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DebuggerFeature PY-9132 Load big collections by parts
FormatterBug PY-32402 pycharm incorrectly groups import ujson with system packages
Diff_MergeFeature IDEA-197789 Allow adding file contents to the Blank DIff Window
Cosmetics IDEA-206495 Partial commits: Excess "Uncheck all" checkbox on Diff dialog
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-195293 Strange behavior when join lines with "builder.append('...')"
Bug IDEA-196178 Join Lines on selected text also joins not selected text
Usability IDEA-89608 Should be able to set editor view options like soft wraps for certain file types
IDE ConfigurationBug IDEA-206472 Reformat Code does not work for JSON
Bug IDEA-206460 Cannot not start IDE after 2018.3.4 update
KubernetesCosmetics IDEA-205741 Kubernetes. Settings. Too big distance between fields.
Plugin DevelopmentBug IDEA-206150 Something wrong in ExtensionOrderConverter#isBeforeOrAfterKeyword(java.lang.String, boolean)
Plugin ManagementFeature IDEA-206274 If there there are two dependencies on the same plugin in plugin.xml and one of them is optional the other is treated as optional as well
Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-205190 Misplaced Mouse Cursor
Bug IDEA-205497 QuickDoc popup appears on another monitor if invoked from "Brief Info" popup
RefactoringUsability IDEA-206481 Improve new file "Register New File Type Association"
Cosmetics IDEA-206172 Refactor of directory name that begins with a dot to another name that begins with a dot PREVIEW-s a new name with TWO dots.
Run | Debug configurationUsability IDEA-206392 Do not allow empty parameters in Run configuration > Spring Boot > Application
UMLBug IDEA-201919 Fonts in UML diagrams are no longer vectorial but rasterized (to poor resolution)
Bug IDEA-206436 Memory hogging in Diagrams + Structure tool window + Zoom In/Out
User InterfaceBug IDEA-206344 Recent Locations popup: after exiting presentation mode, popup may keep the enlarged font for snippets
Bug IDEA-205631 The window with the addition of the note does not stretch vertically
Bug IDEA-204534 KDE global menu
Usability IDEA-195255 Dialog Non-Project Files Protection: make OK primary button
Cosmetics IDEA-206478 Partial commits: 'Uncheck All' checkbox misaligned with dependent checkboxes
Task IDEA-205679 Rework validation in tables
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-204972 Cannot assign context-dependent shortcut key if that shortcut is left alone for a different context
Exception IDEA-198778 Exception on a click to the hidden toolwindow toolbar item
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-206617 Cannot open Settings when a theme is applied
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-206340 Recent Locations popup: after checkbox is checked by mouse popup loses keyboard focus
Exception IDEA-206238 IAE at com.intellij.util.containers.ContainerUtil.$$$reportNull$$$0
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-206431 [Autoscroll from source] in Unpinned/Undock modes doesn't work when using mouse
Version ControlBug IDEA-203012 Files which were not added under VCS at once, do not appear at the list of files proposed ti add to VCS on project reload
Bug IDEA-206072 IDEA shows half of project with an olive color
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-76760 When a file is added to git and immediately deleted, IDEA update fails with no visible reason
Version Control. MercurialTask IDEA-205988 Please get rid of dependency on javax.activation
Version Control. SubversionBug IDEA-206423 Subversion: impossible to merge file conflict using idea
Version Control. TFSBug IDEA-206233 TFS checkin not possible "Validation must be performed before checking in"
Bug IDEA-206226 Investigate duplicate condition in org.jetbrains.tfsIntegration.tests.ChangeHelper#getModificationChange
DB ConnectivityUsability DBE-7354 NullPointerException when adding project data source when host and port fields are empty and the connection is tested
DB DiagramBug DBE-5947 Font rendering in Datagrip 2017.3.5 class diagram is broken.
DB DiffBug DBE-7688 Comparison between two database tables which using trigger.
DB RefactoringBug DBE-4993 Missing schema qualifier with Postgres schema
CSSFeature WEB-21378 color preview for css custom properties
Feature WEB-28203 CSS Modules: import class with hyphen as camelCase
Bug WEB-37014 Typo in allowed property values for css overflow property
DartBug WEB-36954 Dart plugin incorrectly prevents editing excluded files
DebuggerBug WEB-37018 ReferenceError when trying to evaluate expression
Usability WEB-36448 Better presentation for stack trace in debugger console
JavaScriptFeature WEB-37007 Allow initialising all fields of a class
Feature WEB-36339 Intention to convert properties in constructor to class fields
Bug WEB-34225 CommonJS: exported object properties not resolved when assigning `Object.freeze(obj)` to `module.exports`
Bug WEB-36598 Types from 'prop-types' are not resolved
Usability WEB-36422 Do not show index.d.ts file name for items in completion popup
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-35683 Angular: disable Angular language services
Bug WEB-37054 Angular - take NgModule structure into account when resolving pipes, directives and components
Bug WEB-37058 Angular - support standard attribute to property mappings
Bug WEB-36089 ng-template is listed twitce in the completion list
Bug WEB-36295 Angular templates: improve completion suggestions after typing '*'
Bug WEB-37056 Angular - context aware code completion for pipes
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-37025 "Condition is always true" inspection for THE standard "is this an object" test
Cosmetics WEB-37011 Inspections: JS: clean up descriptions
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-37081 Use 'const' for the introduced destructuring by default
Bug WEB-36799 'Extract function' should work when selection contains local functions
Bug WEB-36847 Extract method may produce incorrect code when nested function is used in extracted method
Bug WEB-34947 "Extract method" refactoring may create method, which doesn't return necessary variables if they are created using object destructuring
Bug WEB-37064 Don't show 'Convert parameters to object' for callback function
Node.jsBug WEB-36987 Highlight __filename & __dirname as local
SASSBug WEB-36991 Sort CSS properties (aka Rearrange) doesn't properly sort nested properties in SCSS
TypeScriptFeature WEB-37051 Support TypeScript 3.4 readonly array/tuple types
Feature WEB-37122 An extra intention action to convert parameters to object + extract interface
Bug WEB-37028 TypeScript: if "lib" array in the tsconfig.json is empty do not duplicate the added library
Bug WEB-9526 Typescript: Extract method should work for selected block inside switch()
Unit TestsBug WEB-36974 Improve @angular/cli stack trace parsing (impossible to get some unit test features in @angular/cli project)
Bug WEB-37021 jest-intellij-reporter is failing with TypeError: jasmine.Spec.isPendingSpecException is not a function on Jest version 24.0.0
Bug WEB-37048 WebStorm/IntelliJ considers non Angular project as Angular one while running Jest test
Bug WEB-37031 Angular with Jest: support running tests for non-default Angular project
Bug WEB-37046 Support jest todo feature (added in jest 24)
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Bug WI-44743 Can't upload to Ipv6 only host
Task WI-45150 Investigate duplicate condition in com.jetbrains.plugins.webDeployment.actions.ToggleRemoteExclusionAction#setSelected
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