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DebuggerBugPY-34167Gutter `Python Exception Breakpoint` is not rendered
BugPY-24668Calling subprocess with python -c argument and "Attach to subprocess automatically while debugging" hangs debugger
BugPY-34360Remove support for Cython extensions with Python 2.6 for PyCharm 2019.1
BugPY-34436Problem when closing pool in debug mode, python 3.7.2
InspectionsBugPY-35150PEP-8: over-indented warning on correct indentation when using tabs
IntelliJ PluginExceptionPY-34445Python Community Edition plugin doesn't work in GoLand
Jupyter NotebookBugPY-35292Start managed Jupyter server for each module in multi-module project
BugPY-35258Interrupt kernel action causes IntelliJ python plugin crash with high memory usage
BugPY-35016Jupyter notebook server starts but server stop button still remains inactive, not allowing to shut the server down.
BugPY-35290Debug Cell action waits for connection in spite of connection to Jupyter server fails
BugPY-34935PyCharm notebook save should be Jupyter compatible by default
BugPY-33081PyCharm doesn't show documentation after "?" cell magic command call in a notebook
BugPY-34607Exceeding 5 sec timeout on starting managed Jupyter server while executing cells causes Run Error dialog with empty message
BugPY-28045Connect to local password protected (or with manually configured token) Jupyter Server
Remote InterpretersBugPY-35177Sudo - Can't create Python SDK. Can't obtain python version
DockerBugIDEA-209993DockerDebug. The debug port in the "custom command" field is not changed after changing it in the remote configuration.
Editor. Code CompletionBugIDEA-209206Completion: avoid showing loading... for multiple entries in the fully resized completion list
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-210104Move Caret to Matching Brace moves to wrong position
Editor. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-198053Library source does not match the bytecode for VirtualFilePointerTracker
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-208622Find Usages for a class doesn't report instances created via method references (ClassName::new)
JSONBugIDEA-209825No effect when use $ref in propertyNames in json schema
KubernetesBugIDEA-210412Kubernetes: Custom Resource Definition support: reading cert-manager CRD yml fails with 'MismatchedInputException: Cannot deserialize instance of `com.intellij.kubernetes.model.CRDResource` out of VALUE_NULL token'
Packaging and InstallationFeatureIDEA-194151Publish modules required to build IntelliJ IDEA from sources as Maven artifacts
TaskIDEA-210116We wan't to add custom uninstall step.
Platform APIFeatureIDEA-211175Provide an annotation which may be used to mark public elements which must not be used from external plugins
BugIDEA-210378Incorrect API for PsiModificationTrackerImpl#forLanguages?
Plugin DevelopmentBugIDEA-210414False positive inspection, my plugin.xml not contains template text.
BugIDEA-210304Unnecessary "Element should be registered" error is shown for common filetype extension classes registered for a specific filetype
UsabilityIDEA-210145Unnecessary "Element should be registered" error is shown for common language extension classes registered for a specific language
Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-210955Plugin deduplication on load should compare id, not name
Properties FilesBugIDEA-207834Properties are not detected when defined as string constant as annotation parameter(s)
Quick DocumentationBugIDEA-210890Quick documentation for lookup items doesn't work if the file is empty
BugIDEA-210310Quick Documentation pop-up closes when moving between items in File View
RegExpBugIDEA-208559Invalid 'redundant character escape' in JS regex
Run | Debug configurationUsabilityIDEA-206952Environment Variables doesn't allow to paste Name or Value separately for variable
CosmeticsIDEA-200261[Run anything] Completion popup hides and shows after each key press (i.e. flickers)
Structural Search and ReplaceBugIDEA-209438new String[0] pattern incorrectly matches new String[0][] expression
ExceptionIDEA-197743В«Perform code analysisВ» before Commit fails with NPE
TerminalBugIDEA-202809Terminal tabs can't be reordered
BugIDEA-210461Sometimes Escape should not switch from the Terminal tool window to the editor
User InterfaceBugIDEA-158850Bookmarks navigation list shows two dots instead of bookmark mnemonic
BugIDEA-210678Background image resets after exit when using custom theme plugin
UsabilityIDEA-168223Open recent menu doesn't display project group if any
TaskIDEA-210932Borderless UI: ERROR - llij.ide.plugins.PluginManager - null cannot be cast to non-null type java.awt.Color
User Interface. ControlsFeatureIDEA-208143Find and Find-in-path to select word under the caret automatically.
BugIDEA-206829JBLabel renders "..." in copyable mode regardless if autowrap is enabled.
BugIDEA-208708JVM crashes when creating vcs diff window
User Interface. Look and FeelBugIDEA-210915Scrollbar transparency in color scheme loses after changes
User Interface. Project ViewBugIDEA-209330Pinned mode in 'project tree' always closes by switching windows.
Version ControlBugIDEA-209461191.6183.55 hangs on Synchronizing files due to git integration
BugIDEA-209149File Status colors COPIED and RENAMED always appear in editor color scheme
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-177665Add option to override git credential.helper.
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-209262VCS refresh is taking a very long time with Mercurial
XMLBugIDEA-206686Where is "Collapse empty tag" > "fix all in file" option?
BugIDEA-210622Good code is red: No-namespace element incorrectly reported as "not allowed here" in XML file with XML Schema
DB ConnectivityBugDBE-7539Can not connect to Pervasive database
BugDBE-8124Idea. New DataSource from ProjectView. Make DB url with one side directed slashes
UsabilityDBE-3103Incorrect folder redirection when choosing ssl keys on data source creation
DB ConsoleBugDBE-8120Greenplum execution output is not updated in real time
DB DiffUsabilityDBE-8102Full schema path not showing in Schema Diff
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-7832Large Schema introspection crashes after ~ 1h with ORA-1652 on retrieving sources
BugDBE-8127No name of the procedure in the database tree
BugDBE-8076Unknown table 'check_constraints' in information_schema
Data ViewsFeatureDBE-2056Show SQLite ROWID field in Table Editor
BugDBE-8042clickhouse array support
BugDBE-5348Persist column reordering in table view with tab placement: none
BugDBE-8122Database table filter is restored even when closing and reopening table
BugDBE-3315SQL Server - Unable to calculate count in a join query having order by
BugDBE-6239Moving database table views forgets hidden columns
BugDBE-6601Ctrl-F12 in the filter in a table view should open the structure popup for the shown table's data, not the "dummy.sql" editor
BugDBE-8109The first character after the first underscore in a column becomes a hotkey in "Filter by", and the underscore is eaten
PerformanceDBE-4533Access to the last page of the query is incredibly slow
IDE GeneralBugDBE-8047Table Quick documentation ignoring schema
SQL CompletionBugDBE-5640Oracle SQL completion no longer obeys identifier style
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-8029Clickhouse ON CLUSTER clause is not recognized
BugDBE-8107Keyword NULLSEQUAL and Operator "::!" are missing in Vertica's Dialect
BugDBE-7999Fasle positive named params inspection
BugDBE-8084Support EXECUTE AS Clause (Transact-SQL)
BugDBE-8023PG11: Error in valid command - REINDEX (VERBOSE) DATABASE F10DB_TESTES;
CSSBugWEB-38273Problem with justify-self and justify-items warnings in media queries
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-35373coffeescript JSX props spread
BugWEB-33882CoffeeScript: JSX: "Remove attribute" intention breaks tag if an attribute contains an expression
BugWEB-35376coffeescript JSX React.Fragment shorthand
DebuggerFeatureWEB-38040JavaFx availability check before webconsole usage
BugWEB-38228Electron App does not start up corretly in DebugMode
BugWEB-38097%NODE_DEBUG_OPTION% in NPM Script not working anymore
JSONBugWEB-38054File types configuration: removing *.json from JSON and adding it to JSON5 file type lets code analysis run forever
ExceptionWEB-38123Argument for @NotNull parameter 'schemaObject' of com/intellij/json/json5/Json5PsiWalkerFactory.create must not be null
JavaScriptBugWEB-38198.var postfix template doesn't work after ES6 tagged template
BugWEB-38488NPE when creating a new object property
BugWEB-38467`top level this` false-positive inspection's warning for class with JSX
BugWEB-38357No completion for @editorjs/editorjs npm package
BugWEB-38414Auto import in Flow adds path to the IDE bundled definitions for React instead of the project ones
BugWEB-37583JS: Completion doesn't show nested indexer in the object key
PerformanceWEB-38158High CPU usage, code analysis never completes when resolving references from "reselect" module
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-35582create-react-app: option to generate project with TypeScript
FeatureWEB-38146Allow a way to override package.json check for Angular 2+
BugWEB-38154Angular: Inspection "Component or directive matching ... out of current scope"
BugWEB-38183Angular: wrong type for ngFor items if async pipe is used
BugWEB-38265False positive "unresolved variable value"
BugWEB-38180Angular v7 error type detection in template after pipe.
BugWEB-38364Angular: Support metadata references in input/output decorator properties for @syncfusion library
BugWEB-38085Angular: no support for NgModule decorator initialized with const
BugWEB-37963Angular: code should be colored according to TypeScript color settings
BugWEB-38550"Not an Angular Module" inspection false positive
BugWEB-38458Incorrect "not declared in any Angular module" inspection warning in spec files
BugWEB-38128Angular inspection false positive "Component or directive matching ... element is out of the current Angular module's scope"
BugWEB-38234Inspection: false positive "Unresolved function or method then()" on async functions without explicit Promise<> return type. (Angular) WS 2019.1
BugWEB-38075Suggest to import FormsModule
BugWEB-38080Parser works wrong when deleting some tags in angular templates
BugWEB-38361Angular CLI: schematics are broken with 8.0.0-beta.11
BugWEB-38150Please support this.property in angular template
BugWEB-37943Angular. Can't resolve the variable name for ngFor items of type 'any'
BugWEB-38034Angular: issues with NgModule import quick-fix for [ngValue]
BugWEB-38277label tag live template doesn't work on JSX since 2019.1
PerformanceWEB-38200IDE hangs on Angular metadata resolving
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-38383False 'redundant typeof check' when using destructuring assignment with default values
BugWEB-38138inspection incorrectly reports "variable xyz is declared in clause abc but is being used in clause def"
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-38329"Add braces to arrow function" in JSX replaces function body with `{ return null'; }`
BugWEB-37888'Introduce object destructuring' should warn if breaking type guard narrowing
BugWEB-38306'Convert to async' doesn't properly process chains with calls as then/catch arguments
UsabilityWEB-38304Extend availability of 'Convert to async' action to the same scope as 'convert to anymomous/named' are available o
LintersBugWEB-38038"Apply Linter Code Style Rules" doesn't apply rules if application code style scheme is set until project is reopened
BugWEB-38096Difficult to turn off TSLint for javascript in 2019.1
BugWEB-38213Invalid highlights for CRLF line endings when using typescript-tslint-plugin
BugWEB-37862Linter errors thrown on initialization should show stacktrace
BugWEB-38490Exception attempting to suppress ESLint errors from the Inspection results tool window
Node.jsBugWEB-38253Missed update npm dependencies on not actual node_modules in PyCharm
BugWEB-37960WSL: Angular Karma: the wrong path is used for old framework versions
BugWEB-38176NPM package version is mistakenly reported as not matching range from package.json
UsabilityWEB-37992The tool window clear buffer icon (garbage bin) is gone
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-37610Syntax highlighting in the quick navigate tooltip
FeatureWEB-38161Update bundled TypeScript to 3.4
BugWEB-38270TypeScript editor sometimes stop working
BugWEB-38386Ctrl + Shift + Enter does not work as expected with Typescript and Intellij
BugWEB-38113typeof inspection bug
BugWEB-38275Some pipes not available in auto-completion
BugWEB-37928Angular template - allow to choose which source of binding to navigate to.
BugWEB-38464Typescript: Jest globals are no longer suggested in 2019.1.1
PerformanceWEB-38440Slow augmentation resolution in angular projects
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-37985Use arrow function when generating Jasmine suite/spec with ES6 language level
FeatureWEB-35160Detect test runner if it's installed but not listed directly in package.json
BugWEB-38326Jest "update snapshot" link no longer displayed
BugWEB-38178When rerunning failed tests, first test is escaped (using mocha bdd interface)
BugWEB-38089Running single Karma test results in running all the tests
BugWEB-38478Protractor is set for Karma tests in fresh @angular/cli project
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