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No subsystem


PY-1128 (Bug)

Tools - > Analyze stacktrace - does not recognize projects paths

PY-1137 (Bug)

Exception on Ctrl-Space

PY-890 (Bug)


PY-1013 (Bug)

False inspection error

Code Insight


PY-956 (Bug)

Don't show import popup if something is imported from module via unresolved import

PY-1003 (Bug)

Class name completion should add class name to existing import statement if possible

Django Support


PY-1126 (Bug)

direct_to_template navigation to template - you do it wrong



PY-901 (Bug)

"Add import" quick fix provides no action

App Engine Support


PY-1116 (Bug)

Browse buttons do nothing in Google App Engine page of the Settings dialog

Test Runner


PY-1120 (Bug)

Django testing is broken

PY-1123 (Bug)

Python UnitTest run profile - ImportError: No module named google.appengine.ext

PY-798 (Bug)

Test runner includes content root but not source folders, in python path



PY-1134 (Bug)

Correct grammar in inspection description

PY-1133 (Bug)

assert isinstance marks arguments as unused

PY-1138 (Bug)

Invalid "referenced before assignment" warning



PY-1132 (Usability Problem)

Small issue with generate (alt+insert)

PY-1037 (Bug)

Autocomplete for properties adds excess parentheses

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