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The theme of the release is "Less yellow is more". Release date: September 4th, 2012

  • (tick) Python 3.3 support (vlan)
    • (tick) New syntax (unicode literals, yield from, return from generators)
    • (minus) Built-in package management tools (pyvenv, pysetup3) (too immature in Python 3.3a4)
    • (tick) PEP 420: Implicit Namespace Packages
  • (tick) Diagrams support (ktisha)
    • (tick) Class diagram for Python
    • (tick) Model relationship diagram for Django/App Engine
  • (lightbulb) Review of inspections to reduce number of false positives (vlan)
  • (minus) Duplicate code detection support (postponed to 3.0)
  • (lightbulb) Django code insight improvements (traff)
  • (minus) Django-lint integration or equivalent inspections (postponed)
  • (minus) Code insight support for SQLAlchemy (postponed to 3.0)
  • (minus) Code insight support for Twisted (postponed)
  • (tick) Flask integration (yole)
  • Better automatic configuration of environment (ktisha)
    • (tick) Autodetect docstring format
    • (tick) Autodetect testrunner
    • (tick) Assist in specifying types via docstrings
  • (lightbulb) gevent-compatible debugger(traff)
    • (tick) works for Mac/Python2.7
    • Win/Linux/Other pythons
  • (minus) pep8 inspection (postponed to 2.7)
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