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Code InsightBug PY-52034 PyCharm wrongly reports callees of a child class method to include other siblings methods
Exception PY-52202 Argument for @NotNull parameter 'actual' of com/jetbrains/sqlalchemy/SQLAlchemyTypeProvider.resolvesToQualifiedNameOwner must not be null
ConsoleUsability PY-51475 Python Console doesn't show whether the current execution is finished
Bug PY-51327 Hide button doesn't work in Python Console queue
Bug PY-51293 Bug in EAP: Python builtin input function cannot be submitted in Python console
Bug PY-51749 Update failed for AnAction(com.jetbrains.python.console.actions.ShowCommandQueueAction) with text=Show Command Queue
Bug PY-51753 PyCharm freezes when executing Sci cell
DebuggerBug PY-28563 "Set value" doesn't work for specific dictionary item
Bug PY-44838 Build debugger binaries for Python 3.10
EditingBug PY-46344 PyCharm suggests to import abstract collections from collections
InspectionsBug PY-40313 Python string literals in Markdown documents are treated as 'bytes' for type-checking purposes
Bug PY-51801 PyCharm doesn't switch language level unless the project is reopened
Interpreters SettingsBug PY-51125 Switching between venvs with project installed as editable breaks the project structure
Bug PY-52052 Anaconda is not discovered if installed in /opt/anaconda3
Bug PY-51643 Find in Files and other dialogs don't ignore excluded directories when using local conda environment
Bug PY-51640 System interpreter name is shown as an absolute path
Task PY-51300 Add python 3.11 to the list of supported versions
Usability PY-51228 Add description for "Poetry Package versions" inspection
PackagingBug PY-51198 Fixes in redesigned package installation failure window
Quick DocumentationException PY-51545 Numpy docstring renders incorreclty in popup due to exception
Bug PY-51209 Quick documentation does not display first lines of docstring in Google format if Python 3.10 is used
Remote InterpretersBug PY-51691 Error in Python Console stops the console
Test RunnerBug PY-51870 Tests -> comparison failure -> "Click to see the difference": pytest - Dict support used to be better
WSLBug PY-51679 Error running 'django_server': kotlin.NotImplementedError: An operation is not implemented
Bug PY-50802 No WSL interpreter in project's settings - "Cannot get ProjectJdkTable component state"
Web2PyBug PY-10145 Web2Py: disable smart type completion inside views
BuildBug IDEA-282963 Shortcut to rebuild a module doesn't work on a module node in Project View
Build. Built-in (JPS)Bug IDEA-278932 Java compilation fails on JDK 6 and JDK 7
Bug IDEA-282231 Compilation fails with message `java: Compilation failed: internal java compiler error'
Bug IDEA-284089 Compiler -> "Build Project Automatically" Never Triggers
Bug IDEA-284100 Internal error (java.lang.NullPointerException): null java.lang.NullPointerException at java.util.BitSet.or(BitSet.java:937) at org.jetbrains.jps.incremental.IncProjectBuilder$BuildParallelizer.<init>(IncProjectBuilder.java:999)
Bug IDEA-283502 Getting "Source file already exists error" on trying to incrementally build the project that uses source generation and Eclipse compiler
Build. GradleBug IDEA-280344 Gradle composite build no test runner
Bug IDEA-281592 IntelliJ 2021.2.3 freezes on start up
Bug IDEA-277695 RunAnything: "." and "./" are recognized as Gradle commands
Exception IDEA-275459 NPE on com.intellij.openapi.externalSystem.service.execution.configuration.ExternalSystemRunConfigurationEx tensionManager$Companion.writeExternal(ExternalSystemRunConfigurationExtensionManager.kt:52)
Bug IDEA-280294 "Invalid Gradle JVM configuration" for Gradle 7.3 and JDK 17
Bug IDEA-278350 Should be able to create a valid gradle project for Java 17 project
Bug IDEA-280774 New `exploded_war` task should be generated more carefully
Bug IDEA-280385 'Reload all gradle projects' removes maven annotation processor in same project
Bug IDEA-277444 Gradle task run configuration: cannot paste into text field when completion is shown
Bug IDEA-265256 WSL2 Unable to load class for gradle project
Build. MavenBug IDEA-169048 Maven integration enables Annotation processors
Feature IDEA-205178 Support .mvn/jvm.config for defining JVM configuration for Maven builds
Bug IDEA-281436 Maven Indexes - too many pooled threads created
Bug IDEA-229600 Maven Reimport does not respect 'Settings for New Projects' in Compiler - Annotation Processors
Performance IDEA-273726 Out of Memory error when reading Maven index
Bug IDEA-279761 Extra colon in maven tool window
Bug IDEA-286579 [WSL2] Syncing of maven project does not finish
Bug IDEA-284113 Unable to open Maven project (InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 8)
Bug IDEA-268521 Java Project in WSL2 /target/classes does not exist
Bug IDEA-285586 Maven import fails with error and blank error message
Exception IDEA-285245 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Trying to get WSL path from a different WSL distribution: in path: Ubuntu-20.04.m2; mine is: Ubuntu-20.04
Build. Package SearchBug IDEA-283543 The Dependencies toolwindow sometimes doesn't display any dependencies
Cosmetics IDEA-282326 Library names don't get their whitespace normalized
Bug IDEA-283838 Disable computations during headless and unit tests
Cosmetics IDEA-282880 Details of dependencies not in the index aren't shown correctly
Bug IDEA-283760 Changing Gradle Configurations in Package Search Configuration throws exception
Usability IDEA-282015 Not ideal ordering of quickfixes for an outdated dependency version
Bug IDEA-282875 Undoing upgrade dependency operation doesn't re-run inspection
Bug IDEA-284443 Package Search: add an ability to choose result set size
Feature IDEA-274058 Add "don't automatically add repositories" setting
Bug IDEA-284748 Maven projects may show no dependencies in toolwindow
Bug IDEA-285227 Package search doesn't propose available update
Code Analysis. DuplicatesBug IDEA-262587 Duplicate extraction is not suggested after Method extraction
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-12674 Suggest adding String.trim() to the list of non-internationalised functions.
Bug IDEA-276197 Can't specify inspection severity for several scopes
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBug IDEA-275692 language injection settings > Advanced > Single file option doesn't save
Bug IDEA-282186 "IllegalStateException: Seems you haven't called addPlace()" on analysing of mixed php + html file with conditional comment
Bug IDEA-250588 Language Injection: some explicitly injected languages can't be uninjected via the context menu
CoreUsability IDEA-280910 Do not show welcome screen on starting IDE with gateway url
Support Request IDEA-281472 Recent regression in CodeStyleSettingsProvider requires getIndentOptionsProvider() to be overridden to include "Tabs and Indents" tab, but that's scheduled for removal soon...
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-278406 Debugger: unify icons for Add to Watches action in Evaluate Expression toolbar and Variable context menu
Bug IDEA-271771 Inline debugger hints are not updated when switching between debug sessions
Bug IDEA-285052 `View as binary` item is not present for multiple variables in debugger
Cosmetics IDEA-283045 Gray icons background color in popup
Bug IDEA-281842 Inline watches: "Set value" and "Add as inline watch" options disappear from the popup on Linux
Bug IDEA-279755 Evaluated values aren't updated in New Run/Debug UI
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-283046 "External file changes sync may be slow" notification shows internal ID instead of text
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-281327 Inlay hint settings don't open from context menu
Cosmetics IDEA-280642 Inlay hints settings: remove right margin from preview
Bug IDEA-283886 Settings Export/Import - Terminal Options Provider Missing
Bug IDEA-286400 2021.3: loading shell env is skipped: IDE has been launched from a terminal (SHLVL=0)
Bug IDEA-280720 New inlay hints: these settings are not searchable
Bug IDEA-280814 Method chains settings are ignored when updating to 2021.3
Bug IDEA-280498 IDE antialiasing setting resets on restart
Bug IDEA-276949 Proxy authentication does not work after update to IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2.1
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-284043 Index re-scan starts two times?!
Bug IDEA-286059 IDE freezes and hangs (2021.3.1) on indexing of WSL project
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-283631 phpstorm://open fails in 2021.3 RC
Task IDEA-284433 Add statistics for opening files via idea://, phpstorm:// and other similar URLs
Bug IDEA-283217 "Data sharing" dialog has not rendered html tag
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-282717 IDEA 2021.3 RC NullPointerException from ClientAwareComponentManager
Usability IDEA-281659 Add more detailed message about what is the possible cause of the "Couldnt start {0} EAP due to a login problem. Please contact technical support for assistance" problem
Usability IDEA-248725 Unable to access the certificates pane (Settings | Tools | Server Certificates) if a license server needs a custom certificate
Bug IDEA-283469 UI freeze on attempt to delete license with disabled internet access
Usability IDEA-281812 Hide "IDE authorization token" input field and "Check Token" bottom when the IDE fails to launch browser for Login/Trial
Bug IDEA-284532 PHPStorm 2021 failed to start, dropped a "Cannot start" stacktrace
Bug IDEA-282819 Some product EAP links are incorrect
Usability IDEA-283374 When trying to activate Trial without internet connection - no error message will be displayed
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-279127 ComponentManagerImpl.unregisterComponent should remove the component from serviceInstanceHotCache
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-283846 Incompatible plugin is not marked as such / not disabled on first IDE start
Bug IDEA-279700 Cannot cast class to itself after dynamically updating plugin through balloon popup
Bug IDEA-283546 Plugins which store META-INF/plugin.xml directly under the plugin directory cannot be installed
Feature IDEA-259912 Add a mechanism to install plugins into a proper locations according to current configuration and version of IJ
Bug IDEA-279479 Internal IDE error right after updating my plugin to latest version
Exception IDEA-275822 PluginException: Class org.jetbrains.idea.maven.ext.jee.JavaeeFacetImporter must be not requested from main classloader of org.jetbrains.idea.maven.ext plugin [Plugin: org.jetbrains.idea.maven.ext]
Cosmetics IDEA-283165 "No" button should be "Cancel" in "Install Required Plugins" dialog
Usability IDEA-283690 Do not suggest to enable the plugin after 'do not suggest this plugin' is invoked for it
Bug IDEA-280107 Class cast exception caused by dynamic loading during plugin upgrade
Bug IDEA-279451 Dynamic plugin update issues
Bug IDEA-283260 No tooltip for installing a plugin
Bug IDEA-283759 Incorrect plugin error: Plugin 'Scala' (version 2021.3.14) was explicitly marked as incompatible with the current version of the IDE
Bug IDEA-277884 Plugin detection by class doesn't work with the new plugins model
Bug IDEA-284784 "*.conf file are supported by ..." message does not disappear when clicking "dismiss"
Bug IDEA-279931 Do not suggest already ignored plugins
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-252996 IDEA does not import favorites
Bug IDEA-284273 Don't Open in Trust Project Dialogs shown on reopening multiple projects after IDE upgrade breaks IDE
Bug IDEA-280859 trust project dialog: "Don't open" doesn't work for idea started from the command line
Bug IDEA-282352 `Don't open` at `Trust and Open Project?` dialog has to be pressed twice if the project is drag-n-dropped to the welcome screen
Usability IDEA-277454 "Trust and Open Gradle Project" dialog is missing a project name
Bug IDEA-284642 Clicking on 'Trust Project' does nothing if the project directory is located under a project directory which isn't trusted
Bug IDEA-282826 Clicking 'Trust Project' in editor banner does nothing if untrusted project settings were migrated from previous version
Bug IDEA-284145 Don't Open in Trust Project dialog shown after IDE upgrade leaves the project in partially-closed state
Core. Quick DocumentationUsability IDEA-280184 Documentation Component: "Adjust Font Size" should be dumb-aware
Feature IDEA-152644 Provide the text search in the Quick Documentation (Ctrl + Q)
Bug IDEA-284186 Documentation popup jumps when invoked in Project View
Bug IDEA-284184 Edit Source (F4) does not work in quick-doc when pressing F4 on keyboard
Exception IDEA-280813 CCE at com.intellij.lang.documentation.ide.impl.DocumentationTargetHoverInfoKt.injectedThenHost
Exception IDEA-282063 java.lang.NullPointerException: element.text must not be null
Usability IDEA-282246 Shortcut to opening quick doc keeps tool window tab with open documentation
Bug IDEA-282593 IndexNotReadyException in DocumentationProvider
Usability IDEA-280982 [Regression] Quick Documentation window steals focus during code editing. "Auto update from source" is gone.
Exception IDEA-282959 ShowQuickDocInfoAction should handle INRE
Cosmetics IDEA-282417 Rename title of documentation window
Performance IDEA-284009 High CPU & GPU utilization with documentation docked and other dock open
Bug IDEA-280509 Documentation popup is shown over autocompletion window
Bug IDEA-280750 Documentation tool window ignores new background color when changing theme to dark / light
Bug IDEA-280749 Documentation tool window: unable to switch to the previous doc page
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-280925 Regression: Configuration editor doesn't save folders
Bug IDEA-281386 Can't pass selected system environment variables to WSL in Run configurations
Bug IDEA-197080 Select box of Run/Debug Configuration in Navigation Bar Toolbar is empty when deleting the last item of a specific template, "Add Configuration..." is shown in the dropdown instead of another configuration
Bug IDEA-282189 Run configuration templates are missing
Core. Run. TargetsFeature IDEA-268786 Container name of docker run target support
Bug IDEA-280608 Docker: Cryptic "unable to resolve docker endpoint" error due to incorrectly detected path to certificates
Bug IDEA-280935 Run Targets: Can't finish creating new ssh target with existed ssh connection
Bug IDEA-282727 DockerCompose target. Focus on the compose container is set only from the second time by debug
Core. SSHBug IDEA-268052 Datagrip does not reconnect through SSH tunnel if connection drops.
Bug IDEA-284904 SSH: Don't throw exceptions if ed25519-sk key is parsed
Bug IDEA-283804 Parse config file checkbox doesn't work for Deployment configurations
Bug IDEA-281116 Remote SSH server version is not shown in logs
Usability IDEA-239091 Allow OpenSSH config to be enabled or disabled in authentication types "key pair" and "password"
Feature IDEA-277305 Support Windows 10 ssh-agent
Bug IDEA-283914 IndexOutOfBoundsException from SSH agent on Windows
Bug IDEA-281956 Deployment based on SSH configuration utilizing OpenSSH agent and config complains about "host no found"
Bug IDEA-281819 SSH warning about an unknown host key is shown like the key has been changed
Bug IDEA-248772 SSH configuration doesn't consider empty password to be valid
Bug IDEA-281132 Set client identity in SSH
Core. Task ManagementBug IDEA-266608 "Post to Bugtracker" action is grayed out for YouTrack
EditorBug IDEA-281047 Block caret allows no continuous selection after scrolling down
Bug IDEA-285649 Selection background isn't shown for rendered doc
Bug IDEA-281339 Block caret random text selection and "new line" selection at line end
Exception IDEA-280637 com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: Cannot create class com.intellij.lang.documentation.ide.impl.DocumentationToolWindowManager (classloader=com.intellij.util.lang.PathClassLoader@566776ad) [Plugin: com.intellij]
Bug IDEA-284402 IDE show the quick documentation even not hovering the cursor over that class when enabling the rendered javadoc
Exception IDEA-275403 Throwable: Light files should have PSI only in one project
Bug IDEA-281204 Ctrl+F1 doesn't work in EditorConfig
Editor. Code CompletionTask IDEA-282031 Provide icons for live templates, word completions and HTML tags
Usability IDEA-284325 Insert `else if` into `if` statement puts next `else` or `else if` in chain in wrong location
Editor. Diff and MergeBug IDEA-269841 Empty diff frame after IDE restart
Usability IDEA-285645 Git Unstash changes no longer in a new window, stash dialog stays on top of diff
Bug IDEA-285441 Diff window is closed if Esc is pressed while code completion popup is displayed
Usability IDEA-284552 Diff may be hidden by IDE main frame on Linux
Bug IDEA-282202 Empty github pull request/space code review diff window after IDE restart
Editor. FormatterUsability IDEA-281375 Don't run formatter on save on syntactically invalid file
Bug IDEA-280816 internal code analysis of Rider parses .editorconfig incorrectly
Editor. Intention ActionsTask IDEA-282911 Deprecate IntentionAction.invokeForPreview and LocalQuickFix.applyFixForPreview
GroovyBug IDEA-272024 Groovy syntax highlighting breaks after restarting IntelliJ
Bug IDEA-283839 IntelliJ IDEA 2021.3 can not parse `record` as a variable name correctly
Bug IDEA-284144 Variables named "record" get highlighted as faulty in Groovy classes, even when using JDK 11
Groovy. GrailsBug IDEA-284133 Grails 3 project cannot be built in 2021.3 was fine in 2021.2
Bug IDEA-280782 Cannot create Grails 5 project from New Project wizard
Groovy. InspectionsBug IDEA-283030 Base Properties Not Available from Dependent Project in Nested Classes
Lang. JSONTask IDEA-281610 JSONPath: size() is highlighted as unsupported function
Feature IDEA-281703 JSONPath: provide keys and functions completion for expression head
Bug IDEA-281681 JSONPath: repeated asterisks are reported as error
Lang. MarkdownBug IDEA-280724 Markdown Tables: top-right column control not getting active on hover when created
Feature IDEA-278353 Rename Generate action in the context menu to Insert and make it action group.
Usability IDEA-280722 Markdown Tables: table size can't be selected with keyboard arrows
Bug IDEA-280583 Injected code gutter Run line markers can't be executed
Bug IDEA-281673 TraceableDisposable$DisposalException: Editor is already disposed
Exception IDEA-280812 Markdown Tables: IndexOutOfBoundsException at com.intellij.util.text.ImmutableText.outOfRange
Bug IDEA-281650 Table of improper size is generated
Bug IDEA-280728 Markdown Tables: Table borders are broken on column swap
Bug IDEA-280804 Floating toolbar appears collapsed
Bug IDEA-279937 Markdown: the floating toolbar doesn't appear for the last line in file
Bug IDEA-280844 Markdown Tables: table grid is not extended smoothly
Bug IDEA-280199 Floating toolbar is not hidden after closing tabs with keyboard shortcut
Cosmetics IDEA-281241 Change color of "Insert Table" action in Darcula
Bug IDEA-282221 Markdown Mini-toolbar is distracting when using keyboard navigation
Bug IDEA-279665 Mermaid graphs not working
Lang. XPath and XSLTBug IDEA-284217 Unable to save changes to the "Run XSLT" dialog
Lang. YAMLBug IDEA-247565 Block/statement move-up/down should move children in YAML
Bug IDEA-281699 Quickfix in the JSON injected into Yaml produces incorrect code
Bug IDEA-264436 Issue with YAML indentation in lists
Bug IDEA-280717 Missing "Uninject language/reference" intention after using the "Inject language or reference" intention within a .yaml file
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-199206 Add support for ":Z" flag in Bind mounts for docker
Bug IDEA-277286 Docker. FileChooser. java.nio.file.InvalidPathException at refresh after creating new folders
Bug IDEA-280913 Docker. Images completion: Two strings are combined into one instead of showing the completion list
Bug IDEA-215742 Connecting Docker Integration causes dockerd to spike to 100% cpu
Performance IDEA-284662 the inspector (performing code analysis) works endlessly
Bug IDEA-277333 Docker. java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException at pointing not-existing context folder
Bug IDEA-277148 Options added with Modify options for a Docker configuration aren't shown
Bug IDEA-280604 Cannot exit writing multi-line RUN statement in Dockerfile
Bug IDEA-280676 Docker. Container, "Show Processes" action displays wrong list with duplicated strings
Bug IDEA-280671 Docker Registry. Settings. Change the Address to empty or "space" example by choosing "JetBrains Space" registry
Bug IDEA-285039 Docker: exception on connection to JetBrains Space docker registry
Feature IDEA-178126 Mark file as Dockerfile if it is used as Dockerfile in run config
Bug IDEA-282591 Docker Registry. Pull/Push doesn't work for space jetbrains team registry
Bug IDEA-282176 Docker. Registry. Space. Empty namespaces list for jetbrains.team user
Bug IDEA-248584 Support --ssh build option for Docker
Bug IDEA-282409 Docker. java.util.NoSuchElementException at completion at "--platform" frag of FROM instruction in the Dockerfile
Bug IDEA-278320 Parsing of "host_ip" in docker-compose.yaml fails
Bug IDEA-280128 Provide possibility to add/edit docker registry from the Services view
Feature IDEA-283085 Docker: use registry HTTP API to check credentials instead of Docker login
Bug IDEA-281172 DockerCompose file. Resolve/ find usages doesn't work for services from the complex `depends_on` section
Bug IDEA-264715 Custom docker TCP socket setting is not persisted
Bug IDEA-279801 Red code for `--platform` option for FROM command in Dockerfile
Bug IDEA-281025 Docker. WinOS. Connection to Minikube doesn't work
Bug IDEA-281844 Minikube setting does not apply in GoLand
Bug IDEA-285789 Docker registry. Access denied by push to the newly created registry
Feature IDEA-269719 Secrets argument not supported while build docker image
Bug IDEA-285527 Image push. Registry list by push is empty
Bug IDEA-285219 Docker: Registry configurable: test connection doesn't work
Exception IDEA-272618 java.lang.Throwable: Blocking SSH method called from the dispatch or write thread at calling Terminal for the first time
Bug IDEA-282686 Docker. Smart delete volumes with dependencies doesn't work.
Bug IDEA-280916 Docker. Registries. Images completion. Empty list if we call completion after or before "/"
Usability IDEA-281940 Docker. Settings: don't check/show red error for Minikube till this option is chosen
Bug IDEA-212068 Docker. File Chooser. Files tab is empty for images based on alpine, photon, busybox images
Bug IDEA-282389 "Cannot run program "minikube": error=2, No such file or directory" red exclamation error on default Docker settings
Performance IDEA-282416 Docker Registry. Adding space registry with many projects leaded to freezes and thread dumps
Usability IDEA-282141 Docker Registry. Connection to my space registry fails
Bug IDEA-285213 Docker: Space registry: merge the namespaces with same names
Performance IDEA-286489 IDE freezes when switching to intellij from another application
Bug IDEA-285477 Docker. java.lang.Throwable: Unexpected null deployment runtime at running container
Bug IDEA-282654 Dockerfile run configuration error with context path specified
Bug IDEA-280682 Docker. Push image dialog. Don't display it with scrollbars
Tools. HTTP ClientCosmetics IDEA-280591 HttpClient: Do not add # to request name in servicesView for requests with only ### or with empty name
Bug IDEA-283191 Http client fails with error internal_error with self signed certificates
Exception IDEA-282090 HttpClient: some times get exception failed for REQUEST_TARGET on Tools->HttpClient->Create new request
Bug IDEA-283799 HTTPRequest: client.global.set broken inside client.test callback
Bug IDEA-281434 HTTP Client: gRPC examples do not executed, because gRPC cannot find proto file
Performance IDEA-278252 Performance problem after running http tests
Bug IDEA-284499 HTTP Client: Do not show file name for run action in context menu
Feature IDEA-237751 Show request names instead of index in Request field inside run configuration
Usability IDEA-284470 HTTP Client does not print URL parameters in output
Bug IDEA-284148 HTTP Client: Variables are not substituted in response view
Bug IDEA-278832 Cookie didn‘t send to server when I use Http file in Idea2021.2.2
Bug IDEA-281242 HttpClient: Run request options doubled on gutter click
Usability IDEA-280979 Provide possibility to run request with environment from Run Anythyng
Bug IDEA-156476 REST Client Tool doesn't save cookies
Usability IDEA-239339 Order of contextual menu items for environments changing order in HTTP client
Tools. TerminalUsability IDEA-285017 Renaming terminal tab via double click expands/shrinks terminal window
Bug IDEA-271438 API for optional persistent terminal tabs
Bug IDEA-283193 White text on white background
Bug IDEA-283007 Error when using Terminal in IDEA 2021.3 RC
Tools. Test ManagementBug IDEA-282777 Test suite preview lacks a list of test cases
Bug IDEA-282775 Test suite metadata is not suggested in filters
Bug IDEA-282773 Metadata from test suite is not shown in test case preview
User InterfaceBug IDEA-280319 Status bar no longer displays popup action's description
Bug IDEA-283194 Deadlock while debugging
Usability IDEA-257432 Prioritize file path tooltip when editor tab is too narrow
Bug IDEA-272559 "Recent Find Usages" shortcut does not invoke "Recent Find Usages" popup
Cosmetics IDEA-271046 Checkbox jumps on hover in the "Rename also" dialog
Bug IDEA-284451 "Evaluation Feedback" popup keeps appearing every 30 sec
Cosmetics IDEA-231276 Hint in Search Everywhere is cut on macOS Catalina
Bug IDEA-283347 There is a separator under active project tab in non-fullscreen mode
Performance IDEA-275391 Modal dialog doesn't appear on copying a large number of files, UI isn't accessible
Bug IDEA-271741 Tool window is returned to "Dock Unpinned" mode instead of "Undock"
User Interface. Action SystemUsability IDEA-285040 `Support screen readers` option breaks the Ctrl+TAB and Ctrl+Shift+TAB shortcuts
User Interface. Alerts, NotificationsBug IDEA-279902 Arrow navigation works in the opposite direction for buttons in the UI
User Interface. Console ViewBug IDEA-282942 Restore support for `run.processes.with.redirectedErrorStream` registry key in Java run configurations when using Targets API
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Bug IDEA-283718 com.intellij.ui.jcef.JCEFHtmlPanel ctor causes disposal error
Bug IDEA-281261 switch to VolatileImage in OSR JCEF
Bug IDEA-281774 Memory leak detected: com.intellij.ui.jcef.JCEFHtmlPanel
User Interface. Favorites/BookmarksUsability IDEA-280568 Bookmarks window: go to source shortcut not supported
Bug IDEA-282938 Adding non-project file to Bookmarks is not supported
Usability IDEA-282476 Toggle Bookmark in newly set up project now shows dialog
Bug IDEA-284600 Excluded directories are not shown in directories in Bookmarks tool window
Bug IDEA-283981 Bookmarks context menu is grayed out on folders
Bug IDEA-284429 Different sorting for directories in Bookmark tool window comparing to Project View
Bug IDEA-284400 "Select In" action is not available in Bookmarks tool window
Usability IDEA-283956 Next/Previous Bookmark navigation no longer confined to single file
Bug IDEA-281897 Directory and file bookmarks break if the directory or file is deleted and recreated
Usability IDEA-282746 Drag-and-drop from Project View to Bookmarks tool window is not supported
Bug IDEA-282250 Next/Previous line bookmark action shortcut does not navigate in Editor if Bookmarks tool window is closed
Bug IDEA-284280 Inconsistent bookmarks behavior on clicks in gutter
Bug IDEA-282406 Quick search is not invoked in Bookmarks popup
Bug IDEA-282577 Moving class bookmark to another list is not supported in Bookmarks tool window
Bug IDEA-282848 Bookmark icon is invisible in Project View when plugin theme is applied
Usability IDEA-282926 Only one bookmark is dragged to another list if several bookmarks are selected
Bug IDEA-284610 Bookmark is not created with Cmd+Click after restoring default settings
Bug IDEA-283144 Directory content is not shown in Bookmarks list
Bug IDEA-270270 Next Bookmark doesn't work across different files.
Bug IDEA-283962 Add bookmark using mouse sets bookmark at wrong line
Bug IDEA-282288 Quick search in Bookmarks tool window is red even if there are matches
Cosmetics IDEA-282585 Bookmarks icon is displayed before class icon
Bug IDEA-284688 New bug in 2021.3 / Bookmarks menu / Cant do file diff
User Interface. Find UsagesBug IDEA-276558 Find usages doesn't work for injected languages anymore with 2021.2 upgrade
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-273156 Invalid Find Usages result: shows "INVALID" twice
Bug IDEA-284849 There are no spaces between several buttons
Bug IDEA-247553 "Replace in Path" can't replace text if that text is the entire contents of a file
Bug IDEA-280620 Regex search does not match
Bug IDEA-281183 Editor actions don't work in console's 'find' panel
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-281015 On macOS, sometimes project window is not brought above other project windows when stopping on breakpoint
User Interface. Keymap, ShortcutsBug IDEA-280119 Keymap editor shows actions with `use-shortcut-of` under "Other" group
User Interface. MenusException IDEA-283051 Exception on closing second project tab
Bug IDEA-282646 There is a Git main menu item instead of VCS if Git repository is not enabled for a project
Bug IDEA-287105 Actions from Help main menu are not invoked
Bug IDEA-284421 No icons in menu for items with submenu
Bug IDEA-286810 CMD+N shortcut doesn't open generate dialog after File->New was invoked (MacOS)
User Interface. NavigationUsability IDEA-259571 Ability to disable deleting files from Recent Files with backspace
User Interface. New Project WizardBug IDEA-282672 New project wizard: JavaScript fields remain on Empty project template
Bug IDEA-282058 HTML Wizard prompts for folder/project name twice.
User Interface. PluginsBug IDEA-278567 Buy plugin link from detail page can opens multiple links
Bug IDEA-283341 Installing plugin through tooltip causes an exception
Bug IDEA-282883 Two "Other Tools" groups in installed plugin list
User Interface. Project ViewCosmetics IDEA-282600 Yellow bookmark flags make file names misaligned
User Interface. Recent Files, SwitcherBug IDEA-284736 Can't close open files from Switcher
User Interface. Search EverywhereFeature IDEA-280849 Train the very first model for ranking files in Files tab of Search Everywhere
User Interface. Services ViewBug IDEA-283192 Services view. The item remains for some time in "All Services" by moving into a new tab
Performance IDEA-282843 Services view. Idea Freezes if we type in the Editor during loading data in the Services view
Bug IDEA-283093 ServicesView. Hanging node and ReadAction exception at running aconsole application
User Interface. TabsUsability IDEA-280818 Add tooltip for three-dots button on the tab bar
Bug IDEA-280819 "More" button overlaps tab label in Code Style Settings
Bug IDEA-280795 Toolbar buttons are hidden under "Show Hidden Tabs" button in the terminal toolwindow header when tabs overflow the header
Bug IDEA-280831 "More" and three-dots buttons on editor tabs pane are overlapped if "Show pinned tabs in a separate row" is on and there are no pinned tabs
Bug IDEA-280792 Three dots button remains visible after closing all tabs
Bug IDEA-280802 Grey line appears after first line in the Editor when opening tabs from second row
Cosmetics IDEA-280839 [Debug tool window] incorrectly displayed yellow arrow in the Console icon
Bug IDEA-283891 Editor tabs aren't highlighted on mouse hover when the focus is in a toolwindow
Bug IDEA-215364 Cannot see last open tab in vertical tab bar when there are too many tabs to fit on screen
User Interface. Tool WindowsBug IDEA-278414 A tool in View Mode Window is instantly getting closed
User Interface. TouchbarBug IDEA-277249 Debugger buttons on touchbar don't appear at all
Version ControlTask IDEA-282234 Additional FUS events for Commit dialog interactions
Task IDEA-281701 Disable Code Author inlay hints in 2021.3
Bug IDEA-285766 Git branches popup duplicates branch
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-283883 Git Log: wrong tab title when filtering log by date
Bug IDEA-280808 Unshelve file with empty content located in the directory with whitespaces puts file in the wrong location
Bug IDEA-282538 Rebase button is disabled
Bug IDEA-282605 Attempt to clone from Git fails from the Welcome Screen or with the untrusted project opened
Usability IDEA-280478 Focus moves away from Git log when opening and closing diff
Bug IDEA-282260 IDEA is not responding after a sequence of GIT actions
Bug IDEA-280471 Push Commits up to Here: push rejected after update if the branch was not up-to-date before calling Push Commits up to Here
Bug IDEA-283527 In-place hint is broken when some rebase options are selected
Bug IDEA-277226 Restoring a Diff moved to a separate Window could produce an empty frame.
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-285538 VCS log branches toolbar button is slow
AdministrationBug DBE-14418 MySQL users, modify object - grants show triple question marks ('???')
Code GenerationBug DBE-14339 sqlite3 syntax near EXPRESSION requires (EXPRESSION)
Bug DBE-14209 File -> New -> Shema Dialog has invalid layout
Code HighlightingBug DBE-14509 Unknown database function ARRAYAGG
Bug DBE-14518 Inspection issue "Unknown Database Function..."
Bug DBE-14528 "ANY" function is not recognized
Bug DBE-14549 Deterministic collation option is not recognized in Postgres dialect
Bug DBE-14517 Not all of Postgres 11 options for CREATE AGGREGATE are recognized
Bug DBE-12112 SQL Parameter hints do not show for functions
Bug DBE-12694 Exasol HASHTYPE
Bug DBE-14206 Invalid SQL inspection: condition xxx is always 'true'
Feature DBE-14311 Add support for UDFs in ClickHouse
Bug DBE-7547 Incorrect “always false” inspection in SQL
Bug DBE-10929 False warning when inserting column with same name as table
Bug DBE-14349 Invalid inspection: "Expression is always null"
Feature DBE-14291 Support defining user table functions in BigQuery
Feature DBE-14280 Support "TOP" syntax for Snowflake
Coding AssistanceBug DBE-14356 Subquery shortcut
ConnectivityBug DBE-14451 Informix DB - run keep alive query results in error
Feature DBE-13947 Add the Google User Account authentication type for BigQuery
Data Editor/ViewerUsability DBE-14545 "0 columns selected" in popup when I delete column in CSV table view
Bug DBE-13979 Data Editor: unable to edit column with daterange PostgreSQL data type.
Bug DBE-14112 Error: invalid input value for enum with underscore (_) preceded/escaped by pound (#)
Usability DBE-14233 Database dropdown won't open unless mouse click is under data columns
Usability DBE-14516 Cell size indicator
Bug DBE-14484 View as transpose is reset when i go back by mouse nav buttons
Bug DBE-14278 PostgreSQL bit string display issue
Bug DBE-7770 Incorrect results in DateTime columns when using DataGrip with Clickhouse
Bug DBE-14283 Can not paste integer values into 'UNSIGNED INT' columns
Bug DBE-13546 Clickhouse: nested arrays in map column are not displayed properly
Data Import/ExportBug DBE-14471 Import table: Invalid type conversion for bit varying (n) is set to varbit
Bug DBE-14473 Import table: in case we import table from one schema to another IDE sets unnecessary default precision for "timestamp/time/timestamp with time zone"
Bug DBE-14480 Import table: incorrect char, bpchar, "char" conversion if to copy in the same data source
Bug DBE-14728 DataGrip 2021.3.2 "Copy Table to" not working for Azure datasource
Performance DBE-14389 Performance degradation in case of SQLite JSON fields with size ~300 kbytes
Performance DBE-14775 Memory leak after opening import table dialog with 2K columns
Bug DBE-14494 Import table: invalid conversion for geometry types from PostgreSQL to Greenplum and vice versa
Bug DBE-14493 Import table: if to copy table from PostgreSQL to Greenplum IDE sets invalid precision for `numeric` type
Bug DBE-7358 Copying mysql table to another schema generates wrong column types
Bug DBE-10788 Copy table inside one database converts types
Bug DBE-14075 'Copy table to' changes 'float' to 'real' in MSSQL
Database ExplorerBug DBE-14117 Hierarchy of MongoDB fields is broken
Bug DBE-14771 Data source disappears when DBMS is changed
Database MigrationsBug DBE-14665 Incorrect diff for identity column
Bug DBE-14296 Cannot modify or add new columns to tables using Modify Table dialog
Bug DBE-14383 indexes are missing from parent table in Postgres partitioned tables
Cosmetics DBE-14265 Text selection with mouse in Modify DB table fields broken
Bug DBE-12790 Modify Table > drop column > generates create index on deleted column
DebuggerBug DBE-14633 #Debugger Report 'class com.intellij.sql.psi.SqlLanguage cannot be cast to class com.intellij.sql.dialects.SqlLanguageDialect' when debug a Oracle procedure
Files Tool WindowFeature DBE-14298 Add option to exclude project directories from being indexed
IntrospectionPerformance DBE-14531 Stuck introspecting at level 1
Bug DBE-14553 Error encountered when performing Introspect regular database stuff completely: ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined.
Bug DBE-14792 Error while dumping Oracle data source to DDL
Bug DBE-14416 Introspection fails if no access to pg_user table
Bug DBE-14199 Not being able to introspect schema on Cockroach database
Bug DBE-14582 Error when connecting to IBM Db2 z/OS - THE SQL STATEMENT IS NOT SUPPORTED
Bug DBE-14606 DB tool: introspecting MySQL 8.0.15 database fails with "Unknown table 'APPLICABLE_ROLES' in information_schema"
Bug DBE-14276 Database plugin no longer supports queries with database name
Bug DBE-14286 Can't see "base for" / "based on" in table definition when tables in different schemas
Bug DBE-14287 Option 'no inherit' does not present in DDL for table
Feature DBE-14297 Snowflake database integration: add support for streams
Bug DBE-14639 Exception "Argument for @NotNull parameter 'name'" when introspecting Oracle server objects
Navigation & SearchBug DBE-13089 "Find usages" does not look for usages in routines
Bug DBE-14640 Database go to referenced row hotkey is wrong
PL & DDL EditorBug DBE-14310 "Synchronize" doesn't synchronize
Query ConsoleUsability DBE-7070 MS SQL Can I suppress showing date and time for each string while using PRINT
Usability DBE-14724 Remove Console toolbar for non-SQL files after session detach
Bug DBE-14084 In-editor results not separating by queries
Bug DBE-14215 Quoted user parameters do not work in BigQuery
Usability DBE-10913 Show target object info in the synonym's quick info.
Run ConfigurationsFeature DBE-12590 Respect data source color in run configuration UI
Schema DiffBug DBE-9350 Compare routines source code via ctrl-d
Bug DBE-14686 Respect code style in migration script if 'Reformat generated code' is checked
Usability DBE-14697 Schema diff: invoke refresh after execute
Bug DBE-14436 No source code for rules
Services Tool WindowUsability DBE-12538 Annoying: automatic focus on Services when query is finished
Feature DBE-12265 Option to control Services tool window behavior
No subsystemBug WEB-53574 Incorrect import quick fix order in case of several declarations with the same name
Bug WEB-53944 Surround with try catch breaks the code if adding/removing trailing comma is enabled in code style settings
Bug WEB-53960 Should not report "Unrecognized attribute or property name" for custom attributes on custom web components
Task WEB-53582 Unify "require"/"import" support between auto-imports and quick fixes in JavaScript
Bug WEB-52811 ESLint with WSL seems to not working anymore on Webstorm 2021.3 EAP
Performance WEB-53279 PHPStorm low on memory
Bug WEB-53883 Deno: do not run service for built-in lib.d.ts
Bug WEB-53772 File and Code Templates descriptions are broken
Performance WEB-52612 WebSymbolElementDescriptorsProvider causes noticeable slowdown when Find Usages is invoked in big project
Bug WEB-54142 JS: unresolved "Controller" in the stimulus package
Usability WEB-50400 @typescript-eslint errors not navigable in npm console
Bug WEB-53358 Can't specify path to Deno or Deno cache via browse action
CSSBug WEB-54448 Unexpected completion auto-popup on typing '[' or ';' in PHP file (Laravel Jetstream)
Bug WEB-52720 Tailwind 2.2+: CSS classes completion doesn't work in *.php files (but works in *.blade.php)
Bug WEB-54135 CSS: Unknown CSS properties -webkit-transform-style, -webkit-backface-visibility
Bug WEB-54134 Regression in 2021.3.1 - CSS functions marked red: translate3d(), translateZ(), perspective(), rotateX(), rotateY(), rotateZ(), rotate3d(), matrix3d(), scale3d(), scaleZ()
Feature WEB-53033 CSS, TailwindCSS Support in EJS Files
Feature WEB-48542 Tailwind Plugin autocomplete for ERB / Rails helpers
Bug WEB-54359 Unsupported CSS properties in Spring PetClinic example
Performance WEB-52607 Node process started by the Tailwind CSS plugin consumes much CPU
Bug WEB-49140 Add support for overflow-anchor CSS property
Feature WEB-51745 Add support for `overflow: clip`
Bug WEB-53225 Stylelint Plugin is Incompatible with Stylelint v14 + SCSS
Bug WEB-53284 Tailwind 3: Completion for classes doesn't work
Bug WEB-53511 Unknown CSS property 'transform-box'
Bug WEB-41976 Can't decline suggestions and type `()` or `and` after @media in CSS
Bug WEB-41975 @media is shown twice in CSS code completion suggestions
Feature WEB-52425 Support v-bind CSS function in Vue Single-File Components.
Bug WEB-54366 accent-color CSS property not supported
Feature WEB-53186 Tailwind Autocomplete class names for Smarty (.tpl) with JIT enable
Bug WEB-53264 Build 213.5281.x: deadlock (infinite loop) with TailwindDocumentationProvider in thread dumps
Feature WEB-53150 Tailwind autocomplete support for mustache .hbs files
Feature WEB-25289 CSS/SCSS/SASS/LESS: add option "Add a space at comment start"
DebuggerBug WEB-53403 Can't open Debug tool window because of JCEF error
Bug WEB-53642 Debugger memory leak
File WatchersBug WEB-53599 File Watchers: programs running on WSL doesn't work if PATH variable to node is not specified
Feature WEB-38925 File Watchers: support programs running on WSL
HTMLBug WEB-53690 Typing '</' does not close the currently open HTML tag but instead opens an intelli-sense autocompletion popup with irrelevant choices
Exception WEB-53086 Exception while editing injected HTML fragment
Bug WEB-54286 HTML tags shown twice in the completion suggestions
Bug WEB-53723 False positive "Empty tag doesn't work in some browsers" for void tags in Angular template
JavaScriptFeature WEB-51282 Support "imports" field of package.json
Bug WEB-53235 Structure pane for JS exports in ES6 modules
Bug WEB-53199 No props values completion from string union types in MUI material components
Bug WEB-28630 NodeJS Modules imports going relative outside of package scope
Bug WEB-52058 Click on path with alias, for opening js-file, is opening less-file instead (perhaps because name is same) (Webstorm)
Task WEB-53276 Enable completion for top-level await in JS and TS files
Bug WEB-53441 Download library window shows truncated list of typings
Feature WEB-53257 Add advanced configuration for using file extensions in module imports
Usability WEB-51859 Method chaining not working - unrecognised fluent methods, even when they return this.
Bug WEB-53258 Add an asterisk when pasting code snippet into a selected comment
Bug WEB-53031 Wrong type mismatch errors are reported for React "useContext()"
Bug WEB-53521 Usages of functions added to ES6 class via @memberof are not found
Usability WEB-53220 In JSX context, existing variables/parameters should have higher priority in completion than HTML live templates with matching names
Performance WEB-52693 high CPU and memory usage causing low memory notification
Bug WEB-53266 Generate getter/setter for Javascript fails with private class fields
Bug WEB-51842 Default modules re-exported as named are imported as default if "Use paths relative to the project, resource or sources roots" is enabled
Task WEB-53539 JavaScript: remove quick fixes with incorrect suggestions
Feature WEB-52552 Support import assertions proposal
Exception WEB-53470 StackOverflowError on JSTypeStructuralPartEvaluator
Bug WEB-53731 Editing template string causes an exception
Bug WEB-53435 Wrong signature mismatch warnings: multiple Issues interpreting signatures of node child_process functions
Bug WEB-53436 WebStorm 2021.3 Beta copies wrong value
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-53385 Apply 'ES6 import/export braces' option to import assertion
Feature WEB-51952 Provide a code style option to add white spaces within JSX comments
Feature WEB-52752 Add "block comment at first column" option for JavaScript
Bug WEB-53491 Import assertion is removed on optimizing imports
Bug WEB-53469 Code formatting breaks template strings by adding spaces
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-53861 Angular animation callbacks not recognized
Bug WEB-52834 Vue: `ref` attribute value in script setup should refer to local variable if one is defined
Bug WEB-52856 Unable to import VUE component from`@headlessui/vue` package
Bug WEB-52858 Component binded with v-model should not warn when the prop definition for value is defined in mixins as required
Bug WEB-37574 No completion for CSS properties inside inline style (jsx)
Bug WEB-53447 Angular: False Positive "Wrong attribute value" on all kinds of attributes
Bug WEB-53569 Vue.js: "Navigate | Declaration" on custom component doesn't jump to definition when using "script setup"
Bug WEB-52125 Multiple imports are marked as unused in <script setup>
Feature WEB-47399 Angular: support events from custom EventManagerPlugin
Bug WEB-53635 decodeURIComponent() not resolved in Vue template
Bug WEB-54232 Support code completion of script setup local vars in v-bind CSS function
Bug WEB-52809 Vue 3: library (naive-ui) component import is marked unused
Bug WEB-29900 Angular: provide completion of CSS properties in style property binding
Bug WEB-50085 Can't recognize usage of v-model with modelValue required prop in Vue 3
Bug WEB-46606 Vue composition API: wrong autocompletion of ref() in templates
Bug WEB-53325 For Vue template file, ant-design component imports are marked unused
Feature WEB-52343 Show deprecated mark for deprecated directives (f.e. v-is)
Bug WEB-53688 Angular. Event keyup.enter is not emitted
Performance WEB-53620 UI frozen on working with Vue components
Bug WEB-54109 Vue: Type checking for native boolean attributes in Vue templates is incorrect
Bug WEB-53909 Angular support - fxFlex attribute is not recognized
Bug WEB-54102 VueJS 3 script setup - Incorrect Color Scheme
Bug WEB-53797 Unresolved type Object in Vue template
Bug WEB-54223 Argument for @NotNull parameter 'file' of com/intellij/psi/impl/PsiManagerImpl.findFile must not be null
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-53439 Invalid JavaScript warning: Condition is always false since types 'String' and 'StringConstructor' have no overlap
Bug WEB-52450 Use file extension in imports if type: "module" is used in package.json
Bug WEB-53532 Inconsistent / instabile behaviour of "Unused property" inspection
Bug WEB-53541 Slow operations are prohibited on EDT from ES6ConvertVarToLetConstQuickFix
Cosmetics WEB-53208 Typos in Inspection Descriptions for "JavaScript and TypeScript"
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-51079 Typescript: Refactor: Flip if-else results in compile error when using Prettier as default formatter
Bug WEB-54300 Regression on renaming variables holding return value of useState
Bug WEB-53926 Refactoring Type alias ends up adding an extra s to type alias
Bug WEB-52773 WebStorm doesn't respect indent size in .editorconfig when using 'Move class to separate file' intention
Bug WEB-53808 TypeScript: Inline field refactoring incorrectly handles getters
Bug WEB-50246 TypeScript: Refactor: Inline function breaks code
LESSBug WEB-49795 @import in LESS does not resolve packages in node_modules if `~` is omitted
LintersBug WEB-52594 ESLint 8.0: doesn't work with YarnPnP
Bug WEB-53256 ESlint: update the bundled `.eslintrc-schema.json`
Feature WEB-53407 Limit the scope of files to be linted with StyleLint 14+
Node.jsBug WEB-53230 Don't show 'Update package to the latest version' after performing the action
Bug WEB-52175 package.json doesn't show suggestion for packages that only exist in private repositories when using yarn
Bug WEB-53716 Support Docker Compose Node.js interpreter when project is located under `\\wsl$\<distro>`
Bug WEB-53454 Windows: hidden command line when running Node.js run configuration
Bug WEB-48930 Yarn PnP: Webstorm doesn't find node dependencies on Windows with WSL
Bug WEB-42178 Yarn PnP: Indirect dependencies are not indexed
Bug WEB-49515 Tsc errors are not navigable in NPM toolwindow when running Angular apps
Bug WEB-52837 Run Script with npm throws errors in WSL
Bug WEB-48600 Settings Export/Import - NodeJS Interpreter List is broken
Feature WEB-33571 Add node_modules/.bin folder to PATH in Terminal for current project
Bug WEB-53350 NodeJS 17 debugger doesn't work on Windows with IPv6
Bug WEB-52590 Docker: `npm install` fails when project is located under `\\wsl$\<distro>`
Bug WEB-53378 Can't install dependencies if package.json file isn't in the root folder and use Node.js interpreter via docker-compose
Feature WEB-40509 Support "exports" field of package.json
Bug WEB-53972 Scratch node.js files aren't executed in project working directory anymore
Feature WEB-52942 Support Vagrant interpreter via Node.js Run Targets, e.g. Mocha, Jest, npm
Bug WEB-53428 macOS, Docker/Docker Compose: ESLint fails with "Status 500: Mounts denied" if IDE is installed to /Applications
Bug WEB-53381 Can't run tests with node via docker-compose without setting up File sharing
ProfilingBug WEB-41449 NullPointerException when attempting to load heap snapshot
SASSFeature WEB-30607 @import in scss does not resolve packages in node_modules
Bug WEB-53120 Sass @use / @import statements without tilde aren't being resolved correctly
StylusBug WEB-53966 Stylus: values of CSS properties not available in completion
TypeScriptUsability WEB-49388 Monorepo: prohibit auto-import from the same package using absolute paths
Feature WEB-53440 deno: show module urls/names instead of cache filenames
Bug WEB-52986 Show anonymous properties in the structure panel
Task WEB-53053 TypeScript 4.5: type Modifiers on Import Names
Bug WEB-53336 deno: "configuration.applicationArguments must not be null" error when running run configuration
Task WEB-52568 Update bundled TypeScript to 4.4
Task WEB-53042 TypeScript 4.5: ECMAScript Module Support in Node.js
Bug WEB-53183 'Use directory import when index.js is available' option doesn't work when re-export
Bug WEB-51447 "Use .js extension for module names" setting is not used for Javascript or Typescript
Bug WEB-52762 pnpm: incorrect completion and auto-imports for Node.js built-in classes
Task WEB-53636 Update bundled TypeScript to 4.5
Bug WEB-52665 Vue3, Typescript: setup vars typed incorrectly in template
Bug WEB-50464 TypeScript: Cannot use paths without baseUrl
Bug WEB-40844 pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter after key, value pair in object literal should insert comma
Bug WEB-53370 Deno LSP does not work for .tsx files ("Typescript JSX" file type)
Unit TestsBug WEB-48664 Test runner with WSL does not highlight failed assertions etc.
Bug WEB-47606 WSL 2: Jest Coverage tool window not showing any stats
Bug WEB-51467 Jest todo tests are not displayed in test tree
Bug WEB-53519 Missing highlighting on gutter for covered by Jest/Mocha tests code lines
Bug WEB-52461 Jest: "Click to update snapshot" link fails with "Failed to prepare target. null" when using WSL node interpreter
Bug WEB-53632 Karma + Node.js 17: can't connect to karma server. There is no server listening on port 9876
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Bug WI-64334 Creating a new in-place project with New Project From Existing Files does nothing
Usability WI-64497 "Refresh current remote file" and "Upload current remote file" buttons should not be close together
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