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InspectionsBug PY-33916 Remove PEP 8 warnings from "Recent Locations" snippets
Test RunnerFeature PY-22549 Support multiprocessing tests
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-204702 Support after-line-end inlays in editor
File SystemException IDEA-207039 Import Database Schema + H2 datasource: select or unselect table or column may invoke exception InvalidPathException: UNC path is missing sharename
IDE ConfigurationBug IDEA-201018 Unable to submit IDE errors anonymously after enabling 2FA
Bug IDEA-206792 [jdk11] MaxJavaStackTraceDepth=-1 is outside the allowed range
Usability IDEA-206444 "Edit variables" for live template shows empty expression lists for templates with no context
Local HistoryUsability IDEA-75181 show absolute time in local history
Packaging and InstallationBug IDEA-206868 Patch update doesn't work on macOS (2019.1 EAP)
Platform APIBug IDEA-205876 Completion on a LightClass that is an interface does not include static methods
Plugin DevelopmentFeature IDEA-206060 DevKit: deprecate Project Wizard
Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-171225 Plugin manager should select ony one (latest compatible) version in custom plugin repository and use it
Run | Debug configurationBug IDEA-185342 Shorten command line is missing on scratch run configuration even though prompted
Bug IDEA-206761 Run configuration adds one more underscore
Settings RepositoryFeature IDEA-174290 Settings Repository plugin leaks sensitive information in the commit message
Structural Search and ReplaceBug IDEA-206795 File type not correctly detected from editor selection
User InterfaceBug IDEA-206484 "Switch Boot Runtime" dialog: Some local JDKs are shown as "Undefined[Local]" in drop-down list
Bug IDEA-206700 Validation in tables: bugs
Usability IDEA-206408 "Switch Boot Runtime" dialog takes a long time to show up
Usability IDEA-206969 Consistent names of actions in View menu
Cosmetics IDEA-85566 Git branches with underscores don't render properly in branch menu
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-207083 Implement validation of checkboxes
User Interface. Keyboard InputUsability IDEA-206757 [Sublime keymap]: "Ctrl+Shift+Backspace" should be mapped to "delete to line start" action
User Interface. NavigationPerformance IDEA-202231 Compute breadcrumb information outside of EDT
Version ControlBug IDEA-87811 No line status markers for files modified without checkout
Bug IDEA-203802 Unshelve Silently restores several changelists in one
Task IDEA-204766 Unbundle TFS plugin
Task IDEA-204767 Unbundle CVS plugin
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-206766 Bug in Log filtering by branch
Version Control. SubversionPerformance IDEA-207024 100% CPU usage when working with a changelists of ~100 files
Version Control. TFSBug IDEA-206607 TFS: Axis2 configuration error/ClassCastException on workspace creation
DB ConnectivityBug DBE-7768 Database view: password in not saved by database creation
Bug DBE-7734 Adding custom driver results in IllegalArgumentException.
DB ConsoleBug DBE-4702 Enable DBMS_OUTPUT setting
Usability DBE-7232 Console History does not allow to search for numbers
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-6738 MS SQL: "SELECT permission was denied" error when introspecting stored procedures
Bug DBE-7546 Cannot use Database Explorer for sql database prefixes with brackets in the name.
Bug DBE-7711 MSSQL: Incorrect argument type in database view
Data ViewsFeature DBE-4037 suggest filter value from clipboard
CSSFeature WEB-36260 In stylesheet linked to Angular template, provide completion for classes/IDs defined in html
Feature WEB-36035 Extract CSS variable refactoring
DebuggerFeature WEB-12349 Debugger console: support string substitutions/output styling
Bug WEB-37070 Disabled/muted/removed breakpoints still hit in Webpack applications after recompile
Bug WEB-37144 Breakpoint already exist error after disabling suspend for existing breakpoint
Task WEB-37145 Debugger console: groups
Exception WEB-37246 NoClassDefFoundError when debug via JavaScript run configuration
Exception WEB-37223 TypeCastException when call console.group()
JavaScriptBug WEB-37148 Semantic highlighting doesn't work for `let` variable assignments inside of separate function scope
Bug WEB-37112 JSDoc return type inference inconsistency between `const` and `let` variables breaks quick documentation and type checking inspections
Bug WEB-37149 Destructuring can hide unused variable warnings/errors
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-37232 Red error highlights in JS code style preview
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-37063 Angular - inspect type in template bindings
Bug WEB-36817 Completion for 'native' event modifier in Vue.js
Bug WEB-37132 Angular: CSS selectors from component local stylesheets are marked as unused
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-37097 inline suggestion of a const variable -> changes outcome
Cosmetics WEB-37186 'Replace Switch With If' intention has a similar inspection
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-37228 Intentions: "Convert to async function": comments in the code blocks are lost after the conversion
Bug WEB-37205 Convert to async function refactoring loses generic parameter
Bug WEB-37160 Intentions: finally statement is lost after the "Convert to async function" intention invocation
Bug WEB-37131 Intentions: preserve arguments names with the "Convert to async function" intention
Bug WEB-37164 'Change signature' is not available inside .vue files when return type is mismatched
Bug WEB-33970 False positive 'Cannot extract code with conditional return' in extract method
Bug WEB-37170 Remove actions ( 'Introduce local variable' and 'Introduce object destructuring') from embedded expressions
Usability WEB-37204 Simplify parenthesized expressions when doing extract-refactorings
Exception WEB-37158 Intentions: java.lang.Exception is thrown for the "Convert to async function" intention
Exception WEB-37077 Exception on 'introduce object destructuring'
LintersBug WEB-37116 ESLint depends on location of first linted file
Bug WEB-37143 Missing support for ESLint globals new syntax
Node.jsFeature WEB-37123 Offer the dev an auto-complete list of the environment variables defined in the active project run-time configuration. when process.env is entered in a statement.
Feature WEB-35765 Navigation and resolve for npm script names
Feature WEB-22231 Feature Request: Semver tooltip hinting
TypeScriptFeature WEB-37105 Support TypeScript 3.4 contextual type inference from generic return types
Bug WEB-37125 TypeScript: Create Field on enum adds 'public' keyword If 'use public modifier' option is on
Bug WEB-37119 this-types should also have this-references
Bug WEB-37154 Add 'readonly' in the completion list
Bug WEB-37129 typescript/idea auto create method bug
Bug WEB-36949 Expression Result Type inspection - wrong on Component bindings
Bug WEB-35879 idea can't display some func as func color in typescript
Unit TestsBug WEB-31227 Mocha: working directory isn't set to sub-folder
Bug WEB-21609 Cucumber-js: 'Create all steps definition' quickfix creates a single definition
Bug WEB-36845 Mocha: afterEach fails but test is reported as a success
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Bug WI-45342 Passphrase for private key is asked if passphrase is not required
Bug WI-45334 Sftp keyboard-interactive authentication broken
SpellcheckerFeature WI-44970 Spellchecker: ignore UUIDs
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