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PHP CompletionFeatureWI-32632Add code completion for php settings in ini_set function
FeatureWI-29334Provide completion for $this inside anonymous class
FeatureWI-29333Provide completion for variables that contains object of anonymous class
FeatureWI-12220Strg+Space suggest stdObject member which were used before
FeatureWI-14098Complete unresolved/undefined but already used in scope php variable names
FeatureWI-32530Static methods should be shown after $this-> for PHPUnit tests
FeatureWI-30467Provide completion for methods after @see tag
FeatureWI-23014Add argument completion for catch block
BugWI-23392Autocomplete does not strike out @deprecated vars inherited from @property
BugWI-32612instanceof autocompletion is not recognized in return statements
BugWI-30468There's nothing suggested in a namespace context after @see tag
UsabilityWI-30059Space before { is lost after extends/implements.
UsabilityWI-26644Unable to resize suggestions popup, popup size varies depending on invocation ?
UsabilityWI-24995Incorrectly auto-completes ClassName::class constant with language level below 5.5
UsabilityWI-23317Dot triggers autocomplete
UsabilityWI-32613Give more priority to built-in constants and functions
PHP InspectionsBugWI-32636"Declaration must be compatible" false positive
BugWI-32182Class is marked as unused if it's used as a part of @see tag
BugWI-32621"strict_types declaration must be the very first statement in the script" error with shebang
BugWI-32693Using the backtick (execution) operator always results in expression unused warning
BugWI-32551Strict type: Incorrect "error" type warning for int return types
BugWI-32552Incompatible return type: Returning $this in a trait violates self return type hint
CosmeticsWI-32678Typo in "Static method called as dynamic" inspection results
PHP RefactoringFeatureWI-30301Extract method refactoring should generate typehints when it can
BugWI-30425Unable to read tip of the day: introduce constant
BugWI-20909Rename refactoring doesn't rename class name in @see tag
BugWI-20911Rename refactoring can't rename class field inside @see tag
BugWI-20910Rename refactoring doesn't rename function in @see tag more than once
BugWI-30247Extract Interface fails to update "self" return type declarations causing Fatal Errors [PHP7]
PHP debugCosmeticsWI-32568When configuring a PHP interpreter, and php.ini does not exist, there is a grammar error: "Configuration php.ini file does not exists"
PHP langBugWI-30659Scalar type hints are available in PHP7 only
BugWI-31354yield inside if breaks method checking
BugWI-32801Inconsistent document structure for DOC_STATIC inside doc arrays
BugWI-30388"Resource" is not a PHP 7 scalar type
BugWI-32596array_map Invalid return type type inferred
BugWI-32252PHP language level set to "7.1" can't be stored
UsabilityWI-30540Bring back "Predefined symbol" highlighting for built-in functions
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..TaskWI-32722Move auth data to separate files out of usual VCS integration and settings repository
ExceptionWI-32519Impossible to create a new project from existing files from Welcome Screen
Code Analysis. InspectionExceptionIDEA-159043NPE running 'Unused declaration' inspection
Code NavigationPerformanceIDEA-156735Bookmarks causing typing slowness
ConsoleBugIDEA-132694ANSI colors need restart for a new settings to apply
HTMLBugIDEA-157251Wrong autocomplete for opening tags
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-156742Save problem for Code Style Setting on Windows
ExceptionIDEA-158917Exception on startup
IndicesBugIDEA-156411UI lockup on updating indices
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-159125intelij crashes and deletes whole project
RefactoringUsabilityIDEA-158776Do not show 'Non-Project file protection' dialog when deleting/safe deleting files
User InterfaceBugIDEA-148656Should not add .txt extension to a file without extension after copying
Version ControlBugIDEA-153272Files are lost during the movement of unversioned files to overwrite existing files with same names
Version Control. GitUsabilityIDEA-118140Don't add renamed or moved files to git index unless configured to do so
DB ConnectivityBugDBE-2858Cannot select private key file while setting MySQL Database over SSH using Key pair
No subsystemFeatureWEB-22722Update bundled JSHint version to 2.9.2
BugWEB-22601When collapsing a react/jsx component it shows as <xml /> instead of the component name.
BugWEB-21664Unexpected "Cannot resolve symbol" error
BugWEB-22156Missing import statement
BugWEB-22481quickdoc for array of mixed type is wrong
Build toolsBugWEB-22578Debugging Gulp with Node.js v6: add --expose-debug-as=v8debug
DebuggerBugWEB-22522Debugger: java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException on Karma tests debug
File WatchersBugWEB-14871File Watcher hangs on "Executing Closure Compiler Task" when using wildcard
JavaScriptBugWEB-20956ES6: re-exporteing default module causes 'default export not declared in imported module' error
BugWEB-21281folding object error
BugWEB-22521wrong style for js keyword operators (void, typeof)
BugWEB-22520[regression] [js] get and set are not styled as keywords
BugWEB-22542JS: let is not considered a keyword
BugWEB-22096Node modules: @types should be always indexed
PerformanceWEB-22544Poor editor performance with 25000 line javascript file
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-22233angular-ui-router diagram: add more info on chart
BugWEB-21527Intellij freezes when opening xml file
BugWEB-22659React: don't report 'missing required attribute' error for required properties from defaultProps
BugWEB-22498Good code is red in JSX React syntax
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-22503Inspections: "Convert to let": do not change operations order
BugWEB-22681Update built-in JSLint version
BugWEB-22502Inspections: "Convert to let": do not place result 'let' into another scope
BugWEB-22376"Missing import statement" in code inspection by mistake
ExceptionWEB-22394Inspections: Throwable on applying "Convert to let"/"Convert to const" quick fix
Node.jsFeatureWEB-11419Provide better exclude rules for indexing.
BugWEB-22327Can't open project. Cyclic dependency: [JSLibraryMappings, JSLibraryMappings]
BugWEB-22653Node.js: node_modules recognition: excluded folder of the removed library should not be added back as library
BugWEB-22652Node.js: node_modules recognition: correctly preserve enabled/disabled library state
BugWEB-22654Node.js: node_modules recognition: library becomes disabled after project opening in different versions
BugWEB-22620Node.js: node_modules recognition: each node_modules folder is treated as separate library
BugWEB-22430Node.js debug doesn't work with Error: Cannot find module at <working directory>
BugWEB-22499Npm: Missing module dependency inspection: search in all package.json files in the project
BugWEB-20278Node.js: update indexes on package.json update
BugWEB-22619Node.js: node_modules recognition: remove "Node.js dependencies for" library
UsabilityWEB-22658Node.js: node_modules recognition: show folder as Excluded in Directories
UsabilityWEB-22429Node.js: correctly mark node_modules as a library root in the Project View
ExceptionWEB-22627Node.js: node_modules recognition: StackOverflowError on old project opening
ProfilingExceptionWEB-22517FileTooBigException when compare large heap snapshots
Code: IndexingBugOC-13991AppCode won't update project symbols on start
Code CoveragePerformanceRUBY-18264Slow UI performance after running tests
CucumberBugRUBY-11046Cucumber's resolve variant window should look more human
HAMLBugRUBY-18289IntelliJ 2016.2 freezes while indexing HAML file
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