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PyCharm 3.4 roadmap

The release theme is "User experience and performance improvements"

Release date: April - May 2014  

  • Remote interpreters/Deployment hosts settings rework (traff)
    • (tick) Special handling for vagrant based remote interpreters [PY-8751,PY-11439]
    • (tick) Copy remote skeletons to different folder
  • (minus) Environment variables import (traff) as Before launch task
  • (tick) Project interpreters/Python interpreters (ktisha)
  • (tick) Resources/Template roots -> Project structure (ktisha)
  • (tick) Color schemes (vlan)
  • Django custom tags settings - suppress or tags list
  • IdeaVim plugin enhancements (vlan)
    • (tick) Keymap-less shortcut conflicts handling [VIM-543]
    • (tick) Key mapping commands [VIM-288]
  • Django 1.7
    • (tick) App-loading changes, tests affected (ktisha)
    • (tick) Project creation admin enabled/disabled (ktisha)
  • (tick) Python parser error recovery (vlan)
  • (tick) Missing quick-fixes for inspections (list) (ktisha)
  • (tick) Goto class/symbol: resolve to modules and packages [PY-6923] (vlan)
  • (minus) Unresolved/unused imports [PY-4330PY-1174], unused/undefined variables (vlan)
  • (tick) Live Templates for python [PY-2378] (vlan)
  • Debugger enhancements: (traff)
    • (tick) AppEngine debug
    • (minus) exception breakpoints redesign
    • (tick) Debug in Python console
    • (minus) step over yield from
  • Performance enhancements:
    • (tick) Terminal memory consumption (traff)
    • (tick) Python code insight (vlan)
    • (tick)  Quick-fixes
  • Pull members up/down refactoring (link)
    • (tick) General rework
    • (tick) Properties support

Postponed to later versions:

  • New project wizard
    • Two steps project dialog
    • Remote project dialog
  • Django run manage.py command UX: history and arguments
  • (minus)  Template languages (extended file types) (better design needed)
  • Project settings serialization (do not create empty files in case of default settings, migrate to the new serialization mechanizm)
  • Scratch plugin [PY-3151] (vlan)

(tick)   - Feature Implemented
(question)   - Under Investigation
(lightbulb)   - In Progress
(minus)   - Postponed

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