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PY-1266 (Feature)

Live Templates: retain indentation level of insertion point

PY-1628 (Usability Problem)

Don't show classes from 'test' folder of Python SDK in import and completion

PY-1119 (Usability Problem)

Confusing names on new project dialogs

PY-1781 (Bug)

Beta2 -> Django test debugger not working

PY-854 (Bug)

Cannot stop os processed on mac, have to kill them manually

PY-895 (Bug)

Show constructor function doc on Ctrl-J / Cmd-Shift-I

PY-1682 (Bug)

Update settings combo after choosing project root in django facet settings



PY-1005 (Feature)

Convert space-tabs to tabs and vice-versa

PY-816 (Usability Problem)

It is unclear how to specify the Python SDK.

PY-1762 (Bug)

Find in Path



PY-922 (Feature)

Python console - autoindentation support and output formatting

PY-1724 (Cosmetics)

Python Console: missing ellipsis on the line after backslash

PY-1546 (Bug)

Python console: Incorrect highlighting for multi-line strings

PY-1225 (Bug)

When working in the shell, code completion doesn't add parentheses after methods

PY-1698 (Bug)

Python Console: don't terminate console before user reaction to appeared dialog

PY-1631 (Bug)

Console coloring is patchy

PY-719 (Bug)

Highlighting artifacts on executed lines in console

PY-1547 (Bug)

Python console: SyntaxError in multi-line string with backslashes

PY-1755 (Bug)

Python Console: broken autoindent in case of multi-line if clause

PY-1736 (Bug)

Can't run Python console

PY-1725 (Exception)

Python Console: IOOBE com.intellij.openapi.editor.ex.util.SegmentArray.getSegmentStart

PY-1719 (Exception)

Python Console: IOOBE at java.util.Collections$EmptyList.get



PY-1707 (Feature)

Support suspending multiple threads

PY-651 (Bug)

Debugger does not exit when working with CherryPy (OS X)

PY-1730 (Bug)

"Set Value" doesn't work for locals in a function

PY-1746 (Bug)

Pause program seems to be broken



PY-1501 (Bug)

Provide reference page for buildout support

PY-856 (Bug)

Help button in Find usages dialog box opens wrong page

PY-1334 (Bug)

Add help button for "New Project", "Django Project Settings" and "App Engine Project Setting" dialogs.

Django Support


PY-1590 (Feature)

Option to disable auto-insertion of closing %} and }} in Django templates

PY-1745 (Usability Problem)

Immediately show all possible tasks in Tools -> Run manage.py task...

PY-736 (Usability Problem)

"Module" selection in Django run configuration is not appropriate for PyCharm

PY-1663 (Bug)

Django: Reformat Code adds unnecessary indents when closing tag is on one line with opening tag

PY-1749 (Bug)

Cant edit project name if it contains illegal characters

PY-1529 (Bug)

Django formatter: locate caret on blank new line with indent if closing tag presents

PY-1783 (Bug)

Django: caret wouldn't be on a blank new line if interim and closing tag present

PY-1715 (Bug)

Select Path dialog box shows nothing but project path.

PY-1753 (Bug)

Django: expected %} false positive in case of cycle

PY-1757 (Bug)

Django: ID expected false positive in case of ifequal and integer as second argument

PY-1531 (Bug)

Django formatter: incorrect auto-indent if caret is inside text block of a tag

PY-1558 (Bug)

Django: ignore spaces and newlines when commenting/uncommenting with block comments

PY-1662 (Exception)

Django: CCE at com.intellij.ide.util.treeView.AbstractTreeUi$59$1.run



PY-1768 (Bug)

Invalid highlight for multiline string



PY-1644 (Bug)

Extract superclass: insert import statements at the beginning of a script

PY-1643 (Bug)

Extract superclass: incorrect import statements when extracting to different module/package

PY-542 (Bug)

Extract method - doesn't extract code with comments

PY-1756 (Bug)

Extract Superclass: do not add imports from builtins

PY-1695 (Bug)

Extract superclass: provide necessary imports when extracting to new file

PY-1733 (Exception)

Extract Superclass: Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.diagnostic.Logger.assertTrue

PY-1694 (Exception)

Introduce Constant: Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.diagnostic.Logger.assertTrue

App Engine Support


PY-1587 (Feature)

Possibility to specify additional command line options in Google App Engine run configuration

Code Insight


PY-1748 (Bug)




PY-1674 (Feature)

Highlight inconsistent indentation

PY-1306 (Usability Problem)

Option to ignore unused parameters of lambdas

PY-1432 (Usability Problem)

Option to ignore unused loop iteration variables

PY-1763 (Bug)

Inconsistent indentation: disable inspection for all files except python's

PY-1747 (Bug)

@classmethod of decorated function confuses inspection

PY-1759 (Bug)

Expression expected false positive with return statements on the very last line of the file

PY-1245 (Bug)

"Unused local variable" false positive and false negative with try/finally

PY-1718 (Bug)

'Unused local variable' false positive for variadic list unpacking

PY-1471 (Bug)

'Unused local variable' false negative for variadic list unpacking

PY-1416 (Bug)

Problems with "Missing docstring" inspection



PY-289 (Feature)

Enter after 'pass', 'return' or 'raise' statement should dedent

PY-208 (Usability Problem)

Pasted code must get to correct indent level

PY-1482 (Usability Problem)

Newline while editing comments should continue comment

PY-1739 (Cosmetics)

Do not add unnecessary space when entering newline inside comment

PY-1522 (Bug)

Reformat code breaks indentation structure in case of list assignment

PY-1622 (Bug)

Surround LT for python does not format correctly

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