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PY-7476 (Feature)

Zen Coding on jinja2 templates

PY-7599 (Bug)

Conflict with bin/pycharm64.exe.vmoptions upgrading from PyCharm 2.6.1 to 2.6.2

PY-7549 (Bug)

PyCharm 2.6.1 raises "The data "null" is not legal for a JDOM attribute: A null is not a legal XML value." permanently

Code Insight


PY-7086 (Bug)

Specify type for reference using annotation: removes default parameter value

PY-7775 (Bug)

Resolve navigates to python_stubs instead of project files

PY-7403 (Bug)

Insert type assertion: disable intention for variable defined in with statement

PY-7441 (Bug)

Docstring references behave strangely

PY-7435 (Bug)

Specify return type using annotation: annotation is added to current function instead of one at caret



PY-7464 (Bug)

Debugging of subprocess.popen has unexpected results and fails



PY-7593 (Feature)

Ability to create class diagram for all classes in file

PY-7893 (Bug)

Show Model Dependency Diagram doesn't open diagram when invoked from Editor

PY-7842 (Bug)

No relation after adding a class to diagram.



PY-7511 (Bug)

false error in django template for {% url module.module_class_name|add:'_admin' as edit_url %}

PY-6974 (Bug)

Data created in south migrations is not available to Django tests



PY-7695 (Bug)

Deadlock when indexing (creating stub for PyTargetExpression must not go into imports)



PY-7420 (Bug)

Good code red when using "with" statement that swallows errors



PY-7782 (Bug)

Package upgrade says "pip not found" when pip exists

Remote interpreter


PY-7672 (Bug)

"Copy PyCharm helpers to" setting is not preserved in Remote Python Interpreter configuration

PY-7562 (Bug)

Remote Interpreter: create known_hosts file if it doesn't yet exists

PY-7682 (Bug)

When using remote interpreter, built-in keywords are no longer recognized



PY-2087 (Bug)

Skeleton builder goes into an infinite loop when indexing nest.pynestkernel

Test Runner


PY-6252 (Feature)

Run single py.test from the editor context menu

PY-7751 (Bug)

Test Runner: pytest: skipped with skipIf decorator tests are shown as unfinished ones

PY-7655 (Bug)

Error in setUpClass messes up the nose test runner

PY-7637 (Bug)

Unittest stacktrace contains unittest-calls

PY-7816 (Bug)

No context menu to run nose tests

PY-7580 (Bug)

Code Coverage - 0% code coverage or no line coverage in editor

PY-7878 (Exception)

py.test: ValueError: Plugin already registered: terminalreporter

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