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App EngineBug PY-38080 Can't resolve google.appengine packages if project has extra packages from google
Code InsightBug PY-38439 False positive when assigning TypedDict to field with different TypedDict type
Bug PY-37601 Wrong type for class initialization that has generic __call__
Bug PY-38505 Infer proper type for TypedDict subscription expressions
Bug PY-38642 Display package icons only for traditional Python packages containing __init__.py
Bug PY-38413 PyCharm should add * before all arguments in type hint for TypeDict
Bug PY-38438 PyCharm suggests __import__ before import keyword, other keywords are also quite low
Bug PY-38415 Incorrect order of keys in parameters hint in the case of inheritance TypeDict classes
ConsoleBug PY-39090 NPE with Python Console folding
CythonBug PY-31491 Cython syntax highlighting ctuple not recognised
Bug PY-17479 Syntax for 2D Cython arrays is not recognized
DebuggerBug PY-38941 Debugger doesn't see new Python processes created with posix_spawn
Bug PY-38378 Debugger Console not updating variable inside function
DjangoException PY-38529 Exception is thrown when adding new module with Django facet in Idea
IDEBug PY-39497 Docstring format is changed to Plain from reStructutedText when opening the project in 2019.3
InspectionsBug PY-16868 Inspection is wrong on property declaration in .pyi file
Bug PY-30861 Warnings when calling methods in nested dictionaries using defaultdict
Bug PY-38422 Warning message for method `clear` and `popitem` in context of TypedDict should be the same
Bug PY-33663 Multiple calls to pathlib.Path.parent loses type information
Bug PY-33490 Update "PEP 8 coding style violation" inspection description
Bug PY-38873 Type of TypedDict's value is misdetected when value type is dict, Dict or TypedDict
Bug PY-38412 A stub module causes PyCharm to infer incorrect type for TypeDict
Usability PY-1421 Include name of reference being imported in 'unused import' inspection report message
Exception PY-33548 AssertionError in PyTypeCheckerInspectionProblemRegistrar.java:90
Interpreters SettingsBug PY-38479 unusable virtual environments created by PyCharm CE 2019.2.3 using Catalina's Python3.7.3 as base interpreter
Jupyter NotebookBug PY-39121 Read access Exception when working with widgets
Bug PY-39268 No text shown in popup at some Jupyter notebook editor icons
Bug PY-38864 Jupyter syntax error reporting
Usability PY-38407 Don't show interactive widget objects in variable view
RefactoringBug PY-12516 Refactor -> Rename: default python run configuration name is not updated
Remote InterpretersBug PY-38649 Existing Docker and Docker Compose Python interpreters cannot be edited
Bug PY-37477 PyCharm uses the same port (hence plots do not work for more than one user in case of SSH-based interpreter)
Test RunnerBug PY-29614 Test results for unittest subtests are formatted incorrectly if the docstring doesn't start with \n
Build. GradleBug IDEA-226433 Regression on working with Android gradle sub-projects that re not connected to the root configuration
Bug IDEA-227808 Gradle tests report in IDE: merge test results from different tasks and workers.
Build. MavenBug IDEA-228098 IntelliJ 2019.3 builds Maven projects indefinitely
Bug IDEA-200439 Maven: maven-ear-plugin support: the outputFilenameMapping property is not supported
Bug IDEA-225993 java.nio.charset.IllegalCharsetNameException: ${project.encoding}
Bug IDEA-228873 MavenExecutionRequest- null set into basedir request property
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-227586 Warn on returning Nullable from Flux/Mono transformation should support method reference
Bug IDEA-227840 Intention does nothing when rethrow exception
Bug IDEA-227141 Quickfixes in the Inspections view are reordered
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-226388 Existing template "<li> not contained in <ul> or <ol>" doesn't work
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-228606 IDEA community lacks "Community" in the installation path
Task IDEA-227756 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.61 with IntelliJ IDEA
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-226561 Disposer.register should be documented to throw IncorrectOperationException when the parent disposable is disposed
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-225468 "Notification group Profiling is already registered" on installing first theme plugin
Bug IDEA-224855 Plugin Manager: a lot of plugins are falsely marked as uncompatible
Bug IDEA-225789 Keymap is not added if Apply button is pressed after keymap plugin installation
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-224132 Run Configurations: the tasks added as beforeRun tasks seem to be executed in parallel
Cosmetics IDEA-227160 Add text disclaimer to run/debug configuration template page
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-225455 $SELECTION$ does not work in Live Template when part of another variable
Bug IDEA-227271 InlayHints not properly disabled
Bug IDEA-226412 column mode is not revealed on status bar (regression)
Bug IDEA-227963 "Enter/Smart indent" option sets "AUTOCOMPLETE_ON_SMART_TYPE_COMPLETION" instead of "SMART_INDENT_ON_ENTER"
Bug IDEA-227376 The "File Structure" popup no longer correctly locates the function you select when dealing with collapsed areas
Bug IDEA-226837 Caret jumps to another line when moving using left/right arrows
Editor. Intention ActionsPerformance IDEA-227453 Freeze on showing available intentions
Editor. TextMate BundlesBug IDEA-226563 Navigating to php/bin/set_error_handler after find-in-path locks up
GroovyBug IDEA-202654 Multi-line TODO comments not recognized in some file types
Bug IDEA-223211 Groovy: paste of unicode-escaped characters does not work
Bug IDEA-178360 Groovy: can not paste new line character into strings
Bug IDEA-162290 Groovy: escaping problem for copy and paste from/to GStrings
Lang. XMLBug IDEA-226310 XSD validation ignores "anyAttribute"
Lang. YAMLBug IDEA-226689 Helm. java.lang.AssertionError: Should come here only for YAMLKeyValue with no value and a following indent at adding a missing key from values.schema.json
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-200863 Ability to inspect the image of the running Docker container.
Bug IDEA-203230 Docker. Save container changes: all tabs display "Log" info until choosing "Attached Console"
Bug IDEA-226467 Docker. Absent errors in case of running a container with already allocated ports
Bug IDEA-227975 Doing an docker-compose down using the Docker services panel causes named volumes to be removed/deleted (new in 2019.3)
Bug IDEA-227705 Add *.dockerfile file type pattern for dockerfile.
Bug IDEA-227236 Dockerfile, image: the deployed container doesn't have log if chosen in another project
Performance IDEA-218894 Constant recreation of log consoles if the same container log is opened in two projects, eventually leading to OOM
Usability IDEA-226452 Docker. Display no additional tabs for a container after delete and redeploy
Usability IDEA-217957 Docker. Expand docker node after connection
Usability IDEA-155563 Docker. Provide possibility of navigation from/to containers to/from the corresponding image.
Cosmetics IDEA-218123 Docker: Green pane by down the compose app
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-227732 Focus is not returned to Editor after closing Commit dialog
Bug IDEA-227102 Focus lost after closing tool window if editor tabs are splitted
User Interface. NavigationUsability IDEA-224071 Switcher opens a tab in the previous split when tabs placement is set to none
User Interface. Services ViewBug IDEA-226739 Services: OpenEachTypeInNewTab action is available in the empty view but doesn't affect the behavior when configurations are added
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-226627 Git Clone Dialog: Trim the URL
Bug IDEA-227242 Deleting directory with unversioned files (by action from Project View) does not remove corresponding unversioned files from Local Changes
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-227019 Git log tab bug with a branch named with parenthesis
Version Control. SubversionBug IDEA-224516 Intellij IDEA never ends (or as best, is very slow) "performing VCS refresh". Se attached image. Problem appears in all 2019.3 versions. Not a problem in version 2019.2.3.
DB ConnectivityBug DBE-2684 call trim() on connection dialog fields
DB ConsoleBug DBE-9728 Some MySQL queries show wrong table column names
DB IntrospectionFeature DBE-5036 Create "fake" foreign key reference
Bug DBE-9755 NPE on fetching database schema
DB RefactoringBug DBE-9743 Wrong schema is chosen when adding foreign key constraint to a table (fixed in DataGrip)
Data ViewsBug DBE-9613 MongoDB: JavaScript regular expression objects are not supported in the filter field
Bug DBE-8196 Remove schema qualification from the data editor query
Bug DBE-9704 Cannot Use ObjectId to find one record in MongoDB
Bug DBE-9593 MongoDB collection view: ISODate truncated to just YYYY-MM-DD format
Bug DBE-9714 Right-click on column header does not show menu in DataGrip 2019.3 Windows
Bug DBE-9736 Table filter is cleared when navigating from Database View
SQL CompletionFeature DBE-9708 Add editor option to autocomplete SQL join clause without table name
SQL Format and StyleBug DBE-9680 PostgreSQL doesn't handle CREATE TYPE
Bug DBE-9692 SQL formatter: Placing ON/USING under JOIN doesn't work
SQL GenerationBug DBE-9619 IDEA reports incorrect column definitions
SQL HighlightingBug DBE-9658 Exasol IFNULL() function support
Bug DBE-9667 Add support [GLOBAL] [ANY|ALL] [INNER|LEFT|RIGHT|FULL|CROSS] [OUTER] JOIN (subquery)|table USING columns_list for ClickHouse dialect
Bug DBE-9767 DROP CHECK incorrectly marked as error for MySQL.
Bug DBE-9679 Inline parameter hint provider for DB routines
Bug DBE-9682 Oracle: Allow identifier syntax for password values (e.g. REPLACE clause)
Bug DBE-9659 Exasol PARTITION BY clause
Bug DBE-9660 Snowflake dialect: QUALIFY does not work correctly in a WITH clause
SQL ResolveBug DBE-9453 CQL highlighting doesnt understand custom types
No subsystemBug WEB-42670 Invalid destructuring type evaluation for an arrow function parameter with explicit annotation
Bug WEB-42727 502 bad gateway is shown on the first request after project reopenning
CSSPerformance WEB-42613 CSS: CssColorGutterRenderer can cause freezes
DartFeature WEB-41912 Support Dart web apps debugging using 'webdev daemon'-based workflow and VM Service protocol (like Dart DevTools)
Bug WEB-41978 NPE on autocompletion for Dart (SDK 2.2 or 2.3)
Bug WEB-42526 NPE from DartServerRootsHandler.getEnclosingDartPackageDirectory()
DebuggerBug WEB-42661 Debugging with an async hook enabled is broken
Bug WEB-42393 Support debugger frames for dependencies installed with Yarn PnP
File WatchersBug WEB-42549 "Enable File Watcher" is suggested for files inside node_modules
JavaScriptFeature WEB-21053 ES6 Template Strings Don't Collapse
Bug WEB-42593 Type of Map entries iterated with for..of inferred as any
Bug WEB-42672 Global definitions are not resolved in strict mode
Bug WEB-42662 Color methods in optional chains as normal methods
Bug WEB-42431 JSdoc: Better coverage of @implements with external files
Bug WEB-42466 Unwanted autocomplete on rest operator for args collecting
Bug WEB-42469 <br>, <em>, <strong> and <u> do not work in JavaScript quick documentation
Performance WEB-42708 outOfMemory on tuple types analyzing
Cosmetics WEB-28832 Structure diagram shows right arrow buttons when there are no sub members to that item
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-42315 Resolve imports for .native.js and web.js file names
Feature WEB-42868 create-react-app 3.3: use `--template typescript` for generating TypeScript app
Feature WEB-42869 create-react-app 3.3: use `npx --ignore-existing` when generating a project
Bug WEB-40248 Async pipe incorrectly infers the type of nested Observable in template
Bug WEB-42721 Meteor: incorrect warnings for some packages
Bug WEB-42758 Directly exported jsx classes do not show in code completion.
Bug WEB-41397 Too many identical results in Add Angular Schematic popup after refreshing content
Bug WEB-41409 Vue component with script in another file: duplicated info in popup
Bug WEB-42387 Angular template: false "Unused variable" when using @ViewChildren in Component
Bug WEB-42824 PhpStorm freezes while deleting characters from doctrine XML files
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-42129 Unnecessary semicolon in if/else statement (Vue, TypeScript 3.7, Prettier)
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-42534 'Extract superclass' creates double 'super()'
Node.jsTask WEB-42476 Yarn PnP: Support for stylelint
SASSBug WEB-42416 @use in SCSS file doesn't resolve webpack aliases (`~@/...`)
TypeScriptFeature WEB-42630 Support `declare` Property Modifier
Bug WEB-42564 Incorrect unused marking
Bug WEB-42603 Invalid 'Contents of collection never queried' warning for set with type declaration
Bug WEB-42594 Promise<T> generic argument in return type not inferred from context for awaited calls
Bug WEB-42683 tsserver not started, code analysis can't be completed because of problems parsing include patterns in tsconfig.json
Bug WEB-42414 Array spread operator prevents inference of return type of map callback
Bug WEB-42581 TypeScript: missing class property type in suggestions
Performance WEB-42657 High CPU usage when editing TSX component with style-components
Usability WEB-42623 TypeScript: show inferred class property type in suggestions
Task WEB-42404 TypeScript: enable 'export * as ns from' syntax (coming in TS 3.8)
Unit TestsBug WEB-42463 Mocha is used for running tests in Vue-cli project despite Jest being configured in dependencies
Exception WEB-42471 Cannot run Karma tests with disabled "JavaScript Debugger" plugin
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