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This is not a roadmap or a plan for PyCharm 2.0; it's a list of potential features which were considered for inclusion. If a feature doesn't have a developer name next to it, it will not be included in PyCharm 2.0. If it does, it may or may not be included, depending on the timing.


  • (tick) Multiple projects in one window (yole)
  • (error) Lightweight projects (no .idea) (yole)


  • (error) Caching list of declared identifiers per scope (vlan)
  • Skeleton improvements
    • (tick) per-SDK refresh
    • rescan for changes in binary modules / skeletons on focus
    • (tick) shared virtualenv skeletons (vlan)
    • (error) per-project virtualenv SDKs
    • (lightbulb) pregenerated stdlib skeletons
  • String literal rewrite (kate)
    • (tick) separate token types for single/double/triple quoted strings
    • (tick) lexer-level bytes/unicode/str and docstring detection
    • (tick) correct break string on Enter
  • (tick) References for unary and binary expression operators (vlan)
  • (error) Guess qualifier type based on already used attributes (see what classes have such attributes and offer other attributes from those classes in completion) (vlan)
  • (error) Support for function types, including higher-order functions (vlan)
  • (error) Infer container type from types of elements added to the container after its creation (vlan)
  • (tick) Reload support in debugger (traff)
  • (error) Doctest language (kate)

Code Insight

  • (error) Introduce Parameter refactoring (yole)
  • (error) Change Signature refactoring (yole)
  • (error) Inline Method refactoring
  • (tick) In-place Introduce refactorings (yole)
  • (error) Introduce refactorings for substrings
  • (tick) Goto Test  (kate)
  • (error) Import reordering on Optimize Imports (vlan)
  • (error) Unwrap (Ctrl-Shift-Del)
  • (tick) Code insight support for named tuples (yole)


  • (tick) Typechecker (vlan)
    • check if actual parameter types match types declared in epydoc/sphinx,
    • check if binary operation is valid for LHS and RHS types
  • (tick) Deprecations (yole)
  • (error) PEP8 compliance (vlan)

Technology Integration

  • (tick) Code coverage (traff)
  • (error) Profiler integration (traff)
  • (tick) Cython support (vlan)
  • (error) PyPI integration (browse installed packages, UI to install a package) (vlan?)
  • (tick) Django i18n (kate)
  • (error) virtualenvwrapper integration (vlan)
  • (tick) IPython commands in console (traff)
  • (lightbulb) PyQt4/PySide tools integration (yole)
  • (error) PyGTK specific code insight
  • (error) SQLAlchemy support
    • Table class attributes resolution
    • String-based relationships navigation

Web Frameworks

  • (error) Pyramid (traff)
  • (error) web2py
  • (error) TurboGears
  • (error) Flask

Template Languages

  • (tick) Jinja (yole)
  • (tick) Mako (kate)
  • (error) Genshi
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