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PhpStorm 10.0.3 Release Notes

Distribution packagesFeatureWI-11741Copyright profile for PhpStorm
PHP FormatterBugWI-28658Reformatting not working with too many opening and closing PHP tags
UsabilityWI-27213Complete current statement: for function call append next line
PHP langBugWI-28283PHP 7 Support: wrong "Argument type does not match" and "Return type does not match" errors for scalar types inside a namespace
PS specificBugWI-30160Create new project: path to php is not reevaluated in composer project
Plugin: Command lineBugWI-29627Symfony 3.0 is not supported by a command-line tool
Plugin: GAE supportBugWI-29845PHPStorm appends "." - can't debug GAE app
Plugin: PhingBugWI-29926Phing settings are lost after PhpStorm restart
No subsystemPerformanceWI-30101PhpStorm hangs when opening big CodeIgniter log files
Code Formatting and Code StylePerformanceIDEA-148903xml file long processing
DB.ConnectivityBugDBE-1797MSSQL: OxDBE can't connect to the named server instance over Microsoft JDBC driver
DB.ConsoleBugDBE-2013Pin Tab is missing
DB.IntrospectionBugDBE-2061MS SQL and Sybase Data Source Configuration Window: wildcards in schema list don't work
Data.ViewerFeatureDBE-2029Filter by "IS NULL"
BugDBE-2011MSSQL: problems with sequences
BugDBE-2021Incorrect numbering of result rows after sorting have been applied
BugDBE-2006MSSQL: Error while executing good query with subquery
IDE.User InterfaceUsabilityDBE-652Support directories as DDL data source
No subsystemBugWEB-19341Align assignments does not work in case of inline comment
BugWEB-19389Bower 1.7: List of the available packages is empty
Build toolsPerformanceWEB-19333Grunt "serve" task and Bower listing cause multiple blocked node processes
DebuggerBugWEB-18646Regularly getting error: Failed to find breakpoint by id
BugWEB-19464Debugging Angular 2 has no debug info
BugWEB-19334Debugging Meteor 1.2.x is essentially broken for any language.
JavaScriptBugWEB-19392Unused constant
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-10598Intellij doesn't automatically indent after a if statement with no braces (AS3, JavaScript/Typescript)
BugWEB-2236Arrow function is not formatted properly
BugWEB-13129ES6 Wrong Chaining Indentation
Node.jsFeatureWEB-19559NPM scripts: make messages/errors in console clickable
BugWEB-19449F_OK, R_OK, W_OK and X_OK are not found by WebStorm task does not work in docker intergration
BugPY-17975Docker: Container output sometimes gets truncated
BugPY-17689Docker: Unable to start Run/Debug configurations with local Docker interpreter w/o Docker Machine
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