() function marked as error

IDEA-125848 (Bug)

SQL: Inspections: DB2: no inspection when adding not null column to table filled with values

IDEA-126964 (Bug)

MySQL: Does not work correctly "Comment with Line Comment"

IDEA-123190 (Bug)

auto quotation of named parameters in SQL QueryStrings

IDEA-127267 (Bug)

foreign key joins are not suggested well

IDEA-119639 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: OFFSET can be used after FETCH

IDEA-127990 (Bug)

Good code is red with H2 "ALTER TABLE ADD" multiple column form

IDEA-88669 (Bug)

SQL: SQLServer: DROP INDEX with qualified identifier is yellow

IDEA-122922 (Bug)

'On duplicate key update' cannot resolve aliases

IDEA-121345 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: XMLSerialize with correct datatype is red and vice versa

IDEA-114251 (Bug)

DB2 call syntax error

IDEA-125007 (Bug)

auto quotation of PHP variables in SQL QueryStrings

IDEA-57415 (Bug)

SQL: HSQLDB: quoted names are resolved ignoring case

IDEA-122444 (Bug)

MSSQL: no code completion when setting IDENTITY_INSERT but statement is green

IDEA-115533 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: timestamptz (p) and timetz (p) are red

IDEA-120379 (Bug)

Oracle SQL reformat breaks on IS

IDEA-121397 (Bug)

Postgres "set" statements are underlined as red

IDEA-112954 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: multiline comments with nested blocks are red

IDEA-96083 (Bug)

SQL: schema name usage in CREATE SCHEMA is not found

IDEA-121965 (Bug)


IDEA-113295 (Bug)

MySQL completion works inconsistently

IDEA-124266 (Bug)

[database db2 dialect] good code marked as red

IDEA-124465 (Bug)

SQL: Inspections: DB2: false positive 'Adding not null column' inspection

IDEA-113296 (Bug)

MySQL function completion doesn't work in injected PHP

IDEA-120777 (Bug)

SQLite dialect error

IDEA-123172 (Bug)

Bad SQL indent

IDEA-119391 (Bug)

Reformat code in database console leads to invalid query

IDEA-126280 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: xmltable should be supported

IDEA-123947 (Bug)

Oracle SQL incorrect parsing on an EDITIONABLE synonym create

IDEA-120493 (Bug)

Cannot query table named Case

IDEA-118945 (Bug)

HSQLDB dialect does not recognize DB2/MSS/PGS syntaxes

IDEA-121998 (Bug)

SQL code completion too aggressive

IDEA-119592 (Bug)

Valid MS SQL Server code is marked as an error

IDEA-118452 (Bug)

MSSQL: Cannot insert explicit value for identity column

IDEA-109883 (Bug)

SQL: wrong suggestion in boolean expressions

IDEA-114022 (Bug)

false positive inspection error "Cannot resolve query parameter '2'"

IDEA-120114 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: column alias problem

IDEA-124360 (Bug)

HSQLDB dialect problems

IDEA-125612 (Bug)

SQL: Sybase dialect incorrect error on datediff function

IDEA-124743 (Bug)

SQL syntax check fails on multiple rule actions syntax (may be postgres specific)

IDEA-126089 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: code completion: types are not suggested for the first entry in file

IDEA-126445 (Exception)

SQL code style: new format of "New line before / Select items" cause losing of user formatting settings

IDEA-123957 (Exception)

Database/SQL: Show visualisation fails with AIOOBE at SqlForeignKeyDefinitionImpl.getRefColumn()

IDEA-123960 (Exception)

SQL: Derby: indexing fails with SOE at ImmutableText.getChars()



DBE-706 (Bug)

Bad indent after empty SELECT with FROM



DBE-628 (Feature)

Completion for columns list in an insert statement

DBE-676 (Usability Problem)

When field is qualified, functions are not completed at its left

DBE-591 (Usability Problem)

SQL: code completion: delimited function/procedure name is not quoted

DBE-511 (Bug)

Alias suggestions when schema qualified tables are used generates invalid SQL

DBE-653 (Bug)

0xDBE does not respect “Do not change” setting for identifier word case during completion

DBE-629 (Bug)

MS SQL: completion for function without brackets if function is used inside SELECT statement

DBE-744 (Bug)

SQL Code Completion: type completion is suggested according to 'Keywords' Case settings, not 'Types' Case settings

DBE-743 (Bug)

SQL Code Completion: completion of aliases does not consider code style settings for identifiers

DBE-588 (Bug)

MSSQL: bad auto-completion for stored procedures

DBE-627 (Bug)

Wrong completion for JOIN conditions.

DBE-141 (Bug)

Code completion: no 'LIKE' option appears



DBE-642 (Usability Problem)

MS SQL: typing closing bracket ']' right before existent bracket should not add another



DBE-459 (Bug)

Oracle: Unknown pragma TIMESTAMP

DBE-598 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: OFFSET is red when set by variable at procedure context

DBE-679 (Bug)

PostgreSQL syntax highlight shows error on NOT for CREATE SCHEMA

DBE-519 (Bug)

Deprecated RAISERROR SQL Server syntax is not supported

DBE-514 (Bug)

SQL: MySQL: named primary key constraint is red

DBE-513 (Bug)

SQL: Spelling / Typo inspection: Rename quick fix fails for string literals

DBE-244 (Bug)

Different Mistakes in code analysis for Transact SQL (SQL Server)

DBE-644 (Bug)

SQL: HSQLDB: user name is not resolved in ALTER USER

DBE-697 (Bug)

Query with CTE not fully recognized

DBE-414 (Bug)

MySQL: LIMIT and ORDER clauses order

DBE-691 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: fields are unresolved in returning clause

DBE-748 (Bug)

SQL Server assignment by sum/difference/product etc. operators not supported in SELECT clause

DBE-582 (Bug)

SQL: HSQLDB: "Unresolved reference": false positive for SHUTDOWN

DBE-581 (Bug)


DBE-587 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: constant of any type written as "type 'string'" is red

DBE-579 (Bug)

SQL: HSQLDB: Unresolved reference: false positive for user name as authorization identifier

DBE-488 (Bug)

SQL Server SELECT INTO syntax is not supported

DBE-486 (Bug)

SQL Server column alias syntax is not supported

DBE-369 (Bug)

SQL: keyword completion inconsistency

DBE-566 (Bug)


DBE-492 (Bug)

H2: Allow to parse procedure calls as table expressions

DBE-702 (Bug)

MS SQL: "set language" is red

DBE-632 (Bug)

"text" not recognized as type for postgres sql function

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-86297 (Usability Problem)

Consider changing a predefined SSR template for XML/HTML

IDEA-74094 (Bug)

"This variable is target of the search" variable setting is not retained

IDEA-128056 (Bug)

Structural Search: exception at incorrect serach template

IDEA-125043 (Bug)

Duplicate search results

IDEA-119402 (Bug)

same reference used qualified with this and unqualified can't be found

IDEA-109902 (Bug)

Structural Search and replace does not honour static imports correctly

IDEA-123526 (Bug)

Structural Search Inspection not working for Structural Search that does

IDEA-119403 (Bug)

structural search should consider parenthesized and unparenthesized expression the same

IDEA-57475 (Bug)

Structural Search doesn't find static method calls that are made via a static import

IDEA-124965 (Bug)

Structural Search searches outside specified scope



WEB-10988 (Feature)

Stylus: support Rename refactoring for variables, mixins and functions

WEB-9453 (Bug)

Stylus: Red Code: parent reference with double hyphens

WEB-11475 (Bug)

Not support hashes in Stylus

WEB-11474 (Bug)

Not support placeholders in stylus

WEB-9295 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code and Reformat Code: Interpolation and curly brackets

WEB-9312 (Bug)

Stylus: Settings: Color & Fonts: color url function and @keyframes

WEB-9314 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: unexpected elements

WEB-9419 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: pseudo selector inside at-rule

WEB-9098 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: correctly resolve URL from variable

WEB-10540 (Bug)

Stylus: correctly format negative values

WEB-11355 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: pseudo-classes in CSS Literal

WEB-11421 (Bug)

Stylus: Parent reference inside ':not' pseudo class

WEB-12858 (Bug)

Find usages for Mixins

WEB-9579 (Bug)

Stylus: Settings: Code style: duplicated Set from menu items

WEB-8998 (Bug)

Stylus: support extended Structure view

WEB-9166 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: support charset at-rule

Task Management


IDEA-120595 (Bug)

Restore compatibility with JIRA < 4.2

IDEA-125390 (Exception)

Time Tracking: Throwable at com.intellij.util.Alarm.checkDisposed

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-123687 (Bug)

Velocity formatter inserts wrong linebreak

IDEA-127054 (Bug)

Velocity: "Illegal iterable expression type" false positive

TextMate Bundles


RUBY-14933 (Task)

IR Black theme for TextMate Theme in WebStorm

RUBY-15493 (Bug)

Lock on loading textmate schemes



WEB-7445 (Feature)

Leverage TypeScript's 0.9 pull-based type checking

WEB-11197 (Feature)

Scan the whole project for TypeScript classes

WEB-11512 (Usability Problem)

'Find usages' searches .map files

WEB-10887 (Bug)

TypeScript: unexpected error occured when Import clause with immediate export

WEB-11690 (Bug)

TypeScript breakpoint is not hit

WEB-11628 (Bug)

Typescript: wrong syntax parsing

WEB-10475 (Bug)

TypeScript: Bad code good: Rest parameters must be array types

WEB-6098 (Bug)

TypeScript: Completion for types within the same module

WEB-11157 (Bug)

Reformat code uses wrong indentation in TypeScript interface after /** */ comment

WEB-11316 (Bug)

Typescript: Incorrect "Initializer type X is not assignable to to variable type number" error

WEB-10695 (Bug)

Typescript export var

WEB-9282 (Bug)

Code hinting partially broken in TypeScript when using .d.ts TypeScript definition files.

WEB-10792 (Bug)

[Good code bad] arguments.length in function expression unresolved

WEB-11464 (Bug)

Typescript: "Return statement is required" error on "any" return type

WEB-10515 (Bug)

Typescript: StackOverflowError on indexing

WEB-11327 (Bug)

#TypeScript exception thrown in resolving + bad code shown good

WEB-10239 (Bug)

TypeScript: 'Incompatible override' shown for last function overload in child interface

WEB-10744 (Bug)

Error on assigning untyped data to typed array in TypeScript

WEB-10785 (Bug)

declared module in d.ts gets no autocompletion when imported

WEB-11038 (Bug)

Error while working with class in same name namespace

WEB-11403 (Bug)

WEB-11403 TypeScript doesn't update highlighting on parameter optionality change

WEB-11891 (Bug)

Quick doc: wrong doc links if module and class have same name

WEB-10692 (Bug)

TypeScript: 'type reference cannot refer to variable' error shown for primitive types if there is a variable with name that differs from type name in case

WEB-10697 (Bug)

Subclass instance not assignable to var of superclass when superclass declares no constructor

WEB-11642 (Bug)

Report weak TS type errors when qualifier is of type 'any'

WEB-10745 (Bug)

Dictionary returns confused type in TypeScript

WEB-12426 (Bug)

Typescript formatter doesn't respect disabled "Line comment at first comment"

WEB-10091 (Bug)

TypeScript code do "Reformat code" make to unexpected indent.

WEB-10594 (Bug)

TypeScript constructor type shows as type error with valid signature

WEB-9082 (Bug)

TypeScript code do "Reformat code" make to unexpected indent.

WEB-11511 (Bug)

'Make static' does not correctly refactor usages

WEB-11180 (Bug)

Typescript file watcher existence disables syntax highlighting

WEB-11742 (Bug)

TypeScript code completion not working with inferred types

WEB-7574 (Bug)

Bad code green, passing functions without specifying return type

WEB-10342 (Bug)

Typescript this.static variable access inside arrow functions are highlighted as error

WEB-2263 (Bug)

TypeScript: interface members are displayed incorrectly in Structure view

WEB-10012 (Bug)

Using "super" within an "arrow function" scope is displayed as an error

WEB-10208 (Bug)

Typescript: Interface can't extend from class

WEB-11568 (Bug)

Typescript: exported enum wrongfully highlighted as unresolved variable

WEB-11283 (Bug)

typescript: Using get / set for public function

WEB-10482 (Bug)

Typescript require statements show error when module name includes forward slash

WEB-10156 (Bug)

TypeScript: Refactor -> Rename private field declared as constructor parameter doesn't update usages

WEB-11382 (Bug)

Typescript - 'private' attribute is forbidden in module scope

WEB-11385 (Bug)

TypeScript: methods of required module type not resolved

WEB-11817 (Bug)

Typescript: declaration merging with var statement doesn't work for ambient external module declarations

WEB-11027 (Bug)

hasOwnProperty not resolved on interface instance

WEB-10518 (Bug)

"if(" replaced by "isFinite" in TypeScript project

WEB-11977 (Bug)

good code red: unresolved variable "prototype.setter"

WEB-11978 (Bug)

bad code green: typescript enums —"," must be used instead of ";"

WEB-10689 (Bug)

TypeScript: class from imported module not resolved if there is a folder with name equal to module name

WEB-9219 (Bug)

TypeScript arguments types confusion

WEB-6335 (Bug)

TypeScript class is not found when I filter to TS file types

WEB-10763 (Bug)

TypeScript problem extending Array<number> interface

WEB-11005 (Bug)

Interface is not colored if declared in other file

WEB-11003 (Bug)

false positive: Argument type <class> is not assignable to parameter type <interface>

WEB-10285 (Bug)

Typescript: var foo:typeof module.Class; foo treated as an instance

WEB-10192 (Bug)

Typescript: Method type not checked correctly

WEB-12022 (Bug)

IntellijIdeaRulezzz in typescript

WEB-10991 (Bug)

Local variable is colored as global

WEB-10663 (Bug)

Typescript: Initializer type X is not assignable to variable type X

WEB-11108 (Bug)

Unexpected code completion in doc comments

WEB-10188 (Bug)

Typescript optional array params invalid validation

WEB-10856 (Bug)

TypeScript: module alias definitions not supported (declare module "aliasModuleName" {...}

WEB-11028 (Bug)

Typescript: Assigned expression string is not assignable to type string

WEB-10511 (Bug)

No typescript error for interface defined inside of function leads to confusion

WEB-10464 (Bug)

TypeScript: Good code bad: "new" used as parameter name in DefinitelyTyped/mongodb.d.ts

WEB-10246 (Bug)

Typescript require statements show false error when module name includes period

WEB-11935 (Bug)

Referenced files on top of typescript files are not resolved

WEB-11931 (Bug)

Typescript. Bad code green.

WEB-11595 (Bug)

Typescript: "method expression is not of Function type" on any type

WEB-12009 (Bug)

Typescript refactoring issues

WEB-11965 (Exception)

TypeScript: NPE on resolve

Unit Tests


WEB-11055 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: RC: no arguments are applied

WEB-11314 (Bug)

cucumber.js configuration params

WEB-10416 (Bug)

autoscroll to source in mocha test suite does not work if multiple suites have the same name.

WEB-10159 (Bug)

Poor Mocha configuration possibilities

WEB-10152 (Bug)

Unit test JS file has Node.js icon

WEB-11080 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: if number is a part of word do not generate argument in step definition

WEB-11067 (Bug)

Karma Plugin broken because of missing intellijCli Node module

WEB-10577 (Bug)

When running selective test with mocha, result tree reports terminated and lists redundant terminated nodes that represent tests that have not run

WEB-11407 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: provide possibility to define executable via UI

WEB-10399 (Bug)

deepEqual assertion diffs do not normalise member order therfore they display false errors

WEB-10566 (Bug)

Mocha: PWD environment variable doesn't consists with process's current directory

WEB-13127 (Bug)

Environment variables in mocha run configuration change order creating file churn

WEB-10619 (Bug)

Jasmine: ConcurrentModificationExceptions are thrown for specific file

WEB-11006 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: doc string breaks test running

WEB-11007 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: correctly create expression for step definition

WEB-11008 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: correctly create And and But step definitions

WEB-11009 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: correctly create star steps definitions

WEB-10669 (Bug)

mocha configuration will not run if test directory does not exist, even when the configuration will trigger the building of the test directory via before launch actions

WEB-10637 (Bug)

Mocha: correctly hold Errors in beforeEach and afterEach

WEB-10670 (Bug)

Mocha test assertion does not correctly output if actual or expected is undefined.

WEB-11064 (Exception)

Cucumber-js: Disposal exception on project closing

User Interface


IDEA-122894 (Usability Problem)

License dialog: License key: provide precise diagnostic for rejected key

IDEA-114381 (Performance Problem)

Copying screenshot into clipboard causes right click to freeze for a few seconds

IDEA-126947 (Cosmetics)

Generalize "Goto Related File" to "Goto Related Symbol"

IDEA-119514 (Cosmetics)

Tip of the day in IntellliJ IDEA mentions Webstorm

IDEA-119515 (Cosmetics)

Tip of the day contains null character and unclear screen shot

IDEA-94440 (Task)

Icons: Struts 1/Tiles/Validator

IDEA-122839 (Bug)

wrong ToolWindow title

IDEA-125075 (Bug)

Database tools navigation problems: PgUp / PgDown

IDEA-122956 (Bug)

Popups in Project Structure dialog have wrong initial size sometimes

IDEA-126441 (Exception)

Exception in thrown from 'New Project' wizard if Python plugin is enabled



PY-13052 (Performance Problem)

Vagrant: hang on cancelling launch of vagrant instnace

PY-13172 (Exception)

Vagrant: ISE at com.jetbrains.python.remote.PyRemoteSdkAdditionalData.getRemoteSdkCredentials: on cancel run instance dialog

Version Control


IDEA-110611 (Feature)

Ability to revert lines in selection

IDEA-110943 (Bug)

Apply Patch: Bogus "-" at the end of new file

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-119424 (Feature)

Perforce annotate: ignore whitespace change

IDEA-117694 (Bug)

Warning from TimeLapseViewAction.update()

IDEA-47500 (Bug)

Perforce: Jobs processing: cannot add multiple jobs found by search

IDEA-113807 (Bug)

Improve diagnostics when p4 executable cannot be found

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-47084 (Feature)

TFS: handle custom work item types

IDEA-112210 (Bug)

Error prevents adding Team Foundation Server



IDEA-72979 (Usability Problem)

DOM: make DelimitedListConverter work nicely with TagValues

IDEA-121403 (Bug)

Live Template: "Surround with tag" should not be applicable while editing XmlAttribute(Value)

IDEA-118259 (Bug)

XML closing tag completion with namespace does not work

IDEA-123610 (Bug)

Typo in tooltip of JAXB-dialog



WEB-10501 (Feature)

Spy-js: provide Delete action for Events nodes/groups

WEB-10646 (Feature)

Spy-js: Events: stop tracing if document root node is Removed

WEB-10401 (Feature)

Spy-js: Trace Run: events from different browsers should be grouped separately

WEB-11317 (Feature)

Spy-js: highlight stack entry that takes more than 50% of each stack level execution time

WEB-11021 (Feature)

Spy-js: provide possibility to Mute file from the Stack panel

WEB-10429 (Feature)

Spy-js: provide Editor - Color and Fonts settings

WEB-11353 (Feature)

Spy-js: add "Remove all inactive" nodes action to the events toolbar

WEB-10650 (Feature)

Spy-js: Events: provide Next/Previous Document navigation arrows

WEB-10775 (Feature)

Spy-js: clear Stack/Quick Evaluation content after removing document/event node

WEB-11182 (Feature)

Spy-js: use high precision timer where available

WEB-10975 (Feature)

Spy-js: apply UI configured exclusions in instrumenter/tracer (eg stop instrumenting and tracing configured files)

WEB-10974 (Feature)

Spy-js: add Jump to Caller context action to stack nodes to open the function caller exact location

WEB-10973 (Feature)

Spy-js: add event tree document node context action to remove all its events

WEB-10632 (Feature)

Add "Remove all" action to Events panel to remove everything from it

WEB-10559 (Feature)

Spy-js: do not scroll Events if element is selected

WEB-10537 (Feature)

Spy-js: close extra RC running on the same port and provide notification

WEB-11035 (Feature)

Spy-js: provide "Close all trace file(s)" action on toolbar

WEB-10452 (Feature)

Spy-js: UI: provide Events filter

WEB-10453 (Feature)

Spy-js: UI: provide Mapper filter

WEB-11153 (Feature)

Spy-js: Events: disable "Refresh page" action for not traced documents

WEB-11212 (Feature)

Spy-js: make document nodes from the same page to be displayed under main document node

WEB-10864 (Feature)

Spy-js: change selection from disappeared Event to the document root

WEB-10638 (Feature)

Spy-js: Events: implement single click instead of double-click

WEB-10676 (Feature)

Spy-js: Events: implement "Remove and Close trace file(s)" action

WEB-10675 (Feature)

Spy-js: Stack: implement "Jump to Source" action

WEB-10418 (Feature)

Spy-js: simplify enabling/disabling of system proxy

WEB-10404 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: remove mention about UI in the server output

WEB-12445 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Node.js: RC: correct validation messages and labels for fields

WEB-10652 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: show shorten URL in the Editor and the Events panel

WEB-10976 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: display "Loading..." text in the stack panel when loading large events

WEB-10957 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Exclusions: provide possibility to hide Exclusions from the list

WEB-10959 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Exclusions: limit width of the Exclusion list

WEB-10946 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Exclusions: open Condition for editing on double-click

WEB-10948 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Exclusions: Provide "Copy" action for Exclusions

WEB-13084 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Save/Load: on Loading trace rename tab to the loaded trace id

WEB-11020 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Events: move "Remove all" action from context menu on toolbar

WEB-11022 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Stack: provide info message when all functions are muted

WEB-10861 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: not shorten URL in the Editor tab

WEB-12008 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: validate Node.js version

WEB-10647 (Cosmetics)

Spy-js: Remove should be disabled in the empty Events panel

WEB-13085 (Cosmetics)

Spy-js: Save/Load: improve dialog title for the Load action

WEB-10502 (Bug)

Spy-js: Copy Value should not copy information comments

WEB-10500 (Bug)

Spy-js: limit number of shown Events

WEB-12486 (Bug)

Spy-js: Node.js: filter out exceptions from Console

WEB-10971 (Bug)

Spy-js: Exclusions: long Condition should not hide toolbar from the view

WEB-10405 (Bug)

Spy-js: provide context menu for items in Quick evaluation panel

WEB-10406 (Bug)

Spy-js: provide context menu for items in the Stack panel

WEB-10400 (Bug)

Spy-js: do not try to communicate with stopped Trace Server

WEB-12461 (Bug)

Spy-js: Stack: "Mute this file" should add exclusion only once

WEB-12460 (Bug)

Spy-js: Node.js: disable "Mute node modules" if node modules not present

WEB-12072 (Bug)

Spy-JS does not apply CORS headers from proxy

WEB-10426 (Bug)

Spy-js: localhost tracing should work for any HTML page

WEB-10425 (Bug)

Spy-js: config file changes should be correctly applied during session

WEB-11084 (Bug)

Spy-js: "Jump to Caller" should always provide selection

WEB-11332 (Bug)

Spy-js: Stack: correctly show function call

WEB-11334 (Bug)

Spy-js: limit length of the shown initial referrer link

WEB-11654 (Bug)

Spy-js: correctly show code fragment in the Editor

WEB-10779 (Bug)

Spy-js: Firefox: not responding script

WEB-10587 (Bug)

Spy-js: improve notification about impossibility to process event data

WEB-11161 (Bug)

SpyJS "Jump to Source" not working

WEB-11376 (Bug)

CPU 150% after waking computer from sleep

WEB-10801 (Bug)

Spy-js: color settings should be applied immediately

WEB-10802 (Bug)

Spy-js: incorrect trace coloring in the splitted Editor

WEB-11144 (Bug)

Spy-js: Events: should always inform about execution time

WEB-10388 (Bug)

Spy-js: correctly recognize invalid/empty configuration file

WEB-11603 (Bug)

Spy-js: calculated function name breaks IDE if contains semicolon

WEB-10708 (Bug)

Spy-js: Win: disable system proxy on application close in auto mode

WEB-10639 (Bug)

Spy-js: clear current Stack content while loading new data

WEB-11156 (Bug)

Spy-js: hide exception for the worker error

WEB-10958 (Bug)

Spy-js: Exclusions: prohibit empty name for Exclusion

WEB-10541 (Bug)

Spy-js: avoid SocketIOException on session disconnect

WEB-13097 (Bug)

Spy-js: Save/Load: impossible to load same trace twice in the session

WEB-13090 (Bug)

Spy-js: Save/Load: incorrect script name on Unix/Mac for trace from Windows

WEB-10943 (Bug)

Spy-js: Exclusions: show empty dialog description on the first opening

WEB-10430 (Bug)

Spy-js: Config: provide friendly message about absent required root property

WEB-10536 (Bug)

Spy-js: IE: events are not traced without compatibility mode

WEB-10557 (Bug)

Spy-js: IE: Cannot switch to old mode error

WEB-10447 (Bug)

Spy-js: Win: correctly show paths in the Run Configuration dialog

WEB-11136 (Bug)

Spy-js: avoid problems with encoding while tracing

WEB-11139 (Bug)

Spy-js: avoid "Error in worker while parsing..." error for valid files

WEB-10815 (Bug)

Spy-js: Mac OS: auto system proxy configuration doesn't work

WEB-11228 (Bug)

Spy-js: Events: unstable inactive marker

WEB-13086 (Bug)

Spy-js: Save/Load: do not trace new Events after the loading saved trace

WEB-13088 (Bug)

Spy-js: Save/Load: cannot load renamed trace zip file

WEB-10456 (Bug)

Spy-js: avoid error message on Refactor:Move or Rename for configuration file

WEB-11580 (Bug)

Spy-js: disable "Refresh the page in browser" action for stopped server

WEB-11934 (Bug)

Spy-js: event should be reported identically from all browsers

WEB-11448 (Bug)

Spy-js: web page is not traced without notice

WEB-10805 (Exception)

Spy-js: Stack: exception is thrown for uncaught script error

WEB-10778 (Exception)

Spy-js: exception on "Jump to Source" for JSON file

WEB-10776 (Exception)

Spy-js: Events: exception on Removing empty group node

WEB-13076 (Exception)

Spy-js: StackOverflowError on "Mute All" action

WEB-13051 (Exception)

Spy-js: Cannot call method 'apply' of undefined error

WEB-10446 (Exception)

Spy-js: IOOBE on attempt to view source of empty/commented file

WEB-11034 (Exception)

Spy-js: Exclusions: IAE on creation several empty-named exclusions

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