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Version 2.1 of the Python plugin is available for both IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.x (Diana) and IntelliJ IDEA 9 (Maia) EAP.

Unit Test Runner

Graphical unit test runner with support for unittest framework. Features include:

  • Running a test file, a single test class or method, or all tests in a folder
  • Clickable stacktraces
  • Navigation to source code of tests
  • Test execution statistics (time taken by each test)

Python Facet

It is now possible to add a Python facet to a module of any type, which allows to specify the interpreter for Python scripts without having to place them in a separate module.

New Quickfixes

  • Auto-import for unresolved method and class names

  • Quickfixes on unresolved references to create methods and fields

  • Quickfix to add 'self' to the parameter list of a method

Syntax Highlighting Improvements

  • Highlighting of decorators
  • Highlighting of escape sequences in string literals
  • Highlighting of built-in identifiers and predefined method names

Code Editing Improvements

  • Improved error highlighting
  • Improved keyword and name completion
  • An inspection to detect unreacahble code
  • Quick documentation is now supported for modules; inherited documentation is provided for overridden methods
  • Inspections and quickfixes correctly handle decorators (@classmethod, @staticmethod)

Other Improvements

  • Faster load times
  • Better signature detection in built-in and binary modules

Important Limitations

  • All code is parsed as Python 2.5
  • Python 3 is not supported in many ways (specific syntax, built-in functions, etc)
  • Debugger is not yet included

Previous Release Notes

Complete list of fixed issues

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