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The suggested theme of this release is "Back to Core Python".
Release date: February 7th, 2013

  • (tick) Inspections and code completion based on runtime type information (collected during debugging and test execution) (traff)
  • (tick) UI for configuring project dependencies (for multiple projects opened in the same window) (yole)
  • Django 1.5 support (traff)
    • (tick) verbatim tag
  • Testing support improvements (ktisha)
    • (tick) Code insight support for doctests
    • (tick) Rerun Failed Tests action
  • (tick) Better PEP 8 support (inspections, import reordering on Optimize Imports) (yole)
  • Code insight support for SQLAlchemy (ktisha)
  • (tick) Continued work on improving inspections to reduce number of false positives (vlan)
  • (tick) Inspection for shadowing built-in Python names (vlan)
  • (tick) IdeaVIM bugfixes and improvements (vlan)
  • (tick) Change Method Signature/Introduce Parameter refactorings, "Create parameter" quickfix on unresolved reference (ktisha)
  • (tick) .pyc files handling on renaming/deleting .py files (yole)
  • Vagrant integration (traff)
    • (tick) Automatically configure remote interpreter
    • (tick) Detecting path mappings from Vagrantfile
    • (tick) UI for starting the VM and displaying console output
    • (tick) UI for managing boxes
  • Editing improvements
    • (tick) Unwrap action (ktisha)
    • (tick) Reflow Paragraph action (ktisha)
    • (minus) Rearranger integration (postponed to a future version)
    • (tick) Introduce on substrings (vlan)
  • Embedded terminal (traff)
    • (minus) Local (shift to the next version)
    • (tick) SSH
  • (tick) Integrate external tools with ssh (traff)
  • (tick) Usage statistics collection (yole)
    • Python flavor and versions
    • Used packages (of those which are available on PyPI)

Platform features that will be available for us:

  • (tick) Dark UI theme
  • (tick) TextMate bundles
  • Puppet
  • (tick) REST client
  • (minus) Rearranger integration (reordering methods in a class / functions in a file by condition; postponed)
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