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WEB-6417 (Bug)

SCSS support: !important not correctly parsed when used as function parameter

Code Insight


PY-8654 (Cosmetics)

"Add super class call" quickfix should delete "pass" statement if it was the only body of _init_ before quickfix was invoked

PY-7650 (Bug)

Unresolved reference: false positive for os.error

PY-8925 (Bug)

"Analyze Python code in docstrings" check box always returns to selected state

PY-8896 (Bug)

Docstring generates incorrect types for union

PY-8943 (Bug)

Specify type in docstring chooses wrong function for parameter

PY-8782 (Bug)

Specify return type in doctring: intention is not available on function call with collected types

PY-8783 (Bug)

Specify return type using annotation: intention seems to do nothing

PY-7857 (Bug)

Doctest: missing completion and highlighting for python keywords

PY-7152 (Bug)

Convert triple-quoted string to single-quoted string: missing intention for strings with prefixes

PY-7151 (Bug)

Convert triple-quoted string to single-quoted string: do not wrap string with parenthesis if initial string is already inside them

PY-7605 (Bug)

"Replace assignment with augmented assignment" incorrect string concatenation

PY-8025 (Bug)

Enable rest, epytext and doctest highlighting in strings literal assigned to _doc_

PY-8880 (Exception)

SOE at PyPathEvaluator.evaluate



PY-8803 (Bug)

Cython highlighter doesn't like * and & after types

PY-8675 (Bug)

Cython: Unresolved Reference to cython when using cimport.



WEB-6736 (Usability Problem)

JSDebugger: provide more user-friendly message about updating the extension

WEB-6672 (Usability Problem)

JS Debugger: Strange message

PY-8824 (Bug)

Unable to import pydev from pycharm-debug.egg in PyCharm 2.7 PY 125-57

WEB-6490 (Bug)

IDEA does not synchronize to a file/line of the breakpoint when debugging Javascript

WEB-6570 (Bug)

Choose local path: remove leading slash

WEB-6809 (Bug)

JSDebugger: TypeScript breakpoints are not hit



PY-8744 (Bug)

Smart indent pasted lines doesn't replace selection when pasting multi-line code

PY-8937 (Bug)

fill paragraph works wrong on simple strings

PY-8580 (Bug)

"Smart indent pasted lines" does not work with tabs in python

PY-8581 (Bug)

Fill Paragraph should not corrupt indentation

PY-7862 (Bug)

Doctest: closing quote is not inserted automatically inside doctest

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-97189 (Bug)

smart completion not filtering to best word



PY-8822 (Bug)

'for' keyword in multiline generator expression is not sufficiently indented



RUBY-13112 (Bug)

Inspection should be more clearly

RUBY-12950 (Bug)

Negative number in the inspection about indentation



PY-8815 (Feature)

Feature Request: Disable Docstring Analysis

PY-8864 (Usability Problem)

Don't report pep8.py issue about tabs if code style settings use tabs

PY-6756 (Bug)

PyCharm erroneously reports "too many arguments" for certain string formatting lines.

PY-8939 (Bug)

redundant inspections in doctests

PY-7725 (Bug)

Overriding property setter, inconsistent method signature false possitive

PY-8888 (Bug)

TypeChecker Inspection too strict for globals() in Python 2

PY-8926 (Bug)

Python: Conversion of docsting into recommended triple double-quoted form keeps doublequote at last position

PY-8801 (Bug)

Inspection for "Trying to call a non-callable object" incorrect for collections.namedtuple

PY-7318 (Bug)

Converting dictionary creation to dictionary literal does not handle duplicate items correctly

PY-7966 (Bug)

Local variable might be referenced before assignment. False positive

PY-8696 (Bug)

False positive for bz2 module (code compatibility inspection)



WEB-3692 (Feature)

Ability to read JSHint settings from . jshintrc File

WEB-6559 (Bug)

jsHint indentation option can't be turned off (and other issues)



WEB-6647 (Bug)

Can't compile LESS after reformating.

Live Edit


WEB-6722 (Feature)

Show special icon for JB extension in Google chrome

No Subsystem


IDEA-100765 (Bug)

RubyMine 5.0 loads project endlessly on startup



PY-8962 (Bug)

No packages are listed on the "Available Packages" screen

Product Documentation


PY-8903 (Bug)

update PyCharm artifacts with new keymaps

PY-6520 (Bug)

Bad screenshot for "Quick documentation" in PyCharm tips of the day



RUBY-13040 (Bug)

Declaring a parameterized Puppet class (even with default values) is parsed incorrectly

RUBY-13017 (Bug)

Case statement with regexp headers can't be parsed



PY-8909 (Bug)

change method signature doesn't change argument names in function body

PY-8704 (Bug)

Refactoring: Rename/Change Signature: inconsistent base class is proposed

PY-8857 (Bug)

Wrong renaming of modules when an alias is used

Remote Interpreters


PY-8736 (Bug)

wrong config.vm.box parameter in vagrantfile initialization on Tools|Vagrant|Init in project root

PY-8301 (Bug)

Breakpoints open files from "External Libraries" instead of source tree when using remote interpreter

PY-6988 (Bug)

Remote Interpreter ignores working directory



WEB-6519 (Bug)

SASS string concatenation being rendered as a syntax error in the editor

Test Runner


PY-8821 (Bug)

can't run unit tests with pycharm 2.7

PY-8636 (Bug)

Geting 'No module named importlib' error when trying to run remode tests (with django)

PY-8779 (Bug)

Test statistics table is not anchored properly

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-96808 (Bug)

Modified tabs asterisk color not much visible in Darcula

IDEA-99497 (Bug)

Darcula theme: symbol marking a modified file has an unreadable color

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-66101 (Feature)

Mercurial: "hg merge" support missing

IDEA-100983 (Usability Problem)

Mercurial merge dialog should save its dimensions

IDEA-100982 (Usability Problem)

Mercurial Merge dialog is not wide enough by default

IDEA-100985 (Performance Problem)

Mercurial Merge (called from Merge Dialog) is executed in AWT thread

IDEA-101453 (Cosmetics)

Mercurial: display reasonable notification on successful repository init

IDEA-100981 (Cosmetics)

VCS | Mercurial | Merge menu item should have ellipsis at the end

IDEA-100984 (Cosmetics)

Mercurial Merge dialog doesn't have a title

IDEA-100655 (Bug)

Mercurial plugin (hg4idea) asks confirmation for removing non-version files

IDEA-92994 (Bug)

Integrate project with mercurial shows local changes as 'Changes from server' in conflict ui

IDEA-101120 (Bug)

Mercurial UpdateTo dialog is not wide enough by default

IDEA-101121 (Bug)

Mercurial UpdateTo dialog should save its dimensions

IDEA-81214 (Bug)

Conflict Resolver confusion with Mercurial

IDEA-100425 (Bug)

Mercurial integration: generate wrong string for log from revision

IDEA-99083 (Bug)

Conflict Resolver displays wrong base version when using Mercurial / hg

IDEA-100586 (Bug)

PyCharm freezes when I try "Remove from VCS" for 5000 changes

IDEA-100740 (Bug)

Can not execute hg command with long argument list

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