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PY-1678 (Feature)

Syntax highlighting for buildout.cfg

PY-1533 (Feature)

Go to declaration's "Choose dialog" search, should search in module/type path, not in selected method name (they're all the same)

PY-1592 (Performance Problem)

cpu busy, no indication of what is happening

PY-1512 (Cosmetics)

Text in "Buildout support" refers to "facet"

PY-1613 (Bug)

Configuration settings not saved

PY-1591 (Bug)

ImportFromToImportIntention must be stateless

PY-1599 (Bug)

Structure view loses method arguments for methods with decorators

PY-949 (Bug)

Incorrect generated stubs for binascii.hexlify() and unhexlify()

PY-1420 (Bug)

Incorrect signature of str._init_() for Python 3

PY-1656 (Bug)

sys.exc_value, sys.last_traceback is unresolved

PY-1479 (Exception)

StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1 - AbstractStringBuilder.substring



PY-1489 (Usability Problem)

Ctrl-W should have a step that selects content of string literal without quotes

PY-1523 (Bug)

Reformat code shouldn't add space after star in starred expression

PY-1467 (Exception)

RE at com.jetbrains.python.psi.impl.PyBaseElementImpl.childToPsiNotNull



PY-341 (Bug)

Output needs to be cleared

PY-1642 (Bug)

Debug: confused python command arguments



PY-1677 (Exception)

NPE at java.lang.StringBuilder.<init>

App Engine Support


PY-1675 (Bug)

Google App Engine tab in settings is modified without modifications

PY-1582 (Bug)

AppEngine-based app cannot be launched to run on local server



PY-1371 (Feature)

'Move template' should automatically fix links in views with references to that template

PY-1363 (Feature)

Refactoring: Rename django view

PY-1649 (Bug)

Extract superclass: when extracting to existing file superclass definition added to EOF

PY-1472 (Bug)

Refactoring -> Rename: does not distinguish between local variable names (eg x) of class instance variable names (eg self.x)

PY-1647 (Bug)

Extract Method: respect class method first argument name

PY-1596 (Bug)

Introduce Field: disable action for static methods

PY-1597 (Bug)

Intoduce Field: disable action for method decorators

PY-1619 (Bug)

Rename for local vars is not in-place

PY-1618 (Bug)

Renaming local variable also renames list comprehension variable with the same name

PY-1602 (Bug)

Quickfix: add field for init method doesn't handle keyword arguments

PY-1603 (Bug)

Quickfix: add field for init method doesn't handle starred arguments

PY-1580 (Bug)

Introduce field: respect method's first argument name

PY-1639 (Bug)

AIOOBE: at com.jetbrains.python.psi.impl.PyPsiUtils.removeElements

PY-1633 (Bug)

Extract Superclass generates broken superclass list when extracting superclass from class which already has one

PY-1550 (Bug)

Introduce Field: do not add 'self' identifier if introduce field is invoked not inside class methods

PY-1551 (Bug)

Introduce Variable: do not allow to perform action on method's parameters

PY-1487 (Exception)

Introduce Field: NPE at com.jetbrains.python.testing.PythonUnitTestUtil.isTestCaseClass

PY-1646 (Exception)

Introduce Constant: NPE at com.jetbrains.python.refactoring.introduce.IntroduceHandler.a

PY-1659 (Exception)

Introduce Field: CCE at com.jetbrains.python.refactoring.introduce.field.FieldIntroduceHandler.createDeclaration

PY-1658 (Exception)

Extract Method: AE at com.jetbrains.python.refactoring.extractmethod.PyExtractMethodUtil.a

Django Support


PY-1481 (Feature)

Feature request: Ability to use different server commands other than runserver

PY-1578 (Feature)

Django: unresolved filter inspection

PY-1579 (Feature)

Django: 'empty tag without loop tag' inspection

PY-1577 (Feature)

Django: argument completion for filter tag

PY-1574 (Feature)

Django: Unresolved tag inspection

PY-1575 (Feature)

Django: 'Unexpected ID' inspection

PY-1571 (Feature)

Django: ID expected inspection false negatives

PY-1666 (Feature)

Django: add tags arguments in structure view

PY-384 (Feature)

manage.py - show list of all available task

PY-500 (Feature)

Feature Request: Ability to use output of buildout django recipe to initialize project

PY-1308 (Cosmetics)

Enabling Django admin with Django 1.2 adds extra line to INSTALLED_APPS

PY-1449 (Cosmetics)

The completion list for parameters of 'include' or 'extends' tag should not show containing file

PY-1358 (Task)

Load list of manage.py tasks by introspecting command classes

PY-1486 (Bug)

Incorrect auto-indent in mixed HTML and Django tags

PY-1485 (Bug)

Incorrect auto-indent after first line in Django template

PY-1339 (Bug)

Illogical behavior of Ctrl+W

PY-1409 (Bug)

Django test runner hangs on error creating the test database

PY-1560 (Bug)

Django: correct highlighting for unclosed comments

PY-1562 (Bug)

Django: Code autocomplition for {% endcomment %} is missing

PY-1572 (Bug)

Django: "else tag without if tag" false positive in case of {% ifchanged %}

PY-1570 (Bug)

Django: closecomment without opencomment (one-line comments) should be hightlighted as warning

PY-1665 (Bug)

Django: template name is duplicated in Structure View

PY-1660 (Bug)

Django: Unresolved tag false positive for build-in tags

PY-1661 (Bug)

Django: 'Keyword expected' false negative for with tag

PY-1588 (Bug)

No Structure view is provided for Django templates

PY-1093 (Bug)

Ctrl+W behavior in Django templates is inconsistent

PY-1595 (Bug)

Correctly terminate both processes of django server on Mac

PY-1168 (Bug)

extends template name: incorrect file search

PY-1297 (Bug)

Type resolve for Django many-to-many model field

PY-1367 (Bug)

Unresolved reference to urls

PY-1206 (Bug)

Comment in django templates doesn`t work properly

PY-1530 (Bug)

Django formatter: incorrect auto-indent for clear django code

PY-1534 (Bug)

Normal python tests vs. django support

PY-1068 (Bug)

Can't run tasks for a specific Django app

PY-1539 (Bug)

Django: disable ID expected inspections for block comments

PY-1437 (Bug)

ClassCastException from Django formatter in specific case

PY-1545 (Bug)

Django formatter: reformat code incorrectly indents the last line

PY-506 (Bug)

Django project created in PyCharm has additional nesting level compared to a project created manually.

PY-1508 (Bug)

filter with params bug

PY-1557 (Bug)

False Django template inspection: else

PY-1559 (Bug)

Django: increase default severity level for unclosed tags

PY-1569 (Exception)

Django formatter: Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.diagnostic.Logger.error

PY-1246 (Exception)

Conditional comment: invoking code complition causes an exception

PY-1456 (Exception)

Find Usages: ClassCastException at com.jetbrains.django.util.PythonUtil$1.compute

PY-1544 (Exception)

Django: IOOBE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.CharArray.charAt



PY-1524 (Feature)

Assignment to keyword inspection

PY-1410 (Feature)

raise without arguments can only be called from except suite (Py3)

PY-1473 (Cosmetics)

Unclear warning notification when using variadic list unpacking in Py2

PY-1404 (Bug)

Incorrect inferred signature for dict.update

PY-1474 (Bug)

unrecognized syntax error with variadic list unpacking

PY-1669 (Bug)

IAE at com.jetbrains.python.inspections.PyInspectionVisitor.registerProblem

PY-1525 (Bug)

Unresolved reference: false positive in case of implicit starred target assignment (Py3)

PY-1541 (Bug)

Arguments inspection fails in case of more than one decorator

PY-1657 (Bug)

Parameter unfilled: false positive in case of datetime and time classes members

PY-1480 (Exception)

Exception building control flow

Code Insight


PY-1398 (Feature)

Quickfix: Introduce and initialize field, for _init_ method arguments

PY-1537 (Feature)

Override method should insert return where applicable

PY-1629 (Usability Problem)

"Create Class" quickfix should not be offered for references in import statements

PY-1563 (Bug)

Code completion for PyGtk and PyQt4

PY-1565 (Bug)

Completion for chained expression does not work even though inferred type is correct (see reproducing example inside)

PY-1463 (Bug)

Code insight doesn't work for wxPython

PY-1468 (Bug)

recognize classes as new-style in Py3

PY-1494 (Bug)

Object methods are not resolved for child of class with implicit superclass (Py3)

PY-1514 (Bug)

"Highlight usages in file" doesn't work for imports

PY-1601 (Bug)

Override Methods: super init method shouldn't be returned

PY-1188 (Bug)

_builtins_ reference should not be unresolved

PY-1543 (Bug)

Auto import problem with Parenthesis

PY-1654 (Bug)

Unqualified 'eval' call in class method should resolve to builtin eval, not to eval method in same class

PY-1653 (Bug)

Completion list for class methods incorrectly shows name of class where method is defined

PY-1608 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.find.findUsages.PsiElement2UsageTargetAdapter.<init>

PY-1552 (Exception)

ISE at com.jetbrains.python.findUsages.PythonFindUsagesProvider.getDescriptiveName

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