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No subsystemBug WI-47386 SSHJ WebDeployment incorrectly handles aliases in ssh config (initial title: incorrect file system URI)
Bug WI-47151 WebDeployment SSHJ, root inside symlink could not create folder ... because it already exists and is a file
Exception WI-45485 Changing "call tree analysis depth" setting throws exception
Distribution packagesFeature WI-46083 Bundle EditorConfig
DocumentationTask WI-38951 Review texts for Inspections | PHP, Joomla!, Blade files, Ini files, Phing
HTTP ClientFeature WI-46732 Create a doc comment to disable using cookie jar
Feature WI-40932 REST client: recognize 'cURL format'
Feature WI-40381 Automatically preserve/transfer cookie between requests
Bug WI-46729 Cookies from request header are not merged with cookie jar
Bug WI-46730 Create a limit for number of cookies in cookie jar
Bug WI-46612 CURL: in custom header with no value semicolon is not removed
Bug WI-46610 In multiline CURLs the first line is commented out
Bug WI-47601 JDK 11: cannot retrieve header value with `response.header.valueOf`
Injections in PHPFeature WI-1640 Autoinject Regex into standard library functions
Bug WI-46280 PCRE: Character with hex code with single character after \x is not supported in range regexp
Bug WI-46032 Change language for <<<REGEXP pattern from RegExp to PhpRegExp
Bug WI-46187 Escaped special symbols in conjunction with quantifier treated as error in extended PCRE regexp
Bug WI-46137 PCRE: Character with hex code is not supported in range [\x00-\x11]
Bug WI-46141 PCRE: The `()` delimiters conflicts with groups
Bug WI-46135 PCRE: Unclosed character class for \x{} UTF-8 character
Bug WI-46214 PCRE: Quick fixes that change regexp duplicate the pattern and don't fix the problem
Bug WI-46035 PCRE: back references via \g are not supported
Bug WI-46037 PCRE: (not) horizontal whitespace character is not supported
Bug WI-45590 Escaped quotes break SQL language injection in PostgreSQL dialect
Bug WI-46228 PCRE: Escaped octal values in single quotes for extended ascii symbols are marked as error
Bug WI-46138 PCRE: The `{}` delimiters conflicts with quantifier
Bug WI-46227 PCRE: \0 in single quotes is marked as illegal octal escape sequence
Bug WI-46846 Syntax error in large strings with injections
Bug WI-46139 PCRE: Comments that starts with # for /x (PCRE_EXTENDED) is not supported
Usability WI-45077 PostgreSQL: Language injection fails when casting data type
PHPFeature WI-46711 Annotator support for spread operator in array expression
Feature WI-46638 Highlight write access to temporary expressions
Feature WI-14641 Highlight associated loop when cursor is above break/continue operators
Feature WI-47098 Resolve array access to ArrayOffset methods if value implements ArrayOffset interface
Feature WI-46707 Alternative resolve suport
Feature WI-45603 Highlight primitive field type
Feature WI-25828 Provide a way to adjust a number of folding levels
Bug WI-46301 Structure view: remove the field name on the right hand side for fields without default value
Bug WI-44945 Primitive types are resolved like namespaced classes (Heisenbug)
Bug WI-45567 Ignore unresolved constants in expectedArguments completion
Bug WI-46888 Annotate super global variables in use list
Bug WI-11263 Protected properties from inherited classes marked as inaccessible
Bug WI-5539 PCRE: support named groups
Bug WI-46666 False positive "Can't use a temporary expression in write context" in chain of assignments with a multidimensional array as member reference
Bug WI-45648 Stubs: file level PHPDoc may be assigned to function
Bug WI-47013 Highlight cast keyword as primitive type hint
Bug WI-47159 Find usages of base method in interface should not yield empty result if the interface is implemented and methods in child classes are used
Bug WI-46859 Variables from short arrow function body should be resolved to declarations from outer scope
Bug WI-47365 Disable Auto import dialog for relative namespace name
Bug WI-46704 Phpstorm metadata does not respect auto-import
Bug WI-45922 Typed properties: object type hint should resolve to stub
Usability WI-20508 Live Templates: Methods in interface shall not have body
Usability WI-22789 Override hint for final method
Usability WI-46534 Disable placing caret on class name if class has doc comment
Usability WI-47156 String 'Foo_Bar_Class' is not resolved to the class
Cosmetics WI-46639 New files when indexing
Cosmetics WI-46277 Structure view: add space after colons while rendering return type
Cosmetics WI-46289 Structure view: remove line separators from field/constant default value presentation
Cosmetics WI-46279 Structure view: shorten FQN's and add checkbox in panel to expand them
Cosmetics WI-46278 Structure view: show default values of fields and constants
Exception WI-46304 The exception is thrown for callable arguments which are arrays with multiple strings
Exception WI-46352 Exception is thrown on attempt to find usages of __invoke method
PHP CompletionFeature WI-45793 Insert space or ";" after `return` completion item if applicable
Feature WI-19358 Autocompletion for callable type
Feature WI-46533 Add `return true` and `return false` completion items for in function with boolean return type
Feature WI-45690 Add completion for primitive type hint
Feature WI-46617 Add `return null` as completion item in function with nullable return type
Feature WI-45683 Automatic expected argument completion based on parameter default
Feature WI-46050 expectedArguments: replace class name with self:: when inside same class
Feature WI-45682 Increase weight of applicable constants and keywords based on argument type (true, false, null, array, function)
Feature WI-46791 Add fn as completion item based on project level
Feature WI-47063 Add `declare(strict_types=1);` completion item
Bug WI-46860 Variables from outer scope should be suggested in completion of short arrow function body
Bug WI-46070 Interfaces aliases not shown in completion list
Bug WI-45803 Fallback to previous behavior for return in case return type is compound and one is void
Bug WI-45877 PHPStorm's autocompletion doesn't prefer imported classes
Bug WI-45457 Super methods are not shown for callable completion
Usability WI-45786 Increase weight of `return` completion item if position's statement is the last one in parent group statement
Usability WI-45780 Increase weight of applicable elements by previous variable declarations
Usability WI-45818 Increase break/default completion items weight after break/return inside case statement
Usability WI-45808 Increase weight of applicable completion items based on opposite ternary expression element type
Usability WI-46081 Insert semicolon automatically when method reference with void return type was completed without this/self keyword
Usability WI-45782 Increase elseif/else completion items weight after if/elseif
Usability WI-45778 Increase weight of applicable elements opposite comparison element
Usability WI-45675 Exclude functions from PHPSTORM_META namespace from global function completion
Usability WI-45919 Insert semicolon automatically when function reference with void return type was completed without parent expression
Cosmetics WI-46640 Postfix completion template 'fe' wrong description
Cosmetics WI-46220 Remove PhpRegExpExtended from the @lang completion list
Cosmetics WI-45814 Render true/false/null completion items as regular keywords instead of constant
Exception WI-46917 Exception when complete short closure
PHP ComposerFeature WI-23544 Composer not working when using remote PHP interpreter
Bug WI-47288 Sycnhronize IDE settings with composer.json checkbox can't be enabled
Exception WI-47172 NPE Exception when create new composer project using composer from remote interpreter
PHP DebugFeature WI-44808 Support 'Method Breakpoints' via gutter
Bug WI-46573 Incorrect log message for Twig debugging in case HTML is not associated with Twig
Bug WI-46159 Method breakpoint can't be set for namespaced function via gutter
PHP FormatterFeature WI-8197 PHP code style blank line before the end of the class
Feature WI-22991 Align simple in-line comments
Bug WI-45406 Reformat function call when trailing commas in multiline function call
Bug WI-46225 Insert space after clone keyword
Bug WI-28528 Drupal: Blank line before closing bracket of class {}
Bug WI-45911 Align in-line comments doesn't work for chained calls
Bug WI-46865 Arrow function: complete current statement adds {} instead of ;
Bug WI-46869 fn completion insert space before parenthesis
Bug WI-45955 Align in-line comments for chained calls are moved maximum to the left
Usability WI-45960 Reorganize Minimum Blank Lines section
Usability WI-43528 Indent new line in flexible HEREDOC/NOWDOC according to closing tag indentation
Usability WI-39472 Unwanted indenting of code in brackets in switch case statement
PHP InspectionsFeature WI-46858 Strict types inspection: check typed properties assignments
Feature WI-46910 Undefined field/method/function: provide quick fix 'rename reference'
Feature WI-46810 New inspection: closure can be converted to arrow function
Feature WI-46926 New inspection: Switch statement without default branch
Feature WI-46628 Add 'Disable inspection for global namespace' quick fix for the FQN inspections
Feature WI-45925 New inspection: missing declared type for the field
Feature WI-46000 Typed properties: highlight callable type as error
Feature WI-45584 Class hierarchy check: type redefinition for typed properties is not allowed
Feature WI-33245 Increase the limit of PHP Code Sniffer message
Feature WI-45711 New inspection: unnecessary parentheses
Feature WI-46904 Member has private/protected access: provide quickfix to change member visibility
Feature WI-46790 Language level inspection support for arrow functions
Feature WI-45932 New inspection: PHPDoc @var type doesn't match declared field type hint
Feature WI-45647 Suggest to change signature of the function from function call with invalid number of arguments
Feature WI-46712 New inspection: Only arrays and Traversables can be unpacked
Feature WI-46728 Annotator check: Illegal typed property's default value
Feature WI-47012 Parameter type incompatibility inspection: add quick-fix to cast argument if possible
Feature WI-46925 New inspection: Duplicate branch in switch statement
Feature WI-45582 New inspection: Type mismatch inspection for typed properties
Feature WI-45549 Import class: allow to choose imported alias as import qualifier
Feature WI-46223 Unnecessary parentheses: suggest to unwrap require_once
Feature WI-45762 New inspection: expression without clarifying parentheses
Bug WI-45706 Change signature: doesn't allow or warn about removing a used argument
Bug WI-46866 Arrow function: missing return type compatibility inspection
Bug WI-46804 Assignment replaceable with operator assignment does't respect severity setting
Bug WI-45701 Change signature: doesn't change parent/static typed parameters to the specific class
Bug WI-46896 'Missing property type' quick-fix for property with default value produce red code
Bug WI-45420 Replace qualifier with import insert use statement in a wrong order
Bug WI-46055 PHP Code Sniffer throws erroneous phpcs: Internal.NoCodeFound: No PHP code was found in this file and short open tags are not allowed
Bug WI-45708 Change signature: doesn't update parent method
Bug WI-46838 Incorrect argument types in namespaced functions with variable-length argument lists
Bug WI-46224 Unnecessary parentheses: suggest to unwrap clone
Bug WI-46864 Arrow function is not required to return a value
Bug WI-38838 PHARs are not taking into account during run
Bug WI-46717 Missing field type: Exception is thrown on attempt to add type of anonymous constructor
Bug WI-38608 Unused import: function/constant with alias inside @see
Bug WI-45709 Change signature: quick fixes are shown although can't be applied to anonymous functions
Bug WI-46783 Missing field type: Quick fix adds 'resource' as a type
Bug WI-45707 Change signature: doesn't work on @method
Bug WI-47065 Undefined variable: don't suggest to add variable to use list for arrow functions
Usability WI-45699 Change signature: automatic quick fix doesn't work if function is imported
Usability WI-46726 Add inferred type as type property QF: show which type will actually be added in QF message
Usability WI-46039 Missing option "create class" in intention context menu when one exists in a different namespace
Usability WI-46443 Cannot simplify FQN that has partially imported NS
Usability WI-45700 Change signature: don't suggest to add parameter after a parameter with a default value
Usability WI-46354 Provide links between code quality tools settings and inspection
Usability WI-46719 Missing field type: in case of multiple possible types the random one is added
Usability WI-46505 Change type to match super always uses FQN
Usability WI-45702 Change signature: automatic quick fix doesn't work for methods
Exception WI-46891 Exception when add property type for property that is initialized also in child constructor
PHP IntentionsFeature WI-15652 Intention to convert between single-line comma-separated things and multi-line representation
Feature WI-46308 Change visibility: support typed properties
Feature WI-45831 New intention: extract selected part of the sprintf format string literal to sprintf arg
Feature WI-28273 Add "Implement method.." intention to PHP (add method stubs to implementations when a new method is added to an interface)
Feature WI-45830 New intention: extract selected part of the string literal to concatenation operand
Feature WI-46994 New intention: copy 'switch' branch
Feature WI-46766 Quick fix to convert ?? to ??=
Feature WI-46821 New intention: Convert arrow function to closure
Bug WI-47183 Split/Join in multi line intention: Incorrect splitting of function declaration with parameter types
Bug WI-47295 Convert sprintf call to string interpolation bug
Bug WI-33634 Comment after property moves after using "initialize fields"
Bug WI-46983 Convert closure to arrow function: Incorrect whitespace
Bug WI-47109 Split/Join in multi line intention: apply "Add a comma after last element in multiline array" option
Bug WI-46887 Convert arrow function to closure: don't add $this and superglobals to use list
Usability WI-45910 Cleanup: available string intentions
Usability WI-45429 Suggest 'generate phpdoc' intention only from function signature
Usability WI-47102 Split/Join in multi line intention: doesn't work for nested expressions (arrays inside function call, array inside array, ...)
Usability WI-45821 Order of Add field/Add @property intention actions inconsistent
Exception WI-45874 java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown if intention is invoked on the closing quote
PHP ParserFeature WI-46723 Parser support for ??= (null coalesce assign) operator
Feature WI-47108 Typed properties: make parser more permissive, add completion on unfinished declarations
Feature WI-46698 Parser support for spread operator in array expression
Feature WI-46785 Parser support for arrow functions
Bug WI-47338 Undedected Syntax Error when writing name- and valueless class constants
PHP RefactoringFeature WI-34119 Provide assignment replaceable with assignment operator quick fix for static and instance fields
Bug WI-46523 Auto-import: 'Select Class to Import' dialog shows when it is not needed
Bug WI-34121 Assignment replacement does take into the account only variable name and doesn't take into account variable type (dynamic field, static field)
Bug WI-17377 Change Signature: warn if parameter name is hidden by closure parameter
Bug WI-46672 Change signature doesn't work when invoked on function call
Bug WI-43858 Refactoring file / class name renaming all array indexes with same string in whole project [critical]
Bug WI-17378 Change signature: doesn't update usage of closure
Cosmetics WI-41151 'Make static' refactoring is placed under 'XML refactorings' section in Refactor popup
Exception WI-46868 Arrow function: extract method throws exception
PHP TemplatesFeature WI-28666 Support Smarty 3.1.22 namespaces
Bug WI-46996 Blade debug doesn't work if generated path is located at the last line
Bug WI-46959 Blade debug: Blade breakpoints are ignored
Bug WI-45533 Blade: new lexer ignoring blade elements in php
PHP TestFeature WI-46529 Codeception: create gherkin step definition
Feature WI-33781 Provide colored output for test results
Feature WI-34967 Codeception: support test rerun
Feature WI-22143 Type Inference: treat PHPUnit's setUp() and setUpBeforeClass() as __construct for field initialization
Feature WI-46674 PHPUnit Code Coverage: automatic whitelist configuration doesn't work with the remote interpreters due to missing mapping
Feature WI-34963 Codeception: resolve gherkin steps
Feature WI-29060 PHPUnit Code Coverage: Allow to configure whitelist or/and set whitelist to project root
Feature WI-46778 phpt: support jump to files in *EXTERNAL* sections
Bug WI-14085 PhpUnit: bootstrap file setting is shared between all run configurations
Bug WI-46997 PhpStorm considers tests directories as source roots and setup a project root as a whitelist
Bug WI-47425 PHPStorm shows failed PHPUnit test as passing with incorrect log output with run.processes.with.pty registry enabled on Windows
Bug WI-47011 phpt: injected ini is not highlighted
Bug WI-46564 Codeception: Create step definition: add AcceptanceTesterActions trait to the template class
Bug WI-39682 Always insert FQN for PHPUnit annotation
Bug WI-46755 PTY is not supported on Windows: PHPUnit - "Test framework quit unexpectedly" - Unit Tests Not Failing
Bug WI-16792 Сoverage: should respect directory suffix from configuration file
Bug WI-46948 Several phpt keywords are not highlighted
Bug WI-11852 Coverage: Code coverage with sym links
Bug WI-46024 Code coverage is not shown with docker-compose exec and PHPUnit
Usability WI-46590 Codeception/PHPSpec: provide --no-ansi so the colored output is not supported
Usability WI-46558 Codeception: Create step definition in gherkin file quick fix should suggest to create file in tests/_support
PHP Type InferenceFeature WI-45581 Assign declared type to typed properties
PHPDocFeature WI-19598 Provide quick fix "Copy from parent" for missing field's PHPDocs
Feature WI-46649 Show ancestors of the method in quick documentation
Bug WI-26715 Overly aggressive propety-read / property-write
Bug WI-23988 various PHP tags are not seen by IDE after editing / @property wrong cache invalidation / @property method not recognized by code assist if @property is added manually
Usability WI-27973 Duplicate parameter declaration in pop-up
PS InfrastructureFeature WI-46565 Collect and analyze event-logs from performance run
Plugin: Command lineBug WI-46967 Run Anything: doesn't list custom tools
Bug WI-45386 problems with parsing last Drush tool
Task WI-45295 Reuse Run Anything instead of separate input and console
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Bug WI-46984 SSHJ: Uploading of many files (1K+) cancels with Failure (file descriptors are exhausted)
Bug WI-47258 SSHJ: Can't connect to Windows OpenSSH server
Bug WI-47251 SSHJ SFTP connections broken in 2019.2 EAP #5: "Shell access is not enabled on your account!"
Usability WI-46321 useless shortened filename in confirmation dialog for "Download from remote host"
Usability WI-45851 Overwrite/merge/skip dialog on upload is not focused
Cosmetics WI-45152 Toolbar buttons for files open from a Remote Host don't get responsive after indexing finishes
Exception WI-47035 SSHJ: Exception is thrown on killing server
Project ConfigurationFeature WI-16723 Add CakePHP View files (.ctp) as PHP file in default configuration
Feature WI-46120 Provide ability to specify argumentsSet along with other expected arguments in .phpstorm.meta.php
Feature WI-12955 Create injectable PCRE-compatible regex language
Usability WI-46197 "Configure PHP Include Paths" context menu not showing up under "External Libraries"
SpellcheckerPerformance WI-45410 Spellchecker works indefinitely on the large CSV file
Code Analysis. DuplicatesFeature IDEA-214460 Do not detect duplicates inside ruby test files.
Feature IDEA-214455 Skip initialization methods during duplicates analysis in ruby files.
Bug IDEA-212709 Hide unrelevant options in `Duplicated code fragment` inspection options.
Bug IDEA-209663 Relayout duplicates configurable
Bug IDEA-214457 Distinguish methods calls in ruby files.
Bug IDEA-217219 Duplicated code tool window numbers the lines from 0
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-93333 Chained method calls inspection shall ignore methods which return the same type of enclosing class
Bug IDEA-210888 Offline inspection result file contains incorrect path to project if run command has `..` segments in path to project
Bug IDEA-210730 The same spelling error is underlined twice
Bug IDEA-209420 Unable to export Inspection Results as HTML
Bug IDEA-138441 Methods named like getters are wrongly treated as pure
Bug IDEA-208728 Fix settings link on inspection toolwindow.
Bug IDEA-214550 Intellij shows wrong error on generic methods due to another another argument wrong type.
Bug IDEA-208127 Batch inspection result preview not scrolled to warning in injected code
Usability IDEA-30715 "Split into multiple declarations" / "Split into separate declarations" confusion
Cosmetics IDEA-206994 Show more context in Inspection results preview
Exception IDEA-211319 Inspect all sometimes throws "Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only"
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBug IDEA-211437 Language Injection: close the injected fragment editor on un-injecting
Bug IDEA-211592 Language Injection: no comment is inserted on injecting into java constant
Bug IDEA-212451 Multihost language injection: injected fragment editing causes exceptions and corrupted code
Bug IDEA-153979 Injected fragment editor: inserting new lines makes references unresolved
Performance IDEA-207632 PostgreSQL fragment editing slow and unusable
Usability IDEA-211593 Language Injection: 'do you want to insert annotation?' prompting message is misleading in case of missing annotations
Exception IDEA-211432 REWA at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.tree.injected.changesHandler.AbstractMarkerBasedInjectedFileChangesHand ler.getReportException
Code Analysis. Structural SearchFeature IDEA-206520 Add JavaScript/TypeScript existing templates
Feature IDEA-210188 Add type filters for JS structural search
Feature IDEA-182437 Search Structurally dialog should have an inline preview
Bug IDEA-209897 Search for for loop pattern with expression list statement fails
Bug IDEA-217904 IDE fails to load script for structural search which refers to Java plugin API
Bug IDEA-193965 Structural Search And Replace: rerun button works incorrectly
Bug IDEA-210612 Scopes dialog requires 2 OK/Cancel clicks before it goes away
Bug IDEA-214637 Structural search doesn't find lambda with statement body and $statement$ expression inside
Bug IDEA-210782 Structural search in JavaScript: can't find arrow function
Bug IDEA-215457 Allow to search Java methods and constructors in a single query
Bug IDEA-211084 debugger pattern finds all identifiers in JS
Bug IDEA-210460 SSR: Double-clicking a group node in the Existing Templates dialog closes the dialog
Bug IDEA-210464 SSR: Exporting/importing a template should not include search scope
Bug IDEA-215017 New pattern cannot be added to Structural Search Inspection
Bug IDEA-209956 Expressions enclosed in parentheses are replaced twice during Structural Replacement
Usability IDEA-216176 Don't show "pattern does not match anything" hint if pattern contains red code
Usability IDEA-193706 SSR: provide more information about how to fix "malformed pattern" error
Cosmetics IDEA-216179 SSR: Ungrammatical message "No template ... found in Project Files"
Exception IDEA-204490 AIOOBE at com.intellij.structuralsearch.StructuralSearchProfileBase.compile
Exception IDEA-202169 IOOBE at com.intellij.structuralsearch.plugin.ui.filters.FilterPanel$2$1.getRowRendererComponent(FilterPanel. java:77)
CoreException IDEA-216312 SOE on find usages in IntelliJ project
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-212608 Make debugger colors customizable
Core. Diagrams (UML)Bug IDEA-186132 No default .uml extension for new class diagrams
Bug IDEA-184834 Uml Class diagram adds two entries to every diagram that can not be delete
Bug IDEA-209065 UML: classes added to diagram via AddClassToDiagram action (<Space>) or by drag'n'drop appear incorrectly in the navigation popup
Bug IDEA-217046 Project Modules diagram is empty if root selected in "Show Paths: Root->Selection" mode
Bug IDEA-208180 Unknown and unwanted artifacts in UML diagram
Bug IDEA-124631 Opening *.uml file does nothing
Bug IDEA-141306 UML: new enum constant creating for enum via UML diagram creates uncompilable code if enum contains some members other than constants
Bug IDEA-60296 Modules UML diagram: listen to module and library rename
Bug IDEA-124475 Save diagram: ignores changed filename and drops layout
Usability IDEA-182068 Java Class Diagrams window steals focus from editor
Usability IDEA-47864 UML: Create New Method dialog: provide possibility to set static and final modifiers
Exception IDEA-172311 NPE at com.intellij.diagram.util.DiagramUtils.setBestPopupSizeForGraph
Exception IDEA-90136 IDE at com.intellij.diagram.presentation.SimpleElement.<init>
Exception IDEA-72445 Exception when reverting changes with diagram opened
Exception IDEA-206582 IndexNotReadyException on calling UML diagram during indexing
Exception IDEA-151955 'deleteFile() not supported' when trying to delete diagram from Navigation bar
Exception IDEA-173305 IAE at com.intellij.diagram.presentation.SimpleElement.<init>
Exception IDEA-202308 IndexNotReadyException on opening project if UML diagram is opened in the active editor
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-212025 VFS refresh blocks UI while reading file system under read action
Performance IDEA-208128 VirtualFilePointer.getUrl() accesses disk
Performance IDEA-216453 UI freeze after branch switch caused by file type detection from content (via TemplateDataLanguagePusher)
Performance IDEA-208259 JdkTable / VirtualFilePointerContainerImpl initialization / VirtualFilePointerContainerImpl.getUrls() do disk access
Performance IDEA-211046 RefreshWorker/VFS massive memory usage
Exception IDEA-208539 java.lang.Throwable: Synchronous execution on EDT: fsnotifier
Core. IDE SettingsFeature IDEA-207917 Provide a way to disable proxy detection logic on early startup
Feature IDEA-182589 Copy settings back to IDE after disable sync plugin
Bug IDEA-211988 Speed Search in Settings works incorrectly after not matching search criteria entering
Bug IDEA-191085 Failed to sync IDE settings. Invalid credentials
Bug IDEA-210223 doesn't save re-added file type configuration
Bug IDEA-218848 Unable to import settings ... chrome-user-data ... (No such file or directory)
Bug IDEA-210503 Freeze when trying to update IDE from "Settings" dialog
Bug IDEA-215089 unable to get Update
Bug IDEA-209785 No separator for File templates group when invoke new from Project view
Bug IDEA-191923 Importing config of old IDE version including custom plugin URL causes incompatible plugin suggestion from this URL
Bug IDEA-207297 Settings sync doesn't work, NPE in CloudConfigManager
Bug IDEA-199518 Support trim_trailing_whitespace = false
Bug IDEA-217083 SerializationException on second opening Swift PM project in CLion
Bug IDEA-100538 Editor: Fall back fonts are not applied on Mac OS
Bug IDEA-214625 "Check for updates" action does nothing for me in Nightly
Bug IDEA-198533 Template group disappeared when you drag all templates to another group
Bug IDEA-209982 Services view: deployment run configurations appear twice in the toolwindow
Bug IDEA-214809 Users which had old Mac OS keymap get switched to new keymap silently
Bug IDEA-216940 Add code completion for File and Code Templates
Bug IDEA-217364 Rider build problem connected with FUS.
Bug IDEA-207107 PhpStorm 2019.1 EAP build 191.4738.10, The file auto save is invalid.
Bug IDEA-207936 IDEA is 'saving application' indefinitely
Performance IDEA-215475 Report settings data to FUS asynchronously
Usability IDEA-202502 "Use console font" / "Use color scheme font instead of the default" checkboxes can't be set by clicking on their text
Core. JSONBug IDEA-212680 Replace with allowed value simply erase a current value instead of proposing available ones.
Bug IDEA-216061 Adding new key-value pair into single-line JSON object places comma into the next key while typing
Bug IDEA-212880 Null is cached if schema is applied first time for already existing code
Exception IDEA-212654 strange behaviour when working with file name function.json
Exception IDEA-217138 AE at com.intellij.json.psi.impl.JsonPsiImplUtils.getNameElement
Core. Navigation and SearchBug IDEA-215118 Change in behavior: Navigate->File using maven-backed module-name no longer brings up pom.xml for that module
Bug IDEA-215360 Ctrl-s doesn't repeat find
Bug IDEA-211449 IDEA is unable to find lambda implementations when invoked on library class source
Bug IDEA-216794 Search eveywhere does not search in libraries
Performance IDEA-188959 Calculate line marker tooltip in background thread
Usability IDEA-207052 There should be a way to customize GoToDeclaration behavior
Task IDEA-209480 Remove stub hierarchy
Core. Platform APIFeature IDEA-214797 Allow using color palette in themes
Feature IDEA-208103 ExecUtil.sudoCommand could show a prompt on macOS 10.10+
Bug IDEA-210479 A race condition in module structure loading
Bug IDEA-209724 Smart pointer creation during project disposal leads to "Element from alien project" assertion
Bug IDEA-204092 ExternalSystemApiUtil#findProjectTasks not static
Bug IDEA-208630 Fix "Bean extension class should not have constructor with parameters" EPs
Bug IDEA-181010 unable to use BouncyCastleProvider in plugin due com.intellij.util.lang.UrlClassLoader is not providing ProtectionDomain
Bug IDEA-216927 Restore UastLiteralReferenceProvider binary compatibility in 2019.2
Task IDEA-209921 Deprecate runWriteCommandAction(Runnable)
Task IDEA-204389 Tons of "Kotlin: 'psi: PsiElement?' is deprecated. ambiguous psi element, use `sourcePsi` or `javaPsi`" compiler warnings
Exception IDEA-215230 "Project opening should be done in a transaction" exception appears during reopening of LearnProject via "Learn AppCode" on "Welcome to AppCode" window
Exception IDEA-214801 NPE at VirtualFilePointerImpl#toString
Core. Plugin ManagementFeature IDEA-211218 Possibility to mark a plugin as internal
Bug IDEA-197563 Plugins sync says "not installed" for installed plugins
Usability IDEA-212691 Filter out invalid plugins when the problem is fixed
Usability IDEA-212690 Do not show checkboxes for plugins that are not loaded
Usability IDEA-214551 Plugins: typed input is lost on tabs switch
Usability IDEA-202747 Provide a link to plugin homepage along the vendor link
Usability IDEA-215108 Plugin manager UI - Include modification date
Usability IDEA-212701 Place plugin home page above the plugin descripton
Cosmetics IDEA-207802 Plugins page: do not show (0) if no updates available
Cosmetics IDEA-212695 Replace "Enable plugins" with “Enable required plugins”
Cosmetics IDEA-215084 Fix error message on Plugins page
Exception IDEA-210339 AE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.PluginUpdatesService.recalculateUpdates
Exception IDEA-214826 NPE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.NewListPluginComponent.updateEnabledState
Core. ProfilerFeature IDEA-218102 To attach JFR to already started local process
Feature IDEA-216334 Profiler: Set, or suggest to set max stack trace depth for Flight Recorder
Feature IDEA-191888 Add support for Java Flight Recorder (JFR)
Bug IDEA-216560 org.openjdk.jmc.flightrecorder.internal.InvalidJfrFileException: No readable chunks in recording
Bug IDEA-216125 profiler tree speed search freezes EDT
Bug IDEA-215597 Part of tree renderer overlaps table renderer
Bug IDEA-216934 To start gradle tasks and run configurations with JFR
Bug IDEA-215303 There should be 'Run with Profiler' in Gradle toolwindow
Bug IDEA-216163 Flame graph based on JFR data not properly rendered
Bug IDEA-215305 Reset doesn't work in Java Profiler settings
Bug IDEA-217299 JFR Settings page
Bug IDEA-216549 Wrong merged callees tree calculation
Usability IDEA-217815 Fix grammar in Profiler UI
Usability IDEA-216477 Do not use three rows of tabs in profiler UI
Usability IDEA-216480 More toolbar buttons in profiler Call Tree tab
Task IDEA-214653 Correct presentation settings in Java profiler's call tree
Exception IDEA-217284 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jetbrains.plugins.gradle.service.project.AbstractProjectResolverExtension
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-210798 Dependencies scope dropdown is switching on mouse over
Bug IDEA-211346 Modules randomly do not load when opening a project
Bug IDEA-208386 If both .idea/workspace.xml and .idea/misc.xml are modified, reload doesn't happen correctly
Bug IDEA-218348 "Load/Unload Modules..." action isn't shown in the popup menu for unloaded module node anymore
Usability IDEA-41940 Provide better diagnostics when the user selects a JRE directory as JSDK home
Exception IDEA-212645 Exception on new project opening
Core. Quick DocumentationFeature IDEA-175215 Better quick JavaDoc for enums
Bug IDEA-208812 Inappropriate quick doc for array length
Bug IDEA-211038 Ctrl-Shift-Arrow does not resize quick documentation popup but closes it
Bug IDEA-209629 Too small default size of quick doc popup (causing text clipping by scrollpane)
Bug IDEA-210273 Table columns missing in Javadoc Quick Documentation view for Java 12
Performance IDEA-214615 Memory leak in DocumentationComponent through a blinking caret
Usability IDEA-208365 Always autosize quickdoc popup when it's displayed on hover
Usability IDEA-208364 Don't show quick info tooltip on Ctrl-hover if a quickdoc popup is currently visible
Cosmetics IDEA-211247 JavaDoc generated from HTML eats angle brackets in the link title
Core. RefactoringsFeature IDEA-124496 Scope Setting for Rename Refactoring
Usability IDEA-214702 Do not show 'Scope' setting when rename Java local variable
Usability IDEA-212081 Names of Copy and Move actions in the context menu should reflect what's going to be copied or moved
Core. Run | Debug. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-204416 Running debug tomcat run configuration always launches "Before launch" gulp tasks in debug mode
Bug IDEA-202659 Impossible to start the Debug session for the Tomcat config with Ant/Bash configs in the Before launch section
Bug IDEA-214641 Blank area in tool window when turn off all tabs
Bug IDEA-210897 Not possible to paste the value containing equals sign in the environment variables
Bug IDEA-181448 Run dashboard: after adding RC type to runnable in RD list the existing started configuration is shown there in Cinfigured status
Bug IDEA-206657 Compound Run Configuration triggers "Run" but not "Debug"
Bug IDEA-210262 [Environment variables] when pasting several variables with semicolon at the line end - the last entry is removed
Core. XMLBug IDEA-212344 catalog.xsd in IntelliJ platform-impl.jar is outdated
Bug IDEA-205629 Argument rangeInElement exception when deleting xml tag in Android Studio 3.3
Bug IDEA-210207 XML schema issue - element X is not allowed here (Web.xml)
Bug IDEA-208504 First xi:include tag in *Plugin.xml file is highlighted as error
Bug IDEA-212646 XML attribute value is marked as error if DTD's attribute type is enumeration containing DTD keyword as value
Bug IDEA-183886 XML highliting and redefined schemas
Bug IDEA-206666 IdeaPluginRegistrationIndex isn't file-based
Exception IDEA-212704 Invoking Find by XPath throws ClassCastException
EditorBug IDEA-217426 InlayModel.getElementAt returns wrong inlay when multiple block inlays present on single line
Bug IDEA-216456 In-place editing of property values doesn't work in Kotlin files
Bug IDEA-218508 'Insert imports on paste' doesn't work anymore
Bug IDEA-216417 Clicking on icons in gutter (e.g. overrides/implements) doesn't work if caret is over the folded property value
Bug IDEA-211720 Make brace highlighting consistent with move to matching brace action behavior
Editor. Code CompletionFeature IDEA-199722 Can I make the live template appear at the top of the code completion list?
Bug IDEA-214469 Live Templates suggestions disappear on non-alphanumeric character input
Bug IDEA-215451 Misspelled keyword messes up following identifier completion
Usability IDEA-210660 Make "Jump outside closing bracket/quote with Tab" default behaviour
Usability IDEA-211557 Code completion dropdown stays open after Shift+Enter (Start New Line)
Usability IDEA-209123 Enable F2 and Shift+F2 shortcuts while code completion is active
Usability IDEA-209784 Basic/Smart completion does not offer package private methods when runtime object type is from another package
Exception IDEA-194554 AE at com.intellij.codeInsight.documentation.DocumentationManager.assertSameProject
Editor. Color SchemesFeature IDEA-212390 Ability to drag-n-Drop editor color scheme
Bug IDEA-207403 Darcula color scheme: "Custom Keyword 4" default color looks like an error
Editor. Diff and MergeFeature IDEA-137605 IDEA as external diff/merge - provide proper exit codes
Bug IDEA-207667 Weird synchronised scrolling in diff view with soft wrapped lines
Bug IDEA-217797 Diff/Merge does not show changes stripes for empty line ranges (insertions/deletions)
Bug IDEA-215972 Diff viewer uses general hard-wrap margin instead of language-specific
Bug IDEA-212625 Incorrect highlighting in diff view when last document line is soft wrapped
Bug IDEA-216171 'Throwable: Invalid file' when open external diff tool
Bug IDEA-210607 'Apply changes' in diff view does't work
Usability IDEA-123813 Preserve diff pane widths when switching between files
Usability IDEA-155010 Suggest to unlock 'Disable editing' button in 'Commit Changes' dialog when I'm trying to type in diff view
Usability IDEA-182230 VCS "visual merge" window: don't ask "Are you sure" if there was no changes
Cosmetics IDEA-211780 Escape characters in action name of "Diff \\& Merge"
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-70189 Java Smart Complete Statement: Complete ternary operator if necessary
Feature IDEA-207307 No horizontal scroll in editor when the width of block inlay is more than editor width
Feature IDEA-211180 Jump outside closing bracket with Tab should jump after the semicolon
Bug IDEA-138431 Editor: Ctrl+Left / Right (arrow) does not skip over indent whitespace to prev/next token
Bug IDEA-215015 Text "jitter" during typing in editor on Windows after dragging editor onto a different monitor
Bug IDEA-208973 Identifier highlighting is lost after moving line
Bug IDEA-211304 IntelliJ cuts links after parens
Bug IDEA-197682 Shadow action is created with the wrong lifetime spec (Disposable)
Bug IDEA-207805 Selection in editor is not reset on mouse right click outside selection
Bug IDEA-211590 Selection highlighting background under inlay vertical when scrollbar is flipped
Bug IDEA-215776 Plain text file is missing in Create scratch list
Bug IDEA-208782 Fallback font Italic version doesn't work on Mac
Bug IDEA-212623 Folding comments in Java out of FileHeader/Class blocks
Bug IDEA-215278 "Hand" cursor "stuck" in editor
Bug IDEA-211085 Current line number colour incorrectly calculated
Bug IDEA-207212 Editor scrolls unexpectedly on pasting collapsed method
Bug IDEA-214755 Folded Javadoc shows the 2nd line when the text starts on the line with /**
Bug IDEA-207542 TODO highlighting affects following lines
Bug IDEA-214565 Different indents for Python in commentStart() macro
Bug IDEA-216359 Code vision selection doesn't cover the lines sometimes
Bug IDEA-210470 Fira Code breaks fixed-width alignment on "[[" - double opening bracket
Bug IDEA-211466 Printing (at least on Linux) produces so many artifacts
Bug IDEA-211246 Uncollapsing unchanged framgents should keep scroll position
Bug IDEA-217252 Typing new text block method argument doesn't insert closing quotes
Bug IDEA-167224 Unwrap lambda should add braces if necessary
Bug IDEA-204900 Smart Enter fails to add function body if staying at annotation
Bug IDEA-211398 Not all ligatures are activated when printing a file
Performance IDEA-211201 Typing with multiple carets is slow in XML files
Performance IDEA-211672 Editing of big file with search result Live Preview on is quadratically slow
Performance IDEA-210051 Memory leak in DocumentImpl
Performance IDEA-216728 IDE freezes when editing files
Usability IDEA-209051 Inspection popup is overlapped by quick doc
Usability IDEA-212086 Tooltips for bookmarks should show keyboard shortcuts for navigating to a bookmark and toggling it
Usability IDEA-208930 Pressing Tab in a selection doesn't prefix first line with a tabulator
Usability IDEA-211756 "Delete to word end" is extremely inconvenient on whitespaces
Cosmetics IDEA-218125 Select all occurrences doesn't release highlight on blur
Cosmetics IDEA-215726 Cosmetics for folded property text editing
Task IDEA-209242 Increase default number of items stored by default in clipboard history
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-212556 Goto Next Error sometimes shows error tooltip and sometimes doesn't
Bug IDEA-211528 Diff change highlighting not propagated to inlay
Editor. Formatter and Code StyleBug IDEA-212466 "Expected to be final" identifier is not always painted as such in Java editor
Bug IDEA-217075 EditorConfig options are not properly applied to JavaScript files
Bug IDEA-211444 Code Style Settings: incorrect variants in drop-down for WrapOnTyping option
Bug IDEA-214727 Unexpected code style modifications on scheme switch
Bug IDEA-216526 Switch Code Style Scheme does not change the code style
Bug IDEA-195707 "'case' on new line" setting name is misleading; behavior should be changed and a new setting added with the old behavior
Bug IDEA-147601 Javadoc Code formatting does not indent HTML tags properly
Bug IDEA-206789 Export codestyle settings to JSON: java | wrapping and braces | visual guides option is not exported
Bug IDEA-202587 No possibility to configure indentations for Scala, Kotlin, etc files
Bug IDEA-215771 When new .editorconfig file is created in the versioned project using New | EditorConfigFile, the prompt to add appears as if it is 'externally added file'
Bug IDEA-216085 New EditorConfig file: Selectively disable languages for which no properties (empty sections) are produced
Usability IDEA-216086 EditorConfig: not clear what Open Preview... means
Usability IDEA-215728 EditorConfig: preview can be opened only once, it is impossible to open different file as preview
Usability IDEA-215787 Do not show notification about EditorConfig
Exception IDEA-215353 AE at com.intellij.openapi.util.text.StringUtil.assertValidSeparators
Exception IDEA-214694 java.lang.Throwable: Control-flow exceptions (like ProcessCanceledException) should never be logged
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-155352 Unwrap Statement produces broken code
Exception IDEA-211266 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.NoSwingUnderWriteAction.lambda$watchForEvents$0
Editor. Large FilesBug IDEA-216265 Large file editor: closing and reopening tab does not preserve state
Bug IDEA-216905 Focus is not in editor when opening large file
Bug IDEA-216267 Large file editor: no context menu
Bug IDEA-218382 Support for large files in IDEA 2019.2 doesn't work if the plugin is installed
Bug IDEA-216257 Large file editor: Status bar widget is painted incorrectly with hidpi screen
Task IDEA-209329 Integrate Large File Editor into the platform
Infrastructure. Packaging and InstallationFeature IDEA-194148 Publish 'intellij.platform.testFramework' module as a Maven artifact
Feature IDEA-164251 Include com.intellij.testFramework.vcs into some binary distribution
Feature IDEA-195719 Extract Java support to a separate plugin in IntelliJ IDEA
Bug IDEA-215898 After rejecting and closing EULA dialog - warning is shown "An illegal reflective access operation has occurred"
Bug IDEA-210993 IDEA with JBR 11 starts with error via idea.bat
Bug IDEA-205907 2018.3.x silent installation leaves javaw.exe process hanging
Bug IDEA-215000 Critical Startup Error while launching IDEA from scratch
Bug IDEA-200887 "Failed to load JVM DLL" on a fresh copy of Windows 10
Bug IDEA-209778 Silent install. Unable to install in the 'Program Files' folder
Bug IDEA-217984 2019.2 EAP Won't Start: "Initial heap size set to a larger value than the maximum heap size" custom Xmx is replaced with -Xmx2048m
Bug IDEA-212759 Linux, tar.gz installation: IDEA fails to start: `Cannot find VM options file.`, `Error: Could not find or load main class com.intellij.idea.Main.`
Task IDEA-214695 Provide a special variant of svg product icon for 16x16 images
Task IDEA-211824 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.31 with IntelliJ IDEA
Task IDEA-209379 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.40 with IntelliJ IDEA
Task IDEA-217538 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.41 with IntelliJ IDEA
Task IDEA-209378 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.30 with IntelliJ IDEA
Task IDEA-199662 Get rid of additional png files which are currently packaged with IntelliJ-based IDEs
Task IDEA-187832 External build systems support: extract `java` specific features into separate module
Plugin Development (DevKit)Feature IDEA-202010 Highlight services/components with identical interface and implementation classes as redundant in plugin.xml
Feature IDEA-212463 Devkit: resolve "keymap" in plugin.xml
Feature IDEA-208632 DevKit: Component/Action not registered - skip for deprecated classes
Feature IDEA-215242 Show warning for <group> elements with class specified and ID not specified
Feature IDEA-207289 plugin.xml: highlight duplicate <depends>
Feature IDEA-212745 Devkit: <depends> checking
Feature IDEA-199936 Code insight for Registry keys defined via EP com.intellij.registryKey
Feature IDEA-211630 IDEA UI Guidelines: "Action" text capitalization
Feature IDEA-211486 Devkit EP declaration: suggest to change declaration via 'qualifiedName' to 'name' in main plugin.xml
Feature IDEA-211634 IDEA UI Guidelines: verify capitalization for EP properties annotated with @Nls in plugin.xml
Bug IDEA-209589 Missing recent API inspection must not emit warnings in tests sources
Bug IDEA-186526 Plugin.xml validity inspection troubles in InspectionGadgets.xml
Bug IDEA-209536 plugin.xml validity inspection doesn't highlight plugin actions which refer to platform action class
Bug IDEA-211136 Bundled plugins: highlight <change-notes> and <version>
Bug IDEA-182359 Good code red: plugin.xml
Bug IDEA-209681 Devkit: do not require description for Intention not registered in plugin.xml
Bug IDEA-211126 Bundled plugins: highlight vendor "email" and "url"
Bug IDEA-209078 Devkit plugin.xml: allow multiple components with same interface-class across types
Bug IDEA-190992 DevKit: provide "os" attribute for all EPs
Bug IDEA-208482 Devkit: some references to action classes are incorrectly highlighted with "has no default constructor" error
Bug IDEA-211131 Bundled plugins: highlight generic <idea-plugin> "url" values
Bug IDEA-209587 Missing recent API inspection: clarify the message if return type of a method was changed
Bug IDEA-211225 Bundled plugins: highlight <idea-version>
Bug IDEA-212261 IDEA UI Guidelines: "Action" text capitalization via resource bundle
Performance IDEA-211555 Freeze on completion in XML file
Usability IDEA-204988 Plugin DevKit: Group inspections in settings
Task IDEA-214817 Remove support for <helpset> from Devkit
Plugin. FreeMarkerBug IDEA-215153 Freemarker inspections "Type mismatch: built-in 'long' is not applicable to 'date'"
Bug IDEA-210630 Inspections are not executed on FreeMarker/Velocity files even with "data language" selected
Plugin. MarkdownFeature IDEA-213112 Markdown HTML
Bug IDEA-213108 Exception while editing go snippet in markdown file
Bug IDEA-213128 UI not responding after opening markdown file
Plugin. Settings RepositoryBug IDEA-204195 settings sync says "Switch Structure" plugin is missing but it isn't
Bug IDEA-181296 Incompatible plugin with new IDEA version shown as `installed in another IDE`
Bug IDEA-200123 Keymaps are not synced over Cloud Settings
Plugin. Shell ScriptFeature IDEA-215578 [Shell script] add Run Debug configuration support
Bug IDEA-215398 [IntelliJ Shell plugin] Reuse Terminal tabs when launching script
Bug IDEA-215361 ShellScript plugin: correct shfmt download link for windows
Bug IDEA-212765 Shell Script hangs on EDT a rather big file
Bug IDEA-216406 Shell Script plugin: Exception on quick documentation
Usability IDEA-215355 ShellScript plugin: if attempt to download the shfmt formatter in "Settings | Editor | Code Style | Shell Script" fails, display error in the dialog itself
Cosmetics IDEA-215367 [Shell Script] Settings | Editor | Code Style - incorrect symbol in the first option about Binary ops
Plugin. TerminalFeature IDEA-204536 Terminal: Add support for hyperlinks
Bug IDEA-191614 Terminal should soft wrap long lines (and not break links)
Bug IDEA-217587 Double shift doesn't use selected text from the terminal
Bug IDEA-212321 Terminal focuses itself on startup
Bug IDEA-217705 IntelliJ EAP: No caret in terminal if text is rendered as an URL
Bug IDEA-214512 Re-ordering terminal tabs shows unexpected confirmation dialog to terminate running process
Bug IDEA-160356 Terminal isn't capturing Ctrl-E
Bug IDEA-215394 Terminal tab crashes with Ion shell
Bug IDEA-214782 Terminal cannot override IDE shortcuts when running with JBR 1.8.0_212 or JBR 11
Bug IDEA-151310 active tool window resize hot key dose not work
Usability IDEA-153536 Support native OSX shortcuts in the terminal
ServicesBug IDEA-215370 Services view: SplitToNewTabs should be disabled if nothing is selected
Bug IDEA-215088 Services view: run configuration output is shown for the incorrect RC node in case of changed RC types available in Services list
Bug IDEA-215427 Services. Database. by the remained "console" item
Bug IDEA-215345 Services view: if GroupByType is true, all services splitting to new tabs leaves the empty AllServices tab with group node
Bug IDEA-215095 Services view: with 'flatten services' on the 'group by type' should work or be disabled
Exception IDEA-215161 Memory leak detected: '
Services. DockerFeature IDEA-184888 Docker. Support --ipc command line option
Bug IDEA-203226 Docker: NPE at attempt to save changes in the deleted container
Bug IDEA-215186 ServicesView. Docker. Jump to source/F4 from a container doesn't work
Bug IDEA-217078 Dockerfile Syntax Error in ADD URL
Bug IDEA-212161 Docker. Files Chooser. Open in the Editor: change the "Failed to make writable" to another description
Bug IDEA-212789 Docker. Exec doesn't work for containers which are run from Dockerfile/image
Bug IDEA-215185 ServicesView. Docker. Delete from keyboard doesn’t work
Bug IDEA-209817 NPE containerId was not specified when building a container without running it
Bug IDEA-217411 Can't run windows container when volume binding is specified
Bug IDEA-178818 Docker - Client is newer than server (client API version 1.24, server API version 1.23)
Bug IDEA-215707 Docker. RunConfig. java.lang.NumberFormatException at changing ports to anything invalid in "Run options" field
Bug IDEA-215621 Services. Docker. Impossible to split any set of parent nodes
Bug IDEA-215704 Docker. Container. Save fails if "Publish all ports" in case of port range: port is already allocated
Bug IDEA-216884 Docker: `Numeric value: (2147516561) is out of range of int` for windows containers with unusual exit code
Bug IDEA-211945 Docker. Files Chooser: java.lang.AssertionError at refreshing content with some expanded folders
Bug IDEA-188377 Docker Run/Debug configuration doesn't parse port range
Bug IDEA-215636 Docker. Docker-machine: Idea freezes at choosing Files tab
Bug IDEA-215204 Services View. Docker: Impossible to save port/volume bindings for a container
Bug IDEA-210195 Attached console shows up twice
Bug IDEA-217101 Docker. "Port is already allocated" error at saving changes in container Name/volumes with port bindings
Performance IDEA-217045 Docker. FileChooser: expanding folders/opening files from docker-machine containers leads to freezes or makes idea work slowly
Usability IDEA-209884 ServicesView. Docker. The corresponding item should be selected in the ServiceView after running docker run configuration
Usability IDEA-212607 Docker. Files Chooser tab. Provide possibility to "Collapse All"
Usability IDEA-207869 DockerDebug. Compose. Auto-create a compose run configuration if it doesn't exist until remote debug
Usability IDEA-216329 Dockerfile detection: always show the "Disable this notification" link
Cosmetics IDEA-212174 Docker. Files Chooser. Files tab. Icon to view files is not correct
Cosmetics IDEA-212171 Docker. Files Chooser. Remove "lock" from all the files, display it before the path
Cosmetics IDEA-212178 Docker. Files Chooser. Refresh. Display another progress icon="spinner" and in another place
Cosmetics IDEA-212173 Docker. Files Chooser. Files tab. Make a more indent after the path in the bar and the tree
Task IDEA-193122 Docker: migrate to docker-java to v3.1.0
Meta Issue IDEA-195017 Docker: Simplify the access to container file system
Exception IDEA-217088 Docker. Exceptions on disconnecting from Docker while run configuration is pulling the image
Services. SSHBug IDEA-216800 SSH tunnel does not work
Bug IDEA-216656 2019.2 — SSH tunneling always reports connect timeout
Bug IDEA-216714 SSHJ: Failure when SSH config contains IdentityFile with encrypted key
Bug IDEA-217092 Auth failure with "Unsupported keyboard interactive request" log message for 2FA
Bug IDEA-216655 2019.2: SSH tunnel with ssh-agent no longer understands "~" in IdentifyFile spec
Bug IDEA-217026 Problems with ProxyCommand (initial title: Latest EAP, ssh auth broken)
Usability IDEA-214834 Tools | Start SSH Session usability problems
User InterfaceFeature IDEA-207424 Please add uidesigner color constants to themes
Bug IDEA-215945 Editor notification actions can't be triggered from Alt-Enter menu
Bug IDEA-212553 New Tabs UI: IDE no longer shows tips when no editor tabs are open
Bug IDEA-217861 Borderless UI: Path to file is not updated after toggling main menu
Bug IDEA-212788 Messages view freezes IDE
Bug IDEA-214821 Tabs: There is a double top border when database console is opened
Bug IDEA-217393 No longer see "Administrator" in the title bar when Rider is running as Administrator
Bug IDEA-217369 IntelliJ LaF: Selection bar on Actions tab in Search Everywhere is grey
Bug IDEA-208847 Memory leak in InternalDecorator
Bug IDEA-216920 The height of tabs of composite editors is too low
Bug IDEA-208560 QuickDefinition popup is enlarged each time it is opened for markdown file
Bug IDEA-216428 Debugger: hidden content (like Memory View) appears again after restarting of debugger session
Bug IDEA-207998 Recent projects "Create new project group" dialog is hidden
Bug IDEA-207320 Empty system tray icon with no popup hint or right-click menu
Bug IDEA-218587 Linux native menu: Both native toolbar and idea main menu are shown on toggling View | Appearance | ShowToolbar (or NavBar...)
Bug IDEA-208808 Services Tool Window is shown in projects without services
Bug IDEA-210873 Bad description text wrapping in "IDE Fatal Errors" dialog
Bug IDEA-211028 Tabs panel is not scrolled to just opened tab
Bug IDEA-216203 Splash screen doesn't gets hidden after loading
Bug IDEA-210978 Freeze on "Mark object" (F11) in "Inspect object" (Alt-Click) popup
Bug IDEA-217016 Empty project window remains open when opening another project selecting "This window" option
Bug IDEA-217563 Project name and file path is not shown on window title bar after reopening project if "Main menu" is switched off
Bug IDEA-217057 Visibility icons flickering in completion popup
Bug IDEA-217129 [Open Recent] when trying to open an already opened project - a new empty IDEA window is opened
Bug IDEA-210532 "New HTTP request" action looks bad with new popup design
Bug IDEA-217595 Modifier icon is not visible in editor tabs
Bug IDEA-212035 Editor tabs change color even when a modal dialog is hovered
Bug IDEA-168007 Non-retina triangle icons in context menu
Bug IDEA-212737 Borderless UI: Project name keeps the default font on changing appearance font
Bug IDEA-204786 Touch Bar: "Toggle bookmark" button has the wrong state after enabling bookmark
Bug IDEA-211513 Project Structure -> Artifacts: Type ComboBox is too narrow
Bug IDEA-196876 Fix group by popup in TODO tool window
Bug IDEA-214800 Keymap switcher on Mac shows Windows keymap at first position
Bug IDEA-217146 IDEA freezes in Inspection Tool Window
Bug IDEA-210827 DarculaButtonUI.isSquare(Component) uses wrong instanceof test
Bug IDEA-208339 No gap in log search field
Bug IDEA-206619 Message from file-level notification is shown on top of Alt-Enter menu
Bug IDEA-212346 Scrollbar does not reflect the size of the content in Version Control tab while resizing it
Bug IDEA-131794 Tree selection changes on double-click expansion
Bug IDEA-211279 Column resizing doesn't work in TODO table
Bug IDEA-215129 Borderless UI: current file path is shown with non-native slashes on Windows
Bug IDEA-211946 Borderless UI: Path in title bar for tabel contains odd information
Bug IDEA-216567 Borderless UI: Diff window has wrong icon in borderless mode
Bug IDEA-208645 Text disappears in "IDE Fatal Errors" dialog box
Bug IDEA-97714 Add "Associate With File Type" to the editor tab context menu and menu
Bug IDEA-218345 Deadlock while loading AllIcons' subclasses because of circular references
Bug IDEA-214477 Invalid background color in plugin settings header's labels
Bug IDEA-214885 2019.2 EAP: gradle task 'buildSearchableOptions' throws exception UIDefaults.getUI() failed for MyOptionButton
Bug IDEA-216860 Unnecessary empty project frame is shown together with Welcome screen when open deleted project
Bug IDEA-210887 Notifications settings group list elements are centered
Performance IDEA-215642 Many seemingly random freezes soon after one another
Performance IDEA-208611 Memory leak in IdeGlassPaneImpl
Performance IDEA-208610 Memory leak in MouseDragHelper
Usability IDEA-211957 Feedback for "Show intention actions" with no intentions
Usability IDEA-211210 Duplicated Mnemonic For Edit > Column Selection Mode and Macros actions
Usability IDEA-212332 Next/previous error navigation should immediately show error tooltip
Usability IDEA-211874 Tabs: tabs UI wastes space on left border of a tab
Usability IDEA-210028 AspectJ: unable to set ajc compiler path
Usability IDEA-212381 If a line has a navigation icon with a keyboard shortcut, the shortcut should work anywhere in the line
Usability IDEA-215127 startup option became less useful in borderless UI
Usability IDEA-210746 Rename "Move Right" and "Move Down" actions to "Split and Move Right" and "Split and Move Down"
Cosmetics IDEA-215990 Wrong capitalization in Settings > Editor > File Types
Cosmetics IDEA-204326 Run configuration editor should use default IDE font for all fields
Cosmetics IDEA-214996 New tabs UI: There is no border between database console/table editor and Toolbar/Navigation bar when tabs are hidden
Cosmetics IDEA-216437 "Low Memory" message has the wrong text and link is broken
Cosmetics IDEA-215341 Rename Search Everywhere tab heading in Tool Window
Cosmetics IDEA-206252 Ability to hide menu bar, no2
Cosmetics IDEA-209075 Capitalize options in "Find in Path" dialog
Cosmetics IDEA-212649 Borderless UI: Several dialogs have cropped input fields on appearance
Cosmetics IDEA-211770 Remove Edit icon from Run Configurations combobox
Cosmetics IDEA-205502 Main appearance font is not used in several toolwindows and notifications on macOS
Cosmetics IDEA-212776 Don't show powered by for intentions provided by bundled plugins
Cosmetics IDEA-211558 Wrong indent in drop-down menu
Task IDEA-209398 do not create zillion of "swingworker" threads
Task IDEA-202744 Implement browse button inside combo boxes
Exception IDEA-211366 NPE when trying to open a project from Welcome Screen
Exception IDEA-208223 CCE at com.intellij.ui.speedSearch.FilteringListModel.remove
Exception IDEA-216197 Kubernetes: com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: Icon cannot be found in 'KubernetesIcons.Kubernetes_Y' at calling context menu on helm template file
Exception IDEA-217273 Exception occurs on opening a project from Welcome screen
Exception IDEA-215340 org.jetbrains.concurrency.InternalPromiseUtil$MessageError: Service not found
Exception IDEA-212642 IllegalArgumentException: Width and height cannot be <= 0
User Interface. Console ViewBug IDEA-217414 Incorrect handling of ANSI colors in terminal
Bug IDEA-199225 Console output doesn't combine folds when the prints happen some time apart
Bug IDEA-214944 Small fields in Editor > General > Console
Usability IDEA-205899 Allow to restart IDE scripting console
Exception IDEA-214526 isDumb should be used only under read action: ConsoleViewImpl
Exception IDEA-212586 Empty Exception Summary
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-214489 List drop own of Combobox with jbPopup remains when dialog is moved
Bug IDEA-125108 Alphabetical sorting in File Structure doesn't persist after closing
Bug IDEA-216374 Can't customize touchbar anymore
Bug IDEA-214991 "Replace" field has increased height
Bug IDEA-209201 [JDK 11] Empty autocomplete popup in run configuration after backspacing some part of filename
Bug IDEA-215589 Disabled action in the popup should not be selectable
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesFeature IDEA-210362 Recently Edited and Recently Viewed scopes in Scope Chooser
Bug IDEA-215907 Update the appearance of the pin icon in Find in Path pop-up
Bug IDEA-215905 Update 'Open in Find Tool Window' for Documentation pop-up
Bug IDEA-215902 Replace icon for 'Open in Find Tool Window' in 4 popups
Bug IDEA-211547 Search Everywhere: Items found in "Top Hit" section are invisible
Bug IDEA-216479 "Find in Path..." stopped working with archives (.jar, .zip) when searching in Directory
Bug IDEA-218573 "Directory not found" error occurs when a path to library *.jar is specified as a Directory in "Find in Path" dialog
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-216227 Show Diff with Working Tree: when action as invoked, focus stays in previous location
Bug IDEA-215976 IDEA 192.5118.1 hangs after start on macOs
Bug IDEA-207611 Keymap switch leads to typeahead
Bug IDEA-215107 The cursor is gone after "Find in Path..." dialog
Bug IDEA-193333 Paste after invoking navigation popup goes to editor sometimes
Bug IDEA-189984 Can't type in detached editor tab on Mac
Usability IDEA-200871 Tool Window should NOT transfer focus unconditionally.
Exception IDEA-215495 AssertionError: Already disposed: Project (Disposed) on almost every action in IDE
Exception IDEA-207600 "Typeahead timeout is exceeded" exception occurs after using shortcut when context menu is opened
Exception IDEA-189622 Some keystrokes cause 'Typeahead timeout exceeded" exception
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-203286 Paste From History appends paste history number to pasted content.
Bug IDEA-187355 µ, when extracting method
User Interface. Look and FeelFeature IDEA-218113 Theming: update metadata for 2019.2 keys
Feature IDEA-216532 Theme metadata: new property "since"
Bug IDEA-215462 Can't use custom theme
Bug IDEA-209654 Buttons have yellow shadow in Darcula theme if IDEA is launched with clean settings
Bug IDEA-215057 High contrast is selected, but IDE is in Darcula
Usability IDEA-204653 Color Scheme reverts to Darcula from *Default* light color theme after restart if IDE theme is Darcula
Usability IDEA-102320 The darcula scrollbar thumb is hard to see
Cosmetics IDEA-215545 Plugins settings: Tabs bar has dark purple color in High Contrast theme
Cosmetics IDEA-215271 Weird line between items in Inspection settings
Cosmetics IDEA-211553 Combobox popups have no border in Darcula theme
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-215299 Search Everywhere: results not filtered for command
Bug IDEA-206631 Show definition should be available in dumb mode for files
Bug IDEA-214915 Home and end keys don't work in floating navigation bar
Bug IDEA-208584 Not all commands are shown in the Search Everywhere dialog
Bug IDEA-211202 Settings tree: some items in the tree are not selected from from the first attempt
Bug IDEA-212385 Recent files action in splitted windows
Bug IDEA-209047 Group separators are eliminated in `Related Symbol` popup on speed search filtering
Bug IDEA-216744 Search Everywhere: "/appearance" command does not shown full list of options
Usability IDEA-215418 Clearing `Toggle Changed Only Files` should disable checkbox toggling behavior
Exception IDEA-208332 CCE at com.intellij.ide.actions.Switcher$SwitcherPanel$SwitcherSpeedSearch.propertyChange
User Interface. Project ViewUsability IDEA-172513 Visibility of class is not shown in project tree
Task IDEA-178054 Problem with understanding hierarchy in directory tree
Version ControlFeature IDEA-182495 Show git file history for multiple directories in project view
Feature IDEA-210641 Add VCS status and scope information to file quick documentation
Feature IDEA-207325 File sorting in Version Control: Local Changes differs from sorting in project view
Bug IDEA-211694 External files from ignored folders are suggested to be added to git
Bug IDEA-198792 "new changelist" disappears if a file is selected
Bug IDEA-207822 Local Changes: multiselection is lost on refresh
Bug IDEA-215922 Non-modal commit: Commit button is disabled in project after git repository is initiated there until reopening
Bug IDEA-215701 .hgignore is created under project configuration files
Bug IDEA-216285 Missing tooltip when selecting hunks for partial commit
Bug IDEA-195923 Alt key does nothing on "Files Merged with Conflicts" dialog
Bug IDEA-207700 Branches Popup: add tooltips for incoming/outgoing markers
Bug IDEA-215906 Update project counts locally modified files as updated
Bug IDEA-217202 New file is not added to VCS sometimes
Bug IDEA-216506 Shelf SIlently doesn't rollback changes if partial changelists option enabled and non modal commit is used
Bug IDEA-209722 Annotate action behave wrong if other annotations added
Bug IDEA-215920 Non-modal commit: file name completion in comment doesn't work
Bug IDEA-216389 Deadlock: com.jetbrains.changeReminder.predict.PredictionService
Bug IDEA-215928 'View Commits' link looks active but does not open commits list, if the tab has been closed
Bug IDEA-210743 Subversion: incorrect working copy is detected if the project is located below the repository root and <Project> VCS mapping is used
Bug IDEA-130903 Detaching 2nd project from project window not removes its version control dir from main project settings
Bug IDEA-115100 Maven project import sets Subversion VCS for submodules, if there is a folder or file called .svn in parent folders
Performance IDEA-208591 Do not load shelve file content in EDT
Performance IDEA-207515 IntelliJ freezes when a lot of GIt roots are registered in the project
Usability IDEA-136691 Don't show update info for pull if it is emprty
Usability IDEA-211599 Add an ability to skip "Calculating whether something should be added to this commit"
Usability IDEA-170151 Make "Set Active Changelist" button enabled if file (or several files) inside changelist is selected
Usability IDEA-216910 New commit flow: please, allow me to revert changes from diff without checking changed files
Usability IDEA-212624 Rename action button in Ignore files dialog
Usability IDEA-203413 Silent Shelf should shelve in the background
Usability IDEA-216299 Do not show first changed file in the Diff Preview of the Local Changes view if nothing is selected
Usability IDEA-204377 Shortcut for Silent Shelve conflicts with Mac OS X system shortcut
Usability IDEA-166965 Changelist name displayed in dropdown is cropped
Usability IDEA-128954 Push dialog: enter invoked on the repository node should move it to edit mode
Usability IDEA-205644 Can't abort whole patch apply process in case of multiple path apply conflicts
Usability IDEA-212285 Local Changes Toolbar is hard to find in toolbars customization settings
Cosmetics IDEA-217029 Use one-pixel splitter for diff preview in Local Changes and Shelf
Cosmetics IDEA-207270 Shelf viewer: missing space after moved files
Cosmetics IDEA-206878 'Add Files to VCS': missing window title
Cosmetics IDEA-216408 Non-modal commit: Commit options popup does not change color scheme properly
Task IDEA-216383 Change "Amend Commit" action shortcut not to conflict with "Group By -> Module" action
Exception IDEA-215307 .ignore: Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread
Exception IDEA-214504 "Project opening should be done in a transaction" on checkout project from git
Exception IDEA-214643 NPE in VcsPushDialog
Exception IDEA-217161 ISE: "Unexpected state: Grafting" when reverting changes with conflicts was interrupted
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-207634 Rework the Compare Branches dialog to use a Log tab with proper filters
Feature IDEA-119995 Git: provide possibility to abort merge process
Feature IDEA-52643 Update/Pull/Merge Info should list new commits (the newly received part of the log) instead of the files
Feature IDEA-125239 gitignore right click?
Feature IDEA-208154 Show notification explaining the reason of Rejected force push
Bug IDEA-216602 Modification of .idea/.gitignore should not require any confirmation
Bug IDEA-209375 NPE in GitVFSListener
Bug IDEA-217098 CLion keeps adding excluded folders to .gitignore despite turning it off in the settings
Bug IDEA-216114 Related files computation fails with VcsException: bad object
Bug IDEA-216661 Update Info Tab: don't remember the branch filter
Bug IDEA-216783 Creating new tag with existing name silently fails (git)
Bug IDEA-216785 Vcs Log: hash range doesn't work in multi-repository projects
Bug IDEA-214543 Deadlock when checking out new project from Git
Bug IDEA-214900 Synchronous execution on EDT: VcsRootProblemNotifier
Bug IDEA-215904 Git Config parsing breaks if config file includes option without a value
Bug IDEA-214683 Git authentication does not work when username includes parentheses
Bug IDEA-210221 Synchronous execution on EDT: git unstash
Bug IDEA-208453 Memory leak in GitXmlRpcHandlerService
Bug IDEA-215673 Show Diff called from Annotations context menu opens wrong file
Bug IDEA-216387 "Show repository at Revision" fails to load file contents
Bug IDEA-216462 Show Diff with Working Tree: don't let focus the label at the top of the dialog
Bug IDEA-215676 Deadlock on IDE exit (GitUntrackedFilesHolder)
Performance IDEA-212048 Intellij freezes when opening git window with large commit message
Usability IDEA-122038 Abort cherry pick & view cherry-pick status should be available from UI
Usability IDEA-216729 Update Info: it is confusing that the tab remembers filters for subsequent updates
Usability IDEA-212324 Hide "Branch deleted" popup when clicking "Delete tracked branch"
Usability IDEA-208506 Don't show commit dialog for Cherry-Pick by default
Usability IDEA-208989 On project open gpg card password asked due to spawned 'git ls-remote'
Usability IDEA-216137 Notification after Update Project is displayed not immediately after the progress completes
Cosmetics IDEA-216439 Git pull from remote repository - "N files updated in 0 commits" message after updating to PS-192.5118.33
Cosmetics IDEA-96602 Small problem with hint on git pull dialog window when choose strategy
Exception IDEA-215869 Synchronous execution on EDT: "Git | Merge Changes"
Exception IDEA-208359 Synchronous execution on EDT: git in merge
Exception IDEA-216463 A "couldn't parse status line" exceptions happen regularly on various Git operations
Exception IDEA-207962 Synchronous execution on EDT: /usr/bin/git version exception (2019.2 master branch)
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-209158 GitHub Pull Requests: middle pane is not getting update on Refresh
Bug IDEA-206881 GitHub pull requests: unfriendly error message on failed search validation
Usability IDEA-203790 It is not possible to refresh the list of pull requests if there are no pull requests yet
Usability IDEA-196905 If no github account is configured attempt to push/pull to repository with 2-step authentication always fails: token is not accepted/generated
Cosmetics IDEA-205384 Github: correct displayed error message on incorrect credentials providing
Version Control. LogFeature IDEA-126079 Add log filter like 'git log master..branch'
Feature IDEA-130845 Log: add action to go-to-parent and go-to-child
Feature IDEA-116312 Ability to customise columns in the VCS log
Bug IDEA-216882 Diff is not available for changes in external repositories Log
Bug IDEA-167341 Intellij 2016.3.x builds run out of memory
Performance IDEA-178090 High memory consumption of git indexing for projects with huge merge commits
Usability IDEA-207672 `Log Indexing for "SAT" Stopped` message is confusing
Usability IDEA-207711 Show columns settings should be preserved for additional Log tab
Exception IDEA-217277 update failed for AnAction(com.intellij.vcs.log.ui.actions.CompareRevisionsFromLogAction) with ID=Vcs.Log.CompareRevisions
Exception IDEA-209317 Git double-dot: VcsException: fatal: bad revision when branch name is incorrect
Exception IDEA-217847 Sometimes the UI breaks after clicking "View Commits" from the Event Log
Version Control. MercurialBug IDEA-195145 Lots of WARN in idea.log from HgStatusCommand about 'No such file or directory'
Version Control. PerforceBug IDEA-208851 Perforce plugin cannot figure out a symlink is not "modified without checkout" when the target is reverted.
Bug IDEA-150303 Default p4 path doesn't work when running IDEA from JetBrains Toolbox on MacOS
Version Control. SubversionBug IDEA-150369 If path to client is just svn, default /user/bin/svn is used despite the PATH settings
Bug IDEA-207234 Freeze in "Hightlight Integrated" for branches with 1 commit difference
Cosmetics IDEA-207786 Duplicate in Settings -> Keymap (Subversion)
No subsystemBug DBE-8610 Cannot change severity of inspection 'Delete or update statement without where clause'
DB ConsoleFeature DBE-447 Naming on database console result tabs
Bug DBE-8525 Vertica: Explain Plan Diagram Fail
Bug DBE-8316 Changes to SQL Script on shortcut in Database view aren't detected. PyCharm seems to cache the SQL Script.
Bug DBE-7388 Name database console files so they can be sorted
Bug DBE-7458 Redshift decode - improper autocomplete/hint(?) and improper warning
Usability DBE-989 Caret shouldn't move when an error occurs in database console
Usability DBE-8145 Inconsistency in read-only mode
DB DiffBug DBE-8376 Diff marks difference on tables without changes
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-7588 Cannot Connect to PostgreSQL instance. ERROR: column n.xmin does not exist
Bug DBE-8405 Database schemas not updating
Bug DBE-7342 AWS Aurora MySQL: procedures sync fails with `PROCEDURE lambda does not exist`
Bug DBE-8115 Can not synchronize Azure database, getting error "SQLServerException: Reference to database and/or server name in 'master.sys.schemas' is not supported in this version of SQL Server"
Bug DBE-8503 MariaDB Schema error with disabled event scheduler
Bug DBE-8648 Special character in MySQL database prevented PhpStorm from retrieving table contents (rows)
Exception DBE-8577 MS SQL: attempts to introspect inaccessible database causes exceptions like[S0001][916] The server principal… is not able to access the database… under the current security context
DB RefactoringBug DBE-8303 MySQL create index: Column ordering is always defaulted to ASC
DB Schema ViewsFeature DBE-4807 Show table/column comments in database tool window (tree) for all elements at once
Feature DBE-4336 Show database column default value in database tool window
Bug DBE-8463 Create new schema by right clicking on schemas for MySQL
Usability DBE-1476 Change shortcut for Refresh action in Database Tool Window
Usability DBE-8483 MySQL: Database Connections tree shows character sets instead of databases
Data Import & ExportBug DBE-8323 Cassandra: incorrect blob data export as sql inserts
Data ViewsFeature DBE-87 Full text search in database
Feature DBE-5971 Easily show all rows of the result ignoring page-size setting
Feature DBE-5804 Preview BLOB content in table documentation
Feature DBE-3251 Easily change number of result rows
Bug DBE-7701 While creating a new row, any boolean column with a default value set cannot be editted before the row is comitted to the database
Bug DBE-8511 Database Tool - Go To Related Data queries entire table
Bug DBE-8453 Can not open table editor for Apache Ignite database: Failed to parse query. Table "UCP" not found
Bug DBE-8470 Db2: can't edit `decfloat(16)` grid value
Bug DBE-8531 Different SQL code color in DataGrip (sql editor and filter)
Bug DBE-7911 Cannot insert new row into table with identity column in postgresql 10 and 11
Bug DBE-8058 Can't edit table in data editor in Apache Cassandra using DataGrip
Usability DBE-8318 Filter History no longer showing up after 2019.1 release
Navigation & SearchFeature DBE-6452 Option to restrict Navigate to Table/Routine/Class to connected Data Sources
Feature DBE-5592 Filtering in Go-to-table navigation
Feature DBE-8080 Introduce All Data Sources and per-Data Source search scopes
SQL CompletionFeature DBE-8410 IS NULL and IS NOT NULL as combined completion items
Bug DBE-8552 Problem with cast postfix
SQL GeneralBug DBE-8314 Endless inspection
Bug DBE-8499 DataGrip UI hangs when (or right after) introspecting Oracle DB.
Bug DBE-7941 Todo-comments in the text of database server stored objects
SQL GenerationFeature DBE-8467 Db2: support index key expression generation
Feature DBE-8466 Db2: support xml index specification generation
Bug DBE-8400 Db2: support SQL Generation for generated columns with identity options
Bug DBE-8527 afrom generates wrong code with reserved column name
Bug DBE-8404 Db2: support SQL Generator 'CREATE OR REPLACE' option
Bug DBE-8401 Db2: support SQL Generation for table's distribution clause
Bug DBE-8468 Db2: support type hierarchy
Usability DBE-8430 Add pre-selection when creating new objects
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-8598 Inspection: Check for TOP/OFFSET
Feature DBE-8514 Missing support for IP types in ClickHouse
Feature DBE-1197 Highlight values in insert statement with select clause
Feature DBE-8630 Folding long numbers
Feature DBE-8593 Intention: Convert multiple equal with OR to IN and vice versa
Feature DBE-8513 Missing support for UPDATE mutation syntax in ClickHouse
Feature DBE-8570 Add inspection for using LIMIT (or similar clause) inside EXISTS call
Bug DBE-8294 Oracle false positive sql inspection: Nested aggregate calls are not allowed
Bug DBE-8277 Inspection: Table variable is never used
Bug DBE-8397 Editor incorrectly reports "JSON standard does not allow such tokens" and other errors for postgres sql file
Bug DBE-8299 PostgreSQL: No error if RENAME COLUMN is used together with other ALTER TABLE action.
Bug DBE-8482 Snowflake Recursive CTE Parsing Error
Bug DBE-6327 TODO colors doesn't work in console
Bug DBE-8690 Materialized CTE break formatting
Bug DBE-8394 Inspection for implicit string truncation
Bug DBE-8416 Postgres inspector does not recognize grouping() function
Bug DBE-8306 Inspection: Unable to resolve variable
Bug DBE-8399 Unused subquery item inspection isn't triggered
Bug DBE-8281 Inspection: Adding not null column without default value
Bug DBE-8396 Redundant alias inspection
Bug DBE-8289 MariaDB syntax error - ADD COLUMN IF NOT EXISTS
Bug DBE-3890 create tablespace db2 fail
SQL RefactoringFeature DBE-8559 Intention to replace GROUP BY with DISTINCT and vice versa
Feature DBE-8207 Suggest to refactor several INSERTs into one INSERT
Bug DBE-8652 Disable the Extract Routine refactoring for GoLand as it doesn't seem to do anything
Usability DBE-8325 SQL: add refactoring: introduce table alias
No subsystemFeature WEB-38278 ES6: completion for default import bindings according to the exported name
Feature WEB-37807 Redesign new Vue project wizard to support npx and displaying progress in terminal
Feature WEB-39248 Method chain type hints for JS/TS
Feature WEB-36390 Support path aliases defined in jsconfig.json
Feature WEB-38231 Incorporate NodeJS and Live Edit Tools to the default IDEA installation
Feature WEB-33676 Support inline inferred type hints for Javascript and TypeScript
Feature WEB-37865 TypeScript: no override/implement completion for fields
Feature WEB-13732 Add "Range" http header for video.
Feature WEB-30215 SQL injected in JS string should use user parameter as placeholder
Feature WEB-39277 Console DOM elements presentation
Bug WEB-38546 Show package's version when create project via npx
Bug WEB-38249 Autocomplete "import" places end in the wrong place
Bug WEB-37999 Invalid highlighting on editing template string injection with nested injections
Bug WEB-34111 Copy paste error with js template literal with a template literal inside
Bug WEB-38470 Unicode property escapes are available when language level is set to ECMAScript5.1
Bug WEB-39040 'Ensure breakpoints are detected...' in JavaScript Debug configuration is not saved when URL is empty
Bug WEB-37921 'Convert to field holding arrow function' incorrectly processes string-named properties
Bug WEB-39506 Inlay type hints - not rendering correctly for tuples
Bug WEB-38828 Can't choose value in 'package' field in run configurations on OSX via arrow keys
Bug WEB-39782 'undefined' is no longer appended for an optional property
Bug WEB-40076 Hide 'Download Node.js' feature for both Node.js project types
Bug WEB-39561 Update the default parameter name hints blacklist for and others
Bug WEB-39067 'Propagate to destructuring' shouldn't be available when declaration and usages reside in different files
Bug WEB-36536 JSX Emmet: custom components with names similar to HTML void elements are always expanded to empty tags
Bug WEB-38842 WebStorm shows errors on valid code
Bug WEB-38172 AngularJS can not setup development environment for plugin
Bug WEB-39712 'Create from usage' doesn't handle generics properly
Bug WEB-38807 Please add "unsuspended" to the dictionary
Bug WEB-38796 Intentions have doubled Before/After preview
Bug WEB-38260 Not able to unselect inserted variable name after live template expansion
Bug WEB-38850 A second space character is added after typing a space while entering a `return` keyword
Bug WEB-39328 Suggest 'create function' for pipeline operator
Bug WEB-35169 Reference injections don't work in JavaScript
Bug WEB-39197 'Create function' fix should create an async function when invoked from an await-expression
Performance WEB-39162 IDE freeze when stepping in angular cli 8 project
Usability WEB-38832 Can't choose task (gulp, grunt, npm) via arrow keys when field is empty (fresh RC)
Usability WEB-34956 Console Display has unwanted links on the right
Usability WEB-39333 Suggest enum string values inside quotes when possible
Usability WEB-38585 Implement method/property intention action should have an option to implement in all classes
Usability WEB-27539 Don't suggest 'Annotate injection with comment' intention for Jquery-CSS
Cosmetics WEB-38636 Please add "Angeles" to the dictionary
Task WEB-33679 Improve 'Promise returned from ... is ignored' inspection for unit tests ('beforeEach', etc.)
Task WEB-39480 Move await-out-of-async error to a separate inspection
Task WEB-39051 Disable Safe Write in WebStorm
Task WEB-39642 Pipeline operator: add very basic support for topic references
Task WEB-39215 Enable 'Missing await' inspection by default, and don't show 'Promise is ignored' for async functions
Build toolsBug WEB-39356 npm script names are not suggested in Run anything if npm tool window wasn't opened first
Bug WEB-39808 Freezes in JsbtFileManager$MyVirtualFileListener.beforeFileDeletion
Usability WEB-27442 Can't switch between npm and gulp tasks in Run Gulp/Grunt/npm Task window without mouse
Usability WEB-38759 Add the possibility to disable system notifications from grunt task
CSSFeature WEB-24368 Support postcss-simple-vars
Feature WEB-39443 Emmet for CSS: improve how vendor prefixes are applied
Bug WEB-39217 Ignore duplicates among LESS/SASS/SCSS and CSS files generated by File Watcher.
Bug WEB-38874 postcss-simple-vars: add completion for imported variables
Bug WEB-39217 Ignore duplicates among LESS/SASS/SCSS and CSS files generated by File Watcher.
Bug WEB-38487 CSS: Unsafe replacement with shorthand when a variable is used
Usability WEB-39463 Extract CSS variable: preselect only the variable name
Usability WEB-37979 'Show CSS color preview as background' option is available when it is not applicable (e.g. in Community Edition)
CoffeeScriptBug WEB-38714 )<0 sequence breaks coffeescript code colouring
Bug WEB-36037 CoffeeScript Syntax Error: Unmatched closing ')' -- when it is actually present
Bug WEB-39391 Right-click -> Run *.coffee file fails due to outdated 'Node parameters' entry
Bug WEB-39059 CoffeScript, JSX: Coffeescript plugin is disabled on adding/removing braces in attribute value
DartFeature WEB-39577 Dart folding- add ability to fold multi-line asserts statements
Feature WEB-39344 Please implement Context Info (Alt+Q) feature for Dart.
Bug WEB-39665 Dart: exception after clicking 'show help contents' in Rename dialog
Bug WEB-39785 Dart: error in import statement after moving container file(until you type something)
Bug WEB-39449 The "documentation" link in hovers in the Dart Problems view are not clickable
Bug WEB-38930 indentation does not work with NNBD in dart
Bug WEB-18864 Dart: update import statement on moving container file
Exception WEB-39761 Dart: Exception while typing assert statement
DebuggerBug WEB-36168 Debugger does not respect breakpoints inside Meteor packages
Bug WEB-39558 Node debugger: support mappings to file:///
Bug WEB-27630 'Hide Frames from Libraries' does nothing
Bug WEB-34012 Debugger breakpoints in Meteor activated only after debugger restart (update by file editing)
Bug WEB-39555 Debugger: Elements tab is broken
Bug WEB-39399 Frames from libraries don't open and are red
Bug WEB-39117 Karma doesn't handle correct tab in debug mode with '--remote-debugging-port' param
Bug WEB-39614 Broken message formatting in debug console
Bug WEB-38041 Console input cleared on arrow down key press
Bug WEB-38535 CoffeeScript debugging doesn't work correctly in WebStorm 2019
Bug WEB-39161 ClassCastException when expand node in debugger console
Bug WEB-38597 Incorrect highlighting of methods when 'Smart step into'
Bug WEB-38564 'Smart step into' suggests only first call of the same name in a line
Bug WEB-39504 Memory leak from Netty during debug session
Performance WEB-39456 Memory consumption keeps increasing whenever meteor app is reloaded
Performance WEB-38675 Debugger: memory leak when re-building the application
Performance WEB-39382 Memory leak in WipNetworkManager
Usability WEB-39670 Object properties in debugger should be shown in object order, NOT in alphabetical order
Cosmetics WEB-37645 Use new UI for smart step into in JS debugger
Exception WEB-39331 Throwable when debug 'JavaScript Debug' configuration
Exception WEB-37601 KotlinNullPointerException when suspend breakpoint
File WatchersBug WEB-38929 'File watcher problems' inspection doesn't work for Less and other compilers that produce ANSI-escaped output
HTMLFeature WEB-14791 Small tag should be listed as an inline element by default
Bug WEB-38873 Wrong WCAG suggestion
Task WEB-39763 Html/React: avoid expensive edt resolve in html typed handler if possible
Task WEB-38207 Html: disable "Image size mismatch" inspection for svg files
JSONFeature WEB-39310 Add husky to package.json schema
Feature WEB-37864 Support JSON-schema based code completion for all linters/tools we support for yaml/plain js formats
Feature WEB-39311 Add renovate to package.json schema
Feature WEB-39312 Add nodemon to package.json schema
Feature WEB-39646 Add lint-staged to package.json schema
Bug WEB-39403 JSON-based completion doesn't work for babel js config (when defined via a variable)
Bug WEB-39447 JSON-schema based completion for js inserts unquoted string as a value
Bug WEB-39123 x-intellij-language-injection doesn't function in schema using anyOf
Bug WEB-38090 Don't download the latest JSON v4,6,7 schemas (Always download most recent schemas)
Bug WEB-38586 JSON: validating by added schema works only after schema editing
Bug WEB-39158 JSON schema mappings: exception after removing json from file types
Usability WEB-39592 Semantic highlighting in package.json
Task WEB-39440 Add "x-intellij-case-insensitive" JSON Schema extension for case-insensitive enum validation
JavaScriptFeature WEB-37690 Call hierarchy action doesn't work where function literal is passed as argument
Feature WEB-38638 Inspection and quick-fix to merge trivial nested template literals
Feature WEB-38974 Support destructuring declarations in Vue.js and allow 'Propagate to destructuring' to propagate there and 'Rename' to rename properly
Feature WEB-38976 Support Object.fromEntries()
Feature WEB-37930 Support ES2019 decorators proposal
Feature WEB-38139 'Propagate to destructuring declaration' intention
Feature WEB-38159 Add a quick fix to fix spelling for an unresolved reference if qualifier type has property with similar name
Feature WEB-35756 Autocomplete of export default
Feature WEB-39319 Duplicates Inspection: disable search between Javascript and TypeScript files
Feature WEB-38284 Parameter info and parameter hints for tagged templates
Feature WEB-26561 Properties added with Object.assign() and Object.defineProperties() are not understood
Feature WEB-33939 Suggest class method parameters when ES6 class is extended
Feature WEB-39374 Add 'String usage' type to 'find usages'
Feature WEB-38945 Show available method signatures in the Go to definition popup
Bug WEB-36103 Don't suggest items from "@types" packages not directly specified in package.json in import completion
Bug WEB-35328 No completion for members of exported namespace
Bug WEB-38685 Structure view for JavaScript tests doesn't work with custom regions
Bug WEB-36804 Weird escape \ character multiplication and reduction on copy/paste
Bug WEB-39024 Change the "Switch statement is redundant" inspection to a weak warning
Bug WEB-28187 ES6: Unused default export
Bug WEB-37911 "Hide parameter hints for this method" only works for last method in chain
Bug WEB-23410 Find usages of exported function
Bug WEB-38833 JavaScript name suggestions: don't conflict with the global 'name' variable
Bug WEB-38544 JS: suggest exported commonjs names in completion
Bug WEB-39272 Fix intentions availability for #-private and ?.-elvis access operators
Bug WEB-36271 Import completion imports items that cannot be really imported
Bug WEB-38184 Javascript spread-constructed object property tooltip does not correctly infer source
Bug WEB-39068 Incorrect names are inferred for destructuring properties with non-identifier names
Bug WEB-35094 Invalid 'Duplicate character inside regexp class' warning when using template string with arguments
Bug WEB-38700 Bad color for in some dark themes
Bug WEB-14677 Navigate/Method Hierarchy is always disabled for javascript methods
Bug WEB-39011 Renaming destructuring declarations in catch-block fails with exception
Bug WEB-38743 Split declaration and initialization removes export
Bug WEB-38936 Remove acton 'Fix all problems in file' for 'Create class/interface' and 'Adjust spelling' quick fixes
Bug WEB-39416 Completion: JS/TS: do not suggest symbol itself after extends keyword
Bug WEB-39370 Code Inspection incorrectly recognizes type, produces incorrect warning messages
Bug WEB-38666 Incorrect auto import when copy/pasting code between files
Bug WEB-39005 JS: incorrect rest param styling
Bug WEB-39058 Function is not available in completion in its body
Bug WEB-39417 Keywords completion: do not suggest the same keyword after itself
Bug WEB-39859 Inspections broken/frozen
Bug WEB-34200 Fix capitalization of some Intentions/Quick Fixes
Bug WEB-38957 WebStorm lacks Darcula coloring for some JS-specific elements
Bug WEB-38868 Editing injection removes fragment if template string argument is exactly at start/end of injection
Bug WEB-39847 Replace with block/line comment works incorrectly in case of after-the-statement comments of any kind
Bug WEB-39418 Keywords completion: Flow: do not suggest top-level completion inside interface
Bug WEB-38645 Unused local variable inspection works incorrectly with require statements when Node.js coding assistance is disabled
Bug WEB-36595 No autocomplete for inherited static methods when class is "required" from a different file
Bug WEB-39147 Resolve indexed properties with dot in name
Bug WEB-39479 "Several definitions" icon is shown for unique variant
Bug WEB-38473 Unresolved type which isn't global
Bug WEB-38086 Editing injection in template string with 'Edit injection' action fails if another template string inside arguments
Bug WEB-39270 JavaScript: Wrong names for arguments when using fn(...spread)
Bug WEB-38860 Flow: JSX syntax break when using parenthesis within a JSX tag
Bug WEB-38514 'Complete current statement' doesn't work for TS enums
Bug WEB-39145 JavaScript/TypeScript: do not show completion after export keyword inside class
Bug WEB-33985 Cypress assertion chains autocomplete not working
Bug WEB-39022 Create missing default branch for switch should not add break when there's a return statement
Bug WEB-38248 Autocomplete problems with properties that start with an underscore
Bug WEB-39321 Annotator marks injected in string code as red in master
Bug WEB-38804 Find usages of `index.jsx` file yields results where property `index` of an arbitrary object is used
Bug WEB-33923 StackOverflowError on parsing deeply nested JSON
Bug WEB-38812 Inner class props not resolved in IIFE
Bug WEB-36104 Lookup items for import-completion and globals are mixed in the list with the same priority
Bug WEB-38583 Simple type hinting not working for Array.forEach()
Bug WEB-38056 'Flip if-else', 'Merge if-else', 'Remove braces', etc. all remove inner functions inside blocks
Bug WEB-39437 No completion for React lifecycle method when using Flow
Bug WEB-32758 js: spurious "Invalid number of arguments, expected 0" inspection for the default sub-class constructor
Bug WEB-39442 Duplicates: IndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown on processing "Show all duplicates like this"
Bug WEB-38534 JS: do not show members from unknown namespace in top-level completion
Bug WEB-39334 Don't insert parentheses when completing function in pipe expression RHS
Bug WEB-39419 Postfix completion: do not suggest any template after "this."
Bug WEB-39054 Wrong warning in constructor of a class that extends null
Bug WEB-38352 JavaScript/TypeScript completion after export default
Bug WEB-39146 Suggest correct quick-fix for async/await inside forEach
Bug WEB-39288 neverending indexing on parsing Figlet Font definition embedded in template string
Bug WEB-35656 JavaScript RegExp multiple named capture groups in template literal
Bug WEB-39583 TypeScript: Enable typescript service completion in js files if allowJs = true
Bug WEB-38953 Inner class methods returning class instance not resolved when chaining
Bug WEB-36091 Import-completion should invoke parentheses insert handler if the item is definitely a function
Bug WEB-37294 "Unused default export" when importing module dynamically
Bug WEB-39777 JSX: completion item is used instead of emmet abbreviations
Bug WEB-39675 Usages in JSX attributes considered 'String usages' in 2019.2/master nightlies
Bug WEB-39598 Rename JavaScript Module Dependency Diagram action
Bug WEB-39415 Keywords completion: do not suggest keywords inside while statement
Bug WEB-39660 Completion: "Several definitions" is shown for symbols after "console"
Bug WEB-39144 JavaScript/TypeScript: add async keyword into the completion after export and export default
Bug WEB-39390 Destructuring existing variable shows "foo is null"
Performance WEB-39634 JS element in Search Everywhere iterates project content in EDT to calculate its presentation
Usability WEB-39444 Convert to React class/functional component: add link to the template configuration in description
Usability WEB-39023 Improve completion behavior for switch and if
Usability WEB-32058 No auto-completion popup for paths values
Usability WEB-39414 Keywords completion: reorder local and global symbols and keywords
Usability WEB-39679 Add an action to specify the explicit value/type shown in the type/value hint
Usability WEB-38830 JavaScript: move all code completion options from "JavaScript" to "Editor -> Code Completion"
Cosmetics WEB-37759 Not ideal layout of JS options page
Cosmetics WEB-39007 Postfix completion misprint
Task WEB-38403 ES6: complete sibling files with relative prefix
Task WEB-38404 TypeScript / JavaScript: completion after export
Task WEB-38420 JavaScript completion: do not show statement-only keywords in expression context
Task WEB-30685 Add new injection type: tagged template
Task WEB-38849 Node modules: exclude from indexing unnecessary files
Task WEB-37952 Support built-in decorators for es2019
Exception WEB-39801 JS: Quick fix: edit empty values of object literal properties throws when invoked on rbrace
JavaScript. FormatterFeature WEB-37855 Prettier: allow importing code style rules from .prettierrc.js/ .prettierrc.toml file
Bug WEB-38505 JavaScript setting for spaces within array brackets are not saved for IDE Global Code Style schema
Bug WEB-39796 Code formatting adds space in private-#-field syntax
Bug WEB-38042 Wrong indentation in tuple types (Flow, TS)
Bug WEB-38600 Don't remove leading semicolon on reformatting
Bug WEB-39092 Formatting doesn't remove spaces in for..of / loops
Bug WEB-38992 Wrong extra indent for template string argument braces
Bug WEB-30108 Formatting JS/TS with HTML injection and 'Enforce HTML quotes on reformat' enabled breaks code
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-39351 Add support for ngNonBindable directive
Feature WEB-38855 Angular @Attribute decorator not recognized
Feature WEB-39759 Vue.js: provide code completion for events that could be emitted by Vue components defined in project dependencies
Feature WEB-33464 Parameter Hints in Angular Component Template
Feature WEB-36042 HTML attributes and tags used as slot name for transclusion reported as illegal
Bug WEB-36119 Angular. Invalid items inside the completion list after the "for" word
Bug WEB-36722 Angular template files are not recognized if "@angular/core" is not a direct dependency
Bug WEB-39722 Unrecognized Ionic/Angular attributes
Bug WEB-38082 PropTypes.shape should support warn on missing required prop inside 'shape'
Bug WEB-29251 Refactor/Rename React props in propTypes does not rename the html attribute
Bug WEB-39709 IOException with @web-types
Bug WEB-39779 Vue.js "v-for" shows error when use object destructuring
Bug WEB-39501 New - Angular Schematic: loading after every use
Bug WEB-39481 Can't resolve vue components in template tag (Blaze)
Bug WEB-38028 "Wrong attribute value" with BootstrapVue v-b-modal directive
Bug WEB-39128 Angular: no support for "spread" expression in metadata.
Bug WEB-38354 Angular: wrong exclusions with Angular libraries
Bug WEB-37137 Some vuetify (1.4.6) components have unknown html tags
Bug WEB-34458 Do not show Unbound XML namespace prefix in Vue.js for custom directives bindings
Bug WEB-37732 Do not show Alt+Return proposal to create a v-slot namespace
Bug WEB-39587 Angular - failed to load schematics exception
Bug WEB-33981 Imported components marked as unknown html tags
Bug WEB-35634 Angular: directives from node modules not present in package.json are not available
Bug WEB-39353 ClassCastException when choose item in completion
Bug WEB-39743 Vue.js: directives are not present in code completion on Vue.js tags
Bug WEB-39056 PyCharm, new vue project wizard: missing checkbox 'Use default project setup'
Bug WEB-39460 Angular: loading angular.json is broken if there are `input` sections in it
Bug WEB-38781 Angular - select attribute not recognized for ng-content
Bug WEB-29546 Refactor/Rename React props doesn't rename the prop in defaultProps
Performance WEB-39085 Editing HTML in Angular is slow
Performance WEB-39115 Angular: slow code completion on large projects
Usability WEB-39455 React refactorings in Flow use TypeScript code templates
Usability WEB-8191 Add option to disable injection of CSS in jQuery selectors
Usability WEB-39203 Parameter hints: remove "Show name for tagged template arguments" for "Angular HTML Template"
Cosmetics WEB-39672 Vue.js: Add library name to tag proposals
JavaScript. InspectionsFeature WEB-2385 Detect accidental =+ instead of += on string variable
Feature WEB-27401 Add intention to convert independent `await` calls to `await Promise.all([])`
Feature WEB-39213 TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action for typeof/instanceof
Feature WEB-39165 TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action for equality operators
Feature WEB-35028 TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action
Feature WEB-39224 TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action. If, While, DoWhile
Feature WEB-39318 JavaScript: support if (undefined/null) conditions
Feature WEB-39166 TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action for null/undefined
Feature WEB-32926 "Add 'then' clause" as a QuickFix for "Promise returned from ... is ignored"
Feature WEB-37903 Inspection and quick-fix to merge variables assigned to same destructuring patterns
Bug WEB-39511 "Missing await for an async function call" false positive in shorthand lambdas and conditional expressions
Bug WEB-39556 'Expression statement is not assignment or call' is incorrectly reported for pipeline invocations
Bug WEB-38316 False positive (?) for "Result of assignment expression used" inspection
Bug WEB-36909 "Add this qualifier" quickfix doesn't work in offline inspections results
Bug WEB-39249 TypeScript / JavaScript: Report only simplifiable part of the expression
Bug WEB-38543 Cleanup fixes reported from "Missing module dependency" inspection
Bug WEB-18867 Block level function declaration is not supported
Bug WEB-36869 No notification about missed await if async function call is on the right side of assignment
Bug WEB-39317 Invalid 'unused default export' when importing module as namespace
Bug WEB-35745 No notification about missed await near Promise returned function
Bug WEB-39649 PointlessBooleanExpression. False positive
Bug WEB-39687 Promise used as condition should raise warning
Bug WEB-38059 False positive 'Function statement not at top level of a program or function is prohibited' in TypeScript
Bug WEB-39569 Javascript inspection "Redundant await Promise.resolve()": "return await" is GOOD (as of recently)
Bug WEB-39594 False "Variable is declared and being used in different 'case' clauses" violation if same-named variable is declared in nested 'switch'
Bug WEB-39143 redundant 'return await..' is wrong when using catch decorators
Bug WEB-38952 Intentions: "Generate destructuring pattern": disable for enum literals
Bug WEB-30455 Improve "suspicious variable/parameter name combination" inspection for JavaScript and Flex
Bug WEB-35108 "Missing await for an async function call" is not triggered when requiring async function
Bug WEB-40000 Incorrect "Redundant await".
Bug WEB-31269 Inspection "Missing await for async function call inspection" false positive
Bug WEB-30494 'Replace with template string' incorrectly handles non-string items at start
Cosmetics WEB-39707 Pointless statement or boolean expression: shorten the warning
Exception WEB-38515 PsiInvalidElementAccessException is thrown for "Create derived class" intention
Exception WEB-39806 JS : Quick fix : Replace comment style two times
JavaScript. RefactoringFeature WEB-32725 Postfix templates for destructuring
Feature WEB-38307 Inspection for redundant 'return await' and 'await await' + corresponding cleanup for convert-to-async
Feature WEB-37242 Inline JS variable with template literals should avoid producing nested template literals
Feature WEB-38295 'Inline' should handle functions with destructuring parameters
Feature WEB-38801 'Introduce variable' for destructuring patterns in variable declarations
Feature WEB-38662 'Introduce variable' can introduce spread elements when selection is over multiple array elements/properties
Feature WEB-38308 Inspection and cleanup for redundant await/return Promise.resolve() and Promise.reject()
Feature WEB-39096 Intention action to convert destructuring back to properly accesses when possible
Bug WEB-39337 Incorrect comment placement when moving multiple module members with comments
Bug WEB-37861 Cannot inline ES6 function property
Bug WEB-39470 'Replace destructuring with property/index access' poorly handles non-identifier names
Bug WEB-38766 'Propagate to destructuring declaration' should create a live template to update auto-generated variable names
Bug WEB-39062 'Propagate to destructuring declaration': breaks code in case of arrow functions without parens
Bug WEB-39335 'Change signature' for pipe expressions - should replace with lambda on adding parameters, collapse lambda when having a single parameter
Bug WEB-39343 'Replace destructuring with property and index access' ignores initializers
Bug WEB-39026 Extract value does not detect duplicate values in ECMAscript / Typescript template strings
Bug WEB-39079 'Propagate to destructuring' breaks code when propagation target and source are in the same variable list
Bug WEB-39483 Refactoring: Rename: avoid showing "Not Found" in the preview for dynamic references
Bug WEB-35443 'Create field' creates field outside object
Bug WEB-39235 'Replace destructuring with property and index access' causes name conflict
Bug WEB-36958 Add local variable Typescript intention applies to second outermost function instead of function's return value on same line
Bug WEB-38208 Invalid code is generated when splitting destructuring object
Bug WEB-39358 'Replace destructuring with property/index access' invokes dialog rename for JS global variables
Bug WEB-16954 JavaScript. Error when extracting method from object property
Bug WEB-34393 Extract variable shouldn't be available on 'export default function' when corresponding function has overloads
Bug WEB-38590 'Iterate with for..of' intention action should suggest to iterate with 'for await..of' in case of asynchronous iterable
Bug WEB-39771 Rename dialog is shown instead of silent rename after invoking 'Introduce variable' for spreads, or for 'Create derived class / Implement interface'
Bug WEB-39520 Rename doesn't show preview if only string references are found
Bug WEB-39446 React class to functional component not available for class with 'displayName' static field
Bug WEB-38599 Assertion failed when drag-n-drop file in the project
Bug WEB-39768 Refactoring: JS (ES5): Extract variable: extracting new variable in object causes creating spread operator
Bug WEB-39575 'Search in comments and strings' should be off by default
Bug WEB-39290 'Replace destructuring with property and index access' doesn't respect shorthand properties
Bug WEB-38194 Converting string concatenation to template string drops comments
Bug WEB-39372 'Refactor | Inline' on methods from .d.ts removes statements
Usability WEB-38742 'Generate destructuring pattern'/'propagate to destructuring' should be available on the variable
Cosmetics WEB-35457 Duplicated description parts in refactoring preview - 'class class', 'file file', etc.
Cosmetics WEB-38244 'Can not' typo
Exception WEB-39557 Postfix 'var'/'destruct' and 'introduce obj/array destructuring' fail if inplace refactorings are off
Exception WEB-39749 JS: Reference element is not the same element for which references were queried
Exception WEB-39752 Refactoring: JS: Inline refactoring: Exception in plugins Js and TS
LESSFeature WEB-11539 Support align values code style setting
Bug WEB-38322 Less: nested @supports at-rule causes syntax errors
LintersBug WEB-39189 .eslintignore in nested package not picked up inside lerna project
Bug WEB-39118 ESLint fails with error if @typescript-eslint with 'project' option is configured in monorepo
Bug WEB-38737 Importing 'indent' rule from ESLint configuration should disable conflicting settings.
Bug WEB-38881 "Reformat with Prettier" should be available for files with shebang
Bug WEB-37547 'Suppress all ESLint rules for current file' adds 'null' if 'eslint-disable' already exists at top of file
Bug WEB-39615 Prettier plugin - editor scroll position jumps abruptly on reformat
Bug WEB-36803 Errors reported by linters should show better tooltip if error message is multiline
Bug WEB-39398 When importing code style settings from ESLint, consider "SwitchCase" option of "indent" rule
Bug WEB-36096 ESLint Ignores Nested React Project
Task WEB-38083 Remove action to reset changes to code style on importing from TSLint
Node.jsFeature WEB-23906 per-project nvm support via nvmrc
Feature WEB-39055 Add `ci` to the list of commands in NPM run configuration
Feature WEB-39006 Node Interpreter on WSL (Arch Linux): No distribution available
Bug WEB-38634 The built-in Node module 'module' flagged as not listed in dependencies
Bug WEB-39528 Run/Debug Node.js app from Run Anything popup
Bug WEB-35916 npm not detected if node installed via snap
Bug WEB-39510 NPM Install Dependencies notification: package.json link broken
Bug WEB-39927 Can't call completion for 'react' in package.json
Bug WEB-39704 Can't download node core if yarn is not installed
SASSFeature WEB-9211 SCSS align $variable on colon as in CSS
Bug WEB-39261 Duplicates should not be set between source and generated file
Bug WEB-7524 SCSS cannot find mixin which is declared later in the file
Bug WEB-38149 Sass mixin content arguments not recognised
StylusBug WEB-39535 "Reformat code" behave wrong on stylus (@media query with negative property value)
TypeScriptFeature WEB-39194 Enable esnext private-#-field syntax for TypeScript
Feature WEB-37201 Introduce smartcast highlighting similar to that we have in Kotlin
Feature WEB-39196 Update bundled TypeScript to 3.5
Feature WEB-39685 [request] should show error when can't found file form tsconfig extends
Feature WEB-38589 Intention action to add explicit enum values for TypeScript enums
Feature WEB-39285 Typescript - Support for actions on literals in discriminated unions
Feature WEB-14945 Parameter hints / parameter info / documentation support for rest-tuples with --strictBindCallApply
Bug WEB-36619 Typescript class implementing an interface method as a lambda incorrectly reports method as unused/can't find usages
Bug WEB-39188 TS: type guards are not applied to property-accessors
Bug WEB-39644 'Specify type explicitly' should work for inferred types
Bug WEB-38092 In TypeScript, renaming a class function (via Refactor) causes wrong changes
Bug WEB-39640 Specify type explicitly action incorrect with template string and Observable
Bug WEB-39081 'Create function' breaks code when tries to create new function with spread parameters in typescript
Bug WEB-38167 "<anonymous> in null" in the usage view
Bug WEB-39355 Incorrect comparison of literal types with escape sequences
Bug WEB-38500 Typescript find usages fails for object/interface keys containing dot
Bug WEB-38857 Show inferred types in parameter help.
Bug WEB-38410 Consider improving line markers/navigation from contextually typed literals to super
Bug WEB-38238 'Extract type alias' / 'Convert parameters to object' should properly handle infer-types
Bug WEB-39316 Redundant 'typeof' check warning on typescript when deconstructing
Bug WEB-27160 TypeScript: Rename field does rename more than just the field
Bug WEB-39409 Line markers don't work for intersection types
Bug WEB-38865 False positive 'rest parameter should be of array type' on rest-parameter with infer-type
Bug WEB-39538 Webstorm 2019.01 Fails to provide type hints with complex generics, conditional generics and wrappers in Angular Templates
Bug WEB-38165 Typescript autocompletion for objects with enum as key doesn't work with computed properties
Bug WEB-38682 Wrong indent after `=` in the TypeScript type definition
Bug WEB-37512 '== true' and '== false' and 'if(x)' guards should narrow boolean to the literal type
Bug WEB-39127 TypeScript - parameter info (CTRL+P) fails on rest parameters
Bug WEB-34824 Support TS 3.1 change in type guards for 'function'
Bug WEB-38637 Type guards: weaken narrowing of '==' to not narrow in case of references on both sides
Bug WEB-32282 TypeScript: Type of variable from destructured assignment is incorrectly considered as just `boolean` instead of `boolean | undefined`
Bug WEB-39159 TypeScript - add abstract keyword suggestion after export
Bug WEB-37511 Mutual discriminants are not supported via 'switch' for type guards
Bug WEB-38271 Implementing methods for object literal doesn't properly substitute generics
Bug WEB-39689 typescript Variable narrowed type guard not as expected
Bug WEB-37922 Type guard is incorrectly applied for a nested function
Bug WEB-38296 introducing interface doesn't work if parameter selected with the type
Bug WEB-39563 Autocomplete doesn't work properly when type is from a private or protected class property
Bug WEB-39107 Potentially invalid 'this' when using OnChange decorator with Angular
Bug WEB-39122 Wrong autocomplete list for `typeof` expression inside type definition in TypeScript
Bug WEB-39588 TypeScript: type guard doesn't work if the second re-declaration contains assignment
Bug WEB-38555 Auto-import doesn't allow to erase import statement - inserts it again
Bug WEB-39809 TypeScript generics should be inferred to 'unknown', not 'any', if no constraint
Bug WEB-39499 Support unknown type for switch expression
Bug WEB-32363 Support improved handling of 'instanceof' in type guards
Bug WEB-39027 Switch case items should not be shown when completion is invoked for qualified references
Bug WEB-35855 Incorrect property rename/find usages
Bug WEB-38954 idea auto complete with unsafe key index
Bug WEB-38990 TypeScript: correctly show parameter info for literals
Bug WEB-39662 Inlay hints: TypeScript: show enum literal hint in the exact format
Performance WEB-39633 TypeScript project references cause IntelliJ to hang
Performance WEB-37988 Code analysis never completes, high CPU usage on evaluating types
Usability WEB-37883 Update default color for TypeScript Type Parameters
Usability WEB-38733 Support parameter info/hints for inferred higher-order functions
Task WEB-39774 TypeScript: avoid edt resolve while rendering import hint
Unit TestsFeature WEB-34938 Support running Mocha tests with Vue CLI
Feature WEB-38630 Jest: improve "todo" test support when using jest-circus as test runner
Bug WEB-39201 'Unrecognized option "runTestsByPath"' when running Jest with jest-cli < 21.x
Bug WEB-36769 Running RC from folder containing cucumber tests fails with error
Bug WEB-37274 Cucumber.js: TS: comments at the end of the target file are moved to the top
Bug WEB-36413 Cucumber.js: wrong symbols in the console output on Windows
Bug WEB-39735 Cucumber.js: tests are marked as passed when they actually aren't
Bug WEB-37886 Mocha suites not recognized inside setTimeout
Bug WEB-36777 Show test status in the gutter for both compiled and original file when using Jest
Bug WEB-32987 Mocha test not marked as test when timeout is set
Bug WEB-39593 Suggest mocha-webpack in the 'mocha package' field
Bug WEB-39245 Jest "update snapshot" link no longer displayed for inline snapshots
Bug WEB-11505 Cucumber: can't run cucumber is step definitions are located in non-default directory
Bug WEB-39902 Cannot run actions from gutters
Bug WEB-39800 'it' live template is available inside v-for
Cosmetics WEB-39698 Cucumber.js: increase width of the File type field in the Create New Step Definition File dialog
Exception WEB-39572 CucumberJS: exception is thrown on typing regular expression
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