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No subsystemBug WI-48661 SSH: "Permission denied" on path `/` with a jailed shell from cPanel
PHPBug WI-48825 Phpstorm freezes randomly since 2019.2.2 patch installed, worked fine before
PHP CompletionBug WI-48992 Code completion does not work after an arrow function
PHP ComposerBug WI-48957 Exception in Composer with Docker compose interpreter
Bug WI-47963 Exclude vendor/jetbrains/phpstorm-stubs folder
PHP RefactoringException WI-48498 Extract Field throws exception and doesn't allow to change name if the variable type is null
Exception WI-47594 Introduce field: PIEAE when revert and apply refactoring again
PHPDocBug WI-48766 property inspection switches parent and child class
Bug WI-48657 @method self not works anymore at EAP
Core. IDE SettingsUsability IDEA-221387 Configure Gutter Icons opens Settings For New Projects
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-223576 Impossible to update Pycharm 2019.1
Bug IDEA-215497 jbr/bin/java Access Denied during update from IC-192.4205.45 to IC-192.4488.21
Core. Password ManagementBug IDEA-223257 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 'void com.intellij.credentialStore.CredentialAttributes.<init>(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.Class, boolean, int, kotlin.jvm.internal.DefaultConstructorMarker)'
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-222946 identifier tooltip - due to scrollbar the tooltip window is not large (height) enough when there is only 1 or 2 lines in the tooltip. So the text is always obscured.
Core. SSHBug IDEA-222345 Allow users to update known_hosts in a one click
Bug IDEA-220958 SSHJ: ConnectTimeout option is being read from config as milliseconds but should be read as seconds
Cosmetics IDEA-222955 Error message cannot be fully read
Core. Task ManagementBug IDEA-222938 Can't uncheck "Enable Cache" in `Settings -> Tools -> Task`
Editor. Code CompletionBug IDEA-221425 Code completion broken and not configurable
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-221667 Pressing Option-Enter on warning while info popup is displayed and previous warning hasn't been cleared causes cursor to jump in editor
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-221730 Stop services window from taking focus when opening a database table.
User Interface. GraphicsBug IDEA-220577 Menu icons in Presentation mode are large
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-222125 Update project notification incorrectly considers recents when calculating number of commits matching filter
Bug IDEA-220499 Git merge --no-commit still perfroms a commit if conflicts occur
No subsystemTask WEB-41494 Support nullish coalescing in TypeScript
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-41788 Code analysis failed
Performance WEB-41087 vuejs autocomplete of tags is slow, taking 3-8 seconds to bring up results
LintersBug WEB-40937 tslint.json file in subdirectory no longer recognized
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