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Code InsightUsability PY-29287 Structure view for Python files - defaults to all levels expanded
DebuggerBug PY-32531 TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable in Django
Bug PY-32403 PyCharm should't ask type of breakpoint for scratch python file
Bug PY-31506 Unable to debug PyQt threads
DjangoBug PY-31765 Type is inferred as "WSGIRequest | unknown" for the first param for all functions in views.py
DockerBug PY-24191 Python remote debugging using docker-compose hangs
InspectionsBug PY-27940 Errors running pycodestyle in log with Python 3.7
Bug PY-32321 False negative: b'qwe' u'asd' is syntax error, PyCharm shows no warning
Bug PY-32485 False negative: inspection "Access to a protected member of a class or a module"
Bug PY-22508 False positive: Shadows built-in name 'module'
Bug PY-17038 Method first parameter inspection shouldn't highlight methods of Zope interfaces
Interpreters SettingsBug PY-32398 WSL Interpreter dialog not show in latest PyCharm 2018.3. EAP
Remote InterpretersBug PY-29739 Authentication failure using private key with passphrase on adding Python interpreter
DockerBug IDEA-201954 NPE at calling "new session" for the "Attached console" of a container
Bug IDEA-200922 Dockerfile, Image run config: two nodes at saving changes in the running container
Bug IDEA-202514 Docker: Dockerfile fails to run from the Editor with automatically created run config
Bug IDEA-158216 Docker: unable to reopen Inspect window
Editor. Editing TextCosmetics IDEA-199826 Switching from read-only file to editable one incorrectly repaints status bar indicators
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-202205 Wrong gutter action add to intention popup when we have disabled gutter action
External ToolsFeature IDEA-129070 Macro: multiple $Prompt$ in External Tools
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBug IDEA-200011 Replace in pre-selected text doesn't work any more
Usability IDEA-173010 Rerun is greyed out in Find Occurrences, results are collapsed by default
Cosmetics IDEA-202206 Search everywhere: Type / to see commands
IDE ConfigurationBug IDEA-200585 Live Templates: Expand with = None is shown as "Default (Space)"
IndicesCosmetics IDEA-200475 Stacktrace found in log file - unsure of the cause
Packaging and InstallationBug IDEA-201669 Silent Installation: The installation is not done but there is a message about successful installation in installation log.
Bug IDEA-201664 Silent installation by user: The name of the destination folder is changed while changing the location during the installation
Bug IDEA-202935 Regression: cannot install IntelliJ IDEA in silent mode if intermediate directory is missing
Bug IDEA-201878 Uninstall previous installations: There is bin folder with uninstall.exe after uninstalling
Usability IDEA-198858 Batch Mode for IDE updates: It will be usefull to mention which patch-file.zip is wrong when there is wrong jar file in chain.
Task IDEA-202194 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.10 with IntelliJ IDEA
Platform APIFeature IDEA-201860 Allow third-party IDEs to customize how major version is obtained from build number while suggesting updates
Performance IDEA-202315 UAST TreeBasedEvaluator consumes a lot of CPU
Plugin DevelopmentBug IDEA-202885 DevKit: constant assertion when using xi:include with <depends> in plugin descriptors
Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-202017 Can't install plugin if it contains necessary dependence on another plugin
Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-202420 Opening offline external documentation for JDK 11 does not work
TerminalBug IDEA-200854 Regression: "Close session" and "Select Next/Previous Tab" no longer works in terminal since latest build
Bug IDEA-202523 Opening Embedded Terminal starts with: "cp: overwrite '/home/<username>/.WebStorm2018.3/config/terminal/history/history-'? " since updating to WebStorm 2018.3
Bug IDEA-202821 Blank terminal
Exception IDEA-203045 Start ssh session is broken in 183.3795.24
User InterfaceBug IDEA-183544 Artifacts Application icon setting missing
Bug IDEA-200459 New Search Everywhere dialog doesn't retain previous search in "All" tab
Bug IDEA-201098 Panel for swapping branches is missing from the Compare with current dialog on mac
Bug IDEA-201529 It should be not possible to reduce panel view to zero size
Task IDEA-197166 Increase click and hover zones for the close button for Manage Recent Projects popup and Welcome Screen
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-200857 TabbedPaneUI reduces tabs font when switching theme
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-201492 Default keymap doesn't save shortcuts
Usability IDEA-201494 Shortcut chooser dialog cannot be submitted from keyboard
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-199525 Mojave: selected item in context menu is highlighted with a different color than in the main menu
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-201868 New SE: Use FUS statistics provider
Bug IDEA-202230 Setting or registry items aren't shown in "Find Action" dialog
Bug IDEA-198765 Rubymine 2018.3 EAP display file/folder paths truncated
Bug IDEA-197872 Select in... is broken in new Search Everywhere
Performance IDEA-201678 Analyze stacktrace hangs
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-191210 Run Git Hooks option does not check for commit-msg hook
Bug IDEA-201575 Failed git clone notification shows progress messages
DB DiffBug DBE-7320 Comparing two schemas fails
DB RefactoringBug DBE-6517 Incorrect Extract subquery as CTE on UNION/EXCEPT/INTERSECT queries
Bug DBE-6503 Incorrect Exract subquery as CTE with INSERT statement
Bug DBE-6496 Extract subquery as CTE incomplete or abbiguous when existing CTE named cte_alias
Data ViewsBug DBE-7266 Impossible to edit a boolean field in a new row
Usability DBE-7224 Data view "Compare with" underscore in tab name is transformed to accelerator in dropdown
Navigation & SearchBug DBE-7303 Oracle: navigate to package procedure: DG navigates to the first line instead of the line with procedure declaration
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-7283 Show parameters info for INSERT automatically
Bug DBE-4772 Good code is highlighted yellow
Bug DBE-7282 Just alone field is treated as a function
Bug DBE-7288 MSSQL: Sub query and GROUP BY
Bug DBE-7111 [ClickHouse] Invalid inspection on INSERT into table with materialized column about incorrect values count
Performance DBE-7335 Suppression calculation could be faster
User InterfaceFeature DBE-7214 Ability to choose color in data source settings
Build toolsBug WEB-12263 Grunt console support for ANSI terminal
DebuggerBug WEB-35467 Step into nodejs core modules opens virtual file
Bug WEB-35418 Changing built-in web server port breaks JavaScript debug configurations
Bug WEB-35534 Duplicated 'Drop frame' action in debug tool window
Bug WEB-35073 Not changed object value on changes via evaluation window
Bug WEB-35630 node debug connector isn't listening to debug port
HTMLBug WEB-33621 'Collapse empty tag' removes variable inside the tag (react.js)
JSONBug WEB-35693 Compliance with JSON standard inspection does not highlight comments correctly
Bug WEB-35493 JSON schema validation validates itself
Bug WEB-35514 Comma is inserted in an incorrect place when pasting value with a trailing newline symbol
JavaScriptFeature WEB-35748 ESnext private and async static class members: allow private static and relax modifier order for async
Feature WEB-32824 Allow hiding override/implement left gutter icons
Feature WEB-35752 Support ESNext throw expressions
Bug WEB-29718 'Has subclasses / implementations' line markers can be duplicated
Bug WEB-35677 [React] Warning in super(props) on constructor
Bug WEB-35645 Syntax analysis never completes for redux reducers using immutable.js
Bug WEB-35610 Move statement up and down handle comma properly with object destructuring
Bug WEB-35650 Incorrect view of Structure view in case of generics in class constructors
Bug WEB-36073 ES6: import from node core modules are broken
Bug WEB-30793 Member import of json file in javascript has no code completion.
Bug WEB-35605 Blacklist for JavaScript parameter hints doesn't work
Bug WEB-35584 Intellisense breaks for classes with methods
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-22494 Wrong indentation after breaking line in React JSX code
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-35983 Improve code completion for Angular bindings
Bug WEB-35848 Component's properties/methods are not resolved in pug templates
Bug WEB-35681 ReactJS code completion doesn't work after project creation
Bug WEB-35687 Angular Service doesn't work for html files
Bug WEB-35842 Find angular component by selector not working
Bug WEB-35941 Angular 2 HTML binding auto-suggest doesn't treat custom components Input() and Output() as relevant
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-35653 Webpack validation shouldn't validate non-literal expressions
Node.jsBug WEB-36082 Having // in package json refreshes indices forever
Bug WEB-35640 Problems with accelerators/shortcut keys in Run/Debug Configurations
Usability WEB-35680 node_modules folder is marked as library root after unexcluding
Exception WEB-35643 java.lang.Throwable: Directory index is already disposed for Project (Disposed)
TypeScriptFeature WEB-35664 Support TS 3.2 generic rest and spread
Feature WEB-34802 Support TS 3.2 BigInt type
Feature WEB-35522 Support TS configuration inheritance via packages (TS 3.2)
Bug WEB-35743 Typescript - Implement constructor dialog does not respond to ALT+N (Select none)
Bug WEB-33550 Auto-Import doesn't work for re-exports of default exports
Bug WEB-35761 Typescript: "Create method" incorrectly computes insertion anchor for aliased type literals
Bug WEB-35551 Import are marked as error when overriding baseUrl in child config
Bug WEB-35596 Generics in JSX and whitespace
Bug WEB-35760 Wrong find usages for method override
Bug WEB-35803 Error while import date-fns functions in vue-component
Unit TestsUsability WEB-35642 IntelliJ adds `--require ts-node/register` when running Mocha + Typescript tests causing failure
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Usability WI-44341 Automatic deployment is not working if no "Web server root" specified
Task WI-44120 Add warning messages on changing default server with enabled autoupload
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