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No subsystemBug WI-47386 SSHJ WebDeployment incorrectly handles aliases in ssh config (initial title: incorrect file system URI)
PHPFeature WI-47098 Resolve array access to ArrayOffset methods if value implements ArrayOffset interface
Bug WI-47159 Find usages of base method in interface should not yield empty result if the interface is implemented and methods in child classes are used
Bug WI-47365 Disable Auto import dialog for relative namespace name
Usability WI-47156 String 'Foo_Bar_Class' is not resolved to the class
Usability WI-22789 Override hint for final method
PHP CompletionFeature WI-45690 Add completion for primitive type hint
PHP ComposerBug WI-47288 Sycnhronize IDE settings with composer.json checkbox can't be enabled
PHP InspectionsFeature WI-33245 Increase the limit of PHP Code Sniffer message
Bug WI-46055 PHP Code Sniffer throws erroneous phpcs: Internal.NoCodeFound: No PHP code was found in this file and short open tags are not allowed
Usability WI-46039 Missing option "create class" in intention context menu when one exists in a different namespace
PHP IntentionsUsability WI-45821 Order of Add field/Add @property intention actions inconsistent
PHP ParserFeature WI-47108 Typed properties: make parser more permissive, add completion on unfinished declarations
Bug WI-47338 Undedected Syntax Error when writing name- and valueless class constants
PHP TestBug WI-47425 PHPStorm shows failed PHPUnit test as passing with incorrect log output with run.processes.with.pty registry enabled on Windows
Bug WI-46024 Code coverage is not shown with docker-compose exec and PHPUnit
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-217904 IDE fails to load script for structural search which refers to Java plugin API
Usability IDEA-216176 Don't show "pattern does not match anything" hint if pattern contains red code
Cosmetics IDEA-216179 SSR: Ungrammatical message "No template ... found in Project Files"
Core. ProfilerBug IDEA-216560 org.openjdk.jmc.flightrecorder.internal.InvalidJfrFileException: No readable chunks in recording
Bug IDEA-216934 To start gradle tasks and run configurations with JFR
Exception IDEA-217284 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jetbrains.plugins.gradle.service.project.AbstractProjectResolverExtension
Core. Run | Debug. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-210897 Not possible to paste the value containing equals sign in the environment variables
EditorBug IDEA-217426 InlayModel.getElementAt returns wrong inlay when multiple block inlays present on single line
Editor. Diff and MergeBug IDEA-217797 Diff/Merge does not show changes stripes for empty line ranges (insertions/deletions)
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-217252 Typing new text block method argument doesn't insert closing quotes
Performance IDEA-216728 IDE freezes when editing files
Infrastructure. Packaging and InstallationBug IDEA-215898 After rejecting and closing EULA dialog - warning is shown "An illegal reflective access operation has occurred"
Task IDEA-217538 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.41 with IntelliJ IDEA
Plugin. TerminalBug IDEA-160356 Terminal isn't capturing Ctrl-E
Bug IDEA-217587 Double shift doesn't use selected text from the terminal
Services. DockerBug IDEA-217101 Docker. "Port is already allocated" error at saving changes in container Name/volumes with port bindings
Bug IDEA-217411 Can't run windows container when volume binding is specified
Performance IDEA-217045 Docker. FileChooser: expanding folders/opening files from docker-machine containers leads to freezes or makes idea work slowly
Exception IDEA-217088 Docker. Exceptions on disconnecting from Docker while run configuration is pulling the image
Services. SSHBug IDEA-217026 Problems with ProxyCommand (initial title: Latest EAP, ssh auth broken)
User InterfaceBug IDEA-217861 Borderless UI: Path to file is not updated after toggling main menu
Bug IDEA-217393 No longer see "Administrator" in the title bar when Rider is running as Administrator
Bug IDEA-215129 Borderless UI: current file path is shown with non-native slashes on Windows
Bug IDEA-217369 IntelliJ LaF: Selection bar on Actions tab in Search Everywhere is grey
Bug IDEA-211946 Borderless UI: Path in title bar for tabel contains odd information
Bug IDEA-217563 Project name and file path is not shown on window title bar after reopening project if "Main menu" is switched off
Bug IDEA-217595 Modifier icon is not visible in editor tabs
Usability IDEA-215127 startup option became less useful in borderless UI
Exception IDEA-216911 NullPointerException on project closing all projects
User Interface. Console ViewBug IDEA-214944 Small fields in Editor > General > Console
Bug IDEA-217414 Incorrect handling of ANSI colors in terminal
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-125108 Alphabetical sorting in File Structure doesn't persist after closing
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-215107 The cursor is gone after "Find in Path..." dialog
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-203286 Paste From History appends paste history number to pasted content.
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-211202 Settings tree: some items in the tree are not selected from from the first attempt
Bug IDEA-216744 Search Everywhere: "/appearance" command does not shown full list of options
Version ControlUsability IDEA-136691 Don't show update info for pull if it is emprty
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-216602 Modification of .idea/.gitignore should not require any confirmation
Bug IDEA-217098 CLion keeps adding excluded folders to .gitignore despite turning it off in the settings
Performance IDEA-212048 Intellij freezes when opening git window with large commit message
Usability IDEA-216729 Update Info: it is confusing that the tab remembers filters for subsequent updates
Cosmetics IDEA-216439 Git pull from remote repository - "N files updated in 0 commits" message after updating to PS-192.5118.33
Version Control. LogException IDEA-217847 Sometimes the UI breaks after clicking "View Commits" from the Event Log
DB ConsoleFeature DBE-447 Naming on database console result tabs
Usability DBE-989 Caret shouldn't move when an error occurs in database console
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-8115 Can not synchronize Azure database, getting error "SQLServerException: Reference to database and/or server name in 'master.sys.schemas' is not supported in this version of SQL Server"
Data ViewsFeature DBE-3251 Easily change number of result rows
Feature DBE-5971 Easily show all rows of the result ignoring page-size setting
Bug DBE-7911 Cannot insert new row into table with identity column in postgresql 10 and 11
Bug DBE-8531 Different SQL code color in DataGrip (sql editor and filter)
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-8630 Folding long numbers
No subsystemBug WEB-39782 'undefined' is no longer appended for an optional property
Bug WEB-39712 'Create from usage' doesn't handle generics properly
Build toolsBug WEB-39808 Freezes in JsbtFileManager$MyVirtualFileListener.beforeFileDeletion
DartBug WEB-39785 Dart: error in import statement after moving container file(until you type something)
Exception WEB-39761 Dart: Exception while typing assert statement
DebuggerException WEB-37601 KotlinNullPointerException when suspend breakpoint
HTMLTask WEB-39763 Html/React: avoid expensive edt resolve in html typed handler if possible
JavaScriptBug WEB-39859 Inspections broken/frozen
Bug WEB-39583 TypeScript: Enable typescript service completion in js files if allowJs = true
Bug WEB-35328 No completion for members of exported namespace
Bug WEB-39598 Rename JavaScript Module Dependency Diagram action
Bug WEB-39660 Completion: "Several definitions" is shown for symbols after "console"
Performance WEB-39634 JS element in Search Everywhere iterates project content in EDT to calculate its presentation
Usability WEB-39679 Add an action to specify the explicit value/type shown in the type/value hint
Exception WEB-39801 JS: Quick fix: edit empty values of object literal properties throws when invoked on rbrace
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-39796 Code formatting adds space in private-#-field syntax
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-39759 Vue.js: provide code completion for events that could be emitted by Vue components defined in project dependencies
Bug WEB-39743 Vue.js: directives are not present in code completion on Vue.js tags
Bug WEB-39779 Vue.js "v-for" shows error when use object destructuring
Bug WEB-39722 Unrecognized Ionic/Angular attributes
Bug WEB-34458 Do not show Unbound XML namespace prefix in Vue.js for custom directives bindings
Bug WEB-38028 "Wrong attribute value" with BootstrapVue v-b-modal directive
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-39687 Promise used as condition should raise warning
Exception WEB-39806 JS : Quick fix : Replace comment style two times
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-39768 Refactoring: JS (ES5): Extract variable: extracting new variable in object causes creating spread operator
Bug WEB-39771 Rename dialog is shown instead of silent rename after invoking 'Introduce variable' for spreads, or for 'Create derived class / Implement interface'
Bug WEB-38599 Assertion failed when drag-n-drop file in the project
Exception WEB-39749 JS: Reference element is not the same element for which references were queried
Exception WEB-39752 Refactoring: JS: Inline refactoring: Exception in plugins Js and TS
Node.jsBug WEB-39704 Can't download node core if yarn is not installed
TypeScriptFeature WEB-39685 [request] should show error when can't found file form tsconfig extends
Feature WEB-39196 Update bundled TypeScript to 3.5
Bug WEB-39689 typescript Variable narrowed type guard not as expected
Bug WEB-39644 'Specify type explicitly' should work for inferred types
Bug WEB-39809 TypeScript generics should be inferred to 'unknown', not 'any', if no constraint
Bug WEB-39640 Specify type explicitly action incorrect with template string and Observable
Bug WEB-39662 Inlay hints: TypeScript: show enum literal hint in the exact format
Task WEB-39774 TypeScript: avoid edt resolve while rendering import hint
Unit TestsBug WEB-37274 Cucumber.js: TS: comments at the end of the target file are moved to the top
Bug WEB-36413 Cucumber.js: wrong symbols in the console output on Windows
Bug WEB-39800 'it' live template is available inside v-for
Bug WEB-39735 Cucumber.js: tests are marked as passed when they actually aren't
Bug WEB-36769 Running RC from folder containing cucumber tests fails with error
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