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Stepik integrationFeatureEDU-1067New UI for "Create new stepik project" dialog
FeatureEDU-927Open stepik course using link.
FeatureEDU-1034Use Stepik to sync course progress
BugEDU-1145Open Stepik courses with code tasks
BugEDU-1177Disable progress for teachers
BugEDU-924Use stepik language codes to filter courses in browse courses panel
BugEDU-1068EduTools for AS: Cannot log in to Stepik
Project generatorFeatureEDU-1074Add color for tag background
FeatureEDU-1179Make tags (programming language/language/adaptive) clickable
ExceptionEDU-1157IAE at com.jetbrains.edu.learning.newproject.ui.EduCoursePanel.$$$reportNull$$$0(EduCoursePanel.java)
BugEDU-1197Introduce "promoted by jetbrains" courses
BugEDU-1208Freeze when clicking on tags
TaskEDU-1061Drop using PsiDirectory while lesson/task creation
Usability ProblemEDU-1183Do not hide course description completely in case no courses available
Usability ProblemEDU-1199Sorting order in Browse Courses
BugEDU-1202Do not subscrible multiple times to the EduSettings.SETTINGS_CHANGED from browse courses
BugEDU-1174"AWT events are not allowed inside write action" exception while creation Python study course
TaskEDU-1085Refactor 'EduCourseProjectGenerator'
ExceptionEDU-1181NPE while python course creation with detected interpreter
ExceptionEDU-1111NoSuchMethodError while course creation in PyCharm 2017.3
BugEDU-1088Auto detected python interpreter can not be set for new course in IDEA
ActionsFeatureEDU-1032Add "Compare with answer" (other than "Fill answer placeholders")
BugEDU-1090EduTools for AS: IOE “'../Kotlin Course/lesson1/task1' already exists in VFS” on deleting any task except the last one
BugEDU-1124EduTools for AS: deleting task removes all next tasks
BugEDU-804Navigate to next placeholder action: Editor doesn't scroll long files
No subsystemFeatureEDU-522Ask feedback after some time of usage
CosmeticsEDU-1091EduTools for AS: typo “Tests not implemented fot the task” (fot → for)
CosmeticsEDU-1113"Are you Student or Teacher?" is not exactly correct English
BugEDU-1045Add more statistics
TaskEDU-1161Plugin configurator specialization
TaskEDU-1172Consistent naming scheme for classes
TaskEDU-1006Rename "pycharm" task to "edu"
TaskEDU-1076Add statistics for Browse Courses -> Import course action
TaskEDU-1171EduPluginConfigurator refactoring
BugEDU-1182Remove getStepikDefaultLanguage from configurator
SubtasksFeatureEDU-1156Enable subtasks for Kotlin
BugEDU-1165Course with subtasks: Placeholders: Hide For Previous Subtasks ation makes placeholder's frame dissapear
BugEDU-1116EduTools for AS: NPE “update failed for AnAction with ID=Educational.ShowHint” in created course for second subtask with answer placeholder
BugEDU-1104EduTools for AS: Course Creator → Add Subtask in context menu do nothing
Course creatorFeatureEDU-1057Language independent "Preview Course" action
FeatureEDU-1056Language independent "New Course" dialog
BugEDU-1144Task description is in editing mode and contains "Write task description here using markdown or html" with no files open
BugEDU-1126Do not update task statuses for course posted from course creator mode
BugEDU-1210Course archive creation doesn't flush test files changes to disk
CosmeticsEDU-1178Add separator after new task/new lesson action groups
BugEDU-1046Change Course Info dialog shows python version for Java courses
BugEDU-1093Task actually isn't deleted after it was removed from project view
ExceptionEDU-1087New course creation fails in PyCharm
ExceptionEDU-1069NPE on Python project creation
TaskEDU-1065Kotlin course creation in Android Studio
CheckerBugEDU-1094EduTools for AS: message “null” for checking test with assertion when assertion has no error message
BugEDU-1194IAE at com.jetbrains.edu.learning.checker.StudyCheckUtils.$$$reportNull$$$0(StudyCheckUtils.java)
BugEDU-1168Refactor checkOnRemote()
BugEDU-1071Output task checker adds extra lines in actual output
Task DescriptionTaskEDU-764Get rid of wrapping task description into latex
BugEDU-1129Exceptions while editing description
BugEDU-1180Remove obsolete code-mirror language scripts
BugEDU-1198EduTools for AS: NPE on editing task description after deleting subtask
BugEDU-1101EduTools for AS: Editing Mode button is enabled before task is open
BugEDU-1121EduTools for AS: NPE on pressing Next Task while editing mode is enabled
BugEDU-1100EduTools for AS: NPE on deleting subtask while editing task description
BugEDU-1102EduTools for AS: Check Task button is enabled when you just select test file from Project window
BuildTaskEDU-1155Extract change notes to separate file
Usability ProblemEDU-1143Better description for EduTools plugin
TaskEDU-1203Implement usage statistics collector
TaskEDU-1146Remove educational plugins sources from intellij-community repo
KotlinBugEDU-1192Kotlin library is not added to tasks using the latest kotlin plugin
BugEDU-1064EduTools for AS: Check Task button shows “Congratulations!” message every time
TaskEDU-918Publish Kotlin Koans on stepik
TaskEDU-1125Configure kotlin in course creation mode
BugEDU-1029Turn on "Tips" for AtomicKotlin (make it a setting)
TaskEDU-1047Kotlin Koans support in Android Studio
Course contentExceptionEDU-1060IOException at com.jetbrains.edu.learning.stepic.EduStepicConnector.getCourse(EduStepicConnector.java:272)
CosmeticsEDU-1114Not enough description for "Kotlin Koans" course
Answer placeholdersBugEDU-1120Invalid task file message for actually valid task
AndroidBugEDU-1106AS: Exception on delete task
No subsystemFeaturePY-20770Support Python 3.6 asynchronous generators and comprehensions
FeaturePY-21768Semantic highlighting for Python
BugPY-19573Python console - no output under OS X
BugPY-9875Incorrect syntax highlighting for function parameters
BugPY-18203Redundant parentheses quick fix produces syntactically incorrect code for tuples
BugPY-20322False positive warnings about abstract property
BugPY-27029AttributeError: StringIO object has no attribute 'encoding'
BugPY-23409The extension point runConfigurationProducer doesn't work
BugPY-17739Conda enviroment not being activated
BugPY-15837Running a pytest that raises an exception with styled string (ie: "\033[31m") causes the IntelliJ Test Viewer to display a false-positive
BugPY-17120Adding new conda repository isn't working
PerformancePY-20332Array and data frame views result in extremely high CPU usage
PerformancePY-26036crash when specific file is open
PerformancePY-24882After the new updates - "Updating Indices" for ten minutes, every time I pull.
UsabilityPY-20448DataFrame viewer does not have automatic column-sizing
UsabilityPY-18009Buttons are missed
UsabilityPY-26164"Show Variables" pane should not be displayed by default
UsabilityPY-26445Ability to enable/disable semantic highlighting independently
CosmeticsPY-6691Use sentence case for all fields of the "New Setup Script" dialog
ExceptionPY-26942NPE during new project creation
ExceptionPY-20026IndexOutOfBoundsException in PyClassImpl.mroMerge
Code InsightFeaturePY-12745Support the "six" Python 2 & 3 compatibility library
FeaturePY-22971Support @typing.overload in regular Python files, not only in Python stubs
FeaturePY-18972implement support for PEP 498 (f-strings)
FeaturePY-22004Show all possible parameter hints when function could be resolved to different locations
FeaturePY-20003Breadcrumbs for Python files
FeaturePY-21519Support autocompletion in type hint comments
FeaturePY-22005Show types in parameter hints
FeaturePY-21231Resolve reference only to Python stub file if it exists
FeaturePY-18254Support Python 2.7 additions to PEP 484 (function type comments)
FeaturePY-20744Support Python 3.6 PEP 526 Syntax for Variable Annotations
FeaturePY-22215"Implement Methods..." action for Python
FeaturePY-20768Support special attributes of PEP 487: simpler customization of class creation
FeaturePY-25288Implement "Expression Type" action for Python
BugPY-15270Numpy: Unresolved reference: false positive for accumulate and reduce
BugPY-20280Warn if class variable listed in __slots__
BugPY-14044Autocomplete not working for namedtuple class constructor arguments
BugPY-19825Tuple sub-assignment typing broken
BugPY-15071Unresolved reference: false positive for private names listed in __all__
BugPY-24987Class attributes do not show up in 'goto' symbol or implicit resolve results
BugPY-20864False positive: "Unresolved reference" for variable annotations with types from typing module
BugPY-19530from MODULE import SUBMODULE as NAME not find inheritance
BugPY-19078Show Inherited option doesn't work when parent class from "import as"
BugPY-19989Wrong union type is inferred for the reference to a module imported via Python 2 implicit relative import
BugPY-21897Wrong type inference with None and conditionals
BugPY-15296Numpy: allow passing all sequence types for array and array-like parameters
BugPY-20778Invalid conversion character in fstring is not marked as an error
BugPY-20776Empty fstring expression should be marked as an error
BugPY-20775Unclosed braces inside a fstring should be an error
BugPY-20773Pound sign inside fstring is an error
BugPY-20901False negative: f-string expression fragments nested deeper that two times
BugPY-16541Copy Reference gets line number instead of function name
BugPY-19773Symbols available via higher level package are missing in the auto import suggestions if there are other imports from same package in a file
BugPY-25606StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in PyAnnotateTypesIntention
BugPY-9924"Expected type" warning when indexing a list with a slice object
BugPY-20735Creating a setup.py with "'" in the description breaks the output in the resulting file
BugPY-25484Auto-import on code completion doesn't take in account __all__
BugPY-23625Incorrect default argument value in print() function
BugPY-22620False positive: Unused imports for type comments containing multiple annotations
BugPY-19967Type inference and completion doesn't correctly when inheriting from namedtuple
BugPY-5500Unresolved reference: strange behavior on references within __all__ list
BugPY-13159"Type checker" failed to determine property type
BugPY-18246No completion for typing.NamedTuple
BugPY-25368Python stub-AST inconsistency in intention tests
BugPY-20897False negative: f-string - Single '}' is not allowed
BugPY-15272Numpy: comparison operations on arrays should return array, not bool
BugPY-26493Auto Complete stops working after first use when class object is passed to a function and identified with assert isinstance
BugPY-12425Completion breaks when implementing a callable object with the __call__ method
BugPY-19461Inspection does not recognize all subclasses
BugPY-16404Syntax highlighting does not work for the pattern in `re.fullmatch`, but works for `re.match`
BugPY-19796Incorrect parameter type hint for ord() function parameter
BugPY-16676Parameter info only shows first string in consecutive concatenated strings
BugPY-3167Redundant/useless import suggestion appears after manually added import
BugPY-9472Parameter info: losing popup when moving caret through calls as parameters
BugPY-9471Do not show parameter info outside function parenthesis
BugPY-24242Completion strikes after specifying variable value
BugPY-12944Add type checking for coroutines
BugPY-25076Inspection "Method may be static" doesn't report methods referencing attributes named "self"
BugPY-24383type inference broken for Union[Any, List[int]]
BugPY-20063Code introspection / autocomplete does not resolve types in Sets (and perhaps other collection types) when used with single-character iteration expressions
BugPY-25906Wrong method implementation order
BugPY-19604numpy asarray should accept integer as an argument
BugPY-25751If "__all__" is used in "__init__.py" PyCharm doesn't understood type of imported package
BugPY-15284Numpy: unexpected argument: false positive for casting argument in can_cast: parser fails to process generated argument with keyword name
BugPY-12083Code Insight does not respect numpy ndarray types
BugPY-26801PyCharm creates __init__.py in every folder to project path on new package creation action
BugPY-22449Breadcrumbs are incorrect when caret placed after the last character of the block
BugPY-8132Completion shows function instead of variable if function contains a variable with name equal to function name
BugPY-18253Navigate to implementation gutter icon doesn't work
BugPY-15365Suggest names of submodules and subpackages for __all__ inside __init__.py
BugPY-7322namedtuple types are not detected with reST :type :
BugPY-4351Type Checker: detect type for named tuple unpacking
BugPY-20917'Replace with str.format method call' messes up with collection calls
BugPY-22181Element type is not inferred in case of iteration over iterable with separate iterator
BugPY-15307Numpy: TypeChecker: fals positive when passing new array shape as two ints to resize method
BugPY-19749'Replace with str.format method call' should not add positional id
BugPY-22249Add parameters tooltip to namedtuple constructor
BugPY-22037Code completion on property that returns self declared in base class only shows options for base class
BugPY-12634Decorator usage not highlighted in presence of whitespace after "@"
BugPY-26032data and target attributes are unresolved in scikit Bunch class
BugPY-19884Bundled python-skeletons lack annotations for "set" and "fronzenset" collections
BugPY-19473Incorrect sql injection detected
BugPY-19220Multi-line assignments break type hinting
BugPY-2724Exclude protected methods from completion list if completion is performed outside a class
BugPY-18098Import "numpy" doesn't have effect
BugPY-26243Unresolved reference in dunder all for not imported modules
BugPY-19506CREATE TEMP TABLE not recognized as SQL-statement within Python-String
PerformancePY-18039PyCharm extremely slow and unusable. Freezing constantly on one project
PerformancePY-20258PyCharm Hangs on Start
PerformancePY-25892GUI freeze during indexing
UsabilityPY-3563Put classes from already imported modules on top of auto-import variants list
UsabilityPY-12627Non-code usages displayed even it's turned off
UsabilityPY-1526Basic completion for kwarg in a method call should put variable by name as the first suggestion
UsabilityPY-5833No namedtuple autocompletion if field names passed in
UsabilityPY-23295Breadcrumbs are too short by default.
CosmeticsPY-9516Wrong current parameter info popup position with caret on indented line
ExceptionPY-24272StackOverflowError in PyResolveImportUtil: Code analysis never finishes
ExceptionPY-20921f-string exception: String must be quoted by single or double quote
ExceptionPY-21697Multiline string literal with escaped quotes inside hangs the editor
ExceptionPY-22198Exception in PyImplementMethodsQuickFix on showing dialog with methods to implement
ExceptionPY-26028Code insights fail - StackOverflowError
ExceptionPY-26006SOE if function is decorated with the same name decorator
ExceptionPY-20421IOOBE on processing function type comment containing single element tuple
ExceptionPY-26847Pycharm 2017.2 insane logging - freezing
ExceptionPY-21840Long unicode escape sequences in regular expressions cause exceptions
ExceptionPY-25101NullPointer exception on highlighting element usages for imported modules
ExceptionPY-21906Code inspection stops working with StackOverflowError in PassExecutorService
ExceptionPY-20785Named unicode character inside fstring causes IDE exception
ConsoleFeaturePY-19613Variable viewer after "Show command line afterwards"
FeaturePY-10498Add option, "Load current project Virtualenv and open in terminal" (bash, zsh, fish or windows CMD)
FeaturePY-14330Pandas dataframes viewer in debug or console
FeaturePY-13498Copying from PyCharm console to a python file
BugPY-21384Wrong input prompt inside Python console for IPython + Remote interpreter (>>> instead of In[...])
BugPY-24642Python console action should open Debug prompt if available
BugPY-21792Python Console stopped working
BugPY-20619Multi-line commands: incorrect syntax error for return statement in functions
BugPY-20618Problems with multi-line commands in Python console
BugPY-20848PR 444: The console doesn't show the value of variable or function without print() command
BugPY-20849PR 444: Line numbers in IPython console
BugPY-20847PR 444: Can't finish multiline command
BugPY-21055PyCharm freezes after Python console restart if launched from the terminal (bash)
BugPY-22243"Show command line afterwards" option blocks `input()`
BugPY-14746Debug console interpreter
BugPY-18189UnboundLocalError: local variable 'traceback' referenced before assignment
BugPY-14960numpy array viewer for too large arrays
BugPY-21991"Execute Selection in Console" action does not work for multiple indented lines
BugPY-26413Unable to navigate through console history
BugPY-18424[Python] multiprocessing.Manager cannot start with "Show command line afterwards"
BugPY-25468IPython banner is lost when using Remote Python Console
BugPY-20732Python Console is broken for Remote interpreter with IPython 5
BugPY-10779Python Console "Include parent environment variables" setting has no effect
BugPY-17536"Show commandline afterwards" fails when script raises an Exception
BugPY-20617Multi-line commands: remove inappropriate inspections
BugPY-15727IPython Console: do not show input prompt until previously entered command is executed
BugPY-27009Python Console doesn't work with Python 2.6
BugPY-22535auto-update in Data View doesn't work when opened from console variables view
BugPY-16311pycharm python console crash with multiprocessing.Pool()
BugPY-20839Execute line in console gets executed on every console restart
BugPY-20831Console can lock up entire IDE for up to 60 seconds
BugPY-21591Use of "?" for help in IPython console does not format help properly only in Pycharm (outside is OK)
BugPY-18021Python Unit tests do not work with active winpty-agent.exe console on Windows
BugPY-13029Rerun for Python Console should reread settings
BugPY-17615Debug Console: Splash screen appears after typing only
BugPY-20685The prompt in debug console with IPython
BugPY-22056aborting commands in debug console
BugPY-25742Weird syntax error on executing line in console left after executing file
BugPY-18069NPE attempting to start Python Console
BugPY-19937No invitation '>?' to input in python console
BugPY-14828Interpreter options do not work for python console.
BugPY-26603Exception when stopping Python Console
BugPY-14446long lines hard to read in python console output
BugPY-24880Waiting for REPL response when python console using IPython
BugPY-15731IPython Console: not able to pass subsequent lines as arguments: UsageError: %% is a cell magic, but the cell body is empty.
BugPY-18302Python console is run as python script
BugPY-16324"Show command line afterwards" conflicts with debugger
BugPY-20013Pycharm Doesn't work with ipython 5.0.0
UsabilityPY-22099'Execute line in console' shouldn't execute empty lines
UsabilityPY-26415Hide "_", "__" and "___" to the Special Variables on console variable view
CosmeticsPY-20615Multi-line commands: remove double empty lines
CosmeticsPY-26557Typo in Console Settings
CosmeticsPY-20616Multi-line commands: dots at the beginning of the second line
ExceptionPY-25352Exception is thrown sometimes on closing Python console
DebuggerFeaturePY-22089Implement the faster debugger for Python 3.6 (using PEP 523)
FeaturePY-13540Show returned value in debuger after step out from function
FeaturePY-24593Implement "Condition" and "Log expression" for Exception breakpoints
FeaturePY-2431Provide threads suspend policy in breakpoint setting
FeaturePY-24114Create an option for selecting PyQt backend while debugging
FeaturePY-22362Data View tool window
FeaturePY-9537Is there really no "set next statement" option in the debugger?
FeaturePY-21763Extend pandas.Dataframe view support to pandas.Series
FeaturePY-18343Step Over `yield from`
BugPY-24022SystemError: unknown opcode
BugPY-24026Debugger skips breakpoint added to the current frame while running
BugPY-20052"Suspend all threads" options doesn't work with Python 3
BugPY-22561Data View: auto-update doesn't work with slices
BugPY-26584Debugger strips '-m' flag from script params and assumes it was meant for the interpreter.
BugPY-17885"Import by filename is not supported" when debugging script
BugPY-23680Error when debugging PyQt application
BugPY-19650Show returned values: show the name of the class
BugPY-22450Can't pause script execution with new fast debugger
BugPY-22455View as Array/DataFrame does not work with debugger hyperlink from Python Console -> Show Variables
BugPY-22454"Suspend all threads" policy doesn't work with new fast debugger
BugPY-18241Thread ids are incorrectly shown with multiprocess debug
BugPY-16825Cannot do keyboard input in debug mode with interactive console turned on
BugPY-17929Remote debugging: Warning about wrong debugger version
BugPY-17923Django 1.9 - WARNING: Template path is not available.
BugPY-20158debugger stopping in all threads after resuming from a breakpoint
BugPY-20154debugging with fabric commands fail with sys.stdin argument must be an int, or have a fileno() method.
BugPY-22411Data View doesn't work well with several simultaneous debug processes
BugPY-22412Icon for Data View tool window
BugPY-19777Breakpoints don't work in included Django templates
BugPY-19342Django template breakpoints never hit
BugPY-23419Data view don't show the index of DataFrame neither rows numbers from numpy array.
BugPY-19710Turn on "Show returned values" by default
BugPY-24537Debug console isn't working with IPython 6.1.0
BugPY-20196Set default breakpoint suspend policy to "Thread"
BugPY-17722Pycharm does not collect run-time type information
BugPY-16100Unable to debug with remote Python interpreter: cannot connect to X server
BugPY-20468View as arrays is enabled w/o debug session
BugPY-17986Can not attach to process with python 3.5.1(win32)
BugPY-20251DataFrame viewer "Colored" setting isn't consistent
BugPY-18734"Evaluate Expression" triggers action twice under specific circumstances
BugPY-22499Add warning for slow debugger options
BugPY-20002Collecting call signatures doesn't work in debugger with IronPython
BugPY-20005The debugger hanging after print or call matplotlib in the debug IPython console
BugPY-183345.0.4 Regression: Debugging from Windows client to unix interpreter does not work if paths have uppercase letters
BugPY-26270Use white background for plots if light color scheme is used
BugPY-24656Correct link to documentation from Cython extension popup
BugPY-19622Debugger can't step into different threads
BugPY-22572Data View: close corresponding tabs when Python Console session removed
BugPY-21215"ImportError: No module named stackless" leftover in sys.exc_info()
BugPY-17409Debugger ignores breakpoints
BugPY-17092multiprocessing fail to debug, breakpoint not work in main module
BugPY-19853Input doesn't work in Debug Console
BugPY-18299Concurrency visulalizer: deadlocked threads are not marked
BugPY-19642Break Points ignored and random debugger freeze in 2016.1.2/3
BugPY-19647Several clicks on cython configuration hint can start several tasks
BugPY-22447Debugging jinja templates: visualization of currently active line is stuck on the first breakpoint
BugPY-22444"Collect run-time types information for code insight" isn't available for new debugger
BugPY-22443Got an error message with new debugger on every debug run
BugPY-22270Jinja2 template debugger doesn't work since version 2.9
BugPY-23906Jython remote debugging fails with attribute error
BugPY-22421input() does not work in debug console
BugPY-20165AttributeError: 'DebugConsoleStdIn' object has no attribute 'buffer'
BugPY-20971Unordered display of OrderedDict in "Evaluate Expression" window
BugPY-26465Limit number of threads when evaluating variables asynchronously
BugPY-26460Image is cropped on retina display
BugPY-18292Additional newline appears when breakpoint is hit
BugPY-25285Concurrency visualizer doesn't work with Python 3.6
BugPY-9767IndexError in pydev_monkey.py when debugging
BugPY-19724Can't create application "setup" in Django if pycharm-debug.egg is installed
BugPY-20476Argument parsing for subprocess under debugger
BugPY-24766Segfault in debugger with Python 3.6
BugPY-21909"Collect run-time types information" doesn't work with Python 3.6
BugPY-22335Dataframe viewer gives UnicodeDecodeError from inside debugger in 2016.3.2 , complains of non-ascii characters when there are none-pandas handles them fine
BugPY-20780Debugger not working if path contains tilda (~)
BugPY-22690Can't debug python script with Remote Interpreter
BugPY-16690Exception when trying to debug an app that uses subprocess with "Attach to subprocess automatically while debugging" option unset
BugPY-25081Variables in function called from loop stick after console started in debug mode
BugPY-19205Debugger filters: impossible to filter debugger helper
PerformancePY-19215Cython debugger binaries should be built for Python 2.6
UsabilityPY-26289Do not evaluate variables during debug session if Variables View is hidden
UsabilityPY-22566Data View: distinguish tabs opened from debugger and console
UsabilityPY-22700Data View tool window: enable by default
UsabilityPY-26883Show a full name of interpreter when Attaching to process on Windows
CosmeticsPY-24754Hide verbose output from "Attach to process" action
ExceptionPY-25384Syntax error "del __py_debug_temp_var_*" while stopping debugger
DocstringsBugPY-24923Empty Numpy style Docstring breaks syntax error scanning
BugPY-17705Awkward formatting of parameter types in Quick Documentation for io.open()
BugPY-20125No documentation show up if docstrings contains chinese
BugPY-25779Show documentation for method if caret is placed inside parameters list
BugPY-25778Show documentation on import target expression
BugPY-19761PyCharm fails to render docstrings if PYTHONPATH environment variable exists
BugPY-25885Installed sphinxcontrib-websupport prevents PyCharm from displaying documentation for docstrings in Numpy/Google Style formats
BugPY-8219Unused local function in case of only usage in docstring
UsabilityPY-24854Allow Quick Documentation invocation when caret is placed inside docstring
EditingFeaturePY-20633Option to switch between backslash and parentheses for multiline imports
FeaturePY-18792Configuration for "Optimize Imports" action
FeaturePY-19606main postfix template
FeaturePY-19607print postfix template
FeaturePY-1779Triple-quoted strings: autocompletion for closing triple-quote
BugPY-26131Macros playback inserts "self"
BugPY-11040Support TODO in docstrings
BugPY-21269Multi-line editing inside a class, strange behaviour
BugPY-18181Folding:Folding doesn't work with 'with' statement
BugPY-3032Surround action can't be invoked when first line of selection is a comment
BugPY-21289multiline insertion sometimes inserts "self" incorrectly when opening parens
BugPY-7644Emacs Tabs misses possible indentation levels
BugPY-12396Property getter live template is useful only inside python class
BugPY-13323Code completion not recognizing correct position after imports
BugPY-14358Custom folding regions: invalid indent for closing tag on last method in class
BugPY-19836Aliases are not sorted for the same modules of one package
BugPY-21412Postfix .main triggers in comments
BugPY-19100Bad indentation when pasting whole function definition with multiline parameter list at the top of a file (smart indent on paste is turned on)
BugPY-17017Region comments are not parsed correctly at the end of a class
BugPY-7616"Emacs Tab" does not move cursor from column 1
BugPY-6382PyCharm Stripping Escaped Spaces in Regex
UsabilityPY-24430Do not show completion popup after ellipsis
UsabilityPY-15240Auto-insert "self" in methods doesn't respect code style
UsabilityPY-24432Unindent after ellipsis
FormatterFeaturePY-18265Missing code style option for power operator
FeaturePY-1765Add option to force blank line between 'class' and first method in class
FeaturePY-21598Add "Empty method call parentheses" and "Empty method declaration parentheses" to Python Code Style settings
FeaturePY-10182Add option for indentation of closing parenthesis, braces and brackets
FeaturePY-9764Optional forced trailing commas in multiline "from" import statements
BugPY-15051Formatter: comments right after a block gets overly indented with a EOF right after the comment
BugPY-24160Incorrectly reformatted multi line "if" condition with parenthesis
BugPY-19674Optimize imports splits unresolved relative imports between third-party and project-local groups of imports
BugPY-20836Unindent doesn't work if used at end of document
BugPY-25567Optimize import changes style
BugPY-24220Setting for the minimum number of blank lines after top-level imports should have precedence over that for "Around top-level classes and functions"
BugPY-21515Formatter doesn't remove extra spaces before source part in "from" imports
BugPY-20392Python code style option "space after comma" doesn't work properly
BugPY-12008reformat code over-indents multiline ifs
BugPY-19292Optimize Imports does not alphabetically sort import lists on the same line
BugPY-22272Dictionary formatting incorrect for list evaluation of element
BugPY-20970Formatter doesn't remove extra spaces after "nonlocal" keyword
BugPY-17979Pycharm incorrectly uses continuation setting producing non PEP-8 compliant formatting
BugPY-15874Bad indentation for the closing bracket in a list comprehension
BugPY-13304Wrong indent used for continuation of method call arguments
BugPY-19707Reformat code doesn't honor continuation indents in preferences
BugPY-19705Empty line between class header and its first method is not preserved (which conflicts with PEP 8 guidelines)
BugPY-21931reformat fails to remove extraneous spaces before "else" in conditional expressions
BugPY-25356Formatter doesn't handle excess blank lines between comments
IDEFeaturePY-11166Ability to create new projects without selecting Python interpreter
FeaturePY-6311support for ssh agent
BugPY-26261I have professional edition of pycharm but I am still suggested to have Ultimate edition
BugPY-23930"Add to currently open projects" not working
BugPY-18191PyCharm doesn't start via pycharm.exe
BugPY-26701Installation of Cython speedup extension failed when PyCharm installed via snap
BugPY-13328Create New Project: warning about installing template packages is not shown
BugPY-17836Project Opening options are ignored, confirmation window is shown regardless of settings
BugPY-9384Create new project doesn't warn about invalid interpreter
BugPY-18177New project created in wrong directory
BugPY-17717For subdirectory of a `Sources Root`, cannot `Mark Directory As > Sources` from right-click context menu
BugPY-26627Desktop entry doesn't work if PyCharm installed with snap on ubuntu 17.10 is used
UsabilityPY-2191Alt+Enter on importable unresolved references adds an unwanted auto-import
UsabilityPY-25962The documentation window in Scientific mode can take up all the editor space
UsabilityPY-13562New Project: there is no focus in project location
UsabilityPY-24580Come up with a list of synonyms for our settings and actions
CosmeticsPY-20143Duplicate warnings in "New Project" wizard
ExceptionPY-24573Can't select Angular CLI project
ExceptionPY-26075Prebuilt stubs can't be loaded
InspectionsFeaturePY-14056Warn about non-public API usage defined by __all__
FeaturePY-16055Python return type hint should be type-checked with inferred-type of function body
FeaturePY-3996Don't flag underscore-prefixed variables as unused (or make not doing so an option).
FeaturePY-16098Warn that async and await will become keywords in Python 3.7
FeaturePY-8325String format inspection for new-style format method
BugPY-20800'Replace with str.format method call' adds additional :s for repr
BugPY-20803'Replace with str.format method call' goes wrong with * character
BugPY-20805False positive "Variable is not used" for local variable inside fstrings
BugPY-22525PyCharm complains that typing.Iterable "does not define __getitem__".
BugPY-23057"Statement has no effect" inspection should ignore ellipsis operator
BugPY-20038"Call to __init__ of super class is missed" inspection if super is used with __class__
BugPY-26269Dict value type of Dict type and updating dict *member* gives typechecker warning
BugPY-25045False positive: expected type '{__div__}', got 'Union[int, float]' instead
BugPY-23552PyRedeclaration does not recognize static/class methods
BugPY-20824Spelling inspection does not work for the first word in fstrings
BugPY-23707False positives for __new__ arguments of some builtin classes
BugPY-16585PEP 484: "type:" comment may work incorrect in list comprehension lines
BugPY-20844f-string expression cannot include a backslash
BugPY-11943Type annotation and checking does not consider `dict` a `MutableMapping`
BugPY-20987Spelling inspection doesn't report typos for consecutive nodes of a "glued" string literal if the first node doesn't have a prefix
BugPY-20986"Assignment can be replaced with augmented assignment" should be removed from warnings
BugPY-20679Inspection error. 'Cannot find reference in object'
BugPY-23513Overrides of abstract static methods with expanded arguments fail signature checking (PyMethodOverriding)
BugPY-21408PyCharm not aware of callable attributes
BugPY-20863False positive: unresolved reference for quoted type hints inside annotations
BugPY-22091Incorrect "method may be static" inspection with string literals in Python 3.6
BugPY-22831Access to a protected member of a class inspection not ignored in py.test test functions
BugPY-20655Calling `locals()` within decorator causes "Unused Local" Warning for Decorator Parameters
BugPY-23355Invalid "Python versions < 3.5 do not support starred expressions in dicts" inspection warning when using type comments
BugPY-20242PyCharm thinks package requirement is not satisfied, but it is.
BugPY-24960False-positive warning about results of comparison operators for imported types
BugPY-24969False positive: "expected to return ..., got no return" for variable type annotation
BugPY-24436False positive: "Class has not __init__ method" if A inherits B which inherits another A with __init__
BugPY-26368False negative: Can't check definition of value of class properties
BugPY-20752'Replace with str.format method call' messes up with tuples
BugPY-20754Supress 'Replace with str.format method call' for bytes
BugPY-19130Type inference: decorators behaving oddly
BugPY-17456Wrong error message about return type of scipy.integrate.quad function
BugPY-23311Postgres Create Extension doesn't get syntax highlighting
BugPY-18791False positive in type information when returning callable from property
BugPY-19119Warnings "PEP 8: no newline at end of file" for PEP 484 type hint comments
BugPY-21164False positive inspection 'Too few arguments for format string' with unpacking argument list inside other list
BugPY-21166No inspection if unknown format code is used in formatted string
BugPY-18402False positive for attribute of conditionally defined variable in imported module
BugPY-4344Parameter unfilled: false negatives for named tuples
BugPY-22222Type doesn't have expected attributes with __slots__
BugPY-22224no warning about: `x, y = None` (TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable)
BugPY-19323typing.Callable type without arguments incorrectly warns that it is not callable
BugPY-19927Magic methods __setstate__ and __sizeof__ not highlighted as magic methods
BugPY-19699False positive "Too few arguments for format string" on *imported* tuple
BugPY-19691Source root named the same as its child package causes unresolved references in "from" import from the latter
BugPY-21994False positive on PyTypeChecker for optional list argument
BugPY-19775Unresolved attribute reference on attribute defined inside async def __init__
BugPY-19956Slotted attributes considered read-only
BugPY-19486Python compatibility inspection incorrectly flags enum import when enum is in project requirements
BugPY-20946False positive: `__init_subclass__` method first parameter should be named "self"
BugPY-17962Incorrect handling of type Callable
BugPY-24287False positive: A variable of type AnyStr should also accept bytearray
BugPY-23623False positive: __getitem__ not being defined for list after isinstance check
BugPY-25346typing.NamedTuple field types are not inferred
BugPY-26023The presence of an `@abstractmethod` decorator totally cancels all typechecks.
BugPY-20460typechecker false positive with slice
BugPY-22642Static typecheck resolution of `typing.Generic` is to the first assignment, not the effective
BugPY-22919max() function transmits argument type to return type
BugPY-24182datetime.isoformat(timespec='seconds') argument is not recognized as valid
BugPY-18880Python 2.7 code compatibility inspection warns that the typing module does not exist even if it has been installed with pip
BugPY-25118Pycharm incorrectly flags class attributes as unresolved on typing.NamedTuple subclasses
BugPY-8936False positives in inspections for non-data descriptors
BugPY-8933Import in try block should also be defined in except block: false positive when name not used
BugPY-26491Using * twice in function signature should be picked up as a syntax error
BugPY-20798'Replace with str.format method call' messes up with dictionaries
BugPY-16893open() returns TextIOWrapper which isn't correlated with IO types
BugPY-16894open(..., 'b') returns FileIO[bytes] which isn't correlated with BinaryIO type
BugPY-23391False positive: calling float on Decimal
BugPY-25171False positive of signature check in metaclass's __new__
BugPY-23247Shorten inferred type of zip function
BugPY-16406Class 'tuple' does not define 'sub', so the '-' operator cannot be used on its instance
BugPY-22305PyCharm thinks the Python version is 3.5 when using 3.7
BugPY-22302False positive "Python version < 3.0 do not support '...' outside of sequence slicings."
BugPY-25545Add support for __init_subclass__()
BugPY-21655False inspection: @asyncio.coroutine decorated function treated as non-awaitable
BugPY-21651Unresolved reference for attributes created by with statements
BugPY-26510False positive: raise with no argument in finally block
BugPY-25157Inferred type shows incorrect return type with namedtuple
BugPY-25624Appearance of "raise NotImplementedError" in parent class's methods causes unnecessary inspection in derived classes
BugPY-20004Chained comparison is simplified wrong
BugPY-23289UUID is not accepted argument for int()
BugPY-21619No warning in UI for missing newlines after function or class definitions
BugPY-18357Inspections misunderstanding numpy ndarray comparison operators
BugPY-23540PyCharm doesn't recognise metaclass when the class has other builtin bases
BugPY-20810PEP-8 E701 'Multiple statements on one line (colon)' for every variable annotation
BugPY-20818Unresolved attribute reference with isinstance and class inheritance
BugPY-24240False positive: "unexpected argument" inspection for multiple inheritance/mixin
BugPY-24817False positive: Method may be 'static' when docstring is present
BugPY-21800Standalone comparison expression should always trigger 'Statement seems to have no effect'
BugPY-18375“_” in comprehensions triggers “Redeclared names without usage”
BugPY-22763False positive in type checking for typed chained comparison methods
BugPY-19020Incorrect PEP 8 validation with argument annotations having default values
BugPY-26290False positive "not declared in __all__" for "from unittest import mock"
BugPY-20660False positive return type inspection for Python stub files
BugPY-24637True, False and None are marked as unresolved reference in docstring example
BugPY-22740Unexpected argument for field names of class inherited from namedtuple
BugPY-23367False positive: comparing int and float, only left.__gt__(right) is checked, right.__lt__(left) is ignored
BugPY-22102NamedTuple class declaration for Python 3.6 not supported by PyCharm
BugPY-18427Type hints don't respect conditional type definitions
BugPY-25695False positive for imported name after append to __all__ and re-export this module via star import
BugPY-19998Inspection "Chained comparisons can be simplified" falsely suggests quickfix "Ignore statement with a constant in the middle"
BugPY-19999Quickfix "Ignore statements with a constant in the middle" for the inspection "Chained comparison can be simplified" doesn't update settings
BugPY-19992Pep 8 coding style inspection settings are ignored for custom inspection profiles
BugPY-20876'Replace with str.format method call' messes up with sets
BugPY-19523'Python version 2.7, 3.1, 3.2 do not have module bz2' inspection is incorrect
BugPY-21479PyCharm incorrectly displays an 'unresolved reference error' in f-strings in list/dict comprehensions
BugPY-26313False positive: io.seek doesn't return anything
BugPY-24405False negative: Async Context Managers type hinting does not work
BugPY-24408Single underscore redeclared usage
BugPY-22801False positive for long(number) in Python 2
BugPY-22808Wrongly suggested returning list of list with unknown type index
BugPY-19858type checker: wrong type for List[List] elements
BugPY-19085Unresolved attribute reference 'fullmatch' for class '__Regex'
BugPY-24364Type inference fails when generator is converted to list, but the variable name is kept.
BugPY-12773Misleading warning for attribute assignment when a class has __slots__
BugPY-24099False positive: parameter unfilled for NamedTuple with default value
BugPY-22391'if' statement causes an incorrect Optional type inference
BugPY-18275Wrong hint on "{}".format(...)
BugPY-16066basestring not treated as a `type` by PyTypeChecker inspection
BugPY-18866Method '...' can be 'static' - false positive when calling super()
BugPY-24930False negative: no parameter info when implicitly calling __call__
BugPY-14234"Access to a protected member of a class" false positive when underscored module imported
BugPY-24445False positive: PyCharm ignores issubclass check inside list comprehension
BugPY-19127__prepare__ magic function not hightlights
BugPY-13273Incorrect unresolved reference error with list comprehensions in decorator args
BugPY-24323Wrong expected type inspection for the `key` argument of `min` and `max` functions
BugPY-21175Actual type of variable is lost after it's compared with None
BugPY-19353Wrong PEP8: unexpected spaces around keyword / parameter equals
BugPY-18744Advertiser about compatibility inspection is wrongly shown
BugPY-22398False positive about missing argument for numpy.maximum.accumulate()
BugPY-21156No inspection if unpacking argument sequence is used with format method
BugPY-23429False warning about expected type of parameter
BugPY-19374Class can't reference itself in .pyi stub files
BugPY-25491'as' imports marked as unresolved when project opens
BugPY-23634min() from comprehension with unknown items type return list
BugPY-19975When both PyQt and PySide are installed, auto import quick fix can't get proper import name for symbols from PyQt
BugPY-16968Passed variable keyword arguments are reported as unexpected for function with keyword-only arguments
BugPY-19492Magic method parameter value is flagged as unused but cannot be removed because it's required by Python
BugPY-14614False positive for "Class must implement all abstract methods" inspection
BugPY-18965Python version 2.7 does not have method exec - regression
BugPY-19701False positive "setter should not return a value" with local function definition
BugPY-25120Error while iterating over a dict value if it has both list of strings and bool as values
BugPY-23684False positive: PyTypeChecker - Type Checking Error on Child of Metaclass Instance
BugPY-24749False positive: Enum __init__: Signature is not compatible to __new__
BugPY-10397PyCharm should check __slots__ before issuing "unresolved reference attribute" warning
BugPY-24194Incorrect unexpected type error when calling bytes() on a class instance that implements __bytes__()
BugPY-20244False 'Assignment can be replaced with augmented assignment' for lists
BugPY-20889Unresolved attribute after isinstance check in boolean expression
BugPY-1177Control flow analysis doesn't detect while/break
BugPY-24763Expected wrong return from __init__
BugPY-23239NamedTuples aren't getting their types checked
BugPY-14381Wrong "Empty group" warning for regex
BugPY-25166types.MethodType stub incomplete and results in warning when running Python documentation example code
BugPY-22676False positive: "parameter iter2 unfilled" for map() call
BugPY-24789float and int DO support Decimal...don't they?
BugPY-23253NamedTuple subclass inspection
BugPY-20783PyCharm does not see local variables when parsing fstrings
BugPY-22312Type inference incorrectly thinks there's a tuple in here somewhere
BugPY-17828Wrong signature inspection false positive for __prepare__ method of metaclasses
BugPY-22692YAML comments starting with "# type: " are taken for Python type comments
BugPY-16473Inspection naming error for namedtuple declared into a funtion
BugPY-19412Class method support becomes broken if method attribute is used
BugPY-20599False positive for %a format specifier
BugPY-24067False docstring async function return type inspection
BugPY-23481False positive: parameter unfilled for dict.update() with explicit argument
BugPY-20017Unresolved attributes for child class if __new__ is implemented in parent class
BugPY-9662Type of expression * int literal results is detected as int while it's unknown
BugPY-22716False positive __slots__ inspection in subclasses of classes
BugPY-22712zip() signature inspection warning
PerformancePY-20553Performance problem: One CPU core running always at full speed
PerformancePY-25794Inspections should not load AST where possible
UsabilityPY-3318Add all words from django settings.py to spell-checker vocabulary
CosmeticsPY-20610Don't highlight arrow when reporting mismatch of return type and type hint
ExceptionPY-25994Code insight failures
ExceptionPY-26061Specific code pattern causes inspections to hang
ExceptionPY-24260StackOverflowError in PyTypeChecker.substitute: PyCharm Inspections engine crashes
ExceptionPY-24610Exception because of Invalid TextRange in format string
ExceptionPY-20223NumberFormatException in requirements normalizer breaks code inspection in PyCharm 2016.2
ExceptionPY-22739IAE: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'value' of com/intellij/util/containers/hash/LinkedHashMap.put must not be null
Interpreters SettingsFeaturePY-21571It should be possible to specify a default folder for virtualenvs
BugPY-26749Can't create pyramid project if new venv is going to be created inside project
BugPY-26372False positive: location directory is not empty if existing interpreter is selected
BugPY-20078Failed to create conda virtual environment "conda: error: unrecognized arguments: -y"
BugPY-13708Project Interperter: remove for the duplicated interpreter removes both
BugPY-18074virtualenv problems with pycharm5 and python 3.4
BugPY-14906options/jdk.table.xml does contain absolute path. Should be ~/
BugPY-26657don't install Flask package in Flask project creation
BugPY-25388Can't install new packages in master build
BugPY-26456PyCharm doesn't allow to create project right after interpreter is chosen
BugPY-26450UI is frozen during new project creation with venv inside it
BugPY-18513Cannot create a new conda environment with Profession Edition 5.0.4
BugPY-19568Pycharm hangs on editor right click
BugPY-26594Manually added paths to local interpreter get lost
BugPY-26968Create a new environment for a new project by default
BugPY-18453Package management disabled in PyCharm 5.1 EAP
BugPY-26373PyCharm uses wrong slash for venv path on Windows
BugPY-26358Can't select venv as existed interpreter
BugPY-18785Interpreter appears twice
BugPY-26443PyCharm doesn't auto rename virtualenv according to project
BugPY-20263PyCharm doesn't recognize built-ins and standard modules if there are entries in the interpreters list that end with (1), (2), and so on
BugPY-27014ISE: @NotNull method com/intellij/openapi/projectRoots/impl/ProjectJdkImpl.getName must not return null
UsabilityPY-15911Make managing **many** local interpreters easier
UsabilityPY-13099Remember last used virtual environment location
UsabilityPY-26360Not a clear way to create conda venv
UsabilityPY-13464Truncated virtualenv paths look strange and lead to ambiguity
UsabilityPY-26376PyCharm won't preselect previously used venv base interpreter if it was a detected interpreter
UsabilityPY-20109Annoying automatic scrolling to the system interpreter executable in "Select interpreter" dialog
UsabilityPY-26359Do not start interpreter updating right away when system interpreter is selected on new project window
UsabilityPY-26357Existing interpreter list is not updated until PyCharm is restarted
UsabilityPY-23783Notify user about existed same name conda virtualenv
UsabilityPY-26998Remember the base interpreter for new virtualenvs if it's not detected or configured yet
UsabilityPY-24660Detected virutalenv selected for a project becomes available to all projects by default
CosmeticsPY-18439Remove minor version from generated interpreter name
ExceptionPY-22028Exception on open project in the same window while SdkUpdater didn't finish it's job
Jupyter NotebookFeaturePY-21261Make Run Configuration for Jupyter Notebook
FeaturePY-14740Convert an .ipynb file to and from a standard .py file
FeaturePY-14224show line numbers in code cell
FeaturePY-14605Add support for remote ipython sessions including password protected nbservers.
FeaturePY-15790Refactoring not available in notebook view
BugPY-20033Annoying PEP 8 "no new line at end of file" in IPython Notebook cells
BugPY-24803Run current cell action should be available from editing mode
BugPY-24397Jupyter Notebook: infinite loading in editor window
BugPY-20674Terminating 'Jupyter Notebook' enforces to force quit PyCharm
BugPY-19610Notebook validation failed
BugPY-21467charts that appear normal on jupiter are cut on pycharm
BugPY-21957Jupyter Notebook fails to display formulas with multiple exponentiations
BugPY-14395IPython notebook: Bad grammar and style in the tooltip
BugPY-14132IPython Notebook: navigate to symbol from other cell doesn't scroll to the caret position
BugPY-25300PyCharm cannon't connect to a server after notebook was opened in a browser
BugPY-14394IPython Notebook: specify type in docstring: quick-fix opens separate code tab
BugPY-24850IPython cell can't be run in Jupyter Notebook launched via new Jupyter Notebook run configuration
BugPY-24870Obsolete hint for remote Jupyter Notebook bad URL
BugPY-19813ASCII CR character creates new line in jupyter notebook rather than returning to the beginning of the current line
BugPY-24830Intellij IDEA 2017 freeze on Macos 10.12.5
BugPY-21214Jupyter notebook rerun should stop and rerun process
BugPY-16983iPython notebook undo bug and redo can not get back
BugPY-22424Reconnect to remote host on settings change
BugPY-25639"Convert to Jupyter Notebook" removed all line breaks in code.
BugPY-22032Jupyter 403 error: _xsrf argument missing from POST
BugPY-25106PyCharm changes ipynb file content on open
BugPY-24565Copy & paste first cell works only on the second time
BugPY-16470Help for IPythonNotebook shows wrong page
BugPY-24845Hang on installing jupiter package via Fix button in Run Configuration
PerformancePY-18625ipynb files performance problems
UsabilityPY-20039Adjust Jupyter notebook font size with python cells font size
UsabilityPY-14305IPython Notebook: add shortcuts to the action popups
UsabilityPY-20055Do not collapse imports in ipython notebook
UsabilityPY-23514Jupiter notebooks need different working directories
UsabilityPY-14218Move editor inner toolbar to the proper place.
UsabilityPY-24847Let current project folder be default working directory for Jupyter Notebook run configuration
CosmeticsPY-20058Suppress pep8 e402 warning for jupyter notebook
CosmeticsPY-21136Jupyter notebook editor buttons have some weird gray circles on the background on Windows
ExceptionPY-22534CertificateException on first execute cell action in remote Jupyter nootebook
ExceptionPY-24873Can't execute notebook cell if remote interpreter is used
ExceptionPY-22558Exception on close project with jupyter hub
ExceptionPY-22559NPE on execute cell in notebook
PackagingFeaturePY-13896devpi support and make pypi.python.org optional
FeaturePY-6801Remove pypi repository
BugPY-22773Project > Project Interpreter incorrectly highlights prerelease versions as 'Latest' e.g. 1.0rc1 > 1.0
BugPY-11963Package requirements inspection warning for Python packages with names that don't match PyPI packages
BugPY-20489Requirements.txt inspection complains about libraries stored in source roots
BugPY-12460degug info option for setup.py build_ext must be --debug
BugPY-25091no bdist_wheel opinion in setup.py tools
BugPY-19925Alt-Enter package installation always warns about not installed pip and setuptools
BugPY-18184Failed to install python packages using conda-script when creating project
BugPY-20522Pycharm doesn't understand "compatible release" (~=) in requirements.txt?
BugPY-19544Incorrect parsing of requirements.txt
BugPY-20081No information about packages from default pypi: unable to update and download new packages
BugPY-22275Package requirements tracker does not recongize versions with asterisks
BugPY-20374Inability to install packages from a local repository running over the directory structure of package artifacts
BugPY-18966setup.py dependency_links not respected by PyCharm "Install requirements"
BugPY-18703Can no longer mix conda/pip under Conda env
BugPY-20880Package requirements inspection does not support local version identifiers
BugPY-24682"AttributeError: NamespacePath has no attribute sort" during package installation
BugPY-24867'Add requirement ...' quick-fix doesn't work well for packages with names that don't match PyPI packages
BugPY-23842PyCharm fails to install packaging tools in the newly created 3.6 venv
PerformancePY-20370PyCharm hangs when one opens settings for an interpreter with many packages from Welcome Screen
PerformancePY-20478Pycharm 2016.2.1 Crashes when trying to navigate the project interpreter screen
UsabilityPY-6398Hide "Package successfully installed" notification when you start installing another package
UsabilityPY-14630Packaging: do not disable Add Package button while indexing
CosmeticsPY-24225Poor scaling in "Available packages" browser on HiDPI screens
TaskPY-21929Update bundled versions of pip and setuptools used to bootstrap virtualenvs created in PyCharm
ExceptionPY-19920AssertionError at com.jetbrains.python.packaging.PyPackageUtil.updatePackagesSynchronouslyWithGuard
ExceptionPY-19923Exception from SdkUpdater if setuptools is not installed
ExceptionPY-21002Exception is thrown when new project is created
ParsingFeaturePY-18973implement support for PEP 515 (Underscores in Numeric Literals)
BugPY-19679"await" in list comprehension is not marked as a syntax error
BugPY-24389False positive: "expression expected" for trailing comma after annotated function argument with default value
BugPY-20662Making any magic method async displays an error, even though it is sometimes legal
RefactoringFeaturePY-8174"Change Signature" as quickfix for "Unexpected argument"
BugPY-24602Change Signature doesn't handle keyword arguments for vararg intermixed with ordinary keyword arguments
BugPY-24607Change signature doesn't add name to an exsiting argument when its parameter gets preceded by new one with default value
BugPY-24609Change signature keeps keyword in arguments of a former keyword parameter moved before positional vararg
BugPY-8604Rename refactoring for variable in generator comprehension leads to unresolved references
BugPY-19583Bad simplifying in condition
BugPY-19136"Superclass" refactoring: forgotten inheritance and incorrect UI behaviour
BugPY-19137"Superclass" refactoring: incorrect inheritance specification leading to MRO resolution conflic
BugPY-24479Change Signature doesn't properly handle deleted parameters in functions with varargs
BugPY-24288Change signature removes existing keyword argument if an extra parameter with the same name was added
BugPY-16683Change signature doesn't handle keyword-only arguments in Python 3
BugPY-24480Change Signature doesn't properly handle new parameters in functions with varargs
BugPY-18808Incorrect variable highlighting
BugPY-25035"Convert from variadic to normal parameters" does nothing
BugPY-18216Refactor/Move with option "Search for references": moving module to a different package performs "Optimize imports"
BugPY-24365Bulk Move operation only moves first item selected
BugPY-19748'Replace with str.format method call' should not add u
UsabilityPY-19010TAB doesn't work properly in Change Signature dialog
UsabilityPY-24149Change Signature dialog should by default focus on parameters instead of the name of a function
CosmeticsPY-24150Parameter list in Change Signature dialog doesn't scale well on HiDPI screens
ExceptionPY-19760Refactorings should not be started inside write action - applying quickfix of inspection 'Method signature does not match signature of overridden method'
RunFeaturePY-22487Emulate terminal in python output console
FeaturePY-22042Gutter icon for running main clause
BugPY-9448Add ability to directly create pdf's from sphinx documentation
BugPY-23996Source roots and content roots are added in PYTHONPATH for run configuration in no particular order
BugPY-17816PyCharm drops "/usr/local/bin" from PATH
BugPY-25435Run configurations should be executed independent of indexing
BugPY-15085Virtualenv's $PATH not passed when running scripts
BugPY-22733Default Working Directory Ignored for New Run/Debug configurations
PerformancePY-254295-10 second delay when running any script
ExceptionPY-22495"Emulate terminal" option raises an exception when trying to run debug
SkeletonsBugPY-15912can not resolve RandomState in numpy
BugPY-26751Pregenerated skeletons get deleted if SDK path does not exactly match
BugPY-15285Numpy: Parameter unfilled: false positive for randn function with only one argument
BugPY-15283Numpy: Unexpected argument: false positive for reshape: invalid skeleton for the method
Test RunnerFeaturePY-2410support twisted.trial unittest runner
FeaturePY-14221Wanted option: Stop tests on first failure or error
FeaturePY-23932Any file should be runnable as plain script, but tests configuration should be displayed first to save keystroke
FeaturePY-19727Context menu on test does not honor the chosen test runner
BugPY-25271PyCharm passes pattern to doctest even if pattern option is disabled
BugPY-19015tox fails for tox environments with empty commands list
BugPY-23570left-gutter run buttons try to execute Karma/Jasmine tests with Django test runner
BugPY-18839PyTest: "Rerun failed tests" fails when TestCase is a derived class.
BugPY-20091Test runner hides tests that errored during the collection phase
BugPY-22457No warning is shown for Test Run Config if there is no such runner installed
BugPY-26432teamcity.diff_tools error shows when doing a self.subTest() instead of usefull fail message
BugPY-23452sys.path[0] incorrect when running unittests with "Add source roots to PYTHONPATH"
BugPY-7856Doctest: missing diff link for failed doctest
BugPY-22414RuntimeError in nosetest runner with specified python-target and Python 3.x
BugPY-22410Target is always sent to executed line when running test configuration with "Custom" setting
BugPY-21142NoseTest run configuration : Pattern parameter unavailable
BugPY-18163Test case no longer recognized as test
BugPY-12100PyCharm 3.1 no longer supports running all unittests in a folder
BugPY-18282PyCharm runs nosetests on directories, but not on files
BugPY-25664PyCharm fails to find tests in file if test class contains methods with none "test_*" name
BugPY-24282Raising SkipTest on PyCharm results in KeyError
BugPY-20194Unitests should have project root as working directory if not specified explicitly
BugPY-18125Creating tests: Multiple "Test method" selections only seems to pick first test
BugPY-22641Almost everything it broken when tests launched from subfolder with out of __init__.py
BugPY-24770Unittest runner suggested for top-level functions when it has assert in it
BugPY-17535Can't use relative import in unittest on python3
BugPY-22490PyCharm wrongly counts number of tests
BugPY-23490New test runner in 2017.1 does not find unit tests
BugPY-22514Spurious runConfigurations.xml
BugPY-23856space in test name
BugPY-18538tox runner appears to run tests twice
BugPY-24875Bunch of teamcity messages inside Debug Console
BugPY-20624Pytest before 2.8.0 does not work - ImportError: No module named '_pytest.pytest_teamcity'
BugPY-24010Renaming project removes py.test context configuration option
BugPY-25264Regression in unittest runner if test removes its working directory
BugPY-23738Unittest - test stopped with chars wider than 7 bits (not ascii)
BugPY-25386Fix button in default test runner settings for twisted.trial installs pytest
BugPY-25387Can't pass additional arguments to twisted.trial
BugPY-22579Unittest Pattern is not passed to the test runner
BugPY-24997Nosetest output is not displayed until the end of test
BugPY-19602django test module incorrectly being treating as nosetests module
BugPY-26102Run Py.Test menu option not available to all objects in project
BugPY-24619Hyphen in the file/folder name blocks PyCharm to detect tests
BugPY-25205Pyramid project test don't work
BugPY-22460Can't run nose/unittest configurations with target set to Custom
BugPY-24423"django.core.exceptions.AppRegistryNotReady: Apps aren't loaded yet." error in 2017.1.3 (runs fine in 2017.1.2)
BugPY-24302Python unit tests fail in project with multiple modules. Only 1st configured module works
BugPY-23926Testing does not work if ``teamcity-messages`` is installed on interpreter
BugPY-22409Test Progress Bar stuck at "half done" till the end of tests running
BugPY-17955Django test target is incorrect when running tests from the context menu
BugPY-20457Rerun tests does not work with subtests
BugPY-23217django-nose: Test Results don't lead to test anymore
BugPY-22378Old py.test run configuration become broken
BugPY-23821nose generates a bunch of empty lines with no reason
BugPY-23820unittest generates a bunch of empty lines with no reason
BugPY-13833Invalid subtest display with pytest.mark.parametrize
BugPY-23785(unittest2) AttributeError: 'super' object has no attribute 'addSubTest'
BugPY-24047unittest passing when exception is raised
BugPY-22506Rename refactor does not affect Test Run Configuration
BugPY-22505New jb_unittest_runner doesn't print text from input and any flushed text until end of test
BugPY-23846Dot in subtest name breaks output
PerformancePY-22401PyCharm is totally freezed after changing modes of test run results (Docked, Floating, Windowed, etc)
UsabilityPY-26255Test runner validation improvement
CosmeticsPY-25243Typo (or bad English) in error message
CosmeticsPY-18233Newline is needed for test summary (tox + py.test)
CosmeticsPY-22379nosetest, py.test and unittest configurations have incorrect UI display
ExceptionPY-22376No entries about running tests in context menu for files with test: java.lang.ClassCastException
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