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PY-6339 (Usability Problem)

Remote Interpreter: on adding Remote Interpreter with generated name which already exists add numeration

PY-6524 (Cosmetics)

Typo in dialog title

PY-6320 (Cosmetics)

Remote Interpreters: Root Password dialog is too wide by default

PY-6407 (Bug)

Remote Interpreter: user defined environment variables are not passed to remote process

PY-6365 (Bug)

Remote Interpreters: unable to browse remote host while configuring: SFTP host not specified

PY-6078 (Bug)

Can't load coverage data, errors opening bogus filenames

PY-4795 (Bug)

Coverage: display correct information in hits line

PY-6430 (Bug)

Remote Interpreters: pass language level for remote interpreters

PY-6459 (Bug)

Adding Python interpreters hangs PyCharm

PY-6475 (Bug)

PyCharm 2.5.1RC Can't Load Code Coverage Information

PY-6318 (Exception)

Remote Interpreters: AIOOBE at com.jetbrains.python.remote.PyRemoteSkeletonGenerator.listSources

PY-6340 (Exception)

Remote Interpreters: IAE at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.newvfs.persistent.PersistentFS.writeAttribute

Code Insight


PY-6316 (Bug)

Unresolved reference in nested list comprehension

PY-6331 (Bug)

Invalid refactoring suggestion: augmented assignment

PY-6370 (Bug)

Unresolved reference: false positive for parts of string names in _all_

PY-6391 (Bug)

Extract method suggests wrong parameters

PY-5406 (Bug)

Find usages tries to find _init_ of other classes

PY-6304 (Bug)

Relative imports: do not propose general built-in/site-package references for completion on the same level as project root

PY-6191 (Bug)

Remoter interpreters and unresolved built-ins

PY-5939 (Bug)

False positive 'unresolved reference' when assigning to slot variable in descendants.

PY-6435 (Bug)

Unresolved Reference: false positive for lambdas used in regular function declaration



PY-6481 (Bug)

UnicodeEncodeError in PyCharm console on print(line.decode("utf-8"))

PY-5890 (Bug)

Console: Environment variables are not passed to console

PY-4385 (Bug)

Undo in python console

PY-6347 (Bug)

Problems connecting to console



PY-6278 (Bug)

Smart Step Into doesn't detect calls in multi-line call

PY-6406 (Bug)

Remote Interpreters: not able to add breakpoints if remote path is case sensitive

PY-6403 (Bug)

Debugger: not able to debug python scripts under python 2.4: SyntaxError: invalid syntax

PY-6243 (Bug)

Step over steps all suspended threads

PY-6368 (Bug)

Debugger: NameError: name 'pydev_monkey' is not defined

Django Support


PY-2921 (Bug)

Django shell problem

PY-5076 (Bug)

Unable to run manage.py commands from PyCharm 2.0 beta

PY-6248 (Bug)

django 1.4 manage.py error running shell

PY-6300 (Bug)

Django Console selects the wrong project - general confusion when several projects opened

PY-3852 (Bug)

Since 1.5 I can not launch the django runserver via the PyCharm

PY-6440 (Exception)

DjangoStaticFileReferenceSet context assertion



PY-6302 (Bug)

Autoimport breaks code with starred from package import for module from that package

PY-6371 (Bug)

Wrong keyword argument in completion when other argument in composed by formatting string

PY-6364 (Bug)

Pycharm adds extra backward slash at the end of line

PY-6306 (Bug)

Missing completion for imported names in _all_ list



PY-6079 (Usability Problem)

PyCharm forgets coverage data settings

PY-6429 (Bug)

Not able to create empty project with remote interpreter specified

PY-6345 (Bug)

Pycharm opens up too many remote connections to vm

PY-6267 (Exception)

Exception after adding interpreter

PY-6343 (Exception)

New project: IAE at com.jetbrains.python.sdk.PythonSdkType.isRemote



PY-6504 (Cosmetics)

Rename quickfix for augmented assignment inspection

PY-6315 (Bug)

Incorrect "too many values to unpack" diagnostics

PY-6467 (Bug)

Simplify chained comparison suggests strange solutions

PY-6380 (Bug)

Incorrect "unused import" hint

PY-6490 (Bug)

False positive for "Assignment can be replaced with augmented assignment"

PY-6501 (Exception)

Exception from ChainedComparison inspection



PY-6423 (Bug)

Mako: do not autocomplete closing bracket on entering slash inside tag arguments

PY-6422 (Bug)

Mako: missing directory completion within include tag

PY-6362 (Bug)

mako file types lose html formatting

PY-6363 (Bug)

mako tag in javascript trigger unexpected "expression expected" lint

PY-6386 (Bug)

mako %include tag flags relative includes

PY-6421 (Bug)

Mako: autocompletion adds null closing tag when tag doesn't have closing tag



PY-6390 (Usability Problem)

Associated virtualenv: provide link to remove association from other projects

PY-6324 (Usability Problem)

Remote Interpreters: ask for new root password if first authentication attempt failed

PY-6328 (Bug)

Git repo requirement not parsed correctly

PY-6317 (Bug)

Don't offer "Install to user's site-packages" directory option when installing a package into a virtualenv

PY-6238 (Bug)

Missing create virtualenv link for py2.4: cut off Traceback

PY-6355 (Bug)

Version number 0.8.0 should be considered equal to 0.8

PY-6366 (Bug)

Remote Interpreters: not able to install distribute or pip on remote Unix host from local Windows workstation

PY-6321 (Bug)

Remote Interprerters: Packaging: on trying to install package from local windows on remote unix use unix temp directory as build_dir

PY-6223 (Bug)

Default location for new virtualenvs on Mac OS X is based on filesystem root (tick)

PY-6438 (Bug)

PyCharm sees installed package with dash while its actual name contains underscore

PY-6285 (Bug)

Install pip fails for python 2.4: TypeError: an integer is required

PY-6286 (Bug)

Invalid output format for virtualenvs on py2.4

PY-6329 (Bug)

Selecting a package to install causes PyCharm to hang forever

PY-6492 (Bug)

PyCharm hangs on trying to find package when viewing details for some other package

PY-6493 (Bug)

Packaging tool does not handle "sys-package-mgr" stdout from Jython



PY-6253 (Feature)

Make _init_.py automatic creation on directory Move optional

PY-6271 (Bug)

Move statement: breaks code in case of empty line between parts of compound statement

PY-6432 (Bug)

Refactor/move: leads to unresolved reference when moving reference imported with starred import

PY-6133 (Bug)

Move statement: strange comment moving down to def or class statements

PY-6441 (Bug)

"Refactor > Rename" on file results removes query string from references in templates

Test Runner


PY-6312 (Bug)

Unit Tests no longer run in PyCharm 2.x

PY-6376 (Bug)

testrunner attempts to run migrations even if south is not listed in INSTALLED_APPS

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