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No subsystemBug WI-59629 Move instance method puts new parameter after parameters with default values and elipsis
Bug WI-59503 Feature envy inspection: Trait methods calls shouldn't be counted
Bug WI-59390 DuplicateInspection: java.lang.NullPointerException: element.textRange must not be null
Injections in PHPBug WI-58651 Mute warnings in injected to string php code string is passed as parameter and isn't directly called in eval
Bug WI-58666 Suppress warnings in injected php code if containing it string contains variables
Bug WI-58684 Suppress warnings/weak warnings in non-first parts of concatenated string with injected php
PHPFeature WI-60581 Permissive parsing for multiple identifiers inside enum cases
Feature WI-60460 Backed enums: infer type of value (now it's always string)
Feature WI-58949 Resolve dynamic fields to array write
Feature WI-59701 Support backed enums
Feature WI-59700 Support synthetic field `name` for enum
Feature WI-60457 Enum: find usages doesn't find case's usages
Feature WI-59703 Highlight not support members in enums
Feature WI-59269 DFA: support composite negated comparisons
Feature WI-60370 Incorporate enum into existing small features
Feature WI-59144 Show members in navigation bar
Feature WI-40731 Allow to add new line before the copyright
Feature WI-59704 Add UnitEnum interface to stubs and make enum instances implements it implicitly
Feature WI-59381 Condition always true/false: support ranges `>`, `>=`, `<`, `<=` for int values and variables
Feature WI-58948 Resolve dynamic fields in any own class method, not only __construct
Feature WI-59145 Structure view: add 'lambda' and 'anonymous class' providers
Feature WI-60373 Class constant reference should try to resolve into enum case for enum classes
Feature WI-59270 DFA: support composite negated comparisons from FALSE condition instructions
Bug WI-59012 Performance degradation drupla8_inspections (5:19 => 21:09)
Bug WI-60206 Eliminate rootsChangedEvent in php libraries implementation
Bug WI-59654 Auto-import on paste suggests importing parent class
Bug WI-60593 DFA: non-strict comparison with literals should be interpolated into null/not-null states
Bug WI-57005 Prefer existing element in hierarchy over removed
Bug WI-58907 Dynamic field is not resolved if class have parent without that field
Bug WI-39004 IDE does not recognize any fields/methods of a field declared in a class when using it in a trait
Performance WI-60592 OOM during inspection run
Performance WI-60016 PhpStorm Slows down (code completion slow) on files over 2000 lines of code.
Performance WI-59925 Performance regression: magento_inspection and drupal8_inspection tests with plugins
Usability WI-60509 Do not show internal use attributes in documentation/quick doc
Usability WI-54542 PHPStorm Built-in Webserver Doesn't set $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']
Usability WI-60468 Filter out redundant options from 'Generate' menu for enums
Usability WI-50419 phpdoc template defaults - remove unnecessary "Docs"
Usability WI-58687 Search Everywhere: Ignore Imports
Exception WI-58979 IAE: Comparison method violates its general contract! in MethodReferenceImpl.findBaseMethodInHierarchy
PHP CompletionFeature WI-58827 Add parent's property type on code completion
Usability WI-60462 Don't show enums after new (instantiation)
Usability WI-60463 Don't show enums after implements
Usability WI-60545 Enum is not shown after instanceof
Usability WI-59241 Remove traits from type declaration completion
PHP ComposerException WI-59408 IAE when opening composer dependency quickdoc
PHP DebugBug WI-33581 Show/Hide (or Enable/Disable) "Show values address" option of Debugger tool window based on xdebug version
Bug WI-57266 Issue with xdebug mapping running inside docker on wsl2 in IntelliJ IDEA
Usability WI-59533 Trim whitespace around Xdebug Cloud ID in settings
PHP FormatterFeature WI-58448 PHP | Code style | Align multiline named parameters in PHP 8
Feature WI-59671 Align condition and return expressions in 'match' expression
Feature WI-59104 spaces around pipe in union types
Bug WI-60580 Multiple enum cases should be separated by newline on reformat like class constants
Bug WI-52884 Code reformat makes code invalid when constant is named AND
Bug WI-53256 Complete Current Statement for Closures/anonymous functions doesn't work correctly
Bug WI-51698 PSR-12 and the rule 4.7 Method and Function Calls
Bug WI-59437 Formatting multi-line closure inside call arguments fails to indent when using PHP 8 named arguments
Bug WI-50084 PSR-12 Autoformat splits argument list with array argument or anonymous function
Bug WI-58843 PHP 8 named arguments autoformatting bug in PHPStorm
Bug WI-59566 When PHP attribute is present IDE always wraps function's arguments
Bug WI-59669 Align multiline typed arguments/parameters
Bug WI-34152 Semicolon is wrongly positioned on new line in chained calls and return statements
Bug WI-50929 Multiline if with single statement doesn't have a continuation indent
Bug WI-59856 Align when multiline + align named arguments align doesn't align by the first not named argument
Bug WI-59854 Align named argument doesn't align parameter name if the first parameter not on a new line
PHP InspectionsFeature WI-60030 DFA: produce is_array state on array creation assignment
Feature WI-58871 Parameter definition with non-primitive type should be treated in the same way as `instanceof` DFA instruction
Feature WI-60018 Unnecessary return/continue: highlight in nested 'if' statements
Feature WI-58498 New inspection: redundant method override
Feature WI-59039 Undefined class: Support MyClass::class syntax in class_exists
Feature WI-58733 New inspection: 'switch' with common parts
Feature WI-59427 DFA: == and === are covering >= and <=
Feature WI-59699 Language level inspection: highlight `enum` for PHP < 8.1
Feature WI-60487 New QF: add method from undefined function call in class context
Feature WI-58993 Unnecessary parentheses: suggest to remove in case of member reference
Feature WI-60555 New QF: add enum case for Undefined class constant that highlights enum reference
Feature WI-59544 DFA: math operations should update ranges state
Feature WI-59425 DFA: support array accesses and field references as state arguments
Feature WI-58911 Support union type of parameter for always not null check
Feature WI-60439 Parameter of wrong but compatible type passed in Enum::from should be highlighted as error if strict type checking is enabled
Feature WI-59359 Condition already checked: support variable comparison
Feature WI-35143 Support dirname levels
Feature WI-59657 DFA: infer states from previous comparisons
Feature WI-58875 Infer DFA state from assignment to ctor invocation
Feature WI-59453 DFA: support pure function references as argument
Feature WI-60032 DFA: support nullable union types for condition always true/false check
Feature WI-60061 substr can be converted to str_starts/ends_with: support loose comparisons on convertible arguments
Feature WI-60591 Condition already checked: `in_array` should produce DFA state for composite comparisons to haystack elements
Feature WI-59694 New inspection: replace PHPUnit 'assertTrue/assertFalse' with 'fail'
Feature WI-58746 New inspection: condition can be replaced with '?->'
Feature WI-59333 Condition already checked: support array access
Feature WI-59624 Condition inside logical expression checked by following condition: provide 'show cause' quick fix
Feature WI-59674 DFA: type casts as operands/values
Feature WI-59759 New inspection: Assert can be replaced with 'assertEmpty/assertNotEmpty'
Feature WI-58912 Condition always true/false: support primitive parameter types on nullability check
Feature WI-59519 DFA: infer states from previous assignments
Feature WI-59413 substr can be replaced with str_starts_with/str_ends_with: support string literals
Feature WI-59702 Additional hierarchical checks for enums
Feature WI-58483 New QF: extract method from duplicated code
Feature WI-59266 Condition already checked: infer DFA states from assignments to primitive values
Feature WI-59492 DFA: continue to compose states after reaching first matched state
Feature WI-59525 Redundant method override: highlight methods with same param default value that is equal to the same class constant (self:: access)
Feature WI-59900 DFA: produce 'instanceof' states from current catch exceptions and 'not instanceof' states from previous catches
Feature WI-20112 Detect for(;;) as infinite loop
Feature WI-60042 New inspection: in_array can be replaced with comparison
Feature WI-59332 Condition already checked: support field references
Feature WI-59592 New inspection: Condition inside logical expression checked by following condition
Feature WI-58876 'isset' can be replaced with coalesce: expand semantics to highlight 'if' statements with assignments and returns
Feature WI-59622 Condition inside logical expression checked by following condition: support compound operands
Feature WI-58870 Highlight 'instanceof' statements that are always 'false' due to previous checks
Feature WI-2685 New inspection: Dangerous array initialization $a[] = <value>
Feature WI-58945 Unused variable: ignore 'foreach' values with name starting with 'ignore' and suggest QF to rename unused variable appropriately
Feature WI-60475 New inspection: Not all enum values are covered
Feature WI-58769 New inspection: nested 'dirname' calls can be replaced with 'values' parameter usage
Feature WI-60319 Loop can be replaced with implode: support read accesses between initializer and loop
Feature WI-60028 Condition will be checked by following one: highlight nested 'if's
Feature WI-60315 Loop can be replaced with implode: support non-empty initial value
Feature WI-58674 If with common parts: support 'elseif'
Feature WI-59426 DFA: support constant reference and class constant reference as state arguments
Feature WI-59465 DFA: support pure function references as variables
Feature WI-60481 New inspection: unnecessary default arm or switch case for enums
Feature WI-60089 Condition always true: consider parameter with default value null and type as nullable type
Feature WI-59239 New inspection: class reference resolved to trait used outside `use`
Feature WI-60172 New QF: create function for undefined reference usage
Feature WI-59412 substr can be replaced with str_starts_with/str_ends_with: support negation cases
Feature WI-59889 DFA: support `not instanceof` states
Feature WI-59460 DFA: support implicit states for fields and arrays
Feature WI-59360 Condition already checked: infer assigned values to array access expression
Feature WI-57951 Add option to always report Missing PHPDoc Block even on typed functions
Feature WI-58908 Condition always true (instanceof): support $this instaceof single class for trait
Feature WI-59933 New inspection: loop can be replaced with 'implode'
Feature WI-60393 Add enum cases to class constants duplicate checks
Feature WI-60428 New inspection: rationalize constant access
Feature WI-59830 New inspection: Exception is immediately rethrown
Bug WI-58980 Inspection "Condition always evaluates to 'true/false'" not working correctly
Bug WI-60448 False positive 'Unused local variable' for static variable when there is include statement
Bug WI-59615 Condition inside logical expression checked by following condition: check negations as well
Bug WI-59133 Named argument usage: support multi resolve
Bug WI-59220 Declaration must be compatible highlighting is flaky when parent class has duplicated methods
Bug WI-59278 PhpPassByRefInspection: check against all resolved targets
Bug WI-60505 Add method QF for undefined function: doesn't check if parent with the same method exists and signature doesn't match
Bug WI-58678 Parameters number mismatch: check all implementations of interface method
Bug WI-60082 Condition always true: false positive for array check in array initialization there are method/function calls
Bug WI-58998 Don't mark property as dynamically declared in methods if property written in constructor
Bug WI-60060 substr can be converted to str_ends_with: support subtraction based on strlen
Bug WI-59631 DFA: proper checks for math-based states
Bug WI-58899 Method with `@inheritDoc` overriding `@deprecated` method should also be deprecated
Bug WI-59037 Undefined field: isset is not taken into account if field is access as array read
Bug WI-58988 Undefined field: doesn't highlight cases when class references wrapped in paratheses
Bug WI-59637 Private final constructor is marked as error
Bug WI-60425 False positive 'Enums may not include properties' if constant references to enum's case
Bug WI-54797 Type mismatch warning in property assignment when null is one of possible types.
Bug WI-59009 Expression result unused: doesn't report unused new expressions that instantiate Error
Bug WI-59430 Condition always true: doesn't consider shorthand minus
Bug WI-60263 False positive for "Parameter's value is always the same'" with spread operator in variadic functions
Bug WI-60526 Add method QF for undefined function: suggests to replace to the call to private method from parent
Bug WI-59337 PhpUnitAssertCountInspection: doesn't report incorrect usage
Bug WI-59077 Redundant method override: don't highlight methods if parent is empty
Bug WI-58999 false positive 'Property not found' under if condition although it's dynamically declared in constructor
Bug WI-59072 Redundant method override: highlight methods with only @inheritDoc comments
Bug WI-59316 PhpHierarchyCheckInspection: consider @method as always compatible in case of multi resolve
Bug WI-59602 Condition already checked: False positive warning in complex condition when it compares EOL symbols
Bug WI-59847 Condition already checked: false positive for negation of `=== true` condition on non-variable
Bug WI-58955 False positive error when overridden abstract method from trait overridden in class but is called from trait
Bug WI-43327 Unused variable: false positive on list and array reference assignment
Bug WI-59542 Condition already checked doesn't highlight nested vice versa condition with strict comparison
Bug WI-59439 False positive 'Condition always true' when OR is used in condition
Bug WI-59589 DFA: support 'instanceof' states for any arguments, not only variables
Bug WI-59010 Expression result unused: doesn't report unused function references without side-effects
Bug WI-59034 Undefined property: inspection warning is shown but resolve works
Bug WI-59181 PhpSignatureMismatchDuringInheritanceInspection: highlight only if all resolved target contains error
Bug WI-60683 Condition always true: false positive for $a || $a = "" check since the case $a = 0 makes both false
Bug WI-60652 DFA: loop on condition variable isn't detected as ambiguous path
Bug WI-59336 PhpUnitMisorderedAssertEqualsArgumentsInspection: doesn't report incorrect usage
Bug WI-59461 Condition always true: resolved constant is not used in comparision
Bug WI-59076 Redundant method override: highlight methods with same param default values
Bug WI-59274 PhpDynamicAsStaticMethodCallInspection: check agains all resolved targets
Bug WI-59073 Redundant method override: check named arguments are actually in method signature
Bug WI-59272 PhpDuplicateArrayKeysInspection: check agains all resolved targets
Bug WI-60467 Enum as a default parameter value is highlighted as error for typed parameter although it's a valid usage
Bug WI-59186 PhpInappropriateInheritDocUsageInspection: don't report in case unresolved super class exists and super method is not exists
Bug WI-60651 DFA: Ambiguous strict comparisons with different literals should not exclude single primitive comparison with one of that literals
Bug WI-60376 Add function QF: doesn't move function to the required namespace
Bug WI-59283 PhpInternalEntityUsedInspection: check against all resolved targets
Bug WI-59478 "Void function result used" inspection false positive inside match()
Bug WI-59937 PhpSwitchCanBeReplacedWithMatchExpressionInspection: treat empty 'return' as 'null'
Bug WI-58600 Unused private field: false positive in case there is @property with the same name
Bug WI-59040 False positive: incompatible property type since it's taken from another method declaration
Bug WI-59406 PhpNamedArgumentsWithChangedOrderInspection: check agains all resolve targets
Bug WI-59923 Expression result unused: do not highlight calls to methods with void return type
Bug WI-59361 Condition already checked: false positive for array access if inside an other if other array is written
Bug WI-58679 Undefined property: check agains interfaces implementations
Bug WI-59296 @method is not required to be implemented
Bug WI-59422 substr can be replaced with str_ends_with: take into account '$length' existence in case of negative `$pos`
Bug WI-59435 substr can be replaced with str_starts_with/str_ends_with: support escaped string literals
Bug WI-58250 False positive "'continue' is unnecessary" in switch under do/while block
Bug WI-60476 Condition always true/false: visit possible interruption points inside `try` when processing expressions inside `finally`
Bug WI-60627 Condition always false: false positive for non-strict comparision with 0 and strict with string "0.0" or null and '0'
Bug WI-59385 Condition always true: doesn't take into account assignment to array of non-literals
Bug WI-60654 Condition already checked: false negative: unnecessary is_null check with || operator and == 0
Bug WI-60358 Add method declaration QF: don't allow to select types in case of PHP8 union types
Bug WI-58612 Member has private access is triggered even if magic methods __get/__set/__call exist
Bug WI-60129 "Argument matches the parameter's default value" false positive with func_num_args(), func_get_arg() or func_get_args().
Bug WI-60494 Condition already checked: include/eval can possibly jump from `try` to `catch`/`finally`
Bug WI-59103 Missing PHPDoc comment inspection should certainly highlight entities without phpdoc
Bug WI-48716 Undefined variable on array access in if-isset case
Bug WI-60374 Dangerous array initialization: false negative: previous proper assignment to the different array disables the inspection warning
Bug WI-59207 Redundant method override: highlight methods with empty phpdoc comments
Bug WI-60086 Condition always true: false negative if there are more than 2 conditions that match parameter type
Bug WI-59088 Parameter type '#顶#C\Generator|?' is not compatible with '#ᢐT|?'
Bug WI-60493 Condition already checked: `include`/`eval` should invalidate DFA state
Bug WI-59474 False positive "Condition already checked" when condition check system state after changes
Bug WI-59618 DFA: condition already checked isn't highlighted after previous assignment if condition is swapped strict comparison
Bug WI-33204 Unused local variable inspection for initialise before try finally
Bug WI-59563 EA-6319296: add public visibility QF produces NPE in case incomplete code
Bug WI-60502 Add method QF for undefined function: add dynamic method (accessed via $this) inside static method
Bug WI-59285 PHPUnit inspections: check against all resolved targets to Assert class
Bug WI-60248 Inspection incorrectly flags unnecessary curly braces
Bug WI-59275 PhpStaticAsDynamicMethodCallInspection: check agains all resolved targets
Bug WI-59578 QF "Fix all" for "PhpDoc misses throws exception" adds extra empty phpdoc for function if function has several throws
Bug WI-59282 PhpFieldAssignmentTypeMismatchInspection: check agains all resolved targets
Bug WI-60351 PhpStorm mistreats named parameters when they do not match the original signature
Bug WI-59094 Undefined property inspection is flaky when property dynamically initialized in one method and read in other method
Bug WI-60430 Unnecessary return statement: highlight any function, not just 'void'
Bug WI-59135 Notify on accessing member of mixed, object, stdClass, undefined type, null options doesn't work with undefined class
Bug WI-59137 Undefined field/method: are not shown inside trait after call to class method
Bug WI-59634 DFA: range checks with function reference variables doesn't invalidated in case of range variable modification
Bug WI-59667 Condition always true: false positive in case of multiplication by different value
Bug WI-60234 Named argument might be unresolved warning in extended class with different constructor arguments
Bug WI-59079 Undefined method: don't show in undefined class
Bug WI-59708 Invalid quickfix `replace with true` in case of coalesce operator
Bug WI-59936 PhpSwitchCanBeReplacedWithMatchExpressionInspection: doesn't work for 'return' in case missing default return is located after the switch
Bug WI-60501 Add method QF for undefined function: creates duplicated declaration if method already exists
Bug WI-58808 Redundant method override: doesn't find method with differs by comment
Bug WI-59431 Fields compatibility check: don't highlight in case several different constant values
Bug WI-46149 Incorrect unused local variable if unused in closure
Bug WI-59340 PhpDuplicateArrayKey: check against all resolved class constants
Bug WI-15247 Green code is red: Dynamic field access is treated as access to private field with the same name in parent class
Bug WI-59553 Condition already checked: nested 'empty' check isn't highlighted as already checked
Bug WI-59180 PhpHierarchyChecksInspection: highlight only if all resolved target contains error
Bug WI-60503 Add method QF for undefined function: doesn't add the method inside anonymous class
Bug WI-59935 PhpSwitchCanBeReplacedWithMatchExpressionInspection: doesn't work with array access elements
Bug WI-59004 Abstract method is called: doesn't highlight not parent/self
Bug WI-58958 Don't mark child classes without @inheritdoc as deprecated if parent class is deprecated
Bug WI-60372 Cannot instantiate abstract/interface/trait: check agains all resolved targets
Bug WI-59522 False positive condition already checked on chain calls with access to the same property but different objects
Bug WI-50816 Invalid signature error in log during inspection run
Bug WI-59569 Extract method from duplicated code: support duplicates with changed names
Bug WI-59117 Argument without name identifier: is not shown in case of non-trivial hierarchy
Bug WI-59071 Redundant method override: don't highlight methods with different attributes
Bug WI-58950 Don't highlight overridden method as deprecated if it doesn't have @inheritdoc but parent method has @deprecated and declared in non-abstract class
Performance WI-59521 Condition always true: freeze due to DFA
Performance WI-59011 Performance degradation on magento_inspection (1:51 => 2:56)
Usability WI-60064 Dangerous array initialization: QF uses old-style array creation
Usability WI-60201 PhpStatementHasEmptyBodyInspection: enable checkbox "Comment count as content" by default
Usability WI-59289 Abstract method overriding language level check: produces multiple message for multi resolved targets
Usability WI-60202 PhpUnusedLocalVariableInspection: don't show in case the function/method has require/include calls
Usability WI-58352 Unresolved include: Disable for case "Dynamic include expression is not analysed"
Usability WI-60513 PhpAddMethodFromFunctionCallQuickFix should be higher in the alt+enter list
Usability WI-59038 Undefined static field: don't show if class is undefined
Usability WI-59174 PhpHierarchyChecksInspection: highlight only incompatibility with nearest method
Usability WI-59101 Inspection "condition can be replaced with '?->' " should be placed under "Code style" group
Cosmetics WI-49155 Quick fix for adding undefined functions by callback has wrong name
Task WI-60512 Undefined class constant/constant: make ERROR severity
Exception WI-59353 Annotator access check: doesn't work with class constants
Exception WI-59401 NullPointerException in PhpUndefinedVariableInspection$MyDFAnalyzer.lambda$extractVariableName$0
Exception WI-59320 NPE in multiResolveToFinalValue at PhpDuplicateArrayKeysInspection
Exception WI-58752 PhpIfWithCommonPartsInspection: ClassCastException during parsing of phpdoc in if: else: endif; expression
Exception WI-59396 PIEAE in Force FQCN for references in PHPDoc quick-fix
Exception WI-59310 NPE in phpPassByRefInspection during visitPhpNewExpression in some cases
PHP IntentionsFeature WI-60435 Merge nested conditions: support last `elseif`
Feature WI-60533 New intention: split match conditions into several match arms
Feature WI-59931 Simplify 'if': support throw expressions for PHP >= 8
Bug WI-55770 Split comma-separated values into multiple lines doesn't follow code style for function declaration parameters / call arguments
Bug WI-58751 Unwrap 'else' removes valid code block when PhpDocs are used
Usability WI-60577 Split match conditions into several match arms: requires the caret to be precisely before or after comma
PHP Lib StubsFeature WI-59707 Add enum-related reflection classes into phpstorm-stubs
Feature WI-60399 Implicit enum methods should return instances of callsite class reference
Feature WI-59643 Add array_is_list(array $array): bool to stubs
Feature WI-60363 Add `enum_exists` stub functions since php 8.1
Feature WI-59640 Add 'fsync' and 'fdatasync' functions to stubs
Bug WI-60175 Invalid links in XMLWriter class
Bug WI-58728 soap.php stubs are wrong for __setLocation and __setCookie
Bug WI-59532 Mark 'defined' function as pure that mayDependOnGlobalScope
Bug WI-59284 Optional SoapVar parameters do not accept NULL with PHP 7.4
Bug WI-59517 Marked getcwd as Pure that mayDependOnGlobalScope
Bug WI-60106 mb_strlen may return false before PHP 8
Bug WI-59516 Mark json_last_error as Pure that mayDependOnGlobalScope
Bug WI-59335 Error::getPrevious. Exception::getPrevious and Throwable::getPrevious may return NULL
Bug WI-60658 Incorrect value for PDO::ERR_NONE
Bug WI-58826 PDO::fetchAll does not include false in return type
Bug WI-59611 PHP Documentation of random_bytes/int incorrect
Task WI-59548 Mark #[Pure] functions in stubs that can depend on global scope with appropriate flag
PHP ParserFeature WI-59698 Parser support for `enum`
Bug WI-60442 Access to enum's case members without parentheses is marked as parser error despite it's valid
Bug WI-60466 Attribute on enum's case produce parse error
PHP Quality ToolsBug WI-59549 PHP_CodeSniffer warning/errors are not seen on empty lines
Bug WI-59490 Run inspection by name shows no result if the inspection is disabled
Performance WI-52152 Freezes during remote code quality tools in batch inspection run
PHP RefactoringFeature WI-59905 Extract method: support extracting duplicates with changed output
Feature WI-53049 Inline method: allow refactoring non-static methods
Feature WI-58916 Extract method: extract right-hand side in case extracting from variable assignment
Feature WI-58719 Extract method: reuse short line comment as a method name suggestion
Feature WI-59017 Extract method: suggest name based on selected blocks output variable
Feature WI-60141 Introduce variable: extract RHS in case of invocation on assignment LHS
Feature WI-59268 Extract method: find duplicates with different variable names
Feature WI-58491 Extract method: add scopes to expression selector
Feature WI-60686 Extract class dialog: show conflicts on-the-fly
Feature WI-59178 Extract method: extract return argument when caret is placed on the return keyword
Bug WI-49266 `$a = ''; $a .= 'a';` inlines to `'' .= 'a'`
Bug WI-59469 Extract method: invalid duplicates replacement with arrays
Bug WI-58962 Extract method: don't show variables in selector when it isn't the single target
Bug WI-58975 Extract method: preserve expression selection when dialog is open
Bug WI-60685 Extract class: don't warn if the non-public member is selected as well
Bug WI-58829 Extract method: doesn't add scope of switch statement
Bug WI-59663 Move instance method: destroys variadic if it's the target of move
Bug WI-58831 Extract method: misses do/while scope
Bug WI-56065 Inline variable fails if quotes are differ
Bug WI-59297 Extract method: find duplicates ignores the different number of parameters
Bug WI-59510 Extract method: restore selection when extracting expression via selection
Bug WI-60405 Extract method selector: don't show function call twice
Bug WI-59179 Extract method: don't duplicate throw expression and statement in selector
Bug WI-58833 Extract method: breaks the code if anonymous class is extracted from function
Bug WI-42302 Move instance works wrong with nullable types in parameters
Bug WI-59741 Move instance method breaks the code
Bug WI-58782 Change signature: wrong phpdoc type after removing variadic
Bug WI-58832 Extract method: misses try/catch scope
Usability WI-59524 Extract method: don't detect access to different variables as duplicate
Usability WI-57757 Expand selection stop on all contents of the block without enclosing braces
Usability WI-59527 Extract method: restore initial selection on Undo
Usability WI-57652 Extract method: adjust if semicolon is selected with expression
Usability WI-58953 Extract method: scope selector should trim scope presentation
Usability WI-60174 Extract method selector: remove whitespaces in string literals
Usability WI-59496 Extract method: adjust selection to include semicolon in case of several statements selection
Usability WI-58954 Extract method: limit amount of suggestions in selector
Usability WI-58956 Extract variable: trim match expression in selector
Usability WI-58828 Extract method: selects the whole scope and skip the block of statements
Cosmetics WI-59032 Extract method: missing space between throw and new in selector
Exception WI-59862 Move static method exception for dynamically declared fields
Exception WI-59837 Extract method doesn't replace found duplicate
PHP Type InferenceFeature WI-47101 PHPUnit: Add type inference support for assertInstanceOf call
Feature WI-58641 Add support for Attribute::TARGET_METHOD in LanguageLevelTypeAware attribute
Bug WI-59212 Static is not resolved inside trait to the class which uses trait
Bug WI-60092 Field type is not inferred in case of duplicated doc property presence
Bug WI-46182 Method in trait invoked on field is resolved relative to trait not the class where field is defined
Bug WI-60576 array_reduce type isn't inferred correctly if second argument is too long
Bug WI-59338 @psalm/phpstan-var is applied to all variables on the line below
Bug WI-59405 Flaky type inference for super member via @inheritDoc
Bug WI-60657 Array access to the variable with @var array<int|string, C> adds type of the key
Bug WI-60538 Result type of array_filter is inferred as type of array element instead of array
Bug WI-60537 Return type inferred as false for function 'current' if passed argument has empty type
Bug WI-59078 Missing return type QF: suggests wrong type in case return multiple type in match expression
Bug WI-60544 Type of array_reduce call with string literal argument as initial value doesn't inferred as 'string'
Bug WI-59248 Type inference is flaky in some cases when psalm types extends signature types
Performance WI-60140 com.jetbrains.php.lang.psi.resolve.types.PhpType.isConvertibleFrom is slow
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Bug WI-60550 Use MLSD for listing for MLST FEAT reply
Performance WI-3268 Too slow FTP uploading collecting files phase
Cosmetics WI-60441 Grammatical error in dialog box
Exception WI-58893 IAE exception on enabling automatic uploading
Plugin: PHP ArchitectureFeature WI-58723 Track match expression branches during cyclomatic complexity analyses
Bug WI-58910 Cyclomatic complexity: Null coalescing ?? should be counted during analysis
Bug WI-58739 Cyclomatic complexity: doesn't take into account boolean expressions inside if statement
Bug WI-58848 Cyclomatic complexity: ternary operators are not counted during analysis
Bug WI-59060 Cyclomatic complexity: Extracted methods are duplicated in candidates list for "extract method" QF
Bug WI-58784 Cyclomatic complexity: analysis doesn't count do/while blocks
Bug WI-59204 Feature envy should not warn methods that call util methods
Bug WI-58781 Cyclomatic complexity: Refactoring suggestion selects incorrect part of code to extract method
Bug WI-58738 Cyclomatic complexity: is incorrect in case of if
Bug WI-59576 Feature envy inspection: inspection shows method's parent class as envy target class
Bug WI-58785 Cyclomatic complexity: analysis doesn't count try/catch blocks
Bug WI-58724 Cyclomatic complexity calculated wrong for foreach loop
Bug WI-59518 Cyclomatic complexity: Disable extract single responsibility method QF in a batch mode
Bug WI-58737 Cyclomatic complexity: doesn't count elseif branches
Bug WI-59205 Count distinct method calls during feature envy inspection
Usability WI-59195 Feature Envy inspection should show all classes that method has envy on
Usability WI-58841 Replace plain text link with some href in LCOM inspection description
Usability WI-58714 Cyclomatic complexity: show inferred complexity in the inspection message message
Usability WI-58716 Cyclomatic/Halstead complexity: Don't suggest to extract fragments that violates cyclomatic complexity
Cosmetics WI-59194 Dialog for Move static method with feature envy should reflect that method is static
Exception WI-58722 NPE Exception on QF apply when method with high cyclomatic complexity has only one switch expression
Plugin: PsalmBug WI-58772 Add psalm int-mask type support
Bug WI-60671 Add all possible types of resolved array shapes from array access with dynamic index
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-260954 Add option to highlight ambiguous elements in inspection "Java | Visibility | Access of inherited field looks like access of element in surrounding code"
Feature IDEA-207545 Convert `TestFailedLineInspection` to Uast
Bug IDEA-230802 Guava Verify.verifyNotNull receives incorrect inferred @Contract annotation
Bug IDEA-267847 Scoped inspection configuration is left in inspection profile XML upon scope deletion but not shown in the UI
Usability IDEA-141260 Analyze Dataflow should have Expand-/Collapse-Buttons
Cosmetics IDEA-267115 Fix "hybrid" lists layout in inspections
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBug IDEA-265653 Ctrl-F1 ('Show error description') doesn't work inside injected fragments
Bug IDEA-223039 Throwable when tab in text block injected as a language.
Code Analysis. Structural SearchFeature IDEA-265528 Support searching for java 16 records
Bug IDEA-198425 New SSR: mnemonic for Search target doesn't work
Bug IDEA-266074 Improve switching between search and replace
Bug IDEA-259948 SSR inspection: false positives when the template language is not available
Bug IDEA-264212 Setting a different search target should not require setting count filter
Bug IDEA-265535 Support searching for Java 16 pattern matching
Bug IDEA-263967 Filters shouldn't immediately disappear when they have a default value
Bug IDEA-269555 Select sensible scope when opening structural search dialog
CoreBug IDEA-269348 ImmediatePainterTest fails
Bug IDEA-262426 com.intellij.serviceContainer.AlreadyDisposedException in EditorGutterComponentImpl
Bug IDEA-270202 Background Process Indicator may remain visible after process finishes
Bug IDEA-268140 IDEA fails to start, stuck at splash screen
Bug IDEA-268536 Throwable: Attempt to load key 'linux.row.height.disabled' for not yet loaded registry
Bug IDEA-263296 Call all not-dumbaware EditorTabColorProvider instances just after indexes are built to update editor tabs background colors
Exception IDEA-267034 Cannot init component state (componentName=FileTypeManager, componentClass=FileTypeManagerImpl)
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-267725 There's no 'Layout Settings' action on toolbar in debugger TW
Bug IDEA-266021 Alt+hover blinking on mouse move
Bug IDEA-260695 Inline values in debugger are shown in comments
Performance IDEA-262527 ValueLookupManager.showHint
Usability IDEA-269145 Debugger: Selection in frames view always rendered as focused
Usability IDEA-269151 Debugger: Make toolwindow more keyboard-friendly
Core. File SystemUsability IDEA-225699 IDE attempts to access samba shares without credentials
Exception IDEA-264492 Randomly failing tests due to VFS exceptions
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-256106 WindowsLookAndFeel is not migrated to IntelliJLaf / JetBrainsLightTheme, defaults to Darcula
Bug IDEA-264344 Pressing "Get more keymaps" link inserts search to a wrong textbox
Bug IDEA-201853 Can't reload encoding inside jar file when use latest idea, 2018.2
Bug IDEA-265112 "Override file type" action shows duplicated and irrelevant file types
Bug IDEA-191665 Duplicate copyright in META-INF/services files
Bug IDEA-230267 File Association not working for some files
Usability IDEA-267336 Registry editing actions: Edit and Revert aren't available while IDE is indexing
Usability IDEA-263845 Notify a user when shell environment loading has failed
Usability IDEA-216847 Add Save option to Low Memory heap configuration dialog
Usability IDEA-189694 OOME dialog usability; memory limits validation
Exception IDEA-269559 Advanced settings exception on opening IntelliJ IDEA
Core. IDE Settings. SharingBug IDEA-269456 UnsupportedOperationException when install custom UI theme + theme isn't installed
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-266989 Infinite indexing triggered in all open projects after opening another project
Bug IDEA-266495 Indexing is running forever
Bug IDEA-268788 Indexing pausing might produce deadlock
Bug IDEA-268926 PhpFieldNamesAssignedByTheConstructorIndex is unstable
Bug IDEA-253188 poor performance on node_modules modifications
Core. InstallationFeature IDEA-165872 Delete old config and system directories after upgrade to a new major version
Task IDEA-266756 Get rid of Log4J usages in updater
Task IDEA-168113 Include library sources to sources zip artifact
Core. Navigation and SearchBug IDEA-268322 Freeze when Analyze Data Flow from Here
Bug IDEA-203328 "Expand all" on call hierarchy of a recursive method never terminates
Bug IDEA-203657 Method name labels in call hierarchy are wrong for nested classes
Bug IDEA-250058 Call Hierarchy tab should have a collapse all button
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-264030 Backgrounding progress dialogs seems to have broken between Android Studio Versions 4.1 and 4.2
Bug IDEA-268191 JBPopupFactory.createConfirmation always runs "No" runnable
Bug IDEA-264418 Inlays don't work well with fractional font width
Task IDEA-269551 Replacement for GotoTargetRendererProvider
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-269039 Fail to load descriptor from the downloaded plugin archive
Bug IDEA-215678 "Enable plugins" link in PluginsAdvertiser does not work as intended
Bug IDEA-264429 IDEA suggests updating an uninstalled plugin
Bug IDEA-262343 Cannot unload a plugin due to leak: ToolWindowIcon in ActivateToolWindowAction
Bug IDEA-268227 Fail to load language plugin
Bug IDEA-233743 Restart of IDE is suggested on uninstall/disable of incompatible dynamic plugin
Bug IDEA-262732 Dynamic plugin and lost settings after unload & load
Bug IDEA-256101 Can't see installed plugin, can't uninstall plugin
Bug IDEA-270022 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: com.intellij.openapi.fileTypes.NativeFileType on starting the IDE with 3d party plugins
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-174113 Excluded by pattern files are still compiled
Bug IDEA-269594 Compare Gradle and Maven projects import at old and new project models
Bug IDEA-267199 IDEA may automatically unload all modules if some modules were unloaded in the past
Bug IDEA-270137 Project Structure dialog: after changing name of a module-level library it's shown as 'Empty Library'
Bug IDEA-269842 Can't delete the manually added facet in the project with ExternalStorageConfigurationManager=true
Bug IDEA-262274 Minimize usage of VirtualFilePointerImpl replace to VrtualFileUrlBridge
Performance IDEA-265149 Slow synchronization of project model for project with many modules after opening
Usability IDEA-265597 Unnecessary .idea/libraries-with-intellij-classes.xml is created when I add gradle module to a project
Usability IDEA-268573 Shorten default name for libraries downloaded from Maven repositories
Usability IDEA-269817 Project Structure dialog: on new facet adding via Facets tab re-select some module in the Choose Module dialog
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-265396 Quick Documentation renders only the first one of a repeatable annotation
Exception IDEA-256001 jpg, svg images aren't rendered in quick doc
Core. RefactoringsBug IDEA-266884 Rename refactoring should renames occurrences only inside provided scope
Bug IDEA-264381 IDEA freezes when invoking Surround with Live Template
Usability IDEA-186088 Display some "process" when paste/delete a big folder into/from a project
Usability IDEA-268558 Preview for Move class to other package do not show package name changing
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-266369 Don't invoke `RunManagerListener#runConfigurationAdded` with RunManagerImpl write lock
Bug IDEA-252159 Run / Debug Configuration $FilePrompt$ as working directory
Bug IDEA-266062 $FilePrompt$ as working directory in run configurations not working anymore
Bug IDEA-261090 [new run config UI] do not show Got It tooltip for classpath in jUnit
Bug IDEA-265622 [new run config UI] Mnemonic tooltips appear above another dialog opened from the RC window
Bug IDEA-266139 Kotlin run configuration doesn't support WSL
Bug IDEA-255341 [new run config UI] Logs option adding and deleting is not saved
Bug IDEA-268436 No longer possible to set temporary configurations limit
Bug IDEA-267309 Fork mode is reset to "method" on reopening of run configuration screen.
Performance IDEA-261332 DefaultJavaProgramRunner.doExecute and GenericDebuggerRunner.doExecute
Usability IDEA-257348 "command line is too long" error message: hard to understand how to fix, especially with new run configuration UI
Usability IDEA-249917 [new run config UI] Highlight error state near the field containing the error
Core. Run. TargetsBug IDEA-267619 An exception on Run/Debug is shown to user without means to report it
Bug IDEA-269329 Docker. Run Targets. SpringBoot and Quarkus: runs on docker targets are absent in the Services view
Bug IDEA-270299 Run Targets: RC with run on target excluded from pre-commit run RC list
Bug IDEA-268640 IJ cannot complete commands when the terminal is set to zsh and it needs to update
Core. SSHBug IDEA-267569 Public keys are asked before the password if auth type is set to password
Bug IDEA-267480 High CPU Usage and Decent amount of exceptions in log when importing new remote makefile project
Bug IDEA-263286 SSH client should not try default keys if any IdentityFile is specified
Core. StatisticsTask IDEA-256920 Track Inspections Widget action
Task IDEA-255671 Add information about array data type to generated scheme
Exception IDEA-268572 ADE at com.intellij.serviceContainer.ComponentManagerImpl.doGetService
Core. Task ManagementBug IDEA-262805 First underscore in context name gone
EditorFeature IDEA-267726 Option to disable "advertise actions" on empty editor
Feature IDEA-268343 Add listeners for `Editor.setOneLine`
Bug IDEA-243023 .editorconfig: max_line_length=off disables visual guides
Bug IDEA-267339 Undo - does not restore selection after using an action via popup or menu, but works properly when using a shortcut
Bug IDEA-256658 Editor ignores font settings in 'reader mode'
Bug IDEA-268819 Text preview box under "Font" settings changes size when hovering over the "Current editor font" warning
Bug IDEA-262153 IJ requests indexes on caret shape changing
Bug IDEA-269075 Documentation link for an inaccessible symbol doesn't work with rendered documentaion turned off
Task IDEA-260495 Font Settings: add sample of bold font to preview
Editor. Code CompletionFeature IDEA-267743 Color Scheme: separate background option for quick doc and code completion
Bug IDEA-269699 Second completion shows duplicated file entries
Editor. CopyrightFeature IDEA-150579 Add the ability to maintain multiple years in a copyright statement using the Copyright Plugin
Editor. Diff and MergeUsability IDEA-269735 Missing actions "Show Diff in Separate Window" and "Show Diff in Editor Tab" for Image Diff and binary file diff
Usability IDEA-270466 Go To Changed Files button doesn't appear when another changed file occurs in changelist
Cosmetics IDEA-270307 Diff Unification: unify tooltip for settings gear button
Cosmetics IDEA-239121 diff viewer artefacts (reggression)
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-166360 Caret placement after selection
Feature IDEA-228556 Set field color based on access visibility
Feature IDEA-80384 Different color and fonts style for public, protected and private methods.
Feature IDEA-119435 Keep caret position when commenting code
Bug IDEA-263980 Unexpected caret movement behavior in text with RtL fragments and a tab char
Bug IDEA-264288 Join lines with comment on the second line produces red code
Bug IDEA-262221 Font ligatures do not get enabled in editor but are shown in the preview
Bug IDEA-166692 Unexpected result when selecting a line and then using shift + down arrow
Usability IDEA-138523 Allow new 14.1 AutoWrap Long Lines to be Disabled
Editor. Error HighlightingUsability IDEA-130373 Highlighting should not be paused during VFS refresh
Editor. FormatterBug IDEA-186208 Disabling "Code Style / Java / Chained method calls / Wrap first call" does not glue the method invocation to identifier
Bug IDEA-218936 IDEA: Java code rearrangement may produce illegal forward reference
Bug IDEA-170699 Preview for Code Style goes crazy
Bug IDEA-226487 EditorConfig indent settings not applying to SQL file
Bug IDEA-242506 .editorconfig automatic reformat inserts invalid space
Usability IDEA-260940 Can't generate .editorconfig entries after the .editorconfig file has been created
Exception IDEA-269375 FormattingModelInconsistencyException at com.intellij.formatting.FormatterImpl.validateModel
Editor. Intention ActionsFeature IDEA-263473 'Fix all' action for (at least some) compilation errors
Bug IDEA-264648 Nothing to show pop up is too big
Editor. TextMate BundlesBug IDEA-263847 Some log files not editable
Lang. JSONFeature IDEA-269430 JSONPath: add Evaluate JSONPath action to editor context menu
Feature IDEA-264003 JSONL type for New Scratch
Bug IDEA-268856 Edit schema mappings shows an extracted version of settings
Bug IDEA-268772 NCDFE: ParseException on Exception on attempt to evaluate JsonPath expression
Lang. MarkdownFeature IDEA-261922 'Expand selection' in markdown should stop inside backtick-quoted code
Feature IDEA-210695 Export markdown to html
Feature IDEA-245576 Convert Markdown to Docx (import/export docx)
Feature IDEA-245577 Convert Markdown to Pdf
Bug IDEA-261987 Markdown plugin render blank page
Bug IDEA-269403 Markdown: md file toolbar doesn't have the edit buttons
Cosmetics IDEA-265692 Hide breadcrumbs for markdown files
Task IDEA-270479 Move Import/Export actions from File to Tools->Markdown Converter sub menu
Task IDEA-264671 "export to..." group for markdown with providers for converting to html, docx, and pdf
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-244342 Wrong syntax highlighting in shell script
Bug IDEA-263122 Wrong detection of the balanced string quotes in the shell script
Bug IDEA-262819 Syntax Highlighting issue with process substitution and process redirection
Usability IDEA-252906 Support for running scripts without path
Lang. YAMLBug IDEA-264311 Fragment editor of injection YAML unexpectedly closed after ENTER
Bug IDEA-267035 Syntax language hint no longer works in YAML files.
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-251420 Docker: Implement start/stop for "alien" compose nodes
Feature IDEA-270075 add possibility to disable folding for Docker log console
Feature IDEA-171328 Docker - allow for pausing/unpausing containers
Feature IDEA-270074 ask user before delete orphans services
Feature IDEA-193298 DockerCompose: provide possibility to navigate from alien nodes to the possible compose files
Feature IDEA-265631 [docker-compose editor] add validation for ip type
Feature IDEA-227244 Docker: Provide Safe Delete UI for the Delete Image action
Feature IDEA-268003 Mark unquoted ports in a docker-compose.yml as a warning
Feature IDEA-173760 Docker Compose: Allow operations on multiple services/containers (run, stop, etc)
Feature IDEA-159173 Docker integration: ability to restart containers
Feature IDEA-185923 Docker: provide quick-help for keys in Dockerfiles, docker-compose.yaml files
Feature IDEA-265632 [docker-compose editor] add validation for ports mapping type
Feature IDEA-265630 [docker-compose editor] add validation for duration type
Feature IDEA-268333 Dockerfile: add quickfix for not allowed spaces
Bug IDEA-268618 Docker: [windows] improve error thrown when attempting to connect to Docker when Docker isn't running
Bug IDEA-267020 Docker-compose. Inspection error for "subnet" value from spec
Bug IDEA-222687 Support docker-compose compatibility option
Bug IDEA-269753 Docker: Image completion leads to FROM instruction replacement and exception java.util.NoSuchElementException: Array is empty.
Bug IDEA-267093 Dockerfile. Quick help. Correct some descriptions
Bug IDEA-267016 Docker-compose. Wrong inspection error for 'user' key
Bug IDEA-267013 Docker-compose. Wrong inspection errors for start_period key
Bug IDEA-266612 java.lang.NullPointerException: Parameter specified as non-null is null at adding build options
Bug IDEA-266983 Docker-compose. Inspection errors for device_cgroup_rules values from spec
Bug IDEA-267124 Docker-compose. Duration type: wrong inspection errors for 2.5s format
Bug IDEA-267017 Docker-compose. Wrong inspection for `cpus` key
Bug IDEA-267498 Docker-compose. Wrong inspection error for `cpus` key value
Bug IDEA-268617 Docker Compose: port indentation is off for code completion
Bug IDEA-267032 Docker-compose. Add validation for shm_size key values
Bug IDEA-267110 Docker-compose. Ports validation. Add validation errors in case of ports with spaces
Bug IDEA-267007 Docker-compose. Inspection errors by "list" presentation for `environment` key
Tools. HTTP ClientFeature IDEA-267008 HTTP Usage Inspection: ignore local URL addresses by default and add an option
Bug IDEA-264163 HTTP Client freezes IDE on big response
Bug IDEA-239324 REST client JSON output limitation / truncated
Bug IDEA-266294 HTTP Client doesn't use credentials specified in Proxy Authentication dialog in case of autodetected proxy
Usability IDEA-269042 HTTP Client: should not mark regexp for URL as a insecure http link
Usability IDEA-265960 "Http is not safe" hint overlaps with underlined references in URL
Tools. TerminalFeature IDEA-118845 Allow configurable cursor shape in terminal
Feature IDEA-198475 Powershell as a default shell on Win 10
Feature IDEA-165184 Add "Use Option as Meta key" support to terminal
Feature IDEA-268134 Allow to increase/decrease/reset font size in the built-in terminal using keyboard shortcuts
Feature IDEA-212446 Make opening external files from the embedded terminal configurable
Bug IDEA-170763 Some special characters cannot be typed in IDE terminal
Bug IDEA-258409 Terminal pane must be opened manually in order for shell configurations to run in 2020.3
Bug IDEA-238288 PhpStorm Terminal is not outputting ANSI formatting sequences correctly
Bug IDEA-260165 Alt + F/B shortcuts do NOT work in Terminal
Bug IDEA-269214 Several keystrokes not recognized by embedded local terminal ( latest debian )
Bug IDEA-266310 Typography settings not working in terminal
Tools. Test ManagementBug IDEA-268204 TMS with local markdown files mixes scenarios
User InterfaceFeature IDEA-145837 Add left margin regulation for distract free mode
Feature IDEA-259660 Add a shortcut to allow switching Big Sur tabs
Feature IDEA-263488 Add a status bar widget for Power Save mode
Feature IDEA-237881 Provide a way to group problems by type in Problems View
Bug IDEA-261164 In Mac Messages the warning icon is always displayed as the general IntelliJ icon
Bug IDEA-261052 JDK Update should use the IDE/Plugin updates
Bug IDEA-268307 Sort tool windows without mnemonics in Recent Files alphabetically
Bug IDEA-253426 Implement "Show pinned tabs in a separate row" for single row layout
Bug IDEA-256073 Black frame in selected ComboBox item
Bug IDEA-262284 Recent Projects popup doesn't remember it's width
Bug IDEA-261853 JBTextField consumes space when invisible
Bug IDEA-265122 PHPStorm-EAP 2021.1 throw exception on welcome screen (com.intellij.util.ImageLoader.getResourceData)
Bug IDEA-236115 Mac title bar is empty in full screen mode
Bug IDEA-263393 Open In Browser action from the URL context action menu is invoked just on mouse hovering or navigating by arrays through the actions popup if Intentions Preview is enabled
Bug IDEA-267051 Sort icon is missing in table headers
Bug IDEA-266854 IDE resets Windows File Explorer Recent Files list on start
Bug IDEA-262987 Frame icon is small when in presentation mode
Bug IDEA-261155 Built-in HTML tab is opened as Preview tab if the *.html file is opened as Preview tab
Bug IDEA-266927 Plugins settings page steals the focus from search box
Bug IDEA-189731 Results preview of "analyze dataflow" is "empty" for all but first result inside one node
Bug IDEA-236120 Transparent title bar is not hidden if a detached tab is opened in full screen mode
Bug IDEA-239838 Duplicated file opened in split mode when we are paused on a breakpoint in debug mode (Tabs are disabled)
Bug IDEA-267389 Icons appear for popup items without icons
Bug IDEA-267718 [BigSur alerts] Do not support HTML tags in options namees
Bug IDEA-263581 Add JDK: "com.intellij.openapi.roots.ui.configuration.SDKListItem$..." action items are displayed on touch bar
Bug IDEA-269107 "configure" action for conflicting changelists shows an extracted version of the settings
Bug IDEA-269705 New Project wizard doesn't allow to select project type
Bug IDEA-236133 Window does not get to "normalize" state by double-click the transparent title bar
Bug IDEA-264566 "Updates available" icon disappears after IDEA restart
Bug IDEA-262687 Some mnemonics are not visible in popups
Bug IDEA-268606 Arrow buttons are not displayed in the image diff
Bug IDEA-270071 Quick Definition popup rendering
Bug IDEA-267670 Add an option key to call "Maximize Editor" with double-click on editor tab
Bug IDEA-268182 Projects are opened as separate windows instead of tabs if transparent title bar is enabled
Bug IDEA-268310 File icons are rendered differently for multiple-selection in VCS changes trees
Bug IDEA-191366 Text in file inspection header is unreadable due to wrong color
Bug IDEA-264380 Exception on startup
Bug IDEA-267047 Frequent crashes at [libnst64.dylib+0x6be2] _setButtonData+0x142 in IDEA Nightly (no reproducer yet)
Bug IDEA-269313 Toolbar and navigation bar are hidden under project tabs if projects are opened in full screen
Bug IDEA-232632 "Mark modified (*)" works only if "Show file icon" is enabled for Editor tabs.
Usability IDEA-269111 "Customize menus and toolbars" action shows an extracted version of the settings
Usability IDEA-270122 Only last component of root module group name is shown in Project Structure dialog
Usability IDEA-267294 "Stretch to Right"/"Stretch to Left": Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys resize the dialog instead of text selection
Usability IDEA-265384 Make IDE and Project settings widget disablable
Usability IDEA-249597 "Copy" context menu now requires submenu navigation
Usability IDEA-267926 Display project name in 'Open project' confirmation dialog
Usability IDEA-265158 Cannot dnd tab to pin when options 'One row' and 'Show pinned tabs in a separate row' are on
Usability IDEA-184944 Use words instead of symbols in shortcuts for OSX
Usability IDEA-269106 "Edit scopes" setting opens an extracted part of the settings
Usability IDEA-262095 Pinned tabs in a separate row: don't stretch unpinned tabs
Cosmetics IDEA-267398 "About" dialog is not well-aligned when shown in JetBrains Mono font
Cosmetics IDEA-236119 Wrong font is used in title bar if transparent title bar is enabled
Cosmetics IDEA-267732 "Browse icon for selection action (*.png)" doesn't reflect that .svg is also supported
Cosmetics IDEA-270200 Broken selection color in New File dialog
Cosmetics IDEA-262886 Move the "Open without Importing" button to the center
Task IDEA-265276 Improve wording in New Project Settings menu item
Task IDEA-268511 ExpandableTextField#setMonospaced(true) should use editor font instead of system one
Task IDEA-268320 Tab drag out of the editor should open tab in a separate window
Task IDEA-234632 Make backgroundable tasks start in background by default
Exception IDEA-269240 'IllegalArgumentException: Can't find advanced setting' when call 'Reset Got it tooltip' action
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-264923 On MacOS, the name of the IDE error icon is spoken with HTML tags
Bug IDEA-263910 Screen reader pronounces "text/html" for some notifications
User Interface. Action SystemFeature IDEA-266279 Create dedicated Maximize Editor action
Bug IDEA-267137 Keyboard navigation in popup menu causes duplication in submenu
Bug IDEA-265677 CloseNotificationAction is not available during indexing
Bug IDEA-264299 Toolbar with browsers is no more visible in html files
Bug IDEA-263282 Toolbar jumps and popups resize due to that in async update mode
Bug IDEA-264547 Clicking on the "Run Tests" gutter unexpectedly creates a breakpoint
Bug IDEA-263127 Deadlock in ActionUpdater
Bug IDEA-264398 Empty menu item in Favorites tool window menu
Performance IDEA-264612 0.5 s delay when showing the branch list
Task IDEA-264768 Right click on a gutter unexpectedly creates a bookmark
User Interface. Console ViewBug IDEA-250608 Output automatically activates soft-wrap when a line is longer than 100000 characters
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-264027 Branch actions dialog is being closed immediately
Bug IDEA-267068 Offset clickable area for the Resolve button in the Commit panel
Bug IDEA-260511 Combox with JBPopup closes on update
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Feature IDEA-265760 implement off-screen jcef render handler
Bug IDEA-244182 JCEF heavyweight popup closes too early or always stays on top [Linux]
Bug IDEA-269332 support JBR-3447 org.cef.browser.CefBrowserOsrWithHandler#createDevToolsBrowser is not implemented
Bug IDEA-269711 osr markdown is not painted when switching the view modes
Bug IDEA-269568 switch markdown viewer to lightweight OSR mode
Task IDEA-265333 allow per-browser off-screen rendering mode
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-268087 Fix cosmetics in search field in editor and in popup
Bug IDEA-242476 Filter icon becomes a line of checkboxes when the icon does not fit on the toolbar
Task IDEA-231364 Implement Find Usages tool window and dialog design updates
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-268607 Some git actions (probably all) don't raise Git tool window focus when the tool window is in window mode
Bug IDEA-266195 Navigating to Definition not Focusing on Other Screen
Bug IDEA-235818 Cmd+` (Command backtick) switches between windows in different workspaces
Bug IDEA-214538 UI freeze caused by java focus API, Ubuntu 18.04, two monitors
Bug IDEA-250423 Wrong file selected in Project View when clicking it after working in detached Editor
Bug IDEA-251381 "git => compare branch" looses focus before list of branches can be displayed
Bug IDEA-265676 Switching to another project using File -> Open Recent does not work if the other project is already opened and its window is minimized
Bug IDEA-264005 Non-modal commit tool window isn't focused sometimes on 'Commit' action (when "Refreshing Local Changes" progress is shown)
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-198381 Modifiers from macro action invocation shouldn't affect macro execution
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-256700 Different behaviour of JEditorPane for Darcula and IntelliJ Light themes
User Interface. NavigationFeature IDEA-269550 Debugger: Use Preview Tab for files opened for frame navigation and stepping
Bug IDEA-269778 In Quick Definition popup, left/right arrow keys move a caret instead of switching overrides
Usability IDEA-269923 Navigating Back/Forward should remember if the file was opened in Preview Tab
User Interface. PluginsBug IDEA-257729 java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 4: file:\C:\Program Files\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA 211.3089\lib\icons.jar!\plugins\pluginLogo.svg
Bug IDEA-267878 Update notification from a disabled plugin after the plugin was already updated (Rider, Azure DevOps plugin)
Usability IDEA-265998 Plugin update: modal error messages appear one on another
User Interface. Project ViewFeature IDEA-162454 Project View. Count selected items.
Bug IDEA-269161 Broken backward compatibility in PsiDirectoryNode
Bug IDEA-265441 Project tool window "copy path" context menu action copies wrong path (focusing issue)
Bug IDEA-268305 Hide empty middle packages option disables correct tree view of parent and children packages
User Interface. Search EverywhereBug IDEA-266701 Search Everywhere: Wrong hint on All tab after switching from Actions tab
Bug IDEA-261426 Empty line in Search Everywhere results when searching for "vcs"
Usability IDEA-265751 "Open recent" name in find dialog could be unintuitive
Version ControlFeature IDEA-57574 Ability to enable tests execution in "before commit" actions
Feature IDEA-241921 Branches panel should respect the Path filter
Bug IDEA-265636 Clicking Help button in Remove Remote dialog throws an exception
Bug IDEA-270337 Tests before Commit: Selected Tests configuration is not updated in Commit toolwindow if was changed in Settings
Bug IDEA-268108 Balloon notification does not escape html from jest output
Bug IDEA-267194 Settings Repository fails at clone due to incorrect upstream branch resolution
Bug IDEA-264651 Branches: "Expand/Collapse All" shortcuts do not work correctly when search filter is filled
Bug IDEA-264772 Tests before Commit: cannot run tests in gradle project
Bug IDEA-269829 Commit is done whereas pre-commit test task isn't successful
Bug IDEA-264758 Tests before Commit: code compilation is not started on tests run before commit
Bug IDEA-264996 Tests before Commit: infinite checks spinner if test configuration is not full
Bug IDEA-269314 Shift+Tab navigation is not working in Commit toolwindow
Bug IDEA-264658 Branches: Missing Edit / Remove remote context menu items
Bug IDEA-269629 Analyze Code before commit: latest added profiles are not shown as selected
Bug IDEA-264786 Tests before Commit: first underscore in configuration name turns into mnemonic
Usability IDEA-171873 Commit change dialog should show code cleanup profile
Usability IDEA-269749 Add "Run Tests" option in Version Control | Commit | Before Commit
Usability IDEA-264785 Pre-commit checks in background: hard to distinguish failed checks when many are shown
Usability IDEA-171261 Cannot delete last changlist
Usability IDEA-268812 'Esc' no longer closes the diff window
Cosmetics IDEA-269628 Analyze Code before commit: first underscore in profile name turns into mnemonic
Cosmetics IDEA-264640 Branches: Add "Group By" tooltip
Task IDEA-266238 Add "Fetch" icon to VCS main menu
Exception IDEA-266052 Tests before commit: IllegalStateException: Already resumed
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-259421 Add an action to call Ignored but not excluded check
Feature IDEA-232456 Branches: Allow grouping by repository
Feature IDEA-193572 Support git config core.hooksPath
Bug IDEA-262265 Unshelve with drag and drop doesn't work inside commit tab
Bug IDEA-259512 Automatic exclusion of files listed in .gitignore only recognizes files from 1 repository root.
Bug IDEA-270207 WSL: IDE incorrectly autodetects git on windows after export/import wsl distro
Bug IDEA-263100 Compare with Branch functionality actually compares with tag if branch and tag have identical names
Exception IDEA-267043 Exception and threadDump after merging via Git Merge dialog
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-265152 Create pull request: show tooltip with full repo-branch spec on hover
Bug IDEA-263361 GitHub Pull Requests: push is incorrectly recognized as successful when create PR without access to repo
Bug IDEA-264499 "Create Pull Request" button does not appear until after "Pull Requests" pane has been opened
Bug IDEA-203276 Rebase My GitHub Fork and Create PR offers to select between origin and upstream
Bug IDEA-265637 GitHub Sync Fork: sync fork doesn't work when upstream configured with ssh or http url
Bug IDEA-260230 Loading Github branch protection rules not consistent
Bug IDEA-264961 Create Pull Request: remove plus and target icons for New Pull Request View
Usability IDEA-262864 GitHub Sync Fork: sync fork action returns "No suitable GitHub account found" notification instead of "Log In to GitHub" dialog when no github account is configured
Usability IDEA-263390 GitHub Pull Requests: can't hit pencil button by keyboard
Version Control. Local HistoryFeature IDEA-70015 Search Local History for file content and labels
Version Control. LogException IDEA-269709 Stable ' Broken index maps' after reopening some projects in AppCode
No subsystemBug DBE-13148 Datasource color setting does not override children color settings
Usability DBE-13276 No way to create a data source from SQLite file using the context menu
Code CompletionBug DBE-10650 Bad completion for table aliases in INSERT
Bug DBE-2931 MSSQL: bad completion
Performance DBE-13164 Datagrip 2021.1 freezing when typing join statement. After re-indexing, issue keeps occurring several times per day
Usability DBE-10512 Add option to toggle suggestion of all objects from all schemas in completion drop-down
Code FormatterFeature DBE-8059 An option to treat the asterisk in the SELECT clause as a regular element
Feature DBE-759 Add options to wrap alter table statement
Code GenerationBug DBE-12810 SERAIL field type is incorrectly generated for not default sequence
Bug DBE-13327 IDE generates trigger chunk in view DDL
Code HighlightingBug DBE-1632 PostgreSQL: Accessing subfields from function returning composite type
Bug DBE-13092 CockroachDB SQL dialect doesn't understand partial UNIQUE indexes in CREATE TABLE
Bug DBE-12952 GROUP_CONCAT () does not accept LIMIT clause
Bug DBE-13188 Resolving of PL/SQL record type fields does not work in most cases.
Bug DBE-12955 Missing Functions in Snowflake Dialect for Datagrip
Bug DBE-13058 BigQuery: support BIGNUMERIC/BIGDECIMAL
Bug DBE-13185 Unsupported option in CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW
Bug DBE-13084 Add support for [update|drop histogram on] statements for MySQL dialect
Bug DBE-13296 MSSQL dialect does not recognize Azure SQL command `CREATE DATABASE foo AS COPY OF bar`
Bug DBE-9172 Inline/in-line PL/SQL Functions in SQL queries fail due to syntax-check
Bug DBE-12960 Oracle SQL*Plus dialect does not support "create blockchain table" command in DB 19c (19.10.0) or 21c
ConnectivityUsability DBE-10327 Database tool window does not appear after creating connection
Usability DBE-13181 Data Sources & Drivers > Advanced: Table not visible on MacOS 11.3
Cosmetics DBE-13230 Data source invalid selection in the list
Data Editor/ViewerFeature DBE-1751 Add an "Open in console" button side by side with the "View Query"
Feature DBE-12547 Allow to set additive sorting by default (old title: Multiple column sorting no longer works)
Bug DBE-12679 Filter's inability to format date columns.
Bug DBE-7504 Presto JDBC: Timezone displays incurrect even after setting -Duser.timezone=+0800
Bug DBE-9814 Oracle DATE type values should not contain time 00:00:00
Bug DBE-13130 Keymap conflict in database tool "add Row" <-> "set NULL"
Bug DBE-13252 Table data editor action panel does not change color
Bug DBE-13078 No tooltip when hovering commit/rollback button in Database view
Bug DBE-11078 No schema name in 'Choose target' popup
Bug DBE-12716 Alt+F7 on binary primary key returns empty search result
Bug DBE-13095 [YUGABYTE] [0A000] ERROR: System column with id -1 is not supported yet
Bug DBE-13167 Wrong date is returned by Snowflake if session timezone is not UTC
Usability DBE-13055 DataGrip should display the time zone if the data type is one with time zone
Usability DBE-12883 Rename 'Related Data' to 'Related Rows' in 'Go To' context menu
Usability DBE-12545 Remember new ORDER BY field location on UI
Usability DBE-11774 Table is read-only when there is no schema qualifier (unresolved table references)
Data Import/ExportFeature DBE-10368 Import CSV success message should contain the link to open the new table
Bug DBE-12683 Conversion failed timestamp -> smalldatetime when coping tables
Performance DBE-11370 import CSV into a HIVE table took forever
Performance DBE-13139 Import to Redshift is still slow even with batch support. Probably tweak linesPerStatement parameter
Usability DBE-13259 Improve copy numeric data from SQLite due to dynamic types
Database ExplorerBug DBE-12745 Broken breadcrumbs
Database MigrationsBug DBE-12652 MariaDB: invalid syntax for user creation with TLS Options
Usability DBE-12800 Object migration popup default size is weird
DiagramsFeature DBE-3541 Table comment in diagrams
Bug DBE-13046 Data source color setting is not reflected on diagram anymore
Bug DBE-13283 Adding a diagram note leads to `ClassCastException`
GeneralFeature DBE-13111 Treat DataGrip projects like it's done in all other IDEs.
Feature DBE-12094 Local history is absent for the source code editors
Usability DBE-13068 Add 'Shorten datasource and object names in tab titles' option to context menu of tab
IntrospectionFeature DBE-10580 Introspect Redshift external tables with nested elements
Bug DBE-8546 DataGrip 2019.2. Not Recognize USING keyword in CREATE TABLE syntax (PostgreSQL 12)
Bug DBE-9386 PG12 generated column DDL not valid
Bug DBE-13325 Better UI for dross-database synonyms
Navigation & SearchBug DBE-13272 Unable to see full name of objects in Favorites despite plenty of room in the Favorites window/panel
Bug DBE-9259 Can't map keyboard shortcuts to [Full-text Search...]
Usability DBE-13140 Can't open table data view from Favorites
Usability DBE-13251 Wrong focus position after first navigation on table.column_name via Search Everywhere
Usability DBE-10826 Target data source filter needs to chop long data source names
Query ConsoleCosmetics DBE-12897 Execute routine dialog looks ugly in default settings
RefactoringBug DBE-12711 'Qualify identifier' is missed in ORDER BY
Run ConfigurationsBug DBE-12843 tSQLt - java.sql.SQLException when test returns a result set
SQL ResolveBug DBE-4531 Completion fails on table synonyms across databases
Bug DBE-12619 [SQL Server] Unable to resolve security policy
Schema DiffBug DBE-13121 Unify primary key and unique index in diff view
No subsystemBug WEB-47995 IDE "Synchronizing files..." Indefinitely after installing dependencies in multi-package project
Bug WEB-50967 Popup with auto import suggestions shows 'Loading'
Bug WEB-50703 Typescript debug session closed once a breakpoint is hit.
Usability WEB-50871 Do not show less popular browsers by default in the browser editor widget
CSSUsability WEB-49798 Provide better name/description for "CSS | Invalid elements | Unresolved CSS Class" inspection
DartBug WEB-51019 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 0 out of bounds for length 0
DebuggerBug WEB-49821 Deno debug completely broken
Bug WEB-50455 Webstorm 2021.1 cannot reconnect debugger automatically
Bug WEB-35835 The debugger does not stop at any breakpoints in symlinked files when using `--preserve-symlinks` node option.
Cosmetics WEB-51035 Unexpected filename in context menu items of run and debug
Task WEB-50869 Remove Firefox Remote debug configuration in WebStorm 2021.2
HTMLBug WEB-49670 Simultaneous tags editing breaks JSX tags editing when using multiple carets
Cosmetics WEB-50457 Use Obsolete instead of Deprecated in HTML inspections
JSONBug WEB-50759 JsonSchema: "deprecationMessage" not recognized when using "$ref" or "anyOf"
JavaScriptFeature WEB-40986 Lodash ES6 imports
Feature WEB-50653 Private brand checks
Feature WEB-19907 Guess parameter types from function calls
Feature WEB-35266 Support TypeScript types in JSDoc
Feature WEB-50734 Add Surround with Arrow Function
Bug WEB-49306 Generic type in suggest instead concrete
Bug WEB-50638 i18n: Preferences/Settings: Languages & Frameworks: JavaScript: Libraries: hardcoded string in framework type
Bug WEB-50461 JavaScript one-line if-else doesn't report syntax error on missing semicolon
Bug WEB-50469 InvalidPathException while checking if file is included in .flowconfig when opening files with `:` in URL
Bug WEB-50052 No completion for commonJS module if the module is required in other files
Bug WEB-50029 Insert template string argument intention should be available after template string
Bug WEB-46919 JsDoc 3 Hashmaps are not supported for plain entries
Bug WEB-49323 The type is shown incorrectly in the assignment
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-32166 'Add semicolons on reformat' should add semicolons after TS interface members
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-49740 [2020.3.2] ij_vue_uniform_indent setting ignored in .editorconfig for .vue files
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-44319 JavaScript noinspection DuplicatedCode has no effect
Bug WEB-50378 False positive "The value assigned to 'x' is never used" inside async function
Bug WEB-50520 Unreachable Case in Switch
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-50557 Inlining destructured variable based off conditional selected object
LintersUsability WEB-47440 Show quick fixes from the IDE inspections above quick fixes related to linters
Node.jsFeature WEB-36709 Autocomplete in package.json should respect configured npm registry
Feature WEB-46834 On completion show only names and hide values of variables stored in .env
Bug WEB-50591 Hovering over dependency in package.json does not show latest version until you hover over the package again
Bug WEB-50526 Installed prereleased version does not match the version range '*' in package.json
Usability WEB-51119 Hide V8 Profiling from the menu Tools
TypeScriptFeature WEB-43845 no action for convert `import = require` to `import from`
Task WEB-50611 Improve "Infer parameter types from usages" intention
Unit TestsBug WEB-51076 RuntimeExceptionWithAttachments: Can't run Karma with coverage
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