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PY-16356 (Performance Problem)

 PyCharm 4.5 freeze when "Too much output to process"

WEB-17198 (Performance Problem)

Extremely slow syntax analysis for JS

IDEA-136578 (Bug)

Distraction Free Mode (tabs placement: none) bug

IDEA-138936 (Bug)

File templates are not imported via File/Import Settings

IDEA-140851 (Bug)

Keymap with åäö characters doesn't get stored properly.

IDEA-131429 (Bug)

Warning tooltips overlap scrollbar

PY-16603 (Bug)

error while connecting to remote server for configuring php interpreter

IDEA-137698 (Bug)

Poor performance when the HTTP proxy is configured using PAC

IDEA-142246 (Exception)

SerializerNotFoundException at com.intellij.psi.stubs.StubSerializationHelper.deserialize

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-143164 (Bug)

IDEA 15 EAP Hangs Sometimes for a Few Minutes

Code Insight


PY-16460 (Bug)

"Override methods" (ctrl+o) functionality break

PY-16411 (Bug)

Override method doesn't lookup into MRO grandparents

Code: Formatting


CPP-4269 (Bug)

Formatter: 'Smart tab' option doesn't convert spaces to tabs correctly

Code: Navigation


OC-11982 (Feature)

Navigate from Objective-C to Swift derived methods and classes



IDEA-140324 (Exception)

SOE at com.intellij.ide.navigationToolbar.NavBarModel.a



PY-9894 (Usability Problem)

Debugger does not show all fields of classes that extends built-ins

IDEA-144036 (Performance Problem)

Images viewed using debugger's evaluate window are not cleared from memory

RUBY-16522 (Cosmetics)

no separator/border between the the debugger console input and output sections

PY-12940 (Bug)

Python deque objects not expanded in debugger inspectors



PY-16476 (Feature)

Code insight for managers, returned from M2M

PY-16434 (Bug)

Manage.py not working on upgrade to 4.5.3

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-139930 (Usability Problem)

A way to disable highlighting code while mouse hovers in-file "breadcrumbs" navigation

File System


IDEA-142174 (Performance Problem)

Replace list with set to resolve linear scan on list remove

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-136646 (Performance Problem)

IDE should be responsive during global inspections



PY-15791 (Bug)

Wrong highlighted error in annotated function definition with default values

IDE Configuration


IDEA-138547 (Bug)

No help for Settings | Debugger

IDEA-141026 (Bug)

Global libraries are no longer exported via File | Export Settings

IPython Notebook


PY-15938 (Bug)

iPython Notebook does not run in PyCharm 4.5

PY-16685 (Exception)

IPython Notebook: IAE at com.intellij.execution.configurations.GeneralCommandLine.addParameter



PY-15867 (Bug)

Broken code after "insert super call" quickfix in case of keyword-only arguments (Python 3)

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-17182 (Bug)

DOMTokenList has wrong method signatures

PHP templates


WI-27930 (Bug)

Indentation error in Twig when Keep line breaks is disabled in HTML

WI-28299 (Bug)

Smarty: if option HTML->Keep line breaks is disabled smarty tag is merged to previous line

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-27774 (Usability Problem)

Incorrect error message is shown on selection of project-level deployment server in interpreters

WI-28336 (Usability Problem)

Enable "Show hidden files" by default for private key file dialog

WI-27799 (Usability Problem)

Use path mappings from project-level deployment

WI-28226 (Usability Problem)

Provide .ssh directory as default for key

WI-28158 (Bug)

'Compare with local version' action is enabled on directories of Remote Host

Project View


IDEA-143690 (Bug)

Project view of non-Java IDEs is not refreshed when directory moved

Remote Interpreters


PY-11462 (Bug)

Remote Interpreter - External Packages Not Debuggable

Test Runner


PY-14560 (Bug)

Console doesn't parse tracebacks generated by py.test

User Interface


IDEA-142584 (Bug)

Invalidate Caches: Message reads strange, Window layout could be better

IDEA-123409 (Bug)

Sheet dialogs: Order of buttons and their sizes and positions are incorrect

IDEA-139631 (Bug)

Environment Variables with path in value are pasted without slashes



PY-16507 (Bug)

Running py.test remotely does not set the path mappings for Vagrant remote interpreter

Version Control. Git


IDEA-143143 (Bug)

VCS Push hangs

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-142813 (Bug)

IDEA does not show all changed files for old revisions after p4 copy operation

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-140114 (Bug)

Can not add files with '@' in their name to version control

IDEA-140754 (Bug)

Support SVN 1.9

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