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PY-2026 (Feature)

Autopopup code completion in local and global namespace

PY-1020 (Feature)

Quickfix to simplify chained comparisons

PY-1873 (Usability Problem)

Can't change default Python interpreter on startup

PY-2155 (Usability Problem)

File structure popup should not block navigation when nothing's found

PY-1920 (Performance Problem)

Right clicking on a .pyw file spikes the CPU

PY-1910 (Cosmetics)

Provide uniform wording in New Project dialog

PY-2108 (Bug)

Wrong indention of comment after reformating code.

PY-2189 (Bug)

Do not perform autopopup handler in case of REPL console

PY-2249 (Bug)

When saving a file which originally had mixed line endings (LF vs. CRLF), use the most common line ending (not the last line's ending)

PY-1927 (Bug)

*args parameters treated as a field in a class when in _init_ method

PY-1803 (Bug)

Impossible to create python file within Java Module with Jthon facet

PY-2169 (Bug)

Add space after colon in dict literals

PY-977 (Bug)

"Replace with str.format method call" doesn't handle escape sequences.

PY-2136 (Bug)

Adding Interpreter paths doesn't work

PY-2030 (Bug)

Handling of _all_ ignores its programmatic updates

PY-1931 (Bug)

Python interpreters are duplicated when proposed

PY-1065 (Bug)

Reformat and auto-import do not respect space-after-comma preference in multiline imports

PY-1617 (Exception)

Refresh from wrong thread exception

Code Insight


PY-2210 (Usability Problem)

Decorator always expects arguments

PY-1465 (Usability Problem)

"Create function" quickfix should work when qualifier is module

PY-2312 (Usability Problem)

Auto-import should not suggest to import functions if unresolved reference doesn't look like a function call

PY-2197 (Bug)

Quick Documentation/Parameter Lookup/Autocomplete broken for PyGame

PY-2240 (Bug)

'noinspection PyUnresolvedReferences' comment before unused 'import' statement not working

PY-1895 (Bug)

Module import completion suggests to import currently opened module

PY-1894 (Bug)

Incorrect signature for frozenset builtin

PY-2223 (Bug)

Incorrect current parameter highlighting in parameter info

PY-2226 (Bug)

Parameter unfilled false positive when class inherits more then one class

PY-1955 (Bug)

Completion for imported module adds py extension

PY-1284 (Bug)

Add method quickfix should not add method after not intended comment

PY-1444 (Bug)

Find Usages: usages of module imported as identifier isn't found

PY-1956 (Bug)

Completion of imported with 1st form of import statement modules doesn't work as expected

PY-280 (Bug)

curses.beep() cannot be found



PY-1822 (Feature)

Setting stick to the end of the console should scroll console to the end.

PY-2233 (Bug)

PyCharm incorrectly assumes settings module name when starting Django console



PY-1200 (Feature)

Break to console during debugging.

PY-1826 (Feature)

Support conditional breakpoints in PyCharm

PY-2268 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: Change View of dictionaries keys

PY-2267 (Bug)

Debugger: value cannot be set on dictionaries keys

PY-2270 (Bug)

Debugger: adding dictionary _len_ attribute to watches adds dictionary['_len_'] key there

PY-2015 (Bug)

Unable to stop Django process. Process left in background.

PY-2225 (Bug)

PyCharm debugger crashes Gnome window manager when hovering over variables holding large text

App Engine Support


PY-1278 (Bug)

memcache methods are unresolved in GAE projects

PY-1281 (Bug)

Recognize the return type of get() and get_by_key_name() methods for GAE models



PY-1933 (Bug)

Missing syntax error inspection in lists with non-comma separated values



PY-1510 (Cosmetics)

Variable name length limit needed for Introduce Variable

PY-2102 (Bug)

Extract method fails

PY-1866 (Bug)

Unable to rename a variable in a template

PY-2290 (Bug)

Refactor: rename not working in files outside of content root

PY-1585 (Bug)

Inline variable inlines wrong variable

PY-1312 (Bug)

"Replace with str.format method call" deletes string prefixes

PY-1340 (Bug)

"Replace with str.format method call" doesn't handle several lines properly

PY-1900 (Bug)

"Replace in all occurrences" option is disabled in "Introduce field"

PY-1549 (Bug)

Introduce Variable: insert underscores between elements in proposed variable name

PY-2119 (Exception)

Extract superclass: Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.diagnostic.Logger.error

Django Support


PY-2181 (Feature)

Provide completion for synthetic variables generated by the 'for' tag

PY-1982 (Feature)

Django: completion for variables when locals call passed in context to templetes

PY-945 (Feature)

Unresolved reference for DoesNotExist on django models

PY-1921 (Feature)

Unresolved package loading inspection

PY-1561 (Bug)

Django: respect lines already commented with one-line comment

PY-2073 (Bug)

Django: default TEMPLATE_DIRS should have comma in definition

PY-1948 (Bug)

Unexpected symbols: false positive after closing comment without opening comment

PY-1749 (Bug)

Cant edit project name if it contains illegal characters

PY-1802 (Bug)

Refresh state on adding/deleting template folder to django facet settings

PY-2227 (Bug)

Django: ID or int literal expected: false negatives on non-id and non-int charachters after dot when accessing attributes of a variable

PY-2153 (Bug)

Plugin: Django: 'Django not importable in this environment' notification not displayed in Django Run Configurations

PY-2095 (Bug)

Django: when both JS and Django completion available closing brace should be rewritten

PY-1869 (Bug)

Accepting completion's suggestion in django template overrides }}

PY-1051 (Bug)

Provide view method completion in urls.py

PY-1053 (Bug)

Provide completion for objects retrieved by django Model.objects

PY-1329 (Bug)

Uncomment selected text block doesn't work in a Django template

PY-1949 (Bug)

Django: line can't be commented/uncommented if closing comment present

PY-1990 (Bug)

Unabled to get Django manage.py to work properly

PY-1966 (Exception)

Django: IAE at com.jetbrains.django.facet.DjangoFacet.getInstance

PY-1919 (Exception)

NPE - VirtualFile.findFileByRelativePath - Enable django support

Test Runner


PY-1433 (Feature)

"All tests in folder" run configuration should allow to specify pattern for files to be considered tests

PY-1964 (Bug)

The setUpClass fixture from unittest2 isn't supported.

PY-362 (Bug)

py.test integration doesn't work with py.test 1.2



PY-1791 (Usability Problem)

Color option for paired parentheses missing from settings

PY-2258 (Bug)

Spell-checking in docstrings

PY-1598 (Bug)

Reformat: comment after the last class method, is aligned to this method

PY-1960 (Bug)

Extra backslash on pressing enter after one

PY-2137 (Bug)

Wrong indent after one line comment

PY-2232 (Bug)

Unexpected behavior for Delete to Word Start



PY-1470 (Feature)

Inspection to highlight redundant parentheses

PY-1452 (Feature)

Inspection to detect too broad 'except' clauses

PY-1212 (Feature)

Inspection to highlight occurrences of _slots_ in old-style classes

PY-1867 (Feature)

Check for duplicate keys in dict expressions

PY-1438 (Feature)

Inspection: Incorrect base class method call

PY-1415 (Feature)

Inspection to detect assignment that can be replaced with augmented assignment

PY-2315 (Usability Problem)

Option to ignore argument of % operator in redundant parentheses inspection

PY-2311 (Task)

"Redundant parentheses" should also handle return statements

PY-2183 (Bug)

Lambdas used as class methods generate incorrect inspection report

PY-2005 (Bug)

"unexpected argument" to constructors

PY-1268 (Bug)

False arguments inspection for kargs

PY-312 (Bug)

"Unexpected argument" inspection positively fails on eigenclass method call within inherited class

PY-2310 (Bug)

"Redundant parentheses" should not be reported when expression spans multiple lines

PY-2143 (Bug)

print treated as an unresolved reference when used as a function

PY-1968 (Bug)

Incorrect base class: false positive for old-style superclass method calls

PY-2144 (Bug)

inspector says function invocation wrapped in parens has "no effect"

PY-1620 (Bug)

Wrong warning message ("Redundant character escape")

PY-1996 (Bug)

Local variable usage inspection misses some cases for *args parameter

PY-2209 (Bug)

PyCharm ignores noinspection comments

PY-2301 (Exception)

Exception in 'too broad exception' inspection



PY-1704 (Feature)

FTP and remote files syncronization like in WebStorm

PY-2062 (Usability Problem)

Hide python_stubs directory from the list of directories in Settings | Python Interpreters

PY-1923 (Usability Problem)

Project view - file node containing red code should be marked with red

PY-1901 (Cosmetics)

Provide proper capitalization

PY-1488 (Task)

Per-file import popup checkbox should be available in PyCharm

PY-1930 (Task)

1.0 version on splash and about

PY-2139 (Task)

If PyCharm starts on OpenJDK it should warn the user that the JDK is not supported

PY-2166 (Bug)

Mercurial Configuration Executable Path Browse Button not Working

PY-1974 (Bug)

Project name and Location in Create New Project dialog are messed up

PY-2254 (Bug)

Crash on restart from installation of plugin

PY-585 (Bug)

New Project location resets drive if chosen manually when project name is specified



PY-2165 (Bug)

PyCharm doesn't understand 3-args type calls

PY-2014 (Bug)

StackOverflow in parser when indexing file

PY-2229 (Bug)

Incorrect skeleton for time.ctime()

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