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PhpStorm 10.0.2 Release Notes

PHP CompletionFeatureWI-21565Provide autocompletion for type in PHPDoc
FeatureWI-2686on completion of "self", double colon should be inserted
FeatureWI-13157Auto-complete php type casting operators
FeatureWI-29405Context sensitive keywords completion
FeatureWI-14531After keyword "use" in class completion should suggest only traits
FeatureWI-29203Automatically insert a space after PHPDoc tag
FeatureWI-7989Inject file references after __DIR__ on Ctrl-[Shift/Alt]-Space - for file path completion etc.
BugWI-29406Language construct instead variable
BugWI-29912Provide completion for static and $this in PHPDoc type
BugWI-28788Methods and fields are suggested in the namespace context
BugWI-29898Provide completion for self and parent in argument and return type
BugWI-29940Completion of parent fields after constant keyword should be prohibited
BugWI-29844Autocomplete usage inserts unwanted dollar sign
BugWI-20094Autocomplete for static keyword is broken
BugWI-14530If there is a class that uses trait completion will suggest this trait after "new" statement
BugWI-14495PHP completion should not suggest "extends/implements" for traits
BugWI-29913Provide completion for self, static, parent after new
BugWI-11977The IDE does not suggest primitive types in @var declarations
BugWI-28886Completion for functions/methods doesn't work for subnamespace
BugWI-29666'array()' and 'list()' language constructs are not suggested for a foreach statement
BugWI-29054use function autocomplete appends brackets at the end of function names
BugWI-16486Incorrect heredoc automatic closing
BugWI-29935Completion should escape quotes inside for array keys if necessary
BugWI-29311Completion of variable in PHPDoc inserts field and method
BugWI-24054Completion of imported functions/constants inserts :: after items
UsabilityWI-29313Don't insert a space after inline inheritdoc tag
UsabilityWI-6935Suggest 'class' keyword between 'abstract' keyword and classname
UsabilityWI-29315Space is not inserted after @var tag
UsabilityWI-24055Provide completion of keywords "const" and "function" after "use" import
UsabilityWI-28888Don't show all language constructs that have variants with parenthesis
UsabilityWI-17675Array completion for string contains statements
UsabilityWI-8947Append whitespace after completed keyword
ExceptionWI-29994Exception is thrown on attempt to complete key with \r inside a single quotes
PHP FormatterBugWI-29411Reformat if() declaring a global variable breaks code
BugWI-29639Heredoc and "Add a comma after last element in multiline array" breaks code
PHP InspectionsFeatureWI-20027Create inspection for variable variables usage
BugWI-29326Remove use statement doesn't work for single group use statement
BugWI-14707Unused local variable: Usage of variables incorrecly tracked when invoking objects
BugWI-29876Rename PHP 7 readiness inspection to PHP 7 Compatibility Inspection
BugWI-29580Variable variable with array access is not recognized
UsabilityWI-29376Rename unused alias warning to unused import
CosmeticsWI-29889Typo in inspection - "Remove all unused parameter"
PHP RefactoringBugWI-29336Extract interface insert implements in incorrect position for anonymous class
BugWI-29401In place variable rename breaks if started from dolar sign
PHP debugBugWI-26658Force kill local CLI script when stopping debugger
PerformanceWI-29222Stop tree update when settings dialog is closed
UsabilityWI-27903Import deployment path mappings from 'Local or Mounted Folder"
PHP langBugWI-29611Escaped slashes disappear when copy string value
BugWI-28229PHPDoc generation of default boolean parameters gives bool|false or bool|true as typehint
BugWI-14957Semicolon after use statement for trait imports should be marked as error
BugWI-28940Dataflow: from here doesn't consider unary statements
BugWI-29860Methods defined in trait are ignored during stubs generation
BugWI-29766Broken parsing of methods before PHPDoc before function name
BugWI-17601Wrong FileName after New > PHP Class
BugWI-29509Broken parsing of methods returning reference with a space between reference and method name
BugWI-11265PHPStorm 4.0.1: Color syntax does not work for the array assignment operator
BugWI-29378Dataflow: unrelated statement from if leaks into else part
BugWI-29670Unbalanced tree exception is thrown
BugWI-29685Static variable with function is considered valid (while it's syntax error)
BugWI-28873static $x = new Foo(); not recognized as error in function
BugWI-29712PHP TODO: Closing "**/" should not be highlighted
BugWI-28587Scalar type hints are available in php 7 only in PHPDoc @method
BugWI-29903static $foo = array(CONST, 'literal'); considered an error when it's not
BugWI-15148Type inference: Using brackets on an object should not indicate an array.
BugWI-3194PHP: static variable initialization with missed literal is green
BugWI-25391Variable variable for field property is colored as usual variable
BugWI-29833Don't escape quotes on pasting array
BugWI-26366Constant dereferencing produces "Expected semicolon"
BugWI-27570yield used as expression marks variable as immediately overwritten and method as not found
BugWI-29199Global variable variable is colored as variable
UsabilityWI-28998Incorrect 'smart escaping' of single quotes when paste fragments with dot notation
PHP templatesBugWI-26059Blade: TODOs inside Laravel Blade comments are not recognized
BugWI-26236Blade template incorrect application of comments in native <?php ?> blocks
ExceptionWI-29523Blade: exception on commenting in php
ExceptionWI-29174Blade: Invalid ranges during formatting exception is thrown on pasting code with php comment
PHP testFeatureWI-29779Behat 3: print tests statistic at the end of execution
BugWI-24022Behat: Number of executed scenarios is always 0 in test runner tab
BugWI-25817Behat: IDE Does not show PHP errors in hooks in Behat's "Run" console (Behat 3)
BugWI-24615Behat 3 fails without any details in case duplicate step definition
UsabilityWI-29767Behat: print more information when "verbose" mode is enabled
UsabilityWI-29425PHP Warning: substr_compare(): The start position cannot exceed initial string length in
No subsystemTaskWI-29473Blade: Remove red error highlighting on html 'Closing tag matches nothing'
PHP RunPerformanceWI-27636Cache Vagrant ssh-config
No subsystemUsabilityIDEA-147151IDE GUI reports expiration date even if the build is under fallback license
UsabilityIDEA-147859License dialog shows information message with date in local format, while error message with date in default format
DatabaseBugIDEA-148088Stack overflow in DB console when many messages come from PostgreSQL
BugIDEA-148208Cannot resolve escaped camel case table name in @Language Injections
BugIDEA-148805You can not see the execution plan for a query if there are parameters
BugIDEA-148131After Upgrade to RubyMine 8
BugIDEA-140703Database tool window: on navigation to database elements group nodes ("tables", "columns") are not expanded
BugIDEA-141990Schemas once added to Database tree view are not removed on synchronization (Oracle)
BugIDEA-148140Data source empty after updating to 15.0.2 EAP
Configuration ProblemIDEA-147469Can't connect to HBase using Apache Phoenix driver
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-146507Emacs Tab fails to indent highlighted text
SQLBugIDEA-146765jsonb_path_ops not recognized when creating index syntax
User InterfaceBugIDEA-146980Buy and Eval buttons disabled after error messages in License server or JBA options
CosmeticsIDEA-147045License dialog: Links 'More info...' and 'Forgot?' become black
DB.ConnectivityBugDBE-1443Error Loading Databases over SSH
DB.ConsoleBugDBE-1768Running MySQL query fails to break statements if they begin with comment
BugDBE-1802Unable to set default schema for read-only connections
BugDBE-1826MariaDB Parsing Issue
BugDBE-1929Run query in console intention is not available for generic dialect
BugDBE-1731Exception when executing SQL from backup file with big inserts (more than 1 MB)
BugDBE-1422Edit data in query results
DB.IntrospectionBugDBE-430Exception thrown when trying to open a stored proc definition
BugDBE-1373MSSQL: Altering a Procedure/View should go via an ALTER statement
BugDBE-1786"definition is not available or empty" when trying to view some stored procedures on Sybase ASE
BugDBE-1787MSSQL: NVARCHAR data type shown as SYSNAME
DDL\PL.EditorBugDBE-1041DB2: Text tab is empty in the table view for all tables
BugDBE-1964ALTERTE insted of ALTER on Stored Procedure edit
Data.ViewerFeatureDBE-1637Allow for search in table
BugDBE-458Table editor: CTID column is queried for Redshift
BugDBE-1656Database update reverts
BugDBE-1984throw excepiton when used sql grammar like union
BugDBE-561Database: Oracle table saved as SQL insert statements has wrong format for date types
IDE.User InterfaceBugDBE-1917User parameter value cannot be entered with Enter key
SQL.GenerationBugDBE-1919Default Live template sel is not usable.
SQL.HighlightingFeatureDBE-1272Add PostgreSQL psql sub-dialect
BugDBE-1830Regression: PostgreSQL composite type members not resolved
BugDBE-1253Erroneous inspection warning
BugDBE-1828All objects from default schema are not resolved
BugDBE-1854Autocomplete works when editing SQL query, however fails after same query is "run in console"
BugDBE-1980Fake comment in MySQL
BugDBE-1817Table field resoving bug in SQL editor with MySQL dielect
No subsystemBugWEB-17926Added jscs:ignore comments don't stack correctly
CSSTaskWEB-18957Add support for will-change on CSS
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-18985CoffeeScript preview window incorrect size
BugWEB-18822Coffeescript string formatting / interpolation
DebuggerFeatureWEB-16337debugging meteor packages stored in /packages directory does not work (both client & server)
BugWEB-18693Many Internal errors in variables when debug TypeScript project
BugWEB-16397ES6 with Babel, break point not working in original files
BugWEB-16972'Collecting data' is shown in debugger tooltips when debugging with sourcemaps
BugWEB-16829"too soon" typescript breakpoints are not hit
BugWEB-18949nodeJs v5: 'Cannot convert undefined or null to object' error when debug node.js project
BugWEB-18853Debugger: debugging doesn't work with Node.js 5
ExceptionWEB-19138JavaScript Debugger cannot be started on Windows/Unix
ExceptionWEB-19273TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined when do 'Step into'
JavaScriptBugWEB-7157Variable to which the result of 'require' call is assigned is not highlighted as unused
BugWEB-18699Attribute not allowed here
BugWEB-16614ES7: function bind
BugWEB-18305Flow: recognize type any
BugWEB-18395@JSDoc TODO tag bad parsing
BugWEB-18728require does not correct resolve module.exports
BugWEB-18815ReactJS: JSX syntax not recognized in script of "text/jsx" type
BugWEB-18448Flow: recognize mixed primitive type
BugWEB-18632Inspection error with ES6 syntax of export as
PerformanceWEB-19137Slow JS index processing
ExceptionWEB-18847Indexing crashes code inspection
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-18983Formatter: restore default behavior in "Spaces Before Parentheses" for "Function call parentheses" option
BugWEB-19076Whitespaces around 'instanceof' are stripped if 'Relation operators' is not chosen
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-18931Yeoman project can not be created on a mounted drive
BugWEB-19189Meteor: "Import packages as library" does not include JSX files, e.g. from react-meteor-data
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-18715wrong positive on "Mutable variable is accessible from closure" or on temporarily suppressing errors using annotations
BugWEB-19199JSCS: Import Code Style: duplicate messages in the Log for file with unknown rules/without rules
BugWEB-18885ESLint: 'Additional rules directory' option is ignored
BugWEB-18496Some issues with JSCS integration
UsabilityWEB-16817JSCS: Import code styles: improve dialog
ExceptionWEB-19196JSCS: Import Code Style: NPE on importing "validateIndentation" rule
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-18807Update JSDoc @param annotations when changing function signature.
Node.jsFeatureWEB-18969Node.js: support completion in require() from folders marked as resource roots
BugWEB-19190Node.js Core library: http.ServerResponse methods not resolved
BugWEB-18919Missing module dependency: disable for paths using template strings in require
BugWEB-18951NodeJS: cannot resolve modules from several resource roots
SASSBugWEB-18869A single unit inside calc is recognized as a syntax error
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-18345tsconfig.json changes not recoginized in real-time
FeatureWEB-17755TypeScript: implement correct type recognition inside Object literal
BugWEB-18643False positive error with type cast in TypeScript, 'new' and untyped 'var'
BugWEB-19302TypeScript: auto-import cannot recognize closest definition file depending on how entity is exported
BugWEB-18888Typescript generics in constructor-function of Angular's $q-service doesn't work
BugWEB-18898RubyMine 8 consistently consuming 100% cpu
BugWEB-19099TypeScript class index declaration formatting is wrong
BugWEB-19000TypeScript: Default initializers on required parameters
BugWEB-19151TypeScript abstract class members implementation loses visibility modifier
Unit TestsBugWEB-14390Karma: 'jump to source' doesn't work for tests wrapped in define()
BugWEB-19011Mocha: "File pattern" option should be handled as multiple cli arguments
BugWEB-19035Error message is not shown in console when debug Karma test
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