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Code InsightBugPY-20708Return type of hashlib.md5() is unknown
BugPY-39848Unexpected argument flask set_cookie samesite
BugPY-39956code completion for " from itertools import prod.."
ConsoleBugPY-40179A port on is being opened for listening when launching Python console
DebuggerCosmeticsPY-39119Rename host address in Remote Debug Server settings
DjangoFeaturePY-23351Add support for Django TEMPLATE builtins
DockerBugPY-40123Python Run Configuration (docker-compose) fails with "Could not find docker0 network interface" error when started in debug mode
IDEBugPY-38866Disable of YAML plugin crashes Pycharm installation
InspectionsBugPY-19522"Unexpected Argument" when registering CSV dialect
BugPY-39682Ignored references in inspections settings for unresolved references in Python does not work anymore
BugPY-28784PyCharm no longer understands distutils structure
BugPY-32123Raw format strings expect backslashes to be escaped
Interpreter SettingsFeaturePY-40336Configure Python interpreter automatically
FeaturePY-40351Ability to install Python from PyCharm on Windows
RefactoringBugPY-24232Convert to f-string literal doesn't remove escaping for % characters
BugPY-26286Intention "Convert from variadic to normal parameters" breaks function definitions if the same item is accessed multiple times
BugPY-38319Intention 'Convert to f-string' doesn't escape curly braces
Remote InterpretersBugPY-40120Upgrading version of IDEA Ultimate with installed Python plugin ruins configured remote Python interpreters
Test RunnerBugPY-25586Predefined working directory in defaults breaks test runners
BuildBugIDEA-219014Cannot launch run/debug configurations after 2019.2 update
Build. Built-in (JPS)FeatureIDEA-231528Update "Error Prone" compiler to 2.3.4
BugIDEA-231222ClassCastException: LinkedHashMap$Entry cannot be converted to HashMap$TreeNode in PathRelativizerService
BugIDEA-165391Compilation with -XprintProcessorInfo -XprintRounds sometimes "fails", even if it succeeds :-)
BugIDEA-230922IntelliJ Incremental Compiler fails if annotation processor is running with printProcessorInfo and any of the annotations contain the word "error"
BugIDEA-231506Error-Prone plugin: use HTTPs for Maven URL
Build. GradleBugIDEA-184090stdout not flushed to console until new line
BugIDEA-231214Default Gradle tasks should not be run on import
BugIDEA-220229GradleDiagrams: Do not throw exception if Gradle run failed
BugIDEA-228182BuildListener#buildStarted(Gradle) has been deprecated
BugIDEA-230036Cannot select downloading jvm in gradle settings
BugIDEA-209234IDEA with bundled Java 11: import of Gradle projects is broken
BugIDEA-219056After upgrading IntelliJ to 2019.2, Gradle project can not resolve artifacts from Jfrog Artifactory
BugIDEA-226845--enable-preview not setting language version when used in gradle
BugIDEA-229075Sync should not resolve compileOnly configuration
BugIDEA-230992IDEA console stalls when Gradle asks user to accept terms of use
BugIDEA-223152IDEA sync fails when a Gradle project depends on a transformed variant of another project (artifact transforms)
UsabilityIDEA-219200Changing the type of source folder in Gradle build script does not change type of source folder in IJ on import
Build. MavenBugIDEA-215618Maven: Generate | Dependency: SearchForClass returns no results
BugIDEA-230356Automatic detection AspectJ for Module doesn't work for aspectj-maven-plugin from com.nickwongdev
PerformanceIDEA-230700MavenIndex starts too many pooled threads
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBugIDEA-231441Enum constant argument lists and enum constant initializers are not matched
Core. IDE SettingsBugIDEA-230500Fail to change the sync account after I delete the account
TaskIDEA-169262Settings: move "Tooltip initial delay" option under registry key
ExceptionIDEA-228348SystemHealthMonitor - NPE
Core. IDE Settings. SharingTaskIDEA-231281Fix Sync Settings to JBA options location in the Main menu
Core. InstallationFeatureIDEA-195719Extract Java support to a separate plugin in IntelliJ IDEA
BugIDEA-231073Uninstalling IDEA doesn't delete caches and config
UsabilityIDEA-230819Installed custom plugins are lost after updating if custom idea.config.path is used
TaskIDEA-203640Remove dependency from intellij.platform.util to platform.resources.en
Core. Navigation and SearchBugIDEA-230721Method name in "Recent Locations" is truncated unnecessarily
UsabilityIDEA-147434Navigation bar: File list should use natural sort order
Core. Platform APIFeatureIDEA-230423Allow to call commitDocument in background threads for documents with non-physical files
BugIDEA-228248avoid "Calculate method parameter info in non UI thread" to restart daemon
TaskIDEA-230811Report IDE error when the same reference resolves to non-equivalent results in different threads
Core. Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-231814Enabling/disabling dynamic plugin via Actions always suggests restarting
BugIDEA-231658Plugins: on enabling plugin the plugin(s) it depends on are not enabled automatically
BugIDEA-229772IDE freezes after updating plugins
BugIDEA-231564Plugin disabling by toggling it off in the Find Action popup disables a lot of plugins that don't depend on it
CosmeticsIDEA-231654Plugins: correct text in 'Disable Dependent plugins' dialog
ExceptionIDEA-231648AE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.RestartButton.lambda$new$0
ExceptionIDEA-231562Velocity plugin enabling causes exception
Core. Project SettingsCosmeticsIDEA-227208Grammatical error in IDEA UI for setting up project
Core. Quick DocumentationBugIDEA-230513Parameter Info doesn't work for Java and Kotlin methods
BugIDEA-231385External documentation providers shouldn't be running under read lock
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBugIDEA-230605The beforeRun Maven tasks before run Application
UsabilityIDEA-231069Edit Run Configurations dialog: new RC adding doesn't work when you use quick search for navigation to node with subnodes
Core. Run. TargetsBugIDEA-231610Java debug for docker target fails with `Ports are not available: socket: too many open files`
Core. SSHExceptionIDEA-230859IDE Exception when trying to start SSH session
Core. StatisticsTaskIDEA-229358Please make com.intellij.statistics.validation.customWhiteListRule dynamic
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-160396Make `Delete to line start` action behavior consistent with Mac
BugIDEA-231047Auto-import on the fly doesn't work in files modified in non-default changelist
BugIDEA-229719Editor loses selection when context menu is opened
Editor. Intention ActionsFeatureIDEA-222636Intention preview
PerformanceIDEA-228916IntentionAction.isAvailable() shouldn't be called in EDT on F2 / Shift+F2
Lang. JSONBugIDEA-231779JSON Schema Validator: Integer values restricted to 32 bit during validation
Lang. Shell ScriptBugIDEA-231408Shell Script plugin: Bash Terminal rewrites script file path in a way that bash shell can't read it
BugIDEA-231148Shell: Parsing error for quoted string expansion $'...'
BugIDEA-227953Shell script: terminal tabs are not respecting the run configuration title
Lang. XPath and XSLTUsabilityIDEA-231642Add proper highlighting of injected XPath in macOS/Windows Light
UsabilityIDEA-230950XPath in language injection fragments is highlighted with confusing red color in Darcula
Tools. DockerFeatureIDEA-190810Support for multiple tags when building
BugIDEA-179900Docker exec tab does not correctly wrap
BugIDEA-207582Cannot use more than one terminal in container using exec `/bin/bash`.
ExceptionIDEA-219940Docker: com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.NotFoundException: {"message":"no such exec"} at attempt to edit some exec tabs
Tools. TerminalBugIDEA-231032Cannot open new terminal tab in RubyMine
ExceptionIDEA-231286"Open in Terminal" action fails to run
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-225647Mnemonics not working on "View Mode" menu items.
User Interface. Console ViewUsabilityIDEA-231959Cannot see whole Java path on Windows in Run/Debug console
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-230825Color Scheme UI: field with color value is always showing truncated text
CosmeticsIDEA-225998Scroll bars background is not transparent
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)BugIDEA-230863JCEF white flash on load
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBugIDEA-230545'Search Accessors' dialog is shown simultaneously with 'Show Usages' results popup
BugIDEA-231072intellij idea incorrect processing of regex: “regular expression matches empty string”
BugIDEA-209596"Invoke Show Usages again to search in all files" doesn't work
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-231836Focus is moved to wrong IDE windows when modal dialog appears
BugIDEA-202932Unexpected workspace switching after showing MacSheets dialog
User Interface. Keyboard InputBugIDEA-219679Keymaps plugins don't work in AppCode and DataGrip
User Interface. Look and FeelFeatureIDEA-232027Make selection in IntelliJ scheme lighter to leave highlighting
BugIDEA-228042Project description floats freely on screen
BugIDEA-231665Dracula theme broken with 201.3803.71 update
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-231596Enum method is not correctly selected in navbar
BugIDEA-231342Weird nav bar for lambda: surrounding class is missing
UsabilityIDEA-11943Navigation bar: Alt-F1 should immediately open list
CosmeticsIDEA-231316Select the whole line in NavBar popup
User Interface. Project ViewUsabilityIDEA-224710Project view does not show current focus when selecting via keyboard
User Interface. Services ViewExceptionIDEA-231056AE at com.intellij.database.dataSource.DataSourceStorage.readState
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-228523When cherry-picking with git, the automatically opened Commit dialog deselects the first file
BugIDEA-230743Clone button stays disabled after installing Git
BugIDEA-231282Throwable at com.intellij.vcs.log.impl.PostponableLogRefresher.addLogWindow
Version Control. LogCosmeticsIDEA-228572Git log: two different colors for link rendering
No subsystemBugDBE-8871Can no longer add "external schemas" in schema list (Redshift)
DB DiagramBugDBE-9903DB Diagram shows constraint differently in 2019.3 version
DB DiffBugDBE-8835Schema diff comparison with DDL. Don't show differences for native and default words
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-4856Azure: db_id() doesn't work, we need a workaround
BugDBE-8344Viewing or editing procedures on DB2 for i (AS/400) systems fails
BugDBE-9980Auto sync is not working if create schema and objects from console
BugDBE-8504DB Synchronize failure
DB RefactoringBugDBE-8889Sqlite Constraint Check lost when table is modified
DB Schema ViewsUsabilityDBE-1476Change shortcut for Refresh action in Database Tool Window
UsabilityDBE-7219"Import from sources" action is unclear
Data Import & ExportFeatureDBE-2640[Feature Request] Download query output as markdown table
BugDBE-8732CSV Import - please swap default LOB from Text to varchar(max) to better support modern (post 2005) versions of SQL Server
Data ViewsBugDBE-8788BLOB Record modifications in Database explorer, after automatic reload, shows a Java object reference
BugDBE-8857Query width gets wider and wider with each return (visual bug)
Navigation & SearchUsabilityDBE-8895Find Usages | Sort by line number
SQL CompletionBugDBE-8785Some objects are not loaded in the completion popup
PerformanceDBE-9844Huge freeze during autocomplete database table names in joins
SQL Format and StyleBugDBE-8845Cursors need to be left-aligned
SQL GeneralBugDBE-10031Everything is red
SQL GenerationBugDBE-8826After editing a package, the last ; is removed during submission to database
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-8330Datagrip literals auto-injection
No subsystemBugWEB-43484'Introduce variable' breaks for 'as' type casts in TypeScript if no whitespace after parentheses
BugWEB-43539Yeoman requires restart after disable
ExceptionWEB-43488NullPointerException when enable prettier plugin
CSSBugWEB-43562Exception after enabling postCSS plugin
DebuggerBugWEB-43315"Step into" does not work for libraries in 2020.1
HTMLBugWEB-43422"Insert closing tag on tag completion" can't be unchecked & saved
JSONBugWEB-43566JSON: incorrect syntax after adding a single quote
BugWEB-43447Java process of IDE stays alive after ide is closed if project contains JS files
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-43397JavaScript: enable completion autopopup in string literals if the context type is an union type with string literals
BugWEB-43307"Extract constant" does not work when selecting incomplete part of the expression in a function return
BugWEB-43614Inline type info not truncated
BugWEB-43351'Extract variable' does not work when selecting the last part of the expression with minus
BugWEB-41959Type is not inferred for named function imported through jsdoc
BugWEB-43622Remove braces intention results in invalid code
BugWEB-20508Quick Definition of default item imported via ES6 import statement results in viewing import statement not definition in actual import
BugWEB-41899Do not suggest Class as a class name after the `class` keyword
BugWEB-43327React.js: "Expand selection" works incorrectly in Redirect tag expression
BugWEB-43612Flow: statement expected is thrown when a UnionTypeAnnotation is used as type annotation of type parameters.
BugWEB-43375'Extract field' doesn't insert element with this when invoking inside array or indexer
BugWEB-43443syntax error on object spread with `in` and conditional operator
PerformanceWEB-43493IDE Freeze in 2019.3.2
PerformanceWEB-43019PHPStorm 2019.3 slow perfomance, autocomplete and inline validation take between 1 and 5 seconds to complete
UsabilityWEB-43369Popup 'Extract field' jumps to first occurrence
UsabilityWEB-43319A popup to select a field name overlaps on popup 'Introduce field'
UsabilityWEB-41072Show file path in "Choose declaration" popup
JavaScript. FormatterUsabilityWEB-43227Improve action name in the intentions popup when suggesting to import code style
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-26950Vuex: implement store symbols resolution within Vue components
FeatureWEB-43549Vuex: support namespaced mappers in components
FeatureWEB-43540Vuex: implement store symbols resolution in decorated components
FeatureWEB-43542Vuex: support root actions from namespaced modules
FeatureWEB-43541Vuex: implement resolution of store symbols in qualified references
BugWEB-38949'Closing Tag' suggestion box incorrectly suggests tags which have already been properly closed in JSX files
BugWEB-42439Live Templates: Angular: correctly expand a template invoked in the class context
BugWEB-43348Code completion doesn't work unless React typings are installed
BugWEB-42012jsconfig.json is not supported in *.vue files
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-42349'Assignment used as condition' should not be reported for mutable loop conditions
BugWEB-43623unnecessary parentheses in javascript is not unnecessary
UsabilityWEB-43346Improve warning in the Potentially invalid constructor usage inspection
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-9805JS: wrong code scope computing
BugWEB-39734Extract field: should introduce after the initialization in constructor
BugWEB-43309'Introduce variable' adds braces in the wrong sequence for arrow functions nested in invocations
BugWEB-43507'Introduce field' breaks before generators when code style for semicolons is to omit semicolons
BugWEB-42462'Replace ?: with if-else' produces red code
BugWEB-43483'Extract variable' removes parent expression when called on a string without quotes
BugWEB-43573Exclude occurrences in type predicate from refactoring
BugWEB-38311'Change signature' doesn't work with tagged template usages
BugWEB-25891`Extract variable` does not correctly work with scopes
BugWEB-39972Move module member: should not be available when caret is on reference to readonly library file
BugWEB-42461AssertionError when call 'Replace with indexer access'
BugWEB-43332Introduce Variable leaves unnecessary parentheses
BugWEB-43344Introduce field: wrong scope detection when extracting a constant substring of a template literal referencing inner vars
BugWEB-43435Introduce variable fails with parenthesized expressions in return in if-else without braces
BugWEB-42500"Extract" refactorings don't properly handle ASI rules
BugWEB-12591Extract variable not pulling near ocurrence
ExceptionWEB-39078Exception when invoking in-place introduce var from expression with parenthesized occurrences
ExceptionWEB-42459AssertionError when call 'Introduce variable' or 'Introduce parameter' in handlebar template
ExceptionWEB-42437'Extract variable' causes an exception in script tag in HTML
LintersBugWEB-43396Support Prettier with Yarn PnP >= 2.0.0-rc23
BugWEB-43384Support ESLint with Yarn PnP >= 2.0.0-rc23
Node.jsFeatureWEB-43383Recognise more .env.* files
FeatureWEB-38187IntelliJ IDEA cannot find Yarn binary when Yarn is installed with Yarn Version Manager
BugWEB-43370IllegalStateException when trying to add remote interpreter
BugWEB-43298Can't install packages with yarn 2.0.0-rc22
BugWEB-43414Support Mocha with Yarn PnP >= 2.0.0-rc23
SASSBugWEB-43552Disable/Enable Sass plugin throws exception
BugWEB-43264SASS/SCSS inspection error when using '#' with '$'
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-43379Support using ttypescript as Typescript language service
FeatureWEB-26987TypeScript: "Create Method" should generate signature with return type
FeatureWEB-27333TypeScript refactoring: generate type specifier when extracting variable
BugWEB-42139Add JSON files to Typescript import completion
BugWEB-42061Typescript code completion (For casting return type)
BugWEB-43238'Generate destructuring patterns' fails on assignment property of enum
BugWEB-29438Refactor / Extract Field: Type is not generated
BugWEB-43431Completion should autopopup for object type members
BugWEB-40503TS: Incorrect completion in generics
BugWEB-40535Quick documentation for import types in TypeScript TSDoc
BugWEB-42812Add `declare` Property Modifier to completion
BugWEB-43352TypeScript: mapping between ".ts" and ".d.ts" files works incorrectly for variables
BugWEB-40099TypeScript - incorrect "Remove unused field" quick fix
BugWEB-43615TypeScript optional chaining is incorrectly resolved when type aliases are used
BugWEB-43406Improve completion after 'readonly' in types
PerformanceWEB-43333TS: Auto-import quick-fix consumes a lot of EDT time
PerformanceWEB-43240High CPU Usage and long waiting when autocomplete in vuex project
UsabilityWEB-41450Provide better handling for long inlay hints (particularly React.useState)
UsabilityWEB-41913Impossible to differentiate entries with same name in the same-named files in Search Everywhere, Go to Class, and Go to Symbol
CosmeticsWEB-42210Improve presentation of inlay hints for parameters that have type recursion
TaskWEB-42637Investigate support for TypeScript with Yarn 2
TaskWEB-43594Improve "Explicit member type" inspection
Unit TestsBugWEB-43290Running single Jest test fails if a project directory is a symlink
BugWEB-43584Unable to run single Karma test with karma-jasmine >= 3.1.0
BugWEB-43355In failed karma tests links follow to localhost, not to the file system
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