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Code InsightFeaturePY-18952Pytest fixtures support
FeaturePY-16412"Add comment with type hint" intention action for local variables
BugPY-28020Support AddressFamily and SocketKind enums from the socket module
BugPY-28461No completions for submodules implicitly imported in package
BugPY-28512PyRemoveParameterQuickFix leaks TypeEvalContext
BugPY-28046Add "await" to async parent class method call after method overriding
BugPY-28989Modules from namespace packages do not appear in autocompletion
BugPY-28313Wrong highlighting of variadic parameters in function definition
BugPY-28577PyCharm no longer provides completion for predefined class methods, e.g. __init__
BugPY-28052Fields of a named tuple deliberately annotated with typing.Any inherit type of their default value
BugPY-28243False negative for illegal TypeVar declaration
BugPY-28249False negative: Parameterized generics cannot be used with class or instance checks
BugPY-27148Support for NamedTuple._replace
BugPY-19890Python scoping rules are hard!
BugPY-28685Module should be considered to implicitly import its containing packages
BugPY-28227False negatives with Generic classes declaration
BugPY-28127False negative when instantiating TypeVar with unexpected keyword argument
BugPY-28124False negative for creation TypeVar with a single constraint
BugPY-28341Module attribute missing from auto-complete after assigning it to another value
BugPY-17810Duplicates in autocompletion popup
BugPY-21195Injections in type comments that combine type hint with a subsequent comment
BugPY-21191Support parenthesised and arbitrary nested comma separated types in type comments for unpacked targets
BugPY-28103print should not be resolved/completed to __builtin__.py unless 'from future import print_function' is defined
UsabilityPY-29973Whole function is highlighted if there is missing parameter in pytest parametrise function
UsabilityPY-29017Package and module entries are displayed as files and directories with full paths in autocompletion
UsabilityPY-3674Names with underscores should appear after all other names in completion list
TaskPY-28957Sync dataclasses support with latest changes in PEP-557
ConsoleBugPY-28551Create folding for Console with "Show command line afterwards" option
BugPY-28948Scientific Project Starts Python Console with System Python
BugPY-25496DeprecationWarning:inspect.getargspec() is deprecated
BugPY-28448Matplotlib doesn't show interactive plots when calling plot() in script with "Show command line afterwards" option
BugPY-28994Code compatibility inspection in the Python console
BugPY-29045Python console folding covers staring script execution result
BugPY-26482Console autocompletion doubled variants for True/False
BugPY-27762Soft wraps option has to be reenabled to make in work in Python console opened with "Show command line afterwards"
BugPY-29313IPython 6.3.0 triggers ValueError for any Python console actions
BugPY-29260"Matplotlib support failed" when importing matplotlib subpackages (matplotlib.pyplot)
BugPY-27356Console very slow/practically unusable after loading relatively big dataset
BugPY-29186Printed outputs are hidden from the user when there is some computation at the beginning
UsabilityPY-26156Opening Python console does not move focus to console
CythonBugPY-17781cimport ctypedef or cdef struct results in unresolved reference
BugPY-20371Unused cimport statement if one of the names is unused
DebuggerFeaturePY-14181Attach to processes where python is embedded, not just python.exe
FeaturePY-27900Show string representation for small numpy arrays with "Load Values Asynchronously"
BugPY-20959Can not start debugger in PyCharm for IronPython
BugPY-27886pydevd does not adjust pythonpath correctly for targets that are symlinks
BugPY-25828"Show value tooltip on code selection" option raises SyntaxError exceptions
BugPY-28188Garbage output in stderr prevents Remote Debugger from connection
BugPY-28896An experimental option with ability to filter processes in "Attach to Local Process" action
BugPY-29671Remote Debugging Server: 'module' object has no attribute 'declare_namespace'
BugPY-28241Debugging a python subprocess that has a -c argument and "Attach to subprocess automatically while debugging" mangle the argument next to the -c
BugPY-14256"Copy value" on variable in debugger does not copy pandas data frame value
BugPY-27651Provide Cython extensions for Python 3.7
BugPY-29092Console Debugger: PYTHONPATH gets overriden on debugger connection
BugPY-28911Connecting to the Debugger from Console can deadlock
BugPY-28698Everytime I attach the debugger to the Django Console Pycharm suggests to install the Cython Extension.
UsabilityPY-28557Can't add exception breakpoints for builtin exceptions
UsabilityPY-26101Don't evaluate current line while Jump to cursor
ExceptionPY-27154Socket closed exception when Python Remote Debug process is stopped
DockerBugPY-29384PyCharm doesn't stop containers
BugPY-28516Docker Compose allows to create an empty configuration but raises exception after
BugPY-28189Docker tool adds a new Log tab each time a container is started with docker-compose.
BugPY-28692PyCharm fails to read environment variables from .env file
BugPY-29501Killing run or debug session kills rather docker-compose process but not the services
BugPY-29185Can't execute script with docker-compose interpreter on Windows
DocstringsBugPY-18329Confusing message 'You need configured Python SDK' in Quick Documentation
EditingBugPY-28772"Add type hint to ..." intentions insert wrong type hints in case of generics parametrized only with Any
BugPY-16176Auto import on `time.time` wants to import `time` from `datetime`
BugPY-30059Wrong bidi layout for a line comment without space after #
BugPY-28808"Add type hint to variable ..." intention inserts syntactically illegal type hint for empty tuples
UsabilityPY-28715"Add variable type hint" intention should insert object instead of Any for variables with unknown type
UsabilityPY-28752Source module/package name is truncated to its last component in auto import for existing "from" import
FlaskFeaturePY-28848Flask Run Configuration: Completion doesn't work
FeaturePY-28670Flask must have "additional options"
BugPY-29174PyCharm doesn't install (Django/Flask/...) when creating a new remote project
BugPY-28850PyCharm doesn't check Flask version
BugPY-28269Flask Run Configuration screen has strange behavior when hovering over certain parts of the dialog
UsabilityPY-28857Flask project uses Python run configuration rather than Flask run configuration
CosmeticsPY-28594Flask version warning wording
FormatterBugPY-24728Optimize imports may group certain standard library modules incorrectly
BugPY-10972Wrong indent when typing a multi-line tuple or string literal
BugPY-27954Installing mypy in a virtualenv makes Optimize Imports treat some stdlib modules as third-party
ExceptionPY-28032Reformat Code breaks when "from typing import Optional"
IDEBugPY-28831Wrong help topic ID for new project window
BugPY-15478Error when applying patch 4.0.6 and now can't start PyCharm
BugPY-26578"Remove empty branch for regex" just delete file
UsabilityPY-28859Configuration wizard doesn't ask user for keymap and default plugins
CosmeticsPY-28693Make "open-source software" link in About window blue
ExceptionPY-29546Error while indexing test_ensurepip.py
InspectionsFeaturePY-27435An option to ignore unused variables starting with '_'
BugPY-29975Unresolved reference to class defined inside function
BugPY-26139False positive: Access to protected member of a module when importing from protected module in same package
BugPY-27601Incorrect "Too few arguments for format string" with mixed position/named arguments
BugPY-25263False "attribute defined outside init" warning for property initalized in __init__ via setter
BugPY-28764False positive errors in stdlib os module
BugPY-18629Unresolved reference for imported module when there is namespace package with same name for Python 3
BugPY-9634Unresolved attribute: false positive after if isinstance
BugPY-25497False Positive inspection "Unexpected argument" for **kwargs in inheritence
BugPY-23632False positive: "can't find reference in function" for mock package on Python 2.7 interpreter
BugPY-28150False positive "Old-style class" for subclass of list
BugPY-28154__prepare__ suggestion for metaclass gives signature with first parameter named metacls, but inspection shows "rename to mcs"
BugPY-28626@contextmanager function return value incorrectly marked as not callable (ContextDecorator instance)
BugPY-19599Erroneous unresolved variable error inside genexpr
BugPY-21837False positive "Unexpected Argument" inspection due to multiple inheritance and 'import as'
BugPY-28708Type checker inconsistency with mypy when using queue.Queue
BugPY-27964Unresolved reference false positive when using register function of @functools.singledispatch
BugPY-24750False negative: Unreachable code inspection does not catch simple if False blocks
BugPY-20197Flase positive for unused import when inside of class
BugPY-26555"'function' object is not callable"
BugPY-27518False positive: class does not define __await__ for numpy docstrings
BugPY-27517default argument list() not detected as mutable
BugPY-28720False positive warning about abs(numpy.array)
BugPY-28729Code inspection: Function 'max' doesn't return anything
BugPY-29121"Simplify chained comparison" is not suggested sometimes when common name is on the right of the leftmost comparison
BugPY-28185Support __slots__ declared as string literal
BugPY-28053Type checker confuses hashlib.md5 with deprecated md5 module
BugPY-19856Redeclared variable inside possibly empty loop
BugPY-29234Conflict between __slots__ and type annotations
BugPY-24760subprocess.check_output(..., encoding='utf-8') inspector reports unexpected argument
BugPY-26623Invalid warning on sqlite3.Cursor
BugPY-27858SqlAlchemy table class attributes of Column(Unicode) type are mistaken for string type.
BugPY-27949annotated Dict do not get their types checked
BugPY-27940Errors running pycodestyle in log with Python 3.7
BugPY-28897"Expected BlockManager got Dict" false positive for pandas.Series
BugPY-22184False positive "unreachable code" for while / try / break / finally
BugPY-25784False negative: Undetected syntax error returning/yielding tuple with unpacked components
BugPY-13750Wrong inferred type for math functions and round built-in in python3
BugPY-27783Not resolve Generic type correctly
BugPY-27788Assignment of overload function loses overloads
BugPY-19898Wrong return value is inferred for subprocess.check_output() in Python 3
BugPY-28686AutoImportQuickFix leaks psi
BugPY-20324Wrong redundant parentheses syntax suggestion when returning (x, *y) tuple
BugPY-27375Duplicated keys detection does not work if keys are inside single and double quoted
BugPY-23003False positive: Redeclared <var> defined above before usage
BugPY-28593False positive for redeclared import under try/except
BugPY-28206__slots__ doesn't override inherited methods
BugPY-27596"Fix all 'package requirements' problems in file" generates extremely redundant list
BugPY-22221Unresolved references option "Ignore references" feature not working ?
BugPY-28562MRO for implicit new-style classes not resolved correctly
ExceptionPY-29170Inspections stuck in error state in editor; "java.lang.NullPointerException: element cannot be mapped to a null key"
Interpreters SettingsBugPY-27931PyCharm fails to create virtualenv based on detected python 3.6 interpreter
UsabilityPY-28452Gear icon for selecting existed interpreter should be replaced
UsabilityPY-28651No Alt-Insert shortcut for installing package in Project interpreter window
ExceptionPY-29110Cannot add extracted egg to interpreter paths
Jupyter NotebookBugPY-28825Wrong help topic ID for Jupyter Notebook run configuration
UsabilityPY-28503Add shortcuts for "Move cell up/down" actions in Jupyter Noteebook
PackagingBugPY-29779Installing packages on newly created virtualenv doesn't work any longer
BugPY-16161installing package in a venv created with `-mvenv` and owned by my user account incorrectly asks for password + `sudo`
BugPY-29395Package management doesn't work with pip 10.0
BugPY-27337PyCharm ignores extras_require in setup.py
BugPY-29301I can not update pip and setuptools
BugPY-28923Create new project with new virtualenv for Python 3.6 asks for admin permissions
BugPY-29436Error when trying to upgrade a package in a conda environment (Invalid spec for 'conda update')
BugPY-29611PyCharm reports successful installation when it failed in fact
BugPY-15227PyCharm reports beta and rc packages as upgrades
ExceptionPY-28362NoSuchFileException: pypi-cache.json with empty settings
ParsingBugPY-23189False negative: for-else-continue is misunderstood by parser
BugPY-15360SyntaxError: editor allows comma after **kwargs, but Python raises SyntaxError
Product DocumentationBugPY-27899Documentation link broken for refactor -> rename
RefactoringFeaturePY-2264Add refactoring to convert parameter(s) between normal and variadic
BugPY-28824Wrong help topic ID for rename file action
BugPY-24942Incorrect "Simplify chained comparison"
BugPY-28972Prohibit extracting a method when break/continue in else branch of a loop interrupts control flow of an outer loop
UsabilityPY-28199Bad name suggestion for uppercased variable name in function
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-188431Better completion variants in Stream::toArray() method
FeatureIDEA-186244Analyse Stack Trace does not understand jstack -F traces
FeatureIDEA-187979 IJ Internal Statistics: FUSUsagesTrigger for application usages collectors
FeatureIDEA-190682Support multi ip hosts in client-api RpcUtils
FeatureIDEA-188135Don't report always true asserts: support expression parts; support assertion methods
BugIDEA-186858Scrollbars not visible in Run and Debug output - can't scroll
BugIDEA-188452Define context in Live templates. Context can be selected only after second click on it
BugIDEA-189153Find usages history keeps reference to PSI via computable icon
BugIDEA-191067[win] navigating git log up/down leaves artifacts
BugIDEA-191068After restarted, manually arranged layout jump back to default
BugIDEA-121111Maven and SBT projects are opened as plain directories
BugIDEA-176405JShell: PsiReferenceExpressionImpl cannot be cast to com.intellij.psi.PsiCodeBlock
BugIDEA-190112Cannot update to new EAP
BugIDEA-187611Support custom icons for NamedScope to use it in the Project toolwindow
BugIDEA-187505Locally-referenced images are not displayed in quick doc
BugIDEA-188724Some keyboard shortcuts are not working after pressing ctrl+shift+F/R in terminal
BugIDEA-187182 Project encoding wrong after first opening of a solution
BugIDEA-186977NullPointerException appears on Welcome screen after typing
BugIDEA-148298File name match regression in version 10
BugIDEA-188519Actions that do not show popup because of dumb mode fail typeahead
BugIDEA-156074"Cannot redo. Unexpected document state" when undoing then redoing in IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2
BugIDEA-185805Reset Default Scheme removes duplicated Scheme
BugIDEA-192243Diff Window: Browsing through files by keyboard stopps working when an image cannot be loaded.
BugIDEA-188308Custom console font line spacing is not remembered
BugIDEA-189011Go to class popup does not fit the screen
BugIDEA-189461Stop all StackOverflowError
BugIDEA-191717Navigational popup shown with the main menu does not have focus in "Automatically position mouse cursor on default button" mode
BugIDEA-188661upgrade batik to 1.9
BugIDEA-188666[batik] missing of width/height rect attribute breaks transcoding
BugIDEA-190535Cannot revert trailed space from diff window
BugIDEA-187695Idea logging from the "Periodic tasks thread" leads to a deadlock
BugIDEA-76438Directory diff: can't resize the columns
BugIDEA-191955Focus is lost during typing
BugIDEA-185249modal dialog and <Enter> triggers search
BugIDEA-192102Remove close icon from Analyze Stack Trace tab toolbar
BugIDEA-187609NPE in sheets when project does not exist
BugIDEA-191450Idea hangs trying to investigate data flow from a `project` parameter of PsiBuilderImpl
BugIDEA-185285Navigate Class/File/Symbol, Find in Path popup windows don't pick characters from input method
BugIDEA-189737UML diagram titles are broken
PerformanceIDEA-190829UI freeze during Gradle build
PerformanceIDEA-172762ProjectRootManagerComponent$1.fileTypesChanged on AWT causes 30-60s freeze
UsabilityIDEA-188960pseudo-tooltip very annoying issue
UsabilityIDEA-188401Parameters info tooltip disappears on switching method overloads
UsabilityIDEA-84622Default "Open directory/project" path and better navigation
UsabilityIDEA-186172The "Find in Path" dialog box is always on top
UsabilityIDEA-187112UML diagrams: use editor background color for UML tab background on darcula
UsabilityIDEA-186631Confirmation dialog text is trimmed and does not expand when the window is resized
UsabilityIDEA-160977Not all similar threads are merged
UsabilityIDEA-191596Only one gutter intention is visible
CosmeticsIDEA-190325"Indexing paused due to &Revert"
CosmeticsIDEA-188297$FILE$ placeholder is 'unknown' when printing console output
TaskIDEA-187791Make JButtons colorable
TaskIDEA-189365Get rid of Snappy library
ExceptionIDEA-188163BUG | latest EAP Idea ultimate | HttpVirtualFileImpl cannot be cast
ExceptionIDEA-192088Exception when starting IntelliJ
ExceptionIDEA-185991Code analysis in "Commit Changes" dialog fails for php formatter
ExceptionIDEA-187858NPE on search in settings if nothing was found
Code Analysis. InspectionFeatureIDEA-121571Feature request: A Contract Annotation that indicates that a method returns its argument
FeatureIDEA-175780Reactor inspection: unassigned Flux/Mono instance
FeatureIDEA-49092Inspection profiles: provide possibility to create a scope from inspections dialog
FeatureIDEA-175784Reactor inspection: do not call blocking operators within a non-blocking scope
BugIDEA-187749JSP default package inspection incorrectly displays an error for array types.
BugIDEA-189769Analyze data flow from here should be available on interface members
BugIDEA-192189"Settings" button disabled in inspections result if focus is in editor
BugIDEA-190445Inspection result toolwindow - after excluding some issue cursor disappears
UsabilityIDEA-189380Inspections restore defaults menu option
CosmeticsIDEA-188219"Suppress" button is small
ExceptionIDEA-190303NPE during JSP code analysis/inspection
ExceptionIDEA-188838Keyboard navigation in Inspection Results throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
Code CoverageFeatureIDEA-102075Update code coverage results to include branch coverage column
FeatureIDEA-191726Update JaCoCo to support Java 10
BugIDEA-190928Annotation NotNull changes behaviour of code coverage
BugIDEA-184699Code coverage Report includes excluded packages
BugIDEA-190499Run with Coverage: Error occurred during initialization of VM
BugIDEA-191734Generated report doesn't contain branch coverage
UsabilityIDEA-192287Show full package name at coverage view
Code Formatting and Code StyleFeatureIDEA-152088Java Code Style. Add option to not line wrap on import statements
FeatureIDEA-98499Allow staticly imported class members to have a different style than other constants
FeatureIDEA-57898add an option to force a blank line before the end of the class
BugIDEA-191843"Adjust code style settings" adds additional chars
BugIDEA-21623Formatter does not respect <pre> tags with attributes
BugIDEA-158493Code formatter adds empty strings when breaking up too long string literal.
BugIDEA-115696Incorrect continuation indentation after string concatenation
BugIDEA-187535Incorrect indent after Enter after a nested code block
BugIDEA-153628`Enter` after operator in binary expression should place caret on correctly indented place
BugIDEA-110902File reformatting breaks javadoc @link
BugIDEA-189746Backwards compatibility issue for import/export Code Style?
BugIDEA-98552for() statement: Place ')' on new line → "incorrect" alignment
BugIDEA-175560Right parenthesis (rparen) on new line is not indented properly
BugIDEA-153768JavaDoc formatting for <p> on empty lines creates invalid HTML
BugIDEA-166202<pre> tags in Javadoc should not be wrapped
BugIDEA-189059Line indent provider put caret to wrong position
BugIDEA-186983NullPointerException at saving changed code folding settings
BugIDEA-190462Code format changes ignored (Velocity)
Code NavigationFeatureIDEA-189093Implement Go To Declaration and Go To Implementation for Java 10 var
FeatureIDEA-188351Allow to Navigate to a class within a specified package.
FeatureIDEA-44323Go to Symbol could handle the results of "copy reference" (eg: com.apptio.biit.server.GraphicsProxyHttpServlet#doGet)
BugIDEA-188178Exception when "//" is typed in the "Navigate to file" popup
BugIDEA-190108IDEA is unable to find interface implementation
BugIDEA-177179Navigate | Class... - navigation by a method reference navigates to the class declaration
BugIDEA-190713Navigate Back action works incorrectly after navigate to class
PerformanceIDEA-188959Calculate line marker tooltip in background thread
PerformanceIDEA-187744High CPU usage when idle, never stops
PerformanceIDEA-186086UastReferenceRegistrar should avoid converting elements if no pattern is registered for the respective element type
UsabilityIDEA-187037Provide ability to change name and presentation of 'Navigate | Class' aciton in IntelliJ-based IDEs
UsabilityIDEA-188686'File Path' action should work in dumb mode
ExceptionIDEA-188549Show Bytecode is enabled for class/file item and causes NPE at ShowByteCodeAction$1.onSuccess()
ExceptionIDEA-190672IDEA lost all bookmarks
Code. GenerateBugIDEA-192006Clicking Enter in the "Choose fields to initialize by constructor" dialog was interpreted as OK + new line in the editor
UsabilityIDEA-192185'Insert @Override' by default should be enabled in 'Generate toString()' dialog
ConsoleBugIDEA-188939Toggling soft wrap in the console folds previously unfolded text
BugIDEA-130302First line in console is folded when it is too big (and not command line)
UsabilityIDEA-189608Handle possible misconfiguration of loopback interface in case of connection problems (connection timeouts)
DatabaseBugIDEA-183999Ignore Unsubmitted Changes grammar error
BugIDEA-169402CSV files not associated with any file type
UsabilityIDEA-177912Database. "Data Sources Detected". It should be possible to click on "Configure" link if the configuration was cancelled before.
ExceptionIDEA-190214Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertIsDispatchThread
DebuggerFeatureIDEA-191508Breakpoint intentions
FeatureIDEA-153569Copy current thread stack trace
FeatureIDEA-172018"Print stacktrace" breakpoint option
FeatureIDEA-190644Delete breakpoint with a middle mouse button click
BugIDEA-187709Huge number of captureXXXX.props files created under C:\Users\Миша\AppData\Local\Temp.
BugIDEA-189725'Smart step into' doesn't work immediately sometimes
BugIDEA-189894minor problem with horizontal scrollbar when debugging
BugIDEA-192070Deadlock while debugging
BugIDEA-188941char to double/float conversion is not supported
BugIDEA-186803Debugger frame view doesn't show recursion depth if "show package names" option is off
BugIDEA-191797Evaluate expression failed in lambda body
BugIDEA-187528Quick evaluate with lambdas broken
BugIDEA-94049Debugger: Return ability to set field watch point via alt+gutter click
BugIDEA-188759Attach To Java Process does not show all available Java Process that are started by Intellij.
BugIDEA-188405Async stacktraces: java.lang.VerifyError: Bad local variable type
BugIDEA-172425debugger under jdk9 throws NoClassDefFound
BugIDEA-187632Remove extra colon in breakpoint configuration
BugIDEA-187968Expressions in window watches are not editable
BugIDEA-191140Incorrect variables mapping inside catch block without debug info
BugIDEA-159144Can't set breakpoint in lambda that is a field
BugIDEA-128518Map help buttons of the debugger settings
BugIDEA-181303java.lang.IllegalArgumentException by org.jetbrains.org.objectweb.asm.ClassVisitor while running JUnit tests with latest EAP
BugIDEA-187338Async stacktraces may not work with several debug sessions
BugIDEA-127045Unexpected 'step over' behaviour in debugger
BugIDEA-188904Incorrect primitive conversion
BugIDEA-190451Variable tree loses focus after "more items" is clicked.
BugIDEA-190076Incorrect frame state after thread death
BugIDEA-189239Kotlin breakpoint prints 'evaluate and log' message twice
BugIDEA-183804Update default remote debugger config for jdk9
BugIDEA-191114Incorrect variables mapping inside foreach loops without debug info
BugIDEA-189423Unexpected tokens error in multiline condition
PerformanceIDEA-184521Please re-enable killing processes via WinP
PerformanceIDEA-187063During debugging IntelliJ IDEA gets extremely slow
UsabilityIDEA-187893View Breakpoints window should not scroll the breakpoint list when I deselect/select a breakpoint
UsabilityIDEA-186171Turn breakpoint condition field background to pink when there is a syntax error
UsabilityIDEA-147697Debug : can't set the value of long variable
UsabilityIDEA-190833Do not highlight disabled breakpoints
UsabilityIDEA-184710No undo (Ctrl+Z) possible in the "Evaluate Expression" edit field after pressing "Evaluate"
UsabilityIDEA-130826Prompt user before removing breakpoints with conditions
CosmeticsIDEA-191219Font doesn't scale well in presentation mode in debugger view Frames section
CosmeticsIDEA-192172Text in "Evaluate and log:" field is too small in Presentation mode
CosmeticsIDEA-188878Replace "Stacktraces" with "Stack Traces"
TaskIDEA-122113Get rid of NashornJsBreakpointListener
Diff_MergeFeatureIDEA-182364Add action "Compare something"
BugIDEA-170382Unable to use Idea diff command for directories with special symbols
BugIDEA-189154Partial Commit: "Local Changes" preview does not work if all changes in a file are reverted and applied again
BugIDEA-188761Alt+up/down navigation over method's of the class does not work in diff window
BugIDEA-190698Command line diff : allow diffing single (new) files
BugIDEA-188244Invoking JAR Files Diff does not affect productivity guide statistics
BugIDEA-188245Invoking Directory Diff does not affect productivity guide statistics
UsabilityIDEA-191716"Cancel Visual Merge" dialog is shown even with no modifications when pressing Esc
UsabilityIDEA-182230VCS "visual merge" window: don't ask "Are you sure" if there was no changes
UsabilityIDEA-190466Diff viewer in Local Changes view works incorrect with grouping by repo
DockerFeatureIDEA-185384Docker. Support --cpus command line option
FeatureIDEA-184656Support --shm-size, --security-opt, --name options
FeatureIDEA-159935Support Multiple Compose files
BugIDEA-187014DockerCompose: Two nodes instead of one when folder name contains punctuation
BugIDEA-188923Docker pulling progress dialog has negative value for the download size
BugIDEA-187035DockerCompose: RunConfig: "Environment variables" field. Cut spaces at the beginning/end when saving
BugIDEA-186939DockerCompose: No values are taken from .env file
BugIDEA-186934DockerCompose: Deployed ok, but the content of the docker-compose node is empty
BugIDEA-190331DockerCompose. Display volumes on "Volume Bindings" without duplicating if container folder contains "/" at the end
BugIDEA-186907DockerCompose. RunConfig: IDE fatal errors at attempt to choose services for some compose files
BugIDEA-187161DockerCompose: Navigation from override files services doesn't work
BugIDEA-175410Docker: Display volumes on "Volume Bindings" without duplicating
BugIDEA-187158DockerCompose: RunConfig. Different path separators: "/" and "\" in the "Compose Configuration Files" dialog
BugIDEA-181802DockerCompose syntax highlighting / command shows wrong "Single value is expected"
BugIDEA-188231DockerCompose: Avoid two-nodes appearance and green tabs by "down" of our compose node
BugIDEA-186952DockerCompose. RunConfig. Choose Configuration File dialog: disable "Ok" until we choose or auto-detect any file
BugIDEA-186890DockerCompose: correct the path to the chosen compose file: display all the "/" in the same way
BugIDEA-176049Docker Tab: Freezes happen when there are a lot of containers/images
BugIDEA-187326Invalid target key inspection in docker-compose.yml
BugIDEA-187009Docker, DockerCompose. DockerView: "Show stopped containers" filter doesn't work
BugIDEA-178756compose YAML: support types with different scalar / sequence / dictionary representation
BugIDEA-187496DockerCompose: False inspection error for the value: ulimits
UsabilityIDEA-187279DockerCompose: Rename "Force build" option
UsabilityIDEA-187016DockerCompose: Provide navigation by F4 and double-click from any compose node to the corresponding configuration file
UsabilityIDEA-187025DockerCompose: Change the icon for the root docker-compose nodes
UsabilityIDEA-187040DockerCompose: RunConfig. "Choose configuration file or folder" dialog: provide multi-selection.
UsabilityIDEA-188595Docker-Compose: provide navigation from containers to the services in the corresponding configuration file
UsabilityIDEA-155561Docker. Provide possibility to go to the corresponding Dockerfile from Docker view.
DocumentationBugIDEA-188232Invoking Browse external documentation does not affect productivity guide statistics
Editor. Code CompletionFeatureIDEA-76223Showing Both Autocomplete and Javadoc
PerformanceIDEA-186114Code completion is extremely slow
UsabilityIDEA-189603Multi-parameter completion overwrites code if there is no closing parenthesis
UsabilityIDEA-176647Do not show auto-popup with the exact same name when entering text in the middle of a symbol
UsabilityIDEA-144321LookupElementProximityWeigher should work for all lookup items that have PSI
CosmeticsIDEA-187518Support italic in completion lookup element item text
ExceptionIDEA-188584AE at com.intellij.codeInsight.completion.CompletionAssertions.assertHostInfo
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-170770Use different color for scratch files and external classes editor tabs
FeatureIDEA-151939In scroll panel highlight lines with breakpoins
FeatureIDEA-178801Multi-line pasting in line comments
FeatureIDEA-130703Join Lines (Ctrl-Shift-J) could join nested if's
FeatureIDEA-172368'Join lines' could handle increment with 0 nicer
BugIDEA-190254Class name is erased after choosing Add Javadoc action and starting to type
BugIDEA-189708Wrong position of completion parameter hint popup
BugIDEA-189701Navigation doesn't work in documentation on hover
BugIDEA-164133"Optimize imports" adds import which is immediately marked as "Unused import statement"
BugIDEA-188682Moving a Statement through comments mixes up the comment lines
BugIDEA-188770HTML block header sometimes doesn't disappear
BugIDEA-188561Truncated parameter info popup on empty argument list
BugIDEA-184675Structure view: incorrect, unexpected Expand behavior
BugIDEA-190905Blacklisted hint can appears sometimes.
BugIDEA-189650IDE closes empty files when restarting
BugIDEA-187135Pasting multiple lines of Javadoc is broken
BugIDEA-187042arg postfix template incorrectly replaces whole line
BugIDEA-191159[windows] text in editor can float when parameter hint is on
BugIDEA-186884Can't create a new scratch using New... popup in the Project view
BugIDEA-189508Parameter names hinting doesn't work correctly with non-ASCII symbols
BugIDEA-188667arg postfix template removes the line part after the invocation point
BugIDEA-190665Caret is not repainted correctly
BugIDEA-190660ClassCastException after code reformatting using 'Join Lines'
BugIDEA-188877'<unknown> file changed' error message on undo
BugIDEA-187666Multi-caret does not move uniformly over >= and <=
BugIDEA-186636Keystrokes lost during freezing
BugIDEA-190298Clipboard content pasted twice when assigning mouse shortcut to `Paste`
BugIDEA-108112Ident after enter in Java binary expressions
PerformanceIDEA-189038Slow undo in large file
UsabilityIDEA-126440Collapsed comments preview with timeout or button for preview
UsabilityIDEA-188086Split Editor Tab scrolls back to cursor
UsabilityIDEA-189772Weird presentation of collapsed import block, when something deprecated is inside
UsabilityIDEA-186011Smart Backspace isn't smart enough
UsabilityIDEA-186311Kubernetes: Json. Display long messages on scroll-bar as short description with "more" link or as text.
UsabilityIDEA-191018Selection under diff popup does not work
UsabilityIDEA-126243Reformatting on typing curly brace should be performed in a separate command
UsabilityIDEA-188800PostfixTemplates: no description for the user-defined and edited built-in templates
CosmeticsIDEA-138747Joining line with EOL comment
TaskIDEA-190840Refactor "Line separator" and "Encoding" status bar widgets to share code
ExceptionIDEA-187187Save settings failed: "Cannot get ScratchFileService component state"
ExceptionIDEA-190959Wrong line separators: '\r' at offset 0
Editor. Error HighlightingUsabilityIDEA-114803Provide the ability to disable tooltips in editor without disabling inspections
TaskIDEA-188957Add possibility to implement DumbAware highlighting passes
Editor. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-191095Raw string literal RegExp should be recongnized
File SystemBugIDEA-188926`VirtualFileManager.refreshWithoutFileWatcher` can take an extremely long time on a Windows FileSystem with a large number of mapped network drives
PerformanceIDEA-191007Too large buffer passed to ReadDirectoryChangesW seriously impacts Windows file system performance
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-189447"Find in Path" shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+F) not working in "Find in Path" preview window
BugIDEA-188153Next occurrence doesn't work when focus is in folded code
BugIDEA-189385Line with both read and write access to a field is shown with read-access icon in 'Show usages' results
BugIDEA-185627Regression: 'Search/Replace in Path' popup doesn't find usages under .idea directory even if explicitly invoked on that directory
BugIDEA-179801Replace in File doesn't find all occurrences
BugIDEA-188789Find in Path: cannot switch between Find and Replace in Path dialogs
BugIDEA-187131Find popup shows incomplete usages and doesn't indicate they're incomplete
BugIDEA-189518Search in path never completes when using named capturing groups in regexp
BugIDEA-186556Find symbol should show [jdk9] module at beginning of the list when exact name entered
BugIDEA-190721Accessorr search works incorrect when child field hides parent
BugIDEA-189227'File mask' is not saved when switching from 'Find in Path' to 'Replace in Path'
BugIDEA-130620Incorrect find usage on fields if exist methods named like a setter and used in inner class
BugIDEA-140859'undo' (ctrl+z) in the 'find' (ctrl+f) box has unexpected behaviour
UsabilityIDEA-186671Find in path: automatically include project files into search scope if *.iml is set as a file mask
UsabilityIDEA-175973Enter file name search popup is not closing itself after losing focus when no value available in textbox.
HTML.PreviewBugIDEA-184915IntelliJ doesn't rescale an SVG properly after editing its viewbox property
IDE ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-136387Add a template variable that displays file path from project root.
BugIDEA-187735Comment live template macros show long description text in completion
BugIDEA-188434Can't export Data Source settings
BugIDEA-170111password storage throws exception if config directory is symlink
BugIDEA-172658Reassigned file wildcard for predefined file type is reverted on restart
BugIDEA-189135java.nio.channels.OverlappingFileLockException when idea.config.path and idea.system.path point to the same location
BugIDEA-186546Copyright plugin can't read copyright profile created in IDEA 2017.3
BugIDEA-189445In 2018.1, "Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates | Automatically check updates" is disabled by default
BugIDEA-188964Error loading kotlin-language facet
BugIDEA-189452IDEA overwrites write-protected files on saving settings (even with "safe write" option turned off)
BugIDEA-187515Parameter hints enable/disable isn't applied when toggled from action popup
UsabilityIDEA-189436IDEA fails to launch with JDK 10 set as IDEA_JDK_64.
UsabilityIDEA-190017Allow to duplicate postfix templates
ExceptionIDEA-188196"Unknown macro $APP_CONFIG$" exception on start
IndicesBugIDEA-189189Repeated scanning files for index
BugIDEA-190677OOME while indexing images in TeamCity project
BugIDEA-188041Uncommitted saved document still leading to "Outdated stub in index" sometimes
PerformanceIDEA-186709freezes on older project open/branch checkout
ExceptionIDEA-188028A test failing with "Outdated stub in index"
Internal build scriptsFeatureIDEA-188583Support generation of Maven artifacts for modules of IntelliJ-based IDEs
BugIDEA-189408Incorrect artifactId is generated for module names which include digits
BugIDEA-189683Building intellij-community from sources fails because of missing jgoodies-common JAR
BugIDEA-188812IDEA with Python plugin run configuration is broken
JavaFXBugIDEA-187363New FXML File in the Web tool window does nothing
JavaScriptBugIDEA-190598Nashorn JS with Java 9: IDE does not support class declaration
KubernetesFeatureIDEA-185224Kubernetes: Yaml. Validate Integer values
BugIDEA-187357Kubernetes. Yml. Labels: false inspection by empty labelValue and absent error at key/value ending with "_"
BugIDEA-187343Kubernetes: improve "Change Notes" for plugin
BugIDEA-185004Kubernetes: Yml. QuickHelp. It's impossible to restore it as popup from keyboard
BugIDEA-184998Kubernetes: Yml. QuickHelp. Show it for the completion list items
BugIDEA-187853 Kubernetes. Yml. Labels: false inspection by empty label values
UsabilityIDEA-183805Kubernetes: update the view of the quickhelp
CosmeticsIDEA-187399DockerCompose. Kubernetes. Inspections. Start the parent node name from the upper-case letter.
Language InjectionBugIDEA-188988<statement> or DELIMITER expected in Java constants
BugIDEA-188783Intellij IDEA 2018.1RC#IU-181.4203.519 freezes frequently on start and during project build
BugIDEA-191232Injected language fold regions aren't cleaned up if the injected document becomes invalid
Packaging and InstallationFeatureIDEA-187763Register our IDE for compatible file type on macOS
BugIDEA-189387Pycharm 2018.1 won't start after patch update
BugIDEA-122925IntelliJ Fails to apply IDE update patch due to faulty "IOException: No Space Left on Device /tmp"
BugIDEA-167297After broken update can't run pycharm
BugIDEA-162267Update requires excessive disk space
BugIDEA-190448Missing 'config' dir in Install-Linux-tar.txt instructions
BugIDEA-188130Launcher should be able to recover when config/port contains invalid value
UsabilityIDEA-185044Show list of used third-party libraries directly in the IDE
UsabilityIDEA-191432Force "Download and install JRE x86 by JetBrains" and "32-bit launcher" options when installing on 32-bit system
CosmeticsIDEA-191997com.intellij.updater.Runner usage message for Runner install <folder>
CosmeticsIDEA-161414"Profiling agent is not enabled" should not be a WARN log entry and / or chatter to the terminal
CosmeticsIDEA-181200Install-Windows-zip.txt instructions are out of date
TaskIDEA-189411Bundle Kotlin 1.2.41 with IntelliJ IDEA
TaskIDEA-192182Extract sources of java annotations to separate GitHub repository
TaskIDEA-185083Unblock basic proxy authorization scheme for https protocol
Password SafeBugIDEA-190514"Magic number did not match" exception on opening Deployment Settings
UsabilityIDEA-191264Uncheck remember on push credentials dialog by default
Platform APIFeatureIDEA-188386Support debug-level logging in IntelliJ product build scripts
FeatureIDEA-192059Improve `JavaBuilderUtil.registerFilterToSkipMarkingAffectedFileDirty` for using in other builder categories
FeatureIDEA-184848UAST Pattern: constructor param
FeatureIDEA-187115JPS: provide API to report exception to IDEA
BugIDEA-188348Change com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.ex.DefaultCustomComponentAction API
PerformanceIDEA-189948AST is loaded when computing file icon because of smart pointers
PerformanceIDEA-187382Documents for LightVirtualFile's are leaked via SmartPointerManager
Meta IssueIDEA-175637Check in tests that PSI text can be parsed back to a similar PSI structure
Plugin DevelopmentFeatureIDEA-140461DevKit: make TestDataReferenceContributor work for Groovy
BugIDEA-166677XIncludes in plugin descriptions should resolve paths in classpath (or even in entire project's classpath)
BugIDEA-163694Devkit: fix IdeaPlugin DOM
BugIDEA-188374CommitChangeListDialog.commitAlienChanges shows empty changes browser (when it is not)
BugIDEA-186696TestDataNavigation: don't compound two side editor from files in different directories
BugIDEA-185624False inspection description not found error
BugIDEA-188247JavaSdkImpl#getVMExecutablePath returns wrong path on Windows
BugIDEA-190994Usage of ITNReporter in PlatformExtensions.xml is reported as an error
UsabilityIDEA-187502Add module for IntelliJ IDEA Community as well as joint module for both Community and Ultimate
CosmeticsIDEA-192134Remove 'MaxPermSize' from default VM options when start IDEA plugin run configuration
TaskIDEA-188302plugin.xml: highlight <idea-plugin@use-idea-classloader> as deprecated
TaskIDEA-188065Warnings when using httpclient-4.5.2 provided with IntelliJ
Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-191790NoClassDefFoundError in case of disabling Coverage plugin
BugIDEA-182869Plugin update fail if requested with major version IDE patch update
BugIDEA-189271IDEA plugin manager cannot download Xtext
UsabilityIDEA-176508Unable to install plugins when their download URL returns 307 redirect
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-191059Can't find bundle for base name messages.JavaCoreBundle
BugIDEA-192248Default PHP Interpreter settings are reset after PhpStorm restart
BugIDEA-186834Creating a project in the drive root adds the second backslash leading to the wrong project working directory for Run Configurations
BugIDEA-182850Module with a dot in the name is displayed as if it were a module group
BugIDEA-189112Externally stored settings of facets aren't loaded by build process
BugIDEA-185133Changing version works incorrectly for Maven libraries if MAVEN_REPOSITORY path variable has non-canonical case of letters
BugIDEA-187885Modules may disappear from 'Load/Unload Modules' dialog
BugIDEA-187313New Project Wizard unexpectedly replaces path by '~'
BugIDEA-188647Renaming a module breaks stored renaming scheme
BugIDEA-189444Default run/debug configurations are not saved
BugIDEA-188581Project Structure: SDK: two JDKs in Add new SDK list
UsabilityIDEA-190951Reload all repository libraries when list of repositories changes
UsabilityIDEA-192234Quickfixes offer to add annotation and junit jars from IDEA installation directory to project configuration
UsabilityIDEA-189675Remove misleading 'channel' option from 'Required plugin' settings
UsabilityIDEA-189733Properly check version range for bundled plugins in 'Required Plugins'
CosmeticsIDEA-188607Fix warning icon for "Module managed by Gradle" notification
ExceptionIDEA-190250Assertion failed: Write access is allowed inside write-action only - at IdeaProjectModelModifier.changeLanguageLevel
ExceptionIDEA-187726Constant exceptions after opening Idea/ultimate#master with IJ 2017.3.5
ExceptionIDEA-188194Removing module from a big project may fail with NPE
ExceptionIDEA-190988Cancelling creation of a library in Project Structure dialog fails with exception
Project ViewFeatureIDEA-145898Scratches timestamps and preview
BugIDEA-190556Scratches and Consoles - when adding a new scratch file, the project view wasn't updated and the file is not seen
BugIDEA-188727"Select in Project View" should select file in active scope (and not switch to "Project" tab)
PerformanceIDEA-185472Idea is unresponsive while updating Gradle projects
RefactoringBugIDEA-189391Wrap return value doesn't work with Optional
BugIDEA-176840View / Expression Type just after closing pair character changes user selection
BugIDEA-185936Rename File action shouldn't be available while indexing is in progress
UsabilityIDEA-190300Duplicate menu hot keys for Refactor|Make Static and Refactor|Wrap Method return value
RegExpBugIDEA-191355SingleCharAlternationInspection quick fix produces inconsistent PSI
BugIDEA-186023Regexp: "Single character alternation" quickfix yields invalid code
ExceptionIDEA-190180RegExpSetOptionsImpl ClassCastException blocking editor inspections
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-187519Run button not disabled for for debug only run/debug configurations
BugIDEA-184007Run dashboard debugger window very narrow
UsabilityIDEA-182763Run configuration drop down menu does not show the full name of the test being selected
Structural Search and ReplaceFeatureIDEA-191915finding switch statements: allow counted branches
BugIDEA-188144 javascript method with optional qualifier pattern returns less results than expected
BugIDEA-189196Labeled break and continue statements can't be found with a variable
BugIDEA-187437ActionScript annotation matching incorrectly matches attributes
BugIDEA-176024Adding an annotation with structural replace breaks a nested class reference in annotation parameters
BugIDEA-187725Bad Groovy script can cause exception
BugIDEA-191673Find within hierarchy does not handle negation correctly
BugIDEA-187532Reference target constraints panel visible for replacement variable
BugIDEA-190128SSR Structural Replace to achieve Java 7 diamond syntax produces illegal Java
BugIDEA-191669can't find anonymous class within hierarchy
BugIDEA-188376SSR: 1 dimensional array is found when using 2 dimensional array expression syntax
BugIDEA-129336Structural search pattern not found because of comment
BugIDEA-186640SSR: extremely hard to edit patterns
BugIDEA-189344Structural search doesn't match statement variable in lambda
BugIDEA-146380Structural replace fails
BugIDEA-187792Structural Search Inspection problem: Groovy Script execution error: java.lang.Throwable
BugIDEA-187436Malformed pattern warning expected on incorrect use of variables
BugIDEA-190055Can't find XML/HTML tags without a specific attribute value
BugIDEA-189473improve java 9 var matching
BugIDEA-189852html pattern finds nothing
BugIDEA-191831Wildcard pattern with a variable finds nothing
BugIDEA-187291Replacing an XML tag set as target does not work correctly
BugIDEA-189195Not possible to find labeled statements
BugIDEA-189220Can't find annotations with counted number of parameters
BugIDEA-187663JavaScript replace replaces only first statement of multiple statement result
BugIDEA-191858Problems with finding try-catch statements
BugIDEA-190519replace structurally creates wrong code, when using static import
UsabilityIDEA-187826Find Structurally: remove Unlimited checkbox
UsabilityIDEA-189236Open variable settings directly from search/replacement template in Structural search
UsabilityIDEA-189234Misleading "available variable" if var is optional in structural search groovy code snippets
ExceptionIDEA-141767NPE at at com.intellij.structuralsearch.plugin.replace.ui.ReplaceUsageViewContext.replaceOne(ReplaceUsageViewC ontext.java:130)
ExceptionIDEA-191889SSR: java.lang.ClassCastException when open 'Search template' dialog in 'Edit variables'
Task ManagementBugIDEA-189113Unable to save settings: Failed to save settings. Please restart... Error with Mantis Task server enabled
BugIDEA-162223Task Server is not removed.
BugIDEA-190752Adding YouTrack server should configure https URL by default
BugIDEA-188611[remove context] option not present / not possible while CLion is still indexing
BugIDEA-187507Cannot save Trello integration settings in 2018.1
BugIDEA-187128Generic task server configuration cannot be saved in settings
TerminalBugIDEA-184513Terminal prompt displaying incorrectly
BugIDEA-186950Exception on trying to evaluate java program that throws exception in terminal
BugIDEA-184778Terminal - Console - wrong format - wrap new line after 2017.3.1 update
BugIDEA-191852Show typed user input in terminal console
BugIDEA-185523Fish Terminal displays ⏎ (U+23CE) after every input
ExceptionIDEA-187084StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when execute Jest ui test
UMLBugIDEA-187287SVG UML Diagram Export results on zero length file
Unit Testing. TestNGBugIDEA-190388Upgraded to 2018 now TestNG tests not working
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-163208Add support for MacBook Touch Bar (Magic Toolbar)
FeatureIDEA-189689Move HelpTooltip settings to resources
FeatureIDEA-188603Allow to align grid label with the upper edge of multiline components
BugIDEA-180725Background Image is not set for the RemoteHosts toolwindow if there are no selected hosts
BugIDEA-183148Cannot export colour scheme as plugin from PhpStorm
BugIDEA-190258Context selection popup is unusable in LiveTemplate editor
BugIDEA-191300Hyperlink stays underlined when mouse leaves its area
BugIDEA-191318Icons are not scaled correctly in presentation mode
BugIDEA-178351"Restore Default Layout" do not work with 2017.2.3 having "Run Dashboard" open
BugIDEA-188167Remove light line between vertical tool windows
BugIDEA-166871IDEA doesn't show 'Scratch File' button in navigation bar toolbar
BugIDEA-188161Quickly typing one letter and pressing Enter in "Goto File" leads to endless progress indicator without any results
BugIDEA-190937Changing language in Scratch files not always properly updates file extension
BugIDEA-154988No default icon suggested on adding buttons to main toolbar
BugIDEA-190257Layout changes for no reason when typing in the Description field for a newly created LiveTemplate
BugIDEA-188740LightweightHint.pack() doesn't have any effect when hint uses AWT tooltip internally
BugIDEA-116955Text in the "Evaluation Feedback" window is editable
BugIDEA-186229'Search everywhere' loses focus after some item selecting by mouse in the drop-down
BugIDEA-118171Show the same background color for files in Favorite as in Project.
BugIDEA-186587'Replace all' confirmation popup is out of focus
BugIDEA-185007No find in bytecode view
BugIDEA-191164[windows] text floats in preview diffs
BugIDEA-189327Exception on startup when consent dialog is shown
BugIDEA-164920Wrap toolbar
BugIDEA-151301Navigation over highlighted search matches in "Override/impl method" dialog only works for method names
BugIDEA-187834Replace translucent text rendering in tab pane with opaque one using premultiplied alpha and srcOver rules
BugIDEA-186564Default size of Edit configuration -> tasks before launch is just for 1 step
BugIDEA-188687switch on SVG icons by default
BugIDEA-192157When configuring touch bar, I would like to be able to see changes instantly.
BugIDEA-191170[windows] tip of the day picture is large on 125% scale
BugIDEA-190806notification balloon shadow gaps
BugIDEA-189520[fps] gaps in git-log graph edges
BugIDEA-184963"Diff Viewer" switch via popup breaks focus
BugIDEA-186562Javadoc not shown for jigsaw modules in another module
BugIDEA-182408Provide ability to cache icons in platform-api
BugIDEA-190607It is not possible enter another character in plugin window.
BugIDEA-180876[fps] VCS branch markers and log track paint artefacts
BugIDEA-189464Poor presentation of incompatible plugins when using the search bar
BugIDEA-191708VersionControl: visual garbage on the very first opening of VersionControl toolwindow
BugIDEA-191122"Captured Snapshot" notification's "Show in Explorer" link does not work when IDEA is installed on alternate drive letter
BugIDEA-187932Invoking some features does not affect productivity guide statistics
BugIDEA-186989Invoking "find action" in Evaluate dialog moves focus to the main window
BugIDEA-192029Touch bar blinks when scrolling the file
BugIDEA-187482ToolWindow header becomes active when context menu is invoked on editor
BugIDEA-186615Tool windows: resizing cursor appears on top of 'Hidden tabs' arrow
BugIDEA-187873UI glitch in editable combobox with wide popup
BugIDEA-190646Tool Window tabs revision
PerformanceIDEA-191867Disposed project leaked via Changes View content tab label
PerformanceIDEA-192184Goto Class/File/Symbol popups leak via native window and focus traversal policy
UsabilityIDEA-190251Unhelpful and misleading wording in update checker under Toolbox
UsabilityIDEA-125158Do not show versions of bundled plugins
UsabilityIDEA-189726Tree nodes expand unexpectedly when navigating using Up/Down keys
UsabilityIDEA-165231Input fields should be inactive when exception comes from 3rd-party plugin
UsabilityIDEA-192075IDE Fatal Errors dialog - cannot copy/analyze stacktrace
UsabilityIDEA-192180No speed search: Edit Severities
UsabilityIDEA-191361Exception dialog is too tall
UsabilityIDEA-187091'Mark Directory as | Unmark root' option name is confusing
UsabilityIDEA-186774Change UI texts for Editor Tabs Settings
UsabilityIDEA-190363Improve UI of 'Third Party Software' list
UsabilityIDEA-110169New Action dialog loses all information when there is an error after pressing "OK"
UsabilityIDEA-187133Redesign remote configuration
UsabilityIDEA-185564Match Refactor | Extract | Method ... with "refactor method" in Find action
UsabilityIDEA-170891Show meaningful error when IDE fails to create new project in the read only directory
CosmeticsIDEA-190090Double arrow cursor on Project tree header on hover
CosmeticsIDEA-174261"Unused declaration" inspection settings has ugly buttons
CosmeticsIDEA-188095Button width should accommodate the length of the label plus standard indents
CosmeticsIDEA-188396Quick Doc: caret is not hidden when switching from Doc tool window back to Doc pop-up window
CosmeticsIDEA-190919Increase height for popup headers with buttons
CosmeticsIDEA-191985Speed search is truncated
CosmeticsIDEA-191579table view folded/unfolded toolbar inconsistency
TaskIDEA-190225Replace Run Configuration combobox with button if no configuration created
TaskIDEA-190218Rename "Default settings" and "Default project structure"
TaskIDEA-189867Switch Search Everywhere toolbar icon to ActionButton
TaskIDEA-192178Enable IntelliJ laf on Mac
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-189859provide JVM property for the screen reader option
User Interface.DarculaBugIDEA-191398NullPointerException when switching theme to GTK+
CosmeticsIDEA-186708Standard panel height difference between Darcula and IntelliJ themes causes buttons misalignment in DialogWrapper
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-120755Local changelists: apply background scope colors for files as in other views
FeatureIDEA-66051Local Changes: need a special subtree/group only for unmerged conflicts.
BugIDEA-115100Maven project import sets Subversion VCS for submodules, if there is a folder or file called .svn in parent folders
BugIDEA-148366File history: file history is not shown on two simultaneous requests
BugIDEA-190311Commit directory action is not searchable
BugIDEA-191782No tooltip for new button containing "ignore" actions in Changes view
BugIDEA-186651Move to another changelist shortcut in Diff moves the entire file
BugIDEA-186725Changes grouping by repository: confusing results for external VCS root if group by module is used
BugIDEA-192203keymap "Xcode" not found warnings on startup from Git4Idea & hg4idea
BugIDEA-189350Undo sometimes doesn't work if 'partial Git commits' feature is enabled
BugIDEA-153272Files are lost during the movement of unversioned files to overwrite existing files with same names
BugIDEA-188502Commit Window Automatically Scrolls Back and Forth While Clicking
BugIDEA-188501Partial Commit: "Git | Revert" action reverts changes, that are excluded by checkboxes
BugIDEA-186772Git compare two branches: sort is wrong
BugIDEA-188319Partial Commit: Pre-commit changes by "Update Copyright" hook will not be committed when committing non-active changelist
BugIDEA-186758LocalChanges view: when focus in in the Diff Preview, click in the changes tree doesn't change selection
BugIDEA-187108Commit action does not respect file selection in Local changes
BugIDEA-187101EAP #IC-181.3870.7:Create partial patch does not work as expected
BugIDEA-168338Apply patch choses wrong module for new files if there is similar path in other module
BugIDEA-189523Cannot delete changelist created by Remote Run in TeamCity
PerformanceIDEA-192017Unshelving creates a thread for each shelved file
PerformanceIDEA-188192File History view periodic refresh causes synchronous VCS queries under modal dialogs
UsabilityIDEA-187114Regression: there is no shortcut to group changed files by directory in 'Local Changes' view anymore
UsabilityIDEA-187405Copy to clipboard can copy the currently visible in-place diff instead of the just selected text in editor
UsabilityIDEA-141136Extremely wide not-resizable "Commit Changes" dialog in case of a long error message
UsabilityIDEA-189421Undoing typing sometimes works in two steps if 'partial Git commits' are enabled
CosmeticsIDEA-191602Don't show the Default changelist node when there is only one Default changelist
ExceptionIDEA-131135AE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.ui.ChangesBrowserFileNode.render
ExceptionIDEA-188593ISE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.ui.CommitChangeListDialog.$$$reportNull$$$0
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-187702Git: Resolve conflict during rebase - "Accept Theirs" does not work
BugIDEA-187706Partial Commits: First included file is not selected in commit dialog by default
BugIDEA-186463After the valid git executable is configured for a project reopening is necessary to make Log or History displayed
BugIDEA-189562Deadlock during VCS changes revert
BugIDEA-189369Cannot deselect files with line-ending changes only in the commit-dialog tree
BugIDEA-191309Commit failed with error
BugIDEA-187748Partial Commit: can't move file with changed line separators to another changelist
BugIDEA-181823moving a class to another package leaves it unversioned in git
BugIDEA-140196Built-in SSH: does not support strong security ciphers - Cannot negotiate, proposals do not match
BugIDEA-187375Partial commit checkboxes are not always shown
BugIDEA-188681Partial commit does not work for old git (1.x)
BugIDEA-187425 Partial Commits: Exclude Lines From Commit action does not work with deleted blocks
BugIDEA-187426Partial Commits: Exclude Lines From Commit action does not work with selection in left editor
BugIDEA-123397Git: History for file doesn't show anything before the move if there were too many changes in the commit that moved the file
BugIDEA-185964Git: Partial Commits: after turning the HighlightFilesFromNonActiveChangelists ON the behavior becomes unpredictably wrong
BugIDEA-187335On Partial Shelve reverts only selected changes are shelved, but the whole file is reverted
BugIDEA-185221Git 2.16 considers Builtin SSH as simple client => `ssh variant 'simple' does not support setting port` error on remote operations
BugIDEA-188650Git: Partial Commits: for some changes the diff preview is wrong
BugIDEA-190132GitCheckinEnvironment#reset needs to split request into multiple commands.
BugIDEA-180112IDEA stores passwords in memory even when "Remember" is unchecked
BugIDEA-187498On partial shelve the changes excluded from shelve are moved to default changelist
UsabilityIDEA-56183Optionally Do not show "Push" dialog after pressing "Commit and Push"
UsabilityIDEA-153448Shortсut to change action in "Rebasing Commits" window
UsabilityIDEA-118140Don't add renamed or moved files to git index unless configured to do so
CosmeticsIDEA-192092Rephrase a notification that appears when users switch branches
CosmeticsIDEA-192384History for Selection shouldn't be visible in the context menu of Project Files
ExceptionIDEA-186769CME at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.conflicts.ChangelistConflictTracker.optionsChanged
Version Control. LogFeatureIDEA-116053Ability to open filtered results in Changes/Log view a new tab
BugIDEA-180371Open Repository Version uses Jump-to-Sources Hotkey
BugIDEA-190544Clicking on a hash in file history does not open main log tab
PerformanceIDEA-178016High memory consumption of git indexing for shallow clones.
UsabilityIDEA-190169Shortcut assigned to "Open Repository Version" action should have priority over Jump to sources
ExceptionIDEA-191967Throwable at com.intellij.vcs.log.impl.VcsLogTabsWatcher.closeLogTabs
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-187738Changelist is duplicated in IDEA after partial commit (Perforce)
BugIDEA-191521Duplicate changelist is created when submitting a part of files in a Perforce changelist
BugIDEA-186736Perforce integration is unusable with 2018.1 EAP
PerformanceIDEA-192097Too many threads spawned by reading Perforce command outputs from refreshing File History
ExceptionIDEA-188162NoSwingUnderWriteAction assertion in Perforce actions
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-172626Can not parse output - SVN integration is basically useless after that
BugIDEA-189542SVN+SSH shows "Process exited with code 1" instead of the actual error
BugIDEA-190790Subversion: tree conflicts can't be viewed if path contains spaces
BugIDEA-188180"Merge from" fails if branch location of the current branch is under some other branch location
BugIDEA-186917Path to ssh executable for svn+ssh tunnel is not valid
BugIDEA-191518Subversion "Update Project" dialog - error on selecting revision if url contains special symbols
BugIDEA-190960"Error updating changes: can not parse output" error in local changes for certain tree conflicts
BugIDEA-185360Subversion File History not working for links with spaces
BugIDEA-192371NPE on importing project with directory mappings set to "Subversion", but without real svn working copy
BugIDEA-189300ISE at com/intellij/openapi/vcs/changes/VcsDirtyScopeManager.getInstance
UsabilityIDEA-158791Unexpected output of svn commands for a single file/revision should not prevent further svn operations
CosmeticsIDEA-188814Subversion: correct the title of "BranchOrTag" tab in Messages tolwindow
ExceptionIDEA-190935ISE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.branchConfig.SvnBranchConfigurationManager.resolveConfiguration
Version Control. TFSBugIDEA-185601Commit to TFS - Code Reviewer issues
BugIDEA-184463Selected work item is not updated on checkin - can not resolve or associate changeset
XMLPerformanceIDEA-189915Checking DOM applicability loads AST for files under .idea
i18nBugIDEA-189804IDEA hangs after NullPointerException
BugIDEA-190909Autopopup code completion is not working for message bundles
No subsystemPerformanceDBE-6206PyCharm freezes or shows Xmx out of memory error when typing .SEPARATOR , \n in an SQL file
DB ConnectivityBugDBE-1673Data Sources and Drivers Settings are applied to connection only after reconnect to DB
BugDBE-1423Wrong encoding when connection to database failed
UsabilityDBE-6321Postgres: if database in connection parameters differs from the database selected in Schemas tab IDE may fail to connect
UsabilityDBE-5628Password dialog box issues
UsabilityDBE-3260Add default values in SSH configuration for Data Sources
DB ConsoleBugDBE-6358Cannot execute multiple queries as batch in 181.4892.10 (unless highlighted)
BugDBE-3116Impossible to disable prompt for query parameters
BugDBE-397DESC/DESCRIBE in read-only mode
BugDBE-6384Disconnect database keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F2) is stopping running application
BugDBE-5904Database Console name in Files have turning into Guids
BugDBE-2297Changes to Tools > Database > User Parameters are only in effect until PhpStorm is restarted
UsabilityDBE-6112closing database console tab also closes the tab
UsabilityDBE-6115database console > scroll from editor doesn't work well
ExceptionDBE-5953DBE-5953 AE: SqlPsiElementFactory#createROFile
DB IntrospectionFeatureDBE-6234Allow filetype association to sqlite/sqlite3
FeatureDBE-2102Default constraints in MS SQL
BugDBE-5968Sybase: incorrect length for types nchar, nvarchar, unichar, univarchar
BugDBE-4962Cascade rules of foreign keys not correctly displayed for Microsoft SQL Server
BugDBE-6409MariaDB schema discovery fails with: Unknown column 'purchase_date' in 'field list'
DB RefactoringBugDBE-634MS SQL Incorrect statements for modifying a table column default value
UsabilityDBE-6235Can't create a table during indexing
Data Import & ExportBugDBE-6081Can't import from .csv ISO timestamp with "Z" timezone
BugDBE-5987Cannot use \N as null text in data import
UsabilityDBE-6130Add IMPORT DATA FROM SQL DUMP menu option
ExceptionDBE-5985java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'typeName' of com/intellij/database/extractors/ObjectFormatter.isBit must not be null
Data ViewsBugDBE-6292Manual Transaction re-executes command after transaction rollback
BugDBE-5969Syntax error inserting row with all column values default similar DBE-2057
BugDBE-6306Copying Column List
BugDBE-2057Insert row into SQLite table with default values in Table Editor doesn't work
BugDBE-4868sorting does not work if the filter contains a comment
BugDBE-6200Quick documentation popup: too wide columns of the referencing data
UsabilityDBE-6003Ctrl+Shift+Left should be used as Editor Action: Move Caret to Previous Word with Selection
IDE GeneralFeatureDBE-3178dbForge-like projects
FeatureDBE-5999Ability to sort items in structure pane
FeatureDBE-5081REST client in DataGrip
FeatureDBE-6278Project handling more like IntelliJ, PyCharm, WebStorm
BugDBE-6004Run and Synchronize Options in Scratches and Console Window show GUIDS and not logical names
BugDBE-6005Clicking issue does not work in update GUI
BugDBE-5576DataGrip .desktop entry description is not descriptive
BugDBE-5601Navigate to symbol works bad with column names
UsabilityDBE-6405Query plan fails for sub-queries in sqlite
UsabilityDBE-557It is impossible to Undo directory detaching
Navigation & SearchBugDBE-6289Database View hasn't got focus after Go to Definition action
PL & DDL EditingFeatureDBE-5340Compiling PL/SQL code with atual errors
BugDBE-3195Oracle PL/SQL Auto complete object types
BugDBE-6301Postgresql - Create Foreign key between tables in schema different than public
BugDBE-6254Database toolwindow: ModifyTable action should not be available for read-only datasources
SQL CompletionBugDBE-5451Oracle 12c ALTER TABLE identity clause
SQL EditingFeatureDBE-2647Custom Parameter %VAR% not working when wrapped in single quotes.
FeatureDBE-4560Shift-shift search looks for functions in database, not in codebase
FeatureDBE-3834Find usages on SQL file could find SQL data sources where this file is added to
BugDBE-5958 DB2: Syntax Error at temporal Table Select Statement with BUSINESS_TIME alias
BugDBE-5896MySQL dialect does not recognize CTEs
BugDBE-1509Teradata diagnostics command is treated as a parameter by mistake
BugDBE-5928Oracle: Don't report OVERLAPS function as error
BugDBE-4532Structure tool window view changed in recent IDE versions
BugDBE-5930Oracle: ELSEIF should not be valid keyword
UsabilityDBE-2248SQL: File Structure: table item is preselected if the caret is right after the last character of a column definition
UsabilityDBE-2249SQL: File Structure: if current statement is not shown selection could be preset to the nearest shown element
SQL GenerationBugDBE-5825MySQL code generator: invalid CHARSET clause for column definition
BugDBE-6176Suggested DB2 procedure drop statement is wrong
BugDBE-3548Postgres: sequence start value is wrong
BugDBE-5479explain plan for redshift outputs: Invalid operation: syntax error at or near "FORMAT"
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-521Psi aware brace highlighter
FeatureDBE-6367H2. Support select with 'with'
FeatureDBE-6368H2. Support drop scheme cascade
FeatureDBE-3127MS SQL: Introspect and highlight columns of cursors that are returned by functions
BugDBE-5960Window functions support for MySQL
BugDBE-5859MySQL Create Table Syntax parse error
BugDBE-6027Set statement with multiple clauses is reported as error
BugDBE-6028CTE ("with" statement) and code folding are not working together (2018.1 EAP, MySQL 8/MariaDB 10.2)
BugDBE-6336Support for MAXFILESIZE in Redshift UNLOAD
BugDBE-6325MSSQL: Unable to resolve column
BugDBE-6104H2 SQL dialect does not recognize "drop column" statement with multiple columns
BugDBE-5952False positive: Condition X is always true
BugDBE-5791oracle dialect -> support for TYPE records
BugDBE-5891Can't change SQL dialect for the injected string
BugDBE-6196Oracle: INSERT ALL incorrectly parsed without column list
BugDBE-5995PostgreSQL. Good code red. Custom sampling_method
BugDBE-6167H2 Custom type is not parsed correctly
BugDBE-6391PyCharm unable to determine record fields when looping through query surrounded by parentheses (PostgreSQL)
BugDBE-5935PostgreSQL dialect Valid SQL marked as red
BugDBE-2581Support of conditional compilation flags in pl/sql code
UsabilityDBE-5855PostgreSQL CITEXT type and extensions not supported
SQL ResolveBugDBE-6378Oracle JSON syntax is not recognized
BugDBE-6182Same aliases for different tables in adjacent UPDATE queries lose column name resolution for SQL Server
User InterfaceFeatureDBE-5515Make it possible to choose default console for all project SQL files
FeatureDBE-4928Add of Database Color Settings check box for Table Bookmarks
FeatureDBE-5052In datasources list show only db vendors
BugDBE-6146Incorrect navigation via NavigationBar to the stored procedures
BugDBE-6231Hover over link breaks UI on data source options tab
BugDBE-4273Table Names Sort Does work on DB2 database
BugDBE-4722Move Data Source to Project/Global not visible
BugDBE-5927Speed search next match doesn't always work
BugDBE-4822"DB Consoles" from "Tool Windows / Files / Scratches" doesn't respect colors
UsabilityDBE-5774Database element is always "unclassified" in Find Usages results
UsabilityDBE-1668Data Sources and Drivers dialog / Schemas: "Use legacy introspector" control is visually attached to filtering description
UsabilityDBE-6249Changing DB user or password resets the URL
CosmeticsDBE-6150Order of datasources is different in database tool window and 'Data Sources and Drivers' window
CosmeticsDBE-1851Clearer connection status indication
No subsystemFeatureWEB-11431Smarty: CSS autocomplete from included css file
FeatureWEB-31177Color picker doesn't work for template string literals
FeatureWEB-28371Make links in package.json clickable
BugWEB-32040Missing support for JSON in Prettier
BugWEB-31963Emmet BEM filter doesn't work in JSX
BugWEB-32300Incorrect warning: ") expected" on React components
BugWEB-32120Copy and Paste and Syntax Highlight stops working
BugWEB-32053editorconfig plugin is not working properly
BugWEB-16795Git conflicts suggest switching to the JSX Harmony project type
BugWEB-31108"closing tag matches nothing" shows on the correct tag of vue file
BugWEB-31719Prettier autosave on format
BugWEB-9333Copyright Formatting Not Working For HTML5 DOCTYPE
BugWEB-31736Flow: provide a detailed error message if flow service fails to start because of incorrect flowconfig
BugWEB-32496Prettier plugin resets package path in 2018.1.2
BugWEB-31708EAP - Prettier tries to run on HTML files
BugWEB-31412React Native Run configuration does not start
BugWEB-31399Surround with Emmet doesn't work with linewise selection of JSX
BugWEB-32748NodeModulesDirectoryManager is on UI thread with a lot of threadDump-freeze reports
BugWEB-31461prettier: should use builtin config cache
BugWEB-31858Use NPM package configured in project preferences when downloading TypeScript stubs
BugWEB-32412template stringx jsx closing bracket expected
BugWEB-31520TypeScript parse/syntax error: "formal parameter expected"
BugWEB-32769Webpack config rejects automaticNameDelimiter optimization setting
BugWEB-31206Renaming exported const does not rename import statement
BugWEB-31444When debugging Node.js, computer logs out after a while
BugWEB-31307'Reformat with prettier' action is disabled on first opening of project
BugWEB-29946Vue+pug: selector usages in Pug template not found
PerformanceWEB-31233Freezing when editing JSX during typing
CosmeticsWEB-32801Webpack option schema has a wrong link in the inspection description
CosmeticsWEB-32036Save As.. should be Save As...
CosmeticsWEB-32211Rename 'twitter bootstrap' project template
TaskWEB-32175JS live template: rename "JavaScript" context to "JavaScript and TypeScript"
Build toolsFeatureWEB-30117Allow to remove/disable gulp tool window
BugWEB-28715Gulp tasks tree cannot build due to missing --silent option
CSSFeatureWEB-32228Support of CSS property "font-display"
FeatureWEB-25011Colors and Fonts/CSS should have it's own field for class and attribute identifiers
FeatureWEB-7317Provide option to complete styles from all CSS files even if current file has a style tag
FeatureWEB-32672WebStorm doesn't recognize backdrop-filter
FeatureWEB-32000Support repeating-conic-gradient CSS function
FeatureWEB-24774Support inline comments in PostCSS
FeatureWEB-17009Add not listed CSS &JS files for suggesting for go to declaration in HTML files
BugWEB-31567'<?php' symbols in CSS class completion
BugWEB-22895PostCSS: Colors & Fonts: arithmetic symbols are not colored
BugWEB-22894PostCSS: Colors & Fonts: Tag name is not colored
BugWEB-22893PostCSS: Colors & Fonts: unknown-at-rule cannot be colored
BugWEB-26828reformating CSS with :host >>> subselect ends up with :host > > > subselect
BugWEB-18258Update css-text spec
BugWEB-31295CSS code completion is shown in JSX after className=<space>
BugWEB-32646Css: "Insert semicolon" produces incorrect PSI
BugWEB-32100CSS autocomplete works unpredictably
BugWEB-23986PHP: completion/navigation for selectors defined in external stylesheets don't work if there is a <link>/<style> tag in main template
BugWEB-24628CSS: string literal with backslash as property value is not parsed correctly
BugWEB-26368CSS '/deep/' combinator causes 'unexpected token' error if it's the first item in selector list
BugWEB-24619BUG: PostCSS code completion doesn't work right before an &-sign (Ampersand).
BugWEB-28165Wrong CSS syntax check for @apply rule
PerformanceWEB-30965Slow CSS completion
UsabilityWEB-31592CSS font-family: initial warning generic font
ExceptionWEB-22810"PSI and index do not match" exception while editing CSS
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-32594Spread Operator in CoffeeScript gives error
BugWEB-32452Do not add keywords completion in import statement
BugWEB-32195CoffeeScript string tag error
BugWEB-32194CoffeeScript parse error
BugWEB-31455CoffeeScript the "from" operator is not highlighted in orange
DartFeatureWEB-32909Provide code completion when editing Dart breakpoint condition and in Evaluate Expression dialog
FeatureWEB-32254Nest Dart compiled output under *.dart file
FeatureWEB-31130Support Dart Override Completions
BugWEB-32559Bad Dart formatting (token per line) if syntax error in argument list
BugWEB-32434Dart Analyzer Diagnostics action should be disabled in non-Dart projects
BugWEB-31482Intention action list is sometimes wrong in Dart
BugWEB-31486Dart code completion list is incorrectly sorted
BugWEB-32205.dart_tool folder can't be excluded from indexing if Dart SDK 1.x is configured
BugWEB-31924Dart: method override list contains duplicate entries
BugWEB-27128When no selection for Extract Method, IDE sets it to the full line
BugWEB-31403Dart Structure View missing sort button
BugWEB-31074Formatting a dart file with syntax errors reformats the file with one token per line
UsabilityWEB-27015need a custom icon for the pub serve tool window icon
UsabilityWEB-31845the Dart plugin doesn't have content in its changelog
TaskWEB-31498Auto-exclude .dart_tool folder
TaskWEB-31788In Dart 2 world 'pub global run webdev serve' should be used instead of 'pub serve'.
TaskWEB-32296'enable asserts' flag for Dart Command Line App configuration in case of Dart 2
TaskWEB-32172In Dart 2 world 'webdev build' should be used instead of 'pub build'
TaskWEB-32571Remove 'Dartium path' field from the Dart Settings page and from the New Dart Project wizard
DebuggerFeatureWEB-14403Drop to frame / Restart frame not available in JavaScript debugger
FeatureWEB-15261Unable to put breakpoints inside JavaScript scratch files
FeatureWEB-25793It's not possible to get value of async function in "Evaluate Expression" dialog
FeatureWEB-25672Allow Node.js/Chromium remote debugger to reconnect automatically
FeatureWEB-31991Implement "Run with coverage" for JS Debug configuration
BugWEB-32132Rerun not works with JS coverage.
BugWEB-32841Node.js/Chrome remote: 'Another debugger is attached...' warning is wrongly shown
BugWEB-32550Wrong line is hit when debugging Jest tests
BugWEB-31161Object not totally copied on Copy Value
BugWEB-30501karma debugging: breakpoints not hit when re-running the debugger
BugWEB-31589Warning about breakpoints in JSX tags with event handlers
BugWEB-32003No log in console for npm in debug mode
BugWEB-32714Debugger steps into node_modules even if "Do not step into library scripts" is enabled
BugWEB-32908Can't resolve breakpoints in webpack 3.X project
BugWEB-32155Debug different chromium browsers
BugWEB-31709Node.js Remote Interpreter: Docker: cannot start debug due to the "port is already allocated" error
BugWEB-32389Assertion failed: Debug tool window not initialized yet!
BugWEB-22818Debugging with sourcemaps doesn't work when using `null` as `"file":` value
BugWEB-32636Debugger: the number of properties that can be inspected is limited to ~ 100
BugWEB-30119Jest debugging support not allowing break point inspection of variables
BugWEB-31842Node.js Debugger Console allows to type commands after process termination
BugWEB-31314Client-side debugging pauses in same-named files loaded before the file breakpont is set in
PerformanceWEB-31775Debugger: false stops in same-named files cause delays when debugging
UsabilityWEB-32843Node.js global.console has duplicate logs in Console tab when Debugger Console tab is hidden, when debugging
UsabilityWEB-30689Blank page opened when debugging Chrome with custom profile if Chrome instance from same user data directory is running
UsabilityWEB-32810Add to watch is not always possible in JavaScript
File WatchersBugWEB-32127File Watcher dialog: 'File not found' error if macro is used in Program field
BugWEB-31808Not all watchers are run
BugWEB-31413File watcher (prettier) marks files as generated files
UsabilityWEB-27952File Watchers which modify the current file cause prompts to Reload From Disk on Undo
HTMLBugWEB-31803Typo in HTML Code Style settings
BugWEB-32073Surround with Emmet trims
BugWEB-26242HTML: Code styles: Project scheme doesn't use quote marks value
BugWEB-2223CSS selector completion in HTML document does not work if there is an inline style block
BugWEB-32388XML/HTML attribute completion items disappear if you press Ctrl+Space once again
JSONFeatureWEB-32131Support remote JSON schemas and auto-mapping via schemastore.org catalog
FeatureWEB-32238JSON Schema: dropdown to choose JSON schemas
FeatureWEB-32433Smarter 'Enter' handling for JSON
FeatureWEB-31909Allow to suppress warning for NaN in json
FeatureWEB-32698JSON Schema selection menu should work for JSON fragment editor
FeatureWEB-31912Add support for extension JSON schema property for pure HTML description
FeatureWEB-32538JSON Schema switcher: show locally stored schemas
FeatureWEB-31897Make JSON schema compliance inspection configurable
FeatureWEB-12776Support the JSON5 file type
FeatureWEB-31882Action to copy JSON editor breadcrumbs as JSONPath / JSON Pointer
FeatureWEB-29953Support JSON schema v6
FeatureWEB-29954Support JSON schema v7
BugWEB-32556JSON widget: mapping to the built-in schema shown as a schema error
BugWEB-32852JSON schema switcher: correctly map built-in and local schemas when remote sources are not allowed
BugWEB-32853JSON schema: do not remove manually added schema on schemas reassign
BugWEB-32243JSON schema: JSON pointer refs with array items are ignored
BugWEB-32242JSON schema: support pointers to array elements
BugWEB-32244JSON schema: allOf merge is not recursive
BugWEB-32038JSON schema for multiple projects
BugWEB-32237Kubernetes: Json. QuickHelp. Display: key name, type, kubernetes version
BugWEB-32533JSON Schema switcher doesn't recognize .angular-cli.json
BugWEB-32539JSON Schema dialog: correctly write path to the local file from the dialog and the switcher
BugWEB-31870Provide an option to allow trailing comma in JSON files
BugWEB-31653JSON Schema completion: incorrect handling of a string with only one quote
BugWEB-32290JSON Schema autocompletion doesn't work
BugWEB-31883"Copy Reference" for JSON items does not include arrays indices
BugWEB-31989Show array index in JSON breadcrumbs
BugWEB-32504Inspections: remove JSON-related options from the JSON5 inspection
BugWEB-32506JSON5: support negative hexadecimal numbers and character escapes
BugWEB-31196JSON schema: False negative "select file under project root"
UsabilityWEB-31904Kubernetes. Json. Add "type" tip into the inspection error description.
UsabilityWEB-32680JSON Schemas: add "x-intellij-html-description" property into v6 and v7 schema completion
UsabilityWEB-31908Json. Completion. Provide icons depending on key types for the completion list
UsabilityWEB-32878Not clear behavior when trying to use json schema outside of the project
UsabilityWEB-20353JSON Schema: provide Edit action for created mapping
CosmeticsWEB-32555JSON Schema switcher: correctly show "Add/Edit Schema Mapping..." actions depending on the context
CosmeticsWEB-31911Kubernetes: Json. QuickHelp. Display " instead of \" .
CosmeticsWEB-32404Improve configuration of JSON Schemas
CosmeticsWEB-32407JSON Schema Catalog Settings UI
TaskWEB-32716Add a checkbox to completely disable remote activity for JSON Schemas
ExceptionWEB-32551JSON: "java.lang.Throwable: HTTP response 301" exception while updating schema URL
ExceptionWEB-32690java.lang.Throwable: Do not call synchronous refresh under read lock (except from EDT)
ExceptionWEB-32532JSON Schema: exception is thrown while typing the value for the "$schema" property
ExceptionWEB-32199Exception in JSON file
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-31369Support revised standard for template strings lexing
FeatureWEB-3564JSDoc: special symbols auto pairing
FeatureWEB-31578'Introduce variable' intention action
FeatureWEB-31581Code style for JS file names
FeatureWEB-29250Support yarn workspaces (better indexing of node_modules parent directories)
FeatureWEB-31759JavaScript control flow: completion for properties after the explicit check
FeatureWEB-27638Support Named capture groups for JavaScript RegExps
FeatureWEB-30445Show inferred type in Flow in Brief Info
FeatureWEB-30918webpack 4: exclude dist folder by default
FeatureWEB-29350New Quick Fix: Generate 'cases' for enum and unions of literals
FeatureWEB-31275Intentions: 1) move type into separate file with matching name, 2) rename file to match type name
FeatureWEB-27687Add support for private class fields (ES Next)
FeatureWEB-28578Support BigInt
FeatureWEB-31213Live templates should be language-version-dependent
FeatureWEB-18032JSDoc: support name path including "unusual" characters (@event, @fires, @listens, module: etc.)
FeatureWEB-24395Flow: Type annotations need a different color
FeatureWEB-27640Support RegExp lookbehind assertions
FeatureWEB-31761JavaScript: use "d.ts" when there is import with explicit "js" extension
BugWEB-31616Flow: 'declare export default' is supported incompletely
BugWEB-32427Renaming function parameter changes usages of same-named variable in inner scope
BugWEB-32139Invalid 'Returned expression not assignable' when using Object.create
BugWEB-32042Incorrect type inference for destructuring assignments with require()
BugWEB-31787Unresolved variables while using @types/react
BugWEB-26937CommonJS: properties of class instance returned by exported module not resolved
BugWEB-29193JSDoc formatting of @example blocks could be better
BugWEB-31336Problems with private fields
BugWEB-32545WebStorm 2018.1.2 broke Vue JSX syntax highlight
BugWEB-32125Code analysis for JavaScript is broken after upgrade to 2018.1
BugWEB-21478Quick Fix: Implement missing members based on JSDoc interface definition
BugWEB-29083WebStorm can not infer any type in javascript files
BugWEB-31637Flow and TypeScript: trailing commas are okay in generic parameter lists, but we don't parse that
BugWEB-31346Only first @example from JSDoc is properly shown in the documentation
BugWEB-32130Flow: async generic lambdas syntax is not recognized correctly
BugWEB-30113Incorrect suggestion for empty return statement inside generator function
BugWEB-32691 'Implement missing members' for object generates redundant comma
BugWEB-32692Exception on opening quick documentation for addEventListener
BugWEB-32072Using babel 7+ breaks webpack integration
BugWEB-32075Parse error on 'async get(){}' function property (regression)
BugWEB-31753Flow JS: Some line markers are not reported
BugWEB-31629Flow: cannot parse signature with multiple parameters represented by union types
BugWEB-26870Complete members of exported class instance
BugWEB-31610Cannot parse valid Flow syntax for generic lambdas in type annotations
BugWEB-31613Flow: weird 'declare expected'
BugWEB-31612Cannot parse generic lambda as type argument in Flow
BugWEB-31614Flow: incorrect lexing of generic lambda with lambda as a parameter
BugWEB-31299Quick Doc: Markdown: open angular bracket is changed into the &lt; symbol
BugWEB-31361No 'abstract class / interface cannot be instantiated' warning when implementing JSDoc interface with imports
BugWEB-28079WebStorm fires “Unused default export” wraning when export is actually used and IDE knows it.
BugWEB-31615Flow: cannot parse call signature in ambient class
BugWEB-24161CommonJS: properties of function object returned by exported module not resolved
BugWEB-26860Quick Documentation - JSDoc @property annotation not handled over multiple lines
BugWEB-32706Complete current statement should add semicolon in switch statement after 'default'
BugWEB-32491Can't type named default exported class
BugWEB-30881Problems extending an abstract class declared in a typings file
BugWEB-30880Constructor documentation declared in typings not shown
BugWEB-31938Bad error message for getter/method mismatch in plain JS
BugWEB-31289Create interface doesn't work via inspection
BugWEB-30082Wrong type mismatch errors when using overloaded functions in typings
BugWEB-24383"Copy reference" from context menu on JS object broken in PhPStorm 2016.3
BugWEB-22342CommonJS: properties of object instance returned by exported module not resolved
BugWEB-31633Flow: 'declare function' should be allowed to have unnamed parameters
BugWEB-29681Expression type action sees 2 expressions
BugWEB-30647Interfaces declared in .d.ts modules not found
BugWEB-32770Folded regions are unfolded on file reopening
BugWEB-32174Quick Documentation overlaps @example formatting
BugWEB-24352JSDoc: Inline documentation window mangles the JSDoc comment text
BugWEB-30446Expression type action in Flow shows the expression twice
BugWEB-31400Type mismatch errors when mapping `{}` type to object instance
BugWEB-25333'Replace switch with if' removes block's body
BugWEB-30879Problems using interfaces declared in typings in plain JavaScript files
BugWEB-31274Quick Doc: Markdown: IOOBE is thrown when documentation contains angular bracket before code block
BugWEB-26824Flow: syntax errors when using destructuring in function type
BugWEB-30877Wrong suggestions/missing documentation for interface members declared in typings
BugWEB-31464Simple Flow function return type syntax is not recognized
BugWEB-30878Declaration merging in typings breaks documentation lookup
BugWEB-19719ES6: The `yield` and `new.target` keywords may not be used in an arrow function's body
BugWEB-31665"Implement methods" cannot generate paired accessors and async/generator methods in pure JS
BugWEB-16665Syntax highlighting is wrong when sharing same file between projects with different JavaScript Language versions
BugWEB-31980Wrong "collection '<collection>' updated, but never queried" violation when using "in" operator
BugWEB-30926ctrl+click functions with JSDoc notation between two objects doesn't properly track. Changes from 2017.2-2017.3
BugWEB-31695'Implement methods' quick fix generates prototype-based members for a class expression
BugWEB-11714Object key should be resolved after checking for key
BugWEB-32616Complete current statement (if block) places cursor out of the block if 'simple blocks/methods one line' options is enabled
BugWEB-31571'Implement missing members' should work for object literals with expected types in pure JS
BugWEB-327682018.1.2 broke JSX when using quotes
BugWEB-31061.vue file not support flow
BugWEB-31200Object with computed property names shows duplicate keys warning
BugWEB-28158Method is missed in completion/not resolved if class is exported like module.exports=class
BugWEB-31504Autocomplete of class methods stopped work
BugWEB-18469Methods can not be resolved to node_modules
BugWEB-32790WebStorm decides to stop accessing .d.ts files for es features for a project
BugWEB-31236Pure JS generate -> constructor doesn't insert required 'super' call
BugWEB-26635Regression: Javascript/node references no longer resolved across `require`
BugWEB-32006assignment to es6 class properties are considered redefinement and marked as unused (possible 2018.1 regression)
BugWEB-32140Better availability for 'Introduce variable' action
BugWEB-31824Namespaced Classes Constructor Parameter Hinting
BugWEB-31223'Create class' fix produces invalid code
BugWEB-31312Default word in object is bold
PerformanceWEB-28126PyCharm slows down when editing JavaScript files
PerformanceWEB-32469Slow initial indexing and completion in projects with Cypress
PerformanceWEB-31630Very high CPU usage when indexing node_modules
PerformanceWEB-31271IDE Hangs
PerformanceWEB-32483IDE Freezes and general slow performance
UsabilityWEB-31398javascript (es6+) module imports do not have .js extension
UsabilityWEB-31473Flow's output changed in version 0.66, now the IDE's Flow error messages need to be adapted
UsabilityWEB-31855if method name is capitalised, intellij injects it without parentheses
UsabilityWEB-32488Code-Completion disturbing entry
CosmeticsWEB-32663Remove "Implement methods" for objects without contextual type
CosmeticsWEB-31826Method separators aren't shown for arrow functions
TaskWEB-31296Remaining things about private JS class members
TaskWEB-31469webpack 4: update config schema
ExceptionWEB-32718StringIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown on indexing
ExceptionWEB-32656IllegalArgumentException when insert text in .js file
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-16696Wrong indent size in multi-line string definition in WebStorm
FeatureWEB-10038Bad JS code format after using completion
BugWEB-30818'Chop down if long' does not work in binary expression in if condition
BugWEB-31019ES6 Bind operator (::) improperly indents.
BugWEB-31167'Wrap imports -> Always' shouldn't affect namespace or default imports
BugWEB-31928Formatting of "await" in TypeScript broken
BugWEB-12193JSDoc comments with code samples not indented properly
BugWEB-29105JSX in vue uses HTML indentation settings
BugWEB-32659JS formatting: 'Method call arguments -> Align when multiline' does not work if argument is binary expression
BugWEB-31326Code Style: No space at right side of arrow if Arrow function is checked and Function left brace is unchecked
BugWEB-32154Autoformat breaks code
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-30481Code completion for Vue events and event modifiers
FeatureWEB-30502Add React Live Templates
FeatureWEB-32648Angular6. Add support for angular-cli setting "stylePreprocessorOptions" > "includePaths"
FeatureWEB-30656HTML tag tree highlighting does not work inside JSX render return statements
FeatureWEB-28160Vue.js Add opportunity to create a new vuejs project
FeatureWEB-28376Add support for angular-cli setting "stylePreprocessorOptions" > "includePaths"
FeatureWEB-31488[Vue.js] V-for items autocomplete
BugWEB-32557Angular 6 CLI blueprints not supported
BugWEB-29520 Ignore React JS Lifecycle components/properties using ES6 syntax
BugWEB-26739Disable 'Refactor | Extract included file' for Vue files
BugWEB-26939WebStorm doesn't understand bound variables in Angular structural directives
BugWEB-31484Renaming an angular component should suggest to rename file according to Angular style guide
BugWEB-31580Auto import of Vue components doesn't respect Auto Import preferences
BugWEB-30759Vue Plugin got warning while props with .sync
BugWEB-32268Simultaneous editing of JSX tags is broken on auto-importing component
BugWEB-32264No properties in the completion for material-ui
BugWEB-31439Create a method from angular template with params generates red code
BugWEB-32643Angular 6. Unnecessary folder is created when generating new project
BugWEB-27143Code completion for React lifecycle methods
BugWEB-30287Code completion for TypeScript Vue components
BugWEB-31475Vue CLI: do not show progress as a separate dialog window
BugWEB-31474Vue CLI: reset project creation on pressing cancel
BugWEB-31479Project template dropdown should be disabled for @vue/cli
BugWEB-31506Vue create project: empty combo box for linter selection
BugWEB-31646Vue: generate imports when completing not global vue-class-components
BugWEB-31512Generating Angular Components doesn't work
BugWEB-32642Angular 6. Make output colored again
BugWEB-31480Win. Wrong symbol when creating vue project
BugWEB-30928Components in template while using mixins
BugWEB-21774{'{'} in jsx breaks syntax highlighting
BugWEB-32617Regexp in JSX attribute value breaks syntax highlighting
BugWEB-31829[React Native Configuration] - Runs simulator when `Build and launch` disabled
BugWEB-32069React 16.3: support new lifecycles
BugWEB-31557Angular Component host not parsed correctly
UsabilityWEB-31675Vue extract component: add action, corresponding to intention, into Refactor and Refactor This groups
CosmeticsWEB-31499Vue CLI: update texts
CosmeticsWEB-31476Vue CLI: capitalise yes-no answers
TaskWEB-31545Update Angular Live Templates
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-31568"Create derived class / implement interface" intention action
BugWEB-27281False "Possible iteration over unexpected (custom/inherited) members" inspection errors when using 'hasOwnProperty.call()'
BugWEB-31754'Missing await' false positive in 'for async' with ESNext 'for await'
BugWEB-20119TSLint: improve completion for the complex rules
BugWEB-28334Import code style from tslint ignores whitespace "check-modules"
BugWEB-26902Inspections: "Convert to arrow function": correctly convert function with destructuring parameter
BugWEB-32839Wrong warning var' variables cannot share name with block sc...
BugWEB-31694Unused local Symbol - False match
BugWEB-24435Pointless boolean expression false positive for double negative
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-11191JS: allow to inline function declaration
FeatureWEB-31644Rename all the related files (html views, stylesheets, etc.) for a component when renaming Angular component
FeatureWEB-32354JS: Inline refactoring should work across modules
BugWEB-31816Rename JS element should validate if member with same name is already present in scope
BugWEB-24100ES6 "Replace with template string" reports incorrectly on ternary operator
BugWEB-31588'Rename class in file' dialog shown when not necessary
BugWEB-31116Don't suggest converting function expression to arrow function if it uses 'arguments'
BugWEB-32493When renaming Angular component, .spec.ts files should be renamed as well
BugWEB-31937'Introduce variable' dialog doesn't have 'const' option in ES6
BugWEB-6960TypeScript: Refactor/Inline works incorrectly for function that takes a callback as parameter
BugWEB-32651Exception when inlining function call without parenthesis
BugWEB-32829Introduce var: wrong caret position after introduce variable /var postfix template
BugWEB-23504"variable value is changed when accessed from closure" when inlining variable set to this is used in arrow function
BugWEB-20006Intention replace ternary with if else puts variable declaration in scope
BugWEB-32838Rename should not change default re-export
BugWEB-31477Exception when moving Angular component class
BugWEB-32415'Rename with containing file' should work for global entities too
BugWEB-31440Wrong replacing `if` with ternary operator
BugWEB-12557"Replace switch with if" does not work as expected when function in switch
BugWEB-32403JS: 'inline' refactoring should substitute parameters for function expression assigned to variable
BugWEB-32405Typescript: inline class member should check accessibility
BugWEB-2388'Cannot inline nonlocal variable' for top-level variable in Node module
CosmeticsWEB-30798Preview in in-place extract function doesn't highlight keywords in ES6+
LESSFeatureWEB-24450Copyright plugin: support Less, Stylus and PostCSS file types
BugWEB-20921Add support for valid HTML syntax for including LESS/SCSS in <style> tags
UsabilityWEB-31609Default Less File Watcher options are not optimal
LintersFeatureWEB-31158Support reformatting non-JS files with 'prettier' (CSS, vue, markdown, etc)
FeatureWEB-26391.vue files stylelint support
FeatureWEB-32441TSLint - Add YAML Support
FeatureWEB-26119Support severity levels in TSLint 5.0
FeatureWEB-30482Apply code style from ESLint JavaScript configs automatically or show notification
FeatureWEB-29554It is not possible to create tslint fix file/error keyboard shortcut
FeatureWEB-23695Stylelint: lint <style> tags within .html files
FeatureWEB-31338Prettier: recognize "prettier" option inside the package.json file (completion, schema)
BugWEB-31199Auto-import code style to project settings for 'standard' on opening project
BugWEB-29991Options values check for TSLint need update
BugWEB-31363Prettier: Settings: correctly layout labels and do not mark page as changed when no action was performed
BugWEB-31022ESLint: Cannot get result from language service
BugWEB-32110Allow comments in specific JSON configuration files
BugWEB-31342Prettier: do not mark file as changed when formatter does nothing
BugWEB-31341Prettier: hide notification panel in other files immediately when action from it was performed
BugWEB-32328Crash (from idea.log)
BugWEB-31706On opening project, ESLint is not enabled if eslintConfig package.json section is enabled AND present in dependencies
BugWEB-31465vue project created by <vue cli 3.0> has no eslint error inspection in ".vue" file
BugWEB-27540ESLint: update config schema with overrides
BugWEB-32613JSCS: doubled completion inside the .jscsrc config file
BugWEB-31339Prettier: hide "Reformat with Prettier" action for not supported files
BugWEB-28391TSLint schema: Support 'options' syntax for semicolon rule
BugWEB-32202Typescript code style global options not honored
CosmeticsWEB-31841Customise npm/yarn install notification reported by linters
Node.jsFeatureWEB-26855No Editor > File and Code Templates option for package.json
FeatureWEB-29184Add tab with stdout/stderr in Node.js run/debug tool window
FeatureWEB-28587Understand module field in package.json
FeatureWEB-32689Understand esnext field in package.json
FeatureWEB-32067node express-generator: Support new '--no-view' option for node express-generator
FeatureWEB-8794package.json: provide path resolving
FeatureWEB-31796package.json template should start version from `0.0.0` as `npm init` does
FeatureWEB-31207Support npx in project generators
FeatureWEB-32500Navigate to installed package from corresponding dependency declaration in package.json
BugWEB-31496Webstorm can't locate npm packages when using asdf
BugWEB-24477Unresolved function or method with require() and node-js
BugWEB-32719Add v8 to Node.js core modules
BugWEB-32482Node.js remote interpreter is not added to the list when using Add - Remote
BugWEB-31733Node.js project does not identify multiple Buffer.from definitions
BugWEB-31352Readme for npm package is not detected if module has a slash in the path
BugWEB-31985does not detect updated npm
BugWEB-31185Highlight mismatched dependencies in package.json
BugWEB-32364Node.js: asdf manager: search ~/.asdf/ folder to correctly detect npm version
BugWEB-31222Show "Node.js and npm" settings when searching for "yarn"
UsabilityWEB-32669Error: startup page is empty -- error displayed on Node.js debug configuration dialog but is not documented anywhere
UsabilityWEB-31707run tab name for npm install dependencies
UsabilityWEB-31323Check installed dependencies should not work inside node_modules
ProfilingFeatureWEB-29269Support Node.js heap profiling with Inspector APIs
Pug (ex-Jade)BugWEB-30741PUG - classes are not suggested when using '.class' in pug in Vue files
SASSFeatureWEB-30041Sass imports using path prefixed with Tilde ('~') are not resolved when using Angular CLI
BugWEB-31193Go to symbol for Sass/SCSS mixins and variables doesn't work when typing dash
StylusBugWEB-31356Vue stylus deep selector error CSS_PERIOD
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-27095TypeScript: Refactor: Inline Variable should work with type.
FeatureWEB-31978Support generics in TypeScript JSX (TypeScript 2.9)
FeatureWEB-31577Intention action to implement interface or abstract class member in derived types
FeatureWEB-31744Context action 'convert type alias to literal const enum'
FeatureWEB-32461TypeScript 2.9: support generics in tagged templates
FeatureWEB-32490Better support for unique symbols and non-string computed-constant properties in code completion
FeatureWEB-31739Support TypeScript 2.9 imported types
FeatureWEB-26481For side-effects-only imports, show all available files in path completion
FeatureWEB-31092Support TS 2.7 'in' type guards
FeatureWEB-31364Support mapped type modifiers overriding (TS 2.8)
FeatureWEB-31676Semantic support for async generators should be improved
FeatureWEB-31453'Create from usage' should be available on import/export statements
FeatureWEB-22273TypeScript 2.0: Allow wildcard ("*") patterns in ambient module declarations
FeatureWEB-28964Add option to omit JsDoc types for TypeScript code
FeatureWEB-31994TypeScript: Make method protected (on call from derived class)
FeatureWEB-30820Add type guard statements to postfix templates
FeatureWEB-32501Show computed property names like [a] instead of their actual values in code completion
FeatureWEB-31041Bundle TypeScript 2.7
BugWEB-21143[TypeScript] false error when passing a generic comparator function to Array.sort
BugWEB-30627Resolve typings for scoped packages
BugWEB-32313Node subprocesses are started for TypeScript language service
BugWEB-32118TypeScript: "Import can be shortened" suggests wrong import for the renamed export
BugWEB-32041TypeScript: readonly abstract parsing is broken
BugWEB-32047Disable Compile TypeScript to JavaScript notification in Angular CLI projects
BugWEB-31493TS valid syntax marked as invalid: readonly async
BugWEB-30567Type guards are not applied to implicit members introduced via indexers
BugWEB-32123Exception when generating constructor in the interface
BugWEB-32051Pulling generics from type to its base type alias is broken with mapped types
BugWEB-31374Typescript:can't infer type from non-existing optional property
BugWEB-31774TypeScript: function template works incorrectly in ".d.ts" files
BugWEB-32113TypeScript typed literals "implemented" and "implementing" gutter icons missing
BugWEB-32115TypeScript: re-exported symbol is incorrectly imported with quick-fix
BugWEB-32114TypeScript 'implement': generics are not applied when implementing for object literal
BugWEB-32688"Generate cases" action generates invalid code if no braces
BugWEB-32064Can't use typescript config files with non-default names in 'before launch` tasks
BugWEB-30165Documentation lookup for re-exported symbols.
BugWEB-31743Literal enum values should be target to rename when used via mapped types
BugWEB-31740Enums with literal values are not resolved as valid key sets in mapped types
BugWEB-32101Incorrect parsing of parenthesized async lambda (regression)
BugWEB-32699Angular 6: do import from compiler/src/core
BugWEB-32582Incorrect parsing of typescript non-null assertion in division operator
BugWEB-31170Re-exported module not resolved when importing from current dir ('.')
BugWEB-31620inlining variable produces incorrect code
BugWEB-31966Parameter info shortcut does not work with TypeScript in Vue files.
BugWEB-32661Incorrect ASI for TypeScript conditional type
BugWEB-31102"Change signature" quick fix incorrectly replaces primitives with their interfaces and removes one argument ( :) )
BugWEB-32489TypeScript 2.2: broken "Project errors" API produces memory leaks
BugWEB-31725Code completion and resolve for explicitly specified 'this' is broken (when service is off)
BugWEB-31720Support --noImplicitThis and ThisType semantically
BugWEB-32081Auto-import doesn't correctly import from node_modules if a project is opened from symlink
BugWEB-320142018.1. TypeScript. Good code red: IIFE with explicit return type
BugWEB-31110TypeScript: change signature inserts incorrect import
BugWEB-32700Freeze on typing '=' in JSX with styled-components
BugWEB-32492Resolve string args of typescript indexer access type
BugWEB-32494Cannot parse function type with destructuring arg
BugWEB-32495Incorrect handling of const-defined properties in this-indexers
BugWEB-31934invalid delete operator target, reference to field expected
BugWEB-31606Don't suggest to add getter/setter and to 'make private' on abstract class members
BugWEB-31388'Make private'/ 'Make static' fixes generate incorrect code with generators
BugWEB-31918Typescript. expected type is not evaluated for shorthand arrow function return
BugWEB-31715Find in path sets the path to a folder in node_modules when searching a package name
BugWEB-31713TypeScript incorrectly infers types of re-exported members from "import * as someName from 'path'"
BugWEB-31397'Specify type explicitly' produces 'void' for generators
BugWEB-31402Create method when missing should create it under imports
BugWEB-31405Invalid priority of 'as' expression in TypeScript
BugWEB-26232WebStorm's typescript parsing is confused by NTFS directory junctions
BugWEB-31470Getter/Setter should be generated with the same access type
BugWEB-32634False positive Type mismatch error inside Angular Injectable
BugWEB-32299rxjs 6 imports point to "internal" path
BugWEB-32055Typescript readonly type inference from const
BugWEB-32352Generate -> Constructor doesn't properly handle overloads
BugWEB-31076Typescript Complete current statement for interface not adding semicolon
BugWEB-30925RXJS 5.5.3 importing aliased pipeable operators (e.g. flatMap)
BugWEB-31457TypeScript: incorrect resolve for overrides when we have several merged interfaces
BugWEB-31699Implementing TypeScript methods omits 'async' and '*'
BugWEB-32615Inspector suggests readonly when it can't actually be readonly
BugWEB-32185Enum and type alias have redundant items in "Generate" list
BugWEB-32180Typescript: Element is not exported if importing a namespace
BugWEB-32182Type Inference Broken when using enum instead of string
BugWEB-31664Renaming a property and property accessors also renames the setter which is an error
BugWEB-31849TypeScript: improve visibility handling
BugWEB-31209Wrong insertion scope when creating field in TS class in .vue file
BugWEB-31194TS: Rename fails with multi-resolved overloads from usage
BugWEB-30827Incorrectly applied type guard in ternary operator
BugWEB-31333Cannot parse 'async async' or 'async public' in object literals
BugWEB-31385Type of '+' expression is evaluated as dynamic in TypeScript
BugWEB-32570TypeScript enum value variants: should import enum at target location or don't show if it is impossible to import it there
BugWEB-32792Typescript: quick documentation doesn't show properties of type aliases
BugWEB-30637'Create Method' not working on instance of a generic class in TypeScript
BugWEB-31940Argument type not assignable to parameter error with intersection type
BugWEB-31235Typescript Enum Autocomplete
BugWEB-30153Corrupt import pathes after refactor/move
BugWEB-31306False positive in Unsound instanceof type guard check
BugWEB-28565Support extending type alises
BugWEB-30164Support auto import for ambiguous imports
BugWEB-31540StackOverflowError occurs when parsing TypeScript with certain generics
BugWEB-31549Blinking overload resolution
BugWEB-31548Type guard is not applied to enum, but it should narrow to enum literal values
BugWEB-30042JS unused local symbols inspection reports many false positives for unused parameters in .ts files
BugWEB-29057TypeScript: auto-import should respect path mappings for node_modules in tsconfig.json
BugWEB-32361Incorrect Typescript "Unsound `instanceof`" with union of classes
BugWEB-32148'Create derived type' action should properly handle generic types (e.g., by inserting template sections for generic arguments)
BugWEB-32098Completion and suggestions not working for React.ComponentType
BugWEB-32712Code completion for 'this'-items uses incorrect type when there exists a 'this'-parameter
PerformanceWEB-31148Terrible performance with Typescript Intellisense (ngrx selectors, composed functions)
PerformanceWEB-31597Typescript terrible performance and freezing
PerformanceWEB-31458OutOfMemory when having `node_modules/*` in path mappings in tsconfig.json
PerformanceWEB-31987StackOverflowError on a typescript project
ExceptionWEB-32678Exception when replacing switch with if
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-16577Can't set karma working directory
FeatureWEB-31590Debugging Karma tests in Chrome Headless
BugWEB-32422mocha --recursive fails to run
BugWEB-32546ReferenceError: jasmine is not defined when try to run protractor's tests from IDEA
BugWEB-32840Karma package is set to @angular/cli
BugWEB-31383Degraded mocha support if dev dependencies only include electron-mocha but not mocha itself
BugWEB-32653Can't run Karma in @angular/cli 6 project
BugWEB-32883Cannot run karma tests in @angular/cli 6 project with multiple targets
BugWEB-32144Ignored mocha tests reduce amount of passing tests incorrectly
BugWEB-31951Jest default working directory is not set correctly
BugWEB-31558Karma coverage on Vue Project does not work
UsabilityWEB-31201Running a jest test from within the test file sets wrong cwd
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