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PHPFeature WI-56627 ArrayShape for params: add completion for keys in function/method calls
Bug WI-52799 Advanced Metadata: class::traitMethod in expectedArguments(functionFQN,...) not working
Bug WI-57386 Wrong string concatenation with PHP 8
Usability WI-57392 Resolve PhpStorm attributes only to vendor folder in case of both stubs+vendor packages installed
PHP InspectionsException WI-57502 Dead code: CCE when processing promoted properties
PHP InterpretersException WI-57965 NPE on attempt to add remote interpreter using ssh connection
PHP Quality ToolsBug WI-57853 Inspections not working via dockerized phpstan when project is in subdirectory
Plugin: PHPStanBug WI-57015 Inspect code with enabled PHPStan inspection spawns many PHP processes, seems never to finish
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-255769 Inline watches: inline hint may stuck with Collecting Data
Core. DiagramsBug IDEA-257774 "Show usages" on module dependencies diagram always shows "No matches found"
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-256953 File chooser: show WSL UNC roots with backslashes
Core. Image ViewerBug IDEA-258686 No preview for WebP images in the IDE on Apple Silicon
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-253899 Missing icons for disabled paid plugins in the license dialog
Bug IDEA-256058 I can't register my license and open plugin market place
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-255566 Collisions across Search Everywhere contributors' weights aren't detected
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-257867 Workspace model should survive broken cache
Bug IDEA-257495 Last facet removed from module restores after reopen
Bug IDEA-257045 Adding module groups are not working anymore
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-256792 New run configuration show red error for Main class comes from libraries (when enabling "Include non-project items")
Bug IDEA-253019 [new run config UI] Run Configuration is missing "Use module path" checkbox after upgrade to 2020.3
Core. Run. TargetsFeature IDEA-252713 Support wizard-based SSH target creation
Bug IDEA-258066 Run Targets: SSH: all maven run configurations fail on resources copying stage trying to access /project folder
Bug IDEA-257608 Make Project path on target browsable in SSH target wizard
Bug IDEA-255466 Run Targets: When create new project and new ssh target on attempt to browse jdk get "failed to find ssh settings"
Bug IDEA-258081 Run Targets: the Next button remains disabled in the New Target: SSH dialog if the existing connection is selected using the SSH Configurations dialog invoked by browse button
Bug IDEA-256133 Run Targets: new maven configuration with docker run target have duplicated name to existed configuration
Bug IDEA-257610 Changes in Project path and JDK path in SSH wizard are not applied
Bug IDEA-257136 Run Targets: Introspection for SSH target during wizard completed with errors
Bug IDEA-253239 Run Targets: the remote java is shown in the Application Run Configuration when the remote target is selected, but not in the Spring Boot Run Configuration
Bug IDEA-258863 SSH: Rsync upload fails on local/remote paths with spaces
Exception IDEA-257536 NPE at
Core. SSHCosmetics IDEA-258310 Log throwables from wrapBlockingSshCall at most once
User InterfaceBug IDEA-257811 Big Sur: Toolbar hides after opening a project in a separate tab
Bug IDEA-236086 Find field: second line appears if a search string does not fit the filed size
Bug IDEA-257810 Big Sur: Empty grey line remains a project window after drag-and-drop a project tab out of the window
Bug IDEA-257931 Big Sur: Empty grey bar appears above the tool bar if opening a third project in full screen
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-244511 IDE steals focus when dragging a file over its window
Version ControlUsability IDEA-235910 Double-click behavior in Local Changes could be optional
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-256372 Git Merge dialog: the dialog doesn't remember last used branch
Bug IDEA-258364 Committing a file in the ignored directory via staging area fails.
Bug IDEA-253948 Git Merge Dialog: manually entered branch name is not used in some cases
Performance IDEA-254138 Git Rebase dialog opening takes a very long time for big project
Usability IDEA-256325 Git Rebase: Rebase dialog clears the base field if dialog was closed without performing rebase
Usability IDEA-254606 [Regression] Degrated expirience when working with remote branches in online and offline mode.
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-228590 GitHub PullRequests: timeline width does not allow to see all content
Bug IDEA-254431 "Add Account" using OAuth shows "Your connection is not private" error if HSTS is configured for "localhost" for some reason
Usability IDEA-255031 Thread reply field is too wide in timeline
Task IDEA-244516 "Share Project on GitHub" action shows old "password or token" dialog if no GH accounts configured
Task IDEA-244514 "Create Gist" action shows old "password or token" dialog if no GH accounts configured
Version Control. LogCosmetics IDEA-258478 Incorrect background color for file history progress
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-12367 Athena introspection does not work after latest update
Data ViewsBug DBE-12255 SQL Server - Wrong hierarchyid values representation
Usability DBE-11774 Table is read-only when there is no schema qualifier (unresolved table references)
Usability DBE-12168 No "Submit changes immediately" option on IDEA 2020.3 ,so you must manually submit a data change.
No subsystemBug WEB-48777 JavaScript "forof" template: unstable order of elements in completion / suggestion
Bug WEB-48856 Highlights with ERROR severity cancels SYMBOL_TYPE syntax highlighting in injections
Task WEB-49047 Updated the Getting Started link under the Learn WebStorm tab
CSSBug WEB-48695 Don't report "Redundant measure unit" error for css-grid "fr"
Bug WEB-48207 CSS parsing error when using negative function arguments in min()/max() functions
Bug WEB-45868 Parsing error when using DOM element selectors CSS injection if CSS dialect is set to 'PostCSS'
Bug WEB-48210 Valid value 'break-spaces' of CSS property 'white-space' is highlighted as error.
DartFeature WEB-25687 Add 'VM Options' field to the Dart Test run configuration editor.
Bug WEB-43142 Contents of typed_data does not show up in the debugger
Usability WEB-48264 'Dart Command Line App' and 'Dart Test' run configurations should start Observatory only when debugging
DebuggerBug WEB-46619 WSL debugging is not working while using npm run configuration
Bug WEB-48918 Mocha: Debugger doesn't stop on breakpoints when use WSL interpreter
Bug WEB-48816 Chrome custom user data gets cleared on IDE restart
JavaScriptBug WEB-49003 Deadlock in JSResolvedTypeIdCache
Bug WEB-48719 Having a colon in JSX results in a syntax error
Bug WEB-48976 Comma expression without parentheses inside a string interpolation expression marked as a syntax error
Bug WEB-49037 RejectedExecutionException when comment a piece of code
Bug WEB-42605 JSX fragment closing tag with a space breaks syntax highlighting
Bug WEB-48606 Incorrect type definition in 2020.3
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-43318 No code completion in dynamically evaluated classname attribute value
Feature WEB-44150 Vue: support type inference for component props within template
Bug WEB-48837 Nuxt: Issue auto-importing components from paths ending with '/'
Bug WEB-48899 webpack config analysis is infinite if node_modules were deleted
JavaScript. RefactoringTask WEB-48813 Support `RefactoringEventListener` in JS refactorings
TypeScriptBug WEB-48114 When changing a method signature in TypeScript, the caller code is not updated
Bug WEB-48675 TS 4.1 template string literal type isn't being fully computed for switch statements ("Possibly infinite type substitution" error)
Bug WEB-48741 "a module cannot have multiple default exports" with overloaded default function
Unit TestsBug WEB-48931 Running cucumber-js 7.0 test generates error "formatter.finished is not a function"/
Bug WEB-48835 .../null error when trying to run cucumber tests
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