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HTTP ClientBug WI-49173 shortcut `fptr` http client in editor code missing an semicolon
Usability WI-48962 "Examples" popup in REST client should show descriptive names, not filenames
Usability WI-49285 Improve HTTP Client plugin description
Cosmetics WI-48958 "New HTTP Request" action name is inconsistent
PHP Lib StubsBug WI-49225 Add php 7.4 WeakReference support
Bug WI-41657 SplFileInfo::getExtension() stub PhpDoc is missaligned
Bug WI-45819 PHP stub for array_multisort
Bug WI-39737 Stubs: Out of date definition for E_ALL
Bug WI-45513 Incorrect signature of preg_split in pcre.php
Bug WI-30806 mb_ereg & mb_eregi $regs param is pass-by-refernece
Bug WI-49223 PHP WinBinder extension
Bug WI-40346 Incorrect parameters list for resourcebundle_locales()
Bug WI-28946 DATE_COOKIE definition is incorrect
Bug WI-47038 Stubs for pecl/pcov are missing
Bug WI-48755 Reflector::export method inheritors should be marked as deprecated for php 7.4
Usability WI-44884 IteratorAggregate::getIterator() does not declare throws
PHP TestBug WI-49360 PHPUnit < 7 doesn't work due to unrecognized option --cache-result-file
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Usability WI-27162 Sync excluded folder with deployed does not work
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-225295 Theme is reset to broken "IntelliJ" theme after uninstalling light theme plugin which was installed over dark theme
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-223248 No VCS tab in Settings for New Projects in fresh EAP instance
Core. Quick DocumentationCosmetics IDEA-225391 Labels in the documentations popup are not properly aligned
Core. Run. ConfigurationsUsability IDEA-182361 Make the new Run Dashboard Visible by default under View - Tool Windows -
Lang. XMLBug IDEA-205629 Argument rangeInElement exception when deleting xml tag in Android Studio 3.3
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-194510 Docker: Allow to specify custom context folder which contains separate unrelated Dockerfile
Usability IDEA-215626 Services. Docker. Absent easy start possibility to create a docker connection from DockerView .
Usability IDEA-178719 Docker: Docker run configuration. Process the case of a Dockerfile with a big context folder in a more user-friendly way.
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-225712 Checkbox actions are no longer disabled. When searching editor `Words` option is enabled even if `Regex` option is checked
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-215838 Memory leak in FindPopupPanel
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-224908 2019.3 EAP build 193.4386.10 Linux: macOS keymap missing
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-225247 Incorrect tooltips for indent and GoTo line widgets
Usability IDEA-225006 Changing settings for color scheme different from the Theme always shows a popup for changing theme for entire IDE
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-224258 Show in Dolphin doesn't work on Kubuntu
Bug IDEA-225460 Project tool window button context menu should not show icons for checkbox items
User Interface. Services ViewUsability IDEA-219486 Services View: make the ability to run configurations in Services discoverable
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-224741 Conflicts details: Details are shown for the incorrect commit
Bug IDEA-224742 Conflicts details: commit list is not scrollable
Usability IDEA-223827 Preselect commits in the details
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-225553 Filter by "me" incorrectly matches email.
DB ConsoleBug DBE-9434 Explain Analyse (Raw) action is broken
Data ViewsBug DBE-9338 The row number is truncated in table view
SQL GeneralFeature DBE-9393 Support DDL for TASKs
No subsystemBug WEB-42052 "expectedly" is marked as a typo
Bug WEB-42045 "stringifies" is marked as a typo
Bug WEB-42067 Type guard. Narrow unknown type to string literal
Bug WEB-42081 Type guard. Narrow string to string literal
Bug WEB-41971 Import-types are not properly resolved in case of ambient modules
Bug WEB-38794 Incorrect import when copy/pasting code in javascript (only aplies to some imports)
Bug WEB-38768 React: collapsed fragment shows as 'xml'
Bug WEB-41938 Should not allow to inline destructuring rest
Usability WEB-32948 JSX onClick prop autocompletion not correct
HTMLBug WEB-41994 Repetition of the result of intention 'Missing required attribute'
Bug WEB-37786 JSX Emmet: wrong expand of the comment filter
Usability WEB-41780 Show class name label when collapsing JSX tags
JavaScriptBug WEB-41927 PhpStorm didn't show inferred parameter type in JavaScript
Bug WEB-41995 'Make private using #' cannot be invoked for getters in pure JS
Bug WEB-41958 Extra # shown in completion items rendering for #-private fields
Bug WEB-42074 'Flip ,' works incorrectly with rest parameters
Bug WEB-42125 Moving destructured items via keyboard shortcuts doesn't work for function parameters
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-42113 Vue: Provide better type inference when using v-for with an object
Feature WEB-42083 Vue.js: support precise documentation on directives
Bug WEB-29103 JSX comment out on simple arrow functions (without {...})
Bug WEB-42112 Vue: variables created by v-for are marked as unresolved
Bug WEB-42108 Enable "copy-paste with imports" support for vue
Bug WEB-40489 Invalid comment detection and syntax highlighting issue in JS (React JSX) file
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-25169 'Flip ,' works incorrectly for destructuring arrays
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-41989 Private (#) references are not updated when 'Extract superclass'
Bug WEB-41960 Introduce field should not change other classes
Bug WEB-39746 'Extract superclass' creates invalid code when extracting from already extending class
Bug WEB-42065 'await new Promise' can be converted to pipe expression
SASSFeature WEB-41729 Add support for new @use and @forward at-rules
TypeScriptFeature WEB-42054 Allow moving Union types via keyboard shortcuts
Bug WEB-42060 "Module is not listed in package.json" error when importing assets into a Typescript Vue component
Bug WEB-39617 Cypress & Typescript IntelliSense not working properly
Bug WEB-42105 Property completion only provides already inserted items
Bug WEB-42114 Wrong inferred type, invalid 'type mismatch' highlighting when using spread with Partial
Bug WEB-40580 TS. Extract method should set the parameter type
Bug WEB-42078 Deleting/adding "less-than sign" should automatically delete/add "greater-than sign" for generic calls
Bug WEB-42149 Incorrect type hint
Bug WEB-40485 results of type narrowing outside of shorthanded functions are ignored inside said functions
Bug WEB-42093 Static fields are not evaluated properly when referenced as a qualified name (for instance, in typeof types)
Bug WEB-41802 Typescript import generated with warning (Organize Imports then generates error)
Bug WEB-42013 Typescript file with ts-node shebang is treated as js
Cosmetics WEB-42068 intellijIdeaRulezzz in completion in TS enums
Exception WEB-42049 Error in JS code of typescript service: this.projectService.refreshInferredProjects is not a function
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