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Code InsightFeature PY-6054 Relative imports instead of absolute when quick-fixing and class name completion
DjangoUsability PY-36265 django-stubs package causes false positives in templates
IDEFeature PY-20243 "Default Settings" dialog does not have "Python Integrated Tools" settings
InspectionsBug PY-976 Unresolved references to editable packages (pip install -e) after installing before restart due to .egg-link and new entries in sys.path
Bug PY-38127 False positive warning for imports from "werkzeug"
Bug PY-31819 PyCharm suggests and installs incompatible stub package
Bug PY-38198 File level warning about installing stub package disappears If the user types more than one symbol
Bug PY-4537 Unbound local: false negative for names referenced after deletion
Bug PY-31752 Suggestion to install stub package should be shown in case when new version of stub package is available
Usability PY-34743 "Stub package is incompatible with the environment" popup disappears too fast
RefactoringFeature PY-37858 Intention actions to change absolute import to relative and back
Build. Built-in (JPS)Bug IDEA-223774 Use the same classpath, modulepath as Maven when using the internal compiler
Build. GradleFeature IDEA-182577 Support compileJava.options.annotationProcessorGeneratedSourcesDirectory property
Bug IDEA-224030 Gradle project main() run replace task deprecated warning.
Bug IDEA-124090 Annotation processor generated classes are not found in editor in a gradle project
Bug IDEA-208205 Regression: Gradle: generate project structure fails to set sources properly, when Gradle annotationProcessor configuration is present
Bug IDEA-163780 Downloading dependencies with gradle in offline mode should be friendlier
Usability IDEA-217932 Missing quote error is not reported in the Gradle errors view
Exception IDEA-222958 NPE at org.jetbrains.plugins.gradle.config.GradleClassFinder.clearCache
Build. MavenFeature IDEA-131491 Support for pom (bom) type in Dependency management (Maven)
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-222909 Typo that selected in Inspection Results tree is not highlighted in batch editor
Code Analysis. Language InjectionFeature IDEA-221416 AssertJ language injection rules as built-in rules
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-224120 Replace element with unmatched annotation variable fails
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-224079 Open File or Project only showing one directory in home
Core. IDE SettingsFeature IDEA-215428 Add relative file path live template function
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-224100 Windows launcher is fragile under externally-imposed SetDllDirectory context
Core. Platform APIFeature IDEA-203508 Provide an API for mixing goto results from different sources
Bug IDEA-220169 Bug in matching words with the same ending and starting letters in pair words by MinusculeMatcher
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-224230 Updating theme plugin from incompatible version requires IDE restart to apply changes
Bug IDEA-224223 Theme plugins installed from disk disappear after update
Exception IDEA-224191 AE at com.intellij.application.options.colors.ColorAndFontOptions.initAll
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-186751 Repository library: disallow manual editing of library with transitiveDeps=true
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-205986 QuickDoc popup is not restored in the Editor from the Tool Window
Core. Task ManagementFeature IDEA-155327 Improvement to automated Branch Name in the Open Task dialog
Feature IDEA-64464 Tasks plugin should also save bookmarks list in task context
Bug IDEA-222401 [Task Management] some controls are hidden after the server settings window resizing
Bug IDEA-224295 Commit from local changes doesn't show task autocompletion
Editor. Code CompletionFeature IDEA-55066 Add Live Template macros to insert file path
Editor. Diff and MergeBug IDEA-223924 Shortcut for Include Lines into Commit do not work in the Unified diff
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-218836 New editor command to sort lines alphabetically
Bug IDEA-223715 Todo pattern matching not working correctly when using ö (o with two dots)
Bug IDEA-223891 TODO regex are broken
Editor. FormatterBug IDEA-219572 New | EditorConfig action should not be available when the context directory is undefined
Bug IDEA-223408 Java ij_java_imports_layout setting in .editorconfig not working properly
Editor. Intention ActionsCosmetics IDEA-221475 Incorrect spelling in the "Add on-demand static import..." context action
Groovy. CompilerBug IDEA-223826 New constructor causing ambiguous resolve doesn't produce errors on incremental compilation
Bug IDEA-222841 Groovy class file with Umlaut in the name is not compiled anymore with IntelliJ 2019.2 (regression, worked fine with 2019.1.4)
Lang. Shell ScriptFeature IDEA-223844 Run shell scripts from context menu
Bug IDEA-224147 Inject language shell creates fakes Run Line marker
Bug IDEA-223938 [Shell Script] working directory couldn't be changed in run configurations
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-163279 Support logging of transport level interaction with docker daemon
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-224276 "Commit" action is not searchable by "checkin" pattern
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-223740 [Debugger tool window] Focus is lost when switching tabs via "Show List of Tabs" on Linux
Bug IDEA-222477 Unable to open/hide tool window in some cases
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-219087 Local .gitignore - An action to ignore via .git/info/exclude
Bug IDEA-223970 Rewording git commit should not run commit hooks
Usability IDEA-224034 Rename Reword action to Edit (Commit) Message
Usability IDEA-224204 "Add to .git/info/exclude" should add content root path, not just file name
Cosmetics IDEA-224054 Push dialogue elements are improperly placed / aligned
DB ConnectivityUsability DBE-9247 Adding data source via the explorer is confusing
DB ConsoleBug DBE-9260 Running "Execution Plan" on a recursive SQL results in java.lang.StackOverflowError"
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-9262 Mysql - No autosync - introspect schema doesn't introspect
DB Schema ViewsFeature DBE-8608 Cannot reassign "drop" database object shortcut key
Usability DBE-9248 Tables are not loading with the schema selected without refreshing
SQL CompletionFeature DBE-9252 Completion: option to suggest only objects from current database/schema
Bug DBE-6024 Database completion/object navigation should not show filtered out objects
SQL Format and StyleBug DBE-9249 PostgreSQL formatting: the "Keep new line after THEN, ELSE" options doesn't work
SQL ResolveUsability DBE-9261 Unable to select schema in SQL Resolution Scopes dialog
No subsystemTask WEB-41494 Support nullish coalescing in TypeScript
CSSFeature WEB-31724 Adding Bootstrap Autocompletion from CDN
Feature WEB-10023 Need ability to download external stylesheets
DebuggerBug WEB-41716 'Hide frames from libraries' does nothing
JavaScriptBug WEB-41410 Javascript autocomplete for JsDoc @typedef {typeof import('./somefile')} not working anymore in PHPStorm 2019.2
Bug WEB-41668 False positive "Readonly<T> is not assignable to type {}" for the state inside react component constructors
Bug WEB-41382 Show 'forof' postfix template instead of 'forin' for ES6 typed arrays
Bug WEB-41764 Optional chain tail is not evaluated properly
Bug WEB-41728 Resolve default import when .d.ts has no default export
Usability WEB-41542 Show type hints for Promise.allSettled-like repeating tuples more conveniently
Usability WEB-41727 'Method expression is not of Function type' should be 'Method expression is possibly null/undefined' where appropriate
Usability WEB-41094 Allow to move switch-cases with 'Move statement'
Exception WEB-41675 NullPointerException when call 'Split into multiple declarations'
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-40973 Vue.js : support components defined in several files via @WithRender decorator
Feature WEB-41576 Slots are not resolved (slot, v-slot)
Feature WEB-41476 Vue.js: code completion for source components slot names
Bug WEB-41713 Vue: missing syntax coloring within <script type="text/x-template">
Bug WEB-38082 PropTypes.shape should support warn on missing required prop inside 'shape'
Bug WEB-41717 Can't type closing tag in Vue file while indexing is in progress
Exception WEB-41704 'IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter' when open the certain project
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-41679 'Duplicate case label' should work with string literals in different quotes
JavaScript. RefactoringFeature WEB-39691 Can't inline variable in destructuring (expected: convert to property access)
Bug WEB-40769 Don't inline variables with default values in object destructuring
Usability WEB-41258 Do not show refactoring preview when renaming a new file using the "Rename file to match class name" fix
LintersBug WEB-40937 tslint.json file in subdirectory no longer recognized
TypeScriptFeature WEB-41529 "GoTo" doesn't work on ts jsdoc import syntax
Feature WEB-41526 No auto complete suggestions for ts import in jsdoc
Bug WEB-41689 Typescript unreachable 'case' branch when exporting enum
Bug WEB-41667 Incorrect resolving in merging ambient class and function
Bug WEB-41543 Getting complete IDE freeze randomly, requiring force quit and restart
Bug WEB-40264 TypeScript - Observable type is unknown if takeUntil used as last pipable operator
Bug WEB-35903 Inspection 'Fix all 'Import can be shortened' problems in this file' doesn't work
Bug WEB-40827 Path mappings aren't used on auto-import if a pattern with wildcard is mapped to exact file name
Bug WEB-41738 TypeScript: completion for import() in type context
Usability WEB-26722 TypeScript: merge inspections/intentions if both provide the same result
Usability WEB-41693 Merged methods considered as properties in code completion and parameter info
Cosmetics WEB-41652 There are two same-named inspections 'TypeScript | Redundant type'
Task WEB-41771 Support optional chaining narrowing in common CFA equality guards
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Bug WI-47731 dirty flag for remote files are removed for all files on one file save
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