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PY-360 (Cosmetics)

Wrong background color on PyCharm welcome screen

PY-325 (Bug)

Show Intention Actions not working in Java when Python plugin is enabled

PY-792 (Bug)


PY-1085 (Bug)




PY-922 (Feature)

Python console - autoindentation support and output formatting

PY-1059 (Bug)

Reload interpreter duplicates paths



PY-1054 (Usability Problem)

XDebugger: Support drag&drop of items from Variables to Watches view

App Engine Support


PY-1108 (Task)

Map help button of the Google App Engine reference page

PY-1101 (Bug)

app.yml and main.py appear in project view after a long delay



PY-992 (Bug)

Extract Method doesn't handle conditional returns correctly

PY-993 (Bug)

"Method name clashes with already existing name" should be a warning, not an error if existing method is in superclass

PY-1026 (Bug)

Smart Introduce shouldn't offer function as variant of introduce

PY-1086 (Bug)

False positive for "Cannot perform refactoring when execution flow is interrupted"

PY-1081 (Bug)

Extended template name refactoring unsupported

PY-1022 (Exception)

FileGroupingRule$FileUsageGroup cannot be cast to com.intellij.usages.PsiNamedElementUsageGroupBase

Django Support


PY-765 (Feature)

app_directories template loader support

PY-1056 (Feature)

Starting Django with testserver

PY-684 (Feature)

Provide reference in argument of url tag in Django templates

PY-614 (Feature)

Inspection to check file references in Django templates

PY-797 (Feature)

Inject regular expressions into url function

PY-561 (Feature)

Understand model._meta in Django

PY-760 (Feature)

Support template navigation for direct_to_template generic view

PY-560 (Feature)

Understand Django stuff injected via contribute_to_class

PY-945 (Feature)

Unresolved reference for DoesNotExist on django models

PY-450 (Usability Problem)

Improve usability of the "run manage.py task" command

PY-415 (Bug)

Unresolved reference in render_to_response

PY-412 (Bug)

Run manage.py should have a rerun action

PY-640 (Bug)

method names inside patterns() incorrectly marked as unresolved

PY-1076 (Bug)

Provide correct completion of member for Django model fields

PY-1050 (Bug)

**kwarg parameters inference from super._init_ doesn't work in some cases

PY-1043 (Bug)

Django templates - {% with %} tag, inspection problems

PY-1039 (Bug)

Incorrect directory creating Django application in a project

PY-1016 (Bug)

Variable references in django template should work only within the scope

PY-638 (Bug)

attributes indirectly defined by related_name declaration shouldn't be "unresolved"

PY-1049 (Bug)

File path completion in db file path in settings.py

PY-1002 (Bug)

Completion list for arguments of model.ForeignKey constructor doesn't list all parameters

PY-1042 (Bug)

Navigation via file references from urls.py and django templates

PY-1041 (Bug)

Template reference from parameter to direct_to_template

PY-1047 (Bug)

Template inspection, accessing attributes after number index

PY-1044 (Bug)

Django Templates - filter - inspection problem

PY-1045 (Bug)

TODOs in django templates

PY-1027 (Bug)

Using non-default project structure for Django projects

PY-838 (Bug)

Insert reference to views into the patterns prefix

Test Runner


PY-1062 (Feature)

Support unittest2 test skipping functionality



PY-1018 (Feature)

Quickfix to rename unused variable in tuple expression to _

PY-1052 (Bug)

duplicate id reference inspection should ignore template comments

PY-578 (Bug)

Disable or fix warnings on metaclasses

PY-1025 (Bug)

Several not-comma-separated {key: value} pairs in created dictionary object aren't recognized as syntax error

PY-1021 (Bug)

Incorrect result of boolean simplification

PY-1083 (Bug)

"Method signature doesn't match signature of base method" positively fails in case of extra keyword arguments

Code Insight


PY-845 (Feature)

Code completion for variable after isinstance statement

PY-319 (Feature)

Access midifiers support

PY-742 (Feature)

Show type of Django fields in completion list

PY-1033 (Bug)

IntellijIdeaRulezzz autocompletion

PY-1075 (Bug)

Provide isinstance type inference

PY-1029 (Bug)

It should be no python logical operators completion variants in string literals



PY-1088 (Bug)

Autoinsert double quotation mark within {% extends %}, {%include %} etc

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