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PHP CompletionBugWI-35348iterable shouldn't be suggest in new/extends/use/::class statements
PHP FormatterBugWI-35581Force braces on `new Class` setting breaks anonymous classes creation
PHP InspectionsFeatureWI-21807Detect Attempt to unset static property
BugWI-35651'Parameter type' inspection does not work with results of method call if called class implements any interface
BugWI-35882Language Level: Null reserved keyword
BugWI-35682Illegal string offset: False Positive: in case type of offset is unknown or mixed
PerformanceWI-35842Unused imports inspection works slow
CosmeticsWI-35481"too many parameters" inspection tooltip is shown twice for the method in a class
PHP ProfilerPerformanceWI-22123Optimize memory usage for large profiler snapshots
PHP langFeatureWI-993Folding: Add 'Collapse/Expand Top Level' functionalityFeature: Folding of <?php ... ?> blocks
UsabilityWI-35775Highlighting of concatenated strings overrides line highlighting
UsabilityWI-35789Breadcrumb for anonymous class is empty
CosmeticsWI-954Class method displayed as italic if name coincides with any internal function
ExceptionWI-35673Incorrect trait conflict resolving
PHP testBugWI-35806Remote PHPUnit uses wrong path delimiters using Composer autoloader on Windows
PS specificBugWI-35811No code example in configurable in code style suggestion for frameworks
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-29847Mappings for single file doesn't work
BugWI-27179Do not browse server tree from root in places other than choosing root path
Plugin: WordPressFeatureWI-21339WordPress: Auto-recognize Well-known WordPress Global Variables
Php IntentionsBugWI-11172PHP: don't offer 'Surround with 'isset'', '!empty' intentions for variable write access
Plugin: Joomla!BugWI-35954Injection by comment doesn't work for JDatabaseQuery string arguments
No subsystemBugIDEA-171160[macos] progress indicator in AppIcon consumes CPU
BugIDEA-171148In Settings > Colors & Fonts, I cannot change "Underscored" to "Underlined" unless I pick another option first
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-170909Sync with Deployed Forgets Last Used "Compare By" Method
DockerBugIDEA-171013Docker: Defining DOCKER_HOST env var to anything but URI renders Docker integration useless
BugIDEA-167369Jackson UnrecognizedPropertyExceptions when authenticating at Sonatype Nexus Docker Registry
BugIDEA-167730docker-compose: TLS error when 'Certificates folder' is misconfigured in docker account
BugIDEA-170679Docker: new account dialog should not suggest default boot2docker certificates folder on mac / windows
UsabilityIDEA-171000Docker: The list of the docker configurations should be available at once in the Docker view.
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-152335Selecting "Underscored" from "Bold Underscored" doesn't work in Settings>Editor>Colors&Fonts>somelanguage
User InterfaceBugIDEA-170024Checkboxes are broken
DocumentationBugDBE-4363Help menu link incorrect
DartBugWEB-26384pub serve in WebStorm serves outdated files from build directory
JavaScriptBugWEB-25919Code folding folds wrong block in switch case with block statement
BugWEB-26355TypeScript create field inspection for constructor generates them incorrectly (in the same line)
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-26305New line after function with return type annotation starts indented
BugWEB-25936pressing enter on multiple declarations no longer preserves correct indent
BugWEB-26150'For statement' wrap option should have higher priority than 'var declaration' wrap when statement contains multiple declarations
BugWEB-25742Formatter messes up type annotations
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-26339Getting error "Standard Code Style: Error"
BugWEB-26158Incorrect description of second option in "equality operator may cause type coercion"
Node.jsFeatureWEB-26201can not configure yarn
BugWEB-26270Express(4.15) project create fails
Unit TestsBugWEB-25932"Run icon on the gutter" shows for Karma tests, but clicking on it shows "Nothing Here"
BugWEB-26310Run buttons inside mocha test-files run as node.js process instead of Mocha
BugWEB-26377Jest has IDE integration warning with addTestSuiteChild
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