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The version 2.2 of the Python plugin is compatible with IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.

New features:

  • Introduce Variable and Introduce Constant refactorings
  • Override action for Python methods (Ctrl-O)
  • Type hierarchy
  • Goto Super action
  • Type of super() is correctly inferred
  • Surround With (Ctrl-Alt-T) works in Python code
  • Quickfixes to rename and qualify imported names and handle aliases
  • Ctrl-click works on break and continue keywords; break jumps to the end of the loop, continue to its beginning.
  • Inspection to check that a format string is valid and matches the arguments
  • Inspection to check that the signature of an overriding method matches that in the superclass
  • Inspections for argument lists now understand methods wrapped in old-style staticmethod() and classmethod() calls
  • Inspection to detect unnecessary semicolons in Python code, with a quickfix to remove them
  • Methods and classes reassignments are tracked; Quick Doc and parameter list hints work on reassigned names
  • Completion of keyword arguments in method calls
  • Completion of predefined method names, with required parameter lists: type def __ and see
  • Support for py.test in the test runner
  • SDK assignment is per module; it is possible to have different Python SDKs in different modules

Detailed release notes

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