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Code Insight


PY-6731 (Bug)

Convert list comprehensions to for loop: bug with nested comprehensions

PY-6305 (Exception)

SOE at com.intellij.util.containers.ConcurrentHashMap$Segment.containsKey



PY-6642 (Bug)

ImportError while debugging: No module named '_subprocess'

PY-5466 (Bug)

Debugger: doesn't stop on exception breakpoints under py2.4

PY-6581 (Bug)

Not able to find python built-in exceptions for py2.4 in breakpoints dialog

PY-6635 (Bug)

Debugger: python3: AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'has_key'

PY-5834 (Bug)

Incosistent representation of escaped values in debugger variable inspector

PY-6675 (Bug)

A lot of irrelevant debug info is printed into console on stopping at breakpoint

PY-6556 (Exception)

debugging apps using gtk produces an error in pydevd_breakpoints.py



PY-6793 (Bug)

Dot in block name

PY-6071 (Bug)

Django Testing in PyCharm Doesn't Load Fixtures

PY-6760 (Bug)

Django Console: ImportError: No module named pycharm, NameError: name 'django_manage_shell' is not defined

PY-6761 (Bug)

Django: create template from usage: strip quotes from the name of created template

PY-6697 (Bug)

PyCharm 2.5.1 (117.376) fails to add Django TemplatesService



PY-6723 (Bug)

Entering new line inside empty string in parenthesis leads to syntactically incorrect code



PY-6678 (Bug)

Assignment can be replace with augmented assignment: does nothing if there is a function in the assignment



PY-6748 (Exception)

Mako: AE: PsiElement(TAG_END) at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.text.DiffLog$InsertEntry.<init>



PY-6528 (Bug)

"Install to user's site packages directory" shows wrong path for remote interpreter



PY-6473 (Bug)

"format" parameter of datetime.datetime.strftime() not recognized

Test Runner


PY-6029 (Bug)

Module pyparsing from PyCharm.app/helpers included in test run execution

PY-5534 (Bug)

PyCharm fails to show difference for failed unit test

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