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PyCharm 3.1 Roadmap

Release date: beginning of 2014

  • Improve Vagrant (traff)
    • (tick) Support providers [PY-9854]
    • (tick) Support multiple configurations [PY-9994]
    • (tick) Install/Uninstall plugins
  • AppEngine (ktisha)
  • (lightbulb) Python formatter consistency with PEP8 (traff)
  • (tick) Python 3.4 support (interpreter detection, enum and pathlib libraries) [PY-11677] (vlan)
  • (tick) Django 1.6 (ktisha)
  • (tick) Terminal tabs (split, move to editor) (traff)
  • (tick) More precise keywords completion [PY-10248, PY-4540, PY-3687, PY-4539] (ktisha)
  • (tick) String literals completion: identifiers (implemented for docstrings) [PY-2953] (ktisha)
  • (tick) Skeletons generation -> background [PY-6164] (vlan)
  • (tick) Default Python interpreter from PATH [PY-4733] (vlan)
  • (tick) Don't highlight errors without interpreter [PY-11589] (vlan)
  • (tick) Language injections for formatted and concatenated strings (vlan)
  • Performance optimizations (vlan, ktisha, traff)
    • (tick) Generator: Split big generated modules (like _Gtk, PyQt) into smaller ones [PY-11703] (ktisha)
    • (tick) Injected languages performance (vlan)
    • (tick) Highlight usages under caret performance (vlan)
    • (tick) Performance problems when editing large *.po files [PY-6662] (ktisha)
Platorm features available
  • (tick) New Git & Mercurial log
  • (tick) Support for Subversion 1.8
  • (tick) Lens Mode
  • (tick) Speed Search in Project View
  • (tick) Search Everywhere
Postponed to later releases
  • (minus) Python parser error recovery (vlan)
  • (minus) Missing quick-fixes  - quick fixes list needed
  • (minus) Scratch plugin [PY-3151] (vlan)
  • (minus) PTY in run configurations (traff)
    • needs redesign of Run configuration page
    • running processes with PTY was implemented in Vagrant support and seems to be not very stable - it's early to add it to run configurations
  • (minus) Goto symbol: resolve to modules and packages [PY-6923]
  • (minus) Unresolved/unused imports [PY-4330], unused/undefined variables
  • (minus) Python live-templates [PY-2378] (vlan)
  • Performance enhancements:
    • Terminal memory consumption (traff) - affects platform to much to be implemented in 3.1

(tick)   - Feature Implemented
(question)   - Under Investigation
(lightbulb)   - In Progress
(minus)   - Postponed

traff - Dmitry Trofimov (PyCharm team lead, developer)

ktisha - Ekaterina Tuzova (PyCharm developer)

vlan - Andrey Vlasovskikh (PyCharm developer)

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  1. Is it possible to update this roadmap by community?  Me and my colleagues wait this feature very long time: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-2887
    cprofile + runsnake inside pycharm can be killer feature.

    1. Anton, profiler integration is not just another one feature. It will take a lot of time to make it working from IDE as you may expect (with integration to all other PyCharm tools). That's why we are not able to update this roadmap since there are other essential features to complete. However yeah, we know this feature is highly upvoted and it is what up on ours mind currently for the next release or two.

  2. Is it possible to Pycharm 3.1 will work developing Flask Applications with Python 3.x? So far, when I created a new project -> Project type: "Flask project" and interpreter: "Python 3.3" PyCharm shows the message: "Flask is not supported for the selected interpreter".

    1. Hi Danny,

      Yeah in previous versions PyCharm 3.0 Flask was not working with python 3.3 

      In PyCharm 3.1 EAP http://blog.jetbrains.com/pycharm/2013/12/announcing-the-pycharm-3-1-eap-opening/  it works. Here is the fixed bug: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-10028

      There is still one bug for python 3.3+flask debugger http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-10535  but we definitely will fix it before 3.1