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PhpStorm 2016.2 Release Notes

PHP CompletionFeatureWI-22487add argument naming suggestion without "Interface" suffix
FeatureWI-9403Add option to filter out static methods from $this-> completion
FeatureWI-32428Completion inside 'declare' construct
FeatureWI-31428Autocomplete for function/method arguments with/from class properties
FeatureWI-31426Manually invoke type-matching autocomplete list for function/method parameters
FeatureWI-31568Smart Type Code Completion
BugWI-32267No variable autocomplete for function call inside foreach header
BugWI-32340auto-completion preselects obscure never-used lib references before language intrinsics (like `false`, `true`, etc)
BugWI-31620Completion list contains closing control structures
BugWI-32017Second completion invocation on after namespace suggests all classes and lead to incorrect code
BugWI-32271Smart Completion: only arrays and string are suggested for variadic parameter
BugWI-32270Smart Completion: Filter all functions that returns mixed|null to make completion really strict
BugWI-29705Completion after a function's parameter type
BugWI-31147Invalid intention\autocomplete in function args
BugWI-32144Const keyword is missing after visibility modifiers
BugWI-31799Implementing interface with return typehint doesn't import the namespace
BugWI-31995'namespace' operator is not suggested as a part of FQN
BugWI-31997List of completion after 'namespace' operator when it's a part of FQN contains all types of elements that are not applicable
BugWI-31643Completion doesn't insert parentheses for exceptions in throw
BugWI-31926'Autopopup in (ms)' option has no effect
BugWI-32328Static methods are not filtered after $this->
BugWI-32007Don't show class members after global keyword
UsabilityWI-31375Implement an option to disable function parameters completion
UsabilityWI-31370Allow new autocomplete for function/method arguments comma "," to overwrite them
UsabilityWI-31980Disable completion of keywords after integers without space
UsabilityWI-31682Filter everything but exceptions (\Throwable) after @throws
UsabilityWI-3195PHP: code completion in a global declaration inside a function could suggest global variables
UsabilityWI-32318Smart completion: Don't fallback to standard completion
PHP FormatterUsabilityWI-32220Return call tree analysis depth to initial value instead of 1 on selection of No in Performance Note
UsabilityWI-32129Remove ability to generate @type tag
PHP InspectionsFeatureWI-28549Do not show warning for unused parameters in anonymous functions
FeatureWI-32279Provide strict checkbox for Incompatible type inspection
FeatureWI-28318New Inspection: strict type inspection for PHP 7
FeatureWI-15377Unused import: support namespaces import
FeatureWI-140New inspection: Validate type of return statements against PHPDoc @return (new inspection & quickfix)
FeatureWI-9390New Inspection: dynamic call to static method
BugWI-28627Unresolved include: doesn't interpolate values of class constants
BugWI-32348PHP7 Scalar Type inspection failed on EAP 162.1120.13
BugWI-27459Unused import: support functions and constants
BugWI-32278Change return type doesn't handle multiple return types
BugWI-32374Strict type: allow multiple type to be convertible to single one
BugWI-28319Add inspection (PHP 7): declare(strict_types=1) should be the very first statement
BugWI-22774Missing @throws tag: doesn't analyze PHPDoc for defined exception
BugWI-32185Usage of 'class_exists' should not be considered as an import usage
BugWI-32331Make call static shouldn't be applied to method calls on the result of function call
BugWI-31768Imported constant (alias) is resolved ignoring case sensitivity
BugWI-32360Strict type: don't trigger inspection for "mixed" and "undefined" type
BugWI-32170Namespace is marked as unused if it's used as partial import
BugWI-32171Use statement mark as unused if class name case in use doesn't equal class name in declaration
BugWI-32280Change return type doesn't work for plural type
BugWI-32213Use statement is marked as unused if there is multiresolve and usage is inside PHPDoc
BugWI-32357Strict type: float return type
BugWI-32354Strict type: null default value for parameter relax type to type|null
BugWI-32355Strict type: function invocations from global namespace without leading slash leads to type error
UsabilityWI-32113Move configuration of "Missing @throws tag(s)" to Code Style
PHP debugFeatureWI-28571Load XDebug extension on demand for CLI debug configurations
BugWI-32264"Copy path" has disappeared from the debug context menu in the 2016.2 EAP
UsabilityWI-18933Dropdown menu "Absolute path on server" in Settings/PHP/Servers is unreadable when selected
UsabilityWI-27741Run PHPinfo with configuration options of selected PHP interpreter
UsabilityWI-30394Project interpreter: default interpreter is changed to application level one during the name collision resolve
ExceptionWI-32334Addition of method to skip list throws AbstractMethodError
ExceptionWI-28816Debug console: Exception is thrown on typing }
PHP langFeatureWI-30762Support PHP 7.1 class constant visibility modifiers
FeatureWI-32045Type inference: Support type hinting for implementors of IteratorAggregate that returns array
FeatureWI-28970Make parameter based type provider (Factory advanced metadata) work with constants as argument
FeatureWI-679Type inference: Support type hinting for implementors of Iterator / IteratorAggregate
FeatureWI-22284Add support for @internal phpdoc tag
FeatureWI-941Add throw to method phpdoc if method call function which throws exception and method doesn't catch it.
FeatureWI-18972Type inference: Support type hinting for iteration over implementors of Traversable
FeatureWI-31357Show values of class constants in a completion list
FeatureWI-32002PHP 7.1 will have support for null return types and nullable arguments
FeatureWI-19377Make element access for array property Write Access
FeatureWI-30730Support for keys in the list() construct in PHP 7.1
FeatureWI-15958Type inference: extend type inference of already inferred variables
FeatureWI-6798Type inference: Type inference for array elements got via PHP array functions
BugWI-32263Typehinting issues with arrays with string keys if PhpStorm Advanced Meta exists
BugWI-30055only first property in list() keyword will be interpreted as write access
BugWI-31505PHPStorm incorrectly uses ArrayAccess's offsetGet to determine types for iteration
BugWI-32383Type inference for array elements got via PHP array functions doesn't work inside namespace without leading slash for array functions calls
BugWI-31102PhpStorm Advanced Metadata for global factory functions called from within namespace doesn't work since version 2016.1
BugWI-32361\ (FQN) is needed for global constants used in a namespace
BugWI-30092<value> expected, unexpected error in php files named *.json.php
BugWI-32327Generating PHP7 getters and setters insert null as a return/scalar type
BugWI-20533PHPDoc blocks are not properly generated (omitted @throws tag and extra "@throws Exception")
BugWI-32173Class use is marked as unused if there is a namespace with the same name
BugWI-31841Don't filter out Exception if other type is not a Throwable
BugWI-32314Generating PHP7 getters and setters break code for static type
BugWI-12046Diagrams are ignoring namespaces
BugWI-32313Generating PHP7 getters and setters break code for plural type
BugWI-32315Generating PHP7 getters and setters break code for multiple type
BugWI-27646No autocomplete for objects in array after array_filter
UsabilityWI-25024If "Analyze immediate calls" is off, PHPStorm should not auto-generate throws using "Recursive exception scan"
UsabilityWI-31617PHPDoc generation adds unhelpful @throws null if type of throwable is Exception|null (and validator insists on it)
ExceptionWI-32169Exception is thrown on attempt to extend selection for unclosed namespace statement
PHP templatesBugWI-31970Blade syntax highlighting is not visible in Settings preview
PHP testBugWI-30769Re-running large number of failed unit tests failed with: preg_match(): Compilation failed: regular expression is too large
BugWI-32121PHPUnit version is not detected correctly for remote interpreters
BugWI-32189PhpStorm can't parse Behat 3.1 version on Windows
BugWI-32231Sometimes running unit tests via PhpStorm gives me "syntax error near unexpected token"
BugWI-32132PhpStorm fails to run BEHAT tests using PHP 5.3
UsabilityWI-31432PHPUnit: improve error reporting for invalid run-configuration
UsabilityWI-24808PHP notice when running PHPUnit tests with alternate result printer
PS specificFeatureWI-31621Integrate template projects into PhpStorm
FeatureWI-31585Support url rewriting defined in .htaccess files
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-26365Downloaded file is truncated on outdated size
BugWI-17655Remote Host locks up editor when trying to connecting to FTP
BugWI-31646Lock in connection creation
BugWI-31518Broken node refresh in Remote Host
ExceptionWI-32239UOE at com.jetbrains.plugins.webDeployment.remoteEdit.fs.RemoteVirtualFile.getInputStream
Plugin: WordPressBugWI-32155WordPress module detection does not work for WordPress 4.4.1
UsabilityWI-31872Keep last Wordpress installation as a setting
Plugin: htaccessBugWI-31974Rename folder wrong change reference
Php IntentionsFeatureWI-30441Generating getters and setters should use PHP7 capabilities
Plugin: Joomla!BugWI-32454Add validation for joomla project generator
BugWI-32438Clean-up joomla generators
CosmeticsWI-32449Wording in Joomla! Support pop-up
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-152667Spring: @Cacheable/@CachePut (value/cacheNames) should be defined
BugIDEA-152628shift-F1 displays two URL
BugIDEA-155297Inconsistent Launchpad Icon on Non-retina Display
ExceptionIDEA-156811NPE with any dm server activity
Code Formatting and Code StyleBugIDEA-52549Reformat Code misbehaviour in a XML file
BugIDEA-141916The code formatter:off (//@formatter:off) does not work as expected.
DatabaseBugIDEA-149374Import Database Schema from Oracle datasource can not detect varchar2 data type
UsabilityIDEA-146810When you attach an previously-never-attached file to a console the console chooser shows lazily
DockerFeatureIDEA-142322Add possibility to close attached console
BugIDEA-151199Docker: (on win / mac): Compute the local volume bindings considering virtual box path mapping
BugIDEA-154429Docker Compose: start/stop action for services
BugIDEA-155691Docker: attach fails for remote Docker with insecured HTTP access
BugIDEA-146876Docker: code style for Dockerfile
BugIDEA-146347Docker Plugin fails to attach to container running on server bound to unix socket
BugIDEA-153414Docker-compose Redeploy should rebuild before deploying
BugIDEA-154430Docker Compose: scale action for services
BugIDEA-150970Docker: edit container settings in the Docker view
UsabilityIDEA-155356Docker. Order containers and Images in the Docker View.
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-152792Force reformat code for empty line when uncommenting several commented lines
BugIDEA-151783Copying and pasting "\0" does not work
BugIDEA-151101Double-clicking a word following an escape sequence (e.g. \t) includes the escape sequence letter in the selection
BugIDEA-152063IntelliJ fails to use encoding from project settings for files containing breakpoints when project is opened
BugIDEA-154663column selection mode error
BugIDEA-155683Incorrect indentation after else
UsabilityIDEA-156760'Non-project files protection' dialog is had to use with a keyboard
UsabilityIDEA-121829Disallow editing of framework/third-party files
UsabilityIDEA-156759Add an option to 'Non-project files' protection dialog to edit files in a folder
UsabilityIDEA-156758Disable non project files writing protection, when file is opened explicitly
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-149309Set "-XX:HeapDumpPath" and "-XX:ErrorFile" in IDE launchers (was: Make process run in ${idea.system.path})
IndicesBugIDEA-145785ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when requesting index stubs
JSONPerformanceIDEA-157546IDEA freeze during running inspection profile
JavaScript. DebuggerBugIDEA-151992Debug watches for functions in Nashorn does not work
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-117358update conflicts - can't change proposed solution
BugIDEA-157339162.188.8 doesn't find JVM, won't launch
BugIDEA-133278Cannot choose Solution in update conflict actions dialog
SQLBugIDEA-152649nextval syntax for DB2 not supported
CosmeticsIDEA-153121Input field 'Name' not high enough under tab Advanced of Database source
Task ManagementBugIDEA-130279sporadically missing actions/buttons in "Time Tracking" tool window
User InterfaceBugIDEA-157790Background image: Java Enterprise toolwindow still has some tabs empty
BugIDEA-125027File name displays with folder in the Editor tab for controller's views
UsabilityIDEA-149590Open File dialog should display icons for registered directory types (e.g. bundles on OS X)
CosmeticsIDEA-154631wrong directory's icon
Version ControlBugIDEA-142061Applying patch deletes blank lines
BugIDEA-153138"Unshelve..." does not work properly when several files with the same name exist in the project
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-153867Perforce Job selection window cannot be resized
No subsystemBugDBE-2742Explain Plan not working for Sybase ASE 15.0.3
TaskDBE-2657DataGrip should ask user if they want to associate *.sql files with DataGrip
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-2485Database-Window: OR-ing object filters does not work in datasource properties
DB RefactoringBugDBE-2535Add/Update rows with xml columns datatype
DDL\PL EditorBugDBE-2101Create Function that returns TABLE alters to returning SETOF
Data ViewerFeatureDBE-2604Unable to edit column with int4range (and potentially all range types) postgresql data type.
FeatureDBE-2565When copying rows as INSERT provide an option to include/exclude table autogenerated id
FeatureDBE-2743select whole row in grid view
FeatureDBE-2586Change column widths with keyboard
BugDBE-273Sorting results grid with row selected causes horizontal scroll position to change
BugDBE-2729Default size of columns should be set according to the value
BugDBE-1955PostgreSQL: Table Editor: can't delete a row with not null timetz value
BugDBE-1956PostgreSQL: Table Editor: can't insert timetz and timestamptz values from Table Editor
BugDBE-2526copy as SQL syntax for postgres date ranges are wrong
BugDBE-2060Database > Table editor highlights wrong column after column position was changed
BugDBE-2734PostgerSQL. Insert interval data
UsabilityDBE-1119Table Editor: unexpected cells are highlighted after showing hidden columns
UsabilityDBE-897PostgreSQL: allow setting 'infinity' and '-infinity' for DATE and TIMESTAMP columns
SQL EditingBugDBE-2652Inspection not working with python templates
BugDBE-2534Surround With not exposing sql functions
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-2548Postgres: valid code is red
BugDBE-2650Postgres concatenation followed by string function breaks sql validator
BugDBE-496Postgres: Unable to resolve column when referring to record in function
No subsystemFeatureWEB-15190Ignore validity of library code
FeatureWEB-21399Suggestion: Intention to "Add braces to arrow function" similar to "Add braces from 'if' statement"
BugWEB-22126Autocompletion for JSDoc
BugWEB-22163Add braces to arrow function statement — doesn't work as expected
BugWEB-21943Hide actions from UML plugin
BugWEB-21980Build 162.844.4 fails to run with a JDK error on windows 10 64b
BugWEB-20986JSON Schema Files that are updated require a close and relauch to be used
BugWEB-21743Electron - console.log output isn't displayed within webstorm ( terminal / npm run script )
Build toolsFeatureWEB-21829Allow using path variables in grunt-cli package value
FeatureWEB-16538Grunt option flag support
BugWEB-22153Gulp executed within PhpStorm throws errors while executed in console runs fine
BugWEB-21763Gulp run task does not recognise folder named "gulpfile.js"
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-16810Automatically defined variables triggering "Unresolved variable or type"
BugWEB-20734PyCharm does not navigate to CoffeeScript classes
BugWEB-15681CoffeeScript: Red code: escaped backtick inside inline JavaScript
BugWEB-15658CoffeeScript: Red code: range comprehension with step
DebuggerBugWEB-20394JavaScript Debugger stepping out of library files
BugWEB-20627Stepping: 'Step into' library file when 'Do not step into library files' is chosen
BugWEB-21574FireFox: some breakpoints are skipped
BugWEB-21991New Node.js debug protocol incompatibilities
BugWEB-20925Node Debugger incorrectly reports the lexical `this` in arrow functions (ES6)
BugWEB-12844Debugger does not correctly interpret TypedArrays
BugWEB-19117Debugger is extremely slow to start w/ Node.js 5.0.0
BugWEB-21717Debugging IntelliJ with NodeJS 6.2.0 shows many ReferenceError v8debug on start of app
BugWEB-21447Attached files (.css, .js) are not served by built-in webserver
BugWEB-14454Breakpoints not hit when using inline sourcemaps produced by browserify
BugWEB-20543TypeError in Function scopes
BugWEB-20542TypeError when try to show array in 'Variables'
PerformanceWEB-20618JS debugger memory leak
ExceptionWEB-20546'Step into' open temporary file in case of using sourcemaps (typescript)
File WatchersBugWEB-17949.es6 Babel file watcher watches incorrect files by default
UsabilityWEB-22091Allow multiselection in File Watchers configurable
UsabilityWEB-21433File Watcher for "Unknown" file type behaviour
HTMLFeatureWEB-20704Emmet: allow to configure bem separators
BugWEB-18213html page format error
JadeBugWEB-19625Jade parser does not work with angular2 syntax
BugWEB-21841Wrong icon when create Jade/Pug files
TaskWEB-21353Rename Jade plugin to Pug and support Pug language
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-16444ES6 inside inline scripts
FeatureWEB-20977Flow: provide 'before type reference colon' and 'after type reference colon' options to Code Style/Javascript/Spaces
FeatureWEB-17571ReactJS - Should not add double quotes automatically to JSX/React Node attributes
BugWEB-19766Dummy suggestions for `function`
BugWEB-21773Inline type information in function parameters is not found when param. destructuring is used
BugWEB-21301JSDoc: Alias for ES6 class
BugWEB-22297babelrc doesn't recognize plugin options
BugWEB-21288goto declaration of exported item will take you to the export statement not the declaration
BugWEB-21197JSDoc update function parameters fails
BugWEB-14576Ignore React JS Lifecycle components/properties in JSX files
BugWEB-21493Autocompletes JavaScript function call incorrectly.
BugWEB-21161JSAnnotator inspection doesn't allow to lower severity.
BugWEB-20633JSDoc: auto generation of comment is broken if "*/" is present as string
BugWEB-21833"u" modifier in JavaScript regular expression
BugWEB-21839knockout observable DefinitelyTyped signatures not being recognized properly
BugWEB-7504make JSHint error highlighting more prominent
BugWEB-19668let variables within switch-case-default
BugWEB-18548Wrong processing of JSDoc array-parameter fields
BugWEB-21786WebStorm go to type declaration
BugWEB-21281folding object error
BugWEB-21530JSDoc, inherited nested objects code auto-complete doesn't work for additional child properties
BugWEB-21163Fix doc comment
BugWEB-21665Node exports not correctly detected
BugWEB-21560"Replace with Template String" fails if original contains a backtick
BugWEB-20919CommonJS: completion shows properties of all exported modules in project
BugWEB-20965Type inferred from destructured function parameters is wrong
PerformanceWEB-22042IntelliJ IDEA freezes while editing javascript file
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-9210Wrong indentation for inline comments for multiple var statements
BugWEB-22016JavaScript reformatting may corrupt chained method calls mixed with line comments
BugWEB-21149IntelliJ adds linefeed before opening brace in `switch-case` statement
BugWEB-22003Function Body is Indented Wrong
BugWEB-21972Indentation problems with JavaScript
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-22031angular-ui-router: remove buttons from the chart's toolbar
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-20444WS should report conflicts between auto-detected types and types in JSDoc
BugWEB-22116Intentions "Convert var to let", "Convert var to const" freeze large project
BugWEB-22092Invalid "Returned expression type ...not assignable to type ..." error
BugWEB-22166Intentions: "Add braces to arrow function statement" eats any preceding comment
BugWEB-21731Invalid return and break statements
BugWEB-21878Erroneous "type mismatch" inspection warnings when using arrow functions and promises
BugWEB-7241Destructured assignment in function parameters causes incorrect inspection warnings
BugWEB-21568Excessive vertical space in JSCS config description
UsabilityWEB-19855ESLint configuration: add info about package.json
UsabilityWEB-19586Unnecessary warning for Possible iteration over unexpected members
CosmeticsWEB-22029Constant 'if' statement inpection: spelling
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-17667ES6: Intention to convert arrow function to shorthand arrow function
FeatureWEB-16918New refactorings (JS): convert to arrow function/convert to anonymous function
BugWEB-16440"Redundant variable" warning and "Inline variable" refactoring don't work on a destructuring variable declaration
BugWEB-21419ES6: Intentions: add support inside HTML script tag and inside JS injections
BugWEB-21420ES6: Intentions: "Convert to Class": invalid result when invoked on constructor or exported module
BugWEB-22132Convert to let should consider scope
BugWEB-22133NPE during var to let conversion
Node.jsBugWEB-21685.iml files contain ancient references
BugWEB-21914angular-cli: Cannot find angular-cli package
BugWEB-21673Adding Electron inside a packaged app as a Node.js interpreter starts the app
BugWEB-22197Cannot enable node.js core library
BugWEB-21519No Autocompletion for JSON Array Object Properties
BugWEB-21725node-globals-stub is wrong for process.hrtime
BugWEB-21652Different variable highlighting for Node.js core modules
SASSBugWEB-21416SCSS: extending Attribute selector is falsely marked as invalid syntax
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-22053TypeScript 2.0: parse global module export
FeatureWEB-22030TypeScript 2.0: parse never type
FeatureWEB-22032TypeScript 2.0: parse optional class members
FeatureWEB-22035TypeScript 2.0: parse 'this' function type
FeatureWEB-20897Add support for "allowSyntheticDefaultImports" for Typescript
FeatureWEB-8658That TypeScript .d.ts files were folded like .js and below .ts files in the Project view
BugWEB-20886TypeScript: todo's in /** multiline */ comments
BugWEB-16214TypeScript: Structure View needs improvements
BugWEB-13903Typescript module completion includes duplicates
BugWEB-22008Incorrect error notification
BugWEB-22213Typescript Auto Import does not work when TS compiler is enabled
BugWEB-21755Re-exported type is not resolved
BugWEB-22022Optional properties with "readonly" name breaks code validity
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-21636electron-mocha runner
FeatureWEB-15867Add for nodeunit tests analog of the throw FileComparisonFailure in JVM tests
FeatureWEB-15907Add for mocha analog of the throw FileComparisonFailure in JVM tests
BugWEB-21683Failed mocha tests aren't shown as failed
BugWEB-22037custom default mocha user interface not applied to new run configurations
BugWEB-21184Cucumber step definitions that uses normal string or ES6 string literals are not linked to the .feature files
spy-jsBugWEB-21228Spy-js: "Node interpreter" field doesn't show current version or (Project) label for selected Node
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