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PhpStorm 2016.1 Release Notes

IntelliJ PlatformBugWI-11032PhpStorm removes trailing whitespaces within quoted strings
PHARBugWI-30519error in PharHandlers does cause crash in ModuleRootManager
PHP CompletionFeatureWI-21239Add @mixin in completion list for PHPDoc tags
FeatureWI-30873Show used trait for completion inside use block
FeatureWI-21917Choosing switch, if, elseif, foreach from completion should insert braces
FeatureWI-8809Autocomplete in PhpDoc after @see tag
FeatureWI-29704Completion after a heredoc operator ('<<<')
FeatureWI-30477Provide completion for function after @see tag
FeatureWI-30681Filter everything except functions after "use function"
FeatureWI-30679Filter applicable classes in group use statement by namespace prefix
FeatureWI-10438It would be superb if IDE was showing suggestions for traits within the 'use' statment of the class
BugWI-21731Import of namespaces is treated like a class import
BugWI-17024Auto-completion: <?php tag isn't the first one
BugWI-29939Don't insert double colon after static, parent, self in PHPDoc for @method tag
BugWI-30924Autoimport doesn't work for completion of trait inside trait use block
BugWI-30475Completion list for @method doesn't contain methods of superclass and magic methods
BugWI-29703'namespace' keyword is suggested inside a function
BugWI-30787No autocomplete for php functions on the right hand side of a list() equality.
BugWI-30148The autocomplete of variables insert dollar sign before => in array
BugWI-14050Autocompletion broken when next line starts with backslash
BugWI-15505Import class: Insert use in a wrong place for multiple namespace with "use"s in one file
BugWI-30633'const' and 'function' keywords are not suggested inside a group use
BugWI-30154Autocomplete broken on control structures (alternative syntax) in unclosed php tag
BugWI-30285Autocompletion suggests function implementation for interfaces extending interfaces
BugWI-30489Missing closing parenthesis for parent method completion with default array() parameter in PHPDoc
BugWI-30991Smart enter: one more step is needed to get into parens
BugWI-30736Completion of namespaced functions and constants broken if next line starts with backslash
BugWI-21805List of completion after break/continue contains all types of elements that are not applicable
BugWI-30936There is no completion for aliased trait inside trait use block
BugWI-30460List of completion after unset contains all types of elements that are not applicable
UsabilityWI-30875Filter everything except trait methods in completion for trait method inside use block
UsabilityWI-30877Code completion does not work for protected/private methods/properties in the traits
UsabilityWI-29573Insert additional space after completion of tag inside one line PHPDoc
UsabilityWI-27663Class name сompletion doesn't respect namespaces
UsabilityWI-25561Autocompletion on class instance creation should place cursor between parentheses if constructor has parameters
UsabilityWI-16672Don't trigger autocompletion when creating heredoc
UsabilityWI-30935In function import statement after namespace prefix only functions from the namespace should be shown.
ExceptionWI-29994Exception is thrown on attempt to complete key with \r inside a single quotes
PHP ComposerBugWI-30481Updating source to a different git branch causes error, code does not update in editor
UsabilityWI-30814Default composer location and new composer project
PHP InspectionsBugWI-19348"Member has private/protected access" error for private/protected class method/field usage in trait
BugWI-28394Regression: Can't resolve member when class reference is a namespaced function.
BugWI-22352False-positive "Unused private method" notice for private method that is used in trait
CosmeticsWI-30843Message can be more precise for missing method in interface/trait
PHP RefactoringFeatureWI-15576Add 'Make Static' Refactoring for methods
BugWI-30765Import class doesn't work inside group use statement
BugWI-30766Import class with group use statement when alias is needed doesn't create an actual alias during the import
BugWI-18233Initialize properties: tries to use private field of parent class
BugWI-29303Extract method: forbid to extract method in write access expression
BugWI-29416Move method doesn't handle already imported group use statements
BugWI-30665Make static: prohibit refactoring of magic methods
BugWI-29329Move class: doesn't update group use statement correctly
BugWI-18742Pull Up: doesn't handle magic method declared via @method annotation
BugWI-30634Move namespace: doesn't update group use statement correctly
BugWI-29417Optimize import doesn't check imports from group use
BugWI-30675Make static: show warning if there is return $this and no checkbox is selected
BugWI-30770Reuse of group use statements by autoimport of class destroys import of function/constants
BugWI-16687Pull Up: doesn't warn about moving non-static method that is invoked via class reference
UsabilityWI-30668Make static: don't show dialog if refactoring can be done without adding parameter and introducing object
UsabilityWI-29918Impossible to move constant from class to interface with Move member to class refactoring (F6)
UsabilityWI-30011Extract interface: Do not preselect static methods.
ExceptionWI-30857NPE is thrown on attempt to create a new class from anonymous class
PHP debugFeatureWI-17031Enable REST Client to trigger XDEBUG/Zend Debugger
BugWI-30972Validation: fail to validate web server with disabled "Remote Host Access" plugin
BugWI-29802Settings does not modify capitalization changes in Languages->PHP->Servers "Absolute path on the server" field
BugWI-29588Detect host-port for incomming connection from remote server cli
BugWI-29947Rest Client: debugging doesn't work for request with cookies
UsabilityWI-30357Project Interpreter: create project-level interpreter for project-level deployment server
UsabilityWI-27798Validate remote interpreters path mappings on configuration changes
UsabilityWI-23869Remote interpreter: provide color differentiation of deployment servers
UsabilityWI-27905Add error message if path mappings can't be found in Zero-configuration debug started from CLI
PHP langFeatureWI-4864New intention: Convert if to switch
FeatureWI-681More specific parser error (extends/implements expected) in class declaration
FeatureWI-30575Intention: convert group use declarations to plain and v.v.
FeatureWI-29328Autoimport can't reuse group use statements
FeatureWI-27267Add intentions for flip "if/else" branches
FeatureWI-9593New intention: Convert switch statement to if
FeatureWI-16368Add support of code completion classes in the traits
FeatureWI-2023Resolve variable references from "compact" function string arguments.
FeatureWI-18194phpdoc @method does not recognise same conventions as other Type annotations
FeatureWI-11045Add extra step when using "Select Word at Caret" to include preceding comment block into selection
BugWI-29715Group use statement: namespace of imported class is global
BugWI-30809Double return type on method signature tooltip
BugWI-29413Move statement Up/Down doesn't work with group use statements
BugWI-30060Usage of trait in anonymous class is shown as Error
BugWI-24631Returned "$this" type is incorrectly interpreted with multiple return values
BugWI-19953Type Inference: @return static[]|static for variable assignment doesn't work
BugWI-30443PHPDoc @method annotation doesn't take into account array part of type parameter declaration
BugWI-30660PhpStorm Advanced Metadata not working in EAP after Cache Invalidation (usual restart is required)
BugWI-29327Group use statement: 1) false positive from Undefined namespace inspection on common prefix with empty intermediate namespaces / 2) namespace import is not used for class resolve
BugWI-20988Expected: DOC_COMMENT_END when PHPDoc is perfectly valid around sequential closing braces
BugWI-30525Missing return declaration is not marked as syntax error
BugWI-11128Array element assignment on a field inside logical expression: Expression is not assignable
BugWI-28965Opening files with names like *.sql.php (test.sql.php) with class declaration in it cause infinite project reindexing
BugWI-29681Constant assignment with array expressions produces "expression is not allowed as constant value"
BugWI-23435Code completion broken with static and alternative
BugWI-17671Self in trait should be treated not as a trait object
PerformanceWI-303381-2 seconds freezing while typing when Breadcrumbs and/or Structure is visible with lots of functions
UsabilityWI-16093Select word: can't select full namespace
UsabilityWI-3232PHP: define(), isset() and other "language construct" "function definitions" seems to be not provided for navigation and quick doc
ExceptionWI-30789Exception is thrown on unfinished trait use statement
ExceptionWI-30726com.jetbrains.php.codeInsight.controlFlow.ControlFlowException: on very large method (2000+ lines of code)
PHP templatesBugWI-30417Autocompletionf for blade echo shorthand {{ }} adds extra braces inside script tag
PHP testFeatureWI-18326PHPUnit: Add ability to "Rerun Failed Tests"
FeatureWI-24618Add rerun functionality for Behat plugin
BugWI-30356Allow to rerun tests imported by results
UsabilityWI-27938Show warning/notification balloon when trying to run PHPUnit tests without settings
UsabilityWI-30207ide-behat.php calls deprecated method Event::getName
PS specificUsabilityWI-29979Navigate to corresponding content root from marked folders
Plugin: Command lineBugWI-30343Explicit version setting for Symfony component tool
ExceptionWI-30868InvocationTargetException on process termination
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-30337Deployment server with invalid port is saved, but not correctly displayed
BugWI-30530Ambiguous rename file process triggered on file upload (SFTP)
BugWI-30448Allow to control encoding for FTPS servers
BugWI-30881Key passphrase is used as a password in case key file is invalid or passphrase doesn't match it
BugWI-29997Remote Hosts Access: IDEA hangs trying to verify remote credentials if specified private key location is incorrect
BugWI-29675PhpStorm 10.0 "sync with" does not sync files with same filename from different directories
UsabilityWI-674Option not to break the FTP/SFTP connection (keep alive)
ExceptionWI-30645Remote Host Access: null pointer exception with copy and paste
ExceptionWI-30531Exception on remote interpreters configuration without a project
No subsystemFeatureWI-2066F4 on content root could jump to Settings / Directories, similar to IDEA
PHP RunBugWI-29981Remote Interpreter: Deployment server is verified if Vagrant is chosen
UsabilityWI-29875Remote Interpreter: apply button is always enabled if remote interpreter by vagrant is selected
Php IntentionsBugWI-30521Convert switch to if: drops comments and breaks code if code is on the last line
UsabilityWI-30520Flip If: Allow to invoke intention on else part
No subsystemBugIDEA-147015deadlock during class initializer
BugIDEA-147723live templates don't work in PHP file templates
BugIDEA-146676Keyboard focus is lost after Ctrl-F in the detached editor
BugIDEA-148512Regression: Import/Export Settings no longer supports 'Remote Tools' after upgrade to IntelliJ 15
BugIDEA-146446Can't switch JDK on OS X 10.11
ExceptionIDEA-149660IAE at com.intellij.configurationStore.StateStorageManagerImpl.expandMacro
Code Formatting and Code StyleFeatureIDEA-141701prepend line comments with space
DatabaseBugIDEA-148616Database Tool, casing, keys, PostgreSQL
DockerFeatureIDEA-138350Deploy Images from Docker Repository
FeatureIDEA-138987Add ability to run image with specified command
BugIDEA-146993Volume binding on windows is not correct because of special symbols in the path
BugIDEA-145814Dockerfile synthax errors
BugIDEA-146347Docker Plugin fails to attach to container running on server bound to unix socket
BugIDEA-148572Dockerfile editor: provide completions for keywords
BugIDEA-148830Building Docker images takes forever in IDEA 15
BugIDEA-151477Dockerfile false negative syntax error message
UsabilityIDEA-138981Disable ability "Show processes" for not running containers
TaskIDEA-137782Docker: detect dockerfile and suggest to create run config
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-23487Parameter Shifting like Method Shifting
UsabilityIDEA-149712Various errors in widen-selection (ctrl-w)
JavaScript. DebuggerExceptionIDEA-151752CCE at com.jetbrains.javascript.debugger.PsiVisitorKt.getLambdaPosition
Packaging and InstallationTaskIDEA-150999Replace Uninstall.exe during patch update.
TaskIDEA-141023Bundle JRE with minor IDEs
Project ViewBugIDEA-149666Bookmark icons are not shown for files in Project View
PerformanceIDEA-147465Closed project leaked through Project View panes
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-149738'Include parent environment variables' option is ignored when environment list is empty
SQLBugIDEA-48963SQL: Oracle: new name given in RENAME statement is not resolved
User InterfaceUsabilityIDEA-149590Open File dialog should display icons for registered directory types (e.g. bundles on OS X)
Version ControlBugIDEA-146642unexpected mapping on applying a VCS patch
BugIDEA-150624IDEA 15 "Apply Patch" is broken
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-150303Default p4 path doesn't work when running IDEA from JetBrains Toolbox on MacOS
CosmeticsIDEA-148401Perforce: EditJobs dialog looks bad in case of multiple connections
(Click to Choose)BugDBE-516PostgreSQL: default values of function parameters are not shown
DB.ConnectivityBugDBE-197Derby: Validate empty database name
DB.ConsoleBugDBE-2071Explain plan feature is broken for Oracle
DB.IntrospectionBugDBE-2136Create data source dialog doesn't detect all schemas for MSSQL
BugDBE-2002Duplicating connection doesn't change displayed DB
BugDBE-2295PostgreSQL: rename column causes broken domestic references from indices and keys on columns
BugDBE-2061MS SQL and Sybase Data Source Configuration Window: wildcards in schema list don't work
DB.RefactoringBugDBE-2299Drag and drop text magically pastes clipboard and makes Ctrl+Z throw a popup
IDE.GeneralBugDBE-2095"Confirm application exit" setting not work
SQL.EditingBugDBE-2133Custom folding issue
No subsystemBugWEB-7877Code editor vibrates during typing
BugWEB-20244Foundation 6 not updated yet in new version. How do you do this manually?
BugWEB-20052Emmet: abbreviations with multiplication are not expanded in JSX context
BugWEB-18795Allow suppressing "Cannot resolve symbol..."
BugWEB-19944.eslintrc: missing property 'webextensions'
BugWEB-20002Template sring `${new Date().getTime()}${Math.random()}` breaks syntax higlighting
BugWEB-19336Live template `func` doesn't work for me
BugWEB-14867Extra space added to jQuery statements
ExceptionWEB-20107Code inspection not working in latest EAP
Build toolsBugWEB-18581npm scripts: Debug should be available only for script with node process
UsabilityWEB-19862Ability to collapse all gulp file nodes in the gulp tool window
CSSFeatureWEB-16792Support WebPack specific import statements
BugWEB-20333HiDPI display: small gutter icon for CSS color preview
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-18997Duplicate alt+enter menu items
UsabilityWEB-19987CoffeeScript preview fails with "Exception raised during CoffeeScript compilation"
ExceptionWEB-20180Defining getter in CoffeeScript class throws error
DebuggerFeatureWEB-19984Debugging Node.js app built with Webpack
FeatureWEB-7986Debug web workers
FeatureWEB-11245Feature to debug JavaScript callbacks
FeatureWEB-13024Javascript asynchronous callstack
FeatureWEB-20266Debugging Service workers
BugWEB-19982Cannot debug ES6 - Babel - Webpack apps
BugWEB-19469Debugger crashing on eval() if exception breakpoints are enabled
BugWEB-20242Web Worker: Main thread does not have name in 'Frames'
BugWEB-19983Compiled TypeScript not stopping at breakpoints
BugWEB-20446eval()debug: TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined at t.describeProperties
BugWEB-20179conditional breakpoint disappeared
HTMLBugWEB-10809"Insert new line before": weird behaviour
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-13844Please highlight cyrillic letters in source code
FeatureWEB-20078Complete string literals where they expected
FeatureWEB-20252Support trailing commas in function parameter lists and calls
FeatureWEB-7516Introduce a setting to use @return or @returns JSDoc
FeatureWEB-16359Intention for converting string concatenation into ES6 template string
FeatureWEB-1221Structure and code completion make no distinction between static and instance members
FeatureWEB-20003Auto Completion for ES6 String Interpolation Doesn't Work
FeatureWEB-3536Support JSON schema
BugWEB-19437No code completion when using backticks in require statements
BugWEB-20038E4X path navigation expressions that use namespace qualification are incorrectly flagged as not supported
BugWEB-20083CommonJS: properties of the object returned by exported module not resolved/suggested by completion
BugWEB-18926"Jump to declaration" (cmd-b or cmd-click) does not work with Javascript files
BugWEB-19500JSDoc: Erroneous message "Returned expression type ... is not assignable to type ...."
BugWEB-19991Support 'export module from' syntax
BugWEB-19767ES6: Dummy suggestions for `yield`
BugWEB-17446Wrong message "overrides method in object" in node.js project
BugWEB-14734ES6: silent errors in the import statements
BugWEB-19604JavaScript documentation popup indents parameters too far when @return includes <...>
BugWEB-20410Code completion for typed function arguments gets confused
BugWEB-20251Corrective auto-complete produces unexpected results
BugWEB-10715comment with line/block comment does not work when in regex literal
BugWEB-19696Find usages doesn't work in VanillaJS code
BugWEB-19280JSDoc inline types: Problem with ES 2015 arrow functions with one parameter and no parenthesis syntax
BugWEB-16993Invalid ES6 code marked as valid
BugWEB-18414JSDoc examples syntax highlighting artefact
BugWEB-20367JSON Schema: provide validation warning for the file under several schemas
BugWEB-20426export default function gives "Unused function" and "Unresolved variables"
BugWEB-20237Export foo as default gives issues
BugWEB-20127Merge duplicates in parameter info
BugWEB-16165Returned expression type Array is not assignable to type fixme
BugWEB-20191Convert to ES6 template works incorrectly
BugWEB-19111Code completion for multiple levels of inheritance
BugWEB-10987OutOfMemory when indexing huge json
BugWEB-19407Autocomplete doesn't work if object property was created with constructor
BugWEB-20188No argument hinting for IIFE (Javascript)
BugWEB-20186CommonJS: no parameter info shown for constructor reference used as exported module property
BugWEB-18989es6 import missing autocomplete compared to nodejs's require
BugWEB-18974Cannot resolve symbol error if multiple implementation match the ES6 import path
BugWEB-18784AMD doesn't work with ES6 modules
BugWEB-19655IllegalArgumentException when use backticks in require statements
BugWEB-16534Duplicate declaration error for destructuring assignment
BugWEB-14384Renaming a parameter from a JSDoc comment gets stuck in the renaming operation when using ES6 method definition shorthand
BugWEB-20494JSDoc @see symbol autocompletion not working inside constructor function
BugWEB-20261Wrong 'Replace with template string' intention inside angular message
CosmeticsWEB-201812 actions with same icon
ExceptionWEB-19509IllegalArgumentException when edit template's code
ExceptionWEB-20487JSON Schema: system and local schemas are clashing and hanging IDE
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-20427Formatter produces strange result with ES 2015 destructuring function parameters on multiple lines
BugWEB-18387Indentation after <ENTER> is wrong
BugWEB-19713Formatting preferences cause AssertionError "Attempt to create a composite block with no children" when accessing certain files
BugWEB-18621Webstorm 11 EAP alligns object litterals wrong on colon
ExceptionWEB-20285IOOBE on creating Line Comment in the end of JS/TS file
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-19957Incorrect resolve in angular message
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-20190ES6 imports: suggest to install [with npm] modules metioned in from clause
FeatureWEB-19830Add code completion for eslintrc file
BugWEB-20281Inspections: disable "Missing module dependency" for TypeScript ES6-style imports
BugWEB-20156Missing import inspection: suggest importing CommonJS modules
BugWEB-20157Missing import inspection: can't import several symbols from one file
BugWEB-17652Incorrect arguments types check with inheritance
BugWEB-20534Duplicate declaration when using computed property names with function values
BugWEB-20443JSHint: support new options inside .jshintrc file and JSHint UI
BugWEB-20117Redundant local variable inspection for JavaScript incorrectly identifies variable that is required.
BugWEB-19487missing AMD warning for 'console' and 'document'
BugWEB-19323Update JSCS support
BugWEB-18516JSdoc: this return type edge case is not handled correctly
BugWEB-20122TSLint: update some rules and options
BugWEB-18333JSDoc-based type error when using ES 2015 spread operator and an array type (WS 11 EAP 142.5255)
BugWEB-20153WebStorm code inspector: 'Interface can not be instantiated' for new Error('ErrorMessage') and for new Buffer(). NodeJs scope ls enabled.
BugWEB-20431Missing module inspection doesn't work if there's any import statement already
BugWEB-20225Enable "Missing import statement" inspection for JSX/Flow language versions
BugWEB-20138ES6: reassign const variable
BugWEB-20559es6: destructuring assignment in for of loop result in restructured variables incorrectly being marked as 'might not be initialized'
BugWEB-16202ES6: Duplicate declaration
BugWEB-18786Don't suggest to import node.js global "Buffer"
BugWEB-20147False positive "Add missing import"
BugWEB-18911using "arguments" outside function is NOT error
BugWEB-19694global objects are not resolved/behaved as expected
Node.jsFeatureWEB-19853Node.js RC: replace "Run with CoffeeScript plugin" option with relevant Node parameters
FeatureWEB-20401Node.js interpreters: provide "Set as Project Interpreter" context action for local interpreters
FeatureWEB-19093Node.js: support path auto-completion for require statement
BugWEB-20033don't warn about "missing import statement" / "require() call is missing" for mocha describe/it methods
BugWEB-19617uncaught exception in case when deployment configuration was deleted, but there is still node interpreter referring to it
BugWEB-20515Enable Node core libraries right from quick fix
BugWEB-19641Node remote interpreter should be shown only for valid Run Configurations
BugWEB-19643Node remote interpreter: always stop/terminate remote node process
BugWEB-19812Better warning when a deployment configuration corresponding to a remote interpreter is removed
BugWEB-20411Remote interpreter: Deployment server with project visibility prevents interpreter creation
BugWEB-19920Node remote interpreter: reconnect to Vagrant in the background on RC opening
BugWEB-19922Node remote interpreter: Multi-Machine Vagrant: wrong error for empty Machine name
BugWEB-19697Module is not statement
BugWEB-20161"Require() call is missing" inspection: correctly insert require inside inline JavaScript in HTML
BugWEB-20060Scratches don't recognise project installed NPM modules - Defective behaviour
BugWEB-20061Remote interpreter: handle external changes in path mappings
BugWEB-19639Node remote interpreter: Heap snapshot cannot be saved
BugWEB-19652Node remote interpreter: do not reconnect to all hosts on Settings/RC opening
BugWEB-19806Connect to remote host dialog pops up when remote interpreter configuration is canceled
BugWEB-20194Remote interpreter: disable "remove" action for inherited path mappings
BugWEB-18768require() call is missing with mocha-DefinitelyTyped
BugWEB-19018Unable to handle private/prefixed modules
BugWEB-20304Hide Remote interpreters from the Node.js and NPM Settings/Preferences
BugWEB-20306Node Interpreters: auto fill in path to the npm package on the Windows
BugWEB-19900Node remote interpreter should be possible to remove
BugWEB-17591Missing module dependency: suggest to run npm install instead of installing a single module
UsabilityWEB-20031Deployment: improve " No route to host" error handling
UsabilityWEB-20418Remote interpreters: hide Docker option
UsabilityWEB-19902Node.js RC: select currently active Node Interpreter on opening "Configure Node.js interpreters" table
UsabilityWEB-19901Node remote interpreter: Configure Remote Mappings dialog should have OK and Cancel button
UsabilityWEB-19904Node remote interpreter: Vagrant: show absolute path instead of relative to the project root
ExceptionWEB-20303Remote interpreter: IAE is thrown on Canceling the Added Remote configuration
ExceptionWEB-19894Node.js Express App: UnsupportedOperationException on project creation
ProfilingFeatureWEB-17178Profiling: CPU: Flame Chart: place Selection Rectangle on the area with calls by default
FeatureWEB-17163Profiling: CPU: Flame Chart: provide Navigation from the Chart Details to the Calls
BugWEB-19663Profiling: CPU: Overview Ring: sometimes values are not correctly shown on picture
CosmeticsWEB-19662Profiling: CPU: improve popup messages
SASSBugWEB-20198Color scheme settings are ignored for Scss line comments (double slash)
BugWEB-20100Inline sass: problem with @import
BugWEB-20069Inline scss: missing highlighting for some keywords
Unit TestsBugWEB-20331Mocha: when same-named tests are defined in 2 files, wrong test is chosen when running from test results
BugWEB-19942Mocha+TypeScript: impossible to call submenu for context() in 'Test Results'
BugWEB-19754Stack trace does not link to local test code
BugWEB-19009Mocha tests & typescript. Double click on mocha test opens up the javascript file, not the typescript file.
CosmeticsWEB-19906Mocha RC: use <base dir>/test as default Test Directory
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