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No subsystemBug WI-61889 Detect mixed, primitive types, null and self/static/parent in intersection types
PHPException WI-62990 NPE in PhpMaxLanguageLevelIndex
Bug WI-62829 Quick doc is producing scrambled result
Usability WI-62770 Wrong method signature is shown when PhpStormStubsElementAvailable is used with stubs
PHP CompletionBug WI-62524 add completion for readonly attribute in constructor for promoted properties
Usability WI-62761 Filter out keywords not applicable to readonly properties after readonly keyword
Bug WI-62767 Readonly property: completion for overriding parent property drops readonly keyword
Bug WI-62934 Incorrect completion for enum cases in match expression
PHP DebugBug WI-62850 PhpStorm specific debug actions missed in new debug tool window
Bug WI-62882 Don't show additional actions (Show empty superglobals variables, Show user defined constants and Add method to skip list) for not PHP debug sessions
PHP FormatterBug WI-62605 Nullsafe operator wrapping for chained methods produces invalid code
PHP GenerateUsability WI-62768 Readonly property: disable generation of setter and fluent setter
PHP InspectionsBug WI-42264 Parameter type: Parameter of nullable type should accept void type
Bug WI-62765 Readonly properties: Invalid code is being generated when convert readonly promoted property to regular one
Feature WI-61929 New inspection: redundant intersection type
Bug WI-63021 Property immediately rewritten: don't highlight property if some unresolved method is called between property assignments
Feature WI-62700 Readonly property can't have default value: add QF to initialize property in constructor
Feature WI-62987 New inspection: property immediately overridden
Feature WI-62097 First-class callable syntax: language level inspection
Bug WI-62627 Expression result unused: doesn't take into account anonymous function that modifies the variable by reference
Bug WI-14529 Class that extends class that implement interface can override constant in the interface
Usability WI-62941 Don't highlight attributes in hierarchy checks inspection
Feature WI-60325 Support PHP_VERSION and PHP_VERSION_ID values for Language Level inspections
Bug WI-62989 New operator in initialiazers: don't highlight namespaced class reference
Bug WI-58251 False positive redundant break argument when argument is placed in parentheses
Feature WI-62817 New inspection: replace inline comment before function call with named argument
Feature WI-62866 First-class callable syntax: report usages of nullsafe operators together with first-class callable syntax
Bug WI-62780 `get_class` on primitive type isn't highlighted with PhpParamsInspection
Feature WI-63096 New inspection: nested 'min/max' calls
Bug WI-62387 Undefined variable: false negative: function call that always throws an exception makes undefined variable after 'try/catch' defined
Feature WI-62653 Add support for Tentative Types for LanguageLevelTypeAware attribute
Bug WI-60620 Unused parameter: false positive for the test which uses @dataProvider
Bug WI-63017 False-positive "Only variables can be passed by reference" for named arguments
Bug WI-63015 Property immediately overwritten: false positive for the property in array value that was passed to using method
Feature WI-62798 Take into account function calls that never will throw an exception when building CF for inspections
Feature WI-60999 Undefined method: take into account method_exists(get_parent_class) for parent:: invocation
Bug WI-62876 Write access to readonly property outside of declaration scope: false negative: unset in the outside of declaration scope is not highlighted
Bug WI-62853 "Redundant catch clause" for specific exception type on eval() or call_user_func().
Bug WI-62796 Second write to unresolved/dynamic property is marked with false positive "Cannot modify readonly property "
Bug WI-62978 'assertTrue' with incompatible argument type: false negative: for any type object passed as a parameter
PHP Inspections: Data FlowBug WI-62396 DFA: Array returned from function is considered to be equal to array returned from builtin array_* function
Bug WI-62395 DFA: Type state should be received based on function call only if there is no multiresolve candidates
Bug WI-62623 Condition always true: false positive: highlights "true" if there is CONDITION(true, true) before in CF
Bug WI-63005 False positive "Condition always true" for min/max call result with if/elseif branches if number of arguments > 2
Bug WI-63000 Condition always true: False positive instanceof check if type of arguments is inferred from function without declared return type but with overriden method that has such type
Bug WI-62981 Change of field reference with another field as class reference won't invalidate DFA dependency
Bug WI-62628 Condition always true: doesn't take into account call to anonymous function to which variable is passed by reference
Bug WI-62587 Array write access on field reference doesn't invalidate state result
Bug WI-62988 `parent` call should invalidate `$this`-based DFA states
Feature WI-62964 Make 'min/max' functions to be choosers as well
Bug WI-61247 False positive "Condition always false" for is_array(iterable) check
Feature WI-62963 Unwrap function calls that are returning one of the arguments
Bug WI-61047 Condition always true/false: don't suggest to remove variable if it's used in assignment and there are no other operators
Bug WI-62841 Condition always false: not strict comparison of string with true is considered to be always false
Bug WI-61063 Condition always true: false positive if variable of iteration is used as a variable of value
Bug WI-59590 Condition always true: take into account parameter value change inside logical expression
Bug WI-62842 Variable is always true: false positive: in case constant which is equal to false assigned to variable
Feature WI-62635 DFA: infer string length estimation from concatenation with literal for `strlen` comparison
Bug WI-61132 Condition always true: false positive inside else if value comes from the constant but not possible because it's checked in if condition
Bug WI-63012 Property immediately overwritten: false positive for property call chain if intermittent property has interpolated string as a name
Bug WI-63011 Array index immediately overwritten: variables with the same name from different arrays are counted as equal in array keys
Bug WI-63010 Property immediately overwritten: false positive warning despite property is being used in method call of other class in hierarchy
Bug WI-61423 Condition always true/false: false positive: for key/value iterations over object
Bug WI-61424 Condition always true/false: false positive: callable is assumed to be array although it can be string
Bug WI-62405 DFA: State of type received from function call compared to some value should not cover is_<type> check
Exception WI-62915 java.lang.ClassCastException: class com.jetbrains.php.lang.psi.elements.impl.BinaryExpressionImpl cannot be cast to class com.jetbrains.php.lang.psi.elements.Variable
Feature WI-62812 DFA: assignment to ternary expression/coalesce should produce union of states over expression arguments
Bug WI-61056 Condition always true/false: Don't highlight variable in parameter of function call if function name is referenced to string variable
Bug WI-62693 Condition always true/false: QF: don't suggest to change condition expression in match with true/false
PHP IntentionsBug WI-62300 Readonly property attribute is missed after convert of property to promoted one
PHP ParserBug WI-62284 No error reported on invalid usage of unpacking operator
Bug WI-62805 Readonly promoted property should be allowed without visibility modifier
Feature WI-62838 Highlight first-class callable syntax in new expressions
PHP RefactoringPerformance WI-62815 Move class: slow find usages
Usability WI-55838 Change signature: Don't insert FQN if short name is available in type field in dialog
PHP TemplatesException WI-62652 Twig: uncommenting code throws exception and break highlighting and editing
PHP TestFeature WI-62810 PHPUnit inspections: enable for abstract class that extends root test class
Feature WI-62809 Misordered assertEquals arguments: highlight all applicable assertion methods, not only 'assertEquals'
PHP Type InferenceBug WI-62487 Generics in PHPDoc return types do not work when used across multiple files.
PHPDocBug WI-59497 Generate PhpDoc action inserts 'false' for parameter with default value 'false'
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Bug WI-63071 Rsync: detect Rsync failures
Usability WI-11841 Create Project From Existing Files (e.g. FTP) = lockup PhpStorm project window entirely till done
Bug WI-63078 Rsync: exception is thrown in case root folder is mapped not to /
Feature WI-6720 For Remote SSH External Tools, add a Macro that resolves to the path of the file on the remote server
Bug WI-62816 Rsync: doesn't create parent folders and doesn't upload/download
Feature WI-4193 Quickly switch default server within one project
Bug WI-63108 Rsync: D'n'D to remote host doesn't update Remote Host tree
Usability WI-21644 Fuzzy-Search inside "Create New Project: Choose Remote Path"
Bug WI-63107 Rsync: uploading project root upload the folder itself instead of the content
Feature WI-473 Support Rsync
Feature WI-62784 Rsync: support Exclude items by name
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-274908 Migrate inspection dialog to the new UI DSL
Core. DebuggerException IDEA-278153 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: New run/debug tool window breaks ide layout
Core. IDE SettingsFeature IDEA-265113 Add action for resetting overridden file type
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-278243 Indexing takes extremely long or is stalled
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-254793 Batch scripts used to start IntelliJ-based products couldn't be started from `C:\Program Files (x86)`
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-278772 Login to trials: Log Out... action available for not logged in uses
Core. Navigation and SearchBug IDEA-277612 Infinite loop trying to resolve call to method with complex type parameters
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-278052 IDEA fails to start if a project located at an unavailable drive root was opened recently
Bug IDEA-278129 Saving of module configuration doesn't work properly after chained module rename
Core. SSHBug IDEA-276256 Cancel button in SSH password dialogs doesn't work
Bug IDEA-278865 X11Forwaring doesn't work on Linux and macOS: Could not load native library junixsocket-native for architecture amd64-Linux
EditorException IDEA-278365 java.lang.AssertionError when opening file in project mode with opened Light Edit
Bug IDEA-278364 LightEdit frame is closed when closing project window
Usability IDEA-262272 Disable inlay hints for parameters that have comment inlay (and match the parameter name)
Exception IDEA-265873 java.lang.IllegalStateException: InSmartMode can't be used in LightEdit mode, check that LightEdit.owns(project)==false before calling
Bug IDEA-244480 Editorconfig: `ij_html_new_line_after_last_attribute` and `ij_html_new_line_before_first_attribute` values not exported correctly
Editor. Code CompletionFeature IDEA-274076 Provide a way to change default keys used to navigate code completion list
Editor. Code Completion. MLBug IDEA-277488 UI Freeze on project opening
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-278938 Following text gets erased when press-and-hold input method is used on macOS
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-278360 Annotator results aren't updated in the visible range of a large PSI element
Editor. FormatterTask IDEA-244624 EditorConfig doesn't support "Packages to Use Import with *" for Groovy
Editor. SpellcheckBug IDEA-277845 Spell checker tries to recognise typos in unsupported languages when adding huspell dictionary
Lang. MarkdownBug IDEA-277843 MD tabs are not always displayed when several tabs are opened simultaneously (on project start).
Exception IDEA-278900 "InvalidPathException: UNC path is missing sharename" on opening markdown file on windows
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-275196 `docker-compose.yml` complex `depends_on` from compose-spec is not being recognized
Bug IDEA-278537 Pressing 'Delete' when focus in replace-in-text editor causes dialog from Docker DeleteConnectionAction
Tools. HTTP ClientFeature IDEA-235341 HTTP Client: Add possibility to name requests (to quickly run them trhough Run anything)
Usability IDEA-278601 HTTP Client: no Jump To Source action for service view nodes
Feature IDEA-278507 HTTP Client: add common non-standard HTTP headers to completion
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-276990 Smart Command Execution doesn't work with a custom zsh theme
Bug IDEA-278614 Terminal: smart command highlighting requires one extra key press
Bug IDEA-278400 [2021.2.1] Cygwin fails to split in the terminal panel
Bug IDEA-278881 No background color for ANSI color index #5
Bug IDEA-242656 Terminal "smart command handling" does not always work
User InterfaceBug IDEA-252559 "Error: library isn't specified" dark text color on dark background
Usability IDEA-278080 Make Run Line Markers mergeable
Usability IDEA-278069 Run Line Markers: Don't show popup if there is only one option
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-274143 In screen reader mode, a Quick Documentation popup pops up when the screen reader moves the mouse pointer
Usability IDEA-278151 Disable Toolwindow widget popup in Screen Reader mode
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-278418 Most actions don't perform after exception in ActionUpdater
Cosmetics IDEA-278619 Update analysis dialogs
Bug IDEA-278253 PreCachedDataContext and background action update prevent plugin unloading
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-278521 "Split and move right" does not carry focus with it.
User Interface. MenusBug IDEA-277090 Too small text in menu about hotkeys
User Interface. PluginsBug IDEA-278361 Incorrect color of separators in Plugins
User Interface. Problems ViewUsability IDEA-276097 'Next Occurrence' shortcut expands the collapsed node instead of positioning on the next occurrence
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-278237 Select In doesn't work from Project View as it is replaced with Views menu
User Interface. Tool WindowsBug IDEA-275946 Windows Hotkey to resize the Debug panel does not work when the Console tab is active
Version ControlUsability IDEA-276402 No navigation between files when watching diff of shelved changelist
Bug IDEA-233913 Switching themes does not affect annotation panel
Version Control. GitTask IDEA-279095 VCS Settigns: make the main node empty
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-276487 GitHub Action Flow: Cannot deserialize value of type
Code FormatterBug DBE-14085 EXCEPT keyword is not formatted as needed
Code HighlightingBug DBE-14090 Alias field not identified in "group by"
Bug DBE-14038 Columns mislabeled as errors when used in a function and grouped
Bug DBE-14029 DB2 11.5 "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ..." and "UPDATE ... FROM ..." not supported
Bug DBE-12475 INSERT row alias is detected as syntax error
Bug DBE-5229 showing valid sql having query as ambiguous reference
Bug DBE-14070 ONLY clause in CREATE INDEX is not recognized by the editor (Postgres)
Feature DBE-8677 Inlay hints for join cardinality
Bug DBE-12430 SQLite UPDATE-FROM is not supported in IDE even though supported by SQLite since version 3.33.0 (2020-08-14).
Coding AssistanceBug DBE-13852 selective_xml_index_namespaces suggested before SELECT
ConnectivityFeature DBE-9010 Snowflake: add additional field for the Role parameter
Usability DBE-14089 Database connection fails when host has trailing space
Data Editor/ViewerFeature DBE-12935 Allow to add new field (column) to MongoDB collection (table) from table editor
Data Import/ExportFeature DBE-11304 First row is header auto-detection
Bug DBE-13895 DataGrip does not release file handle when uploading file to database field
Database MigrationsBug DBE-13115 Foreign keys auto-complete of target table only shows first N tables alphabetically
IntrospectionBug DBE-14068 Introspection is too slow
Query ConsoleBug DBE-4212 Datagrip is munging some plv8 template string variables in SQL scripts that start with certain characters
No subsystemBug WEB-34371 Package imports are changed to relative imports when a file is moved
CSSBug WEB-40779 Functional rgb() and hsl() color highlighting only recognizes a subset of the syntax.
Bug WEB-50025 Not all HSL formats are recognised
Bug WEB-49754 CSS Color Module L4 rgb(0 0 0 / 0) notation is invalid
DartBug WEB-52797 Cannot debug dart unit test (and only unit test)
Feature WEB-52669 Dart: no collapse of mixins
Bug WEB-52545 Dart parsing error: ternary operator with list literals
DebuggerPerformance WEB-52653 High Memory Usage Debugging Node.JS Application
Bug WEB-52007 Show inline watches for JavaScript debug
JavaScriptTask WEB-50609 Allow navigating from the type definition file (d.ts) to the source code
Task WEB-52707 Limit Angular Live templates context
Bug WEB-47464 Imports in Yarn pnp workspace project incorrectly autocompleted
Usability WEB-47153 Project JavaScript files w/ TypeScript declarations cannot be opened by Command-Click or Navigate > Implementation
Bug WEB-52515 Symbol.description in JavaScript is not hinted
Task WEB-50608 Allow navigating from the source code to the type definition file (d.ts)
Bug WEB-52677 Postfix completion doesn't work for 'this' as expression
Task WEB-52771 Make JavaScript file paths in UI relative
Bug WEB-24703 js postfix completion not working in arrow function
Bug WEB-52538 Using `yield` as identifier should cause syntax error
Bug WEB-52512 Irrelevant 'class' completion items in extends clause
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-35706 Provide only exact completion items inside template section
Feature WEB-52130 Missing type checking for props
Feature WEB-41983 Warn about unresolved symbols in Vue templates
LintersBug WEB-52687 ESLint 8 + HTML file: false error "ESLint: Parsing error: Unexpected token <"
TypeScriptBug WEB-46265 Relative imports are created by auto import in monorepo
Bug WEB-52766 Incorrect import in yarn workspaces
Bug WEB-46827 Explicitly function-typed variables should be color-highlighted as functions
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