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No subsystemFeaturePY-20770Support Python 3.6 asynchronous generators and comprehensions
FeaturePY-21768Semantic highlighting for Python
BugPY-19573Python console - no output under OS X
BugPY-26158Breadcrumbs in PyCharm disappears on new files
BugPY-20322False positive warnings about abstract property
BugPY-20602Line numbers displayed incorrectly in "Initial configuration" preview
BugPY-20837.ui File Can't Be Opened
BugPY-23759Duplicate Path Mapping after creating a remote project
BugPY-26371For Python console, the SciView is empty
BugPY-20932Pandas DataFrame viewer for multiindex frames raises TypeError
BugPY-23925Pycharm 2017.1.1 sftp remote deployment not working
BugPY-25475navigation from debugger to code does not work
BugPY-23409The extension point runConfigurationProducer doesn't work
BugPY-17739Conda enviroment not being activated
BugPY-15837Running a pytest that raises an exception with styled string (ie: "\033[31m") causes the IntelliJ Test Viewer to display a false-positive
BugPY-17120Adding new conda repository isn't working
PerformancePY-20332Array and data frame views result in extremely high CPU usage
PerformancePY-24882After the new updates - "Updating Indices" for ten minutes, every time I pull.
UsabilityPY-20448DataFrame viewer does not have automatic column-sizing
TaskPY-27705Deprecate Python 2.4, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3
ExceptionPY-20026IndexOutOfBoundsException in PyClassImpl.mroMerge
ExceptionPY-26105local import causes IllegalArgumentException in Python BDD support
Code InsightFeaturePY-18972implement support for PEP 498 (f-strings)
FeaturePY-1182Please infer types of lists
FeaturePY-22004Show all possible parameter hints when function could be resolved to different locations
FeaturePY-22005Show types in parameter hints
FeaturePY-12745Support the "six" Python 2 & 3 compatibility library
FeaturePY-22971Support @typing.overload in regular Python files, not only in Python stubs
FeaturePY-20401Dedicated syntax highlighting for type annotations
FeaturePY-28228Support PEP 563 Postponed Evaluation of Annotations
FeaturePY-20003Breadcrumbs for Python files
FeaturePY-21519Support autocompletion in type hint comments
FeaturePY-21231Resolve reference only to Python stub file if it exists
FeaturePY-20744Support Python 3.6 PEP 526 Syntax for Variable Annotations
FeaturePY-22215"Implement Methods..." action for Python
FeaturePY-20768Support special attributes of PEP 487: simpler customization of class creation
FeaturePY-25288Implement "Expression Type" action for Python
FeaturePY-27398Support PEP 557 Data Classes
FeaturePY-26628Support PEP 544 Protocols: Structural subtyping
FeaturePY-16412"Add comment with type hint" intention action for local variables
FeaturePY-11418Provide syntax highlighting for Python function calls
BugPY-22449Breadcrumbs are incorrect when caret placed after the last character of the block
BugPY-15270Numpy: Unresolved reference: false positive for accumulate and reduce
BugPY-20280Warn if class variable listed in __slots__
BugPY-22037Code completion on property that returns self declared in base class only shows options for base class
BugPY-28512PyRemoveParameterQuickFix leaks TypeEvalContext
BugPY-28046Add "await" to async parent class method call after method overriding
BugPY-19825Tuple sub-assignment typing broken
BugPY-15071Unresolved reference: false positive for private names listed in __all__
BugPY-20864False positive: "Unresolved reference" for variable annotations with types from typing module
BugPY-22249Add parameters tooltip to namedtuple constructor
BugPY-19989Wrong union type is inferred for the reference to a module imported via Python 2 implicit relative import
BugPY-21897Wrong type inference with None and conditionals
BugPY-15296Numpy: allow passing all sequence types for array and array-like parameters
BugPY-27148Support for NamedTuple._replace
BugPY-19506CREATE TEMP TABLE not recognized as SQL-statement within Python-String
BugPY-20778Invalid conversion character in fstring is not marked as an error
BugPY-20776Empty fstring expression should be marked as an error
BugPY-18246No completion for typing.NamedTuple
BugPY-20773Pound sign inside fstring is an error
BugPY-20901False negative: f-string expression fragments nested deeper that two times
BugPY-19773Symbols available via higher level package are missing in the auto import suggestions if there are other imports from same package in a file
BugPY-9924"Expected type" warning when indexing a list with a slice object
BugPY-20735Creating a setup.py with "'" in the description breaks the output in the resulting file
BugPY-23625Incorrect default argument value in print() function
BugPY-22620False positive: Unused imports for type comments containing multiple annotations
BugPY-19967Type inference and completion doesn't correctly when inheriting from namedtuple
BugPY-16676Parameter info only shows first string in consecutive concatenated strings
BugPY-5500Unresolved reference: strange behavior on references within __all__ list
BugPY-13159"Type checker" failed to determine property type
BugPY-20775Unclosed braces inside a fstring should be an error
BugPY-25368Python stub-AST inconsistency in intention tests
BugPY-20897False negative: f-string - Single '}' is not allowed
BugPY-15272Numpy: comparison operations on arrays should return array, not bool
BugPY-19461Inspection does not recognize all subclasses
BugPY-16404Syntax highlighting does not work for the pattern in `re.fullmatch`, but works for `re.match`
BugPY-22729Python 3.6 TypeHint with default value no syntax highlighting
BugPY-3167Redundant/useless import suggestion appears after manually added import
BugPY-9472Parameter info: losing popup when moving caret through calls as parameters
BugPY-9471Do not show parameter info outside function parenthesis
BugPY-19749'Replace with str.format method call' should not add positional id
BugPY-24242Completion strikes after specifying variable value
BugPY-12944Add type checking for coroutines
BugPY-25076Inspection "Method may be static" doesn't report methods referencing attributes named "self"
BugPY-24383type inference broken for Union[Any, List[int]]
BugPY-20063Code introspection / autocomplete does not resolve types in Sets (and perhaps other collection types) when used with single-character iteration expressions
BugPY-19604numpy asarray should accept integer as an argument
BugPY-19220Multi-line assignments break type hinting
BugPY-15284Numpy: unexpected argument: false positive for casting argument in can_cast: parser fails to process generated argument with keyword name
BugPY-24987Class attributes do not show up in 'goto' symbol or implicit resolve results
BugPY-8132Completion shows function instead of variable if function contains a variable with name equal to function name
BugPY-19530from MODULE import SUBMODULE as NAME not find inheritance
BugPY-15365Suggest names of submodules and subpackages for __all__ inside __init__.py
BugPY-7322namedtuple types are not detected with reST :type :
BugPY-20917'Replace with str.format method call' messes up with collection calls
BugPY-22181Element type is not inferred in case of iteration over iterable with separate iterator
BugPY-15307Numpy: TypeChecker: fals positive when passing new array shape as two ints to resize method
BugPY-28629Skeletons not resolved in Python 2.7 w/ relative import
BugPY-12634Decorator usage not highlighted in presence of whitespace after "@"
BugPY-26032data and target attributes are unresolved in scikit Bunch class
BugPY-19884Bundled python-skeletons lack annotations for "set" and "fronzenset" collections
BugPY-19473Incorrect sql injection detected
BugPY-19796Incorrect parameter type hint for ord() function parameter
BugPY-26992False positive: Object is not callable for instance of nested callable class
BugPY-18098Import "numpy" doesn't have effect
BugPY-12083Code Insight does not respect numpy ndarray types
BugPY-28577PyCharm no longer provides completion for predefined class methods, e.g. __init__
BugPY-21195Injections in type comments that combine type hint with a subsequent comment
BugPY-21191Support parenthesised and arbitrary nested comma separated types in type comments for unpacked targets
PerformancePY-27863Unstubbing during inspecitons in 'processInstanceLevelDeclarations'
PerformancePY-18039PyCharm extremely slow and unusable. Freezing constantly on one project
PerformancePY-20258PyCharm Hangs on Start
PerformancePY-25892GUI freeze during indexing
UsabilityPY-12627Non-code usages displayed even it's turned off
UsabilityPY-1526Basic completion for kwarg in a method call should put variable by name as the first suggestion
UsabilityPY-23295Breadcrumbs are too short by default.
CosmeticsPY-9516Wrong current parameter info popup position with caret on indented line
ExceptionPY-24272StackOverflowError in PyResolveImportUtil: Code analysis never finishes
ExceptionPY-20921f-string exception: String must be quoted by single or double quote
ExceptionPY-21697Multiline string literal with escaped quotes inside hangs the editor
ExceptionPY-22198Exception in PyImplementMethodsQuickFix on showing dialog with methods to implement
ExceptionPY-20421IOOBE on processing function type comment containing single element tuple
ExceptionPY-21840Long unicode escape sequences in regular expressions cause exceptions
ExceptionPY-26392Stub list in mock.py length differs from PSI
ExceptionPY-25101NullPointer exception on highlighting element usages for imported modules
ExceptionPY-21906Code inspection stops working with StackOverflowError in PassExecutorService
ExceptionPY-20785Named unicode character inside fstring causes IDE exception
ConsoleFeaturePY-19613Variable viewer after "Show command line afterwards"
FeaturePY-10498Add option, "Load current project Virtualenv and open in terminal" (bash, zsh, fish or windows CMD)
FeaturePY-14330Pandas dataframes viewer in debug or console
FeaturePY-13498Copying from PyCharm console to a python file
FeaturePY-10985Fast auto-completion from the command history in python console (IPython-like)
BugPY-28551Create folding for Console with "Show command line afterwards" option
BugPY-21384Wrong input prompt inside Python console for IPython + Remote interpreter (>>> instead of In[...])
BugPY-24642Python console action should open Debug prompt if available
BugPY-28948Scientific Project Starts Python Console with System Python
BugPY-20619Multi-line commands: incorrect syntax error for return statement in functions
BugPY-20848PR 444: The console doesn't show the value of variable or function without print() command
BugPY-20849PR 444: Line numbers in IPython console
BugPY-20847PR 444: Can't finish multiline command
BugPY-21055PyCharm freezes after Python console restart if launched from the terminal (bash)
BugPY-22243"Show command line afterwards" option blocks `input()`
BugPY-14746Debug console interpreter
BugPY-14960numpy array viewer for too large arrays
BugPY-21991"Execute Selection in Console" action does not work for multiple indented lines
BugPY-25468IPython banner is lost when using Remote Python Console
BugPY-27762Soft wraps option has to be reenabled to make in work in Python console opened with "Show command line afterwards"
BugPY-20732Python Console is broken for Remote interpreter with IPython 5
BugPY-10779Python Console "Include parent environment variables" setting has no effect
BugPY-28113Virtualenv is not activated, when virtualenv path contains space
BugPY-20617Multi-line commands: remove inappropriate inspections
BugPY-20618Problems with multi-line commands in Python console
BugPY-14828Interpreter options do not work for python console.
BugPY-22535auto-update in Data View doesn't work when opened from console variables view
BugPY-20839Execute line in console gets executed on every console restart
BugPY-20831Console can lock up entire IDE for up to 60 seconds
BugPY-21591Use of "?" for help in IPython console does not format help properly only in Pycharm (outside is OK)
BugPY-13029Rerun for Python Console should reread settings
BugPY-20685The prompt in debug console with IPython
BugPY-22056aborting commands in debug console
BugPY-18069NPE attempting to start Python Console
BugPY-27356Console very slow/practically unusable after loading relatively big dataset
BugPY-19937No invitation '>?' to input in python console
BugPY-15727IPython Console: do not show input prompt until previously entered command is executed
BugPY-17615Debug Console: Splash screen appears after typing only
BugPY-14446long lines hard to read in python console output
BugPY-15731IPython Console: not able to pass subsequent lines as arguments: UsageError: %% is a cell magic, but the cell body is empty.
BugPY-16324"Show command line afterwards" conflicts with debugger
BugPY-20013Pycharm Doesn't work with ipython 5.0.0
UsabilityPY-22099'Execute line in console' shouldn't execute empty lines
UsabilityPY-23114ability to cut and paste multiple lines from console history
UsabilityPY-28157Cursor in python console is always at beginning of the line when moving with up/down arrow keys
CosmeticsPY-20615Multi-line commands: remove double empty lines
CosmeticsPY-20616Multi-line commands: dots at the beginning of the second line
ExceptionPY-25352Exception is thrown sometimes on closing Python console
CoverageFeaturePY-20131No branch-coverage (partial-hit coverage) available.
BugPY-14869Running nosetests with Coverage fails
BugPY-10984Coverage results in remote interpreter not refreshed
CythonBugPY-21034Cython :: Type Hints Flagged As Syntax Error
BugPY-17781cimport ctypedef or cdef struct results in unresolved reference
BugPY-11031Inspection "Python 3.0/3.1/3.2 do not support 'U' prefix" wrongly applied to Cython files
BugPY-20371Unused cimport statement if one of the names is unused
BugPY-27907Python2 constructs should not raise errors in Cython files
CosmeticsPY-14111Icon for Cython files
DebuggerFeaturePY-24593Implement "Condition" and "Log expression" for Exception breakpoints
FeaturePY-2431Provide threads suspend policy in breakpoint setting
FeaturePY-22362Data View tool window
FeaturePY-22089Implement the faster debugger for Python 3.6 (using PEP 523)
FeaturePY-12987Timeout+(lazy or async) display of large objects in debugger
FeaturePY-9537Is there really no "set next statement" option in the debugger?
FeaturePY-24114Create an option for selecting PyQt backend while debugging
FeaturePY-21763Extend pandas.Dataframe view support to pandas.Series
FeaturePY-13540Show returned value in debuger after step out from function
FeaturePY-27900Show string representation for small numpy arrays with "Load Values Asynchronously"
BugPY-26268If script contains multiple plt.show() calls exception can be raised preventing further runs
BugPY-24022SystemError: unknown opcode
BugPY-24026Debugger skips breakpoint added to the current frame while running
BugPY-20052"Suspend all threads" options doesn't work with Python 3
BugPY-17986Can not attach to process with python 3.5.1(win32)
BugPY-22561Data View: auto-update doesn't work with slices
BugPY-23680Error when debugging PyQt application
BugPY-19650Show returned values: show the name of the class
BugPY-22450Can't pause script execution with new fast debugger
BugPY-22455View as Array/DataFrame does not work with debugger hyperlink from Python Console -> Show Variables
BugPY-22454 "Suspend all threads" policy doesn't work with new fast debugger
BugPY-20771DataFrame viewer has poor horizontal scrolling performance with moderate data sizes
BugPY-16825Cannot do keyboard input in debug mode with interactive console turned on
BugPY-20158debugger stopping in all threads after resuming from a breakpoint
BugPY-20154debugging with fabric commands fail with sys.stdin argument must be an int, or have a fileno() method.
BugPY-22411Data View doesn't work well with several simultaneous debug processes
BugPY-22412Icon for Data View tool window
BugPY-19777Breakpoints don't work in included Django templates
BugPY-19342Django template breakpoints never hit
BugPY-23419Data view don't show the index of DataFrame neither rows numbers from numpy array.
BugPY-19710Turn on "Show returned values" by default
BugPY-24537Debug console isn't working with IPython 6.1.0
BugPY-20196Set default breakpoint suspend policy to "Thread"
BugPY-20780Debugger not working if path contains tilda (~)
BugPY-27886pydevd does not adjust pythonpath correctly for targets that are symlinks
BugPY-16100Unable to debug with remote Python interpreter: cannot connect to X server
BugPY-20468View as arrays is enabled w/o debug session
BugPY-20251DataFrame viewer "Colored" setting isn't consistent
BugPY-28896An experimental option with ability to filter processes in "Attach to Local Process" action
BugPY-16932Prohibit toggling breakpoints on Python stubs and skeletons
BugPY-18734"Evaluate Expression" triggers action twice under specific circumstances
BugPY-22499Add warning for slow debugger options
BugPY-20002Collecting call signatures doesn't work in debugger with IronPython
BugPY-20005The debugger hanging after print or call matplotlib in the debug IPython console
BugPY-26270Use white background for plots if light color scheme is used
BugPY-26272Plot isn't shown till user stops script execution
BugPY-24656Correct link to documentation from Cython extension popup
BugPY-19622Debugger can't step into different threads
BugPY-22572Data View: close corresponding tabs when Python Console session removed
BugPY-27651Provide Cython extensions for Python 3.7
BugPY-21215"ImportError: No module named stackless" leftover in sys.exc_info()
BugPY-28188Garbage output in stderr prevents Remote Debugger from connection
BugPY-19853Input doesn't work in Debug Console
BugPY-19642Break Points ignored and random debugger freeze in 2016.1.2/3
BugPY-19647Several clicks on cython configuration hint can start several tasks
BugPY-14256"Copy value" on variable in debugger does not copy pandas data frame value
BugPY-22447Debugging jinja templates: visualization of currently active line is stuck on the first breakpoint
BugPY-22444 "Collect run-time types information for code insight" isn't available for new debugger
BugPY-22443Got an error message with new debugger on every debug run
BugPY-22270Jinja2 template debugger doesn't work since version 2.9
BugPY-23906Jython remote debugging fails with attribute error
BugPY-22421input() does not work in debug console
BugPY-20165AttributeError: 'DebugConsoleStdIn' object has no attribute 'buffer'
BugPY-20971Unordered display of OrderedDict in "Evaluate Expression" window
BugPY-25285Concurrency visualizer doesn't work with Python 3.6
BugPY-19724Can't create application "setup" in Django if pycharm-debug.egg is installed
BugPY-20476Argument parsing for subprocess under debugger
BugPY-24766Segfault in debugger with Python 3.6
BugPY-21909"Collect run-time types information" doesn't work with Python 3.6
BugPY-22335Dataframe viewer gives UnicodeDecodeError from inside debugger in 2016.3.2 , complains of non-ascii characters when there are none-pandas handles them fine
BugPY-22690Can't debug python script with Remote Interpreter
BugPY-25081Variables in function called from loop stick after console started in debug mode
BugPY-19205Debugger filters: impossible to filter debugger helper
UsabilityPY-28557Can't add exception breakpoints for builtin exceptions
UsabilityPY-22566Data View: distinguish tabs opened from debugger and console
UsabilityPY-22700Data View tool window: enable by default
UsabilityPY-26101Don't evaluate current line while Jump to cursor
UsabilityPY-25777Show an empty tab connected to console in Data View toolwindow instead of "Run debug..." message
CosmeticsPY-24754Hide verbose output from "Attach to process" action
ExceptionPY-26130Jump from the last program line causes an exception
ExceptionPY-25384Syntax error "del __py_debug_temp_var_*" while stopping debugger
ExceptionPY-27154Socket closed exception when Python Remote Debug process is stopped
DockerFeaturePY-19251Docker Compose on Windows
BugPY-19594Allow user to change target mounting directory in Docker container for project sources
BugPY-20111Support stdin when running or debugging Python scripts
BugPY-19844Default mapping to /opt/project doesn't work for docker-compose
BugPY-19944"unacceptable character #x0000" error on adding docker compose interpreter
BugPY-19863Docker-compose: File's output doesn't reset
BugPY-20750"You cannot remove a running container" error on adding docker compose interpreter
BugPY-28692PyCharm fails to read environment variables from .env file
BugPY-19759NPE on run/debug Python script with Docker Compose interpreter with no working directory set
BugPY-19755Error on running Python configuration when docker-compose configuration contains network description
BugPY-20270Argument for @NotNull parameter 'strings' of com/intellij/util/ArrayUtil.contains must not be null
BugPY-19198Configure Remote Python Interpreter dialog has no Docker option in IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1
BugPY-28516Docker Compose allows to create an empty configuration but raises exception after
BugPY-25077Docker remote interpreter skeletons not copied correctly when image has Python PIP packages
BugPY-20999Python interpreter could not be added for Docker for Mac with socat workaround
BugPY-21847remote python interpreter and docker integration with docker-compose
BugPY-24971Python console fails with volumes value has non-unique elements error
BugPY-19983'404 page not found' two times and interpreter is added long
BugPY-25418Support docker-compose configuration files versions 3.2 and 3.3
BugPY-19644PyCharm created Docker containers are not removed after exiting PyCharm
BugPY-20743I have just upgraded and now python interpreter is not working for docker-compose
BugPY-20358Reloading generated skeletons keeps on running
BugPY-19332Unable to use docker compose when "restart: always" policy is used
BugPY-19684Generating python skeletons from docker env ridiculously increase docker virtualbox size
BugPY-20379Use version of docker-compose image that is installed locally at the users machine
BugPY-21177Docker Compose: unable to debug code when non-virtualbox driver is used
BugPY-18748Python console not working with remote docker interpreter
BugPY-22247docker mac debugger python don't work : Can't run remote python interpreter: Could not find docker0 network interface
BugPY-22489Support docker compose configuration 2.1
BugPY-22674Support version 3 of docker-compose configuration
BugPY-19886Docker for Mac Beta v1.12 Doesn't Support HostConfig
BugPY-25088Remote Libraries for Docker interpreter are empty
UsabilityPY-24894Docker Compose should report stderr from container output if process can't be started
UsabilityPY-18674Docker Compose: Service name may be chosen in select field
UsabilityPY-19420Unintuitive dialog for creating Docker Compose interpreter
UsabilityPY-19357Docker-Compose restarts all containers, removes all database container data and always exposes service ports
TaskPY-27476Use local docker-compose binary in Remote Interpreters integration
ExceptionPY-24604Unable to create Docker-Compose interpreter - InternalServerErrorException: invalid environment variable
ExceptionPY-26074Could not initialize class org.jetbrains.yaml.YAMLLanguage
DocstringsBugPY-24923Empty Numpy style Docstring breaks syntax error scanning
BugPY-17705Awkward formatting of parameter types in Quick Documentation for io.open()
BugPY-26081Docstring formatter can freeze UI
BugPY-20125No documentation show up if docstrings contains chinese
BugPY-25779Show documentation for method if caret is placed inside parameters list
BugPY-25778Show documentation on import target expression
BugPY-19761PyCharm fails to render docstrings if PYTHONPATH environment variable exists
BugPY-25885Installed sphinxcontrib-websupport prevents PyCharm from displaying documentation for docstrings in Numpy/Google Style formats
BugPY-8219Unused local function in case of only usage in docstring
UsabilityPY-24854Allow Quick Documentation invocation when caret is placed inside docstring
EditingFeaturePY-20633Option to switch between backslash and parentheses for multiline imports
FeaturePY-18792Configuration for "Optimize Imports" action
FeaturePY-19606main postfix template
FeaturePY-19607print postfix template
BugPY-21412Postfix .main triggers in comments
BugPY-16176Auto import on `time.time` wants to import `time` from `datetime`
BugPY-26131Macros playback inserts "self"
BugPY-11040Support TODO in docstrings
BugPY-21269Multi-line editing inside a class, strange behaviour
BugPY-21289multiline insertion sometimes inserts "self" incorrectly when opening parens
BugPY-27105Intention "Convert from variadic to normal parameters" generates malformed parameters if someone accidentally uses keyword arguments with get()
BugPY-3032Surround action can't be invoked when first line of selection is a comment
BugPY-7644Emacs Tabs misses possible indentation levels
BugPY-14358Custom folding regions: invalid indent for closing tag on last method in class
BugPY-28772"Add type hint to ..." intentions insert wrong type hints in case of generics parametrized only with Any
BugPY-19836Aliases are not sorted for the same modules of one package
BugPY-28808"Add type hint to variable ..." intention inserts syntactically illegal type hint for empty tuples
BugPY-19100Bad indentation when pasting whole function definition with multiline parameter list at the top of a file (smart indent on paste is turned on)
BugPY-17017Region comments are not parsed correctly at the end of a class
BugPY-7616"Emacs Tab" does not move cursor from column 1
BugPY-6382PyCharm Stripping Escaped Spaces in Regex
UsabilityPY-24430Do not show completion popup after ellipsis
UsabilityPY-24432Unindent after ellipsis
UsabilityPY-28715"Add variable type hint" intention should insert object instead of Any for variables with unknown type
UsabilityPY-15240Auto-insert "self" in methods doesn't respect code style
UsabilityPY-28752Source module/package name is truncated to its last component in auto import for existing "from" import
FlaskFeaturePY-28670Flask must have "additional options"
FeaturePY-23190Add support for Flask CLI
FeaturePY-28848Flask Run Configuration: Completion doesn't work
BugPY-28850PyCharm doesn't check Flask version
BugPY-28269Flask Run Configuration screen has strange behavior when hovering over certain parts of the dialog
UsabilityPY-28857Flask project uses Python run configuration rather than Flask run configuration
CosmeticsPY-28594Flask version warning wording
FormatterFeaturePY-1765Add option to force blank line between 'class' and first method in class
FeaturePY-21598Add "Empty method call parentheses" and "Empty method declaration parentheses" to Python Code Style settings
FeaturePY-10182Add option for indentation of closing parenthesis, braces and brackets
FeaturePY-9764Optional forced trailing commas in multiline "from" import statements
BugPY-15051Formatter: comments right after a block gets overly indented with a EOF right after the comment
BugPY-23578Optimize Imports action removes blank line between import and module docstring
BugPY-19674Optimize imports splits unresolved relative imports between third-party and project-local groups of imports
BugPY-21931reformat fails to remove extraneous spaces before "else" in conditional expressions
BugPY-27954Installing mypy in a virtualenv makes Optimize Imports treat some stdlib modules as third-party
BugPY-24220Setting for the minimum number of blank lines after top-level imports should have precedence over that for "Around top-level classes and functions"
BugPY-21515Formatter doesn't remove extra spaces before source part in "from" imports
BugPY-20392Python code style option "space after comma" doesn't work properly
BugPY-20836Unindent doesn't work if used at end of document
BugPY-22272Dictionary formatting incorrect for list evaluation of element
BugPY-20970Formatter doesn't remove extra spaces after "nonlocal" keyword
BugPY-19292Optimize Imports does not alphabetically sort import lists on the same line
BugPY-15874Bad indentation for the closing bracket in a list comprehension
BugPY-19707Reformat code doesn't honor continuation indents in preferences
BugPY-19705Empty line between class header and its first method is not preserved (which conflicts with PEP 8 guidelines)
BugPY-25356Formatter doesn't handle excess blank lines between comments
ExceptionPY-28032Reformat Code breaks when "from typing import Optional"
IDEFeaturePY-11166Ability to create new projects without selecting Python interpreter
FeaturePY-6311support for ssh agent
BugPY-26261I have professional edition of pycharm but I am still suggested to have Ultimate edition
BugPY-23930"Add to currently open projects" not working
BugPY-28831Wrong help topic ID for new project window
BugPY-17836Project Opening options are ignored, confirmation window is shown regardless of settings
BugPY-9384Create new project doesn't warn about invalid interpreter
BugPY-13328Create New Project: warning about installing template packages is not shown
BugPY-18177New project created in wrong directory
BugPY-17717For subdirectory of a `Sources Root`, cannot `Mark Directory As > Sources` from right-click context menu
UsabilityPY-28859Configuration wizard doesn't ask user for keymap and default plugins
UsabilityPY-25962The documentation window in Scientific mode can take up all the editor space
UsabilityPY-24580Come up with a list of synonyms for our settings and actions
UsabilityPY-13562New Project: there is no focus in project location
CosmeticsPY-28693Make "open-source software" link in About window blue
CosmeticsPY-20143Duplicate warnings in "New Project" wizard
ExceptionPY-24573Can't select Angular CLI project
ExceptionPY-26075Prebuilt stubs can't be loaded
InspectionsFeaturePY-14056Warn about non-public API usage defined by __all__
FeaturePY-16055Python return type hint should be type-checked with inferred-type of function body
FeaturePY-3996Don't flag underscore-prefixed variables as unused (or make not doing so an option).
FeaturePY-16098Warn that async and await will become keywords in Python 3.7
FeaturePY-27913Support __class_getitem__ from PEP 560
FeaturePY-28017Support module __getattr__ and __dir__ from PEP 562
FeaturePY-8325String format inspection for new-style format method
FeaturePY-21302NewType support per PEP484
BugPY-20800'Replace with str.format method call' adds additional :s for repr
BugPY-20803'Replace with str.format method call' goes wrong with * character
BugPY-20805False positive "Variable is not used" for local variable inside fstrings
BugPY-22525PyCharm complains that typing.Iterable "does not define __getitem__".
BugPY-23057"Statement has no effect" inspection should ignore ellipsis operator
BugPY-20038"Call to __init__ of super class is missed" inspection if super is used with __class__
BugPY-22091Incorrect "method may be static" inspection with string literals in Python 3.6
BugPY-25045False positive: expected type '{__div__}', got 'Union[int, float]' instead
BugPY-23552PyRedeclaration does not recognize static/class methods
BugPY-18629Unresolved reference for imported module when there is namespace package with same name for Python 3
BugPY-20824Spelling inspection does not work for the first word in fstrings
BugPY-21479PyCharm incorrectly displays an 'unresolved reference error' in f-strings in list/dict comprehensions
BugPY-23707False positives for __new__ arguments of some builtin classes
BugPY-12773Misleading warning for attribute assignment when a class has __slots__
BugPY-16585PEP 484: "type:" comment may work incorrect in list comprehension lines
BugPY-11943Type annotation and checking does not consider `dict` a `MutableMapping`
BugPY-20075"Unused import" warning for module.module imports when importing two modules from the same package.
BugPY-20798'Replace with str.format method call' messes up with dictionaries
BugPY-20987Spelling inspection doesn't report typos for consecutive nodes of a "glued" string literal if the first node doesn't have a prefix
BugPY-20986"Assignment can be replaced with augmented assignment" should be removed from warnings
BugPY-20679Inspection error. 'Cannot find reference in object'
BugPY-28720False positive warning about abs(numpy.array)
BugPY-20863False positive: unresolved reference for quoted type hints inside annotations
BugPY-22831Access to a protected member of a class inspection not ignored in py.test test functions
BugPY-26137Variable already declared inspection should not show when using single underscore.
BugPY-20655Calling `locals()` within decorator causes "Unused Local" Warning for Decorator Parameters
BugPY-23355Invalid "Python versions < 3.5 do not support starred expressions in dicts" inspection warning when using type comments
BugPY-23684False positive: PyTypeChecker - Type Checking Error on Child of Metaclass Instance
BugPY-20242PyCharm thinks package requirement is not satisfied, but it is.
BugPY-24960False-positive warning about results of comparison operators for imported types
BugPY-24969False positive: "expected to return ..., got no return" for variable type annotation
BugPY-26300Abstract class inspection false positive for subclass with abstract property defined as an attribute
BugPY-28321Import statement does not respect Source Root order
BugPY-19898Wrong return value is inferred for subprocess.check_output() in Python 3
BugPY-20752'Replace with str.format method call' messes up with tuples
BugPY-20754Supress 'Replace with str.format method call' for bytes
BugPY-24436False positive: "Class has not __init__ method" if A inherits B which inherits another A with __init__
BugPY-19130Type inference: decorators behaving oddly
BugPY-17456Wrong error message about return type of scipy.integrate.quad function
BugPY-23311Postgres Create Extension doesn't get syntax highlighting
BugPY-23513Overrides of abstract static methods with expanded arguments fail signature checking (PyMethodOverriding)
BugPY-18791False positive in type information when returning callable from property
BugPY-28593False positive for redeclared import under try/except
BugPY-19119Warnings "PEP 8: no newline at end of file" for PEP 484 type hint comments
BugPY-21164False positive inspection 'Too few arguments for format string' with unpacking argument list inside other list
BugPY-21166No inspection if unknown format code is used in formatted string
BugPY-4344Parameter unfilled: false negatives for named tuples
BugPY-22222Type doesn't have expected attributes with __slots__
BugPY-22221Unresolved references option "Ignore references" feature not working ?
BugPY-22224no warning about: `x, y = None` (TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable)
BugPY-19323typing.Callable type without arguments incorrectly warns that it is not callable
BugPY-25624Appearance of "raise NotImplementedError" in parent class's methods causes unnecessary inspection in derived classes
BugPY-19927Magic methods __setstate__ and __sizeof__ not highlighted as magic methods
BugPY-19699False positive "Too few arguments for format string" on *imported* tuple
BugPY-21994False positive on PyTypeChecker for optional list argument
BugPY-9634Unresolved attribute: false positive after if isinstance
BugPY-19775Unresolved attribute reference on attribute defined inside async def __init__
BugPY-18375“_” in comprehensions triggers “Redeclared names without usage”
BugPY-19486Python compatibility inspection incorrectly flags enum import when enum is in project requirements
BugPY-20946False positive: `__init_subclass__` method first parameter should be named "self"
BugPY-17962Incorrect handling of type Callable
BugPY-24287False positive: A variable of type AnyStr should also accept bytearray
BugPY-23623False positive: __getitem__ not being defined for list after isinstance check
BugPY-24750False negative: Unreachable code inspection does not catch simple if False blocks
BugPY-20197Flase positive for unused import when inside of class
BugPY-25346typing.NamedTuple field types are not inferred
BugPY-23161False type checker error for bounded generic types
BugPY-20460typechecker false positive with slice
BugPY-22642Static typecheck resolution of `typing.Generic` is to the first assignment, not the effective
BugPY-22919max() function transmits argument type to return type
BugPY-24182datetime.isoformat(timespec='seconds') argument is not recognized as valid
BugPY-28406Unresolved reference from nspkg1 import m2 where namespace package is defined in multiple roots
BugPY-26555"'function' object is not callable"
BugPY-25118Pycharm incorrectly flags class attributes as unresolved on typing.NamedTuple subclasses
BugPY-8936False positives in inspections for non-data descriptors
BugPY-22184False positive "unreachable code" for while / try / break / finally
BugPY-23391False positive: calling float on Decimal
BugPY-25171False positive of signature check in metaclass's __new__
BugPY-23247Shorten inferred type of zip function
BugPY-16406Class 'tuple' does not define 'sub', so the '-' operator cannot be used on its instance
BugPY-22305PyCharm thinks the Python version is 3.5 when using 3.7
BugPY-22302False positive "Python version < 3.0 do not support '...' outside of sequence slicings."
BugPY-25545Add support for __init_subclass__()
BugPY-21655False inspection: @asyncio.coroutine decorated function treated as non-awaitable
BugPY-25157Inferred type shows incorrect return type with namedtuple
BugPY-20844f-string expression cannot include a backslash
BugPY-23003False positive: Redeclared <var> defined above before usage
BugPY-20004Chained comparison is simplified wrong
BugPY-19691Source root named the same as its child package causes unresolved references in "from" import from the latter
BugPY-27911Support new time functions from PEP 564
BugPY-28562MRO for implicit new-style classes not resolved correctly
BugPY-23289UUID is not accepted argument for int()
BugPY-21619No warning in UI for missing newlines after function or class definitions
BugPY-18357Inspections misunderstanding numpy ndarray comparison operators
BugPY-20660False positive return type inspection for Python stub files
BugPY-23540PyCharm doesn't recognise metaclass when the class has other builtin bases
BugPY-20810PEP-8 E701 'Multiple statements on one line (colon)' for every variable annotation
BugPY-20818Unresolved attribute reference with isinstance and class inheritance
BugPY-24240False positive: "unexpected argument" inspection for multiple inheritance/mixin
BugPY-24817False positive: Method may be 'static' when docstring is present
BugPY-21800Standalone comparison expression should always trigger 'Statement seems to have no effect'
BugPY-22763False positive in type checking for typed chained comparison methods
BugPY-19020Incorrect PEP 8 validation with argument annotations having default values
BugPY-27964Unresolved reference false positive when using register function of @functools.singledispatch
BugPY-26290False positive "not declared in __all__" for "from unittest import mock"
BugPY-24637True, False and None are marked as unresolved reference in docstring example
BugPY-22740Unexpected argument for field names of class inherited from namedtuple
BugPY-23367False positive: comparing int and float, only left.__gt__(right) is checked, right.__lt__(left) is ignored
BugPY-22102NamedTuple class declaration for Python 3.6 not supported by PyCharm
BugPY-28053Type checker confuses hashlib.md5 with deprecated md5 module
BugPY-25695False positive for imported name after append to __all__ and re-export this module via star import
BugPY-19999Quickfix "Ignore statements with a constant in the middle" for the inspection "Chained comparison can be simplified" doesn't update settings
BugPY-19992Pep 8 coding style inspection settings are ignored for custom inspection profiles
BugPY-20876'Replace with str.format method call' messes up with sets
BugPY-19523'Python version 2.7, 3.1, 3.2 do not have module bz2' inspection is incorrect
BugPY-26319__slots__ mark descriptors as read-only
BugPY-21651Unresolved reference for attributes created by with statements
BugPY-24405False negative: Async Context Managers type hinting does not work
BugPY-24408Single underscore redeclared usage
BugPY-22801False positive for long(number) in Python 2
BugPY-22808Wrongly suggested returning list of list with unknown type index
BugPY-19858type checker: wrong type for List[List] elements
BugPY-19856Redeclared variable inside possibly empty loop
BugPY-19085Unresolved attribute reference 'fullmatch' for class '__Regex'
BugPY-24364Type inference fails when generator is converted to list, but the variable name is kept.
BugPY-24099False positive: parameter unfilled for NamedTuple with default value
BugPY-28332Implicitly imported submodules in the current file are not resolved
BugPY-21415unexpected `unexpected argument`
BugPY-22868 Code inspection doesn't honor incomplete Python stubs with __getattr__ at file level
BugPY-16066basestring not treated as a `type` by PyTypeChecker inspection
BugPY-28686AutoImportQuickFix leaks psi
BugPY-18866Method '...' can be 'static' - false positive when calling super()
BugPY-24930False negative: no parameter info when implicitly calling __call__
BugPY-24444False positive: PyCharm doesn't recognize ImportError.name attribute
BugPY-24445False positive: PyCharm ignores issubclass check inside list comprehension
BugPY-19127__prepare__ magic function not hightlights
BugPY-26163PyCharm does not recognize fields of typing.NamedTuple instance
BugPY-13273Incorrect unresolved reference error with list comprehensions in decorator args
BugPY-24323Wrong expected type inspection for the `key` argument of `min` and `max` functions
BugPY-18880Python 2.7 code compatibility inspection warns that the typing module does not exist even if it has been installed with pip
BugPY-28373PEP 8 warning about #%% code cells
BugPY-21175Actual type of variable is lost after it's compared with None
BugPY-19353Wrong PEP8: unexpected spaces around keyword / parameter equals
BugPY-20599False positive for %a format specifier
BugPY-28177Error with typing.Callable: Cannot find reference '[' in (...) -> Any
BugPY-28393Unresolved reference nspkg1.m2 when namespace package nspkg1 is defined in several roots
BugPY-19998Inspection "Chained comparisons can be simplified" falsely suggests quickfix "Ignore statement with a constant in the middle"
BugPY-18744Advertiser about compatibility inspection is wrongly shown
BugPY-14896Inspection "Methods having trouble with first parameter" does not recognize "abc.abstractclassmethod" and "abc.abstractstaticmethod"
BugPY-22398False positive about missing argument for numpy.maximum.accumulate()
BugPY-22391'if' statement causes an incorrect Optional type inference
BugPY-27908Support PEP 553 Built-in breakpoint() function
BugPY-21156No inspection if unpacking argument sequence is used with format method
BugPY-23429False warning about expected type of parameter
BugPY-17206defaultdict.__init__ stub has wrong signature
BugPY-19374Class can't reference itself in .pyi stub files
BugPY-25491'as' imports marked as unresolved when project opens
BugPY-25497False Positive inspection "Unexpected argument" for **kwargs in inheritence
BugPY-23632False positive: "can't find reference in function" for mock package on Python 2.7 interpreter
BugPY-28150False positive "Old-style class" for subclass of list
BugPY-23634min() from comprehension with unknown items type return list
BugPY-19975When both PyQt and PySide are installed, auto import quick fix can't get proper import name for symbols from PyQt
BugPY-16968Passed variable keyword arguments are reported as unexpected for function with keyword-only arguments
BugPY-19492Magic method parameter value is flagged as unused but cannot be removed because it's required by Python
BugPY-18965Python version 2.7 does not have method exec - regression
BugPY-19701False positive "setter should not return a value" with local function definition
BugPY-25120Error while iterating over a dict value if it has both list of strings and bool as values
BugPY-24749False positive: Enum __init__: Signature is not compatible to __new__
BugPY-27518False positive: class does not define __await__ for numpy docstrings
BugPY-24194Incorrect unexpected type error when calling bytes() on a class instance that implements __bytes__()
BugPY-20244False 'Assignment can be replaced with augmented assignment' for lists
BugPY-17865Incorrect code inspection for collections.Counter
BugPY-20889Unresolved attribute after isinstance check in boolean expression
BugPY-1177Control flow analysis doesn't detect while/break
BugPY-24760subprocess.check_output(..., encoding='utf-8') inspector reports unexpected argument
BugPY-24763Expected wrong return from __init__
BugPY-23239NamedTuples aren't getting their types checked
BugPY-14381Wrong "Empty group" warning for regex
BugPY-27949annotated Dict do not get their types checked
BugPY-25166types.MethodType stub incomplete and results in warning when running Python documentation example code
BugPY-22676False positive: "parameter iter2 unfilled" for map() call
BugPY-24789float and int DO support Decimal...don't they?
BugPY-23253NamedTuple subclass inspection
BugPY-20783PyCharm does not see local variables when parsing fstrings
BugPY-19956Slotted attributes considered read-only
BugPY-27788Assignment of overload function loses overloads
BugPY-17828Wrong signature inspection false positive for __prepare__ method of metaclasses
BugPY-22692YAML comments starting with "# type: " are taken for Python type comments
BugPY-16473Inspection naming error for namedtuple declared into a funtion
BugPY-19412Class method support becomes broken if method attribute is used
BugPY-23481False positive: parameter unfilled for dict.update() with explicit argument
BugPY-20017Unresolved attributes for child class if __new__ is implemented in parent class
BugPY-27596"Fix all 'package requirements' problems in file" generates extremely redundant list
BugPY-9662Type of expression * int literal results is detected as int while it's unknown
BugPY-22716False positive __slots__ inspection in subclasses of classes
BugPY-22712zip() signature inspection warning
PerformancePY-20553Performance problem: One CPU core running always at full speed
PerformancePY-25794Inspections should not load AST where possible
CosmeticsPY-20610Don't highlight arrow when reporting mismatch of return type and type hint
ExceptionPY-25605NPE in ``PyDemorganLawIntention``
ExceptionPY-24260StackOverflowError in PyTypeChecker.substitute: PyCharm Inspections engine crashes
ExceptionPY-24610Exception because of Invalid TextRange in format string
ExceptionPY-20223NumberFormatException in requirements normalizer breaks code inspection in PyCharm 2016.2
ExceptionPY-22739IAE: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'value' of com/intellij/util/containers/hash/LinkedHashMap.put must not be null
Interpreters SettingsFeaturePY-21571It should be possible to specify a default folder for virtualenvs
FeaturePY-25907Provide an option to specify path where Anaconda is located
BugPY-13708Project Interperter: remove for the duplicated interpreter removes both
BugPY-28308Conda environments associated are shown in the interpreters list despite being associate with other projects
BugPY-18074virtualenv problems with pycharm5 and python 3.4
BugPY-14906options/jdk.table.xml does contain absolute path. Should be ~/
BugPY-25388Can't install new packages in master build
BugPY-26456PyCharm doesn't allow to create project right after interpreter is chosen
BugPY-26923"anaconda installation is not found" when selecting project interpreter from existing conda environment
BugPY-27931PyCharm fails to create virtualenv based on detected python 3.6 interpreter
BugPY-18513Cannot create a new conda environment with Profession Edition 5.0.4
BugPY-19568Pycharm hangs on editor right click
BugPY-28050PyCharm allows creation of Conda environments that are not supported by Conda
BugPY-26372False positive: location directory is not empty if existing interpreter is selected
BugPY-26373PyCharm uses wrong slash for venv path on Windows
BugPY-26358Can't select venv as existed interpreter
BugPY-18785Interpreter appears twice
BugPY-20078Failed to create conda virtual environment "conda: error: unrecognized arguments: -y"
BugPY-26443PyCharm doesn't auto rename virtualenv according to project
BugPY-20263PyCharm doesn't recognize built-ins and standard modules if there are entries in the interpreters list that end with (1), (2), and so on
BugPY-26480Default base path to the conda virtual env should be .../anaconda/envs/ instead of user home
BugPY-26565Location field for conda virtualenv is checked for existence only on "Create" button click
UsabilityPY-15911Make managing **many** local interpreters easier
UsabilityPY-13099Remember last used virtual environment location
UsabilityPY-26361Ambiguous "Location directory is not empty" warning
UsabilityPY-13464Truncated virtualenv paths look strange and lead to ambiguity
UsabilityPY-20109Annoying automatic scrolling to the system interpreter executable in "Select interpreter" dialog
UsabilityPY-26359Do not start interpreter updating right away when system interpreter is selected on new project window
UsabilityPY-26357Existing interpreter list is not updated until PyCharm is restarted
UsabilityPY-28452Gear icon for selecting existed interpreter should be replaced
UsabilityPY-26483Auto-rename conda envs as it's done for virtualenvs
UsabilityPY-23783Notify user about existed same name conda virtualenv
UsabilityPY-24660Detected virutalenv selected for a project becomes available to all projects by default
CosmeticsPY-18439Remove minor version from generated interpreter name
ExceptionPY-22028Exception on open project in the same window while SdkUpdater didn't finish it's job
ExceptionPY-28379NPE: com.jetbrains.django.DjangoProjectGenerator.warningValidation
Jinja2FeaturePY-27472Add support for Jinja 2.10 syntax additions
BugPY-19931Recognize Jinja 2.8 block assignments
Jupyter NotebookFeaturePY-21261Make Run Configuration for Jupyter Notebook
FeaturePY-14740Convert an .ipynb file to and from a standard .py file
FeaturePY-14224show line numbers in code cell
FeaturePY-14605Add support for remote ipython sessions including password protected nbservers.
FeaturePY-15790Refactoring not available in notebook view
BugPY-20033Annoying PEP 8 "no new line at end of file" in IPython Notebook cells
BugPY-24397Jupyter Notebook: infinite loading in editor window
BugPY-20674Terminating 'Jupyter Notebook' enforces to force quit PyCharm
BugPY-19610Notebook validation failed
BugPY-24803Run current cell action should be available from editing mode
BugPY-21467charts that appear normal on jupiter are cut on pycharm
BugPY-21957Jupyter Notebook fails to display formulas with multiple exponentiations
BugPY-14395IPython notebook: Bad grammar and style in the tooltip
BugPY-14132IPython Notebook: navigate to symbol from other cell doesn't scroll to the caret position
BugPY-25300PyCharm cannon't connect to a server after notebook was opened in a browser
BugPY-14394IPython Notebook: specify type in docstring: quick-fix opens separate code tab
BugPY-24850IPython cell can't be run in Jupyter Notebook launched via new Jupyter Notebook run configuration
BugPY-24870Obsolete hint for remote Jupyter Notebook bad URL
BugPY-19813ASCII CR character creates new line in jupyter notebook rather than returning to the beginning of the current line
BugPY-24830Intellij IDEA 2017 freeze on Macos 10.12.5
BugPY-21214Jupyter notebook rerun should stop and rerun process
BugPY-16983iPython notebook undo bug and redo can not get back
BugPY-22424Reconnect to remote host on settings change
BugPY-22032Jupyter 403 error: _xsrf argument missing from POST
BugPY-25106PyCharm changes ipynb file content on open
BugPY-24565Copy & paste first cell works only on the second time
BugPY-16470Help for IPythonNotebook shows wrong page
BugPY-24845Hang on installing jupiter package via Fix button in Run Configuration
PerformancePY-18625ipynb files performance problems
UsabilityPY-20039Adjust Jupyter notebook font size with python cells font size
UsabilityPY-14305IPython Notebook: add shortcuts to the action popups
UsabilityPY-20055Do not collapse imports in ipython notebook
UsabilityPY-23514Jupiter notebooks need different working directories
UsabilityPY-28503Add shortcuts for "Move cell up/down" actions in Jupyter Noteebook
UsabilityPY-24847Let current project folder be default working directory for Jupyter Notebook run configuration
UsabilityPY-14218Move editor inner toolbar to the proper place.
CosmeticsPY-20058Suppress pep8 e402 warning for jupyter notebook
CosmeticsPY-21136Jupyter notebook editor buttons have some weird gray circles on the background on Windows
ExceptionPY-22534CertificateException on first execute cell action in remote Jupyter nootebook
ExceptionPY-24873Can't execute notebook cell if remote interpreter is used
ExceptionPY-22558Exception on close project with jupyter hub
ExceptionPY-22559NPE on execute cell in notebook
MakoBugPY-17932mako syntax highlighting broken
ExceptionPY-23505editing Mako break pyCharm - for three years
PackagingFeaturePY-28170Suggest virtualenv instead of packages installation with admin permissions
BugPY-24490Can't install/remove packages if interpreter requires elevated permissions "Application was unable to start correctly"
BugPY-11963Package requirements inspection warning for Python packages with names that don't match PyPI packages
BugPY-22275Package requirements tracker does not recongize versions with asterisks
BugPY-26364requirements.txt support is insufficient
BugPY-25091no bdist_wheel opinion in setup.py tools
BugPY-20522Pycharm doesn't understand "compatible release" (~=) in requirements.txt?
BugPY-19925Alt-Enter package installation always warns about not installed pip and setuptools
BugPY-16161installing package in a venv created with `-mvenv` and owned by my user account incorrectly asks for password + `sudo`
BugPY-18184Failed to install python packages using conda-script when creating project
BugPY-26298Exception while selecting New Project | Django with no internet connection
BugPY-19544Incorrect parsing of requirements.txt
BugPY-27337PyCharm ignores extras_require in setup.py
BugPY-20081No information about packages from default pypi: unable to update and download new packages
BugPY-20374Inability to install packages from a local repository running over the directory structure of package artifacts
BugPY-18966setup.py dependency_links not respected by PyCharm "Install requirements"
BugPY-26050False positive: ldap package is not listed in requirements
BugPY-18154Windows requires elevated permissions (UAC) for pip installation of packages; fails with PyCharm
BugPY-18703Can no longer mix conda/pip under Conda env
BugPY-20880Package requirements inspection does not support local version identifiers
BugPY-28923Create new project with new virtualenv for Python 3.6 asks for admin permissions
BugPY-24682"AttributeError: NamespacePath has no attribute sort" during package installation
BugPY-24867'Add requirement ...' quick-fix doesn't work well for packages with names that don't match PyPI packages
BugPY-23842PyCharm fails to install packaging tools in the newly created 3.6 venv
PerformancePY-20370PyCharm hangs when one opens settings for an interpreter with many packages from Welcome Screen
PerformancePY-20478Pycharm 2016.2.1 Crashes when trying to navigate the project interpreter screen
UsabilityPY-6398Hide "Package successfully installed" notification when you start installing another package
UsabilityPY-14630Packaging: do not disable Add Package button while indexing
CosmeticsPY-24225Poor scaling in "Available packages" browser on HiDPI screens
TaskPY-21929Update bundled versions of pip and setuptools used to bootstrap virtualenvs created in PyCharm
ExceptionPY-28362NoSuchFileException: pypi-cache.json with empty settings
ExceptionPY-19920AssertionError at com.jetbrains.python.packaging.PyPackageUtil.updatePackagesSynchronouslyWithGuard
ExceptionPY-19923Exception from SdkUpdater if setuptools is not installed
ExceptionPY-21002Exception is thrown when new project is created
ParsingFeaturePY-18973implement support for PEP 515 (Underscores in Numeric Literals)
BugPY-23189False negative: for-else-continue is misunderstood by parser
BugPY-19679"await" in list comprehension is not marked as a syntax error
BugPY-15360SyntaxError: editor allows comma after **kwargs, but Python raises SyntaxError
BugPY-24389False positive: "expression expected" for trailing comma after annotated function argument with default value
BugPY-28247Highlight `async` and `await` as keywords in Python 3.7
BugPY-20662Making any magic method async displays an error, even though it is sometimes legal
Product DocumentationBugPY-27899Documentation link broken for refactor -> rename
ProfilerFeaturePY-19481vmprof-python profiler integration
BugPY-19862Blocks in Call graph are not connected with cProfile
BugPY-20608Pycharm profiling shows whole seconds
BugPY-22034Can't get rid of line marks from vmprof run
ExceptionPY-19593SocketException: Connection reset
PyramidBugPY-21031Pyramid doesn't start, Traceback (most recent call last):
BugPY-13931Create new Pyramid project: invalid duplicated pyramid.includes section in app:main
BugPY-24519Error when adding a new file template
BugPY-22709PyCharm fails to create template folder for Pyramid + Chameleon + Windows: exception raised
BugPY-22189New project template for Pyramid shows incorrect template languages in "More Settings"
BugPY-22639Pyramid Chameleon project template generates wrong path to .pt template file
BugPY-23177Empty template file for Chameleon based project
CosmeticsPY-22077Update Pyramid icon in new project window and run configs
ExceptionPY-18172IllegalStateException: @NotNull method com/intellij/execution/configurations/GeneralCommandLine.getExePath must not return null
ExceptionPY-18171Pyramid project can't be created with Assertion failed: Write access is allowed inside write-action only
RefactoringFeaturePY-26284Intention "Convert from variadic to normal parameters": doesn't support pop() calls on kwargs
FeaturePY-8174"Change Signature" as quickfix for "Unexpected argument"
BugPY-26285Intention "Convert from variadic to normal parameters": doesn't work properly with nested function definitions
BugPY-24602Change Signature doesn't handle keyword arguments for vararg intermixed with ordinary keyword arguments
BugPY-24607Change signature doesn't add name to an exsiting argument when its parameter gets preceded by new one with default value
BugPY-24609Change signature keeps keyword in arguments of a former keyword parameter moved before positional vararg
BugPY-8604Rename refactoring for variable in generator comprehension leads to unresolved references
BugPY-19583Bad simplifying in condition
BugPY-19136"Superclass" refactoring: forgotten inheritance and incorrect UI behaviour
BugPY-19137"Superclass" refactoring: incorrect inheritance specification leading to MRO resolution conflic
BugPY-24479Change Signature doesn't properly handle deleted parameters in functions with varargs
BugPY-24288Change signature removes existing keyword argument if an extra parameter with the same name was added
BugPY-16683Change signature doesn't handle keyword-only arguments in Python 3
BugPY-24480Change Signature doesn't properly handle new parameters in functions with varargs
BugPY-18808Incorrect variable highlighting
BugPY-18553"Code|Override Methods..." copies PEP 0484 type hints but does not add imports for them
BugPY-24365Bulk Move operation only moves first item selected
BugPY-19748'Replace with str.format method call' should not add u
UsabilityPY-19010TAB doesn't work properly in Change Signature dialog
UsabilityPY-24149Change Signature dialog should by default focus on parameters instead of the name of a function
CosmeticsPY-24150Parameter list in Change Signature dialog doesn't scale well on HiDPI screens
ExceptionPY-19760Refactorings should not be started inside write action - applying quickfix of inspection 'Method signature does not match signature of overridden method'
RestructuredTextFeaturePY-17197TODO are not recognized in reStructuredText comments
BugPY-20820Syntax highlightning for reST substitution fails on multi-word declarations
BugPY-12241links_ are not highlighted in ReST files when they are followed by some of the punctuation chars
BugPY-7123Structure for RST document incorrect
BugPY-24476ReStructuredTest Support Plugin incorrectly reports warning on title length
BugPY-23970False positive: "Title length must match the underline" for rst
BugPY-23884ReST :kbd: Markup is Not Highlighted Correctly
BugPY-23344Incorrect RST autoformat result
BugPY-18529REST Client and ReStructuredText Support plugins conflict
BugPY-18961ReStructuredText editing broken after upgrading to IDEA 2016.1
BugPY-22350reStructuredText :class: and :name: options break IDE code-block highlighting
BugPY-24881rst completion of links
BugPY-20203Short RST headings missing in structure view.
BugPY-24685Code Inspect for rst files does not recognize Multi character foot note references when target is under a rubric directive ..
RunFeaturePY-22487Emulate terminal in python output console
FeaturePY-22042Gutter icon for running main clause
FeaturePY-2784Allow the ability to specify python modules in Run Configuration.
BugPY-9448Add ability to directly create pdf's from sphinx documentation
BugPY-23996Source roots and content roots are added in PYTHONPATH for run configuration in no particular order
BugPY-19218Do not inherit parent environment ignored for PYTHONPATH
BugPY-15085Virtualenv's $PATH not passed when running scripts
BugPY-17816PyCharm drops "/usr/local/bin" from PATH
BugPY-25435Run configurations should be executed independent of indexing
BugPY-22733Default Working Directory Ignored for New Run/Debug configurations
PerformancePY-254295-10 second delay when running any script
ExceptionPY-22495"Emulate terminal" option raises an exception when trying to run debug
SkeletonsBugPY-15912can not resolve RandomState in numpy
BugPY-15285Numpy: Parameter unfilled: false positive for randn function with only one argument
BugPY-15283Numpy: Unexpected argument: false positive for reshape: invalid skeleton for the method
VagrantFeaturePY-14591Support dynamic path mappings with variables in VagrantFile
FeaturePY-19781Add 'Vagrant Share' command to Tools > Vagrant
BugPY-19554Option "disabled" in synced_folder directive ignored
BugPY-23997Remote CLI Interpreter using Vagrant Instance can not find vagrant settings.
BugPY-17000Remote interpreter mappings aren't working for BDD runners
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-60161Automatically "inherit" quick javadoc for getters/setters from field
FeatureIDEA-158366Allow to run tests from find usages view
FeatureIDEA-143537Allow line breaks in scope patterns
FeatureIDEA-161611Java REPL support for JDK9 (project Kulla, JShell)
FeatureIDEA-74620Divide searched directories per project
FeatureIDEA-166499Stream API migration: support array filling in a loop
FeatureIDEA-143452Show Running List action shows run processes from the current project only
FeatureIDEA-164176Delete old thread dumps in the IDE log folder
FeatureIDEA-179603CDI 2.0: support extensions/dynamic beans
FeatureIDEA-168089New outline for text field components with invalid values
FeatureIDEA-147000Support YourKit thread dump format in Analyze stacktrace
FeatureIDEA-135128External system: project build actions integration with underlying build system
FeatureIDEA-97673Feature request: add "fit image to window width" button in image viewer
FeatureIDEA-154920Support for max_line_length
FeatureIDEA-97844Resource bundle should be associated to file even written in constant
FeatureIDEA-185812Allow to force explicit toCollection(ArrayList::new) instead of toList() in "Subsequent steps can be fused into Stream API"
BugIDEA-175921access visibility inspection: fix global inspection in case of inner classes
BugIDEA-177314Call parsing procedure from EDT
BugIDEA-146669Enable Mac native file dialogs
BugIDEA-175433Improve detection of multi-release jars when loading module-info.class
BugIDEA-179213NullPointerException in com.intellij.openapi.externalSystem.settings.AbstractExternalSystemSettings.setLinkedProjectsSetting s in offline inspections mode
BugIDEA-184383Large icons since 2017.3
BugIDEA-124160search everywhere doesn't get focus
BugIDEA-179170Featured plugins are downloaded without dependencies
BugIDEA-172852Make ListenerMayUseAdapterInspection aware of default methods in interface
BugIDEA-156165WinPty process subprocesses are not killed
BugIDEA-161862Lambda Expressions not showing as implementations of an interface
BugIDEA-159840Impossible to select a boot jdk from disk with native file dialogs on mac
BugIDEA-161247prompted for license after every monthly rebilling period
BugIDEA-159270Can't delete *.class file
BugIDEA-167950Freeze on entering emoji to UI Designer
BugIDEA-172260Update window contains broken/ambiguous link
BugIDEA-1724032017.2 EAP does not save changes to default font
BugIDEA-167541Font baseline is shifted down for default font settings
BugIDEA-180196Can't jump to customise colour scheme
BugIDEA-167089MacOSX: support tcsh shell for loading environment variables
BugIDEA-165949[hidpi-jdk] IDEA main frame doesn't restore its bounds on the second monitor when reopened
BugIDEA-175049'Analyze stacktrace' functionality erroneously detects stacktrace as thread dump
BugIDEA-168010Editor notification should be updated on the file extension change
BugIDEA-173444Parameter hints in completion: incorrect behavior on value inserting before hint
BugIDEA-172247Plugins: NPE at PluginManagerConfigurable.apply() on restart after installing a plugin
BugIDEA-177146Orphaned threads running ChooseByNameBase$CalcElementsThread
BugIDEA-167702"Analyze stacktrace" with ZKM Unscramble does not reload SVN-updated obfuscation log file content
BugIDEA-128057Editor search closes dialog on Enter, if there are nothing find
BugIDEA-185494make doesn't make enough (for real this time)
BugIDEA-185495Custom plugin repository URL is lost on IDE restart
BugIDEA-177506"exception never thrown" is wrong
BugIDEA-158162"Scope of variable 'start' is too broad" : I don't think so
BugIDEA-165843PyCondaPackageService — defaults must be not saved, check roaming
BugIDEA-176666"Call Hierarchy" tab in find usage steals focus
BugIDEA-157874ERROR - #com.intellij.ide.plugins.PluginManager - Argument for @NotNull parameter 'action' of com/intellij/openapi/actionSystem/AnActionEvent.createFromAnAction must not be null
BugIDEA-173405Show jdk build number in switcher
BugIDEA-166321Setting 'reopen last project on startup' doesn't work
BugIDEA-177329Help appears twice in main menu (Help | "? Help" and Help | "IntelliJ IDEA Help"
BugIDEA-97482IntelliJ IDEA GUI Designer hangs when Spelling inspection is enabled
BugIDEA-176580JShell: Strange completion suggestion
BugIDEA-146153Text label disappears when click on it
BugIDEA-173347 PSI invalidated outside transaction
BugIDEA-173613IDEA blocked while showing progress window after 'Generate JavaDoc...'
BugIDEA-156186Project names containing dot (.) causes display problem
BugIDEA-178179In "Edit File Type" the ":" symbol is ignored
BugIDEA-161165Per Project Modality: when Commit or Push dialog is shown in one IDEA window, Code Analyzing hangs with 99% completed in the other window
BugIDEA-56943IDEA X: @NotNull annotation on enum constructor parameter produces invalid byte code
BugIDEA-161948CheckRegExp action: the results are not updated on sample or expression editing
BugIDEA-158690QuickDocs no longer working
BugIDEA-151933Optimize Imports can produce ambiguous code
BugIDEA-174523"Variable 'X' is already defined in the scope" marks the first instance instead of the following duplicates
BugIDEA-167694Live Templates: order of default values are reversed
BugIDEA-184702Wrong module icons when Android plugin is on
BugIDEA-185078incorrect assertion when resolving reference from injected code after commit 0123ec2d923a4ef5f2e5abdbd3d5242050708e93
BugIDEA-179514Non-pinned Spring and JavaEnterpise toolwindows are closed unexpectedly on clicking
BugIDEA-142156Project leak on SheetController$2
BugIDEA-166475Cfml must have "Tabs and Indents" settings of its own
BugIDEA-167050After cut+paste some methods from class to new-created one the pasted code is shown as duplicate
BugIDEA-173904Create New Test suggests unrelated destination directory
BugIDEA-156628QuickDoc does not showing array initializers correctly
BugIDEA-156299Force Touch: 'Force Touch' is replaced with 'Button 1 click' after restart
BugIDEA-143263Find In Path is not autopopulating a selection from Find Preview window
BugIDEA-140901Tip of the Day is not working nicely with HiDPI under Linux
BugIDEA-154064Second and subsequent run of Analyze Code incorrectly misses test methods as entry points and reports unused declarations
BugIDEA-176419"Annotations to Copy" configuration is not get saved
BugIDEA-89648Guice: @Assisted is valid without @Inject in interface of factory
BugIDEA-159109Resource Bundles: PropagateValue... action should treat read-only files correctly
BugIDEA-158500macOS Sierra: Scrolling extremely sensitive
BugIDEA-187505Locally-referenced images are not displayed in quick doc
BugIDEA-179331Run Dashboard: it should not be possible to start the same configuration few times
BugIDEA-179333Can't install featured plugin
BugIDEA-115890Darcula background is applied on print on Django Model Dependency Diagram
BugIDEA-178693Already disposed: com.intellij.util.messages.impl.MessageBusImpl in PlatformTestCase.teardown
BugIDEA-160461Sort fonts case-insensitively
BugIDEA-174005Suppress area is not highlighted
BugIDEA-156259idea.log spammed by "PerformanceWatcher - High memory usage"
BugIDEA-152868CPU snapshot is saved in the wrong directory
BugIDEA-185805Reset Default Scheme removes duplicated Scheme
BugIDEA-177417UAST: receiverType for JavaUCallExpression returns incorrect type when method defined in superclass
BugIDEA-161155Per Project Modality: when Commit or Push dialog is opened in one IDEA frame, it's impossible to hide or show tool windows in the other frame
BugIDEA-184787Resource bundle editor cannot working with \r\n characters
BugIDEA-165879Unguarded section in DocumentCommitThread that leads to spontaneous assertion
BugIDEA-162067Cannot create plain-text scratch file
BugIDEA-96324Inconsistent Popup Documentation Behavior in Diagrams
BugIDEA-179660Copy+Paste in FitNesse files (context.txt) not working anymore.
BugIDEA-175179JBA Cloud: UnknownHostException on connection error
BugIDEA-171663"New" temp run configurations are lost after reopen of a project
BugIDEA-168781Mnemonics for run actions is broken in case of '_' and '&' in configuration name
BugIDEA-155225Create project from old default does create contradicting language level
BugIDEA-175363Change signature (Ctrl+F6) to rename one arg and add a new arg deletes Javadocs
BugIDEA-138798Double click maximize tab should not close floating windows
BugIDEA-157371Error updating com.intellij.openapi.editor.ex.util.LexerEditorHighlighter
BugIDEA-76438Directory diff: can't resize the columns
BugIDEA-167799HiPDI menu arrows are too small for Darcula/IntelliJ themes on Windows and Linux
BugIDEA-155297Inconsistent Launchpad Icon on Non-retina Display
BugIDEA-159321IDE frozen for a minute during expanding call hierarchy
BugIDEA-155763Memory leak detected: 'com.intellij.ui.BalloonImpl
BugIDEA-172846Stray swap file in intellij-community
BugIDEA-185093Second popup sometimes dissapers
BugIDEA-178877Support "Send EOF" action for processes started with runnerw.exe
BugIDEA-159850NPE on welcome screen (Import Project)
BugIDEA-151527Sticky Selection cannot be escaped unless the cursor is in a different location than when toggled
BugIDEA-185285Navigate Class/File/Symbol, Find in Path popup windows don't pick characters from input method
BugIDEA-163567FileChooserFactoryImpl.createSaveFileDialog doesn't use native file chooser
BugIDEA-172602Horrible performance when two IntelliJ instances are open at the same time
BugIDEA-174475JBA Cloud: Assertion Eror on uninstall plugins sync
BugIDEA-131012Support "delete word left" command in quick search
BugIDEA-173002Call Hierarchy does not show Java 8 lambdas using the :: syntax
BugIDEA-185770Unable to move quick doc popup
BugIDEA-175245Restrict scope of ReferenceSearcher in ConstructorReferencesSearchHelper and GroovyConstructorUsagesSearcher
BugIDEA-171404allow UI scale exceed 2x
BugIDEA-174594100% of one core CPU usage while idle when specific file open and in front
BugIDEA-167880Dump data to file adds / to filename
BugIDEA-171543RtfTransferableData: java.io.IOException: mark/reset not supported
BugIDEA-153873Pressing Shift+Enter in Navigate File popup opens the file in a new window instead of the current window
BugIDEA-185359Focus jumps to parent folder after item rename
BugIDEA-185930Documentation tab embedded to toolwindows has the 'show tolbar' option that affects quick doc popups only
BugIDEA-175058IDEA Out Of Memory on click Settings -> Editor -> Color Scheme -> Color Scheme Font -> Use color scheme font instead of *default*
BugIDEA-175462Boolean expression surround variants now available on expression statements
BugIDEA-160282Lock not released in PagedFileStorage after VCS log exceptions
BugIDEA-164945ALT-F1 - "Select In" broken in 2016.3
BugIDEA-159742IllegalArgumentException: parent must be showing
BugIDEA-170221Download Sources not working after 2017.1 update
BugIDEA-177352com.intellij.util.containers.ConcurrentHashMap needs to be updated
BugIDEA-165714NCDFE at com.intellij.cloudConfig.StatusBarInfoManager.connectInstance(StatusBarInfoManager.java:123) on "Enable Sync" action for JBA cloud config
BugIDEA-172643UObjectLiteralExpression is a call but doesn't visit argument list
BugIDEA-173669IOException from get / put / append should set corrupted state for PersistentHashMap
BugIDEA-176762Installing new versions of apps loses "font ligature" setting
BugIDEA-186977NullPointerException appears on Welcome screen after typing
BugIDEA-167719Test Runner: missing info about skipped tests in results popup
BugIDEA-171238Keymap of Export Test Results does not function
BugIDEA-175445UI Inspector uses user object instead of node for trees
BugIDEA-185305Structure Tool Window Steals Focus After Loading Members of File
BugIDEA-161604Deadlock on startup in Promises
BugIDEA-90488Php editing/Single quote duplication bug
BugIDEA-113585Cast to Type quick fix creates code that doesn't help
BugIDEA-172231Incorrect rendering of text with combining marks
BugIDEA-156872MySQL dialect highlighting incorrect for 'TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE'
BugIDEA-167028Deadlock in IDEA
BugIDEA-67763tabs in split window view
BugIDEA-85304Icon for Use Soft Wraps doesn't show in the toolbar
BugIDEA-160763IDEA hangs on startup, during splash screen
BugIDEA-156993Project Name replaced with Directory Basename in Welcome Screen (EAP, Regression)
BugIDEA-180312Deadlock ? JarHandler
BugIDEA-156193Toggle using soft wraps in current editor not working
BugIDEA-18608438 parrots/build manager auto-make threads
BugIDEA-186858Scrollbars not visible in Run and Debug output - can't scroll
BugIDEA-155360Open In Browser : files from library jars cannot be opened
BugIDEA-155362Open In Browser : action should work for files versons from History or be disabled
BugIDEA-46170Double quote appears in wrong string literal when a language is injected
BugIDEA-157590Main Menu: there is puzzling empty "Other" menu item
BugIDEA-135402Class header javadoc is deleted after 'Update copyright' action
BugIDEA-172559Quick-search does not work in "Register new file type association" dialog
BugIDEA-172558Progress popup is small by default
BugIDEA-178388warn about running IDEA with not-bundled JDK
BugIDEA-171010Idea doesn't close properly some project windows
BugIDEA-171900Find in path popup isn't descriptive enough (poor feedback on search progress/status)
BugIDEA-132965Hitting enter in the Expression field in the Edit Template Variables dialog does not save the value
BugIDEA-173017JavaFX WebView not HiDPI rendering on Windows 10
BugIDEA-177719Unable to build project
BugIDEA-131468Settings / File Encoding / Project Encoding = System default: new files are created with IDE encoding
BugIDEA-171717java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'fontFamily' of ... must not be null
BugIDEA-178622Column selection mode is too slow
BugIDEA-63850allow to save in UTF-8 with/without BOM
BugIDEA-171368execution: runnerw.exe doesn't escape program arguments properly
BugIDEA-172705Big files marked as read-only can't be deleted
BugIDEA-166669FileTypeRegistry.FileTypeDetector should not be skipped for large files
BugIDEA-147100Default File Header template causes pointless javadocs in projects
BugIDEA-175646Performance issue while typing
BugIDEA-156284Force Touch: Keymap, Add/Find Mouse Shortcut panel: after Button 1 is clicked and set in shortcut preview, Force Touch is ignored
BugIDEA-156970No classpath jar in command line on dynamic.classpath=true when too many files in tmp on Windows
BugIDEA-178347UI is frozen for a long time in ModuleManagerImpl.loadModules
BugIDEA-156022redundantmethodinspection claims that
BugIDEA-148006Incorrect generation of boolean getters for properties starting with 'is'
BugIDEA-156846Color: "Default text" resets to white by itself, leads to brackets on white background
BugIDEA-165820JBE Cloud doesn't update sync info for plugins if "Sync plugins sylently" disable on machine, where change has been done
BugIDEA-185541Cannot disable search for overriding methods in interface
BugIDEA-185581Can't add new Startup Tasks configuration
BugIDEA-152938Subclass javadoc that combines {@inheritDoc} with @throws does not show (new) throws docs in quick docs (Ctrl+Q)
BugIDEA-156065WinPty process does not kill agent on end
BugIDEA-156069Impossible to work with project which opened from starting window second time
BugIDEA-152628shift-F1 displays two URL
BugIDEA-160926Backspace doesn't join empty lines in JTextArea
BugIDEA-174202smart pointer to method becomes invalid after shelve
BugIDEA-186544NullPointerException in AbstractToolsUsagesCollector
BugIDEA-157496Webstorm freezes at splash screen
BugIDEA-171808"Reflective access across modules issues" doesn't work properly in JDK9
BugIDEA-167627Reference search doesn't work for files added via AdditionalLibraryRootsProvider
BugIDEA-176658Changelog converted automatically to US-ASCII
BugIDEA-157809"Context Info" doesn't work for lambdas
BugIDEA-1761282017.2 Can't load project with character "|" in its name
BugIDEA-153031Resource Bundles: close the RB editor on bundle deleting
BugIDEA-157266Safe delete: Exclude file is enable
BugIDEA-147470AddToFavorites action should work for ResourceBundle
BugIDEA-1721075+ minutes synchronize after remove of 11k files
BugIDEA-187695Idea logging from the "Periodic tasks thread" leads to a deadlock
BugIDEA-159941Mac native file chooser cannot select multiple files
BugIDEA-159940Wrong default location for new jdk mac open dialog
BugIDEA-162032Sonarqube results are not getting displayed in the Inspections Tab.
BugIDEA-160967Endless loop of "JetBrains Account authentication failed. Do you want to try again?" even if pressing No
BugIDEA-177674IDE Settings Sync plugin always advice to install incompatible plugin
PerformanceIDEA-175217Do not send statistics on closing IDE
PerformanceIDEA-171748Complete UI freeze, AWT thread in LineMarkerInfo.getLineMarkerTooltip / JavaOverridingMethodsSearcher.compute
PerformanceIDEA-167733High CPU usage due to Component.setCursor
PerformanceIDEA-179003IntelliJ 2017.3 EAP takes longer to load list of actions in Ctrl-Shift-A than 2017.2
PerformanceIDEA-178385Intellij very slow
PerformanceIDEA-172762ProjectRootManagerComponent$1.fileTypesChanged on AWT causes 30-60s freeze
PerformanceIDEA-171712UI freeze during 'Find in Path' invocation
PerformanceIDEA-1666012017.1 EAP is consuming a lot of CPU and locking UI
UsabilityIDEA-174464JBA Cloud: tooltip is shown under widget if user click on ikon quickly
UsabilityIDEA-165002Can't Disable Message: Remote desktop detected, Animation disabled
UsabilityIDEA-158189Text is flickering when lines overlap vertically
UsabilityIDEA-133381drag and drop file from project view tool window
UsabilityIDEA-157421Long shutdown due to built-in server
UsabilityIDEA-164993Support for macOS special character (emoji) insertion popover
UsabilityIDEA-126373File Structure could have less indenting
UsabilityIDEA-155780Pointless License Choice on new Install
UsabilityIDEA-85255Tool window options like a "Autoscroll to Source", 'sort by type' etc. should be stored globally, not per-project
UsabilityIDEA-158856Save File As Template dialog: Help is missing
UsabilityIDEA-172179Weird "Create Constant field" behavior, defaulting to java.lang.String
UsabilityIDEA-113419Problems with keeping old license information when upgrading
UsabilityIDEA-167531During code completion, Home/End keys navigate the menu not the code editor
UsabilityIDEA-114099Strip white space left of caret on manual save
UsabilityIDEA-161684Make import suggestion list show project classes at the top
UsabilityIDEA-166959Can't see full path to project in welcome screen
UsabilityIDEA-160816Search by abbreviation in Keymap configurable
UsabilityIDEA-158213Inconsistent soft wraps all state
UsabilityIDEA-98634Favorites List: sort entries
UsabilityIDEA-85375Run configurations dropbox should not change its width
UsabilityIDEA-123307Squashed tree widget on Windows theme on HiDPI monitor
UsabilityIDEA-159110ResourceBundle Editor: property Copy should show the destination if the bundle is located not in src/resource root
UsabilityIDEA-168138Apply button on changing color scheme doesn't lead to full rehighlighting
UsabilityIDEA-155075Why file template settings are marked as per-project?
UsabilityIDEA-165863new live template causes unlabeled yellow warning triangle
UsabilityIDEA-172128Light bulb hovers over "play" button
UsabilityIDEA-138744Cannot drag & drop bookmarks
CosmeticsIDEA-176383Grammar error on renewal message
CosmeticsIDEA-166907Duplicate caption for button
CosmeticsIDEA-166361Unclear presentation difference between external and inferred annotations
CosmeticsIDEA-173301Platform And Plugins Updates dialog shows broken link to blog post about IDEA 2017.2 EAP
CosmeticsIDEA-89317"Side Effects Found" dialog is ugly
CosmeticsIDEA-153376Resource Bundles: correct the error message that appears on attempt to copy property if the target bundle already contains same-named one
CosmeticsIDEA-175651Update expand icon in Branches popup
CosmeticsIDEA-179681Initial configuration: improve layout on Ubuntu
CosmeticsIDEA-167361Tip of the day, goto-message, missleading.
CosmeticsIDEA-96168PhpStorm window is not restored in proper maximized state on Windows OS
TaskIDEA-175848Replace all constant links to plugins site with a value from runtime parameter -Didea.plugins.host
TaskIDEA-165322External annotator inspection
TaskIDEA-186077provide API for Line/Rectangle pixel-perfect painting in JRE-HiDPI
TaskIDEA-168385Widen Balloon API for new error selection feature
TaskIDEA-173294Enable by default Win10 LookAndFeel
TaskIDEA-185006Update radioButton and checkBox icons for Mac Default LaF
Meta IssueIDEA-173344System-independent and system-dependent paths are often intermixed in IDEA code
ExceptionIDEA-186468NPE at com.intellij.codeInsight.documentation.DocumentationComponent.needsToolbar
ExceptionIDEA-160299Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertReadAccessAllowed
ExceptionIDEA-161282PPEIE at com.intellij.openapi.extensions.impl.ExtensionComponentAdapter.getComponentInstance
ExceptionIDEA-149660IAE at com.intellij.configurationStore.StateStorageManagerImpl.expandMacro
ExceptionIDEA-186173NPE at com.intellij.codeInsight.documentation.DocumentationComponent.needsToolbar
ExceptionIDEA-168411PluginManager StartupAbortedException
ExceptionIDEA-149853ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.lang.properties.projectView.ResourceBundleNode
ExceptionIDEA-166517NPE at com.intellij.lang.properties.editor.ResourceBundleEditorHighlighter$ResourceBundleEditorHighlighting Pass.collectInformation
ExceptionIDEA-187858NPE on search in settings if nothing was found
ExceptionIDEA-164682Removing sdk leads to exception
ExceptionIDEA-132750IOOBE at com.intellij.uiDesigner.propertyInspector.PropertyInspectorTable.getPropChildren
ExceptionIDEA-178586NPE at com.intellij.ide.util.DeleteHandler.a
ExceptionIDEA-156293NPE at com.intellij.ui.mac.MacGestureSupportForEditor$1.pressure
ExceptionIDEA-156466AE at com.intellij.diagnostic.IdeMessagePanel.showErrorNotification
ExceptionIDEA-158983IndexNotReadyException at com.intellij.util.indexing.FileBasedIndexImpl.a
ExceptionIDEA-160341Error at com.intellij.credentialStore.OneTimeString.toString
ExceptionIDEA-168314Throwable at com.intellij.ide.util.MemberChooser.show
ExceptionIDEA-158854PIEAE at com.intellij.codeInsight.daemon.impl.IdentifierHighlighterPass.doCollectInformation
ExceptionIDEA-188163BUG | latest EAP Idea ultimate | HttpVirtualFileImpl cannot be cast
ExceptionIDEA-160790Unable to save settings: Failed to save settings. Please restart PyCharm
ExceptionIDEA-156811NPE with any dm server activity
ExceptionIDEA-137816Throwable at com.intellij.execution.ui.RunContentManagerImpl.a(RunContentManagerImpl.java:537)
ExceptionIDEA-173666NPE at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.ToolWindowManagerImpl.a
ExceptionIDEA-164698Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.impl.EditorsSplitters.a
ExceptionIDEA-161156IOE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.DocumentImpl.e
ExceptionIDEA-184929NPE at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
ExceptionIDEA-175724Throwable at com.intellij.codeInsight.javadoc.JavaDocUtil.findReferenceTarget
ExceptionIDEA-167186PicoPluginExtensionInitializationException: com/intellij/ide/SelectInTargetBase
ExceptionIDEA-156917Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.TransactionGuardImpl.submitTransactionAndWait
ExceptionIDEA-159111IAE at com.intellij.openapi.components.ServiceManager.getService
ExceptionIDEA-171655IAE at com.intellij.psi.impl.file.JavaDirectoryServiceImpl.getPackage
ExceptionIDEA-166989IAE at com.intellij.compiler.backwardRefs.DirtyScopeHolder.a
ArquillianBugIDEA-151269Arquillian: AddNewContainerConfiguration ([+] button) action in Settings opens the drop-down in the incorrect place
BugIDEA-153293Arquillian tests show error when inheritance in play
BugIDEA-143282JBoss Arquillian + IPR project format: IAE at StateStorageManagerImpl.expandMacros()
BugIDEA-151270Arquillian: the dropdown opened by AddNewContainerConfiguration action in Settings is not reachable by mouse
BugIDEA-154111Create Test dialog: for not found Arquillian library the suggested Fix is incorrect
BugIDEA-145963Arquillian TestNG: on 'Group' configuration option selecting, include the 'arquillian' group automatically
UsabilityIDEA-142849Arquillian: on new module creating it would be nice to add cdi library to dependencies list
UsabilityIDEA-146298Arquillian: Run Configurations: EditLibraryProperties button does nothing for dependencies added as 'existing libraries'
UsabilityIDEA-146297Arquillian: Run Configurations: provide possibility to copy library properties (artifact name etc)
CSSBugIDEA-160317SASS: Built-in fade-out function not recognized
BugIDEA-151772Angular2 CSS not highlighted even when being used in template
CosmeticsIDEA-175739Join Lines in CSS adds an extra space
ExceptionIDEA-154246Throwable at com.intellij.psi.css.impl.stubs.index.CssIndexUtil.processKeysInScope
CloudsExceptionIDEA-156073Deployment configuration created from 'Application Servers' toolwindow fails to start if no options are changed in 'Create Deployment Configuration' dialog
Code Analysis. DuplicatesExceptionIDEA-180107Throwable: Assertion failed: copy length
Code Analysis. InspectionFeatureIDEA-175774Reactor inspection: don't implement Publisher or Subscriber yourself
FeatureIDEA-96785"Result of object allocation ignored": Allow suppression for certain classes
FeatureIDEA-167222Java | Internationalization issues | Duplicate String Literal intention to show all string occurrences
FeatureIDEA-86086Suppress "Mismatched query and update of collection" inspection for configured types
FeatureIDEA-173746Infer non-overridable methods' parameters nullability
FeatureIDEA-156821'Inspection results tool window' - suppressing items of specific type should leave ability to suppress others
FeatureIDEA-34620Nice to have to be able to specify pattern or signature for entry points in unused declaration inspection
FeatureIDEA-162912Framework specific inspection settings
FeatureIDEA-164129Jigsaw: provide quickfix when module exported to itself
BugIDEA-111174Status bar should show inspection highlights even for INFO severity
BugIDEA-157564'Unused declaration' - in inspection result invalid field is not marked as invalid
BugIDEA-157566NPE at applying quickfix 'Comment out' to unused class
BugIDEA-179173Please merge Groovy class naming convention inspections
BugIDEA-156163Inspection result tool window: sometimes odd scrolling in preview pane.
BugIDEA-171170Incorrect inspections result for maven project after upgrade to IDEA 2016.3
BugIDEA-157046'Unused declaration' inspection shows '1 instantiation found' for constructor of not used class
BugIDEA-178019'Filter resolved items' doesn't filter out already excluded items
BugIDEA-156364'Inspection result tool window' preview doesn't scroll to view problem item
BugIDEA-174445Inspection settings are not shown
BugIDEA-157777Case where View Offline Inspection Results doesn't show results
BugIDEA-157773Throws exception is not redundant if method calls itself
BugIDEA-174368Go prev/next problem key shortcuts do not work in Inspection results
BugIDEA-61057StaticVariableUninitializedUse should ignore null checks
BugIDEA-163702No quick fix button on inspection preview at inspection level after the first run
BugIDEA-156669'Inspection result tool window' - exclude file scope option when use 'Run inspection on...' button on preview pane
BugIDEA-158795'Apply a quickfix' bulb is not enabled when loading offline inspection result
BugIDEA-157068Inspection result tool window - 'Nothing here' in quickfix pop-up after using Go Next/Prev problem
BugIDEA-156164Inspection result toolwindow tree - exclude in one node also removes in another
BugIDEA-156169'Inspection result tool window': 'Filter resolved items' doesn't work without 'Group by directory'
BugIDEA-157966Inspection result tool window shows only one result instead of several for one line when grouping by severity enabled
BugIDEA-185513Packaging issues > Empty Directory inspection doesn't respect selected scope
BugIDEA-177516"Inspection %name% options" intention does nothing
BugIDEA-156245@NotNull doesn't seem to work for enums
BugIDEA-156180'Inspection result tool window' Suppress for class shown twice
BugIDEA-156683'Unused method parameter' inspection finds only first unused parameter but not all
BugIDEA-176629More null annotation problems with arrays
BugIDEA-155941'Unused declaration' - please don't count Entry Points
BugIDEA-157154Throwable - 'No longer valid' nodes after export/import inspection results.
BugIDEA-126310Unnecessary toString() call fix breaks code
BugIDEA-94012Bogus "Throwable result of method call ignored" inspection
BugIDEA-159101Odd preview pane for 'Unused declaration' entry points module
BugIDEA-159102'Unused declaration' inspection problem nodes has conflicting 'Del' 'Ins' hotkey
BugIDEA-179334Constant conditions false positive when calling Gson.fromJson() in try block
BugIDEA-160655Inspection profile settings - empty line in Profile list after Resetting settings
BugIDEA-160657Inspection profile settings - cannot apply changes right after rename inspection profile
BugIDEA-157014XML offline inspection result - empty node for 'no longer valid' item
BugIDEA-80319Inspection "`clone()` does not call `super.clone()`" does not provide super.clone() insertion
BugIDEA-164857Inspection "Line is longer than allowed by code style" is not refreshed
BugIDEA-165891Analyze->InspectCode doesn't find a relatively simple singleton
BugIDEA-178773Can't get to green code without suppressing an inspection in case of restricted nullability in overridden method
BugIDEA-157053'Unused declaration' inspection - 'Safe delete' at class level deletes members but not class itself
BugIDEA-156825'Inspection result tool window' - Editing setting should not set inspection analysis profile as active one
BugIDEA-155813Freeze after running inspections
BugIDEA-156394Incorrect control flow that reports a condition always true
BugIDEA-168240Rename 'Import Scheme' to 'Import Profile' and 'Add/Edit description'
BugIDEA-160955Inspection Results: inspections not enabled "In All Scopes" are confusingly marked as "Disabled"
BugIDEA-156613'Remove User Defined Entry Points' may appear for predefined entry point
BugIDEA-156376'Convert to project line separators' inspection can be applied many times
BugIDEA-157909Inspection results "Go Next/Prev Problem" buttons should skip non-problem nodes
BugIDEA-161871Deadlock when running batch inspection and editing
BugIDEA-115573Bogus "Throwable result of a method ignored" in ternary expression.
BugIDEA-168254Inspect.sh(bat) doesn't work
BugIDEA-156354Throwable - at excluding item of inspection result tree
BugIDEA-156353'Editor is already disposed' exception when navigating through inspection result tree
BugIDEA-177573Class with too many dependencies inspection warns even after adding SuppressWarnings annotation
BugIDEA-159991Nullability IAE exception during offline inspecting Android project
BugIDEA-177356Unused declaration: inspection problem node doesn't show up as error when the inspection is configured to do so
BugIDEA-168237Unnecessary popup when import/export inspection settings
BugIDEA-168235"Edit Settings" in inspection result toolbar opens Settings for all inspections, but not for specific one
BugIDEA-156488Convert octal literal to decimal literal loses long modifier
BugIDEA-157009XML offline inspection result - no scrolling, no quickfix buttons - Declaration redundancy inspection group
BugIDEA-161358"Cannot load .idea. The file does not exist" error is shown if .idea folder is removed between offline inspection runs
BugIDEA-64488False error for assigning static final field
BugIDEA-156310'Inspection Result tool window' wrong counter after applying Suppress for several inner classes
BugIDEA-165075False positive of Covariant 'equals()' inspection
BugIDEA-162159Inconsistent inspection results when "Group by directory" enabled/disabled
BugIDEA-158470'Inspection result tool window' - included back node doesn't appear if filter is on
BugIDEA-157140'Inspection tool window' counter limited to 1 after rerun when grouping by directory enabled.
BugIDEA-152646Global inspection package problems should show fully qualified package name
BugIDEA-155953Scope of variable is too broad and Lock acquired but not safely unlocked inspections contradicts with each other
BugIDEA-155950'Unused declaration' inspection - IDEA completely freezes after adding Entry Points and Commenting other classes
BugIDEA-157161'Duplicate String Literal' - qickfix 'Replace' creates incorrect code
BugIDEA-141189Inspection Result for "Duplicate Dependencies" shows HTML tags
BugIDEA-141239"Manual array to collection copy" produces non-compilable code
BugIDEA-177823False positive... well, sort of. "Method will throw an exception when parameter is null"
BugIDEA-156793'Unused declaration' - please don't count Entry Points - when inspection in progress
BugIDEA-156478'Inspection results tool window' loose 'Suppress' button after grouping
BugIDEA-156471StackOverflowError In file: beforeSOE.java
BugIDEA-175496Inspection scope 'module' may appear twice
BugIDEA-157020HTML export of inspection results - Unused declaration inspection always has only one Problem resolution item
BugIDEA-156450'Empty method' inspection - 'Add to Special Annotations' quick fix does nothing
BugIDEA-157007XML offline inspection results are not sorted in alphabetical order
BugIDEA-156893'Inspection result tool window' - inspection description font is too big
BugIDEA-169227Inspection settings: Restore Defaults does not remove option added to disabled inspection
BugIDEA-156823'Inspection result tool window' - Exclude/Include increases counter even the problem already resolved
BugIDEA-130443Inspection settings: tree node does not turn to "modified" state on changing scope set
BugIDEA-55394'Condition always true' inspection sometimes incorrect when variable modified in finally block
BugIDEA-161050Can't suppress typo or spell checker warning in property files
BugIDEA-157208'Unused declaration' inspection does not store settings per-profile
PerformanceIDEA-161598AnalysisScope uses and retains a lot of memory
PerformanceIDEA-156387'Inspection results tool window' tree creation slowness without grouping by directory
PerformanceIDEA-156384'Inspection results tool window' tree slowness selecting inspection
PerformanceIDEA-156635Running inspection analysis causes idea to freeze
PerformanceIDEA-157006After importing XML offline inspection results any change of grouping is slow
PerformanceIDEA-172904Slowness viewing inspection result
PerformanceIDEA-157005XML inspection report import hangs after switching to another application
UsabilityIDEA-89117"Method ignores definition in superclass" inspection should have intention to add the call
UsabilityIDEA-156179'Inspection result tool window' open settings for selected group
UsabilityIDEA-155319"Run inspection by name" should not reuse "Find Action" search pattern
UsabilityIDEA-96532Orders in Severities Editor and in Severity Chooser are opposite
UsabilityIDEA-156728'Unused declaration' inspection - Edit settings doesn't navigate to inspection when entry point selected
UsabilityIDEA-156727'Inspection result tree' Re-arrange menu items in context menu
UsabilityIDEA-157156'Unused declaration' - suppress &quickfix actions are available after applying
UsabilityIDEA-173023Inspection settings: parent elements do not become "changed" after changing inspection severity
UsabilityIDEA-175710Running code inspections blocks AWT-EventQueue thread
UsabilityIDEA-174023'TODO comment' inspection should highlight only actual TODO
UsabilityIDEA-156894'Inspection tool window' - preview scrolls to the beginning of the file after Excluding result
UsabilityIDEA-156675'Inspection result tool window' - please preserve selection after inclusion/exclusion
UsabilityIDEA-156673'Inspection result tool window' - Exclude/Include is not affect children nodes as it should
UsabilityIDEA-155073"Suppress all inspections" is inconveniently placed
UsabilityIDEA-175101Do not remove Inspection scopes based on current focus
CosmeticsIDEA-156173'Inspection result tool window' Cursor in tree may overlap preview pane
CosmeticsIDEA-179055Run inspection by name dialog incorrect radio group value change order
CosmeticsIDEA-156157Odd vertical line (and indent) in preview of inspection results
CosmeticsIDEA-162907Inspections settings: wrong font color for selected top level nodes
CosmeticsIDEA-156462'Inspection result tool window' on preview shows '1 problemS' when performing analysis
CosmeticsIDEA-173518Batch inspection results displays "anonymous (null)"
CosmeticsIDEA-173147Ugly Suppress combobox in batch inspection results
CosmeticsIDEA-159065Blinking preview pane of inspection result tool window
CosmeticsIDEA-157004HTML inspection result report - Could we change Warning and other severity colors
CosmeticsIDEA-157206'Inspection result tool window' - Exclude/Include changes font color when should not
CosmeticsIDEA-179091"Run inspection by name" dialog: improve layouting on resize
ExceptionIDEA-157190'Unused method parameter' quickfix removes all parameters instead of selected
ExceptionIDEA-155886Throwable after usage of 'Inspection Options'
ExceptionIDEA-157464ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at traversing inspection results
ExceptionIDEA-155839java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'parentNode' must not be null
ExceptionIDEA-157153NPE at importing XML results of inspections
ExceptionIDEA-156469Throwable - running inspections on IDEA java-tests module
ExceptionIDEA-158772 til.concurrency.QueueProcessor - Wrong offset: 2249. Should be in range: [0, 2248]
ExceptionIDEA-155795Throwable when edit file template in inspection result window
ExceptionIDEA-156891Wrong offset: 13101. Should be in range: [0, 11760] - canceling inspection
ExceptionIDEA-159043NPE running 'Unused declaration' inspection
ExceptionIDEA-157558Argument for @NotNull parameter 'src' of com/intellij/util/ArrayUtil.remove must not be null
ExceptionIDEA-156375'Inconsistent language level settings' inspection - exception clicking 'Module Settings' button
ExceptionIDEA-155872NPE running inspection for the first time
ExceptionIDEA-184775AssertionError: SubRange: (17,27); this=(5251,5267) in Inspection Result Toolwindow
ExceptionIDEA-157146Throwable at exporting to XML invalid node of 'Unused declaration' inspection
ExceptionIDEA-156670Throwable at excluding several nodes
ExceptionIDEA-160668Inspection profile settings - NPE after importing inspection settings
ExceptionIDEA-180028NPE: com.intellij.codeInspection.naming.AbstractNamingConventionInspection.checkName(AbstractNamingConven tionInspection
Code CoverageFeatureIDEA-82234Improve code coverage configuration
BugIDEA-172623NullPointerException in Code Code Coverage plugin when running tests in package
BugIDEA-166719Coverage doesn't work when project name contains double colon
BugIDEA-167971'Flatten Packages' enabled empties toolwindow when coverage measured for classes only
BugIDEA-173407"Show coverage per test" cause 0% coverage in some cases.
BugIDEA-185356Code coverage does not refresh correctly
BugIDEA-26988IDEA Coverage should ignore empty private Constructors of Utility Classes
BugIDEA-148467JaCoCo empty coverage for multi module projects
BugIDEA-171506"Show tests covering line" doesn't work for Kotlin methods with spaces in the name
BugIDEA-134722Coverage percentage is not shown in Project view for certain run configurations
BugIDEA-158755Export Coverage Report as HTML produces a NPE
BugIDEA-162273Close the Code Coverage tool window has unexpected behavior between: clicking the red X icon, Ctrl+F4, and Ctrl+Shift+F4
BugIDEA-186492IntelliJ Coverage runner does not work with Java 9: Illegal reflective access by TestDiscoveryInstrumenter
BugIDEA-176086Remove excluded class from Coverage View
BugIDEA-160268Not accurate/incorrect code coverage statistics
BugIDEA-185485Bad class name for files with JSR-45 usage in coverage plugin
BugIDEA-170725Show coverage per test don't work
BugIDEA-169825No JaCoCo coverage for multi module projects
BugIDEA-175907"Unable to find Class to Show bytecode" when tries to open coverage information for Kotlin class
PerformanceIDEA-172913JaCoCo eats too much memory resulting in GC pressure and stuck UI
UsabilityIDEA-168017In case Tests covering this line cannot be found/opened, show their names one under another
UsabilityIDEA-176081Suggestion on UX of coverage exclusion settings
ExceptionIDEA-156243Throwable during run with coverage
ExceptionIDEA-143042NPE in plugin Coverage
ExceptionIDEA-180148PicoPluginExtensionInitializationException at com.intellij.openapi.extensions.impl.ExtensionComponentAdapter.getComponentInstance(ExtensionCompone ntAdapter.java:96)
Code Formatting and Code StyleFeatureIDEA-181940Allow ArrangementMatchRule to sort entries with a custom comparator
FeatureIDEA-99875Multiple margins / soft margins.
FeatureIDEA-99267Command line formatter could be implemented
FeatureIDEA-178779In certain cases, allow empty folding placeholders in IDEA 2017.3
BugIDEA-141916The code formatter:off (//@formatter:off) does not work as expected.
BugIDEA-65270Incorrect highlighting of generic declaration
BugIDEA-93206"Final" keyword added by intention has wrong formatting.
BugIDEA-174775Can't change indent for "other file types" for "Project" scheme
BugIDEA-177954module-info.java strangely formatted when module annotated
BugIDEA-186983NullPointerException at saving changed code folding settings
BugIDEA-176644Significant unconditional logging
BugIDEA-156091Scratch files don't use changed code style
BugIDEA-160389Manage Code style setting | Copy to project doesn't update settings editor until settings dialog is reopened
BugIDEA-173208Tabs + Smart Enter + Place ')' on new line doesn't work together. Spaces inserted instead of tabs.
BugIDEA-160104Array literal uses regular indent on first line, continuation indent on others
BugIDEA-160103Incorrect indentation after multi-line array literal
BugIDEA-144196Strip trailing spaces on save should honor keep Indents on empty lines
BugIDEA-166923Reformat code before commit doesn't pick up code style settings
BugIDEA-166202<pre> tags in Javadoc should not be wrapped
BugIDEA-156091Scratch files don't use changed code style
BugIDEA-159285Editor doesn't auto-indent within switch-case correctly
BugIDEA-154450Comments within package qualifiers are not highlighted
BugIDEA-52549Reformat Code misbehaviour in a XML file
BugIDEA-153768JavaDoc formatting for <p> on empty lines creates invalid HTML
BugIDEA-21623Formatter does not respect <pre> tags with attributes
BugIDEA-160426Export of Code Style does not include JavaDoc configurations
BugIDEA-156914Allow indent options provider to override language specific indents for data language in templates
BugIDEA-158868Incorrect whitespace insertion into Java reference expression
BugIDEA-171491no Semantic highlighting in java 8 lambda
BugIDEA-172599Code Formatting: method parameter: space between annotation and type is not normalized
BugIDEA-173502Applying "Use inherited Attributes" on one item will auto-select inherited attributes option on other items
BugIDEA-153590Code formatter breaks code on decimal number
PerformanceIDEA-166411Twig plugin freezes on .groovy.twig files
PerformanceIDEA-72973Converting spaces to tab on a large file seems to effectively kill phpstorm
PerformanceIDEA-163235Deployment configuration freezes the IDE
UsabilityIDEA-127086Code Style preview: too much delay
UsabilityIDEA-173905Code Style settings doesn't apply integer field value when pressing Enter
UsabilityIDEA-145803Code formatter works incorrectly first time after delete try-with-resource
UsabilityIDEA-156150Ordering change of access modifiers and annotations on auto import
UsabilityIDEA-179699Problems with visual guides preview in code style and color scheme settings
CosmeticsIDEA-151223Optimize Imports changes imports but says "Unused imports not found"
CosmeticsIDEA-179429Settings: some visual issues with CodeStyle VisualGuides fields
ExceptionIDEA-173144Find action exception
ExceptionIDEA-158331IndexOutOfBoundsException when try to move method with incorrectly specified usage
ExceptionIDEA-168994Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.text.BlockSupportImpl.sendBeforeChildrenChangeEvent on navigating through Code Style settings
Code NavigationFeatureIDEA-112841Navigate to file action should support fuzzier path search terms
FeatureIDEA-92615Breadcrumbs for Java classes
FeatureIDEA-177859"Sort by Type" does not function when viewing Scratches
FeatureIDEA-162316Add navigation to already defined variable
FeatureIDEA-162418Enhanced go to file formats
FeatureIDEA-155607Prefer classes available in the current module
BugIDEA-157956Breadcrumb font size doesn't scale down.
BugIDEA-182556Cancelling navigation to inheritors still navigates to a selected one
BugIDEA-156592Functional expression search doesn't find lambdas assigned to field of a super class
BugIDEA-160333Override/implements gutter icon not navigating
BugIDEA-156369Go to declaration on lambda param does nothing
BugIDEA-157772Breadcrumbs are shown incorrectly in the decompiled classes
BugIDEA-160567"Navigate to next highlighted error" is broken
BugIDEA-149235Unexpected classes in type hierarchy when multiple versions of class present
BugIDEA-179299java9 - navigate from module-info to sources
BugIDEA-157671Wrong title when searching for inheritors
BugIDEA-156984Deadlock in inheritor search
BugIDEA-160213Call hierarchy for a default constructor does not show calls from subclasses unless explicitly called with super()
BugIDEA-165329Can't copy class reference by hitting Ctrl+C in Navigate/Class list
BugIDEA-179184Go to file regression -- no longer matches on forward slashes in Windows
BugIDEA-171098Class/Symbol Navigation behavior change
BugIDEA-157666Type Hierarchy scope doesn't work - always shows all subtypes
BugIDEA-177788Deadlock on scratch file opening
BugIDEA-174145Cannot navigate via keyboard arrows through folded region
BugIDEA-157786File matching pattern results showed twice for some files
BugIDEA-159305Low relevant elements on top of the results list in Go to class popup
BugIDEA-159188'Back' navigation fails if the 'Choose Declaration' popup was shown
BugIDEA-172292Goto Implementation doesn't show some (Kotlin) candidates
BugIDEA-173471Goto File can display everything "INVALID" if indexing happens in the middle
BugIDEA-158010"Searching for implementations" thread isn't canceled when the Goto Implementation popup is canceled
BugIDEA-179522Navigation bar ignores context when operated with keyboard
BugIDEA-158226Goto Declaration action: is available on literals
BugIDEA-179329Go To File: prefer strict matching when using package name+file name without separator
BugIDEA-92217Breadcrumbs are not updated on first mouse/keyboard action just after file reopening
BugIDEA-76466Navigate Symbol does not support anonymous inner classes
BugIDEA-176155Navigate to viewed method after sources download
BugIDEA-159964'Navigation to implementation(s)' produces different popups when I click on gutter or invoke by shortcut
BugIDEA-124800Does not work go to the implementation of the method
BugIDEA-178943GoToFile: on directory name entering the confusing list of found files is shown
BugIDEA-167877Strange "Go to Implementation(s)" behavior with private inheritors
PerformanceIDEA-159107Functional expression search is now much slower
PerformanceIDEA-187744High CPU usage when idle, never stops
PerformanceIDEA-156735Bookmarks causing typing slowness
PerformanceIDEA-179739'Go to file by name' occasionally not finishing with high CPU usage
UsabilityIDEA-172282Disprefer start-matching variants in Goto popups when the input starts with *
UsabilityIDEA-187037Provide ability to change name and presentation of 'Navigate | Class' aciton in IntelliJ-based IDEs
UsabilityIDEA-163865"Enter class name" popup showing distant matches first
UsabilityIDEA-161069Show special gutter icon for 'implemented via sub-class' methods
UsabilityIDEA-161718'Go to implementations' navigates directly to one of implementations instead of showing popup
UsabilityIDEA-175227'Jump to Source' in `Find Conflicts` view should navigate to conflicted usage instead of class source
ExceptionIDEA-155430 Exception on navigating to library class
ConsoleBugIDEA-133794console source links not underlined (nor clickable) if followed by parentheses
BugIDEA-137769ANSI colors are not interpreted on System.err
BugIDEA-167094Can't remove first char in user input
BugIDEA-132694ANSI colors need restart for a new settings to apply
BugIDEA-161123Saving console output to file produces an empty file
BugIDEA-145124Console contents not visible when window is floating
BugIDEA-167431Console filters can no longer change foreground text color
BugIDEA-152620Move Filter#applyFilter from EDT to the pooled thread
BugIDEA-146228IntelliJ does not respond when searching SQL History
PerformanceIDEA-165325version 2016.3 extreme slow console
PerformanceIDEA-174645Debug/Run console - huge slowdown in latest version
UsabilityIDEA-134458Console window's input line should probably disregard 'Allow placement of caret after the end of the line' option
UsabilityIDEA-104596In console, search history by typing prefix and pressing the "up" key.
UsabilityIDEA-63980Make idea.cycle.buffer.size configurable in IDEA GUI / IDEA settings
Custom JREBugIDEA-166384provide a utility method in IDEA to support JRE-166
DatabaseFeatureIDEA-66037Feature request: allow "generate classes from database schema" for plain-JDBC developers
BugIDEA-158807Unexpected 'non-project file protection' dialog when saving database schemes
BugIDEA-160887SQL Sybase dialect Incorrect syntax error on merge statement
BugIDEA-157869H2 Dialect missing function
BugIDEA-159613Constant CPU usage between 13-20% when idling
BugIDEA-128226Import data sources manually duplicates them
BugIDEA-179357Data Source corrupted: 'The string 'null-1..-1' is not a valid sequence specification'
BugIDEA-130881Database: Compare: Space and click do not change operation
BugIDEA-179627'Edit as Table' visibility check for EditorPopup is too restrictive
BugIDEA-157941Bug while connecting to database, intellij trend to load all metadata (tables, schema) whether if i select only one schema to load
BugIDEA-172603Application freezes on any kind of operations on DB which implies changes ( not read operations)
BugIDEA-175467What hint IDEA 2017.2 add in sql?
BugIDEA-142314DataSource creating from the Spring configuration using New | ImportFromSources... action creates invalid entry
BugIDEA-172025Idea 2017 freeze opening database tools connection.
BugIDEA-156972IntelliJ IDEA 2016 does not save the database credentials
BugIDEA-176790Exception when getting tables from Apache Drill JDBC driver
BugIDEA-167603IntelliJ freezes on startup while asking for proxy authentication
UsabilityIDEA-146810When you attach an previously-never-attached file to a console the console chooser shows lazily
UsabilityIDEA-159771Data Sources: Test Connection button doesn't work after driver downloading util dialog reopening
UsabilityIDEA-159672DataSourcesAndDrivers dialog: the error message hides the dounload/update driver action
UsabilityIDEA-122862UML functions are disabled on database during file indexing
UsabilityIDEA-103996Misleading diagnostic message when importing data sources
UsabilityIDEA-186400No access to (global) data sources properties without "Database" tool window
UsabilityIDEA-152200"Discover and setup" intention action is always available to click
CosmeticsIDEA-157656Spelling on Modify Table prompt
ExceptionIDEA-159612AE at com.intellij.dbm.serialization.DbmImporter.buildModelInTransaction
DebuggerFeatureIDEA-168070Allow to use expression as a Capture key
FeatureIDEA-29246Debug with alternative JRE - JDK source is incorrect
FeatureIDEA-159094Filter exception breakpoints by catch location
FeatureIDEA-172018"Print stacktrace" breakpoint option
FeatureIDEA-175489On-demand children expressions in user-renderers
FeatureIDEA-153569Copy current thread stack trace
FeatureIDEA-159007Allow to keep class fields in enumeration children renderers
FeatureIDEA-54188add a configuration option to preselect/automate disconnection and process termination on termination of a debugging session
FeatureIDEA-175168On-demand renderers
BugIDEA-187709Huge number of captureXXXX.props files created under C:\Users\Миша\AppData\Local\Temp.
BugIDEA-172289Wrong text displayed by 'View Text' in Java debugger
BugIDEA-187632Remove extra colon in breakpoint configuration
BugIDEA-156365Force Step Into in debugger causes AbstractMethodError
BugIDEA-172425debugger under jdk9 throws NoClassDefFound
BugIDEA-156664Incorrect alternative source
BugIDEA-157321Debugger and Runtime Java Varargs inconsistent
BugIDEA-175027Evaluate expression keeps showing "Evaluating.." for incorrect expression
BugIDEA-175232Tab in the debugger tool window can be moved outside of visible area
BugIDEA-125392Breakpoint "Pass count" should take condition into account *first*
BugIDEA-170677Top-levels tabs in the "Debug" tool window is merged after the IDE restarted
BugIDEA-177131Debugger console should have horizontal scrollbar and the ability to scroll content with the mouse
BugIDEA-181303java.lang.IllegalArgumentException by org.jetbrains.org.objectweb.asm.ClassVisitor while running JUnit tests with latest EAP
BugIDEA-167264Cannot get to SunFontManager$10.run():3316 in debugger
BugIDEA-158928Breakpoint in enum methods may not work
BugIDEA-161167cannot use a qualified class instance creation expression in Java debugger "Evaluate Expression"
BugIDEA-130822Special Java/Swing widget to enable/disable breakpoints does not hide when active tab changes during debugger session
BugIDEA-131748Stop debug session kills all processes
BugIDEA-177288Compiling evaluator fails inside single expression ifs or loops
BugIDEA-167465Debug break point not hit @RunWith(Enclosed.class) and callback
BugIDEA-158905Invalid arguments : Already listening [timeout, port, localAddress]
BugIDEA-180090Cannot run debug IDEA: JDWP cannot get thread local storage (on DCEVM)
BugIDEA-186803Debugger frame view doesn't show recursion depth if "show package names" option is off
BugIDEA-172505Gradle mulitmodule project debug jumps to wrong module for breakpoint
BugIDEA-187528Quick evaluate with lambdas broken
BugIDEA-178332"Smart step into" does not work for methods inside lambdas
BugIDEA-187968Expressions in window watches are not editable
BugIDEA-166436UI completely frozen after Debug-Step-Into (CTRL-F7)
BugIDEA-156783"Evaluate expression" dialog does not work for lambda expressions
BugIDEA-173268Emulated wildcard method breakpoint may be triggered on any lambda
BugIDEA-161754Terminate process on exit choice is not preserved
BugIDEA-157010AndroidTypedIntegerRenderer is always enabled if android plugin is enabled
BugIDEA-156429Debugger regularly shows "Address already in use"
BugIDEA-78730Dragging breakpoint with "Ctrl" key draw cursor with "+" sign, but breakpoint is not copied actually
BugIDEA-183804Update default remote debugger config for jdk9
BugIDEA-155877Tests in fork mode does not work with kotlin
BugIDEA-157946Incorrect set value for arguments without debug info
BugIDEA-155583Test framework quit unexpectedly while debugging all tests on a module or test source content root
BugIDEA-152840Breakpoint popup: Condition field mnemonic is passed to main frame
BugIDEA-179005Attach to local process action doesn't work if I attach to java 9 JVM
BugIDEA-144150It's possible to mark two different objects with the same name in debugger
BugIDEA-185970Non-java evaluation tooltips do not work
BugIDEA-156761'Show watches in variables tab' button moves to Server tab
BugIDEA-174221Confusing representation of array with many nulls in debugger
BugIDEA-177191Compiling evaluator fails inside a one-line lambda
BugIDEA-174510Incorrect line number logged to console for "Java Exception Breakpoint"
BugIDEA-173353Watch can't assign multi-dimensional array
BugIDEA-160411this is flooding idea logs without any ide notification
BugIDEA-156280Incorrect evaluation inside anonymous class
BugIDEA-174237New debugger feature: "Filter" menu item for collection is sometimes missing
BugIDEA-143277Debugger: Smart Step Into can't find a line with lambda, while Step Into can
BugIDEA-150988Debugger displays incorrect value tooltip for member variables if local variable with same name exists
BugIDEA-176922font in various debugger edit fields (that take code) and code completion popups, when editing is larger than the configured font size
BugIDEA-70251smart step into displays in popup methods that have already been executed
BugIDEA-163334Memory leak in jdi code
BugIDEA-187338Async stacktraces may not work with several debug sessions
BugIDEA-161086Add to Watches from "Evaluate" dialog should evaluate only once
BugIDEA-172812Breakpoints are shown twice in Breakpoints dialog
BugIDEA-169057Emulated method breakpoints does not work with decompiled code
BugIDEA-157065"Jump to type source" doesn't work for lambdas
BugIDEA-156086Create breakpoint with text selection fail
BugIDEA-170670Top-level tabs are losing a state when session restarted
BugIDEA-70913smart step into should not propose methods from both branches in conditional expressions
BugIDEA-173562"Log message to console" for emulated method breakpoints prints an empty line
BugIDEA-164317Android Debugger opens decompiled class instead of Java source
PerformanceIDEA-156071Simple static method renderers are much slower than toString
PerformanceIDEA-161623HotSwapProgressImpl leaked via NotificationListener
PerformanceIDEA-184521Please re-enable killing processes via WinP
UsabilityIDEA-156493"Evaluate Expression" – underlined character conflicts with "Paste from History"
UsabilityIDEA-172772Action "Resume program" is not available when IDEA is updating indexes
UsabilityIDEA-174506Show leading zeros in binary view
UsabilityIDEA-158467There should not be auto-execution of selected part of the code.
UsabilityIDEA-142098Multiple breakpoints in a single line: don't display the whole method body in toggle breakpoint drop-down
UsabilityIDEA-159444Improve value tooltip presentation in debugger.
UsabilityIDEA-155212breakpoint display in favorites is suboptimal
UsabilityIDEA-172133"Add to Watches" action does not "follow" editor selection
UsabilityIDEA-152214Xcode like way to disable/remove breakpoints
UsabilityIDEA-172928Improve notification that line breakpoints won't work in decompiled file (when there's no debug information)
UsabilityIDEA-159592Incorrect order of methods in 'Smart Step Into' popup
UsabilityIDEA-151857Field "tooltip delay" is active when the check box is disabled
UsabilityIDEA-184710No undo (Ctrl+Z) possible in the "Evaluate Expression" edit field after pressing "Evaluate"
UsabilityIDEA-120087Debugger: changed state of a breakpoint is not visible, until applied
UsabilityIDEA-167143Invalid focus switching in variables window
UsabilityIDEA-124497Debugger: "Resume/Pause Program" in menu "Run" is active active
UsabilityIDEA-174406Smart step into: speed search doesn't work
CosmeticsIDEA-177087No space between label and text field in breakpoint properties dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-57838Different breakpoint icon for conditional breakpoints
CosmeticsIDEA-103215Add automatic word wrap to conditional breakpoint expression modification popup
Diff_MergeFeatureIDEA-170174Implement "Mirror to left/right" from FTP compare on local compare
FeatureIDEA-138701Separate gutter highlighting for whitespace-only changes
FeatureIDEA-167631Open all files which are modified in the current branch
FeatureIDEA-64244Enable "annotate" feature in merge window.
FeatureIDEA-166528Window "Difference between master and ... (Local) versions in ...
FeatureIDEA-115600Advanced syntax coloring not working properly in 'Show Diff' window
BugIDEA-127612Optimize imports action available in diff
BugIDEA-141370Diff dialog cache for files out of project
BugIDEA-171414"Compare Files" function is cropping large files without notice and only comparing first some lines
BugIDEA-148560Can not change color of file fragments tear line (separator) in diff view.
BugIDEA-185924Diff Preview in the LocalChanges is not shown for the image files after they are unshelved
BugIDEA-173149Next Difference does not work on emptied files
BugIDEA-178618Command line diff between directories: can't show diff error for files
BugIDEA-158003Compare Files no longer works with files in archives (jar, zip)
BugIDEA-141889Pressing Ctrl+D on an unversioned file in Local Changes results in mysterious "Select Path" dialog
BugIDEA-173906Diff on item in shelf is not syntax highlighted
BugIDEA-174127Diff: in the Unifed Viewer mode the inspections tooltips show incorrect text
BugIDEA-173698Cannot move/resize diff view area of Commit Changes dialog
BugIDEA-174009Diff highlighting level "Syntax" shows "Duplicated Code" inspection highlights
BugIDEA-151274Column selection mode does not work in 3-way merge
BugIDEA-174455File (scroll) position differs when comparing file with no differences using " browse remote host"
BugIDEA-147700Diff view opens new window in smallest window possible only showing close, min, max buttons
BugIDEA-161976Resolve merge conflicts window too small on hidpi screen
BugIDEA-172748Filter in compare dialog doesn't work
BugIDEA-160945Inspection highlighting in the Merge dialog does not work
BugIDEA-179819Empty lines added when computing diffs between the VCS state and current
BugIDEA-160646External Diff Tool: file extension is empty for files with unknown file types
BugIDEA-171674First tab is very short in the left Diff pane
BugIDEA-176120Changes for new file are not shown in shelve pane
BugIDEA-101502Dir diff: Files with different line separators(the only difference) are shown as different in the list, but are actually the same ("no differences")
BugIDEA-156201Insertion / deletion markers are shown at wrong positions with "Ignore whitespaces" policy
PerformanceIDEA-159879Memory leak while looking many diffs
UsabilityIDEA-141671Filenames used in external merge are not immediately self-documenting
CosmeticsIDEA-174338Scroll issue when the one part transforms to/form single row which is in the ~middle of the file
CosmeticsIDEA-136265Diff view: the collapsed lines markers are not visible with some look and feels
ExceptionIDEA-162307Cannot open Diff of SQL file anymore: UnsupportedOperationException: Should not be called directly
ExceptionIDEA-167185AE at com.intellij.util.xmlb.MapBinding.deserializeList
DockerFeatureIDEA-184656Support --shm-size, --security-opt, --name options
FeatureIDEA-172226Support docker stages synthax
FeatureIDEA-175829Add working_dir: autocompletion with directories
FeatureIDEA-172716Docker. Add "Build" action into ">>" for Dockerfiles
FeatureIDEA-142322Add possibility to close attached console
FeatureIDEA-171373Docker Compose: provide completion and navigation for "env_file" values.
FeatureIDEA-171359Docker run-config: allow to create without configured connection
FeatureIDEA-170253Docker: Validate the number of arguments for instructions in the Dockerfile
FeatureIDEA-159935Support Multiple Compose files
FeatureIDEA-153202Docker plugin - select visible containers/images
FeatureIDEA-170237Docker: Show inspection errors for invalid LABEL instructions
FeatureIDEA-158379Docker: default value for docker registry
FeatureIDEA-171362Docker: Provide possibility to choose services to run for Docker Compose
FeatureIDEA-185384Docker. Support --cpus command line option
FeatureIDEA-152660Docker Log console does not support ANSI color codes
FeatureIDEA-175667Docker Compose: make it possible to run docker-compose files from context menu
FeatureIDEA-170244Docker: provide completion and navigation for ADD instruction values
FeatureIDEA-154517Docker: support alternate names for compose yml
FeatureIDEA-178533compose YAML: show enum violations in docker compose inspections
FeatureIDEA-170246Docker: Support HEALTHCHECK and SHELL instructions in the Dockerfile
FeatureIDEA-175825Add networks option autocompletion
FeatureIDEA-174375Support passing --build-arg's to docker build from run configuration
BugIDEA-157736Deploying docker container fails because HostConfig was removed in docker v1.12
BugIDEA-177653Invalid syntax error on empty ENTRYPOINT arguments in Dockerfile editor
BugIDEA-179219Missing container name in the deployment log
BugIDEA-162764Docker: wrong item is selected when trying to configure server
BugIDEA-175410Docker: Display volumes on "Volume Bindings" without duplicating
BugIDEA-175412DockerCompose: IllegalArgumentException at clicking on the yml option names, which has additional spaces before it
BugIDEA-177106Docker - Client is newer than server (client API version 1.25, server API version 1.24)
BugIDEA-175065Docker: changing port bindings for the running container leads to the container deleting
BugIDEA-178929Docker: "Dockerfile detection" events appear many times and have wrong content
BugIDEA-155691Docker: attach fails for remote Docker with insecured HTTP access
BugIDEA-179926Docker: resolve, find usages and inplace-rename doesn't work for docker stages synthax in the Dockerfile editor
BugIDEA-175794Docker: Display error msg on-place in case of ADD [""] and COPY [""]
BugIDEA-175822Wrong autocompletion for extra_hosts
BugIDEA-173326Docker: False positive inspection error in case of HEALTHCHECK NONE form
BugIDEA-171581Certificates folder does not exist at ~/.docker
BugIDEA-178899Docker: Default docker run configuration: no dialog is opened at attempt to call docker connection settings
BugIDEA-155353Docker. Idea hangs after opening some amount of container tabs.
BugIDEA-173557Docker: rename of Docker connection configuration doesn't work from the DockerView
BugIDEA-187014DockerCompose: Two nodes instead of one when folder name contains punctuation
BugIDEA-187035DockerCompose: RunConfig: "Environment variables" field. Cut spaces at the beginning/end when saving
BugIDEA-175675Docker. The connection to docker-machine hangs in case of pointing tcp instead of https in API Url
BugIDEA-175715Docker: display "Dockerfile detection" events only project-dependent
BugIDEA-161488Docker terminal should be available in dumb mode
BugIDEA-160664Docker plugin doesn't work due to changes in build scripts
BugIDEA-187158DockerCompose: RunConfig. Different path separators: "/" and "\" in the "Compose Configuration Files" dialog
BugIDEA-179316DockerView: "docker" connection item: the text should not be unselected after a second
BugIDEA-174134Docker plugin fails on every deploy after upgrading Docker for Mac to 17.06.0-rc
BugIDEA-180039Compose YAML: improve editor support for "depends_on" tag
BugIDEA-175307Docker: DockerClientException `Failed to parse dockerCfgFile` on pulling of any image
BugIDEA-179600Docker: java.lang.AssertionError and grey DockerView at reopenning the project with the docker run configuration
BugIDEA-158218Docker: Undeploy action always greyed out
BugIDEA-187326Invalid target key inspection in docker-compose.yml
BugIDEA-187496DockerCompose: False inspection error for the value: ulimits
BugIDEA-178756compose YAML: support types with different scalar / sequence / dictionary representation
BugIDEA-155150Dockerfile editor misidentifies $(...) as syntax error
BugIDEA-175930Cannot Use Docker Plugin in Offline Environment
BugIDEA-178079Dockerfile: Red code for correct `FROM` name chain with dots and minuses
BugIDEA-186939DockerCompose: No values are taken from .env file
BugIDEA-186934DockerCompose: Deployed ok, but the content of the docker-compose node is empty
BugIDEA-155508Docker. Error is displayed for the correct Dockerfile in the Editor.
BugIDEA-155582Docker. Error is displayed for "!" in the correct Dockerfile in the Editor.
BugIDEA-176990Dockerfile ADD command doesn't support dashes in file names
BugIDEA-168191|| missing as operator for Dockerfile RUN command
BugIDEA-174213Security option seems to be ignored from JSON and no other way to configure it
BugIDEA-177963Docker: "Server" field should not be empty in the DockerDeployment run configuration dialog after deleting docker connections.
BugIDEA-175204Dockerfile: show RUN gutter icon for the first build stage only
BugIDEA-178209Docker: Validating of the auto-detected connection never ends when native Docker on mac is off
BugIDEA-175788Docker: LABEL, ENV, ARG: Display an inspection error in case of wrong spaces presence before/after values
BugIDEA-159223Support direct connection via unix:// on Mac OS X
BugIDEA-186952DockerCompose. RunConfig. Choose Configuration File dialog: disable "Ok" until we choose or auto-detect any file
BugIDEA-172233Dockerfile: treat variables declared in ARG instructions
BugIDEA-176049Docker Tab: Freezes happen when there are a lot of containers/images
BugIDEA-175760Docker: Remove the gutter from the Dockerfile editor in case of docker connection absence
BugIDEA-151199Docker: (on win / mac): Compute the local volume bindings considering virtual box path mapping
BugIDEA-176802Docker Integration not working after switching to Windows containers
BugIDEA-177076DockerCompose: cap_add, cap_drop: Support "ALL" value for autocompletion
BugIDEA-178594Docker: Run configuration, choose path dialog. The wrong item in the tree is selected if the dialog is reopened.
BugIDEA-176021Different names for shared folders option
BugIDEA-174913Docker Settings: F1 navigates to "Clouds", should navigate to "Docker" help page
BugIDEA-158702Use default path for docker-compose executable
BugIDEA-174134Docker plugin fails on every deploy after upgrading Docker for Mac to 17.06.0-rc
BugIDEA-170242Docker: Show inspection errors for invalid ARG instructions
BugIDEA-161514Docker Deployment run configuration hangs
BugIDEA-163279Support logging of transport level interaction with docker daemon
BugIDEA-155539Docker. Run configuration. Image tag. It is impossible to create an image with a tag containing any upper-case letter.
BugIDEA-186890DockerCompose: correct the path to the chosen compose file: display all the "/" in the same way
BugIDEA-152971Docker: dedicate view is not created on first server registration until project is reopened
BugIDEA-171286Docker: DockerView: Delete Attach(Websocket) item from the context menu
BugIDEA-173563Docker: ADD instruction: Provide an inspection error in case of multiple source files and "/" absence at the end
BugIDEA-173387Unable to install or update to docker plugin 2.5.5
BugIDEA-175355Docker: [windows] docker-compose deployment fails without COMPOSE_CONVERT_WINDOWS_PATHS
BugIDEA-179724Docker: Resolve and find usages don't work for ENV in the Dockerfile editor
UsabilityIDEA-177951Docker: Dockerfile detection balloon should handle the case when too many files detected
UsabilityIDEA-155356Docker. Order containers and Images in the Docker View.
UsabilityIDEA-187016DockerCompose: Provide navigation by F4 and double-click from any compose node to the corresponding configuration file
UsabilityIDEA-171355Docker: Make Docker items in Settings more convenient to access
UsabilityIDEA-175303Docker: move filter buttons down on the toolbar
UsabilityIDEA-171124Docker: Connect. Error message should be visible completely on the right part of the view
UsabilityIDEA-155835Docker. Provide possibility for deleting images/containers using keyboard.
UsabilityIDEA-174210Docker documentation link broken
UsabilityIDEA-171004Docker: Allow to select and copy errors in the Docker view by invalid connection to the docker
UsabilityIDEA-159595Move Pull Image from top docker node to Images
UsabilityIDEA-174997Docker: make different button images for filters on the DockerView toolbar
UsabilityIDEA-187040DockerCompose: RunConfig. "Choose configuration file or folder" dialog: provide multi-selection.
UsabilityIDEA-179734Build args field looks like disabled
UsabilityIDEA-187025DockerCompose: Change the icon for the root docker-compose nodes
UsabilityIDEA-174112Docker: Docker Machine/Compose Executable: open File Explorer with the selected executable file if it was auto-detected
UsabilityIDEA-175666Docker: make it possible to run a Dockerfile with one click in case of absence of docker connections
UsabilityIDEA-174209Support custom dockerfile names
UsabilityIDEA-171357Docker: Provide possibility to register a new Docker ‘account’ from DockerView
CosmeticsIDEA-178904Docker: disable "Filter" button on toolbar for not connected Docker
CosmeticsIDEA-169257Docker: Find Usages called from Dockerfile. Correct the title and review buttons.
CosmeticsIDEA-177961Docker: Connection "Docker" dialog, called from DockerRunConfiguration: add grey border at the left side
CosmeticsIDEA-177992Docker: Auto-detection. Change the "Auto.." item name to smth starting with "Docker" and the saved server name to "Docker"
TaskIDEA-177320Switch Docker plugin from gradle- to platform- build
TaskIDEA-174526Docker: migrate to docker-java v3.0.10
TaskIDEA-175871Docker plugin: bundle all the libraries to avoid runtime downloads
ExceptionIDEA-178014Docker: IncorrectOperationException at deleting Docker server and run configurations
ExceptionIDEA-173553AssertionError on COPY --from
ExceptionIDEA-158428Throwable: Dockerfile detection is already registered
DocumentationBugIDEA-141620Duplicating entries in the Expression Type popup
BugIDEA-159919Reversed Help topics in Tools | Database
BugIDEA-152590Quick doc font size is not remembered between IDE restarts
BugIDEA-177945Jigsaw module annotation not shown in quickdoc
UsabilityIDEA-167076Full annotation names in javadoc are unreadable
UsabilityIDEA-125826External JavaDoc should automatically correct/detect API path
UsabilityIDEA-158071Documentation of com.intellij.psi.tree.* API classes
Editor. Code CompletionFeatureIDEA-173927Support keywords autocompletion when keyboard layout is incorrect
FeatureIDEA-158094Auto-completion popup could display values when autocompleting constants
FeatureIDEA-164119module-info.java - when typing "requires pub" 'public' should be suggested
FeatureIDEA-171779Make default size of code completion popup configurable
FeatureIDEA-157088The autocomplete to offer not only the implementation of the interface, but the interface itself
BugIDEA-156608Strange code complete behavior
BugIDEA-138620JSP Scratch file postfix completion does not work
BugIDEA-155920Smart completion inserts dot instead of $ for inner classes in implementation in plugin.xml
BugIDEA-157276Code completion should disprefer primitive names in method calls
BugIDEA-180584Parameter name hints in completion: don't show empty tooltip for extra (invalid) parameter
BugIDEA-138153Determine whether to show autopopup completion in a non-blocking way
BugIDEA-174819Following annotation is removed on autocomplete
BugIDEA-185364In the context of a specific inheritance tree, code completion fails to cast expression before a method call in a post-cast scope
BugIDEA-178141Case sensitive completion: First Letter - doesn't work correctly if class starts with special symbol
BugIDEA-152395Wrong bracer wrapping in lambda expression
BugIDEA-165880Out of date psi in completion API
PerformanceIDEA-186114Code completion is extremely slow
UsabilityIDEA-165932Suggested item changes when common prefix is extended.
UsabilityIDEA-144321LookupElementProximityWeigher should work for all lookup items that have PSI
UsabilityIDEA-178522Please repeat "Complete function with parameters" setting in editor
UsabilityIDEA-159953Esc for completion popup also removes the usages highlighting
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-127539Support for ligatures in editor
FeatureIDEA-128613collapsed code sections not highlighted for search terms
FeatureIDEA-158886Live Template unable to use variable + constant as default
FeatureIDEA-152160Add options to "Save as" for scratch files
FeatureIDEA-177411Show external annotations in the code
FeatureIDEA-163986Code complete second default array argument in annotation
FeatureIDEA-145517extend selection improvement
FeatureIDEA-174814Do not show parameter hints for sequentially numbered parameters
FeatureIDEA-168014Better code folding in Spectrum tests (all lambdas should be foldable)
FeatureIDEA-29781With "Smart home" enabled, pressing Home inside Javadoc comment should jump to first non-whitespace character after leading asterisk (*)
FeatureIDEA-178801Multi-line pasting in line comments
FeatureIDEA-176965Enabling Paste Simple from "Paste from History"
FeatureIDEA-165437Extend selection: ability to select anonymous class body without class reference
BugIDEA-173171Typing `,` in an empty file causes IndexOutOfBoundsException
BugIDEA-165577Sibling multi-cursors are merged into one
BugIDEA-175888Multiple @since Javadoc tags are replaced with one on reformat
BugIDEA-158635Toggling Ligatures does not update font preview
BugIDEA-178462Don't strike through parameter info in tooltip for @Deprecated method
BugIDEA-157196Regression: mouse wheel scroll doesn't work while highlighting editor text
BugIDEA-171695Intention bulb blocks cursor placement
BugIDEA-184675Structure view: incorrect, unexpected Expand behavior
BugIDEA-176980Cannot open javascript files
BugIDEA-161827Underlined parameters became underscored
BugIDEA-177979Impossible to enter zero width non-joiner character on Windows 10
BugIDEA-166967Extend selection doesn't surround comment words with apostrophes correctly
BugIDEA-159777ObjectNotDisposedException on project close with opened evaluate window
BugIDEA-172912Garbled characters in quick documentation
BugIDEA-176213Indents are moved to the right side of text in RTL languages
BugIDEA-168209Quick doc window is not closed from the first attempt
BugIDEA-161409Folded imports region opens when imports are added
BugIDEA-167937Documentation window gets focus on second Smart Type completion
BugIDEA-177182using spring in dao layer auto input a pair of braces
BugIDEA-108914I can't show the Korean, only □□□□□
BugIDEA-175800"Undo" restores caret position in wrong editor
BugIDEA-165306Multiple caret Copy and Paste gives inconsistent results
BugIDEA-173963Wrong order for parameter hints
BugIDEA-171915Clipboard synchronization hangs on Wayland
BugIDEA-154763Ligature for "[]" doesn't work in C/C++ for arrays with FiraCode
BugIDEA-170735CTRL+MouseOver popup over inner class does not show outer class
BugIDEA-159638scratch buffers generate errors in undo
BugIDEA-156530Trailing whitespace being stripped only from the file which editor tab is active
BugIDEA-96781Quick Documentation: after closing pinned Documentation window it doesn't open when the caret is in documentation comments
BugIDEA-159282When commenting with line comment Hebrew text is placed on the left side of the comment
BugIDEA-168452Backspace does not change cursor position
BugIDEA-166498Incorrect border effect in editor with new hidpi
BugIDEA-157130New File action (invoked in Scratches Project View) creates a file with ScratchFileType but does not create a mapping in the ScratchFileService
BugIDEA-167446Unicode ℕ, UTF-8, Annotation Processor, Compiler source encoding on Windows
BugIDEA-152063IntelliJ fails to use encoding from project settings for files containing breakpoints when project is opened
BugIDEA-177741Annotation folding does not fold parameter annotations
BugIDEA-160423Caret#selectLineAtCaret(and others) operate on a different caret instance
BugIDEA-159655Wrong var definition in iterate list template
BugIDEA-161105Breakpoints move unexpectedly on editing
BugIDEA-106950Incremental selection doesn't work in android logcat
BugIDEA-171509Extend Selection (Ctrl+W) does not stop at "case"
BugIDEA-177226Join line (Ctrl+Shift+J) between two block comments works bad
BugIDEA-150505Underlines characters invisibles
BugIDEA-154312IDE becomes unresponsive on file save/sync.
BugIDEA-174728Editor position widget in status bar changes on window activation/deactivation
BugIDEA-165853Unable to save settings: Failed to save settings. Please restart IntelliJ IDEA
BugIDEA-173263"Auto-Indent Lines" does not move to the next line when caret is inside a string with injected language
BugIDEA-92182Removal of trailing whitespace on file save should treat Groovy multiline strings and property files correctly
BugIDEA-178503Parameter hint blocks cursor
BugIDEA-167611Default printer font size is big on HiDPI display
BugIDEA-167082IDE hangs every 5-30 minutes while editing the code
BugIDEA-187135Pasting multiple lines of Javadoc is broken
BugIDEA-162062Move Statement: Scope of shifted block changes
BugIDEA-167110Can't uncomment line in .properties file
BugIDEA-167630Backspace > Unindent to nearest indent position option doesn't work as expected beyond the line end
BugIDEA-98074Line spacing makes cursor oversized
BugIDEA-160142Uncommenting block comments using keyboard shortcut in IntelliJ is broken. Affects code written in Java.
BugIDEA-177458Cannot fold nested markdown list
BugIDEA-160978'Quick Documentation' doesn't work in modal dialogs
BugIDEA-169912Commit message editor: weird line breaks
BugIDEA-161999'import static' method names aren't always shown in italics
BugIDEA-162004Rich copy produces wrong foreground color at the start of copied fragment
BugIDEA-144876Dragging breakpoint produces text selection
BugIDEA-185286PopupFactoryImpl.guessBestPopupLocation(Editor) returns a wrong coordinate.
BugIDEA-161056In column mode, after pressing Shift-PageDown to efficiently extend the column to the bottom of the page, Shift-UpArrow stops working.
BugIDEA-166581Incorrect font rendering in vcs change preview (new hidpi)
BugIDEA-161586Intermittent Intellij hangs with 2016.2.4 on Linux
BugIDEA-159281In .rb files when commenting with line comment Hebrew text is inverted
BugIDEA-166059Corrupted zero latency typing with the new hidpi
BugIDEA-175878Multicursor first cursor incorrect indent on tab press in injected fragment
BugIDEA-177564Status bar of Console window does not update the "Column" field
BugIDEA-168069Join Lines throws array index out of bonds on an empty file
BugIDEA-158038Multi-caret typing of a text where some characters are inserted automatically results to different content of the first and other lines
BugIDEA-161968Multiselection cursor location is unexpected
BugIDEA-155683Incorrect indentation after else
BugIDEA-173473Class type argument brackets are still inserted despite that being disabled
BugIDEA-175202Permanent header component + virtual space enabled = first line is hidden by the header
BugIDEA-174558Pasting while a sticky selection is active does not delete selected text
BugIDEA-161293Console Font preview - gutter is not updated on font size change
BugIDEA-174371"Expand selection" in a comment expands to the "inversed brace pair" ")("
BugIDEA-187042arg postfix template incorrectly replaces whole line
BugIDEA-172241Uncomment of multiple blocks in properties file does removes too many characters
BugIDEA-158439Newline in FoldingBuilder.getPlaceholderText is displayed differently cross-platform
BugIDEA-161410Quick Documentation: double opening angle brackets are printed as single brackets
BugIDEA-166208Selection expansion skips a step: method without comment
BugIDEA-165337Copy-paste from IDEA to TextEdit and back loses line breaks
BugIDEA-157592Move text through drag'n'drop on line numbers doesn't work. It copies the text instead
BugIDEA-178621Join Lines does not add whitespace at the end of lines if they are indented
BugIDEA-172026No cursor when switching to another window.
BugIDEA-176637UTF-8 symbols (korean and japanese) incorrect appears in the debugger
BugIDEA-176633Paste indents first line unexpectedly when virtual space is enabled
BugIDEA-43257When several JDKs are used in project modules, "Overridden in subclasses" list includes classes from every JDK
BugIDEA-170583"Reformat Code" leads to weird scrolling in the editor window
BugIDEA-146566Live Templates seem to be ignoring in-line @ symbols
BugIDEA-178809Issue highlighting line on last row in document
BugIDEA-172984IDE: Copy part of string literal with escape sequences convert this sequences to special characters
BugIDEA-176409Wrong line separators Assertion error in intellij.openapi.progress.Task
BugIDEA-143918Scratch files: on Undo scratch file deleting it is recreated with language == text
BugIDEA-159399Selection gets broken for multi clicking Alt+Shift+Middle Mouse Button
BugIDEA-155936Incorrect width of cyrillic letters in editor.
BugIDEA-175514Last edit position contains files that I did not edit
BugIDEA-159929# in custom File templates in WebStorm are marked as errors
BugIDEA-140614Find action search field doesn't respect editor's keymap for 'paste' and 'cut up to line end' actions
BugIDEA-171798Bytecode nullability inference does not work when parameter is captured in lambda
BugIDEA-158559Drag in annotations area starts selection
BugIDEA-162245Auto-import is aggressively importing non-existing symbols
BugIDEA-166403Backspace does not remove indents and new lines in scratch files
BugIDEA-170997Multi-caret: A character is deleted despite empty selection
BugIDEA-160904Semantic highlighting setting isn't saved between restarts
BugIDEA-116706Unselect word at caret doesn't work reversing through lambdarized anonymous class
BugIDEA-173190"Show Breadcrumbs" item in breadcrumbs bar context menu does nothing
BugIDEA-186444Pasting a whole line doesn't work properly in Javadoc comments
BugIDEA-167667Unexpected substitution during block selection paste in java
PerformanceIDEA-154272Editor opening should do heavy operations in background
PerformanceIDEA-175737Lag while typing
PerformanceIDEA-164157Editor lags on typing 'Tab'
PerformanceIDEA-157963Editor search leak when closing the editor
PerformanceIDEA-175031Can't Change Editor Font
PerformanceIDEA-166747Freeze after calling duplicate action repeatedly
PerformanceIDEA-135620Multiple selections are extremely slow in edge cases
PerformanceIDEA-157087Issue with Xml with Ligature
PerformanceIDEA-156978LineSet should handle typing in large lines more efficiently
PerformanceIDEA-174137UI freezes when restoring large number of fold regions
PerformanceIDEA-185183Performance degradation in tests on 181 branch
UsabilityIDEA-97406If user choose bigger edtior font, text effects (underlining, underwaving, strikeout) are still 1 pixel wide
UsabilityIDEA-157369Order of actions for escape key in editor should be LIFO
UsabilityIDEA-156510Action "Toggle case" doesn't change capitalization of characters preceded by escaped backslash
UsabilityIDEA-121829Disallow editing of framework/third-party files
UsabilityIDEA-177323Undoing in selection: the cursor is not navigated to the instance being reverted
UsabilityIDEA-159092Middle mouse double click does selection in editor
UsabilityIDEA-167931"Quick Evaluate Expression" with default mouse shortcut adds multiple carets on Linux
UsabilityIDEA-127845Select logical line rather than visual line if an action which requres selection is invoked
UsabilityIDEA-156760'Non-project files protection' dialog is had to use with a keyboard
UsabilityIDEA-167425Complete current statement after annotation breaks formatting
UsabilityIDEA-162128Strange cursor position after press 'End' when edit javadoc
UsabilityIDEA-167366When you enter Ctrl-Ctrl Down arrow to enter column mode, then while holding ctrl do shift right arrow, does not move to next word boundary
UsabilityIDEA-185789Creating a scratch from the VCS local changes diff preview asks you for language
UsabilityIDEA-126952Scratches should have an extension
UsabilityIDEA-172119Quick doc is unavailable in dumb mode
UsabilityIDEA-111169Selecting lines using tap-drag (not click) on macbook forgets last line of selection.
UsabilityIDEA-173454When a method with vararg parameters is completed with enabled parameters hints in completion comma is always added
UsabilityIDEA-159851External documentation doesn't jump to method, only top of the file on OS X
UsabilityIDEA-174833Surround live templates like B or P should not be expanded when typing
UsabilityIDEA-186314Inconsistent behavior of Home button
UsabilityIDEA-161418Missing example of "Inline parameters hint" in Settings | Colors & Fonts | Java | Parameters
UsabilityIDEA-171904Parameter hints exclude dialog should remember the selected language
UsabilityIDEA-161930Editing method invocations with parameter hints creates too much distraction
UsabilityIDEA-167473'Quick Documentation' doesn't work on a method call if there are several applicable overloads
UsabilityIDEA-156759Add an option to 'Non-project files' protection dialog to edit files in a folder
UsabilityIDEA-156758Disable non project files writing protection, when file is opened explicitly
UsabilityIDEA-158519Property files containing RTL strings and tokens (Arabic and Hebrew) are not rendered correctly
UsabilityIDEA-152763Javadoc attached to library made by Doclava doesn't show due to attribute difference
UsabilityIDEA-147495New Java scratch should have a class declaration and a caret inside main method
UsabilityIDEA-94381Turning off the lightbulb
UsabilityIDEA-115413UI hang on Regex evaluation
UsabilityIDEA-173273Renaming a parameter with a hint looks weird
UsabilityIDEA-165864Custom code folding not working
UsabilityIDEA-177449Error popup hint obstructs the view
UsabilityIDEA-158599Semicolon not inserted in string literals and comments
CosmeticsIDEA-161026Quickdoc badly shows initialization of array
CosmeticsIDEA-186054Text cursor is reset to position (1,1) when code editor tab is dragged from primary window to new 2nd window
CosmeticsIDEA-170592Choose Content to Paste Dialog (Ctrl+Shift+V) only highlights the first match per line
CosmeticsIDEA-67480 Font baseline is shifted for Consolas font
CosmeticsIDEA-148843A letter may appear on both sides of the caret
CosmeticsIDEA-178723Non expandable foldings are always selected
CosmeticsIDEA-173501Parameter hints glue together after comma deletion
ExceptionIDEA-187187Save settings failed: "Cannot get ScratchFileService component state"
ExceptionIDEA-160596Transaction assertion from daemon createPasses
ExceptionIDEA-159106TraceableDisposable$DisposalException at at com.intellij.openapi.util.TraceableDisposable.throwDisposalError()
ExceptionIDEA-159934java.awt.HeadlessException is thrown while building searchable options in headless mode
ExceptionIDEA-160466Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.SoftWrapModelImpl.getRegisteredSoftWraps
ExceptionIDEA-172324IndexOutOfBoundsException in SegmentArrayWithData
ExceptionIDEA-185738NPE at com.intellij.codeInsight.documentation.DocumentationComponent.registerSizeTracker
Editor. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-176500Color for severities are not updated via dropdown
BugIDEA-135598Strange error when concatenating color value to JavaFX style property
BugIDEA-161890Kotlin unused symbol highlighting is not updated after adding/removing single usage in another file
BugIDEA-171922False positive type inference compilation error shown when compiling complex generics / lambdas
BugIDEA-167105Windows Turkish false Typo problem
PerformanceIDEA-161355InjectionCache.getAnnoIndex should be faster
UsabilityIDEA-160408Quote not recognized as an end to String
CosmeticsIDEA-160240Parameter name hints: red underline looks bad with hints
Editor. Intention ActionsFeatureIDEA-132662Implement interface methods is not working in inherited interface
FeatureIDEA-151335Generate -> Constructor action may consider this() call as possible variant of constructor
BugIDEA-148667GenerateOverloadedMethodWithDefaultParameterValues intention should respect the CopyJavadoc option
BugIDEA-164460JDK9 Multi-release JAR problem, one type shown many times
BugIDEA-166358Intention "Explicit type argument can be replaced" ignores target level
BugIDEA-162289Replace unicode escape with character intention doesn't work for surrogate pairs
PerformanceIDEA-149623IDE freezes while trying to execute "Create method" quick fix with large amount of possible arguments
UsabilityIDEA-165956'Add Javadoc' action is missing when caret is at the end of identifier
UsabilityIDEA-157516"Replace Switch with If" for String-based switch should generate "if constant.equals(variable)" code
CosmeticsIDEA-151324Not all actions in Generate menu have description in Status Bar
External ToolsBugIDEA-164380External tool is not invoked after Git commit
File SystemBugIDEA-160580When symlink target changes to another with different content but the same length, content is not reloaded
BugIDEA-176819FreeBSD-12, post ino64 update: no projects, config is not saved
BugIDEA-178871com.intellij.openapi.vfs.VfsUtilCore#copyFile partially ignores requestor parameter
BugIDEA-166196Modules cannot be loaded error when loading a project containing iml reference outside of project dir.
BugIDEA-161568UI Freezes after maven build ends
BugIDEA-56577Report situation when user.home is pointing to an UNC path
BugIDEA-159022Gradle project doesn't see the updated jar file after sibling Maven module artifact rebuilt
BugIDEA-162327Recognize NTFS junctions
BugIDEA-157840Save Document action doesn't work during indexing
BugIDEA-166870The IDE cannot access filesystem on AArch64
BugIDEA-166879IDE cannot handle 2GB+ jars
BugIDEA-156453neverending RECDIRTY overload under windows
BugIDEA-177424Corrupting file encoding upon change
PerformanceIDEA-165859Pycharm freezes when open a folder with recursive symbolic link
UsabilityIDEA-174012Copying from 'C:\Users\User\.m2\repository\*' to 'C:\Users\User\.IdeaIC2017.1\system\jars\*'
ExceptionIDEA-156660at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.impl.local.NativeFileWatcherImpl$MyProcessHandler.notifyTextAvailable
ExceptionIDEA-173796openapi.util.io.FileSystemUtil - java.lang.ClassCastException in idea.log
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-171606Show VCS change marks in the search results preview editor gutter
FeatureIDEA-150915Find in Path Dialog: Preview tab does allow F4 to jump to source when focus in code preview pane (lower half)
FeatureIDEA-59638Actions to navigate to prev/next occurrence of identifier under caret
FeatureIDEA-156611Find/Replace toolbar: Escape now clears the replace lineedit which also clears the lineedit history entry
FeatureIDEA-166464Be able to merge usage from the same line in the "find in path" preview pane dialog
FeatureIDEA-157910Find in path should be able to search in several threads
BugIDEA-125953Replace is getting stuck
BugIDEA-158241Find Usages fails to find usages
BugIDEA-165761Find usages fails to find some occurrences for overloaded methods
BugIDEA-167546Find/Replace nonfunctional when newlines are embedded in the Find textbox
BugIDEA-161826Find and Replace keeps previous data in Replace field but it looks cleared
BugIDEA-159829when editing in find result previews the cursor jumps some number of characters after insertion
BugIDEA-170963Mnemonics shortcuts in new Find in path dialog is a mess
BugIDEA-14042910s hang on changing groupping in show usages
BugIDEA-113756package usage in import resolves to the class with the same name
BugIDEA-167197IntelliJ freezes when trying to invoke 'Find in path' on selection
BugIDEA-120891PhpStorm stuck after trying to cancel find in path
BugIDEA-78647Find usages classifies anonymous inline classes in project libraries as 'unclassified usage'
BugIDEA-174102Find Refactoring Preview is not shown first time
BugIDEA-176371Find in Path file mask does not have a listbox
BugIDEA-160192Seach and replace inconsistency started from Seach dialog
BugIDEA-177766Find In Path: regex search finds irrelevant matches if "In commets" selected in filter
BugIDEA-185627Regression: 'Search/Replace in Path' popup doesn't find usages under .idea directory even if explicitly invoked on that directory
BugIDEA-159341Replace in file: Regex for start of line matches twice on empty lines
BugIDEA-156921Find In Path toolwindow - focus is stolen by "Preview Occurrences" editor
BugIDEA-104681Regex Find always case-sensitive with non-english characters
BugIDEA-175302FindInPath: all usages in the same line are not highlighted in the preview
BugIDEA-187131Find popup shows incomplete usages and doesn't indicate they're incomplete
BugIDEA-150931Find in Path dialog: Preview tab doesn't show file path anywhere.
BugIDEA-172370Find in path "Searching..." when nothing found
BugIDEA-173181Cannot find method parameter usage in lambda
BugIDEA-165473Find Usages results tool window scrolls erratically when removing result items and Group by usage type option enabled in view
BugIDEA-160975Find Usages does not search in library sources when there are several JDKs in the project
BugIDEA-161214Find in Path: Preview editor does not abide by option "Allow placement of caret after end of line"
BugIDEA-167096'Too Many Occurrences' window appears too early
BugIDEA-166240Unordered line numbers in the "Find" panel
BugIDEA-168276"Find in path" doesn't change the directory to the selected one
BugIDEA-157575Unexpected Cursor Behavior in Search
BugIDEA-185706Search and replace in files is broken.
BugIDEA-155972Find in Path: preview shows wrong position
BugIDEA-170103FInd in Path dialog won't close (2017.1 version, Ubuntu 16.04)
BugIDEA-157351Replace in Path: When next file is opening, code editor is blank (hangs) with "Loading" spinner
BugIDEA-155492Find Input field should trim whitespace when pasting from clipboard.
BugIDEA-156850find preview ignores app settings ("soft wraps": off, "indent guides": on)
BugIDEA-160785Selection in a find/replace field is broken
BugIDEA-169849Can't undo in Find in Path
BugIDEA-112749Find field unicode support
BugIDEA-160080Find query lost when switching between "find in path" and "replace in path" dialogs
BugIDEA-120868Usage search "No Results" popup too small
BugIDEA-167436Rerun 'Find Usages' empties first tab
BugIDEA-170038Find in Path dialog does not close automatically when clicking the code area
BugIDEA-146150Page up/down in preview mode of find in path
BugIDEA-150928The regex search dosent work sometimes.
BugIDEA-123295Replace In Path stats are incorrect after replacement
BugIDEA-167872Find results from different files are merged
PerformanceIDEA-158028PropertyReferenceBase#isReferenceTo could check that "element" is a property before resolving
PerformanceIDEA-174426Find in Path long line performance
UsabilityIDEA-172283'Select All Occurrences' not available in replace mode
UsabilityIDEA-156629No replacement hint for the second and further occurrence in regex replace
UsabilityIDEA-174828UI of new find dialog is very uncomfortable
UsabilityIDEA-167955Find: `Ctrl+F` on selected word doesn't pre-select text in search field if Find bar is open
UsabilityIDEA-157440No space between line number and code when exporting found occurences to text file
UsabilityIDEA-186671Find in path: automatically include project files into search scope if *.iml is set as a file mask
UsabilityIDEA-61493Find Usages: Separate "Use soft wraps" option for the preview panel
UsabilityIDEA-175973Enter file name search popup is not closing itself after losing focus when no value available in textbox.
UsabilityIDEA-176395"Find in Path" search limit no longer context dependant
UsabilityIDEA-87037Usability: Find in Path -- NOT in Whole project
UsabilityIDEA-144928remove results from Find tool window: Alt+Del conflicts with safe delete
UsabilityIDEA-184989Navigating from the code preview area (in the find in path window) should keep the cursor position
UsabilityIDEA-73115"Show Usages" action should be more smart and detect on which usage it's invoked
UsabilityIDEA-123297Replace In Path tree collapses after replacing occurrences
CosmeticsIDEA-171972"Show usages" popup should remember state of "Group by file structure" toggle
CosmeticsIDEA-172116Module dropdown in find window is too narrow, not resizable or scrollable
ExceptionIDEA-179577NPE at com.intellij.ide.actions.SearchEverywhereAction$CalcThread.isEnabled(SearchEverywhereAction.java:195 7)
ExceptionIDEA-171668NPE at com.intellij.usages.impl.UsageViewImpl.doAppendUsage(UsageViewImpl.java:1060)
ExceptionIDEA-169930IAE at com.intellij.codeInsight.folding.impl.GenericElementSignatureProvider.getSignature
ExceptionIDEA-167571Argument for @NotNull parameter 'scope' of com/intellij/psi/search/LocalSearchScope.<init> must not be null
HTMLBugIDEA-157251Wrong autocomplete for opening tags
BugIDEA-173397Error in enumerated attributes is not updated after value change (when we use template language in attribute value)
IDE ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-183873Do not save frequently changed and not important settings on each save
FeatureIDEA-141077Allow easy live template sharing between different IDEA instances
FeatureIDEA-165592Bring back opening files from CLI in new window as option
FeatureIDEA-158388Add 'fromIDE' to all URLs that are opened from updates dialog
FeatureIDEA-171540Template Explorer like in Resharper
FeatureIDEA-140566Allow to specify anti-aliasing options in IDE more specifically
FeatureIDEA-186216overriding system proxy settings for the license server
FeatureIDEA-159520Different color for lambda parameter
BugIDEA-177126Search in Settings finds too many instances of "html"
BugIDEA-187735Comment live template macros show long description text in completion
BugIDEA-166732JetBrains IDEs do not restart if IDE is in a directory containing '.app' in it's name on Mac
BugIDEA-172847On restart Intellij keeps clearing my font settings
BugIDEA-166362Show warning notification concerning outdated boot java runtime
BugIDEA-167914CLion IDE fails to start on FreeBSD
BugIDEA-160474File Templates: 'Enable Live Templates' checkbox is cleared on restart
BugIDEA-165515'Edit Custom VM Options' action should edit file defined by IDEA_VM_OPTIONS environment variable if it's set
BugIDEA-173324Some Code Style settings are applied on Cancel
BugIDEA-171720Editorconfig plugin does not support the 'unset' value
BugIDEA-156986Keymap: "English layout support" option gets disabled after reopening Preferences
BugIDEA-174601Unable to save settings: Cannot get FacetManager component state
BugIDEA-173342Some non-URL paths in IDEA settings are stored with system-dependent separator
BugIDEA-170552Code lens and other appearance settings unable to be reset or modified, Apply settings broken
BugIDEA-166807IntelliJ does not recognize and deletes project shared file templates
BugIDEA-156742Save problem for Code Style Setting on Windows
BugIDEA-167444Deletion of css dialect or template data language left an artefact and causes an IOOBE
BugIDEA-157865Lots of 'Already disposed' from 'UpdateChecker.checkForUpdate' when IDE is closed
BugIDEA-158422Keymap: for non-QWERTY keyboard layouts Ctrl is processed as Ctrl+Alt (Windows) or Alt (Mac OS) when combined with symbols
BugIDEA-166179Font size is not preserved after updating to EAP build
BugIDEA-182780Use system properties to detect boot jdk version in SystemHealthMonitor
BugIDEA-167619I can not add another import to Java|Imports
BugIDEA-159360Custom file type: inconsistent highlighting of symbols added as keywords
BugIDEA-160935Could not initialize class com.intellij.codeInsight.template.impl.TemplateContext$ContextInterner in presence of Database Navigator plugin
BugIDEA-185422Exception when edit custom VM options from Welcome screen
BugIDEA-174644Save as Live Template does nothing if block has leading space or tab
BugIDEA-153585File Templates can't be exported/imported via Export/Import settings
BugIDEA-159323Custom file type: hex prefix configuration has no effect (no number highlighting)
BugIDEA-164639Unable to save settings because of symlinks inside config directory
BugIDEA-155871Page 'http://localhost:63342/m?jar/resources/inherit.gif' requested without authorization popups
BugIDEA-166892NullPointerException on startup
BugIDEA-168026"Project structure | Modules" is not updates when I create the new module
BugIDEA-156990Keymap: for non-QWERTY keyboard layouts semicolon is treated as colon in keyboard shortcuts
BugIDEA-157128IDE loses Live Template "Applicable in" status on restart
BugIDEA-179502Exception when saving an imported color scheme
BugIDEA-156772Some Live Templates lost their "applicable context" IntelliJ 2016.2 EAP
BugIDEA-175643Project wizard: progress on templates list lists spins infinitely
BugIDEA-149309Set "-XX:HeapDumpPath" and "-XX:ErrorFile" in IDE launchers (was: Make process run in ${idea.system.path})
BugIDEA-160459Nothing happens after 'Check for Updates...'
BugIDEA-166402incorrect warning
BugIDEA-162050Show in files does not work in Debian Linux 8
BugIDEA-153597Settings > Appearance > "Override default fonts" should display current font when unchecked
PerformanceIDEA-173601File synchronization makes the UI freeze for half a minute
UsabilityIDEA-177833Missing consistency in live template for sout and serr
UsabilityIDEA-165796remove perm gen options from OutOfMemoryDialog
UsabilityIDEA-166720Please sort lines in Settings - Editor - General - Console - "Fold console lines that contains"
UsabilityIDEA-160418Settings search: don't start search when only 1 character was typed
UsabilityIDEA-169473Work parameter "ide.no.platform.update" is visible only in the "* .vmoptions" file
UsabilityIDEA-177422Remove default shortcut for 'Rerun' action in Visual Studio keymap
CosmeticsIDEA-167417SQL Dialect Settings: change the text
CosmeticsIDEA-167421SQL Dialects Settings: the path to specific file/folder uses incorrect slashes on windows
TaskIDEA-158229Disable "VM options file path missing" warning in headless mode (offline inspections/duplicates)
ExceptionIDEA-159849NPE at com.intellij.openapi.components.impl.ComponentManagerImpl.registerComponentInstance(ComponentManager Impl.java:449) on startup
ExceptionIDEA-176040IDE throws exception: Error while loading external changes:null. Project will be reloaded
ExceptionIDEA-158917Exception on startup
IndicesFeatureIDEA-173644Show method parameter names in interfaces from metadata for reflection on method parameters
BugIDEA-156849Modal indexing
BugIDEA-161307ShutDownTracker#ensureStopperThreadsFinished deadlock
BugIDEA-169118Java incremental reparse failure
BugIDEA-185661Encoding detection requires read action
BugIDEA-176474pause index affecting multiple projects
BugIDEA-175193Deadlock with FileBasedIndexImpl.ensureUpToDateAsync() in tests
BugIDEA-158330Illegal Generic Signature in class file causes OutOfMemoryError
BugIDEA-161935Freeze on editing
BugIDEA-159135"Nested different indices processing may cause deadlock" Errormessage
BugIDEA-185857Idea hangs after copy/paste files with "Updating indexes" dialog
BugIDEA-155918Trying to save settings when everything seems to be already disposed.
BugIDEA-160928Unable to open Java file in node_modules
BugIDEA-173382EDT is blocked on start
BugIDEA-156411UI lockup on updating indices
PerformanceIDEA-167934Out of memory dialog on IntelliJ IDEA start/open project
PerformanceIDEA-158106FileContentQueue leaked after indexing and closing all projects
PerformanceIDEA-186709freezes on older project open/branch checkout
PerformanceIDEA-167372Building the stub tree for a file loads its contents twice in a row
UsabilityIDEA-170114"Indexing paused during Power Save mode" shows forever and IntelliSense issues on Power Save mode
ExceptionIDEA-179342"Outdated stub in index" exception
ExceptionIDEA-165396Don't start indexing after the project is disposed
Internal build scriptsBugIDEA-179182IntelliJ Community Builds fail with missing junit 5 artifact
BugIDEA-177205idea_ultimate.gant fails with `JavaIncompatibilityRulesOverridabilityCondition could not be instantiated`
BugIDEA-179615intellij-community at 7138f11b fails to build with ant
JavaFXFeatureIDEA-153810JavaFX: nested controllers support: rename the controller field on mapped element field rename
FeatureIDEA-100213JavaFX: support resource resolution
FeatureIDEA-152945Missed SDK suggestion for fxml
FeatureIDEA-106502New JavaFX default Template for New Action
FeatureIDEA-163046 JavaFX. Support colors in margins
FeatureIDEA-126664JavaFX: SceneBuilder: custom components are not supported
FeatureIDEA-156062Unused Declaration: Additional default entry points?
BugIDEA-154197JavaFX: for CSS selector <-> fx:id, find usages and rename don't work
BugIDEA-159866Generate->toString() drops characters in field name when the field is a JavaFX property.
BugIDEA-151695Use default member visibility configured for the project when creating event handler methods from FXML editor
BugIDEA-158967initialize() method in JavaFX controller annotated with @FXML is marked as unused
BugIDEA-165983Providing named constructor arguments to controls in fxml is marked as an error.
BugIDEA-156739Two relative CSS paths provided in an attribute are incorrectly highlighted with red
BugIDEA-156740Data model classes aren't in Scene Builder class path
BugIDEA-161529JavaFX Artifact build includes bundles folder in jar file
BugIDEA-167948double value incorrectly formatted for javafx Color chooser
BugIDEA-155445JavaFX8 "innershadow" property is missing in JavaFX CSS inspector
BugIDEA-161627fxml binding
BugIDEA-160877Manifest.MF is ignored in JavaFX Artifacts
BugIDEA-153662JavaFX: UnnecessaryDefaultTag inspection quickfix produces incorrect results in some cases
BugIDEA-160452"Invalid value: unable to coerce to Double" for variables in bundle
BugIDEA-161722JavaFX Scenebuilder is reloaded when switching tabs
BugIDEA-172229Create method from fxml doesn't work
BugIDEA-154116JavaFX: private action handler methods from controller's superclass is not renamed correctly on fxml attribute value rename
BugIDEA-112153JavaFX - FXML cannot resolve symbol null
BugIDEA-165413JavaFX - Highlighting usages shows incorrect results for fields in JavaFX controller classes
BugIDEA-151633Private method which is an FXML action handler is shown as unused
PerformanceIDEA-160386plugin.xml highlighting is very slow
JavaScriptPerformanceIDEA-158107JsonSchemaFileTypeManager leaks project after closing
JavaScript. DebuggerBugIDEA-160102JavaScript Debugger: "Copy Watch"creates buggy code
BugIDEA-176914JavaScript debugger does not recognize source maps generated by Kotlin/JS
KubernetesFeatureIDEA-185224Kubernetes: Yaml. Validate Integer values
BugIDEA-187853 Kubernetes. Yml. Labels: false inspection by empty label values
BugIDEA-187343Kubernetes: improve "Change Notes" for plugin
BugIDEA-184998Kubernetes: Yml. QuickHelp. Show it for the completion list items
BugIDEA-187357Kubernetes. Yml. Labels: false inspection by empty labelValue and absent error at key/value ending with "_"
UsabilityIDEA-183805Kubernetes: update the view of the quickhelp
TaskIDEA-184797Docker, Kubernetes: Yaml: Kubernetes plugin should not depend from Docker plugin
Meta IssueIDEA-176375Support Kubernetes in IDEA
Language InjectionBugIDEA-185223Highlighting in injected code updating inconsistently
BugIDEA-87358CDATA is required in order to have FreeMarker IntelliLang support
BugIDEA-177940Show in -> Database view on table/column in injected string only focuses Database in viewer, not object itself
BugIDEA-157126Scratch files: changing dialect for the injected sql fragment in the scratch file changes the whole scratch file language
BugIDEA-180223Plain text editor for injected string recognizes backslash as error but "no errors found in this file"
BugIDEA-119612Settings / Language Injections: duplicate of bundled entry is bundled and not saved on restart
BugIDEA-176719Lone <p> tag in JSP seems to trigger language Injection in JSP
ExceptionIDEA-175598Haml language support doesn't declare/check dependencies
Local HistoryBugIDEA-172561Local history diff is not properly rendered unless dialog is resized
BugIDEA-171946local history revert a dot is inserted in first char of file
Packaging and InstallationFeatureIDEA-173201Snap packager for Linux systems
FeatureIDEA-91511Support loading license or server URL from a common location
FeatureIDEA-155466Make Default Configurations for GNU/Linux's First-Run Wizard Adjustable During Packaging
BugIDEA-161265Cannot start IDEA using ./idea.sh command from bin directory under Linux
BugIDEA-117358update conflicts - can't change proposed solution
BugIDEA-170328Command-line launcher does not work on Python 3
BugIDEA-157346/usr/local/bin/idea cannot startup after idea is force killed
BugIDEA-65623IDEA should start all pre and post tasks of included artifacts
BugIDEA-160738Update and restart fails after patch is applied with "Patch update is not supported"
BugIDEA-161183Update and Restart still fails in the latest EAP
BugIDEA-161180Installation update: "background task running" dialog; patch is not applied if restart is postponed
BugIDEA-157589Can't start idea: tools.jar not found
BugIDEA-156741Standalone version of external make fails to build project if runned with Java 9
BugIDEA-171503clion.sh sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH incorrectly
BugIDEA-155904On Linux Mint (Ubuntu), the updater does not update the version, but also throws no exceptions
BugIDEA-171524Requesting help from the menu or pressing F1 --> nonexistent web page
BugIDEA-172677MacOS: idea community: incorrect idea installer window opens on .dmg
BugIDEA-156078"Open recent project" from Windows taskbar does nothing
BugIDEA-160933IntelliJ community build broken - Could not find matching constructor for: org.jetbrains.intellij.build.IdeaCommunityBuilder
BugIDEA-173743Installer stores unsafe path to Windows registry
BugIDEA-178958Patch fails to apply for IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 under Windows
BugIDEA-159702A typo in Linux install instruction
BugIDEA-176725Incompatible jars in <MPS>/lib and stubs needed for batik-all.jar
BugIDEA-155856After update from 2016.1.1 to 2016.1.2 IntelliJ IDEA won't start anymore on mac os x
BugIDEA-137994Internal error on start
BugIDEA-157745Uninstaller deletes entier folder contents without checking the current folder location
BugIDEA-173476Consolidate VM options on macOS
BugIDEA-157339162.188.8 doesn't find JVM, won't launch
BugIDEA-120713updater.jar makes incorrect patches on Linux
BugIDEA-156503Can't update PhpStorm
BugIDEA-157601Can't start idea: no JDK found
BugIDEA-154945During uninstallation IDEA should clean up created Windows registry entries
BugIDEA-159134JARs required for osmorc plugin are missing from standalone JPS distribution
BugIDEA-158516idea.bat is using %BITS% for USER_JDK_FILE before it's initialized
BugIDEA-179657Problems with test labels in DMG on macOS High Sierra
BugIDEA-178309Patch update to 2.3 results in java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/dvcs/DvcsUtil$Update
BugIDEA-166428Unable to launch 2017.1 on Windows x64 via Start Menu shortcut -- it points to 32-bit launcher
BugIDEA-151793IDEA failed to restart after plugins activation
BugIDEA-133278Cannot choose Solution in update conflict actions dialog
BugIDEA-159529Patch update: OutOfMemoryError
BugIDEA-161223Patch is not applied (Linux, macOS)
UsabilityIDEA-161386Disable warnings in terminal
UsabilityIDEA-160700Allow users to update via patch even if restarting isn't supported
UsabilityIDEA-46819Updater should automatically download patch in background
CosmeticsIDEA-185688Groovy association item is not displayed correctly
TaskIDEA-185591Get rid of -Xbootclasspath/a: argument when running IntelliJ-based IDEs
TaskIDEA-161255Update Community edition icons
Security ProblemIDEA-153580TrendMicro considers JetBrains products as malware
ExceptionIDEA-161186Cannot update EAP (from 163.3983.4 to 163.4396.1): IOException "Restart is not supported."
ExceptionIDEA-159824Restart failed with exception
Password SafeBugIDEA-159737Clear message to user about old password db migration
BugIDEA-159614Saved database passwords from the previous versions can not be used
BugIDEA-159606Appearance&Behavior | System Settings | Passwords settings page: change the text
BugIDEA-159455Can't reset / change the master password or select not to store passwords
BugIDEA-160375Exception on attempt to connect to db with passwords converted from idea 2016.2
Platform APIFeatureIDEA-177906Extension points for HelpManager
FeatureIDEA-185693Provide an API to programmatically pause/resume indexing during heavy activities
FeatureIDEA-173600Provide public API to get changed document lines
FeatureIDEA-143060Update JFlex to the actual version
BugIDEA-157691ConversionService fails to show dialog
BugIDEA-185355VMOptions.writeOption doesn't support digits in values
BugIDEA-185644ProjectJdkTable#findMostRecentSdk does not select most recent
BugIDEA-181783AbstractUastVisitor in AbstractBaseUastLocalInspectionTool violates contract of `buildVisitor` method
BugIDEA-160143java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.intellij.util.containers.ContainerUtil.intersection(Ljava/util/Collection;Ljava/util/Collection; )Ljava/util/Collection;
BugIDEA-163307FrameworkSupportProviderBase.createConfigurable Returns Too Specific Type
BugIDEA-157491Using ParameterInfoHandler not parameterized by PsiElement results in ClassCastException
BugIDEA-164902PersistentStateComponent does not preserve order of 'Set' fields.
BugIDEA-166505DOM: support more builtin converters
BugIDEA-167601TransactionGuard problem in ProjectWizardTestCase
BugIDEA-166029Another backward-incompatible plugin SDK change in WebBrowserUrlProvider
BugIDEA-173198EAP 172.2103.15 causes some tests to deadlock (regression from 172.1909.2)
BugIDEA-166007Tolerate plugin.xml errors when actions aren't instanceof AnAction
BugIDEA-168525add possibility to listen to ant build events
PerformanceIDEA-185281Livelock while reopening a project
PerformanceIDEA-154453Every PSI change causes full reparse of all other trees in the same multiple-tree view provider
PerformanceIDEA-181206Unwarranted checks for type annotations at AnnotationUtil.isAnnotated() cause performance issues
UsabilityIDEA-159584Please add javadoc to FilteredTraverserBase and JBTreeTraverser
TaskIDEA-156609StubBasedPsiElementBase.getParent should choose itself, whether to use stubs or AST
TaskIDEA-176756Assert stub-AST consistency in all intention tests
TaskIDEA-175229PSI changes should be reflected in the corresponding document even if PSI is non-physical
TaskIDEA-103558Move icons.gant to CE source code
Plugin DevelopmentFeatureIDEA-179541When inspection class is renamed, propose to rename additionally HTML description and short name
FeatureIDEA-178996DevKit: ctrl+click navigation to file for @TestDataFile annotated method arguments
FeatureIDEA-156257Show warning when a plain branch number is specified in 'until-build' attribute in plugin.xml
FeatureIDEA-177986DevKit: Structure view for plugin.xml
FeatureIDEA-156232Show warning for explicit big build numbers in 'until-build' attribute in plugin.xml
FeatureIDEA-176396Devkit: go to extension declaration in plugin.xml from extension class
FeatureIDEA-182835Add an inspection that warns when UElements are used as PsiElements
FeatureIDEA-142062DevKit: make TestDataReferenceContributor work for Kotlin
FeatureIDEA-130897TestDataGroupEditorProvider: restore on project open
BugIDEA-160947DevKit should warn about inner classes referenced with a dot instead of a dollar
BugIDEA-141685Goto testdata broken
BugIDEA-139173DevKit: highlight unresolved icon references
BugIDEA-170276DevKit: "Component type mismatch" should allow non-inheritors
BugIDEA-179740DevKit: support '.after' suffix for testdata file pairs
BugIDEA-161489InspectionDescriptionInfo incorrectly defines shortName if inspection is registered in XML with custom shortName
BugIDEA-188374CommitChangeListDialog.commitAlienChanges shows empty changes browser (when it is not)
BugIDEA-178997Running IntelliJ from Gradle with JDK9
BugIDEA-170298Incorrect "action is not registered in plugin.xml"
BugIDEA-168449'Register extension' quick-fix shows same extension twice
BugIDEA-156048IntelliJ 2016.2 EAP builds breaks plugins's testcases
PerformanceIDEA-160387LanguageResolvingUtil#collectProjectLanguages is slow
UsabilityIDEA-187502Add module for IntelliJ IDEA Community as well as joint module for both Community and Ultimate
UsabilityIDEA-180083build.gradle generated by New Project Wizard for IntelliJ Platform Plugin contains doubtful settings
CosmeticsIDEA-179257Collapse long file paths in navigate to testdata popup
CosmeticsIDEA-179010DevKit: testdata-related UI improvements
TaskIDEA-178261Testdata group editor and testdata navigation improvements/bugfixes
TaskIDEA-129745TestDataLineMarkerProvider: cleanup/usability
Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-166676Verify that excluded files exist on disk when product is being built
BugIDEA-164464fileOpened should be executed in a write-safe context
BugIDEA-157105IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2 EAP StackOverflowError with lombok plugin
BugIDEA-164497IntelliJ 2016.3 hangs at startup with message "Scanning files to index"
TaskIDEA-171552Allow using methods with Kotlin interfaces in signatures from plugins with their own version of kotlin-runtime library
ExceptionIDEA-155455PPEIE at ExtensionComponentAdapter.getComponentInstance() on project loading
Product DocumentationBugIDEA-175234Product built-in Help does not redirect properly
BugIDEA-173964Spring configuration show help link is broken
UsabilityIDEA-180238Missing directory "config" on instruction to change location of "config" and "system" directories on file Install-Linux-tar.txt
Project ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-166061Support qualified module names as a replacement for module groups
FeatureIDEA-180193Automatically unload newly added modules
FeatureIDEA-127753Ability to exclude files from indexing in a path by their names (full paths) or by pattern
FeatureIDEA-53226artifacts: add module test compile output
FeatureIDEA-162102Allow including into module directory located under excluded folder
FeatureIDEA-161900Support Java 9 modules in creating project from existing sources
FeatureIDEA-186246Provide a convenient way to change qualified names for multiple modules at once
FeatureIDEA-27471Temporarily disabling a module
FeatureIDEA-176748Provide action to automatically convert a library into a repository library
FeatureIDEA-176860"Load/Unload Modules" modal dialog: double click to load/unload a module
FeatureIDEA-180275Check that unloaded modules compile successfully before commit
FeatureIDEA-178557Repository libraries: add option to exclude transitive dependencies
FeatureIDEA-156888Simplify JDK setup for new projects
BugIDEA-174387Load/Unload modules: Load all/Unload all buttons work incorrectly
BugIDEA-174384Unloading Modules: after all modules are unloaded it is impossible to load them back
BugIDEA-174388Load/Unload modules: Error loading module if it has been unloaded before saving(before module has been created by idea)
BugIDEA-150380Import Project does not allow importing web project if Java sources are found under node_modules
BugIDEA-167092ConcurrentModificationException while opening another project
BugIDEA-186115Module unloading using ModuleManager.setUnloadedModules has bogus guard check
BugIDEA-147530ModifiableModuleModel#newModule should always create a new module from scratch
BugIDEA-51910Artifact: when different artifacts copy same named file to the same output, only one file is processed
BugIDEA-167495Java project language level change is not consistently updated for PsiFile
BugIDEA-185531Order of lines in ModuleRenamingHistory component in .idea/modules.xml randomly changes on save
BugIDEA-179968On new module adding to the project with modules grouped by fqn the module group mode is applied
BugIDEA-159129Project Structure: Copying global library files with remote Javadoc to project fails
BugIDEA-159125intelij crashes and deletes whole project
BugIDEA-177765Repository libraries: sources of dependencies aren't downloaded
BugIDEA-177838Content of iml file for module imported from Gradle is cleared
BugIDEA-175320On enabling "Store generated project files" option in an existing project, all unnecessary files could be removed from .idea directory
BugIDEA-176891Remove duplicated URLs from repository libraries
BugIDEA-176932Project View: "Back/Forward" navigation does not update selection in leftmost tree
BugIDEA-135096unable to include source folders under an excluded directory
BugIDEA-185428IAE during loading of artifacts
BugIDEA-185763Scopes editor: 'Include Recursively' button works incorrectly for module group nodes if qualified module names are used
BugIDEA-178542loading/unloading a module confuses maven - delete not available
BugIDEA-94952Web artifact is built incorrectly after module rename
BugIDEA-174394Unloading Modules: Load/Unload actions are enabled for module group but don't work
BugIDEA-166580Change made to project library declaration is not stored
BugIDEA-161645Module: adding local JAR file uses file: instead of jar: prefix
BugIDEA-27189Artifact should have been renamed with all references if I change it's name
BugIDEA-167087Pressing cancel in Project Structure|SDKs|Sourcepath|'+' file chooser dialog results in confusing dialog box
BugIDEA-185133Changing version works incorrectly for Maven libraries if MAVEN_REPOSITORY path variable has non-canonical case of letters
BugIDEA-180295Project settings: don't show unnecessary modules grouping items for modules with version numbers in names
BugIDEA-171774Configuration of repository library isn't updated after changing its version
BugIDEA-171775Missing JARs from repository library aren't downloaded when a library configuration is changed externally
BugIDEA-171776Default settings for copyright not copied into a new project
BugIDEA-27203creating artifact break all web run configurations
BugIDEA-166461Cannot revert module language level to 1.8
BugIDEA-179583ProjectStructure: visual glitch after renaming modules and pressing Apply
BugIDEA-179580Project Structure dialog: module name is not updated on change until reopening
BugIDEA-135750Adding native library location creates "Empty Library" item in dependencies
BugIDEA-157933"More settings" option doesn't reappear if I unchecked "Create Project from Template"
BugIDEA-186197OutOfMemoryError on Clean up old output directories
PerformanceIDEA-173130Indexing never finishes if project contains a repository library referencing non-existing files
UsabilityIDEA-174389Unloading Modules: the unloaded module that is re-imported back gets unloaded after project reopening
UsabilityIDEA-174410Modules Unloading: it would be nice to pre-select the module when action is invoked on some file/folder inside module
UsabilityIDEA-177111Speed up search for Maven library when exact coordinates are specified
UsabilityIDEA-177117Importing project uses file-based project-model and it's impossible to change while importing
UsabilityIDEA-66021Creating new maven module from project view should suggest correct directory
UsabilityIDEA-175099Show project-relative paths in Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Template Data Languages
UsabilityIDEA-174404Modules Unloading: confusing navigation to unloaded module via FindUsages
ExceptionIDEA-160346NPE at com.intellij.openapi.roots.ui.configuration.JdkComboBox$JdkComboBoxItem.toString
Project ViewFeatureIDEA-176856Show nodes for unloaded modules in 'Project View' even if their directories aren't located under loaded modules
BugIDEA-174460Only single jar file deleted instead of all selected
BugIDEA-164950Project Tool Window - Ctrl+Left shortcut doesn't work
BugIDEA-152049Project view collapses in unpinned mode after some time and changes in editor
BugIDEA-167323`Copy as Plain Text` in Project Structure doesn't copy anything
BugIDEA-157379'Project Files Tree', copy references doesn't output same content with single or multiple files
BugIDEA-185935Modules with namespaced name show wrong in some scenarios
BugIDEA-158684Select In (Navigate|Select in...) doesn't navigate to library for decompiled sources anymore
BugIDEA-170381Hide empty middle packages bug
BugIDEA-171965Module group nodes with errors aren't marked in Packages View
BugIDEA-180081Project view: don't show unnecessary modules grouping items for projects
BugIDEA-160450"Select Target -> Project View" doesn't work if Project View has multiple selection in it
BugIDEA-160131Consider adding roots provided by AdditionalLibraryRootsProvider to External Libraries
PerformanceIDEA-166890Huge number of "Processes Running"
UsabilityIDEA-160381Project Tool Window sorts case insensitive: folders starting with capital letters at the top
CosmeticsIDEA-185546Project files new arrow (2018 EAP) location is inconsistent
ExceptionIDEA-160654'Write access is allowed from write-safe contexts only' switching between files and applications during project opening
RefactoringFeatureIDEA-149490Move class -> Choose Destination Directory dialog does not remember previous selection
FeatureIDEA-156511"Register New File Type Association" on file creation should be optional, not mandatory
FeatureIDEA-54664Improve refactoring feedback for long operations
BugIDEA-157197Safe delete refactoring does nothing if there are usages that are unsafe to delete
BugIDEA-156807Copy of bunch files stops on skip button
BugIDEA-166346gap rename the block variable when on the "Show parameter name hints"
BugIDEA-167011Rename refactoring: delete/backspace of the selection stops renaming
BugIDEA-178002'package-info' is not a va identifier
BugIDEA-160876Rename file action does not work from editor / buffer
BugIDEA-176840View / Expression Type just after closing pair character changes user selection
UsabilityIDEA-166117Copying a file asks for file type even if "Open copy in editor" is unchecked
UsabilityIDEA-168477Renaming scratch files shouldn't suggest to search for usages
UsabilityIDEA-158776Do not show 'Non-Project file protection' dialog when deleting/safe deleting files
UsabilityIDEA-171755duplicate folder issue
ExceptionIDEA-167482Throwable when rename vue file
RegExpFeatureIDEA-156407Support for new JDK9 regexp constructs
FeatureIDEA-175660Make 'Redundant character escape' an inspection
BugIDEA-153417named group syntax unsupported error during view foreign project source
BugIDEA-156494Unknown character category IsAlphabetic
BugIDEA-175631RegEx replace on character alternation does not work properly
BugIDEA-123952False positive inspection in the regexp for numeric character
BugIDEA-152097Error in code highlighting with regular expression
BugIDEA-138863Wrong inspection about "\\R" escape sequence
BugIDEA-175946'Empty branch in alteration' shows warning on useful empty case
BugIDEA-175945Regex: "Duplicate branch in alternation" false positive
ExceptionIDEA-161946Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertIsDispatchThread
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-162766EnvironmentVariablesTextFieldWithBrowseButton doesn't fire change event when env variables changed.
BugIDEA-171990Run/Debug configuration - Logs broken
BugIDEA-158654Debug becomes disabled for Run Configuration with dependency in 'Before run' section
BugIDEA-140099Can't remove a single external tool
BugIDEA-139688Shortcut for terminating (CMD+F2 on mac) multiple runs doesn't work
BugIDEA-147110Can not run a 'Jar Application' configuration with dynamic.classpath property set to true
BugIDEA-168849Cannot stop build with keyboard or menu
BugIDEA-177260Unable to run idea tests with jdk9 on windows
BugIDEA-176294Compound ignores Single Instance at restart
BugIDEA-172477Java 9 modules are not launched correctly
BugIDEA-158545New GWT run configurations fails to load with IntelliJ 2016.2
BugIDEA-156114Need to exclude invalid archives from classpath
BugIDEA-169025Preserve run configurations order
BugIDEA-157989"Stop" button does not work when the IDE is launched as a background task
BugIDEA-174456References to unloaded modules are removed from run configuration files on save
BugIDEA-108342'Single instance only' option not copied in Run configuration
BugIDEA-157353Having a Run Configuration with a name too long causes it to disappear
BugIDEA-158971Delete "before run task" for deleted run configuration
BugIDEA-165523Failed to start java application using jdk 9 ea build 148: LayerInstantiationException
BugIDEA-121819$MODULE_DIR$ points to directory of the *.iml file
BugIDEA-120829External tool is run even if it is unmarked
BugIDEA-173350Temporary configurations disappears from compound
BugIDEA-187519Run button not disabled for for debug only run/debug configurations
BugIDEA-166448Missing '&', '_' characters in Rerun/Stop buttons' tooltips
BugIDEA-184007Run dashboard debugger window very narrow
BugIDEA-159314Launching debug session fails complaining about '-classic' option not supported by JVM
BugIDEA-154486JSP compilation fails in 2016.1 and 15.0.5
UsabilityIDEA-165946Provide ability to view classpath of a java process started via run configuration if it is passed via classpath.jar
UsabilityIDEA-155476Run/debug silently fails when 'Run another configuration' step is broken
SQLBugIDEA-179487Improve SQL dialect handling
BugIDEA-146596Database console: code completion does not suggest package and procedure names in incomplete Oracle CALL statement
BugIDEA-156513DDL file. Errors are displayed for valid data types.
BugIDEA-158327db2 syntax: good code marked red in alter table column-alteration
BugIDEA-159347H2 sql dialect: good core marked as red
BugIDEA-158012PostgreSQL nested FULL JOIN marked as red
BugIDEA-154090Column is invalid in the select list because is it not contained in either an aggregate function or GROUP by clause
BugIDEA-156083COPY DDL incorrectly quoted CURRENT_TIMESTAMP default value
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-155715Settings Repository responds with confusing message
BugIDEA-153369Settings Repository: platform dependent toolchain path should be omitted during overwriting local settings
BugIDEA-170170Kotlin compiler cannot find its libraries after the Idea application directory is changed
BugIDEA-153381Settings Repository:NPE com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.CommonShortcuts.shortcutsById during Overwrite Local
BugIDEA-141891Custom keymaps not getting cloned/merged
BugIDEA-167284Settings repository: unstable sorting order in live template causes unnecessary commits
BugIDEA-160367Settings Repository: login dialog should get focus when appears
BugIDEA-174479'Tools | Web Browsers' settings are not saved
BugIDEA-173109Typing settings repository URL triggers path alert
BugIDEA-170795Intellij freezes completely everytime on startup
BugIDEA-138631Read-only sources of settings
BugIDEA-159397Error while uploading settings to repository
BugIDEA-144052When "Settings repository" is enabled changes in 'Path Variables' aren't saved to default path.macros.xml file causing errors in build process
BugIDEA-160565Do not accept your login and password by Atlassian for bitbucket.org
UsabilityIDEA-163756SettingsRepository: dialog prompting to enter authentication token is shown on IDEA closing unexpectedly
ExceptionIDEA-166041IllegalArgumentException when open the project
Structural Search and ReplaceFeatureIDEA-112146Make Structural search and replace work for methods/annontations
FeatureIDEA-81235Structural Search should be able to find method calls to annotated methods
BugIDEA-176381SSR doesn't match annotation's ElementValueArrayInitializer
BugIDEA-178118match expression with type that has generic parameter(s)
BugIDEA-176649Structural search doesn't work
BugIDEA-172620Structural search and replace is not properly using captured variables in replacement.
BugIDEA-171214Structural Search and Replace doesn't correctly find expression statement evaluating to specified ExpressionType
BugIDEA-157074Structural search and replace hangs on large searches
BugIDEA-172046Replacing/removing a modifier removes all other modifiers
BugIDEA-186640SSR: extremely hard to edit patterns
BugIDEA-140633Structural Search: support for scratch files
BugIDEA-168119Structural Search dialog can change it's width to be unusable (because of long Status: text)
BugIDEA-185417SSR crash
BugIDEA-35157Structural search and replace not works in jsp
TapestryBugIDEA-152132Tapestry templates: cannot cmd + click to navigate from CSS class name to its definition
ExceptionIDEA-175988Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.NoSwingUnderWriteAction.a
Task ManagementFeatureIDEA-156017Open Task dialog allow checking out of existing branches
FeatureIDEA-70996Tasks and IDE Contexts - Shelving changes
BugIDEA-174566The Totally section in "Time Spent" is broken
BugIDEA-173362PhpStorm 2017.2 EAP no longer showing tasks from PivotalTracker in open dialog
BugIDEA-177543Tools > Tasks & Contexts > Open Task... > *STUCK*
BugIDEA-130279sporadically missing actions/buttons in "Time Tracking" tool window
BugIDEA-163490Can't change issue state on pivotal tracker
BugIDEA-175378"Open Task" makes the whole IDE freeze when selecting a task too quickly
BugIDEA-136797GitHub integration ignores 'no proxy for' setting
BugIDEA-175318Task management: Pivotal Tracker not works
BugIDEA-187128Generic task server configuration cannot be saved in settings
BugIDEA-160379"Share URL" functionality of task repositories has stopped working
UsabilityIDEA-177702The dialog that comes up in response to "Create New Task" should allow the user to enter/modify the Task's name
UsabilityIDEA-185567Server types not searchable in Settings
UsabilityIDEA-146465Task management: "Update issue state" is On by default and selected state is not current
ExceptionIDEA-188672Impossbile to create any generic based repostitory in the recent EAP builds due to problems with serialization
TerminalFeatureIDEA-142926Shortcuts for scrolling in terminal.
FeatureIDEA-136672Terminal should have clickable URLs
BugIDEA-120046Built in terminal uses wrong clipboard on Ubuntu
BugIDEA-115276Local Terminal did not accept German Keyboard Layout
BugIDEA-161309Terminal view doesn't work if Fish is used as a shell
BugIDEA-169111Fish user functions not loaded
BugIDEA-162329Cannot set shell path options in Terminal settings
BugIDEA-173282Connection is lost after some time in Terminal
BugIDEA-114126terminal tab launches a login shell
BugIDEA-157927com.jediterm.terminal.ui.TerminalPanel leaks Timer Object
BugIDEA-160742Ctrl+Shift+F12 doesn't work in Terminal tool window.
BugIDEA-186950Exception on trying to evaluate java program that throws exception in terminal
BugIDEA-140061Should be possilbe to pause terminal output
BugIDEA-142555Terminal in presentation mode
BugIDEA-162282built in terminal doesn't work with zsh
BugIDEA-172594Terminal session takes long time to initialize in EAP 2017.2
UsabilityIDEA-156404From Terminal to Editor
UsabilityIDEA-156885.bashrc is not sourced in IntelliJ IDEA terminal
CosmeticsIDEA-185689Open in Terminal should be in the same group as Reveal in Finder/Show in Explorer
ExceptionIDEA-187084StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when execute Jest ui test
UMLFeatureIDEA-170524Generate Jigsaw Module Dependency Diagram
FeatureIDEA-22881Class diagram: show inferred generic dependencies
BugIDEA-90668Printing Mechanism Prints the Theme's Background Color
BugIDEA-117020Weird db UML diagram name in the recent files popup
BugIDEA-58994UML: incorrect behavior on package adding to its diagram and then deleting
BugIDEA-169278UML : Cannot add a new class to the diagram
BugIDEA-174376UML: no Undo is available for actions on saved diagrams
BugIDEA-47655UML: same diagram opened in few splitted editor tabs is shown inconsistently
BugIDEA-178414"Show diff as UML" action does not work from file history
BugIDEA-171921Class Diagram doesn't show dependencies
BugIDEA-175729ER diagram: default name suggested for the saved diagram file is incorrect
BugIDEA-79123Add "Delete element" item to diagram context menu
BugIDEA-176327'Ctrl-E' reopens Java Module diagram without independent modules
BugIDEA-86099Diagram does not refresh after I change dependencies settings
UsabilityIDEA-173328 Diagram: on selecting the graph node using Ctrl-F the found diagram element should be selected on diagram
UsabilityIDEA-166077Automatic change Darkula theme to Intellij in ERD print dialog
ExceptionIDEA-167095NPE at com.intellij.openapi.graph.GraphUtil.setBestPopupSizeForGraph
ExceptionIDEA-165355UML: UOE at JavaStubElementType.createStub() on attempt to create a member in non-Java class
ExceptionIDEA-165352UML diagram: creating member in non-Java class: ISE at DialogWrapper.ensureEventDispatchThread() and no effect
ExceptionIDEA-172728NPE at com.intellij.uml.UmlFileEditorImpl.<init>
Unit Testing. TestNGFeatureIDEA-163291Support the new data provider method signature
BugIDEA-171382setUp, tearDown not shown as finished for parallel executed TestNG parameterized tests
BugIDEA-174878TestNG runner doesn't find test when run package with inherited test class
BugIDEA-170800[TestNG] Incorrect array print in test results
BugIDEA-172974TestNG before/after methods are displayed weirdly
BugIDEA-159938Problem running TestNg tests in IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2.2
BugIDEA-176333Support multiple test frameworks in one class
BugIDEA-156780TestNG. Rerun failed test runs wrong tests when TestNG suite uses a `DataProvider`
BugIDEA-158986Cannot launch specific test in TestNG.
BugIDEA-167308Skipped test reported twice
BugIDEA-153654AssertJ SoftAssertions output is not handled correctly
BugIDEA-174740Non public test methods should not be marked as test
BugIDEA-161333[auto-test] unwanted invocation of "auto-test" run/debug configuration after run secondary indepenendent test
BugIDEA-171367Fix Java > TestNG inspection "Data provider problems"
BugIDEA-157793Import Test Results: is sometimes missing some original output
BugIDEA-167298NPE in IDEATestNGRemoteListener with a next TestNG release
UsabilityIDEA-148141Conflicting issues reported when using an abstract @DataProvider
ExceptionIDEA-160944java.lang.AssertionError: "update failed for AnAction with ID=RunClass" - when opening context menu for multiple node types in the unit test result panel
ExceptionIDEA-157764UOE at com.theoryinpractice.testng.configuration.TestNGConfiguration.getConfigurationEditor on selecting or creating TestNG Run Configuration
ExceptionIDEA-174865NullPointerException in IDEATestNGRemoteListener.getParamsString()
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-173639provide SVG images viewer
FeatureIDEA-119826Do not require confirmation each time I open an IPR file
FeatureIDEA-147774Hide folder name on editor tab
FeatureIDEA-61533Color folded block according to validation status.
FeatureIDEA-179992Could not change max number of tabs
FeatureIDEA-149545Force touch go to declaration
FeatureIDEA-127307"Goto Action": option to suppress disabled entries
FeatureIDEA-117223Custom background image/colour for each project
FeatureIDEA-160391Add "copy relative path" or make "copy path" configureable
FeatureIDEA-167606Add utility drawSelection method for component's outline
BugIDEA-157041New notifications: link click area not working
BugIDEA-152741Horizontal scrolling is too aggressive in "wide" files
BugIDEA-138256High DPI monitor issue: New repository location dialog for SVN is cut off
BugIDEA-161599HiDPI Linux: expand/collapse in UIDesigner trees are clickable only by small part of the area
BugIDEA-158653Stdout horizontal scrollbar integer overflow
BugIDEA-166279null message on cancelled updated
BugIDEA-156624Unable to assign mouse wheel shortcut
BugIDEA-187284HiDPI JVM option is ignored in IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1 EAP
BugIDEA-173836After upgrade to Ubuntu 17.04 integrated menus do not work
BugIDEA-176759WideSelectionListUI paint background over same row element in WRAP orientation
BugIDEA-161804VCS toolwindow button blinks when project without VCS roots is opened
BugIDEA-173135Error: 'It's prohibited to access index during event dispatching' during breadcrumbs update
BugIDEA-175181Configuration combobox is higher than buttons around
BugIDEA-174367Font settings: Can't set non-monospace fallback font
BugIDEA-174588Switch JDK action does not work
BugIDEA-156648Tree view is compacted in 2016.2 EAP
BugIDEA-167548Can't click on "Use external annotations" checkbox
BugIDEA-157342Gutter margin's width is not reduced after zoom out
BugIDEA-158611BootJDK switcher incorrectly handles arrow keys
BugIDEA-173445IntelliJ L&F: in rename dialog default suggestion should be shown
BugIDEA-130506Hotkey for Scroll from source
BugIDEA-174304Editor background image hides editor gutter (VCS) marks
BugIDEA-167760"Reset" button do nothing while trying to undo "Reset" action for default IDE scheme
BugIDEA-125027File name displays with folder in the Editor tab for controller's views
BugIDEA-145568Import Project non-native file chooser on MacOS
BugIDEA-160800Decompiler progress shown under AWT lock leads to deadlock
BugIDEA-166759The cursor while over one ToolWindow sees another border toolwindow, located behind
BugIDEA-175000Mnemonics for checkboxes are not visible
BugIDEA-156161"Help - About - Copy to clipboard" sends click to editor
BugIDEA-179056Confirm Exit, Do not ask me again - always appearing
BugIDEA-154915"find in path" results' window strange behavior (disappears after consequent "find in path" actions 50% of times)
BugIDEA-164211The <Click to see difference> link is not active sometimes
BugIDEA-186989Invoking "find action" in Evaluate dialog moves focus to the main window
BugIDEA-105769Cannot scroll in quick documentation while using completion in debug/watches panel (when adding/editing a new entry)
BugIDEA-163037Find Action - text does not fit popup sometimes
BugIDEA-167485When both platform and plugin updates are available, unchecking all plugins makes it impossible to update platform
BugIDEA-167018Cannot drag-and-drop in a just opened project until no files are opened in editor
BugIDEA-178617Cmd+O (go to class, and others) should close other popups, like recent files
BugIDEA-173369Tabs limited to 2 when 1 is set
BugIDEA-141952Reopen Project (ListPopup) does not show the first underscore
BugIDEA-161886Inspection Results tool window ignores range
BugIDEA-159426Mac Native File Chooser allows to select a file, but not a home directory
BugIDEA-179760Can't change default annotation used for code generation
BugIDEA-173000Navigate | File and Class popups disappear
BugIDEA-178632Switching Default/Darcula themes on mac breaks combobox borders
BugIDEA-151679Can't get to leftmost characters in editor's find window
BugIDEA-159671Mac Native File Chooser: after opening file chooser from main IDEA frame, Main Menu become inactive
BugIDEA-174739Combobox text is doubled in Android UI designer
BugIDEA-154724Code lens (Scroll Preview) is buggy if there are no ToolWindow on the left edge
BugIDEA-165595"Show bytecode" action should display a reason if it cannot show byte code
BugIDEA-157035Editor in separate window does not adopt background image
BugIDEA-162103"Show Log in Explorer" does't work on 163.5726
BugIDEA-158717Notification link cannot be clicked
BugIDEA-156745Control mouse wheel shortcut works together with scrolling
BugIDEA-165837Analyze dependencies dialogs are too wide
BugIDEA-148877Ctrl + Button3 not captured
BugIDEA-166152Forced IDEA update
BugIDEA-178315Balloons opened using Show balloon form the Event log does not have scroll bar
BugIDEA-159498horizontal scrollbar disappearing or not shown in editor
BugIDEA-165448[hidpi-jdk] windows: sized text "floats" under kbd cursor on 200% scale
BugIDEA-161524HiDPI Linux: Project Settings - Module - Dependencies - columns are too small
BugIDEA-158759'Run' toolwindow in 'Windowed mode' isn't activated when a new run configuration is started
BugIDEA-184837'Search with google' doesn't support Unicode
BugIDEA-167825Active project window is hidden under already opened projects
BugIDEA-161504HiDPI Linux: Plugins repository: wrong icon rendering
BugIDEA-172136Search text area has an improper height
BugIDEA-100683Cannot display Project Structure
BugIDEA-161330Scheme drop-down becomes empty on deleting
BugIDEA-179663"Local Changes" - "Wide selection" is broken
BugIDEA-173740Too small font in search textbox
BugIDEA-159556Editing live templates enables "use static import if possible" option for all java templates
BugIDEA-171299IDE is closed even I canceled exit
BugIDEA-168315Component.getGraphics() should not be used to get scale for the HiDPI API
BugIDEA-144699"Annotate" action from action popup does not redraw toggle when processed
BugIDEA-170239Hyperlink click is handled despite mouse clicking outside of it
BugIDEA-156523Key press doubles in popups
BugIDEA-185405Nested Idea does not scale on kubuntu 17.10 / KDE Plasma 5
BugIDEA-185745Quick Doc hides under Win task bar
BugIDEA-155811Mouse buttons 4/5 next/previous tab not working
BugIDEA-158873Evaluate window: cannot TAB from expression into results tree
BugIDEA-174258Painting progress bars eats CPU
BugIDEA-157553Welcome Screen: attempt to observe events produce no viewable results
BugIDEA-157555Modal dialogs are shown twice
BugIDEA-157049Show quickdoc on mouseover is not working when there is some additional notification
BugIDEA-161665LayeredIcon offsets are not scaled on hidpi
BugIDEA-148656Should not add .txt extension to a file without extension after copying
BugIDEA-159856Colors & Fonts > Import button is present in IDEA-based IDEs and does nothing
BugIDEA-171395Problem focusing particular line in "Open file" / "Open class" window
BugIDEA-158014Incorrect scrolling in editor text field of small height
BugIDEA-158831Font in SQL query results are horrible
BugIDEA-177568Weird mouse selection
BugIDEA-172082MacOS: CCE at com.intellij.ide.favoritesTreeView.FavoritesRootNode cannot be cast to com.intellij.ide.projectView.ProjectViewNode on change UI Theme
BugIDEA-168068Project leak via com.intellij.ide.util.PsiClassListCellRenderer#INSTANCE
BugIDEA-137774TreeTableTree doesn't support the case where the tree column isn't the first column
BugIDEA-167579After popup resizing first click on items inside doesn't work
BugIDEA-185137Can't load comboDropTriangle icon when switching theme to Darcula
BugIDEA-135605Changing the editor's font doesn't take effect in quick documentation popup
BugIDEA-160588Transaction assertion from Swing lightweight request processing
BugIDEA-185306Powered by open-source software link in about box is outdated
BugIDEA-156312The window title for downloading plugins should be a system state, not a user prompt.
BugIDEA-158318File selector in 'Version Control' -> 'History' doesn't work if window was hidden
BugIDEA-155663Left/right arrows doesn't work in Switcher
BugIDEA-171254IDEA freezes when I click on encoding panel for big file
BugIDEA-176047wrong thread: Thread[ApplicationImpl pooled thread 87,4,main]
BugIDEA-150336Preview 'Find in Path' effect of enter not intuitive
BugIDEA-151422Copy doesn't work in inspections settings
BugIDEA-157311Custom font line spacing won't go under 1.2
BugIDEA-172571IntelliJ IDEA won't start on Mac OS Sierra
BugIDEA-156195Improve ImageComponent quality and performance
BugIDEA-167003Git branches popup reverts to default size every time it is shown
BugIDEA-179953Broken hebrew characters in replace preview
BugIDEA-159621MacPathChooserDialog does not find proper owner if IdeFrame.Child is the active window
BugIDEA-157597Background image: when nothing is selected in the LocalChanges, the PreviewDiff pane doesn't get applied background
BugIDEA-157591Background image: ApplicationServers toolwindow doesn't get the applied background
BugIDEA-171927Event Log background not work properly.
BugIDEA-158913Quick definition popup does not have focus
BugIDEA-161337Enable marlin renderer on Linux
BugIDEA-170099let Swing text components dynamically scale HTML text on user scale factor change
BugIDEA-176821"Hide file extensions in editor tabs" removes all after dot
BugIDEA-161023Hide exception notification balloon when clicking on exception submitter blinking icon
BugIDEA-177276On the notification balloon expanding it disappears
BugIDEA-156959Scrollbar in Log is not visible when scrolling
BugIDEA-68561Copy-paste issues in Project Structure dialog
BugIDEA-168194Huge gutter icons in latest 2017.1 EAP
BugIDEA-162171File > Open points to "C:\" directory
BugIDEA-178825Inspections "Filter by Language" causes UI to ignore mouseover
BugIDEA-185043Dom UI editors don't survive on PSI invalidation on root change
BugIDEA-170910Diagram printing prints empty
BugIDEA-167459[windows] balloons text are cut in multi-dpi-monitor env w/ new hidpi
BugIDEA-162119Configuration wizard UI theme IntelliJ is not corresponding with IDE theme Default on Mac
BugIDEA-173239"Switch Boot JDK" action does not show bundled JDK
BugIDEA-146563[regression] Middle-click on editor tabs, only closes one editor, the following middle-clicks are not registered
BugIDEA-171750Code lens "turn off" option not working
BugIDEA-172066Toolwindow activates in another project
BugIDEA-184987Already disposed String
BugIDEA-185008Show usages is closed on escape in usages settings dialog
BugIDEA-185007No find in bytecode view
BugIDEA-149734About Dialog: link from "VM by Oracle" leads to Jetbrains.com site
BugIDEA-159886Switch IDE Boot JDK dialog: selecting a JDK with file chooser adds a new value to Boot JDK combobox, but doesn't set the selected value
BugIDEA-156246About font on Windows is hardcoded to Tahoma, doesn't support some glyphs (Chinese)
BugIDEA-161519java.lang.IllegalStateException: The DialogWrapper can only be used in event dispatch thread.
BugIDEA-185833Quick Doc tool bar overlapped by Quick Doc body
BugIDEA-186562Javadoc not shown for jigsaw modules in another module
BugIDEA-186564Default size of Edit configuration -> tasks before launch is just for 1 step
BugIDEA-172322Wrong line spacing for files opened on project start
BugIDEA-157790Background image: Java Enterprise toolwindow still has some tabs empty
BugIDEA-149061Tool Window docking issue
BugIDEA-163839Editor's tabs D'n'D ignores drop position
BugIDEA-145132Esc while editing push target closes the push dialog
BugIDEA-158040Recent Files: include current file when one starts to type a filter
BugIDEA-157050Disable quick doc for javadoc block tags
BugIDEA-175106pinch to zoom doesn't work on 2017.2 EAP
BugIDEA-186529New tool window header close buttons close on mouse down instead of mouse up
BugIDEA-155088Double click on tree's expand icon triggers double click listener
BugIDEA-171869Window 10 Look and Feel rework
BugIDEA-159947Mac Native File Chooser: selection validation sheet messages appear from main IDEA window in cases when they should appear from dialogs
BugIDEA-167782Details in EventLog only clickable once
BugIDEA-187482ToolWindow header becomes active when context menu is invoked on editor
BugIDEA-172166[linux] editor font size in Settings may decrease after restart
BugIDEA-159508Mac native dialogs: problems when opening native file chooser with some IDEA dialogs opened at the same time
BugIDEA-159500Mac Native File Chooser appears from wrong parent window in some cases
BugIDEA-179150Gray background in combobox expander on mac
PerformanceIDEA-156869HintManagerImpl#myLastEditor leaks project
PerformanceIDEA-154560Find Action should populate the results in background
PerformanceIDEA-168535Concurrent access to tree set leads to hang
PerformanceIDEA-156871Project leaked via BalloonLayout
UsabilityIDEA-166252Horizontal scrollbar is not shown when needed
UsabilityIDEA-156388inspections toolwindow: exclude doesn't restore selection
UsabilityIDEA-175047External System: import modules dialog
UsabilityIDEA-173655Poor text wrapping in the inspections Options
UsabilityIDEA-93637Hide cursor while typing
UsabilityIDEA-174366Cannot close notification when a resize bar is behind the close button
UsabilityIDEA-25635Change display behavior during background indexing: disable/remove content of tool windows instead of hiding windows
UsabilityIDEA-173614Rename action shows up three times in “Find action” Dialog
UsabilityIDEA-155635Select all when focus is switched into proxy port number field
UsabilityIDEA-156077Empty space instead of CLion app icon when minimize Welcome screen
UsabilityIDEA-104403Bookmarks popup: speed search conflicts with mnemonics
UsabilityIDEA-164817Analyze|Inspect code window does not remember last selected profile
UsabilityIDEA-153193Tooltips for toolbars block clicks to buttons
UsabilityIDEA-172763Breadcrumbs placement setting
UsabilityIDEA-170891Show meaningful error when IDE fails to create new project in the read only directory
UsabilityIDEA-66258Apply when editing artifact moves focus in to different artifact
UsabilityIDEA-159895Scrolling in options of 'Unused declaration' inspection is unusual slow
UsabilityIDEA-148218 Show contents of multiline pastlets in one line
UsabilityIDEA-173072Change wording in "IDE updates are managed externally and weren't checked": message is unclear
UsabilityIDEA-185585'Speed search' in modules in project structure should match pattern against full module name
UsabilityIDEA-162076Selection highlighting hidden behind fully opaque background image
UsabilityIDEA-157246Background image: improve UX of removing the background
UsabilityIDEA-102869Automatically create a copy of default scheme for chaging
CosmeticsIDEA-166908Speed search border has no antialiasing
CosmeticsIDEA-178925Import wizard last step animation goes in the wrong direction
CosmeticsIDEA-176097Incorrect terminology used to describe Jigsaw/JPMS features
CosmeticsIDEA-165564Breadcrumbs do not use ligature setting
CosmeticsIDEA-157466Background Image: some toolwindows don't get the set background when the tab displays 'nothing selected'
CosmeticsIDEA-186151New quick-doc: opening it many times causing gradual size growth
CosmeticsIDEA-165301Darker maven icon on IntelliJ theme
CosmeticsIDEA-166288Mnemonics underlined in settings on MacOS
CosmeticsIDEA-167612strange highlight of settigns > appearance & behavior > notofications
CosmeticsIDEA-175487No spacing between buttons in inspection result view
CosmeticsIDEA-172827Project frame state is cached until IDE is restarted (reopening from welcome screen doesn't preserve window state)
CosmeticsIDEA-173706IntelliJ theme: progress bar looks bad
CosmeticsIDEA-155738Inspection Settings: Profile Group separator should be shown iff there are profiles in the group
CosmeticsIDEA-158541Changed font in plugins dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-165037Move tab close button to the left on MacOS
CosmeticsIDEA-170096Settings|Code Style: "Set from" should be above the separator
CosmeticsIDEA-155958Render bug in Find Usages after code updates
CosmeticsIDEA-158749Background image not shown if no editor window is open & in Maven diagram
CosmeticsIDEA-166188The label is located lower than it should
CosmeticsIDEA-165253"Login to GitHub" window has wrong font style
TaskIDEA-160777Incorrect background in lists with new scrollbars
TaskIDEA-178638ComboBox with large font
TaskIDEA-178181Replace "List Variables" button with combo box
ExceptionIDEA-180346Typeahead request blocked at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.FocusManagerImpl.typeAheadUntil
ExceptionIDEA-159369Mac Native File Chooser doesn't open on pressing Browse [...] button; IAE at MacPathChooserDialog.findOwnerByComponent
ExceptionIDEA-159878Mac Native File Chooser: AE at SwitchBootJdkAction$SwitchBootJdkDialog$2$1.validateSelectedFiles
ExceptionIDEA-161318"Write access is allowed from write-safe contexts only" when quickly switching pin mode of QuickDoc
ExceptionIDEA-167624Find Action popup can not be closed on Welcome Screen; NPE at com.intellij.ide.util.gotoByName.ChooseByNamePopup.dispose
ExceptionIDEA-176902Evaluate Expression fails with exception
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-156235apply changes from AndroidStudio (2)
BugIDEA-156956GithubLoginPanel doesn't allow to traverse focus to dialog buttons
BugIDEA-177442IconUtil uses fixed scale factor to get HiDPI icon sizes
User Interface.DarculaBugIDEA-168229Tooltips can intercept click events, can overlap with click targets, and can appear under the mouse arrow
BugIDEA-100256Darcula: Settings->Schemas and DTDs hard to read entries
BugIDEA-173312NPE on switching theme to Darcula at first time
BugIDEA-94527Darcula: autocomplete white border
UsabilityIDEA-115892Restore previous editor colour scheme when switching to Default LaF
ExceptionIDEA-135796Cyclic component initialization: com.intellij.ide.ui.LafManager
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-168078Option to Reset Branches widget size to auto-size.
FeatureIDEA-129759File History & Log: Show diff for merge commits as a 3-panel diff instead of proposing a popup with parents selector, or choosing an arbitrary parent.
FeatureIDEA-172015Update Project notification: mention the number of files matching filters
FeatureIDEA-69150Switch Context when switching branches in git
FeatureIDEA-68200New feature: binary patches (changeset context menu)
FeatureIDEA-169296Allow adding bookmarks from Commit dialog
FeatureIDEA-156250Show files scope background color in the commit dialog
FeatureIDEA-162845Allow openning commit window when only unversioned files present
FeatureIDEA-156374Create patch to clipboard
FeatureIDEA-176722Apply patch (from clipboard) should take the meta-information (commit message, author) from the patch
FeatureIDEA-174641Editor gutter "Show Difference": want to be able to select manually and copy text from diff-popup
FeatureIDEA-157911Drag'n drop to shelve
FeatureIDEA-166238add "Show file" menu in shelf file list for missing base file.
BugIDEA-171325VCS GIT Branches popup collapses
BugIDEA-168483Show Diff from new file history not available during indexing
BugIDEA-154192Unshelve Changes behaviour
BugIDEA-186483Amend does not populate previous commit message if enabled with unversioned files only.
BugIDEA-166714Wrong shelf background color sometimes
BugIDEA-158157Vcs Log: some nodes in tree are not selectable during speedsearch
BugIDEA-140701Ignore non-directory content roots when processing <Project> VCS mappings
BugIDEA-173638Commit dialog: when the 'show right margin' option is off, but 'wrap when typing reaches right margin' is on, there is no wrapping
BugIDEA-176051View button in the Update Project notification doesn't work after the Update Info tab is closed
BugIDEA-63884Inactive changelist is deleted without prompt after commit
BugIDEA-161924Disappearing tabs in version control toolwindow
BugIDEA-178584IDEA hangs when displaying File History in Perforce
BugIDEA-169466Author field and Amend checkbox missing when only Unversioned files present
BugIDEA-157159Update Github icon in retina quality
BugIDEA-186651Move to another changelist shortcut in Diff moves the entire file
BugIDEA-171358IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1 History tab doesn't highlight current revision
BugIDEA-185598Favorite branch mark is lost on restart
BugIDEA-168653Diff in the Create patch dialog looses focus after jumping to the next file with F7
BugIDEA-160135Patch application failed
BugIDEA-188501Partial Commit: "Git | Revert" action reverts changes, that are excluded by checkboxes
BugIDEA-158750"Apply Patch" adds spurious newline at the end of file
BugIDEA-175498Annotations sidebar show chinese characters wrong
BugIDEA-90228Binary files should be included into patches creates by IDEA
BugIDEA-112589Unexpected clipboard content after Ctrl+C on shelf's files list
BugIDEA-133289Set Active Changelist is not working well
BugIDEA-161752VCS toolwindow is not available if the project has <Project> mapping
BugIDEA-177081Unexpected results when coping root/branch name from Push dialog
BugIDEA-188319Partial Commit: Pre-commit changes by "Update Copyright" hook will not be committed when committing non-active changelist
BugIDEA-153943Cannot checkout a project from GitHub on Idea start screen
BugIDEA-168143Branch popup: expanded state of the Repositories section is not saved
BugIDEA-175112Push commits window: duplicated newly created git tracked (green) files if select all commit and origin\branch
BugIDEA-161753Adding VCS root to a project which didn't have any doesn't make the VCS toolwindow to appear
BugIDEA-161662VersionControl toolwindow should not be available for project with no VCS enabled
BugIDEA-174855edit changelist looses changes
BugIDEA-186725Changes grouping by repository: confusing results for external VCS root if group by module is used
BugIDEA-157336IntelliJ Locks on "Shelve Changes" at the "Synchronizing files..." step
BugIDEA-60574Version Control: Annotations: sometimes annotations appear visually corrupted
BugIDEA-175622File status remains "changed" after the file is changed back to initial state
BugIDEA-160488Memory leak detected: 'com.intellij.openapi.vcs.history.FileHistoryPanelImpl
BugIDEA-167479File permissions from patch aren't applied
BugIDEA-127833Non-project file writing access could be bypassed by some VCS actions
BugIDEA-153272Files are lost during the movement of unversioned files to overwrite existing files with same names
BugIDEA-162135Diff from commit dialog: backspace in commit message editor removes characters from the code
BugIDEA-176427No dialog and NPE at PushController.<init>() on calling Git Push
BugIDEA-168838Preview diff not refreshed after manually resolved conflict
BugIDEA-168834Do not expand hidden branches on resizing in the case the expanded list exceeds widget size
BugIDEA-160151Version Control: deleting files in Unversioned files dialog spawns separate background process for each file
BugIDEA-158554Unversioned file is moved to wrong change list
BugIDEA-172343unshelve to relevant changelist
BugIDEA-171478Spelling is not checked on first commit dialog invocation
BugIDEA-160353Deadlock on applying patch using drag-n-drop
BugIDEA-161081Unversioned files should be preselected in the commit dialog if they were selected in the Local Changes
BugIDEA-187108Commit action does not respect file selection in Local changes
BugIDEA-187101EAP #IC-181.3870.7:Create partial patch does not work as expected
BugIDEA-175125Patch can't be applied if it contains mode changes only (e.g. 644->755)
PerformanceIDEA-145318IDEA becomes slow with many files in the Local Changes
PerformanceIDEA-149091Editing is slow because of Local Changes view UI refresh
PerformanceIDEA-155748Create patch shows endless progress
PerformanceIDEA-171850IDEA is often freezen - worker process vs thread
PerformanceIDEA-158252IDE completely freezed after indices failure
PerformanceIDEA-156615Changes view painting takes significant time when an expanded changelist contains 22K files
PerformanceIDEA-179246Laziness for VCS local changes tree
PerformanceIDEA-155741Move changes to another change list hangs
PerformanceIDEA-160152Version Control: removing files from Unversioned Files dialog takes 3 times slower than removing them in Project View
UsabilityIDEA-141802Git Show history blinks in case of refresh or close/open tab
UsabilityIDEA-179175Unclear 'Branch context has been loaded' message
UsabilityIDEA-146640If Commit dialog is invoked when index is not built yet it suggests to wait to make code analysis available forever
UsabilityIDEA-173150Git Show History For Selection Dialog Initially Selects Oldest Commit
UsabilityIDEA-80668Move changes to Active Changelist - usability
UsabilityIDEA-155714Clone Repository - User has a Hard Stop if Directory exists, even after deleting Directory
UsabilityIDEA-159844delete of unversioned files blocks everything and cannot be cancelled
UsabilityIDEA-145520Delete Active Changelist shouldn't ask which changelist to make active
UsabilityIDEA-174360Branches popup: hard to distinguish current branch label and branch label when the node is selected
UsabilityIDEA-166510Branch popup: do not show empty space on vertical resize if there are branches to be shown
UsabilityIDEA-153163unshelve dialog: no radio buttons please
UsabilityIDEA-166532Branch popup: auto-resize popup on changing number of favorites
UsabilityIDEA-171836Don't focus the Update Info tab after executing Update Project
UsabilityIDEA-177727Update project event log entry is not marked as Read after clicking View in the Notification
UsabilityIDEA-150818It's hard to move changes to existing changelist using keyboard
UsabilityIDEA-168473Enable Store on shelf base revision texts for files by default
UsabilityIDEA-136238Local Changes | Preview Diff should show current version of the unversioned file
UsabilityIDEA-169729When dragging shelved changes to 'Local Changes' tab, apply them in 'Default' changelist (if it's selected in 'Unshelve...' dialog)
UsabilityIDEA-172315Git Push dialog: checkboxes unchecked by default starting in 2017.1.2
UsabilityIDEA-168355Remote branches status bar popup: UI has gotten worse
UsabilityIDEA-185014VCS: Local changes: update info symbol to parenthesised i
UsabilityIDEA-137956Revert menu items that open revert dialog should have elipses
UsabilityIDEA-102021Shelved changes disappear
UsabilityIDEA-172375Project update summary in one line
UsabilityIDEA-158645Excluded directories are scanned for VCS roots
UsabilityIDEA-93433Improve displays of multi-line commit messages in Changes Window
UsabilityIDEA-162615"Create patch" with Russian letters results in unnamed.patch
UsabilityIDEA-172470Prev/Next occurrences in line status popup are not visible anymore
UsabilityIDEA-174459Do not ask about removing empty changelist after a successful cherry-pick
UsabilityIDEA-166377Add 'Control repositories synchronously' to Branch Widget
UsabilityIDEA-168024Pre-select of previous branch works only when switching to/from master and the branch is not hidden
UsabilityIDEA-156875Display the content for unversioned fIles in the commit dialog
UsabilityIDEA-166504Branches popup: make more... element expandable with Enter from keyboard
UsabilityIDEA-166503Branches popup: show only favorite local branches if there are too many of them
UsabilityIDEA-172765"Revert" button on the toolbar and changed lines "Rollback" action use different icons
UsabilityIDEA-166649Branches popup: cut tracking branch name before local name if they don't fit to the popup width
UsabilityIDEA-177714"Commit Message History" items are trimmed unnecessarily
UsabilityIDEA-153574Compare With Local compares the local state of a file with the state AFTER selected commit which gives empty result for the last commit in branch
UsabilityIDEA-171718Not possible make current (checked out) branch favorite
UsabilityIDEA-68645When I create a patch, binary files should not be shown in the tree, since they could not be included in the path anyway.
UsabilityIDEA-149027Not able to clone Repository into existing empty folder
CosmeticsIDEA-155713Error message refers to a "Directory" and "Path" in the same context.
CosmeticsIDEA-156342Commit popup: inconsistent triangle usage (browser vs Details)
CosmeticsIDEA-159931No mnemonics for Encoding combo in Create patch dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-116699Cancel button in the wrong location on Mac TODO sheet
CosmeticsIDEA-172391"Change list" spelling inconsistency
CosmeticsIDEA-154756Allow the user to choose a branch as default or to appear at top of the branch list
CosmeticsIDEA-158896Move Changes to Active Changelist window does not have a vertical scrollbar
CosmeticsIDEA-131099VCS: "Do you want to add.." wording
CosmeticsIDEA-172389Error message when creating a new changelist
ExceptionIDEA-161905Show VCS Log and Show Local Changes actions cause NPE if Version Control toolwindow was not opened since project start
ExceptionIDEA-188593ISE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.ui.CommitChangeListDialog.$$$reportNull$$$0
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-173636Reword commit from Git Log: commit message-related options available for Commit dialog should affect Reword dialog
FeatureIDEA-146930Provide 'Change Commit Message' action for committed but not pushed commits
FeatureIDEA-145325Show Continue/Abort/Skip Rebase menu items at the top of the Git | Branches popup, if there is an ongoing rebase process
FeatureIDEA-76454Ability to change URL of git repository
FeatureIDEA-60389Need GUI to configure remote repository and branch