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PY-659 (Feature)

Intention: Split if statement

PY-688 (Usability Problem)

Behavior of Enter key in Python console should match that of the standard Python interpreter

PY-687 (Usability Problem)

"Run Python console" action should focus the console toolwindow

PY-557 (Bug)

_and_ is not highlighted as built-in, but _or_ is

PY-675 (Bug)

If a class is followed by a function, formatter doesn't add a blank line between them

PY-503 (Bug)

encoding declaration ignored

Code Insight


PY-281 (Feature)

Attributes (aka instance variables) can be created not only in constructors

PY-573 (Bug)

Resolve super().method to the inherited method, not the current one

PY-676 (Bug)

Unresolved imported reference

PY-663 (Bug)

Incorrect resolution of types for static methods

PY-295 (Bug)

Unreasonable formatting when overriding methods

PY-505 (Bug)

Completion list for models.CharField doesn't show max_length

PY-256 (Bug)

Parameter info and keyword argument completion doesn't work for inherited constructors

PY-556 (Bug)

Better disambiguation of names in Goto Class

PY-672 (Exception)

NPE - ResolveImportUtil$PathChoosingVisitor.<init>



PY-653 (Bug)

Python console - assign shortcut for executing action

PY-652 (Exception)

AssertionError - Wrong line separators: '...] on win32\r\n' at offset 22

App Engine Support


PY-695 (Bug)

App Engine run configuration can't be used if port is set - run command has incorrect format

PY-645 (Exception)

NPE - AppEngineProjectGenerator$1.run



PY-671 (Bug)

Assignment to None - positively fails in a case of python 2.6.4

PY-678 (Bug)

Good code is red



PY-670 (Bug)

Rename method refactoring does not update method name in doc strings

Django Support


PY-668 (Bug)

Running manage.py shell script should delegate to Run Django console action

PY-647 (Bug)

Good code is red - as after filter in template

PY-667 (Bug)

Run manage.py script shows wrong help for shell script

PY-682 (Bug)

Allow running manage.py action only within Django enabled modules

PY-610 (Bug)

Problem running manage.py

PY-654 (Bug)

Django template: array element access

PY-608 (Bug)

Django tag folding doesn't work for nested tags

PY-597 (Bug)

Django template: as

PY-613 (Exception)

NPE - PsiElementListNavigator.openTargets

PY-633 (Exception)

NPE during creating Django application



PY-577 (Feature)

PyCharm should warn on usages of "classic" classes and suggest transforming them into "new-style" classes

PY-477 (Feature)

Inspection to highlight locals referenced before assignment

PY-576 (Usability Problem)

PyCharm should warn on usages of the "<>" operator, and suggest replacing it with "!="

PY-631 (Usability Problem)

PyMethodOverridingInspection should not complain about signatures which don't match exactly but are compatible

PY-680 (Bug)

Set literal expressions are supported since Python 2.7

PY-616 (Bug)

Unused assignment false positive

PY-618 (Bug)

Variables used only in a format string are marked as unused

PY-624 (Bug)

Unused assignment false positive

PY-625 (Bug)

Unused assignment: false positive

PY-634 (Bug)

Variable incorrectly reported as unused

PY-623 (Bug)

"Unused assignment" false positive

PY-632 (Exception)

Exception from dict creation inspection



PY-619 (Feature)

Provide indent options for Python

PY-234 (Usability Problem)

Auto-unindent parts like "else:"

PY-433 (Bug)

Incorrect indent when pressing Enter inside empty parentheses

PY-660 (Bug)

Auto-indent on colon produces incorrect results

PY-697 (Bug)

Keyword afret Doc section can't be comleted

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