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No subsystemBugPY-27029AttributeError: StringIO object has no attribute 'encoding'
BugPY-27656Ancestors of directly instantiated metaclass shouldn't be included in class hierarchy for its subclasses
BugPY-25475navigation from debugger to code does not work
BugPY-27121Scientific View: Plot is not displayed properly
BugPY-26158Breadcrumbs in PyCharm disappears on new files
BugPY-26371For Python console, the SciView is empty
BugPY-27061manage.py broken in Django 2.0rc1 because "_parser\parser.py" does not support loose versions
PerformancePY-26036crash when specific file is open
UsabilityPY-26164"Show Variables" pane should not be displayed by default
UsabilityPY-26445Ability to enable/disable semantic highlighting independently
ExceptionPY-26942NPE during new project creation
BDDBugPY-20854behave runner not handling feature tags correctly
Code InsightFeaturePY-11418Provide syntax highlighting for Python function calls
FeaturePY-20401Dedicated syntax highlighting for type annotations
FeaturePY-4813Type detection from docstring for subclasses
BugPY-19312Overriding a coroutine method does not add the "async" keyword
BugPY-25484Auto-import on code completion doesn't take in account __all__
BugPY-25751If "__all__" is used in "__init__.py" PyCharm doesn't understood type of imported package
BugPY-19078Show Inherited option doesn't work when parent class from "import as"
BugPY-26992False positive: Object is not callable for instance of nested callable class
BugPY-21864Type annotation ahead of time not working
BugPY-26493Auto Complete stops working after first use when class object is passed to a function and identified with assert isinstance
BugPY-25906Wrong method implementation order
BugPY-4351Type Checker: detect type for named tuple unpacking
BugPY-24990Type hinting – cannot annotate self/cls
BugPY-26801PyCharm creates __init__.py in every folder to project path on new package creation action
BugPY-26978Wrong completion for argument names if a function has tuple parameters
BugPY-26973Autocomplete fails when typing Union[str, int] + slicing
BugPY-27004Find usages fail to find conditionally defined symbols imported in another file
BugPY-25606StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in PyAnnotateTypesIntention
BugPY-27178PyCharm hangs on autocomplete
BugPY-26243Unresolved reference in dunder all for not imported modules
BugPY-22729Python 3.6 TypeHint with default value no syntax highlighting
PerformancePY-26239Class Find Usages unusable in large projects
UsabilityPY-3563Put classes from already imported modules on top of auto-import variants list
UsabilityPY-26582Strange parameter info
CosmeticsPY-25381@ sign in property decorator sometimes has wrong color
ExceptionPY-26006SOE if function is decorated with the same name decorator
ExceptionPY-26392Stub list in mock.py length differs from PSI
ExceptionPY-26847Pycharm 2017.2 insane logging - freezing
ExceptionPY-26028Code insights fail - StackOverflowError
ExceptionPY-26758FileContentImpl$IllegalDataException: Cannot obtain text for binary file type : UNKNOWN from PySetuptoolsNamespaceIndex$1.map
ConsoleFeaturePY-10985Fast auto-completion from the command history in python console (IPython-like)
BugPY-27033The return value of os.getcwd() with "Show command line afterwards" is not the same with the usual run, anymore
BugPY-26413Unable to navigate through console history
BugPY-24880Waiting for REPL response when python console using IPython
BugPY-27090"Show command line afterwards" doesn't allow to run modules
BugPY-27881PyCharm doesn't allow to finish input
BugPY-26603Exception when stopping Python Console
BugPY-21426Can't saw script output with Remote Interpreter and "Show command line afterwards" option
BugPY-26652Attribute error while loading matplotlib with qt5
BugPY-20950"Show command line afterwards" setting ignores "Use IPython if available"
BugPY-26479No interactive output from python console
BugPY-27009Python Console doesn't work with Python 2.6
BugPY-17536"Show commandline afterwards" fails when script raises an Exception
BugPY-21792Python Console stopped working
BugPY-25742Weird syntax error on executing line in console left after executing file
BugPY-27394Function input() doesn't work with "Show command line afterwards"
UsabilityPY-26415Hide "_", "__" and "___" to the Special Variables on console variable view
CosmeticsPY-26557Typo in Console Settings
DebuggerFeaturePY-22605Provide Cython extensions in debugger for Mac OS
FeaturePY-12987Timeout+(lazy or async) display of large objects in debugger
BugPY-26270Use white background for plots if light color scheme is used
BugPY-26272Plot isn't shown till user stops script execution
BugPY-26268If script contains multiple plt.show() calls exception can be raised preventing further runs
BugPY-27354Debugger fails to load Variables since update to 2017.3
BugPY-24110debugger can't access stdin
BugPY-26465Limit number of threads when evaluating variables asynchronously
BugPY-26584Debugger strips '-m' flag from script params and assumes it was meant for the interpreter.
BugPY-26800Can't attach to local process on macOS with Python 3.6
BugPY-27227"Jump To Cursor" action is missed
PerformancePY-19215Cython debugger binaries should be built for Python 2.6
UsabilityPY-26883Show a full name of interpreter when Attaching to process on Windows
UsabilityPY-25777Show an empty tab connected to console in Data View toolwindow instead of "Run debug..." message
ExceptionPY-26130Jump from the last program line causes an exception
DjangoFeaturePY-20612Django: Autocomplete kwargs for Model.objects.create()
FeaturePY-27180Django form "clean" methods not suggested
FeaturePY-2821Navigation support for reverse function and reverse_lazy function
FeaturePY-26963Support new URL routing syntax
BugPY-15745Cannot stop Django internal server process under Linux Mint Mate 17.1
BugPY-26660Django test runner should support custom options
BugPY-27241Django unresolved attribute reference 'request' in class based views
BugPY-27395Error on starts Django tests
PerformancePY-27260PyCharm manage.py slow running
DockerBugPY-22979Second breakpoint is skipped with Docker interpreter
FormatterBugPY-12008reformat code over-indents multiline ifs
BugPY-27266Python autoformat for chained method calls violates PEP 8
BugPY-25567Optimize import changes style
BugPY-24160Incorrectly reformatted multi line "if" condition with parenthesis
IDEBugPY-26627Desktop entry doesn't work if PyCharm installed with snap on ubuntu 17.10 is used
BugPY-26650pycharm community build fails with missing directory
BugPY-26701Installation of Cython speedup extension failed when PyCharm installed via snap
BugPY-26967Launcher icon still launches older version after snap refresh
UsabilityPY-27484Add keyword 'matplotlib' to the 'Python scientific' settings page
InspectionsBugPY-24621False negative: argparse - add_argument function - required parameter
BugPY-26725secrets module unknown to PyCharm
BugPY-26319__slots__ mark descriptors as read-only
BugPY-26313False positive: io.seek doesn't return anything
BugPY-26510False positive: raise with no argument in finally block
BugPY-21827Inspector don't know shutil.copyfile() argument 'follow_symlinks'
BugPY-21437Cannot find reference 'Signals' in 'signal.py'
BugPY-25974Static analysis fooled by sys.exit() in a boolean expression
BugPY-26137Variable already declared inspection should not show when using single underscore.
BugPY-26190PyCharm doesn't understand argparse.ArgumentParser.add_subparsers return type
BugPY-12002False positive: incorrect arguments for SQLAlchemy w/ mixin
BugPY-22759shutil skeleton - types incomplete
BugPY-8933Import in try block should also be defined in except block: false positive when name not used
BugPY-27604SQLAlchemy: Lots of false positives?
BugPY-26643Wrong type inference for coroutine functions returning self
BugPY-27302False error warning on "unicodedata", "sqlite3.Error" first appeared in 2017.3
BugPY-24440typing.Pattern not being recognized correctly.
BugPY-26491Using * twice in function signature should be picked up as a syntax error
BugPY-26269Dict value type of Dict type and updating dict *member* gives typechecker warning
BugPY-24067False docstring async function return type inspection
BugPY-26300Abstract class inspection false positive for subclass with abstract property defined as an attribute
BugPY-26368False negative: Can't check definition of value of class properties
BugPY-26167Incorrect highlighting of Unexpected argument when using partial with keyword arguments
BugPY-22192Code inspection on time.strptime() wrongly calls out unfilled parameter 'format' (which has a default value and therefor isn't required)
BugPY-26112False positive: access to a protected member when using typing stubs
BugPY-26591False Positive: "Redeclared variable" when assigning to a field with the same name
BugPY-26023The presence of an `@abstractmethod` decorator totally cancels all typechecks.
BugPY-27041Considers perfectly valid syntax as error: Can't assign to (), Can't assign to []
BugPY-16893open() returns TextIOWrapper which isn't correlated with IO types
BugPY-16894open(..., 'b') returns FileIO[bytes] which isn't correlated with BinaryIO type
BugPY-14840referenced before assignment for known iterators
BugPY-22312Type inference incorrectly thinks there's a tuple in here somewhere
BugPY-26616Type hinting for map() on classmethods broken
BugPY-21408PyCharm not aware of callable attributes
BugPY-22765False negative: no warning about incorrect instantiating of Thread
BugPY-22003False positive in "Unbound local variable" inspection
BugPY-24729Class level variable annotations are superseded by value assignment
BugPY-27143Getting "unresolved attribute reference", class is not recognized, but code runs fine
BugPY-27146Unresolved reference for private method if stubs are used
BugPY-26644Pycharm false warning on requirements
BugPY-22308Gives a warning when trying to make use of the new __getitem__ (Python 3.6) in the re Match object
BugPY-23287False positive: Unresolved attribute reference int for class UUID
BugPY-27102False "'type' does not define '__getitem__', so the '[]' operator cannot be used on its instances" when inheriting Generic
BugPY-23887False positive inspection "Unexpected argument"
UsabilityPY-3318Add all words from django settings.py to spell-checker vocabulary
ExceptionPY-26061Specific code pattern causes inspections to hang
ExceptionPY-25994Code insight failures
ExceptionPY-25605NPE in ``PyDemorganLawIntention``
Interpreters SettingsFeaturePY-21571It should be possible to specify a default folder for virtualenvs
BugPY-26749Can't create pyramid project if new venv is going to be created inside project
BugPY-28050PyCharm allows creation of Conda environments that are not supported by Conda
BugPY-14906options/jdk.table.xml does contain absolute path. Should be ~/
BugPY-26456PyCharm doesn't allow to create project right after interpreter is chosen
BugPY-26450UI is frozen during new project creation with venv inside it
BugPY-26358Can't select venv as existed interpreter
BugPY-27014ISE: @NotNull method com/intellij/openapi/projectRoots/impl/ProjectJdkImpl.getName must not return null
BugPY-26443PyCharm doesn't auto rename virtualenv according to project
BugPY-26594Manually added paths to local interpreter get lost
BugPY-27229PyCharm displays wrong path separators for base venv interpreter when selected manually
BugPY-26968Create a new environment for a new project by default
BugPY-26657don't install Flask package in Flask project creation
BugPY-26373PyCharm uses wrong slash for venv path on Windows
BugPY-26372False positive: location directory is not empty if existing interpreter is selected
UsabilityPY-20109Annoying automatic scrolling to the system interpreter executable in "Select interpreter" dialog
UsabilityPY-13099Remember last used virtual environment location
UsabilityPY-26359Do not start interpreter updating right away when system interpreter is selected on new project window
UsabilityPY-26357Existing interpreter list is not updated until PyCharm is restarted
UsabilityPY-26376PyCharm won't preselect previously used venv base interpreter if it was a detected interpreter
UsabilityPY-15911Make managing **many** local interpreters easier
UsabilityPY-13464Truncated virtualenv paths look strange and lead to ambiguity
UsabilityPY-26998Remember the base interpreter for new virtualenvs if it's not detected or configured yet
UsabilityPY-26360Not a clear way to create conda venv
CosmeticsPY-18439Remove minor version from generated interpreter name
Jupyter NotebookBugPY-26089Jupyter fails with '_xsrf' argument missing from POST
BugPY-25639"Convert to Jupyter Notebook" removed all line breaks in code.
PackagingBugPY-26844Editable pip requirements with extras are not detected correctly
BugPY-27076False positive: requirement is not satisfied for social-auth-app-django==2.0.*
BugPY-20489Requirements.txt inspection complains about libraries stored in source roots
BugPY-26364requirements.txt support is insufficient
BugPY-26050False positive: ldap package is not listed in requirements
BugPY-22773Project > Project Interpreter incorrectly highlights prerelease versions as 'Latest' e.g. 1.0rc1 > 1.0
BugPY-27669pdfminer3k is not upgraded
PerformancePY-24412PyPackagesUpdater takes noticeable time at startup on UI thread
ExceptionPY-21002Exception is thrown when new project is created
ProfilerBugPY-24509Profiler copy of six module is outdated, breaking code using new features
RefactoringBugPY-18216Refactor/Move with option "Search for references": moving module to a different package performs "Optimize imports"
BugPY-25035"Convert from variadic to normal parameters" does nothing
Remote InterpretersFeaturePY-21629Use OpenSSH config files
BugPY-23974Path mappings are not applied when running script on ssh interpreter with 'Show command line afterwards'
BugPY-26486Python Console doesn't work: Process finished with exit code -1
BugPY-26464OpenSSH configuration files are not reloaded during IDE run
BugPY-27704Error running '<script name>': Works currently only with OSProcessHandler
BugPY-27131Python module execution fails with "No module named -u" message for remote interpreters
ExceptionPY-26442SshTransportException and InvalidSdkException if remote interpreter server is down
RunFeaturePY-2784Allow the ability to specify python modules in Run Configuration.
BugPY-27431"Show command line afterwards" breaks Coverage, Profiler and Concurrency Diagram
BugPY-27010 flaky shared run configuration
PerformancePY-254295-10 second delay when running any script
SkeletonsBugPY-26751Pregenerated skeletons get deleted if SDK path does not exactly match
ExceptionPY-27151Pregenerated skeleton exception if pypy is used as a project interpreter
Test RunnerBugPY-26256Python target improvement
BugPY-26432teamcity.diff_tools error shows when doing a self.subTest() instead of usefull fail message
BugPY-27286Capture and LogCapture lead to TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable when running nose tests that throw exceptions
BugPY-272222017.3 test runner breaks assertEqual
BugPY-26470when test results contain a "\n", the results only shows the "show difference" link, should show results.
BugPY-27170Can't select file as Path target in Test Run Configuration
BugPY-23570left-gutter run buttons try to execute Karma/Jasmine tests with Django test runner
BugPY-26330Tests output gibberish
UsabilityPY-22578Default directory opened when user select path in new Test Run Configurations is not project
CosmeticsPY-26447Multiple UI issues with run configuration settings for tests
DB ConnectivityFeatureDBE-2100Database access through ssh with both key and Google Authenticator (two factor authentication)
DB DiffFeatureDBE-4582Allow comparison of cells in data views
Data ViewsBugDBE-4485Values of LONGVARCHAR columns aren't printed in Database Console's result tables
IDE GeneralBugDBE-2723Installer "uninstall" doesn't remove windows uninstall entry
BugDBE-5416uninstalling DG on Windows 7 leaves behind 16 bogus Registry entries (invalid firewall rules)
SQL EditingBugDBE-5224Deferrable exclution constraints marked as red using PostgreSQL dialect
UsabilityDBE-3827PostgreSQL. IDEA should know about regexp_replace and other regexp* functions
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-5214CTE expression within a cursor assignment reports error incorrectly against SQL Server
BugDBE-3977Postgres function body highlighted as string when indexing
SQL ResolveBugDBE-5201Regard lower_case_table_names on MariaDB
No subsystemBugWEB-29717com.intellij.psi.stubs.PsiFileStubImpl cannot be cast to com.intellij.util.xml.stubs.ElementStub
BugWEB-29224JS File won't open with AngularJS plugin installed
BugWEB-29204"Rerun tests" notification's location and font
BugWEB-29768Console output doesn't change colors when the theme is changed
CSSBugWEB-29019CSS property 'dominant-baseline' values support
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-27192'use strict' + Coffeescript destructing highlighted as error
DebuggerBugWEB-30039Live edit enabling doesn't affect karma debugging
BugWEB-11110Wrong error message "Built-in HTTP Server on custom port disabled"
BugWEB-29141JS Debugger does not re-use tab
BugWEB-28311Meteor: debug doesn't work with meteor 1.6
BugWEB-16779Node.js debug: breakpoint in the first line does not work
BugWEB-29116JavaScript debug is not working without JB Chrome Extension if java SDK is set
UsabilityWEB-28789Rename debug configurations for Node.js and Chrome
HTMLBugWEB-29522'Extend selection issue' doesn't select tag if started from CSS
BugWEB-29793Error. global.html file is missing when invoking documentation
BugWEB-29533@NotNull assertion on empty xml attribute value
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-29454typescript: exclude javascript files from indexing if package contains typescript declarations
FeatureWEB-29094Javascript: add install global types fix
BugWEB-29894Extend selection broken in Vuejs files in 2017.3
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-28385Formatting option to remove redundant parentheses around single function argument in es6 arrow functions.
BugWEB-29105JSX in vue uses HTML indentation settings
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-29325Configuration for JSX attribute auto-completion
FeatureWEB-18730Angular 2: support property bindings
BugWEB-29659Vue.js plugin does not support "props" in custom components
BugWEB-26717Angular template input variables marked as invalid
BugWEB-29964Vue.js: self-closing tags are allowed for vue components, should not be marked by inspection
BugWEB-23821When using 'this' in angular 2 template, error of unresolved var
BugWEB-28776Angular content assist seems to fail for external component library
BugWEB-29074Type mismatch errors when annotating `render()` Component method with JSDoc
BugWEB-29300Angular ngIf: local variable that stores conditional result is marked as not resolved
BugWEB-29788Yeoman: broken UI the "Install Generator" button on hidpi displays
BugWEB-26095VueJS directives autocomplete
BugWEB-27164False positive warning: Bitwise operator used in Angular project
BugWEB-25652Angular 2 template does not resolve `Output`s from base class
BugWEB-28629Support non-null assertion operators in Angular templates
BugWEB-28754Angular: Generated method based on a typed EventEmitter does not use the EventEmitter-type
BugWEB-28656Don't show "Split current tag" intention for Vue props
UsabilityWEB-25823intellisense doesn't change case
UsabilityWEB-29063"Angular CLI" menu is missing when the "angular-cli.json" file is created without a dot at the beginning
JavaScript. PredefsFeatureWEB-12145Add documentation for core ECMAScript API
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-28686'Flip if-else' shouldn't generate empty if/else blocks
BugWEB-29092TypeScript/JavaScript: Improve "Pull Members Up" refactoring
BugWEB-30083TypeScript class won't refactor/rename
REST ClientBugWEB-29099Restrict comments in message body
TaskWEB-28638Support environment variables
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-28071Automatically add close bracket for TypeScript Generics
BugWEB-29140Auto-Imports from non-d.ts node_modules files are broken in 2017.3
BugWEB-29037Angular and auto method creation from the template
BugWEB-30673Invalid highlighting in Typescript service selection UI
BugWEB-24458Reserved names used as property name are highlighted as warning
BugWEB-17860TypeScript: wrong Quick Documentation popup in case of intersection types
BugWEB-29937'Create from usage': 1) doesn't work will call expression and 2) creates invalid TypeScript code in several cases
BugWEB-30335In-place rename class hierarchy member fails with exception
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-25778Jest: support Coverage option
FeatureWEB-26008Jest - Add option to `Run and Update Snapshot`
BugWEB-29078Jest console output contains malformed characters from ANSI colors
BugWEB-26705Jest tests not found because rootDir setting is incorrectly set to the same directory as the configuration file
BugWEB-29113Jest: failed test is marked as green
UsabilityWEB-29048Remove Auto-test from Jest run tool window, add --watch to the options field description
No subsystemUsabilityOC-16111General improvements for Xcode keymap
Code: EditingFeatureOC-13262Code folding for control statements in Swift (if/else, repeat/while, for, switch)
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugOC-16313Symbols from a project framework incorrectly marked as "unresolved"
Code: RefactoringsBugOC-15517PsiInvalidElementAccessException on extracting method to category, create from usage and other actions (EA-1441825)
IDE PreferencesUsabilityOC-15178Automatically set some settings when user selects Xcode behaviour
Project ModelUsabilityOC-9143Add 'File added to Xcode project' scope
Project ViewFeatureOC-3934Add 'Files not added to Xcode project' scope to help find and add such files to the project.
Xcode IntegrationFeatureOC-13193AppCode should use the same derived directory as Xcode
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-147222Compare tab with active tab
FeatureIDEA-116686Limit code analysis to user-configurable number of CPU cores to prevent 100% of all cores utilization
FeatureIDEA-76704Make "Show in Explorer" work from Navigation Bar
BugIDEA-180312Deadlock ? JarHandler
BugIDEA-182318VFS Exceptions after switch branches.
BugIDEA-132172Documentation popup window osbscures error explanation popup when hovering in editor.
BugIDEA-182682IntelliJ Idea can freeze for a few seconds before showing Splash screen
BugIDEA-182140Last Idea eap spontaneously crash
BugIDEA-183779Export inspections doesn't export the correct state after using "Reset to empty" under a filter
BugIDEA-147470AddToFavorites action should work for ResourceBundle
BugIDEA-180505IAE: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'color' in breadcrumbs
BugIDEA-183951No synchronization for IdeDocumentHistoryImpl.myChangedFilesInCurrentCommand
BugIDEA-181176MacOS: Gogland loses "before launch" entries of run configurations when closing
BugIDEA-177046Quick documentation on annotations rendered incorrectly
BugIDEA-183600NPE at com.intellij.lang.properties.editor.ResourceBundleFileStructureViewElement.getFiles
BugIDEA-184383Large icons since 2017.3
BugIDEA-182633External system: do not propose to restore removed modules created for the project preview
BugIDEA-180196Can't jump to customise colour scheme
BugIDEA-181314Exception appears when copy default run/configurations
BugIDEA-180450Indent provider behaves unexpectedly
BugIDEA-180961Navigate | File - Camel Case no longer works
BugIDEA-90162Unlimited re-sizing in Diagrams when scrolling with Mouse Wheel
BugIDEA-182334Quick navigate popup: action "ShowQuickDocAtPinnedWindowFromTooltip" doesn't work on MacOS
BugIDEA-180414Extra log verbosity upon exception in PersistentBTreeEnumerator.enumerate
BugIDEA-182999find in path dialog is not initialized from text selections in find occurrences previews
BugIDEA-179660Copy+Paste in FitNesse files (context.txt) not working anymore.
BugIDEA-184729Remember Preview state for SvgEditor and reuse it when opening new ones
BugIDEA-183871support filter for user input in console
BugIDEA-136762Fonts in ProjectView under Darcula in Linux looks bad after sequental LaF changes
BugIDEA-177213Non-descriptive plugin suggestion for "Run Configuration[JetRunConfigurationType]" feature
BugIDEA-184292Dialog 'Scope selection for Analyze Dataflow to Here' contains escaped symbols
BugIDEA-180884Run Dashboard: on clicking in the run configurations tree the corresponding pane doesn't get focus
BugIDEA-184771Editing Project View Popup Menu doesn't work
BugIDEA-183325IntelliJ 2017.3 hangs (InspectionViewPsiTreeChangeAdapter)
BugIDEA-148828BegTableUI.StartEditingAction does not pass the event to editCellAt
BugIDEA-179610Code region is shown twice in the Structure panel
PerformanceIDEA-182579High memory usage by VfsAwareMapReduceIndex
PerformanceIDEA-183754Rider hangs, vfs in freeze reports
PerformanceIDEA-180442UI hangs on expanding folder containing large text files in project view
UsabilityIDEA-161094Option to disable "search everywhere"
UsabilityIDEA-180386Verbose logging from BrowserStarted makes the logs useless
ExceptionIDEA-184329Smart pointer created during psi change
ExceptionIDEA-182280CCE at com.intellij.execution.testframework.sm.runner.SMTRunnerTreeStructure.getParentElement
ExceptionIDEA-181904IAE at com.intellij.ide.util.treeView.AbstractTreeBuilder.sortChildren
ExceptionIDEA-183153NullPointerException: null
ExceptionIDEA-179906SOE at com.intellij.ide.util.treeView.AbstractTreeUi.attemptLock
Code Analysis. InspectionFeatureIDEA-155216Missing limit(long) call in streams iterate & generate streams
BugIDEA-160008Found duplicated code inspection -- code is the same as a png???
BugIDEA-183632Grouping by severity doesn't work in inspection result toolwindow
BugIDEA-184518Run inspection on... from injected context doesn't allow to run on current file
BugIDEA-183357Command Line Code Inspector doesn't work if Pycharm is already running
BugIDEA-180733Element: class com.intellij.psi.impl.source.PsiJavaFileImpl because: different providers:
BugIDEA-183738Inspection results warning counter changes after grouping
BugIDEA-184820Results of inspection disappears after grouping by directory
BugIDEA-181493display problem for problem report at information level for inspection at warning level
BugIDEA-184819NPE at com.intellij.codeInspection.ex.GlobalInspectionContextBase
BugIDEA-181407"Scopes Order" does not fit all the text
BugIDEA-184655Offline inspection results for injected code invalid
PerformanceIDEA-182804Freeze with InspectionViewPsiTreeChangeAdapter in the stack
UsabilityIDEA-184412"apply fixes" in HTML file triggers long-running modal process that is not interruptable
UsabilityIDEA-180994Rerun inspections when view is grouped by file only shows one issue per folder
UsabilityIDEA-180726Inspections View: show inspection's group nodes
ExceptionIDEA-183634NPE at com.intellij.codeInspection.ui.InspectionViewChangeAdapte
Code CoverageExceptionIDEA-180148PicoPluginExtensionInitializationException at com.intellij.openapi.extensions.impl.ExtensionComponentAdapter.getComponentInstance(ExtensionCompone ntAdapter.java:96)
Code Formatting and Code StyleFeatureIDEA-164602format.sh script should also accept .idea/codeStyleSettings.xml
BugIDEA-179073JavaLikeIndentProvider indent miss
BugIDEA-184812Backcompat regression with CodeStyleSettings/PostFormatProcessorHelper
BugIDEA-119083"Rearrange entries" confuses diff for local changes
BugIDEA-183665Continuation Indent for java files max value = 16
UsabilityIDEA-179699Problems with visual guides preview in code style and color scheme settings
CosmeticsIDEA-179429Settings: some visual issues with CodeStyle VisualGuides fields
Code NavigationBugIDEA-182556Cancelling navigation to inheritors still navigates to a selected one
BugIDEA-180339find file no longer supports forward slash separators in windows REGRESSION
BugIDEA-181135Go to File: with "Include non-project files" = No out-of-project files are still suggested
BugIDEA-180742Gutter 'Implemented methods' doesn't detect several lambda implementations
BugIDEA-180495Navigate to 'Implementation(s)' is unable to find all implementations
BugIDEA-180573"Navigate forward" doesn't work after "Navigate back"
BugIDEA-89400Recent files: mouse over does not work for files
PerformanceIDEA-179739'Go to file by name' occasionally not finishing with high CPU usage
ConsoleBugIDEA-184208Console horizontal scroll position lost on output
BugIDEA-183958Horizontal scrolling in the console moves the caret to the end
BugIDEA-180416Laggy hover over links in tests raport on macOS 10.13
UsabilityIDEA-104596In console, search history by typing prefix and pressing the "up" key.
DebuggerFeatureIDEA-48873Add easy access to exception stacktrace for exception objects
FeatureIDEA-172018"Print stacktrace" breakpoint option
BugIDEA-182581Edit breakpoint popup doesn't show with gutter icons disabled
BugIDEA-139797Default Theme doesn't allow to apply font size to evaluate expression console's input
BugIDEA-180838Weird order of breakpoints in "Disabled until selected breakpoint is hit"
BugIDEA-180561VirtualMachineProxy classesByName and allClasses may be outdated
BugIDEA-168766Debugged process hangs during hot-swapping with yourkit agent
BugIDEA-183745In-place watches are not updated when I switch to another configuration
UsabilityIDEA-72626Debugger: scrolling different panel cancels editing watch
UsabilityIDEA-42430Debugger: UI: Watches view: clicking outside the watch editor should apply change
CosmeticsIDEA-180517Expanded members of a variable are shown quite far away from the pointer
CosmeticsIDEA-181693Strange label in evaluate dialog
Diff_MergeFeatureIDEA-182602Directory diff dialog: allow comparing files with different names with each other
BugIDEA-141889Pressing Ctrl+D on an unversioned file in Local Changes results in mysterious "Select Path" dialog
BugIDEA-183823'Compare with clipboard' shortcut is not working in the commit dialog
BugIDEA-182799Incorrect painting of line separators in diff
BugIDEA-172735Navigation from File structure pop-up does not work inside Diff panel
BugIDEA-182059Diff Window file order is different from the file order in Local Changes tool window (path is ignored)
BugIDEA-180904F7 in commit dialog behaves wonkily in latest update
UsabilityIDEA-177584Merge dialog lacks indication of analysis results for merged version
UsabilityIDEA-171250New Auto Resolving conflicts must not automatically be applied
UsabilityIDEA-182230VCS "visual merge" window: don't ask "Are you sure" if there was no changes
DockerFeatureIDEA-181774Check connection for Docker server when creating new one
FeatureIDEA-175829Add working_dir: autocompletion with directories
FeatureIDEA-172716Docker. Add "Build" action into ">>" for Dockerfiles
FeatureIDEA-171373Docker Compose: provide completion and navigation for "env_file" values.
BugIDEA-179600Docker: java.lang.AssertionError and grey DockerView at reopenning the project with the docker run configuration
BugIDEA-179926Docker: resolve, find usages and inplace-rename doesn't work for docker stages synthax in the Dockerfile editor
BugIDEA-181123Docker. Run Configuration. "Command preview" and "Command line options" fields should not remain over the other windows by changing focus
UsabilityIDEA-177938Docker: Enable Docker item in View | Tool Windows menu
Editor. Code CompletionBugIDEA-182597xml icon is not replaced with plugin icon in second completion
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-178801Multi-line pasting in line comments
FeatureIDEA-166243Add context-aware predefined line comment prefix/suffix macros for live templates
BugIDEA-180365Undo in editor does not scroll to changed position
BugIDEA-176409Wrong line separators Assertion error in intellij.openapi.progress.Task
BugIDEA-179710Wrong paste from history
BugIDEA-179531Parameter name hints not updated on decompiled file reload
BugIDEA-180641Expand selection works incorrectly on Java String with slash escaping on last position
BugIDEA-184307Java: Backspace handler fails to remove a paired parenth
BugIDEA-181068Jump to Source calculates the column incorrectly when TAB is used for indenting
BugIDEA-182868Ctrl+del behind end of line doesn't reset cursor position
BugIDEA-183359Duplicate Entire Lines doesn't work properly in the end of the file
BugIDEA-181964When using variable-width font, {@code} block in javadoc are not distinguished
BugIDEA-182771Editor: Split Vertically resets scroll and caret position
BugIDEA-180503Editor scroll position is not preserved on switching between tabs
BugIDEA-182852Editor antialiasing is not honored in inline diff
BugIDEA-183603Middle-click on gutter causes paste action on Linux
BugIDEA-182731Incorrect position of right margin on hidpi 200x
BugIDEA-180805Quick documentation on mouse move: should not show up for String constants
BugIDEA-179753"Undo" action can be invoked from "Undo" confirmation dialog
BugIDEA-184219Dragging to select within a current selection area with Drag'n'Drop off doesn't start a new selection
BugIDEA-180934When setting the Live Template context to "Other", it's changed to "Everything"
BugIDEA-181128Wrap on typing works wrond with parameter hints
BugIDEA-183876Parameter hint popup looks strange in some cases
BugIDEA-183806Inline parameter hints are unreadable with Monaco font
BugIDEA-179890'Copy as rich text' doesn't preserve colors and formatting when pasting to Keynote
BugIDEA-184474caret spill does not refresh fast enough when line spacing is less than 1
BugIDEA-179556Find in updating console
BugIDEA-93274Scrolling with split editor tabs
BugIDEA-181236Block caret breaks display of repeated emoji characters
UsabilityIDEA-183016DisableCustomHintsOption intention is too easy to invoke by accident
UsabilityIDEA-182499double click the filename in "scope view" should not jump to the first line of an already opened file
UsabilityIDEA-172415DB output tool window covers active line in editor
UsabilityIDEA-180797End and Shift-End work incorrectly in case of soft wraps
UsabilityIDEA-179908Esc should cancel multiple carets first, then remove usages highlighting
UsabilityIDEA-182614"Insert pair bracket" setting should be renamed to be more clear
CosmeticsIDEA-179605Indent guide tooltip should show matching brace context
CosmeticsIDEA-149608Alignment of text when line spacing > 1.0
External ToolsPerformanceIDEA-183647External system perform IO in EDT during tool window initialization
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-87846Replace in Path: provide replacement preview
FeatureIDEA-72543I would like the ability to configure the max file size to 'Find in Path'.
BugIDEA-117967Incremental search: move cursor to initial position after deleting all entered characters
BugIDEA-177696unexpected behaviour on "Enter" in "Find In Path" dialog
BugIDEA-170103FInd in Path dialog won't close (2017.1 version, Ubuntu 16.04)
BugIDEA-181019Error when doing a 'find usage' with 'derived class' selected in dialog
BugIDEA-182289'Replace All' dialog interprets find/replace contents as HTML
BugIDEA-181024Replace in path broken
UsabilityIDEA-175611Search Window: Usability Recursive Search
UsabilityIDEA-182181Replace in Path: Replace All dialog: unable to switch between OK and Cancel from keybord
CosmeticsIDEA-184726Misspelling in search and replace dialog box
IDE ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-180401Add Background Image feature to general settings
BugIDEA-184044starting idea sometimes starts 2 instances of idea
BugIDEA-164639Unable to save settings because of symlinks inside config directory
BugIDEA-182553Lose custom color schemes after disable "IDE Settings Sync"
BugIDEA-182658QAPlug (1.3.14) is not compatible with 2017.3 version
BugIDEA-183434syntax error at ide.sigint.ignored.url?
BugIDEA-180378Cannot set proxy settings
UsabilityIDEA-172113Cannot drag-n-drop multiple Live Templates
ExceptionIDEA-183475ForkJoinPool initialization error on Java 9
IndicesBugIDEA-123287Multiple "Updating indices" bg tasks after external file system changes
BugIDEA-182151Deadlock processing stub indices called from StubIndexImpl.processAllKeys
BugIDEA-182066Old value is left in stub index when file becomes large
BugIDEA-180296NPE in MapReduceIndex.flush corrupts indices
BugIDEA-182716Indexing sometimes stops progressing
PerformanceIDEA-184147Long UI freeze after massive external FS change unrelated to open project
ExceptionIDEA-181620Sorry but parent: Application is being disposed so the child: {} will never be disposed
JavaFeatureIDEA-179178Sidebar Icon to show a class is registered in Java9 `provides`
BugIDEA-181378JavaDoc error *URI is not absolute* when using the -link option with external documentation sources
Java. Code CompletionBugIDEA-182862Duplicate lambda parameter name suggestion in injection
BugIDEA-184555No modifier completion when modifier list is interrupted with javadoc
BugIDEA-179855Double "final" suggestion after annotation
BugIDEA-181657Completion items with type casts derived from control flow are not suggested if there are several nested checks from different paths of hierarchy
Java. InspectionsFeatureIDEA-180227Better infinite loop detection (idempotent loop body)
FeatureIDEA-182519Support non-terminated Stream API chains in data flow
FeatureIDEA-182520Support Xyz.class::isInstance in stream/optional chains
FeatureIDEA-167940Inspection to warn of modification of immutable collections
FeatureIDEA-179232ServiceLoader inspection on Java9
FeatureIDEA-184920Create external annotation for integral ranges and annotate some JDK methods
FeatureIDEA-184299Warn if variable is assigned to the value which it already has on all control paths
BugIDEA-184286Java inspections: Optional.isPresent refactoring suggestion changes behavior of code
BugIDEA-182860Misleading squiggly line for method in Go to Declaration popup when another method with the same name has parsing error
BugIDEA-180553Boolean method is always inverted does not work with information inspection level
BugIDEA-181729Java Instance Method naming convention adds a warning for whole JSP files
BugIDEA-179923Option "Check 'static final' fields with a mutable type" of Field name convention does not work
BugIDEA-170073False positive 'Declaration can have final modifier'
BugIDEA-184438Can't match constructor calls as assertions in "JUnit test method without any assertions" inspection
BugIDEA-172726inspection result description has HTML tags in it
UsabilityIDEA-180501Confusing warning about list get method
UsabilityIDEA-179917Quick fix "Rename" opens dialog despite enabled 'In-place mode'
UsabilityIDEA-180906Incorrect group for inspection 'Local variable type is redundant'
UsabilityIDEA-180356Intention "Navigate to duplicate" of "Overwritten Map key or Set element" should move cursor closer to value
Java. Intention ActionsFeatureIDEA-117791Additional intentions for loop transformations
BugIDEA-152284"Invert boolean" fails to invert output of assignment expression
JavaEEBugIDEA-109357FileTooBigException for EAR artifact
Language InjectionBugIDEA-180223Plain text editor for injected string recognizes backslash as error but "no errors found in this file"
BugIDEA-184515No intentions to modify inspection options on warning in injected content without quick fix
MavenBugIDEA-182983"Import Maven projects automatically" setting is not respected when unchecked
BugIDEA-179511Structure view for maven pom.xml file: with AutiscrollToSource enabled it is impossible to navigate through Structure tree by keys
PerformanceIDEA-179200ExternalSystemStartupActivity: slows startup
ExceptionIDEA-182256NPE at com.intellij.execution.ui.RunContentManagerImpl$5.a
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-159117Silent Install Switch Doesn't Work
BugIDEA-117135Silent installer doesn't write to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
BugIDEA-157045Support silent installation for local system user
BugIDEA-171703 PyCharm Silent install (/S) creates neither start menu nor uninstall entries
BugIDEA-160684Intellij IDEA Setup Windows EXE does not allow idea64.exe to be configured (on 64bit platforms)
BugIDEA-180730Patch update requires UAC elevation even if product installed locally
BugIDEA-144263PyCharm Educational Edition silent installation
BugIDEA-169935Silent install (/S) on Windows always installs as current user only
BugIDEA-146215SILENT Install should use admin parameters
BugIDEA-162504The windows executable is missing the build number in file details
BugIDEA-154213Win10 Installer issue, obsolete shortcuts left under programs list
BugIDEA-179657Problems with test labels in DMG on macOS High Sierra
TaskIDEA-156081Create icon for running idea on 64-bit JVM from start menu on windows 8/10
Platform APIBugIDEA-180738PsiFileSystemUtil.getRelativePath() and VfsUtil.getPath() return incorrect results when the first argument is a directory
PerformanceIDEA-182103SemService cache clearing takes long time
TaskIDEA-182567Smart PSI pointers created inside PSI event listener behave incorrectly
ExceptionIDEA-179233PSI events are delivered with invalid offsets
ExceptionIDEA-182134Open/close project with multiple projects causes exception
Plugin DevelopmentFeatureIDEA-181105Devkit: highlight non-standard EP naming scheme
FeatureIDEA-181981Provide annotation to mark dynamically loaded classes
FeatureIDEA-179635Warn if buildVisitor returns a recursive visitor
TaskIDEA-182931Support adding label on top of a component in ComponentPanelBuilder
Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-183557Using multiple optional dependencies against the same plugin causes one of the config files to be ignored.
BugIDEA-183095error-prone-compiler Plugin not compatible with IDEA 2017.3.1 EAP
TaskIDEA-171552Allow using methods with Kotlin interfaces in signatures from plugins with their own version of kotlin-runtime library
Product DocumentationUsabilityIDEA-180238Missing directory "config" on instruction to change location of "config" and "system" directories on file Install-Linux-tar.txt
Project ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-183964Update local run configurations when module groups are converted to qualified names
FeatureIDEA-183009Provide action to convert module groups to qualified names
FeatureIDEA-178743Support for development builds of JDK
FeatureIDEA-180193Automatically unload newly added modules
BugIDEA-181631Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | HTTP Proxy: entered proxy authentication | login name is not applied
BugIDEA-175385RemoveInvalidElementsDialog: invalid module references cannot be removed from modules.xml
BugIDEA-182200Deleting unloaded module should not delete directory
BugIDEA-180674Gradle/Maven: "Store generated project files externally" option is ignored when creating a project from existing sources
BugIDEA-149708Invalid Run Configuration after Module Rename
BugIDEA-176554Module rename isn't reflected in dependent module imls
BugIDEA-179968On new module adding to the project with modules grouped by fqn the module group mode is applied
BugIDEA-182178Copyright settings are not stored
BugIDEA-180663Gradle/Maven: odd modules are created on enabling ""Store generated project files externally" option; Throwable at ModuleManagerImpl.loadModules
CosmeticsIDEA-179893Group names not properly escaped on Move Module to Group
Project ViewFeatureIDEA-176856Show nodes for unloaded modules in 'Project View' even if their directories aren't located under loaded modules
BugIDEA-180143Deleting empty package causes Project View to reset selection to the root
BugIDEA-183205Unnecessary module grouping nodes are shown in Project View if some module names are substring for other module names
BugIDEA-181653"Autoscroll to sources" doesn't work in 181
BugIDEA-180081Project view: don't show unnecessary modules grouping items for projects
PerformanceIDEA-184761UI freezes in project view
UsabilityIDEA-183022Flatten modules option missing in Project Tool
ExceptionIDEA-183236PhpStorm 2017.3 doesn't load project tree
RefactoringBugIDEA-180637GUI problem on refactoring module on pressing forward button
Run | Debug configurationFeatureIDEA-147759Allow to launch debug mode with Compound Run/Debug Configuration
BugIDEA-157989"Stop" button does not work when the IDE is launched as a background task
BugIDEA-180005Configurations with same name but different type disappear after project reopening
BugIDEA-154486JSP compilation fails in 2016.1 and 15.0.5
BugIDEA-182966All run configurations lost after upgrade to 2017.3
BugIDEA-108342'Single instance only' option not copied in Run configuration
UsabilityIDEA-181198RunDashboard: finished and not started configurations could not be distinguished in tree
UsabilityIDEA-165946Provide ability to view classpath of a java process started via run configuration if it is passed via classpath.jar
Structural Search and ReplaceFeatureIDEA-81235Structural Search should be able to find method calls to annotated methods
BugIDEA-181065Search Structurally... misses hits in libraries
BugIDEA-181391NPE at com.intellij.structuralsearch.inspection.highlightTemplate.SSBasedInspectionOptions$10$1.createConfi guration
BugIDEA-128106SSR and ActionScript: throwable at com.intellij.structuralsearch.impl.matcher.GlobalMatchingVisitor.handleTypedElement
BugIDEA-154183Structural Search of Javascript not working as expected
TaskIDEA-182438[Upsource] IDEA-CR-26435: SSR: big speed up searching xml/html
Task ManagementFeatureIDEA-70996Tasks and IDE Contexts - Shelving changes
Template Languages. FreeMarkerFeatureIDEA-172671Support configurable injection into FreeMarker macro calls
BugIDEA-180599Space added before colon in default .ftlh template
ExceptionIDEA-182929Invalid ranges during formatting in Language: FTL>
ExceptionIDEA-181267Invalid ranges during formatting in Language: FTL>
TerminalFeatureIDEA-149976Add "open terminal here" feature
BugIDEA-140061Should be possilbe to pause terminal output
UMLBugIDEA-172583show changes allows infinite scroll
BugIDEA-179756IntelliJ crashes system when generating a database diagram
Unit Testing. JUnitFeatureIDEA-179139junit 5: rerun failed & run specific test don't work with @ParametrizedTest
BugIDEA-169549JUnit 5 integration should consider method parameter types when jumping to source
BugIDEA-184623'All Tests Passed' not shown if there are ignored tests
BugIDEA-165929Running with dynamic.path=true and gettingacnt locate a PowerMock related class
BugIDEA-169198JUnit 5 integration should use `UniqueIdSelector` when running single test from within test runner
UsabilityIDEA-183422'View assertEquals Difference' action is not available while IDEA is updating indices
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-173043Make tooltips background configurable
FeatureIDEA-179992Could not change max number of tabs
FeatureIDEA-127682panel title bar as handler
FeatureIDEA-158355Add 'About' action to Welcome Screen's "Get Help" menu
BugIDEA-95435No "exclamation sign" on the welcome screen
BugIDEA-159531Comboboxes hide background picture
BugIDEA-181795Quick Definition invoked from Code Completion steals focus from Code Completion popup
BugIDEA-184013Splash screen. License name display error.
BugIDEA-184012Align text by baseline in labels and checkboxes/radiobutton on win10
BugIDEA-174258Painting progress bars eats CPU
BugIDEA-182463Editor highlighting background and border do not match (hidpi)
BugIDEA-177790tooltip is meaningless
BugIDEA-183638[fps] moving caret up/down leaves artifacts in the editor
BugIDEA-179312Project View Popup - Does Not Match Settings
BugIDEA-182423ShowInExplorer doesn't work for files that contain double blank space symbols
BugIDEA-182458Slow scrolling performance in editor with multiple gutter icons
BugIDEA-128058Inconsistent insets in editor hints
BugIDEA-154559'Git Reset' dialogue looks weird on Linux Mint
BugIDEA-181555Unable to close Find in Path dialog after Regex syntax window is opened and closed
BugIDEA-181253Error validation doesn't work in dialogs in real time
BugIDEA-183953Windows: "Show in Explorer" does not work with cyrillic symbols
BugIDEA-181780Search Everywhere and Navigate to Class popups disappear on attempt to open Quick Definition for the selected class
BugIDEA-181071context submenu arrow icon is low res on Retina
BugIDEA-181171Test progress should green/red according to the result of the tests
BugIDEA-183041Background image, displayed "plain", getting clipped after 2017.3 update
BugIDEA-179953Broken hebrew characters in replace preview
BugIDEA-149061Tool Window docking issue
BugIDEA-180520AE at com.intellij.openapi.util.text.StringUtil.assertValidSeparators
BugIDEA-183580New background image feature covers up background color of color schemes
BugIDEA-183241Strange behaviour of File Structure popup
BugIDEA-184987Already disposed String
BugIDEA-180962disable JRE-HiDPI (per-monitor DPI-aware) mode by default in IDEA 2017.3
BugIDEA-179663"Local Changes" - "Wide selection" is broken
BugIDEA-180135UI scale factor is wrong on Windows with latest EAP
BugIDEA-180011Cannot set background image in latest PyCharm EAP
BugIDEA-183253[fps] expandable tree item is shifted
BugIDEA-182339"Show in explorer" doesn't work if invoked on file with "=" character in name
BugIDEA-182710Cannot paste to Clion attach to process window
BugIDEA-180576copy from structure window doesn't work in fresh idea eap
BugIDEA-94095ClassCastException: org.sylfra.idea.plugins.revu.ui.toolwindow.tree.IssueTreeBuilder$GroupNodeDescriptor cannot be cast to com.intellij.ide.util.treeView.AbstractTreeNode
BugIDEA-180409initial support for fractional scale HiDPI
BugIDEA-181339Navigation between toolwindow tabs by Alt-Right, Alt-Left doesn't move focus
UsabilityIDEA-39009File chooser: Ctrl+P shortcut does not work if the focus is on Ok / Cancel buttons
UsabilityIDEA-183950Create directory/file in project view should move selection to created item
UsabilityIDEA-171812last line on Find Refactoring Preview hardly available
UsabilityIDEA-146047Allow to paste branch name into the Git Branches popup
UsabilityIDEA-120846"Reveal in Finder" should be available in each editor and tab context menu
UsabilityIDEA-181836settings plugin list divider issue
UsabilityIDEA-174199Indexing progress not shown when status bar is hidden
UsabilityIDEA-181371Search doesn't work in hashCode/equals Templates window
CosmeticsIDEA-180266Tool Window divider inconsistency
CosmeticsIDEA-180544'Suppress' button in 'Inspection result' window have visual problem
CosmeticsIDEA-180630Switching from Darcula to Default L&F leaves dark stripes in panes
CosmeticsIDEA-150434Non-retina ibeam cursor on dark backgrounds
CosmeticsIDEA-155650Grammatical Error in Update Dialog: "See" is not a User Action
CosmeticsIDEA-181117ExpandableTextField has incorrectly rendered 'Expand' button
CosmeticsIDEA-161840Background Image is not set for the Preview of Find results when it displays 'select occurrence to preview'
TaskIDEA-181772Focus stays in Project tool window on creating new file/class
TaskIDEA-178638ComboBox with large font
TaskIDEA-174108Rework progress bars
Auto-reported ExceptionIDEA-179787Exception in IDEA core
ExceptionIDEA-174845NPE at com.intellij.ide.navigationToolbar.NavBarRootPaneExtension
ExceptionIDEA-181936Opening 'Find In Path' from 'Find Class' throws exception
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-182266[windows] do not override app icon
BugIDEA-181255apply changes from AndroidStudio [3]
BugIDEA-181332[a11y] DisposalException from breakpoint popup
User Interface.DarculaBugIDEA-100256Darcula: Settings->Schemas and DTDs hard to read entries
CosmeticsIDEA-118671Browse button of TextFieldWithHistoryWithBrowseButton control is larger than the rest of the control
CosmeticsIDEA-120491Darcula: Java syntax highlighting in jsp broken
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-129759File History & Log: Show diff for merge commits as a 3-panel diff instead of proposing a popup with parents selector, or choosing an arbitrary parent.
FeatureIDEA-176722Apply patch (from clipboard) should take the meta-information (commit message, author) from the patch
BugIDEA-169090Wrong highlighting of copy-pasted fragment in editor gutter
BugIDEA-175125Patch can't be applied if it contains mode changes only (e.g. 644->755)
BugIDEA-161081Unversioned files should be preselected in the commit dialog if they were selected in the Local Changes
BugIDEA-183986Compare with Local works incorrectly in a folder history
BugIDEA-183003If a file is renamed and not committed, and another file is created with old name, deleting the renamed file deletes both files
BugIDEA-169466Author field and Amend checkbox missing when only Unversioned files present
BugIDEA-167479File permissions from patch aren't applied
BugIDEA-183047Author colum in File history is not sortable anymore
BugIDEA-182932Annotations sidebar show chinese characters with wrong width
BugIDEA-180928[Regression] F6 (move to another changelist) shortcut doesn't work in Commit Changes dialog any longer
BugIDEA-174233No space between links in "Rebase failed" notification
BugIDEA-180991VCS group by directory should show path relative to the path of project/module
BugIDEA-157939Cherry pick notification: escape XML
BugIDEA-183691modification info not visible in commit dialog
BugIDEA-105708"Annotate" command works incorrectly
UsabilityIDEA-169729When dragging shelved changes to 'Local Changes' tab, apply them in 'Default' changelist (if it's selected in 'Unshelve...' dialog)
UsabilityIDEA-162615"Create patch" with Russian letters results in unnamed.patch
UsabilityIDEA-179175Unclear 'Branch context has been loaded' message
UsabilityIDEA-183938History of the project root directory does not show submodule commits when submodule as registered as root
UsabilityIDEA-136238Local Changes | Preview Diff should show current version of the unversioned file
UsabilityIDEA-156875Display the content for unversioned fIles in the commit dialog
TaskIDEA-182736Migrate HG settings away from UI Designer
ExceptionIDEA-181922NPE from VCS
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-146160Git cherry-pick sometimes doesn't include into commit newly added file which is similar to one of modified files
BugIDEA-182042Rewording latest commit adds staged files to the commit, if Git < is used
BugIDEA-177128Cherry pick with merge doesn't commit all changes
BugIDEA-180605Git: just created files not added to vcs appear in the LocalChanges UnversionedFiles list after Refresh only
BugIDEA-152689IDEA doesn't respect Git "pull.rebase" setting in Update Project dialog
BugIDEA-162716Cherry-pick bg process hangs if it is invoked on a commit which was just cherry-picked but not committed
BugIDEA-180850Commit for unversioned files doesn't work
BugIDEA-181724Unclear (wrong?) "Error updating changes: fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories)"
BugIDEA-184258Adding git tag needs Refresh to show in log
BugIDEA-182022Git interactive rebase dialog is broken for Git < 1.8.0
BugIDEA-179993Freeze on startup
BugIDEA-171085Cherry-pick incorrectly reports "Already applied" or ignores a file, if the file on disk is renamed comparing to the file from the commit
BugIDEA-180878Subsequent cherry-picks of multiple git commits: the second cherry-pick always shows 'Nothing to cherry-pick, all changes applied'
BugIDEA-184450IDEA does not ask for a passphrase if saved one fails.
BugIDEA-123397Git: History for file doesn't show anything before the move if there were too many changes in the commit that moved the file
BugIDEA-181553Invoking cherry-pick separately for several commits leads to errors
BugIDEA-179899Long cloning of new repository blocks branch switching in existing opened project
BugIDEA-173158Revert of Renamed-modified conflict adds file to incorrect changelist
BugIDEA-144811"Path to Git Executable" (Settings -> Version Control -> Git) marked as "for current project" but is global.
BugIDEA-143100First cherry-pick after switching branches fails
UsabilityIDEA-164405Interactive rebase should allow to change multiple commits at once
UsabilityIDEA-178824Continue rebasing balloon doesn't auto-dismiss after rebase finished
UsabilityIDEA-180578Do not offer to delete branch tracked by a protected branch
CosmeticsIDEA-181722Notification for missing tracking information is missleading
Version Control. LogFeatureIDEA-148143VCS Log: Diff view for a merge commit should show combined difference of all merged commits
BugIDEA-177754Too many processes indexing the git repo
BugIDEA-180371Open Repository Version uses Jump-to-Sources Hotkey
BugIDEA-183420Infinite 'Searching for revision ...'
BugIDEA-181273VCS log does not show tags fetched via CLI Git
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-180133Bug: hg4idea "Path to hg executable" setting claims to be "for current project" but is actually application-wide
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-182963Merge from... do not show options dialog after selecting branch
XMLExceptionIDEA-176673Global tag name completion exception when there's invalid attribute
i18nBugIDEA-183932ResourceBundle: Locale with script should not be upper case
BugIDEA-180164Problems on Safe Delete Resource Bundles and properties files
ExceptionIDEA-180097NPE on deleting Resource Bundle
PHP ComposerUsabilityWI-38324Redesign yellow action bar
PHP LangBugWI-38965Structure view is always collapsed
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..UsabilityWI-39043"No authentication data provided. Set it up here" link missing
No subsystemBugKT-19051Suppress Java 9 illegal access warnings
No subsystemBugGO-4763Cannot run file watchers on scratches
No subsystemBugRUBY-20475RubyMine collapses project tree in Project Files view each time a command is run from terminal
TaskRUBY-20334Implement Fall Creators Update Support
DebuggerCosmeticsRUBY-16042Correct topic title
DockerExceptionRUBY-20353Cancel downloading gems from container may causes NPE
IDEUsabilityRUBY-20332Enable module auto-creation on explicit user request
MarkdownFeatureRUBY-19041Support embedded diagrams similar to Atom's Markdown Preview Enhanced
Remote InterpretersCosmeticsRUBY-20222Slashes for remote SDK are inconsistent in the user interface
TestsBugRUBY-20227Can't run rspec describe if it named with non-ascii symbols
UIBugRIDER-10415Pressing 'x' doesn't clear the input filter
UsabilityRIDER-10485Rest Client: make host/port & path boxes resizable
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