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PHP CompletionFeatureWI-5429Allow 'Complete Class Name' to work inside string literals
BugWI-36237Autocomplete trait names and alias issue
BugWI-36042Autocomplete constant in a multi parameter method call skips to next parameter when passing a class constant
UsabilityWI-28433$this- after typing - sign, function list
PHP InspectionsBugWI-35651'Parameter type' inspection does not work with results of method call if called class implements any interface
BugWI-36195Unused imports recognized wrongly with multiple namespaces in one file
BugWI-35606Hierarchy check: False Positive Declaration must be compatible error for constructor in case of different number of arguments
BugWI-16531Function name must be callable - a string, Closure or class implementing __invoke, currently array
UsabilityWI-35771Non-strict object equality: shows warning in case there are multiple types and one of them is not primitive
UsabilityWI-35769Non-strict object equality: ignore all classes that extends DateTime and DateTime itself
PHP langBugWI-33726Array should be acceptable default type for iterable
BugWI-25522Complete current statement: alternative syntax: endelseif is inserted after elseif
BugWI-28980On statement move collapsed Multi-line Comment opens again
BugWI-28826"Invalid escape sequence" highlighted as "Bad character"
PS specificBugWI-36130Tip of the day "new scratch file" points to wrong menu
User InterfaceBugIDEA-171299IDE is closed even I canceled exit
BugIDEA-170910Diagram printing prints empty
BugIDEA-172571IntelliJ IDEA won't start on Mac OS Sierra
DB ConnectivityUsabilityDBE-2884By clicking on the "Test Connection", the result information is visible only in the first dialog tab
DB ConsoleFeatureDBE-265Switch results tab when editor tab is switched
BugDBE-4174Incorrect summary error count on MySQL script run
User InterfaceBugDBE-2988New Data Source from Data Sources and Drivers window
UsabilityDBE-4368cannot change the connection / console for a sql file without "Run"
TypeScriptBugWEB-25486[Angular2] Errors in template file are causing fake tslint error highlighting on same line in typescript file
IDEBugPY-23930"Add to currently open projects" not working
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