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PY-7476 (Feature)

Zen Coding on jinja2 templates

PY-7549 (Bug)

PyCharm 2.6.1 raises "The data "null" is not legal for a JDOM attribute: A null is not a legal XML value." permanently

PY-7453 (Bug)

Remote interpreter paths are not added when scanning skeletons

PY-7543 (Bug)

Premature end of file.

PY-7499 (Bug)

SFTP connection fails if there is no known_hosts file

Code Insight


PY-7516 (Bug)

unresolved reference in list comprehension when used as default argument value

PY-7517 (Bug)

Variables errorneousely marked as unused



PY-7569 (Bug)

Console shell command not working for django project



PY-7293 (Bug)

Invalid warning for 'super' calls in Cython code



PY-7509 (Exception)

Django Model Dependency Diagram doesn't work because of NPE

PY-7505 (Bug)

Not valid UML class diagram



PY-7459 (Bug)

Unnecessary port check in django run config

PY-7428 (Bug)

does not recognize views if they are included under the app

PY-7486 (Bug)

Dajngo: self argument in class-based views methods considered to have HttpRequest type

PY-7551 (Exception)

Django: AE at com.intellij.extapi.psi.PsiFileBase.<init>



PY-7463 (Bug)

Intention "Replace + with string formatting operator" doesn't work for unicode strings

PY-7524 (Bug)

Dragged/pasted code in wrong location

PY-7470 (Bug)

Smart copy-paste unindents next line (in place insert)



PY-7410 (Bug)

Remove redundant parenthesis: false positive for yield from in return statement



PY-7525 (Bug)

False positive: no support for setuptools/distribute "tests_require"



PY-7538 (Bug)

IDE locks up when trying to rename a local variable

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