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No subsystemBug WI-48661 SSH: "Permission denied" on path `/` with a jailed shell from cPanel
PHPBug WI-48825 Phpstorm freezes randomly since 2019.2.2 patch installed, worked fine before
PHP CompletionBug WI-48992 Code completion does not work after an arrow function
PHP ComposerBug WI-48957 Exception in Composer with Docker compose interpreter
Bug WI-47963 Exclude vendor/jetbrains/phpstorm-stubs folder
PHP RefactoringException WI-48498 Extract Field throws exception and doesn't allow to change name if the variable type is null
Exception WI-47594 Introduce field: PIEAE when revert and apply refactoring again
PHPDocBug WI-48766 property inspection switches parent and child class
Bug WI-48657 @method self not works anymore at EAP
Core. DiagramsException IDEA-218015 Attempt to export any diagram to svg image fails with NPE
Core. File SystemFeature IDEA-152607 Non-destructive "safe write" mode
Core. IDE SettingsUsability IDEA-221387 Configure Gutter Icons opens Settings For New Projects
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-215497 jbr/bin/java Access Denied during update from IC-192.4205.45 to IC-192.4488.21
Bug IDEA-223576 Impossible to update Pycharm 2019.1
Core. Password ManagementBug IDEA-223257 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 'void com.intellij.credentialStore.CredentialAttributes.<init>(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.Class, boolean, int, kotlin.jvm.internal.DefaultConstructorMarker)'
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-222946 identifier tooltip - due to scrollbar the tooltip window is not large (height) enough when there is only 1 or 2 lines in the tooltip. So the text is always obscured.
Core. SSHBug IDEA-222345 Allow users to update known_hosts in a one click
Bug IDEA-220958 SSHJ: ConnectTimeout option is being read from config as milliseconds but should be read as seconds
Cosmetics IDEA-222955 Error message cannot be fully read
Core. Task ManagementBug IDEA-222938 Can't uncheck "Enable Cache" in `Settings -> Tools -> Task`
Editor. Code CompletionBug IDEA-221425 Code completion broken and not configurable
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-221667 Pressing Option-Enter on warning while info popup is displayed and previous warning hasn't been cleared causes cursor to jump in editor
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-221730 Stop services window from taking focus when opening a database table.
User Interface. GraphicsBug IDEA-220577 Menu icons in Presentation mode are large
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-222125 Update project notification incorrectly considers recents when calculating number of commits matching filter
Bug IDEA-220499 Git merge --no-commit still perfroms a commit if conflicts occur
No subsystemBug DBE-9285 Inspections from commandline: SqlCaseVsCoalesceInspection fails with "registers INFORMATION level problem in batch mode"
Bug DBE-9154 No more right click option to refresh materialized view on PostgreSQL
DB ConnectivityBug DBE-5559 H2 embedded: mv.db extension as appended to the database file each time
Bug DBE-3272 H2 Data Source: automatic detection of database files for MV_STORE format (.mv.db)
Bug DBE-9136 Cannot change session to Azure SQL database after update to 2019.2.4
Usability DBE-9247 Adding data source via the explorer is confusing
DB ConsoleFeature DBE-2344 DB2: not possible to enable DBMS_OUTPUT
Bug DBE-9260 Running "Execution Plan" on a recursive SQL results in java.lang.StackOverflowError"
Bug DBE-9251 Cannot remove association with console for the once injected sql into a string fragment
DB DiffBug DBE-9226 Compare tool generates invalid mariadb sql for drop index when generating migration script
DB GeneralBug DBE-8736 Don't write database model on EDT
DB IntrospectionFeature DBE-7213 Support System-Versioned Tables introspection and syntax
Bug DBE-9181 Refresh of external schemas in Redshift is unreliable
Bug DBE-6627 Sequences are not displayed in database structure for H2 databases
Bug DBE-8000 MS SQL: table or column comments are truncated to 30 characters
Bug DBE-9262 Mysql - No autosync - introspect schema doesn't introspect
DB RefactoringBug DBE-8776 Modify comment query lost umlauts in encoding mess even though previewed SQL is fine
Cosmetics DBE-8364 Edit Comment for DB Table Column Window
DB Schema ViewsFeature DBE-8608 Cannot reassign "drop" database object shortcut key
Usability DBE-9195 Schema patterns keep getting reset when I drop and recreate a database
Usability DBE-9248 Tables are not loading with the schema selected without refreshing
Configuration Problem DBE-9020 Database tool window -> Show intermediate nodes deactivated no longer works in 2019.2
Data Import & ExportBug DBE-9254 PostgreSQL Copy results as SQL Inserts does not Quote Items Properly
Data ViewsFeature DBE-5970 Transposed table in a table editor don't allow to resize a column name
Bug DBE-9217 When I press forward or backward button, Index is increased or decreased. But This can't renew the table. I think it is bug. Please fix this.
Bug DBE-9338 The row number is truncated in table view
Bug DBE-8904 Transpose collapses field names
Bug DBE-9157 Quick documentation for database rows produce invalid queries
Usability DBE-9179 Thousands separator in results rows count view
PL & DDL EditorBug DBE-8649 DDL editor should always use UTF-8
SQL CompletionFeature DBE-9252 Completion: option to suggest only objects from current database/schema
Bug DBE-6024 Database completion/object navigation should not show filtered out objects
Bug DBE-1188 Code completion wrong when data source has many databases MySQL
Bug DBE-7033 Bad completion for subquery
Usability DBE-9070 Option to disable smart join completion
Usability DBE-8957 Misleading icon in a completion list
Usability DBE-9307 SQL: MySQL: code completion could suggest ALTER TABLE
Usability DBE-2234 SQL completion: useless item duplication
SQL Format and StyleBug DBE-9249 PostgreSQL formatting: the "Keep new line after THEN, ELSE" options doesn't work
Bug DBE-9185 Unable to format correctly a view creation query that uses a "With query"
SQL GeneralBug DBE-9376 MS SQL parses incorrectly when column alias is "load"
Bug DBE-2667 "Quote identifier" should choose correct case
SQL GenerationBug DBE-9366 DataGrip freezes 30 secs after launch
SQL HighlightingBug DBE-7426 MariaDB command JSON_VALUE not recognized
Bug DBE-9271 PL/SQL: "Unable to resolve column 'sqlerrm'" at exception block
Bug DBE-5819 Bad SQL is green: MySQL `delete * from`
Bug DBE-9317 Add az64 compression encoding support
Bug DBE-9193 Good code is red when using dots in PostgreSQL CREATE VIEW WITH() option names
Bug DBE-8924 False warning about number of values when selecting identity column
Bug DBE-9108 Support SONAME syntax
Bug DBE-8370 OPENXML WITH clause is not recognized
Bug DBE-9167 Snowflake SQL Dialect parsing error
Bug DBE-9293 Sybase: unable to resolve "GO" symbol
Bug DBE-9160 DataGrip: Error indicated if trying to execute SQL Server procedure using user parameters to pass value
Bug DBE-9264 Named parameters in SQL function calls are marked as syntax errors and broken by auto-format
Bug DBE-3688 SQL: MySQL: support correct limitations for CAST and CONVERT arguments
Bug DBE-9353 Inlay hint is strange for VALUES
Bug DBE-9210 Inspection ['Delete' statement without 'where' clears all data in the table] should not be shown when selection made by JOIN
SQL ResolveBug DBE-6494 rowversion type is not recognized by Datagrip
Usability DBE-9261 Unable to select schema in SQL Resolution Scopes dialog
No subsystemTask WEB-41494 Support nullish coalescing in TypeScript
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-38082 PropTypes.shape should support warn on missing required prop inside 'shape'
Bug WEB-40757 Can't create @vue/cli@next project (v4.0.0-beta.3)
Bug WEB-41788 Code analysis failed
Performance WEB-41087 vuejs autocomplete of tags is slow, taking 3-8 seconds to bring up results
LintersBug WEB-40937 tslint.json file in subdirectory no longer recognized
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